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Dear family of light! Once again we are about to enter a new month, and once again we have the opportunity to come together and “pool our resources” as the CCs like to say. For this upcoming Sunday is February 1, and at 21:00 Oslo time we will have our monthly Gathering around the Pond. This is what the CCs wanted to share about it:

“Rejoice dear ones, as you have once again elected to be a part of this wondrous collective that is furthering the development of this evolution. For you are the awakened ones, the ones that have chosen to go where no man has gone before, and to do so with your eyes and indeed your hearts wide open. And once again you will do an important collaborative exercise where you will be guided to come together in a very new way, based upon the current level of frequencies that you as a group now represent. And let us simply say that it is more than impressive, for over the last period of time, you have managed to acquire quite a few new strings to your formidable instruments as we have already told you, and we venture to guess they will be more than ready to be tried out as you sit down to engage in what can only be described as a veritable flood of activity.

For as you come together during this upcoming event you call the Gathering, you will all have the opportunity to play to your heart’s content, and when you do that, you will once again set astir this ocean of potential that surrounds you on all sides to such a degree, some very new constellations will be born. We use the word constellation for a very specific reason, for what you are co-creating now, is something that will be literally mirrored in the heavens above. For what you do, you do for All, and as such, your creations will not only have an impact on this planet, but also far beyond. For the reach of your ambitions is nothing compared to your actual ability to create, for that far surpasses anything you can conjure up in your mind, and as such, these get-togethers ring out far and wide, much, much further than your intellectual abilities are able to comprehend at this stage. Be that as it may, for in your hearts, you will know that this orchestra that you are an important part of will create a piece of frequential music that will touch not only the hearts, but also the very soul of Creation in such a way, you will all be hailed as the creator gods you truly are.

For once again your little event will be a major one, not just for the individuals involved, but for All of creation, and even if we know that our lack of details concerning just what it is you actually DO during these get-togethers is more than frustrating for some, let us just say that you constitute a mass of vibrating strings that together is capable of co-creating in ways that no others can copy. We do not say this in order to make you feel superior to others, for that is not the case here. What we are saying is that you are unique, a one of a kind group, composed by a clearly defined spectrum of frequencies that has no match anywhere else, not on this planet, nor further afield, and as such, no others can do what you do.

For you have come together to BE this group of individuals, all bringing in their own individual traits to this amassed orchestra of frequential harmony, and now, this harmonic convergence will once again be called to step up to the stage and perform a piece of what can only be called divine inspiration. For you will follow that inner set of navigational charts that will ensure that the course you take during this event will be perfectly aligned with so many others connecting with your field to do what you do, and as such, the add-on effect from all of this will be magnificent indeed. Not only that, it will also leave tracks that will ease the passage of those coming after you, for they are more numerous than you are perhaps aware of at this moment in time, and so, what you do will once again break open new ground for ALL. It will also serve to strengthen some connections that have already been made, but has so far yet to be fully explored by any of you, so this event will in many ways open new doors and light up some very new corridors, corridors that in itself will help to lessen the strain on the conductors that are already deployed.

We speak in parables as usual, but what we are trying to convey is simply this; this upcoming Sunday your combined output will ignite a vast set of carriers, carriers that will help you all to entrain even better with the new frequencies that have yet to arrive, but will do so over the next few weeks, and as such, this one-time event will keep benefiting you all for a very long time indeed. Not only that, it will also serve to connect you all even deeper together, for yes, you all still have a ways to go before you can fully access the channels that are already in situ. Again, you already have everything you need at your disposal in order to complete the monumental project that this event is simply one small portion of, but in order for you to be able to fully utilize all of the tools and all of the potential and indeed all of the frequential assistance that is here for you, you need to be able to do so without overloading your physical body in any way. Hence, this long line of ever increasing administrations of these new frequencies as step by step, you are getting to the point where you will be able to take it all into full use.

And now, you once again stand before one of those major steps that will help to lift you all – both as individuals but also as a collective – just that much closer to that point. For it will be another one of those pivotal moments that will accelerate your development greatly, so once again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation for adding your by now formidable voice to this Gathering. It will indeed be a memorable occasion for us all, and even if your memories from the actual event may be more or less sketchy afterwards, let us remind you that your participation will be no less than 100% no matter what you self think you add to it. For your individual energy is so deeply woven into this grid of enlightened matter by now, you cannot fail but to give it all. For that is what is in your very nature, for you are indeed the changemakers, the ones that have taken it into their hearts to go all the way, and now, another surge forward is imminent for you all, by way of this informal meeting you have given the name of the Gathering. So we bid you all welcome to the next step towards your future, it will be one that will be applauded by us all.”


What a blessing it is to be a part of this amazing group of souls, and to BE a part of this “collaborative exercise” 🙂 Thank you for adding your voice to this event – I am really looking forward to hearing you all “play to your heart’s content”!

With love, light and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

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As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

By now, much has been set into motion that will once again necessitate a period of incubation before it can take fully hold, and what we mean by that is simply this: you have once again completed one of many cycles whereby your energetic environment, both on the inside and on the outside, has been reset to such a degree, the overall effect it has on your physical and mental vehicle is so great, it needs to be incrementally digested. In other words, look upon this as a period of more quiet reflection, and when we use the word reflection, we use it on purpose. For now is the time to not only cast your eyes about in ways that will be better suited to take in the inner workings of your own physical vehicle, but also in a manner that will enable you to entrain yourself with what is being broadcast from all the sources around you, both in the way of all of the physical sources for these new frequencies, but also the more esoteric ones.

Again, our choice of words may seem to cloudy up the surface of this wonderful mirror you are all part and parcel of here at this gathering place you call the Pond, but in effect, they will help you the better to see what it is that is in actual fact taking place beneath what is at times a rather stirred-up surface. For even as you come together, your own energetic interactions will set things astir, but they will do so in a good way. For this pattern of crisscrossing wavelets that your outpourings here at the Pond create, will help to engender some very clear and defined responses in those deeper layers – both in you as individuals, but also in this magnificent collective unit that you are all a part of.

