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We have come today to give you all an update as to what will be transpiring in these next few days and weeks. As always, we will refrain from giving you too much details, as this will only serve to confuse you, but we will state the fact that for some, this will be days of confusion, no matter what kind of advance notice we could give you. You see, so much will take a sudden and unexpected turn for so many of you, and later, you will indeed look back on this period as one of the most important – and indeed – transformational ones of your whole existence. We know that so many of you are hankering for details, and you are eagerly awaiting some sort of confirmation of global events. Well, let us just say to you wait and see. For soon, nothing will be like it was before, not only you, but also your surroundings, as the forementioned changes will indeed be on such a scale that no man will be untouched by this in some ways.

We hear the cries of fear from many, as this seemingly heralds a mass destruction of some kind, but please do not whip yourselves into a frenzy. As we have said on so many occasions before, there will be a massive transformation taking place on your planet, but it will not look like any of those doomsday prophecies that have been so avidly described by all of those Hollywood productions. They have been made with one thing in mind, namely that of scaring the wherewithal from you, and thereby underscoring the notion that you are unable to have any say in the transformational process of your planet. You are in other words nothing more than powerless victims, and if your world shall change, it will certainly be a turn for the worse. Well, let us just say that they are wrong on both accounts, as you world is certainly changing much thanks to your efforts, and it will certainly take a turn for the better.

But never forget, the birth of this new world will be dramatic in many ways, and as we have repeated again and again, just as a natural birth, it will be accompanied by fear and pains for many, but the outcome will be a radiant one. Just make sure that you are amongst those that manage to stay out of fear, and our missives lately have given you a few pointers as to how to achieve and maintain a more stable and tranquil base, and we ask you to take these messages to heart. You see, your balance will be seriously challenged now in so many ways, and it is therefore imperative that you work hard on finding that clear and calm center, so that you manage to stay firmly anchored in it no matter how hard the storm blows around you. And make no mistake, the storm will come, and it will indeed blow away so much of the flimsy structures that have been set up all around you, masquerading as a beneficial society structure for all, when it in fact is nothing more than a mockup put in place to make it look far sturdier and more important than it really is.

Again, we do not give you this information to scare you, but to prepare you to weather out a storm that will come as a surprise for so many. We talk about a storm that will create havoc in so many peoples minds, as they will have a hard time seeing behind the scenes as it were and see it for what it really is, namely a much longed for cleansing of your world, where so much of the old grime finally will be blown away in order to make you all take that first breath of fresh air after centuries of being forcefed polluted air in so many ways.

We know that this message will be met by ridicule by many, and that is indeed understandable, as it will confirm to them that there are deranged people all over the globe crying ”wolf” at every opportunity, and to them this message will be just one more of those clumsily put together manifests of unreason. That may well be so, but we will as always implore you all to listen to your hearts, and then you will know if these words ring true for you. It is not for nothing that we say this, as the web is awash with all sorts of doomsayers and naysayers, busily hacking each other apart. That is perfectly normal, as it is indeed a normal way of creating division amongst you. Take this message as you will, but be sure to stay true to your own truth sweet ones, then this avalanche of information and disinformation will be much easier to navigate.

As we were discussing, much is indeed going on behind the lines as it were, and soon everything will come out in the open. Then everything will have to start all over again, as nothing will be left untouched by these revelations. Mankind has for so long been kept literally in the dark, but when the light finally lights up every dark corner, no one can hide from the truth that will be made glaringly obvious to you all. And the truth will indeed be very, very hard to swallow for so many, as they will feel that everything in their lives have been build upon a false foundation, and now that foundation will be ripped apart, and they think they will have to start all over again.

That is where you come in sweet ones, as you will be the ones that will still be able to stand tall, because you have already been exposed to the truth, and you have seen what’s in store after the fall. In other words, you will know that this is not the end, this is only the beginning of something new, and you will know that the new is where you are going. You know, because you have been there before, as it will be a place that is exactly how you remember your distant past, a place where love rules and where the light is the leading star. You will know what to choose, and the line between those choosing to remain in the shadows and those that dare to step into the light again after millenia immersed in the darkness will finally be drawn.

But before you all have the choice to cross that line, much will come about that will lure some of you over to the other side, where the fear lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce and take your powers away. We will repeat this again and again, because as you know so well by now, fear is the only thing that can take your resolve away, so best be vigilant so that it does not pierce your armour dear ones. Take care, and we shall meet you on the other side of that line in a very short time. We are all looking forward to that moment, as it will indeed be a much longed for moment in all of our lives.

Let us begin this missive by saying that although many of you have already started to feel the separation growing ever stronger, now this phase will certainly start in earnest. We have just discussed the fact that you will enter the state of separation that also contains certainty, in other words, this feeling of unease that has so far accompanied this feeling of separation will now start to dissipate. That is another and let us just say decisive effect of this process, as you up until now have been so emotionally unable to complete this process. You see, the programming that has enabled you to be a part of the play that consist the illusion you have been living in for so long has made you almost unable to exist outside of it. To much fear has been set into this program, fear that would be triggered as soon as you started to step away from it all. But now, you have successfully managed to free yourselves from this enslavement to such a degree this inbred fear will also start to lose its grip on you all. This will have many implications, and it will in many ways be the heaviest burden you have shed yet. This fear can be so crippling, as it ensures you stick to the program as it were, and as you well know by now, the program we refer to is the one that has been set into place to keep humanity enslaved forever.

