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Today you have entered a brand new phase dear ones, one where you will feel the breath of fresh air starting to tingle on your face. For you have once again exited a tunnel of travail, and now, you will feel as if you have left something rather cumbersome behind in that tunnel, and you are free to move in a much more lively fashion. For you have once again stripped yourself of some old raiments, things that have been stuck to you for such a long time, you had almost forgotten they were even there in the first place. So take some time to celebrate yourself today, as you are once again buoyant enough to rise even higher into this pristine air.

We speak in parables as usual, but we think you will all understand just what we mean by this. And even if some of the things we refer to are almost unseen by many of you, you will still feel their absence as a relief in your whole system. For this process of pushing and pulling, squeezing and letting go in an almost rhythmic fashion is not only pulling you all further along on this path, it is also ensuring that you continue to travel ever more lightly. So take a bow, as you certainly deserve it, after having once more being plunged into the icy waters of second thoughts, and once again emerged from it even more certain that this is the only right path for you, and this journey is what you have dreamed of for eternity. It might not feel like a dream journey at all times, but even when the going gets tough, you know you have no real desire to call it quits and return to where you came from. For you sense, even in the darkest of hours, that you are being pulled along towards the brightest of lights. And even if the current at times seems to double up on itself and throw you into an impasse, you still sense a sort of forward momentum anyhow. For you are never in stagnant waters for long, and when you are there, know that this too is according to plan. Because you are not meant to withstand an endless succession of rapids without having the chance to breathe in, exhale and give yourself a little rest now and then. For you need this pulse to be just that, an on and off sensation of movement and pressure, easing into a somewhat slower and more tranquil phase, where you get the chance to catch your breath and recuperate a little bit before you once again get to shoot another rapid.

But these quiet moments, if we may call them that, sometimes seem to be the more challenging ones, because then your mind gets a little bit more space to start to think and feel again, and then, uncertainty and disbelief starts to raise its little head again. So for many, the periods of intense physical signalling is mayhaps the more bearable ones, because then you not only get all the confirmation you need that something is indeed afoot, but your mind does not get any space to misbehave again, and it will resort to sitting quietly in a corner and maybe just sulk a little bit. So this cycle of intense activity interspersed with some ”down” periods to call them that, each bring with them their own unique challenges. But for you, who have become seasoned travellers already, we think you have found a way to navigate the rapids as well as the backwaters. For you have learned to connect, both with your own center, but also with the whole network of fellow travellers out there, and as such, you have become more than adept at taking it all on no matter how daunting the rapid is or no matter how eerily quiet the pond seems to be at times.

For you have journeyed well, and will continue to do so, for you have set your sights on the one true thing that you know, that you are destined to conquer this whole river and get to the promised land you can already sense somewhere in the distance. And best of all, now you know that you will arrive there in the company of a great many other shining souls just like you. For you are not alone on this river any more, in fact, you have already connected with so many others on the way, and you can hear their shouts of joy, and you can shout out encouragement to anyone you hear is in distress. And that way, you can all help each other onwards on this journey.

Let us just close off todays message with a salute from us all. We are in awe of your accomplishments, and even if this may not be news to any of you, we would like to remind you all that you have come such a long way in just the last few weeks. And the biggest accomplishment you have made lately, is the connection you have all forged whilst being tossed to and fro in the churning waters of this river. For it is not given that you should take the time to reach out to others while you yourself at times are barely holding your head above the waters, so we are here to remind you all that you have in fact achieved something that is more than amazing indeed. So cudos to you all, you have not only helped yourself so much further along the banks of this river, but you have also linked up with the others in such a way you already form an unbreakable chain of light, each link pulling the others along, and each part of the chain making all of the others just that much stronger. So again we say do not forget to thank yourself for what you do. For what you all do is nothing short of magical, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, and we do so on behalf of All of creation.

For quite some time now, you have felt how the surge of energy has increased, and with it, things have started to manifest. For some of you, these manifestations seem to limit themselves to some physical outbursts of irritation, and mayhaps some rather intense emotional ones as well. But for others, things have started to seep out in the open, and even if some of these signals may seem feeble at best, they are in fact only forerunners for what is to come. And on the best of days, you will all feel this deep certainty within as you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this world that you inhabit has already changed beyond recognition. Not on the thin film of illusion that still covers it, but deep within the core. And deep within the core is where the truth is, as the rest is only a projection, a film still running to make you all think that it is business as usual.

