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Dear sisters and brothers!

In a few short hours, we will exit 2013 and enter 2014. Never before has the “me” who is about to enter a new year been so different from the “me” I was twelve months ago, for this has truly been a year of great transformation. Like a sponge, we have been soaked in wave after wave of energy for then to be squeezed out again, in order to rinse out layer after layer of old patterns, old behavior, old beliefs and old programming. And when you thought you were finished, it all started again. But as this year is coming to a close, I sense that this process too is coming to a close, and that the year we are about to step into, will be all about the emergence of the “me” that is the real me, not one of those old versions of myself that I thought was the only one. For now, we will step away from this seemingly endless sequence of soaking and squeezing out, and the real “me” we all have inside, the one that has been waiting for us to discover it, will begin to radiate outwards. So even if this year has left us all feeling more than a little washed out and faint, our light will start to shine stronger and stronger. And as our light starts to gather strength, the effect it will have on the world around us will also increase. For our light will serve to dissipate so much of the old and dense fog still covering much of our globe, and just like the Sun, our light is powerful enough to fill this whole world with a brand new brightness.

So thank you all for that you have brought to this world this year, by allowing yourself to be soaked and squeezed out repeatedly by the incoming light, and by allowing yourself to shed layer after layer of the old. Thank you for shining your light here at the Pond, and for helping it become reality in a way that has surpassed my wildest dreams. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your questions, and for being brave enough to share your frustrations and your fears. Thank you for sharing your joy and your laughter, and your LOVE. Without you, there would be no Pond, and without you, there would be no Gatherings around the Pond, our monthly group meditations that also became reality in 2013.

For we are already in the New, we have already created the very first foundations of the world of our dreams, where we live from the heart, connected to each other and to All of creation in a way that will help so many others to be able to do the same. I am so proud of you, I am so proud of me, and I am so proud of US. For we have each and every one of us worked so hard to wrestle ourselves away from the old and limited version of “me” and prepared us for what we have coming up: the chance to finally step into the New with ALL that we are. So as we leave the old versions of ourselves behind as we exit 2013, I send it all off with a heartfelt THANK YOU, and I open my arms to welcome the brand new – the brand new year, the brand new me, the brand new YOU and the brand new world we will continue to create together.

I wish you all a magical, creative New Year, may it be a fruitful, peaceful and joyful one for us all! And this upcoming Sunday, we can welcome the new year together in our very special way, for then, we will have the first Gathering around the Pond of the year. I am looking forward to seeing you all there, and most of all, to step into the New in your company!

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha


You have perhaps already managed to tap into the new force that sits ready and waiting for you dear ones, the force that will bring you all the way across that threshold you seem to have been hovering before for such a long time now. You see, this is indeed an exciting time for you all, as you have all been readied for this final stage of this enormous salvage operation, if we may use such a word, but now, things will start to get into the swing as it were. You see, these times will not go unnoticed by anyone, as the heightened levels of energetic emissions that will hit your own personal atmosphere have never been higher, and as such, they will have a deep impact on you all. We are well aware that for most of you, the impact you have registered so far can perhaps not be described as entirely positive, if positive at all, for they can mainly be described as deep and throbbing pain within your physical tissues and as anxiety, unease and perhaps even anger on your mental level. But now, the veil will start to lift in a way that will help you all to see beyond this energetic unpleasantness and give you that first glimpse of the freedom that lies beyond this veil of forgetfulness, toil and travail that has been suspended between you and the world of your dreams.

We know these words may seem to be overly lofty to some, as you have perhaps already gotten ready to toss that word “dream” on the scrapheap, for to you, there seem to be nothing more to dream about, as what you have wanted for so long seem to have reverted further and further into the distance, while your physical body has been reduced more and more to a heap of listless, exhausted remains. But hear us out when we say that your dream has not been torn to tatters, it is simply your human residue that is still overpowering you with is need to state its displeasure with all of these changes. For remember, beneath this layer of utter exhaustion, pain and displeasure lies not only a totally renewed physical body, therein lies also the brand new you, the you that will soon be allowed to come out and shine its true light for the very first time.

