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Do not think yourselves lost even if you feel somewhat bedraggled at times, as this is only a natural reaction from all of the current energies you are being bombared with. As usual, on the outside, nothing seems to be changing at all, but we think you can all subscribe to the notion that nothing seems to be at ease and repose at the moment. In other words, things are constantly changing, swirling around and shifting to and fro. It can be very difficult to maintain balance in periods like this, but do not get too concerned if you mayhaps wobble a bit on your feet.

Let us explain. For now, nothing will seem to be solid, and you will have a hard time trying to find that secure footing we have all told you that you need, but there is no need to worry too much. You see, even if you do not feel the ground to be solid under your feet, you will not be harmed by a little undulation now and then, that is, so long as you do not go into fear by this process. What we have referred to as finding your balance, means also that you must be in balance whilst you feel very unbalanced. This may sound confusing, but what we are trying to tell you is that you must get used to be in a state of constant flux, and you must manage to feel balanced even if you are literally almost toppling over at times because the very ground seems to be shifting beneath your feet. It may sound confusing, but the trick here is to keep your heart in balance even when everything seems to be going topsy-turvy both on the outside and the inside, and this will be quite a challenge at times. You see, you have been trained to find equilibrium in any way you can, but now that equilibrium is virtually nonexistent. In other words, you are as on a raft floating on a choppy sea, and even if the boards beneath your feet seem solid enough, they are following every whim of the ocean beneath them, and they will lurch and tilt at random. So too the energetic environment you are enmeshed in now, hence this feeling of being tossed about on a stormy ocean. It can literally induce motion sickness in so many of you, and we think you have all experienced this in some form or the other these last few weeks. Dizzy spells, headaches and nausea will be a natural reaction to all of this shifting, and the waves will not calm down in the overseeable future, so best get used to maintaining a flexible stance in all of this. And just like on a boat in high seas, remaining flexible will be far more helpful than trying to brace yourselves and become rigid. That will only make everything worse, and the results will be even more unsettling in every sense of the word.

You see, all of this feeling of movement is very important, as it is indeed a signal that now, nothing will be kept as it was. It is like the signs you see in shop windows ”everything must go”, and so too the whole planet of yours is going through and end of business clearance sale, where all of last seasons’ outdated models will be sold out once and for all. So make sure that you do not buy into this extravaganza and stock up on any of these outdated items they are trying so hard to sell you again, even at ridiculously low prices. You see, they are trying to tempt you back into the old world, with all of the old world’s systems and rigid rules, and most of all, the mountain of fear they have engendered throughout history. Now everything is lying there like a large heap of unsellable goods, so make sure that you do not fall into the trap of restocking yourself with these oh so cheap items after having managed to clear your being from all of the old garments you have worn out.

Now the time has come to strip away everything of the old, and therefore the whole planet of yours will be starting to behave very erratic and bizarre. Not only that, but all of the people living on her will do the same, so best be prepared for some very interesting occurences indeed. Again, do not be tempted to literally buy any of it, as it is all a show put on to try to maintain the hold on your mind and trap you back into their net once again. For as you know so well by now, the mind literally has a mind of its own, and it would love dearly to return to the good old days, where it ruled you every step of the way. It cannot abide the thought that you have surrendered to the wisdom of your heart by now, so it will try every trick it has to trick you into falling under its spell once again.

But you are wiser now, dear ones, far wiser than your mind, so just let these waves wash over you, and keep your flexible stance. For as long as you connect with that perfectly balanced part that resides in your core, it does not matter how much everything else is moving to and fro, up and down, and even if the very ground you are standing on may seem to lose its equilibrium, you will not, as long as you are guided by that inner compass. That will always, always keep you on your feet, even if you have to take some small steps to correct yourself now and then. We are fascinated to watch how you literally roll with the punches dear ones. You are like graceful swaying plants, and you will not be broken by these increasing movements like those very rigid old power structures will. Keep your grace, and all will be well, and only those freezing up in fear will literally have something to fear. Let it slide over you, and even if you feel almost worn down by all of this, it cannot break your spirit as long as you let your spirit rule your mind.

For a long time now, you have felt the approaching of the storm, and for many of you, this waiting seems to go on interminably. Well, we think you will all breathe a sigh of relief very soon, but as always, we will not give any details or be very specific on any timeframe. You see, what you have in mind is mayhaps not exactly what we have in mind when we keep referring to a storm.