But what is ”business as usual”? A continuous cycle of fear and greed that have fuelled each other for so long. Well, that cycle has been broken, and it can never be put back together again. For you are no longer willing fodder to this machinery of endless consumerism, for you do not buy into their vision of happiness anymore. For you have seen through all of this glitter and glam, and you have realized that true happiness comes from something else, something that is so profound, and it resembles nothing that can be bought for money. For that is what has been holding this charade together in the first place, this idea that true happiness comes from partaking of all of the worldly goods that are being displayed in the glass windows in any store. And the idea that you simply cannot be happy before you have it all is one that has been driving this wheel of fortune for generations. But there is not enough of anything, whether it be money or objects, that will quench this thirst for something to fill that giant void inside.

And so it has been going on and on, in this endless quest for fulfillment and redemption. But the only thing coming out of this, is more fear and then more greed, and the two have fuelled each other in such a way it has driven mankind, and with it Mother Earth, to the brink of self-destruction. But you have halted in your tracks, pulled off this yoke that has been pulling you ever forward towards this precipice, and you have started to push this momentum in a very different direction indeed. And now, the rest of this machinery has started to feel the effect from your new gravitation. For it is just like a magnet that is being pulled along by a seemingly invisible force, as your energy is starting to have a profound effect, not only on your existence, but on everything that exists. For you are not just single individuals making a new choice about your own way of life. You are also powerful generators of a field of energy that is starting to affect everything within a large radius around you. And even if you are small in numbers compared to the rest of the population on this planet, your field of influence is already powerful, but it is also growing by the day.

So now, you are pulling more and more into your field, and by your very presence, you are also affecting those around you, and by that, maximizing the effect these new energies have. For you are the anchors, and through you run the current that is amping up the volume on this whole globe. And you are all starting to hum just like an electric generator is emitting a low, but continuous sound as it generates that invisible power. So do not think that you are just a small drop in the sea of humanity. No, you are in fact as effective as superconductors, and you are putting out a steadily increasing amount of energy that is slowly but surely making its mark on everything around you. So yes, you are all busy changing the world, even if you at the moment feel you are barely scraping along yourself. For you are all powerhouses, and the combined effect from all of these amazing fields of energy is nothing short of miraculous. And now, you have already gotten the first glimpses of how this energy is literally starting to pull the old illusion apart. For this flimsy structure holds no power against the one you are wielding. For your power comes from the heart, and there is nothing that old fear based power structure can muster that will be able to staunch the flow from all of you.

So know that change is already here, and it will continue to grow in speed and intensity as the old structures will continue to crumble at a speed that many outsiders will look upon as an alarming rate. But you will know better, for you will know that this was a long time coming, but now it is finally here. And when the old dies down, the new and healthy shoots will emerge, and with them, a whole new structure will emerge. And this structure is not a flimsy illusion like the old one, for this structure has been build to last, and as such, you presence here on this planet is also guaranteed. For what will emerge is a way of life that is sustainable in every sense of the word, and then, you can create a brand new world where you and your planet will cohabit in peace and harmony forever.

You have mayhaps noticed a quickening in the atmosphere lately, and that is no mistake. For now, the waterfall of energy that started to pour into you all in the last weeks of last year has gained not only in strength, but also in efficiency. Hence, the somewhat intensified physical symptoms many of you experience at the moment. Again we remind you that even if they at times seem to almost incapacitate you, they are in fact only preparing you for what you have in store. And what you have in store is nothing short of miraculous.