We are aware that our words will be insufficient comfort to those of you carrying the heaviest burden of these symptoms, but we also know that none of you have lost the dream that you came here to realise. For that dream is still very much present within you, and not only as a mere figment of your imagination. No, it is there as a seed, ready to come in to full bloom at the earliest opportunity. For what you describe as your dream, is simply your part of the aforementioned blueprint that you all came carrying with you as you incarnated on this planet. And as such, it is not just a wild and improbable part of your imagination, it is simply an apt description of what you came here to manifest.

So as you face those last few hours of the year that you have designated as 2013, know that your dream is already starting to send out those first tender tendrils of its roots, and it is getting ready to germinate in a way that will take your breath away once you see the first little shoots emerge from that dormant seed of your dream. For it is not only you who have come here to blossom, it is that dream of yours, the dream that you share with millions of other enlightened beings present on this planet at this very time. And do not think that you are here by accident, and that what you have done so far has not bore any fruits. No, your labour has been fruitful in so many ways, as you have used the time well. For you have managed to make yourself start to blossom in a way that was not possible before, and as you all start to stretch to your full height towards the light, that dormant seed of your dream within each and every one of you is also starting to sprout. So as you look back on this industrious year, know that the year you see ahead, the year that is about to begin, will be known as the prosperous one, the fruitful one, the one that will make millions of seeds grow. And what they will grow into, can simply be described like this: the garden of Eden.

As the days start to almost imperceptibly lengthen at your end of the globe, you will also feel a slight shift in the atmosphere as the energies start to prepare you all for the end of this year and the beginning of the new. As always, you will have a short breather here and there, and we think you will all find some time to sit back and slowly start to ease yourself into the brand new waters that beckon you already. For even if your calendar still shows the number 2013, the energies themselves have already start to shift into the new, and as such, you will all be able to take a small sip of them if you manage to still yourself sufficiently to try.

We know that this may seem to be difficult for many, as you have already been surrounded by quite a lot of noise, both externally but also internally. And even if this is indeed a Holiday season for many, this is also a time for much internal goings on for many of you. And in some cases, this has been what can only be described as a double load for many, while for others, a time of peace and quiet has been at hand. So we do hope that you have all managed to do what we asked you to do, namely to find some time to look back and peruse that long road you have traveled since the last time your calendars showed the same date as today. For even if time will seem to have speed up perceptibly, you will also see that you have managed to squeeze in even more into what may be perceived as a shorter time span than what you have done any time earlier on in this life journey of yours. And rightly so, as these last twelve months constitute perhaps the most important part of your own evolution.

So again we say, do not forget to give yourself a big hand of applause, and know that we are all celebrating your accomplishments already. And even if this year is petering out, your accomplishments will only continue to surpass what anyone could have hoped for as this year began. For your own process is not about to slow down any time soon, for now, you are all well and truly in the fast lane, dear ones, so do not expect a leisurely start to the new year. So sit back and breathe whenever you get a chance to do so, and know that you will have more than enough on your hands as this new year announces its arrival with a veritable flourish of energetic festivities, and know that even if this may sound to be a rather exhausting way to start the new, it will be nothing of the sort. Rather, we think you will all find reason to celebrate the coming of the new, as you will find yourself bathing in energies that will bring a smile to your face in more ways than one.

As you have already noticed, the floodgates have been opened now, and a continuous stream of light is flooding into you all. This may manifest itself in so many ways, but first, it will as usually make itself heard in your physical body. Again we hear groans of frustration, so please trust us when we say that this is an unavoidable part of this whole process. Remember, this is not in any way done in order to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible, even if that may seem to be the case in more ways than one. But now, these heightened energies will also bring with them other, less unpleasant side-effects, if we may use such a word, and we think you will all find that these intensified physical responses will start to taper off soon, and then, these other effects will start to become more noticeable.