Fear has been the most effective shackles sweet ones, but now as you manage to wrest them away from you once and for all, you will see just how much lighter you are, and this journey will take up a new momentum. This will be in stark contrast to all of those around you still embedded in this old program, as their fear will only be mounting to new heights as they see so much they have taken for granted starting to crumble in front of their eyes. And as you also know so well by now, nothing is as contageous as fear, and it will spread like a wildfire and thereby suck the last remants of willpower away from so many of your fellow citizens. For those of you who have already felt fear slunk away with its tails between its legs, you can already watch with detachment as the rest of the world whips themselves into a frenzy at each and every opportunity.

Fear can manifest itself in so many ways, and you will be witness to the whole array of it as things starts to escalate. It will come in so many shapes and forms, and none of them are in any way a testament to the inherent power of mankind. For only those devoid of fear will be able to find their own strength. Witness the upheavals in the Arab states last spring. It was the absence of fear that enabled thousands upon thousands of downtrodden people to finally stand up for their rights. And people without fear are people that find the means to resolve their problems in a peaceful way. Peope full of fear will resort to other, baser ways of defending their own rights, and this will be prominent in the days and weeks ahead as the fear escalates worldwide.

But at the same time, more and more of you will find your own strength, as the fear will be forced to leave your shores, and thereby, your actions will be of a totally different caliber from those enwrapped in the mass hysteria that will start to unfold in so many places.

You will be a counterbalance to all of this fear and rage, and you will be able to keep that balance no matter what happens. You see, you will find in your core that peace and tranquility we have discussed in earlier transmission, and then you will be able to stand calm, just like an eye in the storm, and  face whatever may come with the same detachment. This will serve not only you, but also those sufficiently awakened around you, and again you will be like the lighthouse casting out light in the midst of the storm, and your light will make it possible for others to reach their own calm harbour amidst the breakers. That is, if they choose to do so. We have said on so many occasions that this is a game of wills, and only those choosing so themselves will be able to join you in your calm and safe harbour. But never forget, those choosing to remain smothered by the stormwaves cannot be blamed in any way. It is a path they have deemed is right for them, and they are indeed entitled to that choice, just as you are entitled to yours.

For many, that is a difficult truth to swallow, as they will see so many of their loved ones willingly engulfed by the stormy waters. Again, we must remind you that it is not your duty to be the lifeguard, your duty is to be the lighthouse, and their duty is to follow their own path, even if that means going under again and again. You will know that this is right, but still, it will be painful to so many, so be vigilant so you do not fall for the temptation to blame yourselves in any way for the actions of others. It may sound callous, but your only responsibility is your own actions, never ever that of any other, no matter how closely linked you are. And again, if you go deep enough inside, you will find that calm haven you can rightly refer to as home, and when you reside there, you will know all of this so well, as it is written in your core.

Never forget to keep your lights lit dear ones, it will be much needed in the time ahead, and know that just by staying in your truth, you will help others see their own when the time for that is right for them – not when you deem it to be so.

We will return with this message again and again, because we know that this will be the most challenging part for many of you. You know the truth of this on your hearts, but being a human for such a long time has made such a deep impression on you all, and it takes some time to unlearn what you have been programmed to think and do. But never forget, you have all come such a long, long way from being the ”perfect humans” you once were. Now you are finally starting to get a taste of the freedom from having cast aside so much of this old programming, and you will start to see the real you coming to the fore, and you will never again think of yourselves as mere humans. You will become whole again, and with that, the best part of being human will once again start to be visible, undampened by the old layer of grime that have accumulated from generations of being forced to be something else. It´s time to start to shine again sweet ones, and time to shine in earnest, for what you have seen so far is only a dim candle compared to how strong your light will become once you learn how to switch it to full powers. Get ready to flick that switch and blow us all away with the force of your beam! We can hardly wait to see the effect this will have on the rest of humanity.

Today is an auspicious day indeed, as much is changing on so many levels. Not much is visible on the outside, therefore it will be easy to dismiss the news we would like to impart. However, let us just say that nothing could be deemed as less accurate, as you have no idea as to just how much is happening at the moment. A quick perusal of the news would at least give you some tidbits as to what is going on. As usual, upheaval, violence and other forms of drama are getting more and more prevalent. In addition, the financial sector is struggling very hard to make the impression that they have everything under control. You see them on the news, but their grave faces give away the truth. Their world is falling apart, and now they are trying to salvage the remains in any way they can.

In other parts of the realm, you are all going about wondering what is really happening at the moment. It might seem to very quiet now, apart from the turmoil being rapported worldwide in your mass media, but as we have said on so many occasions, never be taken in by what is presented as facts. This illusion is growing thin at the edges, and if you look closely, you will see the reality starting to seep in from so many directions. ”This is only an illusion” is the message you will be hearing ever clearer as the days goes by, and we venture a guess that this is exactly what so many of you are starting to take in also. You see, it is not easy going from being a regular member of the cast that make up this whole production made entirely by smoke and mirrors, and to being the individual that finally takes a peep behind the curtain and sees the whole thing for what it really is. Namely an illusion put together to play tricks on your minds so that you believe the ”truth” you are being served, and thereby willingly play out your little part in this farce. When you finally see this for what it really is, continuing to play your role is no longer possible, but as we have said earlier, the difficult part is finding a new footing when the old one has fallen through the cracks, without a new one materializing underneath you. You seem to be floating in space, in more ways than one, and this can be very disconcerting.

At times, you will feel literally like an astronaut floating around serenely in space, all alone and with no discernable life anywhere. But the strange thing is, it does not feel scary, it is a little bit like being a fetus floating inside the womb, where you feel surrounded by love and totally secure. You have no way of knowing where you will be in the future, but you feel calm and without worries, so the future will come and bring what it may, you know all is well and that you are protected. This feeling of being totally separated from everything whilst at the same time feeling at ease even without any clear idea of what will happen next is something that will start to seep into your lives sweet ones.