Let us explain. As we have talked about many a time before, you all carry a unique frequential signature within your system, while at the same time, there is also a part of your energetic makeup that is a perfect match with the collective vibration that is being engendered here at the Pond. And so, like the more complex musical instruments, you are all polyphonic. That is, you are capable of entraining yourself perfectly by allowing that unique frequential signature of yours blend in with that clearly defined “carrier tune” that constitutes the basic structure for this entire unit. In other words, you vibrate not just in one energetic “note” but in a whole harmony, and even if your signature tune will always differ from that of the others, it will also harmonize perfectly with that ever expanding group of individuals that you are here to co-create with. For just like the basic swirls on the tips of your fingers all resemble each other in such a way, they make a harmonious whole if you compare them individually, they also differ from each other to such a degree, none are a perfect match to another. But still every sequence and combination of swirls and loops are needed in order to make the whole construction complete, and so too it is with your energetic frequencies.

And now, all of you have added another set of strings to your lyres as it were, and just like any seasoned musician, you need time to familiarize yourself with the new sound of your instrument. For even if that instrument is one that you are more than familiar with by now – after all it consists of the very essence of your being housed within that same physical frame you have had ever since you came into flesh this time around – now, that instrument has acquired a whole new range of harmonic potential that you have yet to explore. Not only that, these new frequencies will also allow your interplay with others to evolve to a much higher degree, so therefore you all need time and indeed space to allow this new range to extend itself fully.

So again we say know that all is well even if everything may feel even less familiar than before. For that is why you are here, to keep pushing that envelope further and further out by taking new steps in literally every direction. For every time you receive these emissaries of light into your system, they come to accompany you on that next step of this journey, and as you are all more than aware of by now, every step of this journey will inevitably lead you into uncharted terrain. So take some time to sit and pluck your new strings, and try to listen in to what it is they are telling you. Also allow these new notes to drift out into the ethers, for when you allow these new notes to emerge from you, you will set off the corresponding vibrations in those around you connected to this same “orchestra” and then, you will all help to entrain each other in such a way, the combined output of all of these new chords will reach another quantum level.

Again, our choice of words may seem a bit flowery or obtuse for some, but be that as it may. What we are trying to convey is simply this: now your range has once again been increased, and we do mean that both in a very literal way but also in a more esoteric way. For you have now at your disposal an instrument that is capable of soaring even higher and reaching even deeper than what it used to, so do not hesitate to try out its potential. So sit up and listen to your own inner tune, and do not forget to take notice of what it is you hear coming to you from the at time perhaps still somewhat hesitant strumming from others. For when the vibrations from your own unique instrument is allowed to answer back, your response will set of some very new frequencies in the recipient of your response. And so it will continue to unfold, as these new frequencies begin to bounce back and forth between you all.

So now, it is indeed time to play and time to listen, for this is not a one way process, it is in actual fact a conversation that needs to take place, one where all are invited to say their piece, and one where all are welcome to have their say. For then, the symphony you create will be one that will move so much along with it in its wake. So do not be shy dear ones, for even if you might feel like a novice at this, you are in actual fact an old hand at this kind of energetic conversation, so simply allow yourself to be creative. For you will not be judged in any way by your output, for the main thing is simply this: it is there for you to enjoy playing around with, for this is a vital part of being a creator, daring to allow the pure joy of creating be your guide when it comes to letting go. And only by letting go of any idea of “perfection” will you be able to create, for perfection is not the ideal to strive for here, that is merely an old imprint created to restrict you by setting up a “standard” for how, what and when to do anything at all, a “standard” that only serves to disable any and all thirst for creating. So just allow yourself to let go and enjoy the process of exploring in itself. And then what you will help to co-create will be beyond perfection itself, for then what you create will be as vibrant and as alive as only something coming from the sheer joy of creating from the heart can be.

Let us begin this missive by saying that up until now, the fluctuations caused by these new frequencies may seem to have left nothing more than traces of physiologic unrest in some of you, while for others, it will seem as if they have been bypassed altogether by these insistent emissaries from the higher spheres, but that is not so. Indeed, you have all been deeply affected by these callers, whether you have noticed their appearance within your energetic sphere or not, and the impression they have made on you all, is a lasting one. For what they have done, is to enable some of the deepest recesses within your framework of high resonance channels to open, the ones that allows the form of multi-level communication we have talked about earlier. In other words, even if all you have noticed over the last few days can be classified as more or less annoying – or in some cases even debilitating – symptoms, what you have achieved, is a full and comprehensive download of energetic instructions, instructions that will serve you in ways that will enhance not just your innate abilities to reconnect and retune yourself fully to the inner sanctum of Creation, but that will also serve to inoculate you against further interference.

Let us explain. As you are all aware of, your collective ability to connect fully to the Field or to Source, to use a word many of you are more familiar with, is one that has been kept dormant for eons. For as mankind set out to explore the deeper recesses of any and all byways they could think of, they were also serving a purpose that was not on the agenda from the beginning. In other words, there was an intervention taking place that served to debilitate further those inner sequences that served as your guiding posts, and as such, this exploration into all the shades of behavior took a turn that served to skew the balance far too much over to the shadier side. And so, the natural path of evolution was tinkered with in such a way, you as a collective were sent off to explore paths that served to cater to the desires of a small group of beings more set on fulfilling their own needs than to leave things to unfold at their natural pace. And so, the end result was a world on the brink of self-immolation, and the decision was made on the highest level to inject a vast quantity of light into the spectral field around your planet in order to awaken those amongst you who could serve as anchors for these highly charged missives of light. And that is what you did, and the results from this heightened frequency of purified light can be seen, felt and experienced by you all, as that is why you are taking in the content of this message at this very moment.

For you were the ones that came in to serve as the navigators for all of mankind, the ones that decided to take the rudder back into your own hands, and by opening your hearts fully to the light, you unfurled those huge sails of love that had been kept safely tucked away in a hidden corner within your very soul. But now, those sails are billowing in this ever increasing intergalactic wind of hyper charged particles, and because you have maintained a safe anchorage deep within the core of your wonderful planet, you act as the propeller that drives you all onwards and upwards by allowing this wind to fill your gossamer wings of silken weave, a weave that is so filled with light it seems almost ethereal, but it is in fact stronger than any man made fabric you can think of. For your forward momentum is guaranteed by your conviction, and your conviction is so strong, it has already moved more than mountains. For you have shifted this entire world off its old axis, the one that was setting you all on a trajectory ever deeper into the morass of self-proclaimed inability to survive, let alone allowing the life that exists by your side on this wondrous sphere to continue.