Let us explain. We have often times talked about the need for you to start thinking out of the box, or rather, for you to stop thinking and start to feel. In other words, the limitations put upon your minds will make this whole scenario seem impossible, but if you manage to connect into your true core, what we will describe will seem plausible. You see, you have been well conditioned to think and behave within very limited frames, and as such the storm of change we refer to cannot be contained within these limitations. That is because we are talking about something that encompasses such a large range of changes, both in the physical dimension you live in, but also in all of the other dimensions that you cannot yet begin to comprehend. As we stated earlier, you cannot even see the whole tip of the iceberg, so to you, this storm may seem at first to be nothing more than mere ripples on the surface. It will not look like the roaring inferno you mayhaps harbour in your mind, more like a silent and innocent intruder slowly but surely stepping across the threshold into your consciousness. This does not mean that it will not be dramatic, far from it, but we just want you to be prepared for something very, very different than what the so-called blockbuster movies usually portrays.

You see, your whole world is really an illusion, so to all of these huge cataclysm you have watched so many times on the screen, and we do not refer to anything that is like that at all. What we refer to, could be more likened to a seemingly small and timid wind that makes even the densest of fogs dissipate. Or rather, the slow but sure increasing of current into a lightsource that will make the light stronger in increments. Do not despair and think that this will be a process so slow and undramatic it will take years and years to complete, something that will likely drive you all to be tempted to think that nothing is going on. That will not be the case, we guarantee you that, but we just wanted to make sure that you at least try to separate yourselves from all of the doom and gloom scenarious out there, repelete with enourmous catastrophes and hellfire burning everything down to the grond. As we have stated, this is indeed something that will have almost the same effect, but the process is very far removed from all of this theatrical staging. Therefore, you might actually miss some of the crucial stages in this process. It will be like a bomb going off so far belov the surface, you cannot even see it or feel it, but the effects will be dramatic indeed. Remember, you are a species so controlled by different sorts of systems, both ”man-made” ones, that is, belief systems of all kinds, but also all of those automated ones you are so dependent on. You have been well trained to have complete confidence in everything around you, and you are so vulnerable if any of of these systems starts to malfunction. Well, let us just say that it is indeed time to stop taking anything for granted, and to keep an open mind as to what will happen. The bombs will indeed start to go off soon, and the effects will be easy to see, even to an untrained eye, and as such let us just declare storm season for officially opened.

As we have often times mentioned before, mankind is heading for a huge undertaking, something so vast it will not only take your breath away, it will in man ways take away everything you know. In other words, nothing will be left standing in the wake of this tsunami of energy that is already starting to crest off your shores. Make no mistake, we do not refer to this in a literal way, as there will be no scenes like those so convincingly depicted in all of your movies heralding the end of the Earth. This is not the case here, as we refer to something much more complex than mere towers of cascading water crashing ashore. What we refer to, is something that will literally tear down any last vestige of illusion around you, and this cannot be rebuilt again like all of the rubble that is so painstakingly reconstructed in the aftermath of a so-called natural disaster. It will not be reconstructed, because it cannot be put back together again after that implosion of forces that will tear all of these flimsy buildings apart to reveal the rotten foundation they have all been built upon. Not only that, it will also serve to cleanse the very ground beneath to such a degree that only the bedrock itself will be standing when this wave finally subsides.

We speak in metaphors here of course, and this is not a message to run to the hills, not in any way. Those still persuaded that the best way to outlast this incoming storm is to pack up their emergency packs and head to higher ground, or dig themselves deep into a hill, have not even begun to understand what all of this is about. This is not an armageddon as in the biblical definition, or rather, the Hollywood definition, where brave men and women run for their lives whilst saving the cute dog found struggling alone in the street. No, this is a case of total annihilation of a whole system of belief, and no matter how far you run or how deep you dig you will not be able to outrun the impact from this storm. You see, this is all about liberation, not the annihilation of mankind, and as such, so much old garbage needs to be washed away, and washed away for good. This is not a case for gathering up the splintered pieces, clearing up the mess and then putting it all back together again in a semblance of the old world. No, this is about shattering everything into so small pieces it can not ever again be resurrected, no matter how hard some of your fellow humans hope for it. As we have mentioned already, this unveiling and dismantling will be the last straw for so many, as they cannot live with the fact that their whole truth is nothing but falseness masquerading as reality. They will search through the ruins of their ”lost” lives, trying in vain to find something that will bring back the old, but as they realize that it is gone forever, they will collapse into pieces themselves.

Not so you, as you will finally be able to breathe freely again after living under that heavy yoke of oppression, and you will see this tsunami of energy as the liberator, the one thing that will finally lift this heavy weight off your shoulders, almost like the survivors after an earthquake finally feel the debris pressing them down being taken away. That day is not far off now, but as you can see from the metaphors we use, it will not be a calm and gentle process. Rather, it will be a turmoil of feelings washing over you from every angle, and you will need all of the gravity you can muster to keep yourselves firmly planted into the ground and not being swept away. As always, we will be on hand with reassurance and advice, but it is up to each and every one of you to secure your foothold, so best start putting down some firm roots already sweet ones. You never know just when the storm will hit you, so do not stay out in the open unprepared and unprotected.