For many, it will sound like a fantasy that is starkly at odds with the reality they are facing each and every day, but for others, this will be a state of bliss they have already experienced in some ways. We hope you all will see this side of the reality soon, because when you enter this state, even if you only linger there for a moment, it will help you endure the next stage of this transformational process. Because then you will know that there is no more need to fear the future. You will feel this state of bliss starting to seep into every cell of your being, and even if the world around you is behaving more and more irrational, you will see it for what it really is, a play of shadow and light, a mere whisper of smoke that is trying to obscure your vision of the future.

For the future is nothing like the one they are presenting you 24 hours a day, every day of the week on all sides. The future is the feeling of bliss you will soon enter, and it will be a place of tranquility and connectedness like nothing you have ever experienced before. But to enter this new space as it were, remember that you will have to take the first steps on your own. Therefore, seize the opportunities you get to seclude yourselves and go into your own space. That is where you will find the bliss, not chasing around in the ever more intense ”outer world” filled with anxious people running to and fro, feeling the oncoming of the storm. Find your space, whether it is inside or outside in mother nature, and make sure that you give yourselves the time and space you need to be able to disconnect completely and reconnect with your source. Then you too will find that state of bliss, and once you have experienced it for the first time, you know you will never have a life devoid of it ever again.

Find that space, and you will find your future sweet ones. And enjoy the journey inside, we think you will find some parts of yourselves you never even knew existed, and they will certainly be worth the while.

Today we would like to delve deeper into the feeling of separation that so many of you experience at the moment. As we said in a previous transcript, this period will probably count amongst the most challenging ones, and this feeling of being lost will be a part of the explanation. You see, by now you have all transitioned so much that you have in fact lost almost all of the connections that held you emotionally attached not only to your daily life and your surroundings, but also to almost everything else that exists. This is not an easy transition, and you do not seem to have anything firm to hold on to at the moment. It is like everything has been let go of, and you do not yet have something new to take its place.

This feeling of being in a void will only intensify as you are being  separated even more from your old moorings, and as we know that this will challenge you in many ways, we wish again to impart the advice to stay connected to someone that can help you through this part of your journey. If not, you will find it hard indeed to continue to trust yourselves and not lose faith in your tomorrows.

We wish you could see just how close you all are to finding the bliss you have been craving for so long. We know that this will be a small consolation when the bleakness of separation still prevails in these upcoming days, but please remember to remind yourselves that this is only a period you have to get trough, not a permanent fixture in your life.

We know that this will be hard to swallow at times, as you will all have a hard time finding the light inside of yourselves at intervals on this journey, and especially now when you are approaching the cusp. It is by no means an easy quest you have started on, and again, you are not called the bravest of the brave for nothing. Just remember, that even the brave need someone to share with, and only in sharing your hardship can you make this burden a little easier to endure. You are not alone, and please do not think yourselves to be any lesser if you feel the need to call for help. Quite the contrary, it only shows your real strength if you do.

You see, that is the real secret behind this strong feeling of separation. It is there to make you connect even stronger than before, as it is indeed vital that you do so. Remember, we have talked about this on several occasions earlier, as the combination of all of your different energyfields is what makes this whole process come together. You are as we said individual voices in a beautiful choir, but if you insist on standing alone and singing solo, your voice will be nowhere near as strong as if you too join in that world wide choir. Together all of your voices will drown out any white noise, but separately the force from your singing will not be as powerful as we wish it to be.

Please join the choir sweet ones, it will not only make you feel stronger, it will make you all immensely more powerful. Together, you can change your world, alone you will find your voice softly trailing away into a mere whisper. We wish you all luck in this connection process, and we know so well that along the way, you will all find some wonderful new soulmates. This too will make you hearts sing in so many ways, and then this feeling of being so lost will dissipate and be but a memory soon.

Let us begin this missive by confirming that although on the outside much seems to be very quiet, underneath there is much turmoil at the moment, and we think you have all picked up on this one way or the other. You see, you are so connected to everything now, you cannot help but be exposed to all that is transpiring not only in your realm, but also in the rest of creation. For many, this will take the form of a deep unease, a feeling of disconnection and a feeling of longing. This longing may be very unspecific, but it will be strong, and the reason for this is easy to explain.

As you have started to open the doors to your hidden memorybank, you have also started to feel the pull from back home, therefore this strong sense  of disconnection from your current surroundings will just become stronger, and the call from your ancestry will be heard ever louder inside of you. Remember that these are just sings of adjustment, and although they may feel very unsettling at the moment, you will soon learn to balance these conflicting feelings of living in two different worlds at the same time. In addition, the rest of the worlds inhabitants are starting to feel the pressure more and more, and you cannot help but be affected by this also. It is important that you learn to discern what is emmanating from your own core and what is echoing in from your surroundings. As we have said earlier, you must manage to have a clear view of what is yours, and what belongs to others, as otherwise you might be overwhelmed by this heavy burden of anxiety that is emmanating from everyone around you. Remember, they are feeling the pressure of a system that is falling apart around them, so they cannot help but react with more fear. You, on the other hand, must be vigilant and keep your focus on the truth of this process, namely the fact that you are watching the birth of a whole new world simultaneously as the old system is grinding to a screeching halt.

You must in other words focus on the ever growing amount of light that is literally suffusing everything around you, and try not to be dragged down into the darkness that is  keeping the light out from the hearts of so many others. You have a choice in this as you always have, and for now, be aware that the darkness will seem to be even more profound than before. But again, remember that this is only a trick of the eye, as your brains cannot adjust to the new levels of energy just yet. In other words, you will have a much clearer view of the remnants of the darkness than the huge volume of light that is currently being injected into your atmosphere, and therefore there will be some that choose to disregard this light altogether and lose their hearts and lose their way and stumble back into the small pockets of darkness that is still in existence around you.