This will be of little consolation to those still suffering in the throes of some rather intense physical eruptions of different kinds this time, especially since many of you have important days ahead, days you will be spending with your near ones, days that you will feel less inclined than usual to suffer from these physical setbacks. Well, we think that many of you will indeed feel a lessening of these symptoms during those festive days, and even if you will still have a hard time finding your balance again in the aftermath of this intensely charged weekend, we still think you will all find ample time to sit back in peace and quiet and savour this feeling of accomplishment.

For again we want to remind you all that you have accomplished so much these last few months, and as this can easily be lost under the blur of physical and mental convulsions that you have all suffered, it bears to be repeated again. For this year, you have all gone above and beyond the limits you held yourself strictly to just a few months back, and we know that this will become evident to you all if you manage to really go within and take stock of just who you are today. For then, you will find a very new landscape, one that has slowly emerged during these last few months. And, as we have told you so many times already, this virgin territory is so vast, you have not even seen more than the first little segments of it yet. For you have started to unfold this huge, blank canvas within you, one that is untainted by the old and sad scratchings from the one you used to be. And now, you will be given all the colors you can think of in order to start to create the image you want to be.

For you have finished your own cleansing to such a degree, there is no need to hold back on creating the new you, and as such, we want you all to give yourself the biggest gift this Holiday season. For you certainly deserve it in all the ways that one can describe. For you have worked so hard to get to where you are today, standing on the threshold of not only a new year, but a brand new beginning. So let us remind you that this is indeed the perfect time to do as we ask you to do, to sit down and take stock, and please, remember to be generous to yourself as you do this. Do not look for any failings you might consider to still be a part of your life. No, search for the victories, for they are indeed plentiful, and that goes for each and every one of you.

For you are no longer the same person you were when this year started. For in your wake, lies lifetimes of accumulated dross, dross that will no longer serve to hold you back in any way. So this time, we do urge you to take a look over your shoulder, the better to see all of the old baggage you have left behind on this stage of the journey. And then, we urge you to sit down and look ahead, at that wide open, inviting space beckoning you to come to it. And remember, this will not be merely a short visit. No, this brand new space is yours for the remainder of your sojourn within this current physical manifestation. So make sure you do not miss out on any of the wonders that are yours for the taking during this time. They are up for grabs, ready and waiting for your arrival. So get into the Holiday spirit by giving yourself the gift of acknowledging all of the hard work you have accomplished, and most of all, acknowledging all of the changes in your very own persona you have accomplished too. They are certainly no mean feat, and we do applaud you all for your valiant efforts. They have not been wasted in any way, and even if your physical body may feel like it is starting to lag more than a little bit behind in all of these whirlwinds of change, know that the only reason it feels like this, is that it is changing rapidly also, alongside those more mental aspects that you have worked so hard to release from your baggage this year.

So therefore, know that even if this year seems to have taken its toll on you all, this year has in fact made you all just that more resilient and strengthened, so out of this paradox emerges the new human, the human that has made null and void of so many of those old rules that used to govern you. Both the self-imposed limitations, but also those superimposed, external ones that have hampered you so much. So here you stand, free of so much that used to be an intrinsic part of you a mere 12 months back, but is no more. So as you have become less of what you used to be, you have also become more of what you will be. But there is more to come, dear ones, and as you shall see as the new year dawns just a few short days away, you have many gifts waiting for you that will far surpass anything you might find under any Christmas tree this year. For even if the gifts you have already bestowed upon yourself this year are more than impressive, they are nothing compared to what you still have in store. So again we say, take some time to congratulate yourself on a job very well done, and take some time to sit down in anticipation for what is yet to come. For this journey is by no means over yet, and the best is yet to come, as they say. And this time, no words could ring more true than these.

Many of you have already stepped into the fast lane, a space where time seems to stand still, and everything about you seems to do the exact opposite. For now, the changes you have gone through already will have made way for what is coming in, and as such, you will find yourself overflowing at times with all of these energetic missives hurtling at you from seemingly all directions. Our words may seem bewildering, as indeed this whole period will seem to be very bewildering to many of you, for it will be difficult to settle in and find a way to describe just what is happening within you. For as you know so well by now, the process referred to as ascension is in all aspects an internal one, whereas your entire programming is being adjusted so that you are finally able to function fully on all of your inherent abilities.