We have often times come across with messages that mayhaps seems to be rather superfluous to some, but this is not the case for so many out there still struggling to keep their heads above the waters of this swiftly flowing river of change. In other words, we will not cease these missives in any way, but they will be tailored to the needs for those still trying to get a grip on what is going on. Many are after much more detailed messages, they will want confirmation on certain subjects or even certain events that are rumored to happen on certain dates. Well, let us just say that we will contuine in this vein for quite a while yet, as there is indeed so much change going on now it will be difficult at times to keep your footing amidst all of this turmoil.

Therefore, those that seek detailed descriptions or let us just call them instructions on what to do and when to do it, you will need to seek elsewhere. This is not a game of set rules, and nothing is written in stone. As we were saying, everything is in flux at the moment, so nothing can be set down according to any rules or timetables. Therefore, this quest for answers and hard facts is futile indeed, as it will only lead to more disappointment. All we can say is that everything is going according to plan, but as our plans differ greatly from your way of thinking about it, it will not make any sense to you. You will see chaos where we see order, and you will see problems where we see possibilities and vice versa. In other words, approaching this from a human, or linear, perspective is impossible. It will be like trying to describe that proverbial elephant whilst being blindfolded and only allowed to touch one part of that huge animal. In other words, you cannot try to wrap your heads around all that is going down now, as your mind has indeed been carefully altered so as not to go outside very defined borders, whereas to us, we are much freer in every sense of the word.

Remember, we have access to not only so much more information, but also to all of the levels of Creation, so the changes you are privy to are only a small part of what is really going on around you. It cannot even be likened to seeing only the tip of the iceberg, as that comparison does not even come close to describe the gap between your abilities to discern things as opposed to what is really taking place.

In other words, try to find that inner knowing, and you will also find peace in this process, even if a period of great turmoil is approaching. Remember, you are only witness to the waves on the surface, but underneath, everything is calm and will stay calm, no matter how much wrath and froth is being churned up by all of those flailing in panic on the surface. As long as you stay tuned to that stillness inside, you will be as calm as the great oceans encircling your little planet, and just as that great body of water, you will be able to stay collected and still even if the wind picks up speed above you. You are but an ocean of joy, but the surface may be littered with detritus from things collapsing around you. Remember that it is only a small part of you thus ”polluted”, but it cannot do anything to compromise your true depths as long as you remember to keep your head down and do not insist on flailing along with the rest of those afraid to drown in their own fear.

Be thankful for every single moment of resistance sweet ones, as this is in fact a sure sign of progress as we have mentioned before. And when we say resistance, we refer to all of those instances where you feel the impatience rushing out again because you cannot seem to get any results from all of the hard work you are doing. You see, this impatience is indeed the best signal you can get that you are part of this forward momentum, as all of those still lingering in the shallow waters of total denial cannot even begin to feel the slightest little tingling of this gnawing impatience you feel exposed to in so many ways.

Let us explain. To many, this path to enlightenment seems like nothing more than mere folly, something only those too introverted and self-absorbed would indulge in. While to them, the only way to do something useful is to set any notion of self aside and keep going blindly forward in the same rut. They take any other action to be only the workings of a delutional mind, something only those who have seemingly lost any grip on reality would ever consider going into. Well, they are right, as only those finally letting go of anything that could be deemed as ”normal” by a human standard can expect to come trough this wall of self-imposed blindness and over to the other side, where not only the eyes but also the rest of the senses can feast on the real reality that has been kept hidden away for so long. You see, you have chosen the way of resistance, and resistance is what you will get on almost every step of this way, but that resistance is there to remind you that you have to take one step at the time, and literally fight your way through this thick layer of blankness that has been put as a cover around the little  stage the rest of humanity so blithely step across every day.

You have chosen to rip away the stage curtains, and you are trying to peer into the darkness that is still obscuring everything from view, while the rest of your fellow actors are still too blinded by the harsh stagelight to even see that they are in fact only players on a stage, not real living beings in a little part of reality. You have felt the call from the vastness beyond this stage, but you cannot just step across the divide and become whole beings again. Detaching yourselves from the drama you have been part of for many lifetimes is not just like stepping off a stage, it is a process that involves so much. Not because you are not ”good” enough to complete it in a very short time. No, it is because all of these shielding obstacles that have been put in your way needs to be dismantled one by one, and you have already completed most of this process. Hence, you already seem to be like one of the spectators from the other side of the veil, as you have already come to terms with the fact that the whole planet you live on is in fact nothing but a whole diversion set up to entertain just a few, and all of your fellow humans are blindly playing out their little parts in this whole costume drama. That is easy, because that has been programmed into them. Whilst you who have already opened your eyes and hearts sufficiently to see the strings that are pulling at every one of your cast members, you have a much harder time ripping them all off than you would have just accepting the fact that you are in so many ways remotely controlled by entities who have only their own best interest at heart.

