Full Moon message

You are the Moon.

Endlessly changing.

Yet constant.

Because of you,

entire oceans move.

Tidal waves of light

traversing the globe.

Pulled along

by your presence.

And as you glow

you show the way.

The night never too dark.

Because of you.

Repost from 2018

5 thoughts on “Full Moon message

  1. Smiles and hugs all around while we continue marching in the Light towards Brighter. Got chocolate in my pocket(s).
    🙂 whew. What a ride!!!!!! Learning what the word “Master” means: a lot of work. 😉
    Love you, Bente. And Thank You always.
    Hi, BBBB. Love to you, too. wheeeeeee…

      1. Yes Lin – we are the masters standing together with chocolate, humor and lovelight in our pockets spreading it all around us in every step we take. Slightly nibbled at the edge but with total trust in God’s and the Universe´s protection. We are here to win and we certainly will ❤

        Love to you and all Sisters and Brothers of light and love ❤

        1. Hi, BBBB… Re slightly nibbled anything… if it’s chocolate, frankly, I’m in until the last bite is gone. I become like a dog with a bone: fiercely protective. (Any 4-legged pups I reference are always darling and lovable–in my world.
          😉 ) Hug the birches for me… or if they are gone, any tall, green beings with leaves. Love baaaack!! ❤ Take good care, B!!

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