We do not condemn any of you if you too should lose the grasp on your sanity as it were and fall back a notch or two, as this period will probably be amongst the most challenging you will encounter. We do not say this to scare you in any way, we just want you to know that we are well aware of the battle that will be raging between many a heart and mind in this upcoming period. You see, in your heart of hearts you all know fully well that although turmoil might erupt at any time around you, all is well and just as it is meant to be. But in your mind, things might take on another meaning, as it will try to tell you that everything is wrong, nothing is going according to plan, and you seem to be further from the goal than you have been before. If you can remember to check in with your hearts message at regular intervals, it will be so much easier to override the minds supposed voice of reason, and you will not have any problems in navigating the choppy waters ahead.

If you find yourselves succumbing to that negativity residing in your mind, ask for help and guidance from those around you that manage to keep their inner channels of communication open at all times. There will always be someone in your vicinity that can help you to boost your strength and resolve in some way or another, and we remind you again that strength is indeed in numbers, and for now, it is vital that you do not insist on going solo for the next stage of this journey.

Connect in any way you can with souls that you can resonate with, and together you will make each other more resistant to the intrusion of negative thoughts that will  suppurate from the ocean of unawakened souls as things start to escalate around them. You must try to be islands of clear headedness in this ocean of fear, and in order to manage that, lift your eyes from the churning seas and focus on all of these other islands of calmness that surrounds you in every direction on the horizon. In addition, be sure to reach out to us, and know that we are standing by your side day and night, so even if you will at times feel like the loneliest person in the universe, know that nothing could be further from the truth. You are literally surrounded by love and light on all sides, so be sure to open your heart to it whenever you feel the fog of forgetfullness approaching you. Together you will make it to the other side of this approaching storm, but alone, you will indeed have a hard time keeping your head above the swells. Be calm sweet ones, even if a storm is approaching, you must not fear. You can weather out anything now, even if your scared little mind might try to tell you otherwise.

You are all wearing a shining armour of light, so never let your guard down by dismissing your own strength. Your heart is so much stronger than your mind is, so again, stay in your heart and all will be well. We wish you a safe journey sweet ones, and remember that we are with you all of the way, no matter what transpires in these next few days and weeks. This may sound omnious, but rest assured that all is going according to plan, and as long as you keep your focus on the light, you will fare well. Fear is the only thing that can penetrate your armour, so be sure to call for assistance if you feel it coming too close. And remember to look out for your bretherns too. A helping hand is much appreciated whenever someone find themselves standing less sure on their feet than usual. And now, you might find this balancing act a bit more challenging than usual. You will not fall, even if your mind is a bit wobbly at times, at least as long as you remember to balance yourselves by listening to the truth you always find inside of your heart.

We would like to take this opportunity to delve deeper into your tomorrows, as that is a subject that often enters the conversation these days. As you well know, changes are afoot, and they go deep, deeper than any changes humankind has been through before. That is easy to understand, as mankind’s current way of living is so far from sustainable, and now it is change or disappear forever from the face of the earth, as there is no way you can continue in the same tracks. At least, not for long, as Mother Earth is losing her patience once and for all. In other words, even though mankind cannot abide change if they have a choice, now they do not have a choice any longer. You have been leading the way down a one way street, and now you are approaching a cul de sac you have no way of getting out of on your own.

You are well aware by now that the notion of free will has been set up as a clause for anyone that enters your living space, but now that free will clause has indeed been set aside, at least in one aspect, namely that of blindly continuing to destroy the planet that gives you sustenance. ”No more” is the order from above, as you have so far failed to learn your first and foremost lesson, but as we have discussed so many times earlier, it is by no means solely your responsibility.

As the order of no interference has been revoked, much has also been set into motion that has made the notion of free will null and void in some cases. You do still have a free will as to deciding whether to tear yourselves away from the old and disillusioned way of living, but that choice will certainly have its implications as to what you might expect to happen in the remainder of your sojourn here. You see, if you choose to stay on in the lower dimensional version of the earth, then the outcome has been decided already. In other words, that world cannot be turned back from the aforementioned cul de sac, no matter how hard her inhabitants try to convince themselves that they have a free choice as to what their future will be.

On the other hand, for those who choose to ascend together with Mother Earth to a higher dimension, there will also be some limitations as to what you can choose to do, and what will be impossible to act out. For when you step up your vibration, all notions of a manipulating ego must be left at the door, and any actions carried out in the manner of the greedy, fear guided ”normal” way of living in your current world will not and cannot be tolerated. You see, these actions can only take place in the lower dimensions, therefore the notion of free will can never go beyond any limitations set upon them by the level of vibration your soul is currently at.

In other words, free will still be free, but there will be limits as to how low the level of your actions can be. This may sound like there is no thing as free will, and in some ways you are indeed right, but again, your old planet Earth was set up with this rule in order to enhance your possibilities of learning how to exist within just such limitless borders. This held no problems, and your planet was indeed flourishing, but not after this rule was blatantly misused by those eager to exploit it for their own cause. As you well know by now, their rules of conduct corrupted the whole humanity in such a way that the old school of education was turned into a farce. Therefore in order to set the record straight once again the slate will be cleaned and you will be allowed to start all over again in a new frequency that will ensure another way of evolving that will include free will within the possibilities that this new frequency will carry.