So now, much will be transpiring that will be hard to explain for any of you, but as we have already said, you will indeed feel it in your very bones that something very new is already happening. And so, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that tomorrow is also one of those focal points that will serve to increase any and all parts of this already rather intense situation, and as such, it will be apt to utilize that time slot to give yourself ample time to just be within yourself, and be present in this whole process. For you need to be able to seek shelter as it were within your own consciousness, and not let yourself be spirited away by any external noise and confusion. For this is all about you, about getting you more and more complete in the least amount of time, and as such, we therefore implore you all to find a way to focus on yourself as much as you can in the hours ahead. This may sound to be rather self-serving to some, and that is the whole point. For if you cannot find the time to focus on you, no one else can do this for you, and now, you stand before a very crucial part of this whole operation, and we think you will find enormous benefits if you do manage to seek within and sit with yourself for the time needed.

This does not mean in any way that we ask you to seek shelter because something negative is about to happen in your environment, far from it. This is simply a reminder that you should seek to avoid any unnecessary outside noise in this process, the better to be able to be present at your own rebirth. For this is all about the new you starting to announce its arrival, so we think you would not want to miss any parts of that rebirth. For now, so much will start to flood into you, so much that will trigger parts of you you did not even know you possessed. For remember, this is all about reawakening the dormant codes within, the ones that will ensure that you are no longer run by that simple process of survival that has hitherto ruled the lives of mankind. For now, you are about to start to blossom into what will be labeled as the truest form of mankind, the one that is here to work miracles, the one that will let this whole planet be reborn in the same manner as they themselves have managed to resurrect themselves from the old ruins that used to be them.

For you are as the phoenix dear ones, the shining one, emerging up from the ashes of the old and burned down remnants of the illusion of who you thought yourself to be. For now, you will start to see the limitless version of yourself, the one that has been waiting for so long to be let out from the old cage of superimposed limitations. And you would not want to miss that first glimpse of the real you, would you? So therefore, take time to just BE, and see if you can detect that first overwhelming sense of YOU, that earth-shattering sense of finally becoming so much more than what your limited beliefs have let you to think before. For now, those old limits will be shattered to pieces as you each, one by one, step over these old ruins and start to venture out in that wide open space, ready and waiting for you to start to frolic upon it.


As these energies keep burrowing deeper and deeper into your very being, you may feel yourself at a loss to explain what is going on, but you will literally feel it in your very bones that something deeply transformative is indeed going down now. For you are changing dear ones, beyond recognition, for as you open yourself fully up to this influx of light, you will be as newborn again when this whole process is over and done with. Yes, there is indeed an end to this transformation process, and even if that end may seem far, far off at the moment, know that there will come a day in the not too distant future when you will draw a deep breath and just know that “this is it, now I am the one I came here to be”. And then, you will finally be able to look back over your shoulder and contemplate the whole arduous journey you have taken to get you to that final and full version of you.

We know that you will perhaps have a hard time even thinking about such a moment now, as we do know that many of you are still very much deep in the final throes of your own emergence, and so, this may seem no more than a distant dream. And rightly so, as these last and final gruelling contractions may seem to be more than you can bear. But you are made of strong stuff dear ones, and as we have told you again and again, nothing that happens now is happening because it is meant to break you down to just a heap of dust and bitter fragments. Everything that happens, does so for a reason, and that reason is simply this: to set you free from everything that has held you captive. And even if some of these events may seem to be nothing less than catastrophic to some of you, know that they have been set before you as a tool to aid you in this work of liberating yourself. Again, we can only stand by your side and give you all the tools and all the encouragement we have in order to aid you in this process, but all the rest is done by you and you alone, and you are more than capable of fulfilling this great feat of liberation. And by doing what you do, you are bringing the light not only within yourself, but on this whole planet and beyond, far above and beyond the old and crippling dense layer that has been poisoning mankind for such a long time.