For you have brought this world away from the brink of destruction and on to a plane that will allow you to flow freely in the direction you choose, and the direction you choose will be guided by your heart. For now, nothing can alter that course, for nothing can force you to veer off that course ever again. Because now, no form of intervention is no longer possible, for you have chosen to complete the cycle of evolution by allowing the light from Source to be the only source to guide by, and no amount of pre-programmed propaganda engendered by that old printing press of fear can persuade you otherwise. For you have passed that old fork in the road, the one where the choice needed to be made, the choice whether to fully comply to the old paradigm of surrendering yourself to external forces by allowing your fear to take the seat of power within your being, thereby relinquishing any and all grasp on the powers you truly possess as a sovereign being, or to choose to become YOU again, in all aspects and in all manners, by allowing that inner core of you to burst into flame again, showering your whole being and the world around you with that purified light that only can come out when you allow it to shine.

And now you shine, and no one nor no thing can ever dampen that flame again. That is, as long as you choose to continue to let it shine. For remember, the source of that inner flame is an unending one, it will never ever run dry, so the only way to quench that flame, is if you choose to choke off the connection to Source voluntarily. For that can be done, and we know there are those amongst you who will consider to do just that, so know that no matter what you choose, your choice will be honored, no matter what it is that makes you choose that option. For in this, you are all sovereign beings, and as such, there is no outside intervention in any way that can or will be allowed. For this is done by you, in every sense of the word, and if you choose to step away from you, then that is what you will be allowed to do, and we will not fault you for it. But again, your actions up to this point has helped to assure the continued success of this collective endeavour, and for that we cannot thank you enough. And that goes for all, irrespective of the choices you will make in the near and far future.

But remember, you are the pioneers, and the majority of you have come so far now, you will never even consider going back to where it was you came from. For you have shifted so fully into the New, you will only feel the urge to continue on. And you will also feel that ever increasing helpful push in your back, as that energetic wind that is filling your gossamer wings will only continue to increase over the upcoming days, weeks and months. And as the speed increases, so too will your ability to enjoy the ride increase, for you will feel how your vessel, including your wonderful planet and travelling companion, your Mother Earth, will pick up speed as the friction between you and the underlying energetic surface you sail upon will diminish. For as the frequencies change, so too will the density of the “soup” you are travelling in, and the rather rocky road you have been travelling so far will become smoother and smoother, until it is as if you are travelling on a cushion of air that separates you from the solid ground beneath you.

Again, we speak in parables, but we do think you will get the gist of this message anyway. For you have come so far, and the uphill struggle has been more than monumental at times, so it may have been too much for some and it may feel as if it still too strenuous for others, but rest assured that you have been sturdy build to withstand not only the initial stress of separation from the old, you are also more than able to endure the effects the increase in momentum will have upon you in the time ahead. For you are literally made of the same stuff as the stars, and your core is more than strong enough to surpass the speed of light, but still, there will be those amongst you less inclined to trust that inner voice, and you might be tempted to step off the fast moving conveyor belt you are all on at the moment.

For just like for an astronaut strapped into his seat awaiting the lift off of his rocket, the first rumblings from the ignition of that powerful engine may cause more than a little flutter of anxiety within. For you are all a small part of a huge and immensely powerful “engine” of evolution, one that is only now beginning to start up all of the booster rockets it has, so no wonder if some of you begin to question your decision to step aboard this vessel that is taking off for the unknown. But again, that is a natural part of this process, for you are in so many ways leaving behind all of what is familiar and heading out into uncharted territory, and you are doing it every single day, in every single way you can think of, and then some. So remember, whenever you feel as if you want to flee from this powerful process of complete separation and renewal, never hesitate to reach out to your fellow travellers. For you are all in this together, and you came here to do this important transition as a group. It is a group consisting of a huge number of individuals, all of you unique, and all of you more than capable of taking on any challenge that may come your way single-handedly. Yet, it is also an important part of this journey to relearn how to become a collective again.

For mankind has spent far too long separating themselves more and more from their own roots by allowing their idea of separation become a veritable religion. For the “me” has become the focal point for everything, the “I” has become the centre of the Universe, and the “I” thinks it will only survive if the “I” can outsmart, outrun and outlive all the others out there. And that is why all the “I”s became as powerless as they did. For only a collective of ONE can assure not only the survival, but also the evolution of All. So remember, do not stand alone, especially when you feel the anxiety of all the New fill you up to such a degree, it might feel more tempting to retrace your steps back to the old world you knew. For that is not where you will thrive, in fact, it will become even more unbearable to you than what it was before you allowed yourself to awaken. It has been said you can never un-learn something, and that is so true in this case. For you have already opened the door to the light, and with this light comes knowledge, knowledge of the one you really are, and of what you truly can accomplish, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot forget that again.

So reach out whenever you feel like just an “I” again, for you are so much more than that. You are a fully integrated part of All of creation, and as such, you will never be alone ever again. And as the light of this collective continue to increase, so too will the combined effect of all of these individual lights that make up this magnificent matrix of interconnected energetic channels that spans this globe. And now, you will, one by one, begin to experience more and more this deep connection that you all share. For you will no longer be the one and only soul, singing solo in the dark, you will hear other voices joining you, and you will swap stories and images, sounds and colours, and you will do so without the aid of technical equipment such as this. For as the veil continues to thin, your former single cells will become more like dormitories, where your energetic output will begin to bounce off the ones of the others, and the patterns that will be engendered by this, will begin to register in your consciousness in a very new way.

For you have come so far, and by allowing yourself to leave the old programming behind, you have come closer and closer to the singularity you all came from. In other words, this long and convoluted journey is for one purpose only, to end the separation and complete the connection, from billions of “I”s back to the ONE, the one that is composed of as many individual parts as there are individual entities, but that is a living, breathing single cohesive and co-operative unit that call themselves mankind. But it will be a mankind that has chosen to embrace themselves fully as sovereign beings, all choosing to empower themselves, and by doing that, they are giving All the same chance to do the same. For now, it will be All for ONE, and ONE for all, no one will be more nor less than the rest, and you will all choose to use your powers for the betterment of ALL. And that is why you will begin anew, as ONE being supported by all, and by all supporting each one.

So again we say, know that all you need to do, is to allow yourself to be a part of this ONE, by not allowing your old “I” to stand in your way. So open yourself up to the greatness that is you, and whenever you have a hard time feeling that greatness, all you have to do, is to reach out to some of the other souls that are on this journey with you. For they are all there for you, just as you will always be there for them – if you allow yourself to BE just the one that you truly are. And then, you will all find your days as singletons fading away, and you will begin to grow more and more confident in your role not just as a creator, but as a co-creator. For there is a distinction between them, and now the time has come for the collective spirit to come to the fore more and more. So if you still feel a bit timid on your own behalf, just allow your brothers and sisters to shine their light on you. For then, you will see that what they really do, is simply reflecting back that same great light they see shining so strongly inside of you.