The old world in its lower density will of course have a wider scope of said free will, at least if you count all of the baser actions that this lower density will allow for. Therefore, free will to abuse yourselves or others will still be allowed there, but it will never be allowed in the higher realms.

So you see, free will is not totally free at all, rather it is a set of loosely constructed laws that gives you access to certain ways of behaving that must concur with the level of vibration you resonate with. As planet Earth has been residing at a level that is below so much of the rest of creation, the possibilities to educate yourselves have been far wider than in many other dimensions. Therefore, a position at the academy of human life has been much sought after. But now, there will be two different classes, and most of you have already graduated from the third level density one and moved up a notch.

We will not define the accurate level of density in your current state, as it will fluctuate somewhat before you settle down in your new semi-permanent one for the remainder of this lifetime. You see, everything is in flux once you have risen above the third density, therefore you will also be able to experience multiple levels of density during one lifetime. This will be too complex to explain at the moment, so we will return to this subject later on when the timing is right. For now, let us just conclude that life as a third density citizen will continue much as it has done, in other words the souls choosing to reside there will have to endure all of the hardships they have ordered for themselves. They have chosen to stay on in an illusion that will make their own lives ever more challening, before they finally decide that they have had enough of the harsh lessons they came to aquire.

For the rest of you, the time has come to start living a very different life indeed. You have chosen to go into the light, and therefore you have been taken out of the old class and put into the new. Just as in a regular school, changing classes will have its challenges. A whole new set of rules, new surroundings and a new set of classmates. It takes some time to familiarize yourselves with all of this, and especially since this change came rather abruptly. We know you have been waiting for this for a very long time, but still it will take some hard work to settle into your new groove as it were. On the surface, everything will seem to be much like the old class you left behind, but slowly and surely you will open up to the fact that nothing remains but a lingering sense of illusion, and soon this too will start to dissipate.

This transition period will be a challenge in many ways, but again, know that you are supported every step of the way. This is not a class that will be left to fail, this time everyone will graduate with excellent results. It might not feel like it at the moment, but we do assure you that you are all star pupils in every sense of the word, and even if the sound of your ego is still echoing in your mind, remember that this voice of smallness is finally fading away for good and you will all start to see your true colours in all of their glory. Time to go to class sweet ones, we know you will have a wonderful time this semester!

We would like to delve deeper into the somewhat murky past of your planet, and also look further into what´s in store for this next period. Although much has been said about this already, we feel it to be only prudent to repeat some of the information, as this might make it clearer this time around.

As you are well aware of by now, humanity started on this journey as a species unfettered by any hindrances, whether they be self-imposed or otherwise, and this held you in good stead for a long time. You developed from a rather primitive organism and into something much more specialized, and you went from being organized in small groups into a much more complex social structure. As you well know, inside all of these hominids delved a soul that harkened from a very foreing place, because this planet was set up as a place for educational purposes, serving the whole of creation. This has always been a much sought after place, and many, many souls applied for a position here as this is a very unique place to brush up on so many skills. Nowhere else in the whole of creation can a soul experience the same variety of living conditions as here on earth, and therefore the waiting list was long for acolytes trying to develop themselves further than they were able to back home.

You had so many opportunities to evolve, and they were indeed eagerly seized upon, as the only thing that was agreed beforehand, was that you were to be ruled by free will. In other words, no one outside of your planet were allowed to intervene in any way, as it was indeed deemed to be absolutely necessary that this planet was to be left to find its own way from the darkness of the least developed mind and out into the light again.

Civilizations came and went, and many of them became very skilful in adapting not only to their environment, but also to develop their knowledge in all fields of science. As you may remember, some of these previous civilizations surpassed yours in many of these fields, even if you still prefer to call them primitive. The reason for their excellence in many fields was that they had not lost their connections to home, in other words it came natural to them to seek contact with off-planet beings in their efforts to stretch their skills and abilities to the max.

But then, something happened that changed the rules completely. In defying of the rule of free will and no intervention, representatives of another civilization decided to make planet Earth their new abode, as they had mismanaged their own in such a way they needed a new place to live. And what better place than planet Earth, so full of resources of all kinds, and so easy to invade. As you know, they were very skillful at manipulating others, and the human race fell under their spell very easily. They knew fully well that if they managed to reprogram you all, it would be very easy to take over complete control of your societies, and in order to achieve that, what they needed to do first was to eliminate all traces of your former connection to other evolved beings residing on other planets.

They were so successful at doing this that soon what was left was only a small remnant of memories hidden away in the innermost sanctum of your hearts. But in some populations, these memories were revered and kept strong in the minds of all, and therefore these groups were persecuted almost to extintion. This has continued well into your lifetime, and you can see for yourselves the amount of suffering so many of your so-called indigenous groups have been forced to endure throughout the centuries. But now, their hidden knowledge can finally start to be shown openly again, and for those of you keeping a close watch on what is going on around the world, you will see that now all of their old stories and prophecies are starting to be heard in every corner of the globe. You see, they know fully well what is going on, and they have been waiting for this for generations. Listen to their words, and you will know that this is the time for the big change, the period of closing down the old corrupted way of living, and the time to start all over again with pure intentions.

Although much of this has been known for a very long time, your captors to call it that has managed to brainwash the majority into thinking that this period will be a period of increasing violence and destruction. You can see how it is already manifesting not only in your financial system – set up by these usurpers to ensure a total submission of you all – but also in the so called civil governments that are trying to take away even more of your freedom in order to save their own purse and keep them in power. They will use every opportunity they have to increase your level of fear, thereby trying to convince you all that without them, everything will turn into chaos and mayhem. In other words, they will not let you change your way of life in any way that does not favour them, they only want for you to continue being submissive and meek, ready to follow their orders at every twist and turn. They are becoming desperate now, as they can see how their empires are literally falling apart between their fingers, and they will resort to desperate measures to try to keep on to the fragile hold they have over mankind.