In fact, you have already accomplished so much, the air is literally clean enough for you all to start to thrive just by taking a deep, deep breath of it. And now you have but a small but rather intense ways to go before not only the air, but your very being will feel as pure and light as driven snow. So again we say, know that all is well, and please do not forget to reach out to each other for support. Never be too shy to ask for assistance, and remember assistance cannot be given unless you ask for it yourself. So remember, you are surrounded  by so many, both in a human form and others, all standing ready and eager to come to your support, day and night, 24/7. So stay alert to any signs that you are closing yourself off from this help, for it is indeed imperative that you do not go off into the underbrush like a wounded animal to hide if you feel that this last stage of this liberation process is simply too much. The more you are able to open up and admit that you are struggling, the more light will be allowed to come to your aid. We are here, and so are so many of your brothers and sisters on both side of the veils, and we want nothing more than to give you all the help we can on this, the final stretch of your long, long journey home to YOU.

As you have noticed, the frequencies that are buffeting you now are indeed a far cry from the ones you have been bathing in for quite a long time now, and rightly so, as these last few days a whole new set of energetic encodings have transformed the very atmosphere around you. And, as usual, with these new encodings comes a whole host of energetic reactions, both on the physical but also on the mental levels. And for many of you, these new currents have literally dislodged the very deepest residue that your cellular memory has kept hidden from you, forever it seems. And now, you may be struggling to cope with all of this flotsam that is suddenly paraded in front of you, and you may find yourself seemingly slipping under the surface, unable to even breathe. So let us take this opportunity to remind you all that this whole process is not about breaking you down, rather, it is all about breaking away any and all of the old incrustations that have kept your soul trapped within for such a long time, and even if this breaking apart of this hard shell or carapace that has been constricting your very soul may feel almost unbearably painful, it is indeed imperative that you go through this process. And please trust us when we say that the very reason so many of you are experiencing this at this very moment, is because you are finally ready to do so. Remember, what we refer to is a pain that goes so deep, your own body has done all it can to hide it from you, so that you could literally survive this far in the first place. For there are limits to what a fragile human can endure, and so your trusted companion, your physical body, has taken upon itself to protect that fragile inner child in any way it can.

For it has acted as your custodian in this process, and so, it has removed the most painful of memories in a way that has made them tolerable to most of you, and as such, you have been able to come this far. But now, you have all grown so much in stature if you will, that you are finally able to take it all on, and so your body is, perhaps somewhat reluctantly at first, letting go of all of these hard begotten shards of information that it has done its best to encapsulate deep within your very tissue. And so, they can suddenly appear before you in extreme detail, and for many, this will come as a shock to their whole system. For you may have forgotten so much of it, or perhaps you thought you had processed it all already, but there are still some remnants, and in some cases, large swathes of “forbidden territory” that suddenly open up before you. For your own bodies have restricted your access to these places before, and rightly so, for if you had ventured too far within these darkened rooms earlier on, you wold have stood a great chance of getting lost here. But not any more. For now, you have the light by your side, and as such, there is not one single darkened room within any of you that can trap you in its grip. For you all carry so much light now, it will light up even the deepest recesses of your very being, and so, nothing can hold you back from finally entering those parts of you that you have not been able to reach before.

This may sound like an unbearable ordeal, for if there is one thing that is uppermost in anyone’s mind, it is to lessen the impact of anything that is painful. But trust us when we say, that even if this process may feel unbearably painful at the onset, it will very quickly turn into such a haven of release and relief, it will leave you all literally refreshed and reborn. For this is what this is all about, finding that courage within that will allow you to open that final door, the one that has been marked with a huge warning sign, and so, has been carefully avoided forever. But now, nothing can stop you from entering this room, for the deeper this cavern is, and the more horrendous memories it contains, the greater the power you will unleash within yourself. For this is a veritable powerhouse dear ones, and the deeper your wounds go, the stronger the current of healing light will be. And as you take a deep breath and dare yourself to finally wrestle open that door and step across the threshold, the wind in your back will increase as a veritable storm of light follows you into that chamber and literally blows all of those dark memories out into the open. And when they become exposed to the light, they finally lose any capacity they ever had of holding you down. For then, they become as if weightless, and you are finally released of that burden you have carried with you – in this life, and in all of the lives that came before this.