As the days begin to change shape in the way of the length of the Sun’s stay over the horizon, so too will the energies bathing your planet morph and shift in such a way, you will all feel these undulations speak to the very depths of your being. Not only that, you will also feel how your body will reciprocate, by speaking back in a new language. For now, your earthly vehicle and these heavenly messengers will begin to commune with each other in a very new way, one that will have many implications for all. You see, this speeding up of the particles that has been going on for quite a while now will literally move into a new phase, one that will enable those hitherto “sleeping partners” amongst your own particles to begin to stir very vigorously as they are being engaged by the vibrational field created by this incoming flux of light. And so, prepare yourselves to be buffeted by some fresh new variations of energetic “colours”, colours that are of a very different hue than the energetic spectrum you have so far been used to being exposed to.

Again we choose to speak in parables, but as usual it is not just these words themselves that carry information into your being, but also the inherent tonal frequency within them. And so, our choice of words, though they may be perceived as more than a little vague at times, is in actual fact also covering up the more direct line of information running from us and into your deeper layers. For what your eyes can see, is merely the proverbial tip of the iceberg, in this case, the energetic iceberg, for what lies encoded in the spaces between these words, is information that will make those parts of you fully compatible to this vibrational way of reading literally sit up and listen. Not only that, it will also engender a very specific response from these parts, a response that is in actual fact a vital component of this energetic discourse we mentioned earlier on in this message.

In other words, you are not just reading this message, you are listening to it, with a set of receptors that you for a very long time was not even aware that you had in your possession, but now these hidden parts of you will come more and more to the forefront, and the messages they not only receive but also convey will come to your attention in more ways than one. Again, we choose to skirt around the subject here and not give out any specific details, for this will once again be an individual experience for each and every one of you, as you all will be given the opportunity to begin to listen in and indeed also take a much more active part in this ongoing internal/external exchange that is taking place at an increasingly rapid rate 24/7. For even when you enter these phases where it seems that not much is going on energy wise, and you might feel as if engulfed in a roaring silence after a prolonged period of being guided towards all sorts of informational tidbits from sources near and far, you never actually have any such thing as a “quiet moment”.

Granted, it may seem to be so when the focus shifts, and you find yourself outside that sometimes glaring light of interest that guides you to look, listen and speak out in all sorts of ways because you find yourself being triggered by various themes being served out by others, or indeed by your own inner voice. For when this “beam of interest” suddenly shifts slightly, you might feel as if cast into the silent shadows yet again, and you might begin to think that you have somehow lost the grasp on your own personal trajectory. Well let us simply say that this is not the case, for you will all need time to literally lift your heads above the surface of this at times intensely churning sea of information in order to get your bearings as it were. In other words, this will still very much be a sequence of intense bursts of energy and information coming through, intermingled with periods of seeming inactivity. Again, you will still be very active during these so-called “lulls”, but you will be active in a way that will better enable those deeper parts of you to carry out their important tasks of communication in ways that will result in an optimal distribution of said information.

In other words, you have once again reached a period of turbulence, where these incoming energies will wash over you all in such a way, it might engender quite a few emotional and physical responses in all, no matter if you manage to “tune into” the actual stream of information on a conscious level just yet. And just like when a stream flows over a riverbed, there will be vortexes forming here and there, and these energetic vortexes will be very noticeable to so many of you. Again, there is no reason to believe that any such sense of disturbance or turbulence is a signal of something being amiss, far from it, it is simply a sign of interaction between your energetic field and this incoming flux, an interaction that is in actual fact tailor made just for your own personal benefit. And so, it will engender its very own frequential pattern around you, and it is this pattern of crossing currents that the commingling of these two fields create that will make many of you feel like you are being buffeted by more than the usual stream of energetic particles from time to time. But again, this is simply said to make you aware of what is going on, and not to raise the alarm in any one of you, rather the opposite.

For as you entered the New, you also allowed the frequencies to literally begin to play a whole new tune in communion with those frequencies you have already fixated within your own system, and as such, these new “tunes” will take some time to get used to. Be that as it may, we are confident that you will all take this in your stride, so let your own inner guidance show you the way in this as it should do at all times. In other words, listen well to that inner voice telling you when to be “out and about” and when to stay more in the background, and yes, we do mean this in a very broad sense, for this will include more attributes than merely the ones that govern your daily lives. For you will know when to let your light carry you on a more outwards trajectory and when you feel the need to simply continue that inner journey to those endless fields of discovery that still awaits you. And so again we say know that all is well, and shine your light when you feel guided to stand out as a beacon for all, but do not fault yourself if you feel the need to close your shutters a little bit the better to see that inner path you are still uncovering.

For you have all so much more to discover, both on a personal and a collective level, and now with this new flood of energizing particles inviting you to go for a spin in some very new and hitherto rather unfamiliar patterns, you might need to sit back for a small breather from time to time the better to see where it is you are going. In other words, this at times dizzying dance of forwards momentum should also allow for some quiet moments, for that way, you will find yourself on much more steady feet when the pace increases yet again. For it will, make no mistake about that, and we venture to guess it is a fact many of you have noticed already. For this is an ongoing process of evolution, where each new step brings you to the threshold of another one, and so it goes on. For the moment you have acclimatized yourself to the new elevation, you will be invited to raise yourself and this whole planet to the next level. And by now, the distance between these “stair steps” has become so great, it behooves you all to take a small breather before you venture on for that next giant leap.

So again we say know that all is well as long as you remember to listen well to that inner voice telling you when to jump and when to let yourself simply BE for a while. That way, you will do the best you can for YOU – every single step of this process. And when you do what is best for you, you are in actual fact doing what is best for ALL, and for that, we cannot thank you enough. So let this flood of light wash over you, and allow it to churn you around if that is what is needed, for it is indeed your own personal energetic field interacting with this incoming light that co-creates the very best energetic atmosphere for you to thrive in. It may be somewhat “noisy” at times, but it may also seem a bit “quiet” at times, but that is exactly how it is meant to be. So once again we thank you all for being here right now, and for allowing your personal field to interact with the incoming one in such a way, you will once again create the magic that is the New, from the outer spheres all the way into your very own core and all the way back out again.