Never forget that the last thing they want, is for people to start thinking themselves, and especially about just how much power the common man really has over his or her own fate. No one can contain your powers once you have found it in yourselves, and that is why they are trying their damnedest to shift your focus away from yourselves and literally frighten you away from the truth. Watch how they are rattling their sabres in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. They will keep feeding you all lies as to just how unbalanced everything is now, and they would love nothing more than the chance to start another war to avert any scrutiny into their own actions.

Never fear your own powers dear ones, this is what will set you free in the end, as then you will see that these creatures running the show can never ever outnumber or outmaneuver you ever again. They cannot, because they cannot help but stay stuck in their own low vibrational field, so when you open up to these incoming light energies you will automatically become independent of them. That is, if you realize your own powers and do not let yourselves be convinced otherwise by these skillful manipulators. They are nothing if not intelligent, and so far they have been very successful in holding humanity back in the lower densities. But now, you must all wrench yourselves away from this illusion of powerlessness they have implanted in your brains, for it is you and only you that can ensure your own liberation from this self imposed prison of doubt and insecurity. Again, we do not say that it is easy, we only repeat that you have literally all it takes to unwind yourselves from these threads that are holding you down. It can be hard to see all of the light you harbour inside, as it has been shielded from you for so long. Time to open your eyes sweet souls, you are about to fully awaken from this bad dream you have been stuck in for such a long time.

Todays missive will in many ways be like so many of the others we have given you these last months, as we always strive to give you another reason to keep going. In other words, we see these missives as important in the way that we are anxious to give you all a helping hand in this process. We are more than well aware that this cannot be easy for you, and as we have discussed on so many previous occasions, you are indeed pioneers in this work that you do.

Do not think that this mean that we have no idea as to just what you are going through, far from it. This is in all aspects a carefullly put together plan, and nothing has been left to luck or fate. In addition, you are all carefully monitored at all times, and this gives us a clear insight into just how this process is unfolding, so nothing is left to chance here.

We are aware that for many, all of these communications will fall on stony ground one time or another, as it is indeed difficult for you to keep the focus at all times, and understandably so. You are under so much pressure, and at times it can all feel to be much too much, and you lose your momentum and fall back a bit. Do not berate yourselves for this dear ones, it is very understandable and no one will criticize you for this. So if you harbour any misgivings towards yourselves whenever you fall under the weight of this responsibility you carry, please try to refrain from scolding yourselves in any way. It is only to be expected, and you do not need to fear any recriminations from us, rather, you will have our sympathy, as we see just how much you all have to struggle with at times.

Remember, you are working so hard not only for yourselves, but for all of creation, therefore all of your endeavours are more than appreciated, and you are indeed heroes to us all. Never let your own frailty be a source of admonishment against yourselves, as you are all doing exactly what is asked from you. Or rather, more than what is asked from you, as you have all more than surpassed our expectations already. Not only have you done everything according to the plan, but the plan has been adjusted several times already because you have managed to accelerate the process on your own accord. That is indeed something you need to take into consideration the next time you feel that you are standing still, or maybe even backsliding. Remember again, that nothing you do is without meaning, and nothing you do is wasted. You are constantly striving towards that final goal, and even if you yourselves at times feel that you are slipping back, nothing could be further from the truth.

Therefore, we wish to take this opportunity to implore all of you to remember to celebrate your achievements. You have come such a long way in a very short amount of time, and although to you this process will seem endless at times, it is so much closer to being completed than you could ever imagine.

We know that for some of you, these words may seem to be just another trick to lure you into pushing yourselves forwards when you already feel more than exhausted and ready to throw in the towel. Easy for us, you might say, as you do not have to go through what we are going through. And you are certainly fully in your rights in saying so, as our role is more like a spectator than a participant, but never forget that it was you yourselves who made the choice to come down to do this, the most challenging but also the most coveted job of them all. You see, you are considered as the lucky ones, as you are the ones who were picked out from the multitude of souls who volunteered for the job. So many wanted the chance to be a part of this unique experience, but you are the ones who were finally chosen. So know that even if you at times feel despondent, and think you lack the skills and the stamina to complete this mission, then know that you are the only one in the universe who thinks so. We all know that you are more than qualified for this job, and it is just your ego trying to pull the strings yet again to convince you that you are nothing more than a mere mortal, unable to achieve much in your short life on this little planet.

If you could see yourselves from our perspective, or rather, in the true light, you would never ever again doubt your abilities sweet ones. You are all gods, in the literal sense of the word, and your powers are beyond any limitation you could conceive of. But as we said, this truth had to be left at the door when you entered the domains of the human abode, and as such you need a little reminder from us at regular intervals. And we will continue to do so until the day comes when you have all rediscovered the real you, and found that ocean of unlimited energy you all carry in your hearts. That day is coming ever closer, and for some of you, the taste of the first sip from that ocean has already lingered on your lips. Soon you will be able to drink freely from this source, but until then, please remember to open your hearts and listen with discernment whenever the voice of smallness tries to make you shrink back into a small and seemingly insignificant member of the human race. You are neither, and we will all do our best to shake that misconception away from you for ever. For some, it will be easy to shut out that belittling voice, to others, it will take some time and a lot of hard work. But remember, we are at your side every step of your way, every second of your time, during your heights and your lows, and we will never ever forsake you. You are us, and we are you, and soon, we will all be together in the full light of the new dawn.


