Welcome to the July Gathering around the Pond Sunday July 5

Dear friends! We have entered the month of July. Can you feel it? To me, it is as if everything and everyone are holding their breath. “Something is afoot” is what I hear when I tune into this silence. What a perfect time to come together for a Gathering around the Pond this upcoming Sunday!Continue reading “Welcome to the July Gathering around the Pond Sunday July 5”

Message from the June Gathering around the Pond

Thank you, my dear sisters and brothers of the light, for being part of this Pond and of the Gathering last Sunday. For me, it was a very light-filled and joy-filled experience, especially since I had the opportunity to share it live online. During our meditation, this message came through: Dear ones, you are shiftingContinue reading “Message from the June Gathering around the Pond”

Welcome to the June Gathering around the Pond, Sunday June 7

Dear friends! Today, we entered into the month of June. “Pivotal points” are the words that come to me when I feel into the energetics that lie before us. Our world is changing. Rapidly. It can be very challenging to maintain focus in all of this external (and internal!) upheaval. Especially during times like these,Continue reading “Welcome to the June Gathering around the Pond, Sunday June 7”

A short update on the energies

The subtleness of the information constantly interacting with your field is a gentle reminder to stay alert to the tiniest of shifts in your perception. Change does not always come in the grandiose manner one would expect. Rather, it is a case of minuscule movements that often go unnoticed by the untrained eye. But toContinue reading “A short update on the energies”