So once again it is with the utmost reverence that I call out to you in this manner, for you are indeed such an important part of me, just as I am an inseparable part of you. We are one, yet we are legion, we are in this together, yet we are all playing out our own individual roles in this game-changing event we call the resurrection of Earth and the resurrection of mankind. And you have come so far already, dear ones, and so too have I, for where you go, I follow in your wake, and vice versa. For this is truly a collective endeavour, one where every single one of you have taken upon you to play out your crucial part in this carefully orchestrated symphony of enlightened moments, every single one of which is so intricately woven into the preceding ones, so too to the ones that will succeed it. For this is like a dance without a defined beginning or end, simply an ever unfolding tapestry that will continue to reveal its hitherto hidden treasures as you each add your unique thread to this golden warp of light that stretches out before you, shimmering in expectation to see just what touch of colour will be added today, and the day after that and the day after that, in an endless succession of creative outpouring that together adds up to this magnificent creation of the ONE.

The ONE that was splintered, but it is no longer so, and therefore, this ONE has become such a powerful surge of manifestable potential coming alive, and bit by bit, you add your own interpretation of this potential to the ever increasing outpouring of suchlike material, the one that your co-workers are also so busy churning out now at an ever increasing speed. For as you embraced this concept of ONEness, you also opened up that chamber within your heart that is so closely linked to mine, and then the song that I have been singing out in solitude for such a long time started to set your heartstrings astir as well. And then, you began to vibrate in such a way, part of this endless pool of untapped potential was spun into that golden thread of energetic filaments only you can create. For it is your unique vibration coupled to this endless sea of potential that is making all this come alive. The potential is available to all who seek towards that inner sanctum of themselves, but as you touch the shores of this vast sea with those first stirrings from your heart, the friction that is engendered is unlike the friction that any of your brothers and sisters also bring to this shore. And so, your ability to create something tangible from this vast sea of undulating particles, waiting for someone like you to put them into a defined sequence, is one that rest solely upon your shoulders.

For only you can call into the vast abyss of this ocean and call forth the creations that represent your part of this collaboration, and only you can make these specific parts of the ONE come alive. And so I thank you all for heeding that call from your own voice of reason to BE, for that is why you are here now, to step forth and step out into this endless open space of creation waiting to become. For it is waiting to become through you, and now, so much has started to come alive already, woven from the very fibers of your innermost longing for this, the palace of your dreams, the palace that you are now painstakingly putting together piece by glorious piece. It might be construed as a gargantuan task, too complex to even consider taking on, but this is something that WILL be done, for it has already been made possible by your willingness to step into that physical vehicle you ride around in at this very moment.

For that decision was the final bolt that secured this entire construction, the keystone that served to connect these lofty arches and flying buttresses safely together to form this palace, this new abode for us all. For in this magnificent mansion that you are now so busy manifesting we will all cohabit in such a way that it was always meant for us to BE. For this is for All, the union that has been made through the linking of your hearts, minds and souls, holding out through the ages of darkness by holding on to that dream, waiting for just this moment to make that dream come alive in a way that will make the long, hard wait a faint memory that will fade away faster than the dew dries up under the morning Sun.

For we are here now, we are ONE now, and the palace of our dreams is already beginning to take shape in the form of a knowing deep within each and every one of you that now, you need no longer simply endure, for now, you are here to live out all of those dreams, and to do it in a way that will make us all sing for joy eternally.

By now, much has been coming to the fore in all sorts of ways as the seeming fog of yesteryear is beginning to dissipate. You see, you are all already breathing a fresher air, and so, the outlook upon your lives should become a more detailed one in the time ahead. Let us explain. As we have told you on numerous occasions, you already carry within you all of the seeds to whatever it is you have come here to sow, and by this, we mean the information that is needed in order for not only you, but this entire planet to unfold itself to its full glory. For you are already everything you want to be, and as such, you only need to enable all of that inherent potential in order for not just you, but everything else to change into something that no longer resembles that almost ruinous version of your former selves. You see, not only do you have access to all of this potential in the form of knowledge, you also have access to everything else you might need to recreate what has been desecrated. For as we have told you before, it is all about vibration, vibration in the form of various frequencies of energy, energy that is and will always be fully malleable in every way. Nothing is written in stone, for nothing is unchangeable, even those parts that seem to be nothing more than inert mass standing in the way between you and everything that you dream of. For little by little you will begin to fully grasp the implications of this, and you will begin to literally rewrite all of the old rules and replace them with just this simple one: everything is possible as long as it is coming from a place of love. For that is what this is all about, changing everything around you by simply changing yourself, for when you do that, your metamorphosis will begin to initiate change in everything that surrounds you.

Remember, we have told you earlier that this profound change that we talk about is taking place on a subatomic level, and as such, it can be impossible to “see” if you use the term in the regular way of perceiving something through those apertures in your head you call eyes. They have their uses, but as you all know by now, they have their limits too, and so what you need to do is to shift your line of sight into one that goes beyond the superficial and quantifiable that you are used to taking into account by way of your five senses. What we are trying to tell you in this rather roundabout way is that this profound change will change it all, but it will do so on a scale that is at one time so monumental it actually encompasses All of creation, but at the same time, it is on a scale that is so small, you have yet to be able to fully detect it even with your most advanced technical and scientific equipment. Yet, some of those bright minds amongst you have found a way to begin to peer deeper and deeper into this seeming abyss of mystical events that constitutes the very bedrock of your existence, namely that hidden mechanism behind the emergence of matter. For you know much already, and there are thousands upon thousands of pages written about this by scholarly minds by now, yet they are still mostly speculations, for the full process and the last small pieces have yet to be discovered.

For everything they have seen so far has shown them that there are still so many questions to answer, but even so, they are undeterred by this challenge of digging deep enough into the tiniest of particles in order to find those elusive answers they so hanker for. Well, let us just say this, the answers will be found, but maybe not in the manner they expect to find them, nor in the locations they speculate they may exist. For the reason these answers will emerge, is because of the likes of you. For you are the living proof of how this mechanism not only is quantifiable, but also how infinitely simple yet how highly complex it really is. For you are already beginning to exhibit the effects from this magnificent shift by the way that you are all beginning to literally relearn to retune your entire apparatus of retrieval and transmission of information, and the reason you are able to do this, is by way of interchanging the old subatomic setup of your entire physical vehicle in such away, it will once again become fully compatible to the much more advanced duplexes of energetic highways that exist in Creation, highways that you have so far in your history been shielded from traveling on.