We know that this will sound as empty words to all those still suffering from these last onslaughts, as you have a hard time even wrapping your head around your everyday existence that may seem to be more than a little hampered by these intense injections. But let us just say that no matter how hard the going will be at times, you will never ever get the chance to utter the words ”this was not worth it in the end”. Because what you are heading for, will wash away any mishap, hardship, pain and suffering you might have experienced during all of this, and just like a mother holding her newborn in her arms for the very first time, you will forget the arduous journey you had to go through in order to achieve this, the birth of the new. For once you experience that first breath completely immersed in the new world you are all busily putting together by the help of all of these energetic bursts, you will fall down on your knees in gratitude and bliss. And then, the memory of the journey you have just completed will in some ways fade away, because you cannot look back anymore. For what you have in mind is the here and now, and as such, it is in many ways important to sometimes stop and ponder a little bit about the process you are currently in. For it will pass, and with it, much of what you have deemed as being an important part of you will pass too. For now, many of you identify so strongly with this process, with all of its ups and downs, soaring heights of joy and bottomless pits of pain and despair. But forget not that this is not why you are here. This is only the transitional phase, and even if it seems endless and almost beyond comprehension at times, this is not the state that will linger in your consciousness once it is finished.

For then, you have finally stepped out of your old robe, and fully stepped into your new garments of light. And with that comes a whole new existence where all of the memories from this arduous journey no longer have a place. For you are not here to relive all of these challenges, both physical and emotional. You are here to live fully, and once you have completed this task of constructing the new, you will be fully immersed in living it. So therefore we say do not mistake this journey for what you are here to do. Yes, you are the forerunners, and as such, the ones that are making this turnaround possible, but that is only a small part of your mission here. For you are here to savour the fruits of all of this labour, and you will do so with all of your heart and all of your body.

So again we say that know that these side effects from all of this rebuilding work you are currently doing are only superficial and temporary, and once you have gotten the last nail in place to put it like that, you will be free to enjoy the outcome of it all. And then, you will finally see the real you. The shining one, blessed in all ways and free as the bird. For then, you will no longer have to carry the shackles of the old, nor the burden of rebuilding, and then you will be free to live fully, in the image of the true Source. So do not get caught up in the aches and pains, the anger and frustration. For that is not the real you, that is only the part that is making you the real you. And soon, you will start to feel how that inner part of you will start to emerge from this somewhat chafing and restricting cocoon. It takes a little bit more labour of love before you can fully emerge from this cocoon, but do not let that fool you into thinking that you will be stuck in this rut forever. For just like the butterfly, you too will have transformed completely once you emerge, and then the hard work that made you will fall away, just like those dry shreds of the cocoon that once hid the brilliant colours of the butterfly. And just like the butterfly, you too will forget your former self, for then, you will no longer be the humble caterpillar inching along on the ground. Then, you will take to your wings and soar into the sky without a second thought.

The time of reckoning has in many ways already been here for quite some time now, dear ones, as you feel yourselves being pushed and pulled by the intensity of the incoming waves of energetic uploads. And when we say reckoning, we do not refer to some biblical scourge that has been oft prophesied, no, we refer to the fact that you have all digged so deep within yourselves now that you are almost scraping the bottom of the old container, searching for any lost clues as to what you really are. For what you are not has become more clear to you now, as you feel the sense of separation from the so called ”normal” world out there becoming more and more pronounced. And as such, the feeling of hovering over a deep abyss, walking precariously on a flimsly structure you have build purely on faith may be strong. For you have willingly abandoned everything that the rest of mankind seem to think is the normal way to live, but as yet, you have no clear understanding of what you have waiting for you ahead. For there are little or no clues as to what you are already starting to manifest, as it is in so many ways literally invisible to the outside world.

So yes, you are indeed taking the biggest leap of faith there is, for you have chosen to sever the bonds that tie you to the old without any clear idea as to what you are going towards. Or rather, deep within you know what you want and you know what you will achieve, but as this is still very much undetectable to the normal senses, you have little but a deep longing within to navigate by. And as such, the feeling of overwhelming insecurity may pop up at any time, and you get a sense of bewilderment, a sense of ”have I done a wise choice here?”, and sometimes, that feeling can be very difficult to shake off.

That is more than understandable, because you have chosen to be the wayshowers in this. You are, as we have talked about so many times before, travelling through unchartered terrain. So you will find no footprints to follow in the wake of, there are no clear markers pointing out the right direction, and there is nothing there telling you just how far it is to go before you reach your goal. So you will at times feel lost, like a babe in the woods to use an expression you might be familiar with, and the temptation to maybe call it quits and retrace your own footsteps may become almost overpowering at times. But if you actually stop to think about it, you will realize that there is nothing to return to. For the old world that you left is not a place you could even consider returning to. It is not the place for you anymore, because it is a place that holds nothing you could deem as positive. So there you stand, seemingly in the thick of it, with nothing showing you where to go ahead, and no sense of wanting to return to what you have left behind.