Remember, your physical body is capable of carrying memories implanted within your cellular structure from way back, long before this current physical body ever came into existence, and as such, you can all carry so much baggage with you that now will come up to be released. But as you have already opened yourself to the light, the light will help you to finally face whatever it is you have to face in order to become free at last. And even if the light within you is more than powerful enough to wash away any and all traces of dirt and grime that has accumulated in this, your very own chamber of horrors, it is also important not to close the door to any light that will offer to assist you from the outside. For All of creation stand poised to offer their assistance in this last and oh so crucial process of removing any old shackles on your soul. And so we ask you all to ask for assistance, and it will indeed come in all shapes and forms, from your fellow men, from your animal companions, from Mother Earth herself, and indeed from so many not in a physical body. We are all here for you, and we stand ready to embrace you in our loving arms and help you to find your balance again. For removing what in some instances can be large chunks of dark matter, will take its toll on you all, and so, it is important to remember that even if you are the only one who can decide whether or not to open that inner chamber and expose it to the light, you have so many standing by your side, ready to add their light to yours in order to get this painful process over and done with in the shortest of time spans.

So again we say, do not fear dear ones, for even if you are in the middle of these painful throes of remembrance, they have come up because you have allowed your own strength to carry you through this ordeal. But you need not face it alone, in fact, we advice you not to face it alone, for the light is here, in full force, ready to lend a hand and steady your heart as you finally step across and into that inner sanctum. And when you come back out from that inner chamber again, you do so as the victorious one, the one that has finally conquered the very last bit of embattled territory within. And then, you will go in peace, for then, the light will give you all the peace and inner strength you need to embark upon that final unfolding of the true you.

As you have perhaps already ascertained, these incoming waves of energetic flux can be rather bothersome at times. That is, your physical body may have a hard time keeping up with all of these fluctuations, but again, we implore you to remember that they are all in fact doing you a world of good. And we do mean that in every sense of the word. For these waves are pushing you further and further ahead, as the changes they bring within you are preparing you more and more for that upcoming energetic implosion, if we can use such a word. For this will in many ways be likened to an implosion, where the pressure from the outside will create an impressive effect on the inside. And then, you will all start to unfold yourself and go up in bloom. For the seed that was implanted within you from the very beginning, and that has been lying dormant for eons, has been carefully watered and nurtured these last few years. And as such, it is now more than ready to take that decisive leap and burst forth in all of its glory.

For by your willingness to search for that seed within, you gave it the chance to germinate after this long, long sleep, and now, as in the journey of all seeds, comes that all important phase when that first little sapling that broke free of the shell stands poised to start to grow and unfold in earnest. For you have only seen that very first little green sprout, but as with everything in nature, that first little growth gives little away of the beauty and magnificence it has in store. For will this little sapling turn into a giant oak tree? Or perhaps a resplendent shrub, covered in a multi-colored display of finery? Only time will tell, for even if you all carry similar looking seeds within, they are all programmed to become a variety of different species once they start to grow and unfold in earnest, so by looking around you now, you cannot know what any of you will turn into once this growth spurt picks up speed.

So when this huge shower of energetic rain hits you, it will indeed signal the start of this final unfoldment, and you will all cast off those old remnants of the little seed that once contained you, and start to grow into the one that you truly are. But until then, we will do all we can to prepare you for this important stage of your own rebirth, and as such, you will continue to feel the incoming energetic booster rockets push and pull at you in so many ways. For what we are doing, is simply to make sure that you are well prepared for this last and final show of strength that will enable you to come forth as the ONE, the one you are here to be, the one that contains it ALL, the one that will do what it takes to make this whole planet become as if new again. For as you each step into your true one, the roles that are already programmed within you in those seeds you carry within your every cell, you will find that truth you have been searching for for all of your lives. Yes, lives as in plural, for that whisper from your very core, your DNA, has been carried with you all the way from your beginning, as the ghost in the machine if you will, and even if you at no stage may have been able to consciously connect with this dormant core within, it has still been there and helped you to evolve towards this, your final destination if you will.