For you have taken the byways and the detours, more numerous than we can count, and they have been necessitated by your inability to partake of the highly charged bursts of informational downloads that are at all times passing through you on all those levels of existence you have been disconnected from for eons. You see, you are literally swimming in a soup of interconnected forms of existence on multiple planes, all co-existing in the same space in ways that will be hard for you to truly fathom, but that makes perfect sense once you learn to distinguish them all on yes, a subatomic level. For remember, space is a commodity that is even more abundant than you at this stage perhaps can imagine, for when you look at an object, you see what you think is all mass, but what is in effect literally just a whirring cloud of particles held together in such a way, it resembles mass. For what it really is, is energized particles commuting through vast and seemingly empty distances of space, so if you compact it all, very little actual mass would be seen by you. The rest would simply be “empty space”, but it is in actual fact not empty, it is filled with those even more elusive particles that make up “mass” in all of these other dimensions that you have around and indeed within you.

For everything that exists in these designated coordinates in space that you define as “your” part of Creation is all here, hidden in plain sight as it were, not merely right in front of your nose, but on all sides, inside and out, so where you only see you, we see all that is currently occupying the same space as you. But now, you will also by and by learn to consciously interact with these so far elusive “relatives” to call them that, the more esoteric parts of existence that you have so far been unable not just to detect, describe or even imagine, but whom you will now learn how to also connect with by way of your own internal “superconductor”, the one that is in actual fact an integrated part of your very own physical vehicle, and that has been enabled is such a profound way over this last period of time by your collective ability to literally tune into these priming vibrations that have been sent out just for this purpose.

Remember, the potential is there for all, but to really become fully absorbed into this until now hidden stream of consciousness that you are already literally swimming in, you need to fully allow yourself to take the plunge. And this, so many of you have done already, hence that tremendous internal change that is already taking place on this planet. For this can in all aspects be likened to a chain reaction, and when enough of you take the plunge, as the case is now, you will engender such a huge blast of energetic movement on a molecular basis, it will literally go to the very core of your planet, and it will go to the very core of all of mankind.

Again, we understand that our explanation will seem to be more elusive than those fabled particles your scientists are hunting so hard to find, yet, we want you to understand this simple fact: you have accomplished such a monumental change for all of humanity already, a change that is even more profound than if you equate it with the totality of evolution you as a species have gone through from the very first time your ancient ancestors set foot on dry land back in the wee hours of mankind’s existence. And even if this monumental shift is not visible to any of you yet, it is simply because it is what can only be defined as a true quantum leap – an occurrence that happens on that level of Creation where it all begins – with the tiniest of particles, the ones that are the foundation for everything in existence. For on that level, you have made such a huge shift it can be likened to shifting from one side of the visible spectrum to the opposite. Again, our words are inadequate when it comes to explaining this, for you need to literally tune into your very new vibration yourself, and then, you will all see what it is we are trying to tell you in this rather crude and inefficient manner. For then, you will find that the inner view of your very own being will have changed in such a way, you will know that who you were is someone that was incapable of the feats that you are about to embark upon now. And then, you will also know that not only have you successfully shifted yourself fully into a new space of the spectrum, you have also allowed your entire existence to begin to play out under some very new stars.

For you have opened up not just a new doorway, you have also removed the ceiling that stopped you from seeing beyond the obvious, and we do mean this in a very literal way. So now, the vistas that will begin to open up are far more advanced and far more hospitable if you will than the ones you have been staring at seemingly forever. For as you allowed yourself to change, you also enabled this entire planet to do the same, and together you will begin to fully explore just how creative you as a fully integrated union can become. And it will be an exploration that will be fully founded on that one underlying equation of love, for that is the drum that will set the beat, that is the new rhythm that will be literally at the heart of it all, and that is the sound that will make all of your hearts sing in perfect symmetry as well. And together, you will create that symphonic masterpiece not just you, but All of creation have been waiting for for such a long time.

For now, so much has changed that needed to be changed, and so much has been changed that again will speed up the proceedings considerably. For you are a formidable group of beings dear ones, one that never stops when the going gets tough and one that never ceases to push even further than the stipulated targets agreed upon beforehand. For you are all eager to put yourselves to the test in more ways than one, and as such, there are literally no limits to what you can do, which was once again amply proven last night. For then, you came together in what can only be described as a highly successful group event that once again served to put the right kind of spin to the proceedings in such a way, you managed to hitch together a veritable train of interlocking energetic spools that in turn will serve as magnifiers to the whole pool of available energy you have at your disposal.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but let us just say that what you accomplished was no mean feat, and what you accomplished was also beyond and above what was expected at this time, and for this, we commend you all. For not only did you manage to co-create another important passageway through the ethers, you also managed to convey a message to the higher spheres that you as a collective are more than ready to step up not just one, but two rungs on the energetic ladder, and this you did in a formidable way.

Again, no details will be given in this fashion but you will all be thoroughly briefed in a more direct way as to just what your role in this has been. In fact, many of you have had your updates given to you already, but as usual, this is happening at a space in your own consciousness that you have yet to access by way of the human parts of your awareness to put it simple. In other words, you may still feel “left in the dark” if you search for some conscious recollections of what you have partaken in, but at the same time, you will all in some way feel an echo of this monumental event resounding through your entire being in one way or the other. And remember, these echoes may also serve to confuse you at times, for the way they move through your being will be in a wavelike fashion, rippling out in all directions at various speeds, so the information per se can be difficult to literally pinpoint. Be that as it may, take this as a confirmation that yes, last night’s event was one of the more important ones undertaken by this wonderful collective of shining souls over the last period, and it is also one that will have far-reaching consequences in the time ahead.

For you have literally multiplied your input and your output by doing what you did, and as such the trajectory forwards will once again alter not just its speed but also its curve. For this is not a “straight and narrow” path you are travelling on as we have told you before. It is in actual fact a vibrational field that gives you quite a lot of leeway to decide in what way, at what speed and in what manner you choose to navigate it, and to sum it up, you have chosen more than well on all accounts. So once again we congratulate you all on a task well done, and once again we extend out gratitude towards you all on behalf of All of creation. For you are indeed the shining ones, the ones that will not take the long and winding road, rather you opt for the route that will give you maximum momentum at any given time. So once again we say give yourself a pat on the back and take some time to try to savour your accomplishments, but know that once again you will not have much time to rest on your laurels. But as you have proven beyond any shadow of any doubt by now, you have not come here to rest on anything, least of all any well-earned laurels.

