A short update on the energies

As many of you have already ascertained, there is a short lull in the proceedings, and none too soon you will perhaps add. For these last few days have been marked by a huge influx of energies, the likes have never before been seen on this little planet of yours. And yes, this is also something that is becoming visible, not only to your scientists, but also to the untrained eye. For your world has started to receive some signals from deep, deep space that was sent out a very long time ago according to your measurements, and now, they are reaching your shores, for the first time ever. And no, we are not referring to anything that can be deemed to be a mere coincidence, for as we have always told you, everything happens when the time is right for it to happen, so too, in this. So if you lift your eyes to the sky, you will see a small pinprick of light that was not there a few days ago, but now, it will seem to become more and more visible, as the signals that was sent out for such a long time ago, now have come to greet you all. We are not referring to any sort of disaster in any way, merely something that your scientists will call a supernova, but that we would like to refer to as the greeter.

For this is just a signal that something far more important than this little celestial greeter is on its way to you. And before you fill your minds with images from the long line of disaster movies your fellow men like to fill you with on a regular basis, we must hasten to add that what we are talking about, is nothing like that. For we are not referring to an actual object hovering in the sky above your planet, casting shadows far and wide in any aspect you may think of. No, we are talking about an influx of energetic particles, much like the ones that are coming your way from your neighbour, the Sun. But what we are referring to, is indeed the same sort of “substance” in the form of energetically charged particles, but these will be particles hailing from a very different source indeed, and that will have an even deeper and more profound effect on you all. And no, not as in breaking you down, if that is perhaps what you have felt like these last few days, we are referring to the kind of particles that will literally charge your engine, in the form of the energetic circuitry, and thus, will enable you to truly become fully connected once again.

So take some time to breathe deeply, and take some time to go back and re-evaluate what you have been through this last week or so, and we think you will all start to see things in a very new light indeed. Perhaps you should even take some time to go back and peruse some of the messages we have given you during this same period as well, for as we told you early on in this sequence of messages, there is much that lies in between the lines here. So if you do try to retrace your steps – and indeed ours – a little bit, we think you will begin to see something new emerge, both within, and indeed without. Indeed, there is so much going on now on all levels, you will all be hard pressed to take in more than mere fragments at a time. That is, the human part of you will perhaps be struggling mightily at times, but the rest of you are taking this all in and savouring it deeply.

For it will be like manna from heaven in every sense of the word, and so, even if you think that this last week has been all about physical incomprehension, fatigue and even downright exhaustion, it has been quite the opposite, if you look at it from our perspective. For we see the full picture, and we see how those old and dormant parts of you are starting to awaken, stretch and yawn and literally welcome in the new light. And as such, what has taken you to the brink of exhaustion, has also taken you to the threshold of complete and total awakening. So yes, look ahead, look above, but do not forget to look back, the better to see what you may have missed out the first time around. Or rather, the better to see what you truly have been given, and what you truly have received within the very core of your being.

(From Aisha: The CCs must be referring to the supernova M82, you can read more about it here.)

136 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. ~ Dear B ~
    just wanted to say I am thinking of you today and my wand sends the magic dancing dusting to encircle you whole Being ! Love, Areeza

    1. i say
      it is all the same guy
      he is very long lived
      thousands at least years old
      but it makes no sense to primitives to think that this guy is the same guy that my greatgreatgreat ancestors knew.
      so if we know this guy, then it has to be a different guy
      or we can’t wrap our minds around the idea
      that Enki is Osiris is Horus is this one and that one and the other one.
      no matter what humans may understand
      It has always been the same guy


  2. dear Aisha, thank you for blessed job you doing. your writings are vibrating so strong with me, helping me go through heavy emotions.

  3. Hi B, not sure what time your hospital experience is at but I think your hours ahead of me so I’ll be sitting with you before I go to bed later tonight. Looking forward to hearing that you’re back on your feet again!!

    REQUEST: Today (28th) there is a court case in CR of trumped up charges about Max and Lily being vicious. These are the two beautiful german shepherds I worked with during my 3 months there that got caught in the middle of a ‘war zone’ on the property I lived on. The story isn’t important. The charges are totally made up as are the ones made against their owners. We actually overheard the men say so. Please support these two beautiful dogs so they remain free to live the lives they currently live. Thank you. ~Nancee

    1. Placing Max and Lilly in my heart space and envisioning them free and happy with the people they love. 🙂

    2. Using the Wand here again for these precious animal children!
      Freedom – Freedom – Freedom
      Truth – Truth – Truth
      Live – Love – Live

  4. Love ur comment breeze!!! Blessed b to all n thank u for that! Very well put! We r all together in this! This message i do believe is meant for us not to question or pick apart n assume its old news n that anyone is behind or in front but side by side n to embrace it n study its message n go with it in our lives with our best intentions! Way to bring in the positive energy in! Love it!!! Thank u!!!