For this is it, this is the life that will change every single life you have ever had, and through that, change the life of every single person on this planet. For as you awaken, and step into the wholeness that is the true YOU, the effects from your personal unfoldment will reach out, like those proverbial ripples on the surface of the water. For as you change gears and start to vibrate at the frequency that has been there waiting for you for so long to tune into, you will send it out far and wide, and through that, touch the very soul of every living being on this planet. So you will touch the hearts and the minds of your fellow men, but you will also make the rest of this living planet sing out in joy alongside you. For everything will know it, in the same instance that you yourself make this monumental discovery of the real you, and as such, your personal journey will instantly become a global one, in every sense of the word.

So take whatever may come in the form of some rather intense energetic transmissions for what they are, a much needed extra support in order to prepare you to go forth and become the real you, the final blossoming of that long dormant seed, the final unfoldment into the magnificent being that has been lying within you, waiting to come out and show itself in all of its glory. The road you have traveled, and indeed the few short steps that you still have to take to get you to that final blossoming may not be described as easy and uncomplicated, but we know you will all come to the stage when you will shout out in unison, “it was all worth it in the end, for now, I see ME, and I rejoice with all that I am, for what I have made myself become, and for allowing myself to become it”. For you are the ones doing it. We can only support you in any way we can, but it is you, and only you, who will have turned that dormant seed into the most magnificent of creations. We cannot wait to see you all in the fullest of bloom!

We think you will all feel a sort of quickening in the air now, like a slight shift in the pressure or the temperature, and we gather many of your animal friends will exhibit symptoms of noticing the same. For there is something approaching indeed, and you are just about to pick up on the first signals coming in from this rainstorm of light that we have referred to so many times in earlier missives. For it is indeed approaching you, and now you will all feel these faint stirrings coming in, just like those magnificent beasts, the elephants, can pick up signals through the soles of their feet.

For there is indeed a brand new vibration coming in, and anyone with their ears close to the ground energetically speaking, you will already have picked up on these still rather faint signals. But now, these signals will indeed amplify, so that more and more of you will start to sit up and prick up your ears in anticipation. For you will feel the oncoming of something so magnificent, it can almost seem to be too much, and along with the anticipation, you might also feel the stirring of anxiety setting in. Let us just assure you that this is only to be expected, for what you are feeling into, is a change so fundamental, it will indeed wipe the slate clean in so many ways, you will not be the same after you have been under this deluge of energetic purification.

And remember, you are still very much identifying with the old you, the one you used to be, but are not any longer. Still, the memories have not been wiped completely from your very being, and as such, you will still have a hard time envisioning yourself as you are to become. And so the old instinct of shunning change will automatically be triggered in so many of you, and even if you do not have a conscious image of what you have in store, your inner being knows all too well what a major transformation this will be, and so it will be a mixture of longing and fearfulness. For deep down, you all know there is no going back now, you have indeed committed yourself to become as new again, but when your mind tries to grapple with this fact, all it can think of, is death. For this has in many ways been a procession of deaths, as you have all one by one shed those old layers of you, and alongside with this process of resurrection, goes a process of death. For the old you must leave in order for the new to take its place, and even if you have all been deeply immersed in this cycle of death and rebirth for so long on this journey, this time the results will be so deeply transformative they are apt to trigger what is left of that old defense mechanism of staying within those old confines and definitions of who you think you are.

But all of those old walls have been torn down now, and even if you have yet to grasp the full extent of this, you are already flexing your wings and testing out what this death of the old really means. But now, as those powerful winds of change are building up on the horizon, the realization that the old you is indeed already a thing of the past will start to seep in, and it is apt to cause more than a little frisson here and there. So do not be surprised if you find that old and familiar feeling of anxiety cluttering up your stomach, but know that this is simply a sign of what you are about to become. For as these storm-force winds start to sweep across this planet in the very near future, all of the old and outdated ramshackle parts that used to be you, will be blown away forever. So you might feel naked and vulnerable, even more so than before as you start to face this truth, for in this as in all things that entails deep and irreversible change, it takes time to find that equilibrium again.