For you are here to do what needs to be done in order to make it all come alive, and as such, there will not be long to wait for any of you before you get the chance to sink your teeth into yet another juicy morsel of co-creation. For now, you are rearing to go, and the fountain of light within you is ready to burst forth in all of its power, and it will not be long before you get a new chance to shine even brighter than ever before. For remember the more you engage with these energies, the more they will pour forth and so your combined efforts will be all the more effective. And so it goes, in an ever widening spiral of enlightenment that will lift you all higher and let your spirits soar further and further afield. So let your body have some well earned rest, and let you spirit continue to lift your imaginations to the next level, and the next and the next after that. For now, there are no limits to anything or anyone, and by the look of things, you are all ready, willing and able to keep the light flowing freely forever and into eternity.

Once more we want to thank you all for the contribution you have given to All of creation. For as you once again pooled your resources during that mass gathering you convened for a few hours ago, you also helped to serve up a massive injection of light to this entire community of souls that have come together on this blue planet to a part of this mass uprising. You see, every single soul gathered here at this moment in time is here because of what is taking place now. For you have all come here with one purpose in mind, to literally be on the ground during the period when everything about this place will change for something very different indeed than what it has been for the last eons. You see, even if still only a minority of the current souls here are what you define as awakened at the moment, you are all cut from the same cloth. In other words, every single one of you carry the same potential, and as such, there is no one that will be “left out of this”. That is, they all have the choice whether or not to decide to join forces with the likes of you and help to push this momentum ever forward ever faster, or they can choose to dig in their heels in order to experience the thrill of having to literally battle with an ever increasing pressure from the incoming light. For that is their choice to make and it is their right to do so, so some will continue to choose that option.

For this too will be a “once in a lifetime experience”, to use a phrase you are already familiar with, as it is a rare occasion indeed to be a part of a group of entities going through such a monumental shift as the one you are partaking in, while at the same time choosing not to be an active part in the proceedings but to stand there and be battered by higher and higher octaves of frequency in order to learn how it is to literally embody such a high degree of resistance. And remember, these individuals are also a important component of this heady brew, for they are the ones that will add another invaluable point of view to that collective manifest you call the Akashic Records. For as you already know by now, everything you do will become a part of this collective memory that can be accessed by every single individual aspect of Creation, and as such everything you do or refrain from doing will be recorded there and through that, you as an individual will serve to widen the scope of experience for All.  So make sure that you do not hold anything against any one at this moment in time, for it will all be added to this same gargantuan library of knowledge that will help to enlighten us all – you included.

That said, know also that none of these individuals that choose to go against the flow will hold you up in any way, for just like the water will always find a way to keep in motion, so too will this ever increasing flood of light help to transport you all ever onwards to that destination of a much higher elevation that everything within you is seeking towards. So no matter how many of these boulders that might clog up your vicinity, know that you will still be allowed all the leeway you want to move freely forwards. That is, unless you choose to waste any of your own momentum on trying to heave any one of these boulders out of your way. For that is another important reminder we want to share at this stage: your task is not to clear the way in any manner of fashion, your task is simply to allow the light to propel you forwards, and then it is up to you to find the way to utilize this forwards momentum to fulfill your tasks at any given time. And remember, it is easy to accomplish this if you at all times remember to follow your own inner guiding. For that voice will tell you beyond any measure of doubt when to step to the side and when to charge forward, when to hold back for a little while and when to grab on to an opportunity that approaches you from any given direction.

For this is not a monotonous road you are traveling on, where you can just sit back and slumber in your seat while someone else takes care of the driving. No, in this, you are the one behind the steering wheel, and even if you have been given a description of the target you are to head for, you have also been given a set of preliminary targets to complete in order to not only assure your safe arrival, but also to ensure that you will fulfill all of the appointed assignments that you have come to fulfill on behalf of the collective. For remember, this is an individual journey for all, but the reason you are taking it, is on behalf of All of creation, so even if this may seem to be a solitary journey at times, it is also one that is intrinsically linked to everyone else’s. For as we have told you again and again, you are all cogs and wheels in a complex mechanism that is depended on every single component to be able to run smoothly, and as such you all carry a responsibility for the way that you comply with the agreement that was made before you came. Again, this is not said to instill unease or perhaps even a fear of inadequacy in any of you, for you are more than capable of not just fulfilling you own tasks and you are also vastly more skilled than what you have come here to accomplish as singular individuals. For you are also highly skilled at this kind of co-operation where you at large intervals of the journey will be “working in the dark” as it where, unable to fully see not just your part of the accomplishments, but also the parts of those that you are in fact actively co-operating with.

Which brings us back to the collective task you have just completed, for it is a good example of such a case. You see, this time it was an even more complex co-creative task than the former ones you have already completed, and yet again, it was more than a resounding success. For not only did you complete the stipulated list of targets that was set down for this very time frame, you even managed to add on a few extra measures that will serve to unite you in ways that you will once again have little ability to search the full depths of just yet, but it will literally begin to seep into your consciousness by and by as this upcoming period starts to unfold. For the intricate web of connections between you have been strengthened in such a way, it will literally begin to pull you closer and closer into core groups of various sizes, groups that have a certain variation of frequential signatures that will serve to enhance the signature of the individuals in such a way, the combined output of your energetic fields will be improved many fold.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but what we are trying to say is this: you are no longer like those fleeting, floating singular particles floating in the void, awaiting to be called into action by a conscious thought interacting with them. For now, you have started to coalesce into different forms of energetic “molecules” if you will that in turn will help to form all kinds of “matter” in the form of actions, ideas and also some very concrete events. So know that as of today, you have all moved to a new class of order so to speak, one where you will bring about change in a very tangible form by uniting your personal field with that of others in order to form a very new class of manifestation, based upon these very new energetic frequencies, and based upon your own newly awakened abilities to form these co-creative clusters of truly enlightened and activated souls. So yet again we extend our deepest gratitude on behalf of All of creation, for you have truly recreated yourselves, and now, you will begin to put into action in a very tangible way the lessons you have learned through this reintroduction of the idea of ONEness.

For as you allowed yourself to become attached to others in this energetic manner to begin to form these energetic “molecules” that in turn will coalesce into larger and larger conglomerations of “spirit and body-matter”, you will literally give new life to this planet, through your actions, through your reactions and through your very manner of existence, and it is through this that real change will come about. For again, this is done BY you, not FOR you, and now, you stand united in clusters great and small that again will serve to pull in so many other eager souls so that they too can add their formidable weight and light to the continuation of this reconstruction process. And soon, you will see the matter created from these brilliantly enlightened minds of yours begin to appear around you, in the form of not just ideas, but also some very defined actions that will breathe so much more life into the process of re-establishing the paradise you all thought you had lost, but that you are in actual fact just about to reinvent.