It is indeed at times like these you need to gather your senses and try to connect not only with your own center, but also with the network of fellow travellers that are all stepping ahead towards the same ultimate goal as yourself. For you need to reassure each other that you are not lost. In fact, you have a homing beacon within that is so strong you cannot override it no matter how hard you try, and you will find your way, even when you feel literally like you are walking blindfolded in the darkest of despair. For you are within inches of finding that glade where you will finally be able to see what you already know in your heart is there, and we do not say this to try to pull any wool over your eyes yet again. For you are going strong, even when you feel weaker than weak, and as such, we would like you to feel the strength that you emit by mentally joining yourselves to all of the others out there being pulled along by that same strong force as you. For you are beacons of light, and even if the neck of the woods that you are traveling through may seem to be on the dense side at the moment, you will see your own light reflected in the eyes of the others out there.

So seek their company, and you can do this literally from the comfort of your own home. For you have a calling within you that is so strong, and this calling is the same that is ringing in the hearts of all the others that have tuned into the same channel that they have within. And when you sit down to listen to this inner channel, you will indeed hear the voices of all of your fellow men and women humming along with it. So please take some time to sit down in solitude and tune into this choir that you yourself is such a prominent member of. Then you will be reassured by the clarity of your voices, and you will be better able to discern the power you all emit. Hopefully, it will make the last stretch of this ”jungle trip” a little bit easier to complete, because you will know in your heart of hearts that not only are you walking in the perfect direction, you are doing it in the company of a multitude of other shining beings, spanning your globe in an intricate network of shining paths, all converging towards the same goal.

The reason you might all feel a more than a little bit put out today is as always easy to explain. Once again the level of energetic downloads has been amped up, and you are literally being bathed in the forces of change. So yes, expect some rather interesting side effects as you once again are being pushed and pulled in every direction from all of this life-enhancing information that is being beamed into you. And once again you will feel how you are being almost prodded into reaction, as these energies will indeed not stop at anything in order for them to be completely assimilated by you.

This may sound a bit callous, but we say this in order to underscore the fact that even if the outfall from all of this energetic bombardement may be less than pleasant at times, it is always done with the best of intention. So yes, they are merciless at times, but they are also doing you a world of good, so again we say hang in there. Little comfort, we know, to all those of you beset by bouts of nausea, fatigue and maybe even sudden onsets of deep, deep sadness. But remember, they are indeed signals of advancement, and even if they are not pleasant during the actual insertion, these new codes will all help you become what you have been striving to be for so long.

Let us leave it at that for today. We think you will have less inclination to read today and more to rest, as it is indeed important to make sure you obey the wishes of your body whenever it is beset by all of these outside forces. After all, you are a great team, and you will get through all of this together and emerge at the other end victorious, shining and infinitely stronger than what you mayhaps feel like today. For this is just another revamping of your system, and one that will help you to explore even more of the hidden potential you carry within. So again we say stay calm and breathe deeply, and give yourself the time and care you need in order to make the most of this new information you are receiving. For just like your computer, you need to give your body space to better be able to reset all of its systems whenever a new program has been downloaded. So take this as a hint to stay centered and not to push yourself too much at the moment. Rather, it is a time for quiet comtemplation, and also for gratitude towards yourself. For you are constantly working so hard towards the goal of resurrecting yourself, and you are doing it bit by bit, piece by piece. So let us leave it at that for today, and give you all another reassuring pat on the back. For you are doing good, even at times like these when you feel less than perfect.

We know that for some of you, this time has been a time of discord. For where is the much promised ”promised land”? You gaze about and all you see is exactly the same as your eyes landed upon back in the old days of 2012. Well, we are here to mayhaps give you another glimpse into the unseen, as what you have been fastening your eyes upon may not be the whole truth of your existence. For what you have been trained to acknowledge, is a mere superficial world of illusion and despair, and as such, deep inside, the longing for something so much more profound is growing day by day. And rightly so. For, if this was a case of ”what you see is what you get”, then this existence would be a sorry one indeed, with little or no room for improvement.