So again we say, know that all is well even if you yourself might feel less at ease than usual, and know that any knots within your stomach are simply a sign of an approaching event that will take you literally by storm and lift you out of the old, and firmly set you feet first into the brand new you. And from that, your brand new world will be born. So give yourself the assurance you need in order not go into fear as these energetic stormtroopers approach. As we have told you before, they will not come to break you down, they will come to set you free once and for all from that old prison of limitations. For there are no limits, but as yet, you have not been able to literally see that for yourself, and so you continue to see walls and barriers where there no longer are any. And that is why this lightstorm is so sorely needed. For you need help to set your mind free from it all, and that help is getting closer and closer even as we speak.

Dear friends! I have been guided to share this film with you, because it has given me a very different perspective on “the greatness within”. For this film shows the unbelievable complexity that is within just one single cell in our body, and when you think of the fact that every one of us are made up of billions of these diverse cells, all collaborating and communicating with each other, it makes you realize that this intelligence, this Creator that we are a part of, is capable of creating wonders that our human mind cannot even begin to understand.

Our human mind cannot even fully explain our DNA, for it contains such a vast collection of information. But what they have found, is that much of that information seems to be “dormant”, the scientists have even referred to it as “junk DNA”. Perhaps now is the time to wake up this Sleeping Beauty, this dormant DNA?

This is what the CCs have to share about this: “The film you saw was indeed an important trigger not only for you, but it will be so for others as well, and you were indeed guided to see this at this exact time for a very special reason. For now is indeed the time to activate all of those hidden treasures, the codes that have been lying dormant within each and every one of you for eons. You see, mankind has already been fitted with every single ability it needs in order to be able to make this planet into a veritable paradise, but as yet, you have not had the ability to fulfill this potential. And that is simply because you have not had access to this inner greatness, as you have in many ways been disconnected from this, as you have been disconnected from Source. But now, as you have allowed yourself to be reconnected to Source, you will also be able to reconnect yourself with all of this important information that is essential for you to be able to fulfill your task of resurrecting not only yourselves, but also this planet. For this is indeed what this is all about, tapping into that hidden potential, potential that is not hidden anymore, and that is no longer off limits to any of you. Remember, there are no more limits now, and unless you choose to not receive what has been given to you from the very beginning, there will be no stopping you now.

For you are made of the same stuff as the stars, and we do mean that in every sense of the word, so even if you may look upon your physical body as merely a lump of flesh, know that it is indeed indispensable to the work you have come here to do. For by YOU, we mean your consciousness, but without being in this physical body, you would have no way of releasing the potential that is stored within this body, this whole body of knowledge if you will, that has been put at your disposal so that you can utilize it to change everything. And yes, we do mean everything, for you are not here to simply step into your own greatness, you are also here to make this whole planet capable of doing the same. So again we say go within, for that is where this treasure is hidden, and it is waiting for you to acknowledge it by observing it. For when you do, it will come into being, and it will be activated by your consciousness and by this ceaseless bombardment of energy that is raining down upon you. For this is truly a heavenly cooperation between you, your physical body and these energies, as you need all three components in order to release all of this untapped potential. For without the one, the others would simply be a potential, but nothing more. But now, you are here to make it all come into BEing by adding your consciousness to this potent mix, and out from this, will rise a literal army of advanced beings, clad in a human body that no one has seen the likes of before. For you will finally be able to step into a physical vehicle that is capable of making miracles come true, and that is why we say that these oh so important inner changes will have far reaching effects on the outside as well. For you are not simply here to liberate that hidden potential within yourself, you are here to assist the rest of the world to do the same. But you are the pioneers, and so you have to do this job for YOU first, and then, all the rest will follow.

We are all like that single cell portrayed in this film, complex and capable of amazing feats. And when we connect and communicate and cooperate, like the cells in a body do, there are truly no limits to what we are capable of achieving. As the CCs said, we have “existed as the old kind of humans, the humans running on one single cylinder, functioning on barely a fraction of their own power. But now, you will be able to rev the engine and utilize its full powers.” So let us do what we can to unleash that power within 🙂

Love and light from me, Aisha