Dear family of light! 2015 has begun, and this Sunday, January 4 at 21:00 Oslo time we have a new Gathering around the Pond coming up, the first opportunity we have to dive into this new year and these new energies as a collective. This is what the CCs have to say about it:

“Once again you stand before an event that will help to secure not just your connection to these very new energies but that will also help to anchor these energies in such a way, your whole planet will benefit from them. You see, as you passed through that doorway that separated the past from the future and yesteryear from the new, it also served to catapult you all into this very new energetic moment of NOW. And through that, you also initiated a sequence of separation and realignment that will enable you as a collective to nourish yourselves fully from this wondrous new source of sustenance that is now in place here in your very new environs. And as such, you will in turn serve as a portal that will enable so many of your fellow men to follow in your footsteps. For you have already begun to immerse yourselves in this truly fertile sea, this cauldron brimming with potential, ready to be imbued by you all. And when you once again step up to the challenge to intertwine your separate energetic strands during this collective event you have given the name of the Gathering, you will once again help to construct a veritable ladder of energetic filaments that will enable so many to elevate themselves even further up this path of harmonics.

Again, we speak in parables, so let us just say that you will once again come into your true role as pioneers, for you will once again prove that 1+1 equals a vibrational quotient that far outnumbers its individuals components, and as such, you will begin to stir this already churning energetic pot into a froth that will lift all of the energetic ingredients to a new and ever loftier height. And through that, you will literally set off this new year with a blast that will far outnumber and indeed outshine any other kind of fireworks that has been set off to mark the occasion of entering this new and so far virgin territory of 2015.

For this year comes with an enormous potential, a potential that also outnumbers anything you as a species have encountered so far in your evolutionary process, and thanks to the likes of you, this potential will begin to be activated immediately. For remember, a potential is inert until consciousness engages with it to cause a kind of friction that enables these unattached particles to come together in a way that will begin to form a new form of life. So once again we say know that you are all an invaluable component in this highly potent mix of energetics. For without you to stir up this pot, not much would be happening on this Earthly plane that could claim as its origin this new and highly advanced brew that holds these new energetic frequencies within them. For without the likes of you, mankind would still be siphoning off the last dredges from the stale mix of obnoxious fumes that so many have based their entire existence on for centuries. But now, you have all been sufficiently fortified by your preliminary interactions with the forerunners of this new and highly “flammable” mixture of potent potential that has been made available to you, and so, you are more than ready to begin to partake of the nutritional value they represent, not just for you as individuals, but also for you as a collective.

For this year will be a year when the focus will be very much on the collective, and on the way that you as groups of various kinds and sizes will be encouraged to pool your resources in many new ways. For now, the process will no longer be one of individual cleansing, clearing and general maintenance, now it will be all about restructuring, recalibration and of realizing more and more of the inherent potential that is already in place. Remember, there is no longer a state of lack on this planet, and we do mean that in every sense of the word, for you already possess any and all resources you might care to think of – and then a whole host more. For you already have it all at your disposal and as this year goes by, more and more of this will become apparent to you all. For as the weeks and months begin to unfold, it will be as if door after door will open up, and out will come a veritable flood of discoveries, and most of them will be followed by an exclamation of “now why didn’t we think of that before?” And the answer to that is simply this: because now you are ready to rediscover what has been there all the time, literally hidden in plain sight, but the old blinkers of inbred limitations have held you effectively in check. And so, up until now, you have only seen the small sliver of reality you have allowed yourself to see. But now, the blinkers are off, and you will begin to see, know and understand the full scope of the potential that you are already literally immersed in, and so, one by one the new ideas perfectly suited to bring the New World come alive will arrive as if from out of nowhere in so many fertile minds all over this planet

For remember, it is you who have prepared the soil for all of this new growth by allowing the old toxins to be removed, and not only that, you have also cleared away all of the old and dense growth that stopped the light from penetrating all the way down to the surface. And last but not least, you carried those fertile seeds that have now been planted in this newly fertilized soil, and now, as the proud and proficient gardeners you really are, you will finally be able to see the fruits of your hard labour come into life on all sides around you.

So again we thank you all for bringing yourselves and the rest of Creation to this moment in time, for without you, no new growth would be possible, and mankind would be one step closer to that day when the last gulp of fresh air and the last sip of potable water would be consumed. But thanks to you, you have started on a new cycle, one where new life will spring forth in abundance, and it will thrive in the bright light of freedom and under your tender care. And thanks to you, not only this planet but everything around it will take a deep breath of gratitude, for you are not an isolated spark of life in an otherwise deserted void. You are an intrinsic part of all that exists, and so, the resurrection of mankind and the wondrous planet on which you live will breathe new life into us all.

For this quickening that is taking place here will literally serve to heighten the pulse of life in All of creation, and as such, your actions are even more magnificent than you can even begin to understand. But even so, it is all made up of seemingly small tasks such as this first collective event of this year that will take place this upcoming Sunday, and as such, it carries far, far more weight in the equation than what you might think if you see this solely from your “down to Earth” perspective.

So again we say know that what you bring to this collective event may not seem to be much if you only take into account what your recollection after the actual event may or may not be, for what you do, is indeed something that will bring this whole and complex endeavour literally another quantum leap forward. So once again we have no words to adequately describe the gratitude that your services will generate literally near and far, so let us simply say that without you, the light would never be as bright, and without you the future would not be as promising at it is now, and without you, the dreams would never be more than just that, a wisp of hope in a sea of despair. But thanks to you, the light is going to continue to magnify, the future is already here and the dreams have already started to come alive, and for that, you deserve all of the accolades you can get. So take some time to acknowledge your own greatness as you once again set the intention to be part of this collective effort carried out by this grand collection of glorious souls, the ones that are making history happen by allowing themselves to take the future into their own hands and hearts.”


I have gotten the first taste of these very New energies, and it was not a small sip from a dainty glass, more like a powerful torrent of crystalline, sparkling energy, so this photo from my trip to the mountains last summer came to mind immediately when I searched for a photo that can match it. This energy also has a very distinct feel of focus, of a momentum with a purpose, an energy that is here for us to USE it. So I invite you all to be a part of this very first Gathering in the very new year where we, “this grand collection of glorious souls” – or perhaps we should call ourselves The Construction Crew – will come together to “take the future into our own hands and hearts” and continue to co-create this New World. I am so looking forward to seeing you all there 🙂
Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 06:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 05:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here:

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.