  5. Thanks Aisha & to the CC’s again ! I think I spoke quite a bit already in missive ‘377’ & ‘378’ about these energies & DNA, so I think the interesting part of this particular message right now for me is in the reflecting back, re-evaluating not only the messages from the CC’s, but also the messages from my HS, even to the very beginnings of my awakening…& I have been doing this very thing !…not really analyzing just re-visiting, kinda like watching a favourite movie the 2nd time, as you always get something different ….but with everything that my memories bring forth, it always is in some context or relationship involving ‘Water’ & the Cradle of Life ! I’ll just leave it at that for now, but I wanted to share this…. just watched this clip & this is always what makes my Heart Sing !…..Love, Bev~

    1. “Accept Responsibility”….”You can do so much as Being just You, You can help so much now, more than You know”….”See beyond the limitations, Believe in You, See the Solution”…Let your Heart show You the Way” ! You are here for so much more than just yourself…..~

  6. Fledgling birds are one of the most common wildlife to be mistaken for injured or ill animals. These birds have flown down from their nests, but do not have the ability to fly up into a tree. Their immature wings flutter, but they remain on the ground. This is a normal stage of development for birds.

  7. Do U guys notice the absolutely stunning Sun these days?!
    It is doing all it can to get everyone on Planet Earth’s attention.
    With its partners; the clouds – what a spectacular sight I am seeing as I write this. Almost every day I leave work, I am treated by such a light show.
    I know… some of u dont see it like I do here in USA and I wish I could project it for you!

    1. Yes – I agree! It is drawing your attention all the time:) I wish I could show you my picture of the sun rise this morning 🙂



  8. When I started reading your message about these strong vibrations I immediately thought I would give back your donkey to you, but after some lines when your ego had a nice time playing with balls of light, I decided to keep it for another 24 hours 😉

    Vibrating teeth – your wife must be rather hardened by now. I really hope that you get some peaceful nights now.

    Love, light & joy,


    1. B – I found something else that worked. My own light balls… the light serving ones. I saw myself upon a cloud – I kept falling thru it though…lol. So I intended the light balls to go under it and hold it in place. ahh… let me tell u, I nice way to fall asleep. with this and my wings… pure bliss! XOA

      1. Glad you found pure bliss Areeza 🙂 I have not found these light balls yet. Maybe I’ll find them while I’m anaesthetized …;)



  9. I Love that – that your ego needed something to play with. I am glad u were able to rest and get to work. same here. I was worried when I had to go out a clean snow off the car – with my heart, etc. Well, I got into the now space and enjoyed the coolness of the air and the light, fluffy snow and all was well. I slept well – waking nervous but was able to walk right out of it in a way I do not recollect doing before. Just walked out of it. Into the day.
    The calms and getting calmer – something like Philipp was saying I understand it for myself. It is easier to get there and the confidence will build from that.
    I also wrapped myself in my wings last night and fell asleep in that safe cacoon…oh! how wonderful that was! Love, ~A~

    1. >what I feel…Its a full-bodied calmness…not a half-ass one ;o
      oh so nice after the turbulence. May this peace come and remain with us all. For those who worry: If it does seem to leave u, know it really does not and u will settle right into it again… and soon forever it will embrace everything right alongside Love and Joy. Amen

    2. maybe the waves will bring the dolphins to come play with your ego 😉 do donkeys and dolphins get along though? hmm

  10. When I’m feeling not so good I always love reading
    “The White Book” by Ramtha.
    It feels so much like heaven.

    English: http://nesaraaustralia.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/the-white-book-by-ramtha-jz-knight.pdf

    Wenn Ich mich einmal nicht so gut fühle dann lese Ich immer gerne
    „Das Weiße Buch“ von Ramtha.
    Es fühlt sich so sehr nach Himmel an.

    German: http://www.vielewelten.at/pdf/ramtha.pdf

    I AM BIXIE 😀

      1. I didn’t know such a physical phenomenon !
        Archangel ARION said “There is a manifestation of a mysterious force in the nerve tissue.” at May 01, 1992.
        Not only nerve tissue but also PC communication or internet.

        CC said that we are connected through the grid of light.

        Human phenomenon is everyday normal I feel.
        But physical phenomenon is rare.
        I just know that the crystallization of glycerin occurs at the same time.
        This metronome synchronization is useful phenomenon for reference / introduce to others.