Let us explain. Everything you do in this process inevitably goes against the grain of everything you have been taught to do. All of the imprints that have been installed in you needs to be overwritten and deleted, and this process is nothing that will go by on its own accord, it is something you have to be very much involved in. Therefore, it will seem like a never ending chore, and it will certainly tax your resources, both in the mental and the physical capacity, and you will seem to have so much less energy than those sailing unawares beside you still under sedation as it were. And remember, everything inside you have been programmed to shun any form of change or upheaval, and you cannot even seem to take a breath these days without dislodging something that has been stuck inside you for eons. So as we said, all of this frustration and ithcing to go is only a good sign, as it certainly signals an unstopping tide of change washing through your entire system. Nothing is being left untouched, and everything must be given a careful going over, so you will be left feeling like something only barely hanging together, where much seems to be out of alignment and nothing seems to be working properly. You are in  a constant flux, were both things inside but also around you are never constant, continously changing day by day, minute by minute. You cannot seem to settle in and relax for any length of time, and the whole process in itself seems to be almost too much to take. Well, let us just say that you are exactly where you want to be, nothing more and nothing less. You are being dismantled all the way down to your tiniest little compartment, and you are being rebuilt again step ny step, one stone on top of another with the most exacting standards. Nothing is left to chance, and nothing can be hidden away.

You cannot yet see the wole end product of course, you can only feel this dismantling and rebuilding process, therefore you will feel very fragmented and loose, and at times have hard time keeping it all together. We can see the whole picture dear ones, and we have every confidence that you too soon will feel much more complete yourselves, but let us just remind you that you are in this river of change with body and soul, this is not a place for those only willing to dip their little toe in. No, you have to literally let yourselves go all the way under, even at the risk of losing yourselves completely in the process. That is the only way to emerge whole again on the other side. In other words, this is not something you can commit to if you do not do it wholeheartedly. This is not something you can try, this is something you either do 100% or not at all. You have all comitted yourselves to this in every single grain of your being, and therefore every single grain of your being will groan and protest at all of the hard work they have to endure. But endure it you will, because there is nothing else in the whole of creation you would rather do. You are not quitters dear ones, you are commited to this, and we do applaude you all for literally diving in with all that you have. We cannot ask for more, and you cannot ask for more, as you have already taken on the challenge of a lifetime, or rather, lifetimes. You are here to stay, and even if this process feels more than a little challenging at times, remember that all of these challenges are signals that you have just come one more step closer to the other side of the river. So dive in for one more time, dear ones! You are all excellent swimmers, and you will be able take on any rapid that may come in your way.

Mankind has come a long way from its humble origins it might seem, but it is in fact the opposite which is true. Let us explain. Although to some of you, this will come as somewhat old news, to others, it might help to clear up a few misconceptions along the way. As we were saying, mankind’s origins will seem humble if you go by the ”facts” amassed by your scientists, when they trace the line all the way back to the single cell bacteria they take to be the first living organism on your planet. From there, they have set up your family tree so to speak, and you can see how it branches off into different beings going by the most fanciful names, evolving from this simple little creature and into the complexity going by the name of a human being today. Along the way, they have found some very interesting leaps of evolution, but they have also come across some missing parts of this seemingly straight line back from the amoebas and up to the human being, homo sapiens, as they call it. We cannot argue with their findings, but let us just say that your family tree is a bit more complicated and well, far reaching, than the one you can see in your encyclopedias today.

That is not strange, as your humble origins seen by your scientists’ eyes are rather a misrepresentation of your family background. Yes, you have evolved step by step whilst living on this planet, but at the same time, you came in as citizens of a whole other creation, namely the very diversified one that is currently in situ all over the creation that we refer to. In other words, you are originally citizens of a much more complex and refined world, and you come from something vastly more complicated than that primordial soup that your current way of thinking takes as a fact. And that is not strange, as that is the only way that will look true to your well-appointed men and women with a scientific mind who likes to search though all of the evidence they can gather, both on your planet and in that part of creation they are able to detect. And that is the main clue here, as they can only detect the one level that you exist on. Therefore, what they see is only what they are meant to see, in other words, they are presented with facts that will serve to uphold their, or let us say mankind’s very limited version of the truth. We have discussed this many times earlier, as you as a species have been cut off from so much of what is going on around you on all sides. Therefore, your history books and your science books gives a very one dimensional picture of the history not only of mankind, but all of creation. But that will have to be revised now, as when you are finally getting to delve fully into All there is, you will see that your concept ”all of creation” will have to shift in so many ways. It will certainly become hugely more vast, as you will see that the totality of this creation certainly outweighs the puny little part you up until now have taken as ”all there is”, and for many, this will literally be too much to handle. In oher words, when the veil is finally pulled aside, everyone will see everything, whether they are ready for it or not, and that will cause many an unprepared soul to literally burn out.