But think again, as we say, because what you actually see is not what you will be getting, for what you see are just the remnants of the old that is slowly but surely starting to fade way. And fade it will, in some cases more abruptly than you could have thought, as the news coming your way via the airwaves and the mass media have more than stated clearly. For you see, this old garment of fear and disillusionment has already started to rip at the seams, and this unraveling process has gained momentum, and will continue to do so. We gather that many of you have already started to sit up more alert in your chairs following the dramatic events of just last week, concering both earthly and more celestial powers of various kinds. So yes, this is indeed an interesting time to be alive, and certainly an interesting time to behold.

For remember, you as the wayshowers have already taken it upon yourselves to prepare for what is to come, and you have jettisoned the old baggage that so many of your fellow men are still dragging behind them. And as such, you will be literally free to take action as soon as you see the opportunities start to arise around you. And now, thanks to the lessening of the grip of that old and conservative in every sense of the word, the spurts of new growth will start to emerge in evey nook and cranny. So the old guard will be literally caught off guard, and even if they try, they cannot manage to rustle up enough power to stop this process from taking place. And they know it too, because they too can read the signs coming their way. After all, it is not as if they are written in minuscule letters hidden somewhere in an obscure channel. No, the signs have become loud and clear now, and they will continue to amplify and magnify as you move towards spring on your half of the globe. For this year, the spring in the north will herald spring all over the globe, and the autumn falling on the other half of your globe will signal the end of the old brigade. So they will be fading away, just like the colors of the fall, and they will tumble to the ground as they lose the grip on their powers, just like the leaves must relinquish their hold on the branches on the tree. But just like those leaves, nothing of the old will come to waste, as it will serve as nutrition for the new saplings starting to poke through the dense cover on the forest floor. For this is a cycle dear ones, and the energy contained even in the most backwards and stubborn of souls will serve to energize everything else as soon as it is liberated from the old husk of negation.

So again we say that you have chosen well, as you have chosen to be here at this exact moment in time, to be participants in this cycle of rejuvenation and renewal. And by your very presence, you have made the wheels begin to turn, as you are the ones who did that formidable task of pushing and pulling with all of your might to get the wheels moving again after being stuck in a seemingly endless morass of muck for such a long time. And by your gargantuan efforts, the wheels finally started to move, and by your ability to not give up, you have now ensured that these wheels have started to move freely and on their own accord now.

So take this as another reminder that you have done the most challenging part of your task already, and from now on, you will focus on the rebuilding of things. And that is certainly much more rewarding than toiling in the muck with something that seems to be stuck there forever, and that refuses to budge no matter how frustrated you get. For even if frustration will raise its head now and then in the time ahead, it will not be for the same reason as before, because now you will sense that whatever gets these wheels to slow down is only a small hindrance or a little pebble holding you back, but only momentarily. For now, the old swamp of disbelief and disempowerment has been left behind, and all you have to do is to keep yourselves moving along, and start to relish in the speed. Feel the wind in your hair, and know that this signals the wind of freedom, not only for you, but for this whole planet. And know that you will be propelled along by forces mightier than whatever the opposition to this forward momentum might try to throw in your way. For this journey cannot be stopped now, not by any earthly powers, nor by anything else.

Today we would like to delve a little deeper into the physical and mental fallout from all of these energetic shifts that are coming your way. We know that for most of  you, these can be more than a little difficult to swallow at times, because they can literally render you unable to do anything at times except exist. In other words, you will be left feeling almost helpless, as your physical body will at times not even respond whenever you try to rouse yourself from the lethargy that you seem to be inundated with. That is easy to explain, as your body is a wise creature indeed, and if you listent to it, it will tell you exactly what to do and what not to. In other words, it too is guiding you through this process in any way it can, and even if it at times seems to be in opposition to you advancing on this path, it is in fact your closest ally. So it will help you by sending you all sorts of signals along the way, because it knows only too well that this is indeed a journey that cannot be taken half-heartedly, and as such, it will hold you back whenever that is needed, and it will also prod your forwards whenever that is the best option.