  11. The supernova that has been seen happened many years ago. before it was discovered it had already hit earth with many of its light particles. All light particles travel at the speed of light. This means if you can see it or take a picture of it. It has already hit where you are. I looked at this supernovea when it was first discovered. The main part of its energy was not pointed at earth so we only recieved a small part of its energy. We still get hit by its particles daily. A lot of people were talking doom and gloom about this when it was first seen. They were saying when it hits it could destory earth. They didn’t know it had already hit earth before it was first seen. Some people react without much thought of what they are saying. Many don’t know enough about what they are trying to tell people and only express the fear they have of what is unknown to them. They mean no harm by this only concern and fear of unknown things. Their are many more supernovas in our galaxy that are being seen and talked about.

    What I have wondered about is all the new particles created with these supernovas. Many our earth only think about and know very little about. I wonder what changes these may bring to earth in our advancement in science. As yet our science can’t even see some of these particles. They are so small they are beyond our science to yet discover the properties of these smaller micro particles. The particles that make up what we see and what we and everything else is made of are of paticles that we can see and many that we can’t see yet. Everything we see is of particles we see. What we see in the smallest particle we are able to see is from a vibration of smaller particles we can’t see yet. These smaller particles is what we don’t understand yet and how they effect everything in its creation. When humans break the bubble on these smaller particles and discover how they work. We will discover all creation from the beginning to the present day.

    It is said everything we see came from a point smaller than the point of a needle. Some call this the big bang. I call this a family of small particles that got together and worked together to create everything that is. In this creation that started from a small point that can communicate with each other and all particles that are from their creation. As they create a galaxy from a center point and can move much faster than the speed of light causes a vacuum from this center point outward. This in turn causes what we call a black hole. That is so dense with these unseen particles they can’t be seen. This is the zero point of our galaxy that has a north and south pole that return to this center point. These particles make up most of space that all work together in a common cause. As their creation moves outward its size is controlled by the same family of particles in space. As more and more galaxies are created the space between them is controlled by this family of particles that takes up most of space. These smaller micro particles can go through anything and not even slow down. This means these particles can match the vibration of any larger particle create larger particles or pass through them with ease. This story could go on for years but I think some of you can understand what I’m talking about. We as humans have a lot to still learn. Just be aware these smallest of particles are within all of us. I as a human am trying to learn to communicate with them on a personal level. The first thing one has to do is know they are here and always have been with us and always will be with us. We feel their vibration. They are vibrating to tell us here I am come to see me and let us talk together as one.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Dear Ray,,, I believe we will be changed by these particles and that change will bring us to higher consciousness. From this higher consciousness, we will be able to do things we havent been able to — as said, what was once dormant will become active. Some so called leaders of this world know some secrets already and have used them – Used them against us though for control. That can not happen anymore with the influx of new Light. I also believe that there are already things such as ‘free energy’ able to be used – and has been used by our military. >see Steven Greer on youtube. It is such nonsense to have all the power grids – even wind power, especially coal and oils – all the waste and expense to feed greed. Mr. Greer heads the disclosure project — much to his own cost — he gave up a high paying doctor career to dedicate his life to bringing the truths out. He speaks of the real reason for NASA space program shut down, etc. Im not a conspiracy nut and Mr. Greer’s project moves way beyond conspiracy with good backup and help from reliable sources. The truths being disclosed will release things that will help us along greatly. Along with our upgrade of course ! 🙂
      We Are energy in motion as u say!! Everything is energy. Its a good energy day here I am glad to say. The world looked different in a way I have a hard time describing. I felt I was a rubbery being walking thru less tangible surroundings. best i can put it right now.
      Love 2 U , XOA

  12. here new information about Supernova.
    David LaPoint shows, sharp like Okham´s Gilette,
    how we can live without dark energy, dark matter,
    dark holes and dark minds.

    Ever wanted to know why photons are both wave and particle?
    Here is the explanation. (watch part 3) 🙂

    thanks Hillaryion for telling me tiredness is part of the human comedy.
    I say a positve affirmation for you. Every day in every way I get more and more hilarious.

    Permißßiön is given to ßhäre this mössage äs löng äs the massage is pößted in its entirety and nöthing häs been chänged, or ältered in äny wäy änd Sßribe’s credit, cöpyright and webßites äre inclüded.

  13. Dear sun, I agree, this was/is a big one, and yes, it is still not possible to “see” it clearly. It was as if everything shifted yesterday, from that overpowering intensity the day (and night) before, to a sort of calmness/outbreath. Last night, the energies surged in again, and once again, they were totally different from the previous ones. I found myself trying to listen with my eyes and see with my ears, and my whole head was filled with sound, colours, light and movement. It was an interesting lesson in how to move away from the normal way of sensing things, and I think there are many more of these lessons ahead of us 😉
    Much love from me, Aisha

  14. Dear Ponders,

    Here you can find so many confirmations of what we are currently talking about. Love and Light, Philipp

    Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: The Days of Owning Your Own Power are Now Upon You

    Beloved Ones,

    Many of you will feel heat within your body as your physical bodies begin to activate your DNA/RNA codes. This can be a rather uncomfortable period for you so it is important to stay well hydrated and well rested. Trust that all is well and that you are being cared for by your etheric guides as you go through this process. Listen to your guidance and do whatever is suggested.