You see, that is why you are so rigorously prepared for this, as it will in so many ways be such a huge overload to your system if you were to encounter it all in one fell swoop. You cannot take that, it will be the epitome of an overdose if there ever was one, and no human mind or no human body would be able to withstand the pressure from this heavy sensorial impact. So rest assured that even if you feel that this veil is not moving an inch at the moment, the reality is that it is getting thinner by the minute, and you have all been set into contact with what is hiding behind it. But you are being exposed to it in increments that you are able to handle, and for now, much of this will only be imprinted in your subconsciousness, hence the heavy burden of forgetfulness you all have to grapple with at the moment.

But that is not all. You will also have to face the fact that you are not the sovereign species you currently take so much in upholding, or rather, not you, but all of those other humans out there so proud to be at the top of that evolutionary ladder you have climbed throughout the centuries on this little planet of yours. Make no mistake, you have made many accomplishments while residing here, but they are nothing compared to the luminous being you once was before you literally came down to be here. In other words, the height of human development is very low compared to the evolution that has taken place in the rest of creation.

As we were saying, you as a species may have come very far from these humble origins pointed out by your scientists, but you as BEINGS have come a much longer way from your very illustrious beginning. You were in fact so much more complex than a human being could ever claim to be, no matter how long this evolutionary cycle would run if we left it all to its own accord. But that is no longer the case, as you have been deemed as unfit to continue in the same vein, and we have found it necessary to reconnect you with your real roots. So, although your scientists may search all they can to establish what happened before that seemingly coincidental happenstance that made those first simple organisms start to evolve out of that primordial soup, they will not find the answer they are looking for. Because, as we have been saying, they are looking in the wrong direction, and all they will find, are the traces left there from a blueprint set up to make you turn into a dead end of information. But now, the rest of us will literally switch the button and put the spotlight on everything that does exist all around you, and the veils will be lifted for everyone to see behind this heavy curtain of forgetfulness. What you see will be magnificent to many, but it will be too much for so many others, so count yourselves lucky to be amongst those ready and eager to finally set your eyes on what you just KNOW resides there.

For those still electing to stay in the dark as it were, it will not be a day of rejoicing, but a day of total and utter shock, and the outfall from it will be dramatic indeed. Remember, many have chosen to stay in this limited version of reality, and nothing that will kill off their vision of reality will be deemed as good news to them, and they will see everything they have taken for granted literally pulverized in front of their very eyes. So remember, you will rejoice, and rightly so, but for others, it will be a total and utter disaster, and they will have a hard time finding any reason to continue in an existence that has been ripped to pieces by forces beyond every imagination. Still, it is their decision, and their decision only. Just make sure to let go of any expectations as to what will come out of this, as you have no way of knowing yet just what a remarkable day it will be.

Again, not only the history books will have to be rewritten, the whole concept of being a human will have to be relinquished in order to take in the magnitude of the fact that you are so much more than what you have all previously taken yourselves to be. You will finally be able to step fully into yourselves as the true version of who you really are, but for many, they will only feel that they have lost everything. It will be a day to remember, but as we have talked about so much already, humanity has already been split into two very different timelines, and only those following the one going towards the light will see that day for what it truly is; Liberation day. For all others, the thought of ever being free will become more distant than ever. Do rejoice dear ones, as you are the ones who have chosen to go towards the light. And although that road is by no means an easy one, it will certainly become the road to redemption in every meaning of the word.

Do not fear that anything is amiss, even if you at times feel very cut off from the ethereal word. Let us explain. For some, the feeling of standing all alone in this process is somewhat daunting, and they can at times feel like they are not connected to anything or anyone outside of themselves. We are aware that to some, this part of the whole ordeal is perhaps the most challenging one, as they cannot seem to be capable of connecting to anything not part of their world as it were. In other words, they feel very left alone to their own devices, and they do not think that the words we share about all of the goings on behind the veil somehow pertain to them. They think they are cut off from it all, and this will in many ways be an extra burden that they carry. They have their doubts, and this doubt may be rising, that they are not lucky enough to be included in this rising awareness that seems to gather so many of their fellow compatriots into the fold. They think they are left standing outside the door, and that there must be some sort of lucky draw that has picked out a few shining souls and let them step across the threshold, but as they were the unlucky ones, they have been left out in the cold.