Let us explain. As we have talked about so many times already, the very fact that you are indeed ensconced within a physical body whilst going through this shift is something very unique indeed, and therefore, none of you bring any earlier experience of doing just that. So you are indeed novices in all of this, even though you have been through similar shifts before. But, as we said, not whilst residing inside a physical armor such as the one you are carrying at the moment. So you have in many ways no clues as to what is the wisest way to do this. But your physical body is a wise creature indeed, and it will tell you, because it knows fully what is needed in order for the two of you to complete this journey together. For you are indeed a team, and a magnificent one at that, so that is why we tell you again and again to be sure to listen well to your body. For it will know when something needs to be adjusted, because it is an amazingly intelligent construction indeed, far from the inert lump of flesh so many seem to look upon it as.

It is nothing of the sort, it is indeed a creation of the most magnificent kind, and the way that it has been constructed will leave even the most advanced of your scientists flabbergasted at times. And the more they research and prod into the mysteries of this same body, the more they will shake their heads almost in disbelief at the complexity of its functions. For it is nothing if not beyond compare to anything you yourselves are able to put together, and as such, you have a very intelligent and capable ally on your side. For remember, it has been hard-wired to survive in almost any set of circumstances, and it will respond accordingly. And do not forget, now that it too has been freed from so many of the limitations and setbacks that have been put upon it from outside sources in order to hinder the two of you from freeing yourselves from the third density existence, it too will finally start to run on all cylinders. So now, you are left with an increasingly stronger running mate, and it will literally start to work miracles in order to help you towards fulfilling this journey. For it has abilities that you cannot even comprehend yet, and these abilities will help you break through any barriers that might still stand in your way.

And, as you all know so well, some of these barriers are still erected within your mind. For even if you have already managed to free it from much of the old programming and hindrances that was put upon it in order to hold you back, the mind has a habit of trying to cling on to these old beliefs. We have touched upon this subject many times before, but it bears repeating that the little voice of disbelief and uncertainty that at times raises its head within is indeed a tenacious one. But, as we have also talked about earlier, this used to be your strongest opponent in all of this, but now, it has started to see things more from your side of the table as it were, and it has started to join forces with you, albeit somewhat reluctantly at times. But soon, it too will be able to let go of the firm grip it has on the idea that it needs to ”save you” by holding you back, and when it finally frees itself completely from this obsolete idea, it will join forces with you and make you move forwards and upwards even faster.

So therefore we say know that you have some formidable allies, and even if they seem to moan and groan and protest loudly at every new incline on this road, know that they are in fact helping you by making you stick to the speed that will best enable you to unveil the whole spectrum of yourself. To repeat ourselves again, you cannot just jump straight into the full force of what you are in fact capable of maintaining, because then you would literally burn yourself out, and you would not be able to hold it all together in any way. So yes, this is a process that needs to be left to unfold step by carefully planned step, and even if your mind still seems to have more than a few objections at times, it too will soon start to push you forwards in larger increments than before. As we were saying, this is indeed a carefully planned process, and even if your physical body and indeed your mind will seem to be blatantly at odds with it at times, they are actually helping you move along as fast as you possibly can. And never doubt that whenever you are able to handle it, your body – and soon also your mind – is 100% committed to help you increase your speed towards fulfilling this whole process of literally emerging as the most amazing butterfly ever from the most constricting and cramped chrysalis you could ever imagine.

So yes, that journey is indeed a challenging one, but as we said, it is not a solitary one, because you are truly in the most capable of hands, as you have been set up with a physical body that will do all it can in order to help you take to your wings at the earliest opportunity. And so too your mind, as soon as it fully realizes that that is why it is here. Not to keep harping on the old tunes of yesterday, but to join you in singing the praise of the new dawn.

As of today, many will feel a quickening in the atmosphere, and rightly so. You have once again passed through another whirlwind of energetic updates, and as such, it is time to get another breather before the next one hits you. We hear the groans of discomfort already, but just bear with us – and with yourselves – as the intensity of the next round may not be as overpowering as you might fear. As we have talked about in an earlier missive, your physical bodies have been well primed by now, and as such, you will find that you actually spend a lot less time in the digesting of even the most powerful of downloads. This will not be apparent while you are in the midst of such a storm of course, but we think you will see how when it all eases of, your physical aptitudes will also bounce right back up again, and quickly so. As always, there are some individual occurrences in all of this, but in general, we think you will find this to be true.