Today will be a day almost like any other, but only almost. You see, the heightened levels of energy have started to make their mark not only on you, but also on everything that surrounds you. For many, this has started to show itself as increased levels of aches and pains, especially in the bones, and also in the activities in your brain during your sleeptime. Let us explain.

As you know well by now, your physical body has a hard time accomodating all of these new energylevels, and because of this, it will at regular intervals sound the alarm bells as we have talked about earlier. This is not dangerous, only varying degrees of annoying and at times almost debilitating, and it is also something you in many ways have gotten used to. But now, these levels of energy will start to make themselves known at an ever increasing rate, hence the pains in your bones. The bones are the densest parts of your human body, therefore they have the hardest time adapting to these new frequencies. It may be very painful at times, but again we repeat it is not detrimental in any way. Take it as a signal that your body is indeed adapting to these new frequencies, although at a slow and rather uncomfortable rate.

Your bones are literally becoming less dense, but not in the way that those suffering from a disease called bone loss experience. No, they are only adapting to the new lifeforce that is surging through you, and as such, it is indeed eliminating everything that does not need to be there anymore. You are starting to lighten up – literally – in so many ways, and this process is causing especially your bones and your joints to protest. For some, this can at times be very painful, but again we assure you that nothing untowards is happening to you. You are only preparing to fly as it were, in other words, your body is starting to develop into something that will in many ways be able to override many of the physical laws that govern the rest of your fellow men. This does not mean that you will suddenly float away into the ethers, but it is indeed an important preparation for the time when you will be able to switch between this more ”solid” state and a much more fluid one later on. This will not make much sense to you at the moment, but we will fill in the gaps as it were on this theme later on when you have all started to approach the next level in this physical development of the ascension process.

Your mind is also working extra hard at the moment, and we venture a guess that the nighttime is no longer a relaxed and blissed out time for many of you. Rather, it has turned into the time for work, as this is when we can access your whole system fully and do most of the rebuilding work that needs to be done. This does not only entail to your physical body, but also your mental capacities, and therefore you have very strong memories of both visual and other sensory experiences whenever you wake up from a period of ”sleep”. We use these marks here to signify that you do not in fact go into a regular sleep any more. What you do, is to switch over to another state of awareness, and it is indeed a state of the utmost importance. This is when you are  relieving yourselves of so much of the old, by sifting through all of your memorybase and letting go of so much of the accumulated baggage you carry from all of your lifetimes on this planet. In addition, you get a hefty refill of information and energy via us, and this will also make its mark on your subconsciousness.

For many of you, this period of ”sleep” is also when you are being transported into many other realms, either for educational purposes, for medical proceedures or for various meetings with important personell and maybe even family members from home. For some, clear memories of these nightly soujourns are starting to linger in your mind also after you have awakened, and we know that this is a source of joy for many. It makes this process easier to go through, as you have  a clearer picture of just how vast and all-encompassing this journey of yours really is. But never forget, you are only given small glimpses of all of the glory you have waiting for you behind the curtain, as it is indeed imperative that this does not take away the focus from your main objective, namely the work you have come to do on this planet called Earth. As we have discussed earlier, memories from home can make you want to leave this job altogether, and that would not do, therefore as a precaution you have all agreed to be kept in the dark as it were to the remainder of your memories from home, at least until it is deemed not to be detrimental to your work. That is the reason for all of these jumbled and confusing dreamlike sequences you have in your head whenever you come out of such a nightly journey, but now these memories will come through ever clearer as you are preparing for full disclosure, to use a term you might be familiar with. In other words, the curtains will be pulled further apart, and you will be allowed to bring back ever more detailed descriptions of your nighttime visits, as now these will only help you to continue on your way towards fulfilling your purpose here.

We hope this will give you some release from the physical discomfort you are currently being exposed to, and that it will also help you to get through this next intense phase. As always, we do not intend to cause you any discomfort, but it is indeed an unavoidable part of this upgrading process. As usual, patience is the most useful virtue for you all, and we hope we will be able to alleviate some of the downsides of this process by giving you tools that will help you combat them. Sharing our words and our energy is only a part of this toolchest, and now these surfacing memories from visiting other dimensions will also start to be an important part of this aid package. As always, we also implore you to reach out to each other, as you all will benefit from connecting with those around you experiencing similiar states. And never forget, laughter is the most powerful tool you all have in your toolbox for this journey. Do not take yourselves too seriously, this is indeed a time to lighten up in this aspect too. That is all from us today, but we will return again with more on this and other subjects soon. Thank you for your patience dear ones! We are all in awe of your contribution to this work, and we could not do it without you!

Mankind has come a long way from its origins, but mankind has a long way to go. You see, mankind is finally returning to their roots, and these roots have been buried deep beneath the layers of forgetfullness that has been put upon them by those still set on ruling mankind. You see man as a solitary species living on a little blue planet, far removed from anything else, floating silently in space. The idea of your uniqueness – and loneliness -is something that is a far, far cry from the truth, and this truth is what is slowly but surely seeping into your minds now that your hearts are starting to give away the secret that has been buried there for such a long time. You may well be aware of this already, but let us elaborate on the actual facts behind the existence of a human race.

This planet you call your own is not yours, it belongs to all of creation, and it has been set up with a very special purpose, namely as a sort of educational place where souls go to learn. And it is not an easy curriculum, your planet is considered as the most prestigious but also most challenging of schools in existence, as only here can you learn the lessons of experiencing duality while residing in a physical body. You think that living on earth is nothing if not unique, and in this aspect you are absolutely correct, as no place in creation do you have condition such as you have, where the majority of the inhabitants are suffering under the rule of a small and greedy race of rulers. This gives ample opportunities to learn of course, but let us assure you that the curriculum was originally something else and far more benign if you will, but as you are well aware of by now, the curriculum was forcibly changed in order to work in favour of a few intruders who literally made this planet their own little playground.