This message is for you, dear souls. You are not left out in the cold, far from it, you are in fact more than highly regarded by us, as you have chosen that most difficult path of staying in the dark as it were a little bit longer than the rest. Make no mistake, when we say ”dark” here, we do not in any way refer to any sinister forces, rather the fact that you have chosen to travel on a bit longer on the road that seems bereft of any visitors from back home, for reasons that will some day be made very clear to you all. We have talked many times before about the fact that this is in many ways a mass exodus to a dimension of far better life than the one you are currently experiencing all around you, but the road towards this new plane is not a highway. It is a narrow path, travelled by individuals, and just as the spokes of a wheel they will all converge in the same location. Some of you have chosen to travel out in the open, where you have had experiences of this ”new world” in many ways already. But for others, the path is still lingering in the dark underbrush of existence, and therefore the view of your fellow travellers and indeed the view of your end goal is still obscured by the everyday goings on that you share with the rest of the inhabitants on Planet earth.

Again, it is a choice that was made before you even started out on this existence the first time, but as you have all also taken a wow of forgetfulness in order to be able to complete this journey, the reasoning behind this choice will be more than obscured from you at the moment. All we can say is, that the bravest of you volunteered to take the most challenging route towards the new dawn, and we do salute you for it. It might not perhaps seem like a good choice for you at the moment, but we think you will agree that the reasoning behind it will make itself very obvious as you too will encounter what you have been longing to meet for such a long time.

Again, we cannot go into details here, suffice to say that this is a journey chosen from the deepest well of your heart, and the heart will never ever lead you astray, even if you at times feel like nothing but a babe lost in the woods. You are not lost sweet ones, but we do understand that you feel like it, but hopefully you will feel the tugging of our presence in some way, and we will do our utmost to calm your nerves in any way we can. Even if you may not be able to remember any of these encounters, rest assured that you are in no way travelling solo through this dense forest. You have just chosen not to see everything as clearly yet, but the time will come when it is time to reopen all of your senses and become fully aware again.

As mankind has travelled through the centuries, that dream of something else, something bigger, has always accompanied him. Wherever he went, the thought that there must be something else besides the stark reality he was facing each and every day came knocking, sometimes softly, sometimes much harder, but almost always the response was the same: do not go into these unchartered territories, best stay with what is known. But for some, these thoughts could not be completely banished, and so they rose to the surface, only to be manifested into a harsh doctrine that would only enslave them further into submission by those more intent than ever on holding on to their powers. For such has this dream, this calling from the deep recesses of the human heart in so many ways been corrupted into a new weapon to keep the spirit locked away under a deep layer of fear. The need for power has been the fuel behind all of this skewed thinking, and all of these doctrines are still visible today. Although much of these power plays lies almost obscured behind so much shining opulence and gilding, enough is apparent that it will turn the truest seekers away in disgust. For the words of the preachers, no matter what their chosen god is, cannot hide the corruption of their actions. And although millions of seekers have come with hope in their hearts to seek out solace under the wings of these clergymen, so many have only found more grief, hardship and torment, and have felt as if cast into a deep abyss of despair.

But now, the time for redemption has come, as this time, mankind has finally been able to see for themselves what this calling from above really entails. It is not a calling to give up their powers to someone more ”worthy” than themselves. No, it is a calling from their own greatness, calling to them from their own inner God, asking them to open up to the greatness that resides inside of them, and to cast away the shackles put upon them from these outside forces. You are nothing but God yourselves dear ones, but you have been told for so long that you should kneel in humble submission in front of those calling themselves representatives of the one true God. They are nothing but false idols, set into place as a means of further abjecting the true spirit that resides inside each and every one of you. But now, that inner God is finally awakening, and the truth in these words have become more than apparent to so many of you.

The time has come to literally stand up on your own two feet and announce your own greatness sweet ones. Not as a means to stand above others, but as a means to stand at your real height. You are not mere humble humans, bent under the toil of a demanding outer world set up to keep people enslaved by their own thoughts of smallness. You are shining examples of the God-spark that is pulsing in each and every living being in every corner of this wonderful creation. Time to take back your powers, dear ones. Time to see your own divinity and to embrace it fully. You have not come here to remain small, you have come here to break every barrier set up to stop mankind from reclaiming these powers. You are a mighty force indeed, and you will not be stopped in doing your job as the ramrods you truly are. The force you all carry within is enough to shift the whole universe on its axis, and now you will start to discover just how powerful you can be. Not when you set your mind to it, but when you let your heart’s true voice speak to the wholeness that is you. You are magnificent sweet ones, so open your eyes and start to see what the heart has been trying to tell you for so long. We can see it, and we are crying in joy from beholding your magnificence. Soon you will all see this oh so clearly for yourselves, but until then, we will come by and hold that mirror up in front of you lest you miss out on your own greatness yet again.