We know that for some, these updates are becoming more interesting than they mayhaps used to, because you can in some ways sense the changes they bring with them. And as such, they will seem to be less of ”wasted time” if we may use such a phrase. For there is no doubt that for others, all of these physical and mental symptoms without any seeming results apart from feeling down and out in all sorts of ways will seem to be more or less counterproductive after a while. We cannot fault you in that, but let us just say that this will not go on indefinitely, and you will all at some point get a much clearer image of what all of this is really about. So again, we come to give you another heads-up as to what this journey is all about. For we know that for some of you, it seems to be solely about physical discomfort and mental anguish in one way or the other. Not at all times, but at times overpoweringly so. So let us just repeat that none of this is done out of spite, or to harm you in any way. For all of this is done out of love, and it is indeed a carefully planned process put together in order to help you put yourself back together and become the brilliant being you truly are.

For you have existed in a very singular and limited way for many a lifetime on this planet, and in order to break free of this old mold, much will have to be retuned and redesigned. And, as always, such a process is not without its ups and downs, and the growing pains can be monumental at times. Well, let us just say that you have already shaken off the most constricting of those old limitations, and from now on, we think you will feel how this expansion will increase in momentum in so many ways. For now it has shifted from being a pressure put upon you all in order to break that lid of constriction that was placed upon you such a long time ago, and instead, the process is now all about growing and expanding into your true size.

But as usual, this will bring with it its challenges too, as a mind who for so long have been confined behind very strict limits will sometimes have a hard time coping with this expansion process. Hence, the somewhat bewildering array of symptoms that will accompany this stage of the process. For you may feel yourself as if growing in stature, like you have become a giant, or you will feel the exact opposite, like you have shrunk to a infinitesimally small size, and accordingly, the physical manifestation of your surroundings will undulate, sway and grow less than predictable at times. So again we say do not think that you are going mad, you are just growing at a rapid speed now. And just like those children going through a phase of the same, when their physical body suddenly launches into a rapid spurt of growth, you will feel how you are creaking at the joints, and becoming imbalanced in more ways than one.

So yes, you have just been given another injection of ”growth hormones”, but unlike those negative side effects that may be displayed from injecting these actual hormones, the recations you will get are just temporary, and not harmful at all. They are just signals that you have once again shed the old skin, and you are busy stretching and growing into the new one, one size larger, and even more brilliantly hued than the old one. So again we say give yourself the cudos that you so deserve. For you are all going valiantly forwards, and the steps you take each time are nothing if not gigantic. No more shuffling forwards for you. No, you are jumping ahead at full speed, and as such, you will all see how things will start to fall into place very soon. And yes, we do mean soon in the way that you define it. For as yet, your sense of time, albeit somewhat uncertain at the moment, is not yet fully comparable to ours.

So just take it slow, and start to fill your lungs to their fullest capacity. We think you will find that you have that much more room within if you do, and know that this is indeed new territory for you all. So please go explore, as you have so much new to discover in your own back yard. You do not have to go far now to find fertile ground, as you have all been instrumental in creating new fields inside of yourselves, and that is where you will start to sow the seeds that will bring you so much sustenance in the time ahead.

The time has been running out for the old system, and you can already see signs of disturbance emerging. Some of them may have been expected, others come as if out of thin air. Nothing and no one can be deemed as permanent any more, and you have yet to see the full extent of this. But for now, those latest news flashing across your screens can be deemed as portents of things to come. As we have talked about earlier, sudden reversals and a need to shout out and rattle one’s weapons may become apparent in more than one corner of your world, but again we remind you not to fall into the trap of going into fear. For these are the last cries of the despots, whether they rule the minds of millions of others or just a small place on this globe they call their fiefdom. Again, even if some of the happenings may seem to dominate your media, and as usual are being portrayed in the regular doom and gloom fashion, do not fall into the trap of taking it at face value. For, as we have talked about earlier, much is happening in the undercurrent at the moment, and what you see bubbling up to the surface in only a minuscule portion of that. So again, it is important to use discernment here, and watch it all in a detached fashion. For what you are seeing is indeed the last staging of the play in so many ways, and never forget, this last round before the curtain falls on the old illusion may be more than a little bizarre in so many ways.