Much has been said about this already, so we will refrain from going into details on this subject for now, let us instead return to the origin of your species, and talk more about your future. As you might be aware of, your physical bodies have been constructed as a sort of vehicle which enables a soul to take up residence, and through this body and all of its senses experience a very different sort of life than what is possible in other dimensions. Your physical body is indeed a marvelous and extremely well put together functional system, and we are very proud of our accomplishments in this manner. You see, it has been designed by the smartest of brains, and if you have any knowledge as to what really goes on under the surface of your skin, you would indeed have no doubts as to the existence of a higher intelligence. Your scientists are still baffled by the complexities they find whenever they delve ever deeper into your construction to call it that, and there are still so much more to be discovered inside that vessel your soul inhabits. Still, that is only a minor detail compared to the real you, that is, the soul that has set up home inside one of these ”vehicles” in order to evolve one step further by experiencing one more lifetime inside such a complex construction.

You know well by now that your soujourn on this planet is seldom a singular visit, in other words, you return lifetime after lifetime in order to get ever more exposure to this sort of environment, where your species interact with another in a manner very unique in all of creation. Humanity as as species has evolved slowly from primitive groups, subsisting on hunting and gathering, into a seemingly highly developed form of society. This is not a mean feat, but as you have been told repeatedly, you have a long way to og in order to achieve your ultimate goal.

Were it not for the tricksters that came to your shores a long time ago and turned the tables in their favour, your ultimate goal would be achieved a long time ago. In fact, many of the old civilizations you today refer to as primitive were much more advanced down that road, as they still had many remnants of their old lineage still active in their minds. Therefore, their way of co-existing with their brethrens from far away shores ensured a highly developed society, with  skilled scientists and an abundance of knowledge, and an almost total lack of warmongering, diseases and oppression. But then, as you all know, the uninvited visitors came and history were turned on its head. You as a species were put on a very different track, and soon, corruption and greed – and an imposed forgetfullness – ensured a rapid decline into a society rife with warfare, sickness and powerty. You have struggled through this morass of desperation for a very long time now, and the extra luggage you have been forced to carry has certainly made its mark on your world. But now, you are about to eject all of this extra baggage, not only as singular souls, but also as a species, and finally you will be put back on the right track again.

You have no idea just how much this will alter the history of mankind, as without this forced hindrance of old lies you will be free to grow as you should have been right from the start. This will make everything new again, and you will not waste much time in taking up the slack and correct the course so that your journey will have a much more peaceful destination. You see, once you regain your memories, you will find your strength, and then nothing and no one can hold you back. All of the old imprinted patterns of greed will fall away, and you as a species will again start to work together for the betterment of all. Again, once you start to pool your resources, that is, once your free spirits starts to connect, the combined effect will be unbelievably strong. As we said, in your case, one and one will not make two, it will grow exponentially into something so powerful it will literally wipe the slate clean.

In other words, you will all be able to breathe the fresh air of freedom again, and you will start to build the society you want, a society based on love and a common interest, where ego has no place and death is not a threat, only a natural way of ending one lifetime before starting a new one. That day is not far off now dear ones, but you are only now starting to feel this power inside of you. In the days and weeks ahead, this power will grow so strong, it cannot be ignored. Not by you, nor by any other, and then you will have no choice but to set it free. And then, your whole world will change, as you set your hearts and minds to creating your new tomorrow.

That will be a day to remember for all, not only on our little planet, but also by all of your celestial families, scattered in so many places across all of creation. You see, you are not really of this place, this is a place where only those that chose and where chosen to come, may exist. Except for those few trespassers of course, but let us not dwell on them now. You are the stars of this story, and now all focus will be on you.

Although you probably refer to yourselves as humans, your origins are something else, as you are all emissaries from other civilizations, sent down to this planet a long time ago to act as carriers of information. You came down to bring knowledge back to your own, after having accumulated so much by spending lifetimes playing the part of a human inside a human body. In order to play your part well and learn as much as possible, you were put through a process that deleted much of your original imprint as you came in. Without this , you would be hard pressed to absorb all of the lessons you came down here to get. You see, life on earth has in many ways been about learning how to have shortcomings and restrictions that does not apply in other places of creation, and these lessons can be very difficult to endure if you have too strong memories of a much more carefree existence in a very different environment. So the intentions were good, but when these small remnants of home were even more supressed by those who came in and took over the show as it were, things took a turn for the worse.

Fortunately, they were not able to eradicate the last little glimmer of home completely, and it has been guarded well deep inside of your hearts. Now that little glow has started to burn ever brighter inside of you all, and the flame is burning away so much of  the shame, guilt and fear that has kept it hidden away. Now the knowledge that you harken from a very different place is  no longer something to be afraid of. It is something that gives you pride and joy, and rightly so, as soon you will all stand proud and talk of your ancestry to everyone.

Do not be afraid of the ridicule this might engender from a few lost souls dear one, it will be short lived as they too know all to well the truth in this. But you will also see the truth in the fact that many will choose to deny to themselves that this is indeed also their truth, and they will choose to stay to behind with the rest of the souls that will continue to live their ever shorter lives in the illusion they have created. They will be allowed to do this, as they have chosen to sever their connection to their reality once and for all, and for them, a planet called earth will continue to exist as long as they are able to hold it back from total annihilation set in motion by their own actions. For the rest of you, life will turn bright once again as you will see not only yourselves but also the rest of your celestial families in the true light yet again.