As we have touched upon earlier, mankind has a hard time seeing the things that they are not meant to see. In other words, the programming that has overwritten your original blueprint has taken away your abilities to live as full citizens of this magnificent creation, therefore your outlook will seem bleak at this moment in time. But fear not, dear ones, you are about to be included in the multitude that makes up this vast ocean of creatures and entities once again, and just as in the blink of an eye after opening your eyes from the pitch darkness of night and into a bright new dawn, you too will be able to stretch, yawn and finally marvel at the rich tapestry unfolding on all sides. It will be like going from an old and grainy black and white silent movie and stepping right into a high definition surround sound, widescreen depiction of reality. In other words, this is once again a little reminder not to give in and pack it up as you are so tantalizingly close to finally experiencing this multicolored, multilayered reality we are all revelling in at the moment.

We know we are harping on with the same message, but that is because we know it is much needed. At the moment, there are literally thousands of you out there struggling to make it through just one more day, or maybe just one more night, as even the nights are many times not a time for respite any longer either. But again, the very fact that you can count yourselves in many thousands will be of some solace to some of you, especially if you manage to connect firmly with some of these fellow travellers. Not to bring each other further down, but to help each other shift the focus from the heaviest loads and to the fact that you are in this together, and you will make it all the way to the end if you help each other to really connect to the underlying energy that is fuelling all of these ”ascension symptoms” to call them that. Remember, you are not being put through all of this just to make you feel all of the aches and pains both in your physical and emotional body. This is not meant as a punishment in any way, but we are aware that for some, it will certainly feel like it at times. And again, you have been well trained to think that anything that does not feel easy and ”symptom free” to call it that must be avoided at all costs, because it is probably not good for you. Well, in this case, let us just say that each and every twinge of physical discomfort that accompanies all of these energetic updates are telling you the exact opposite. Namely that you are being upgraded and purified to such a degree that there can be no doubt as to what the outcome of all of this will be. You are becoming as if new again, or rather as if old, as you are all being restored back to the brilliance you once was. And when this process is finished, you will also have been reconnected to the vastness that makes up All of creation, and you will be living that high definition, multicolored version of a life that you have hankered for for so long.

In other words, although the process in itself is more than exhausting, and the temptation to call it quits can come visiting more often than not, know that everything is indeed a sure sign of progress. And for every time you feel something gnawing inside of your physical body or in your mind, rest assured that there are good energies at work, energies that are putting you together again piece by piece to undo all of the dismantling of your powers that took place many lifetimes ago. It is like those diligent workers restoring an old rubble of stone back to its former glory, brick by brick, layer by layer, until it finally stands there in all of its glory for all to see. So too with you, and believe us when we say that even if it feels like the wrecking machines are doing their best to dismantle you completely, it is in fact only the labour from this restoring process you are feeling. In other words, you are not being torn apart, but we do understand that you are feeling as such, so we will not stop giving you these messages and hopefully clarify the process to you during the remainder of this work.

You are too valuable to be mistreated in any way. But as that is what you have been by the forces so intent on bringing and holding you down, this restoration work must be done in the proper way. Otherwise, you could be tempted to just collapse back into a heap of fear again. But never fear, as the work we do will effectively remove any hidden traps that could catch you unawares. The fear we refer to, is the one you yourselves might engender if you get the wrong idea of the work we are putting you trough. In other words, those that fall for the temptation to think that these growing pains are not worth the effort it takes for you to stand in them each and every day, and that even though you feel the hammering going on incessantly, you cannot yet see any difference. Let us just remind you that there are so many reasons why you cannot see the results from all of this yet, and that this is not proof that it is all a waste of time. No time is wasted, and no effort goes unrequited, and the foundation you are standing on now is so strong that nothing outside of you can tear it down again. It is only your mind who can do that, as you are the only ones capable of making your carefully reconstructed entity fall to pieces again. So do not fall for the temptation to topple yourselves dear ones. You are made of much sturdier material than you think, and although you look on the outside like the same flimsy and somewhat shaky building you once was, nothing could be further from the truth. You are as an impenetrable fortress by now, and the only impostor that can be a threat to you, is the one you harbour inside of your mind. So make sure to let the forces of your heart reign sovereign, thereby the insurgence from your mind cannot be of any threat. Not to you, nor to others.

We have oft mentioned the need for patience in this work, and we will continue to do so, at the risk of getting mayhaps more than one irritiated frown in return. You see, this ordeal is far from over, but as you cannot yet see the full scope of the work you have already accomplished, it will be at times more than difficult for you to see any progress at all. So as usual, we will come to the rescue in some ways, and be on hand to try to reassure you all that you have not toiled in vain, even if you at times feel like you are lagging far behind your set goals. Your set goals are mere illusional, sweet ones, as the goals you are able to set up in your minds are nothing compared to the real goal you carry inside of you. And even if you might be able to conjure up a very convincing image in your mind of what the future you will be, let us just say that it will fall very short of its mark. That is because your minds are so limited, and you cannot even begin to understand what the future will hold, because even in your wildest dreams, you cannot see just how this whole new world will be. You are just not capable of it.