We do not say this to scare you in any way, just to remind you that all the hue and cry that will erupt in the most unexpected of places is only designed to try to steal your focus away from the real news. And the real news, as you have all gotten more familiar with by now, are nothing but good news. For you have already started to separate yourselves so thoroughly from this charade of the third density world, and the more dust they kick up, the further back you move to get out of the fray. For you have no part in this battle for the old, as you have already stepped into tomorrow.

So let them scream and shout and wave their arms about in any way they can, but know that they cannot touch you no matter how hard they try. For you will see through all of their shenanigans, and you will see it for what it really is, just a pitiful show put together buy a threadbare group of falling empires. For no matter how powerful and evil looking they try to portray themselves, they are nothing more than little sullen children shrieking in the playground, angry because they cannot get their hands on their favorite toys any more. For they have lost you dear ones, as you are no longer anyone’s plaything. You have come into your own now, and as such, no one can manipulate you into stepping in line with their wishes anymore. So sit back and watch as they all start to self disintegrate. They have chewed up the very core of their giant tree with their greed a long time ago, and now, that seemingly mighty creature they have so diligently nurtured is starting to topple over. Slowly at first, but then, the fall will pick up momentum, and all you will see, are all of those greedy and angered little ants scurrying every which way trying to find a new hidey-hole. That will not be easy, as the dark has been left exposed to the light, and as such, their options will be very limited indeed. So stay in the light that you have already taken to your heart, and know that no shadow will ever obscure you again. For you have chosen from your hearts, and you have chosen well, and that choice has already been rewarded with a permanent place in the sun.

As you have mayhaps already ascertained, the intensity has once more been turned up a notch. In other words, more information and more light is coming your way, and as this as always is being directed through your physical body, some symptoms may occur. We know that you are not novices in this, and as such, the outfall from all of this energetic uprising will not come as a surprise to any of you. However, this time there might be a few rather interesting ”symptoms” coming up. We do not speak of the usual ones, the ones that your body seems to exhibit on a regular basis when it is immersed in such a stream of energy and light as the one you are currently in. No, we speak of other, more esoteric ones to call them that.

You see, your mind and your body will start to act as if they are somewhat out of synch in the days ahead, and we thought it best to forewarn you of this lest you should think that you are actually losing your grip on your sanity. That is not what is happening, rather, what is happening is that the old ”insanity” of third density existence is starting to lose its hold on you, and therefore you will at times feel as if you and your body have become separated in some ways. This may sound strange, but we think you will all notice when it starts to happen.

So again we tell you that all is well, and even if you at times will feel that you are totally disconnected from the material world, you are not about to just drift out into the ethers. This is again one of those adjustment periods, where you are slowly being put through the transition from living in the third density world in a third density body and into the next level. You see, as it is with everything in this process, it cannot be accomplished in one fell swoop. That would not only knock you off your feet, but it would literally render you unable to cope in any way. Therefore, we will guide you all through it, and this time, the process will involve a feeling of detachment from your physical body.

Just remember, the reason you are all here in the first place is to accomplish this transition whilst still residing within said body, so you are not about to float off into space unhindered by that at times rather burdersome accomplice. For you are a team, and the spirit and soul that is the real you have been teamed up with this current body in order for you to be able to fulfill this journey together. We know that at times the trappings of being in a physical body will feel to be a burden and certainly impose some unwanted limitations to your quest, but that is now about to change. For now, you will all be led on those first and perhaps rather faltering steps on this journey towards being able to exist both within these confines while simultaneously expanding your consciousness outside it. In other words, you will be able to lead a very interesting double life in the not too distant future, and you will do so whilst seemingly appearing as just another ordinary citizen on the outside. But your life will be filled with wonders indeed, and with it, some extra challenges. For starting to live a life that encompasses so much more than what you have been able to experience first hand up until now, will not go off seamlessly at first. Hence, this gradual awakening to the fact that you can actually master such a way of life. After all, it is not by learning you will know this, it is by remembering, and as such this journey will ignite many a lost memory within you all.

So let us just repeat that you are not going mad, even if you at times will feel a strong sense of bewilderment and separation in the time ahead. You are in fact just rediscovering your freedom. So take it slow, and remember to check in with your center, and as always, breathe. For your conscious breath is what connects you to this amazing vehicle that you inhabit, and the two of you are not about to lose contact anytime soon, no matter how distant and befuddled you might feel in the time ahead.