    This process is the beginning of an accelerated transformation that will leave behind all former limitations. The past will fade away and dissolve as you learn to live in the present moment. This will facilitate a greater clarity of mind and an inner knowing that there has been a shift in your perceptions and you will start to regain your divine abilities in whatever way is unique to you. We, your guides and team members assist in many ways to help you on the next step of your journey. You are never alone, Dear Ones, for we walk with you during the intense and irreversible changes that are now beginning.

    You have come to this point because of your deep desire to fulfill the destiny that you have chosen as your contribution to the divine plan. This destiny is now beginning to unfold at greater speed and you will marvel at how far you have come in a short space of time. The cells of your being are being regenerated and rejuvenated and you will feel cyclic waves of energy come from within you which can cause periods of dizziness.

    Remain calm, breathe deeply and stay in a state of peaceful allowance to the new sensations that fill and surround you. There is much recalibration that is taking place within your human operating system and your morphogenic field. This will probably scramble your meridian flows of energy temporarily but will rebalance. You will have many episodes of sleepiness and drowsiness as you are attuned to ever higher frequencies as they come in.

    Look to the heavenly alignments as they herald the changes that are taking place upon and within your planet and within yourselves. All is moving at a faster rate and linear time is followed only because of the instruments and devices that have been created previously. It is a time to connect to the Source within you on a regular basis in order that you receive the guidance that is needed and that you stay on track with your own divine timing. Everyone has their own inner clock and this is now in the process of being finely tuned so it is important to follow your intuitive promptings as this is where true guidance flows through. All of life is awakening to levels of being that have been dormant for eons.

    Those who are attuned to the higher frequencies are in alignment with the many changes that are occurring and as such provide the role of catalyst wherever they may go. As they move about their daily lives they activate the awakening codes for the people around them, known or unknown. As conduits of the cosmic energies, these ones radiate this from their field of energy and it touches everyone and ignites their own individual process. It is most important that these change agents stay balanced in their every thought, word and deed, as this can have impact upon others around them. This is a great responsibility as one comes into awareness that you are in such a role upon the planet.

    Stay uplifted, balanced and in a state of joy as this helps to keep a harmonious balance to those energies that come forth through others as the cleansing process continues. This is your role as light beacons and most of you have learned how to bring yourselves back into alignment quickly. Clear your energies each day before you venture out and again after you come home. Clear and balance each of your chakras so that your vital force is flowing unimpeded at all times. If thoughts appear in your consciousness that tend to bring your focus and energy down, learn to automatically change them to more life enhancing and affirming ones. The days of owning your own power are now upon you.

    Until next week…

    I AM Hilarion

    ©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

    Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.


    1. ok…we are ‘The Cosmic Code Accelerators’…. 🙂

      I have instinctively known I activate people around me – I intend it as much as I can – even while driving. A channeler once confirmed I do this when I was concerned that my job was a useless place for me to be. She said no matter where you are, you do your ‘real work’ which is to help with the great awakening – help people remember who they are. Now more than ever I suspect.

      The heat thing is interesting. I have had this since being sick and when i meditated on it yesterday I was told not to worry it was part of the DNA activation. I realized by the way, that it intensified if I got into any negative thinking…like it was burning that right out of me – so this will keep me in check so to speak. I absoutely can imagine how to Be with it in any case as stated above.

      The challenge is to stay positive. My Kelly is the hardest challenge because he is in great pain every day with no relief and no pain management because he can not afford it…how do i stay lifted when this makes me so sad? and now he is very sick like i was…he has said before he does not know how long he can take it…so i have to leave him each day wondering if i will find him alive. People here at work see me as a beacon and that word comes up so much lately! I want to keep this up for it is my lifes work… how do I/we do this with all the challenges? we just do i guess.

      Great info Philipp!! thank you so much, Love, ~A~
      all have a good day/night!

      1. me too
        i guess you are correct
        we just do it
        In NW Oregon we get somewhere between 45 and 60 inches of rain per year, (this year has been extra dry, but it is raining here now around 8 pm) a lot of that comes as only half an inch a day, and the next day and the next, and the next week, month. seems like forever sometimes
        On the other hand everything is green and growing and beautiful.

        we have a saying
        “If you let the rain stop you, you will never get anything done.”
        I just don’t care how hard it is.

        It’s like going to school
        each time you complete a course, the next course is more difficult.
        so it seems, we must be graduate students or something
        I hope we earn extra credit for taking on somuch

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