Let us explain. We refer to the mind here, and rightly so, as that is what you will naturally resort to using when you try to make up any idea of just where it is you are going with all of this hard work. But the mind has been conditioned to limit you, as it has been made unable to construct possibilites that lies outside the very limited way of life a normal human being carries out. In other words, your mind can only make variations of a very limited set of well known scenarios, scenarios that are a part of the illusion you are currently trapped inside. Therefore, you cannot even being to THINK yourselves out of the box, to use a a well known phrase. Again, you cannot think yourself into finding the solutions for tomorrow, for they cannot even exist within this limited frame set up by your narrow mind, but you can FEEL into it. And then the whole picture changes radically. But this is a very difficult concept for you to follow, as you have been well groomed to think within very precise definitions. In other words, you have been told to not follow a way of thinking that will lead you into the murky depths of imagination, you must try to stick to reality as it is called.

Have you ever stopped to ponder why this has been set up as a golden rule amongst humans? Can it mayhaps be because someone has decided that this is a sure way to eradicate any free thinking, or rather, anyone brave enough to go against the borders and limitations they find inside of their mind and instead trust that inner voice calling from behind all of these set rules and regulations? Free your mind, many are fond of saying. Let us rephrase that to free your spirit and let your mind go. That will be a much more effective way of attaining your freedom. Your mind will always be busy inventing all sorts of limitations to your life, as it has been duly trained to do so. That is in fact its most important task: to ensure that you behave strictly within the limits that have been defined by your so-called society, or rather, but those whose only way to ensure total control of the masses is to manipulate all into thinking that you cannot think for yourself.

This may sound like garbled talk, but let us be clear on one thing: you cannot see the brightness of your future, because your mind just is not capable of doing so. Therefore, you will despair at times like these, when everything you see around you confirms the worst of your fears. Peace and prosperity for all seems like an ever fading dream, a subject that seems to be more and more distant and the stuff of dreams only, but nothing that could be said to become reality anytime soon. And you are correct in saying this, for in this world of yours where the mind rules sovereign, it is nothing but a far fetched dream, and it will always remain so. But you, dear ones, must learn to listen to your hearts more, because the heart knows that the truth is so far removed from this nightmarish world you are confronted with each and very day.

Your dreams are about to come alive, but because you are still unable to literally get a clear picture of what this dream really is, you cannot begin to see it clearly. And because you cannot see it clearly, to many, it seems even more unattainable than ever. We understand that, but again, do not forget that you have been conditioned to dismiss these aspirations for a far better world. Therefore you are apt to forget the greatness that is hiding behind this facade of ”reality” that is crowding in on all sides. We see it, and we live it each and every day, therefore we know so well that it is not a dream. To us, it is the only reality, and when we look at your world, we see only a dream gone bad. Because you live in a world dreamt up by forces with ill intent. A world set up only to please a few misguided spirits literally hell bent on pleasing themselves in any way they can. So your reality is nothing but a dream, an illusion conjured up with the worst of intentions. But just like a blind person living in a world devoid of light, you are unable to see through this dreamlike mirage and see the beauty behind it. And like a blind person, you might take the darkness for granted, a permanent fixture, something not even worth contemplating. Therefore, waking up to a whole new reality seems more than far fetched, and to some, the mere idea of it will only engender irritation and anger by now, as they are more than tired of hearing these sweet words sounding like nothing more than empty promises.

We understand that, and we will not berate anyone voicing their doubts as to what will come about from all of this hard labour. But please believe us when we once again repeat the message we have already given you countless times. The work you do is not without any effect. In fact, not a single day, nay, not a single minute goes by without your mere presence giving birth to a new part of this much heralded tomorrow. You cannot see the fruits of your labour yet, but we do, and we can guarantee you that we are all in awe of the miracle you are performing each and every day. You are shining ever stronger, and the light is already penetrating into so many nooks and crannies where it has never ever been before. And with that light, reality can enter, step by step and day by day. And when we say reality, we mean the reality we share, not the illusion that has been painted on in thick layers by your oppressors.

Let your mind rest for a while, then mayhaps your heart can help you see clearer the truth of this message. Because deep inside, you all know so well that the world you are looking out on today looks nothing like the world you saw only yesterday. And tomorrow, it will have changed again and become just a little bit more like the one you are all hoping to set your eyes on. Trust us, you will see it all in its shining glory, when the truth of what we have told you will be apparent to all. Then the old gloss of ”reality” will fade away forever, and no one can hide behind that flimsy facade they set up such a long time ago. The reality of tomorrow will slowly but surely replace the ”reality” of today, and you are the ones who will complete the process even if you cannot see it clearly today.