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You have for a long time now been prepared to step fully back up to the helm and take over the rudder. In other words, you have been primed to reenter your roles as co-creators of this magnificent world of yours and now, we would like to add some additional information on the topic of said Creation. You see, you have in many ways been trained to focus in a direction that will enable you to literally overlook the obvious, but now your lenses have been corrected as it were, and it is time to once again turn your eyes to the very core. And when we say core, we mean that in a very literal way, for you have been well trained to focus on all of the fuzz and interference and static that has been brought into your line of vision, so you could not see through it even if you tried. But now the lines have been untangled and the smoke has been aired out, and so, you must once again begin to focus in the right direction.

As usual we speak in parables, but we think you will all begin to see through our words and start to connect to the deeper truths that lie there. For as you have spent so many lifetimes embroiled in all of the hue and cry that has been kicked up by those intent on keeping you away from seeing this truth, you have become habituated to look in the direction the finger is pointing instead if looking at the finger itself, and so, what has been going on behind the facade has been out of your line of vision in every way. But now, you will be asked to stop staring in the same direction you have been used to, and to tear your eyes and indeed your mind away from the obvious. For now, we will ask you to start to look into the void, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. For mankind has become so used to thinking that only what they see, can exist, and so you world has shrunk down to something you find manageable and comfortable, and you have set up barriers that have kept anything intangible at bay. But now, you must start to look at the in-between, the things that seem not to be there, but that is really the space that makes everything else possible.

We have earlier referred to the fact that 1 and 1 makes 3, and now, we would like you all to focus on the space between the 1s that makes up the missing part, the active ingredient that to you so far has seemed to be non-existent, but that is in actual fact the whole point that everything else pivots around. You see, you have a brain that has been trained to classify everything it encounters through the senses by size and shape, by texture and by structure, by colour and by volume. And so, whatever does not fit in in such a system does not really exist at all, it is simply “air” or “empty space”, and as such, it has been dismissed as unimportant and uninteresting. But now, we ask you all to focus on this instead, for that is where all of the answers lie. This “empty space” is where life as you know it arises, it is where it all comes together to become, it is where the black and the white conjoins and sets itself alight, it is the spark that lights the fire, the line that connects the dots, it is where the inbreath becomes the outbreath and where the inner meets the outer so the two of them can exist simultaneously.

We know that what we say will make many a head spin, but we also know that it is this very spinning that will help to clear away any remaining cobwebs, as your whole system will still be trying to wander down the old and worn roads instead of seeking out into unknown and presumably empty territory. For you think that what you see is what you get, but now, it will be the other way around. For it is what you cannot yet “see” that will give you everything you dream of, and then some.

So look away from the obvious, and do not let yourself be ensnared by the old familiar shapes and symbols that surround you, but look instead into the spaces in between them, and then, you will begin to see what it is that is actually making up the fabric of your universe. For it is not the matter you can see that matters, it is what is around the matter that really matters, and this is what today’s lesson is all about. So shake your head and take a good look around and inside and outside yourself and see beyond the obvious and the fathomable, and start to look deeply into what to your eyes and your mind does not exist. For then, and only then, will you begin to see the shape of what is to come, and it is unimaginably wonderful, limitless and beautiful beyond compare.

As many of you have already surmised, the mysteries keep getting closer to heart, in a very literal way. And what do we mean by that? Simply that you are finally starting to unravel the cocoon that has been hiding so much of you from you. In other words, you have started to tap into that reservoir of light that you carry within you in a very different way from before, and as you no longer feel any restrictions as to what you can or will find there, you have also found a way to bypass your former limitations and started to go exploring. And, as many of you can testify to, what you find at first will perhaps baffle you more than enlighten you, at least, that may seem to be the case, but it is not. For what you are uncovering, are still merely small fragments of the whole, and as such, you will find one piece of information here and then one there, and they may seem to have no connection at all, and so trying to make up the whole picture seems impossible. But again, this is all about recovering the lost world if you will, that inner world that for so long has been buried under eons of accumulated dust, and just like your modern day treasure hunters, the archaeologists, you go about this in a very careful manner now, and you take your time as you slowly scrape down through the sediments to uncover it all. This may sound like a lengthy process, but it is not, for it is simply tailored in this way in order to lead you into this vast repository of light in a way that will benefit you the most.

You see, if all of the lights were turned on to full blast in one go, you would literally be blinded by what you saw, and so, it will be carefully monitored at first until you get your bearings, but it will not be long before the tempo is increased considerably. And for some, it already has, for this is in all ways an individual journey you are all undertaking. So again we say do not think that you are lagging behind in any way if you see your compatriots exchanging information that seems far and above your intellectual capabilities at the moment. For even if this is an individual journey, it is also one of interlocking paths, where each and every single one of you is moving forward in sync with so many others. For you all play an important part in this complicated process, and it is not one where you will all follow squarely in the same footsteps. Not so, for you will find your own way into this, and as you do, you will find yourself running parallel to others, and at times, you will find yourself seemingly either at the front of the pack or making up the rear guard, but again, this has nothing to do with prowess or capability, this is all about your individual tasks in this huge machinery of light now picking up speed daily.

So again we say do not compare yourself to others in a way that will make you feel less than others for you are not, you simply have a slightly different trajectory to your path than others, and for a very good reason. For the whole that you all make up is sewn carefully together by individual pieces, all tailored to fit exactly into their designated compartment, a compartment that is designed according to the part you are here to play out. So for some, the secrets still hidden behind the door marked “science” will be more alluring than for others, and so, they will have a natural inclination to seek there first. While for others, the topic will simply be this; Love, and so, they will have a natural inclination to explore these halls first. And so the list will go on, for this is not about your own personal journey into you any more, this is all about you seeking to recover all of this hitherto hidden information that you will be utilizing to help the rest of your fellow men and women attain the status of resurrection that you have all attained by now.

For you are the vanguard, the ones that chose to break down the barriers and hack your way through the dense jungle in order to set not just yourself free, but to help so many others to be able to follow in your footsteps. And now, that is what you have started to take to your heart in every way. And so, you will once again find yourself inexplicably drawn to a subject or to a region or to a group of people or to an individual, or you will find yourself stepping back to go even deeper within your own well of knowledge the better to find your own way in this. For the tasks are as varied as you are dear ones, and it is up to each and every one of you to follow that inner light that will show you just how you must navigate in order to fulfill your part of this great undertaking.

For you all know fully well just why you are here, and now, that will present itself to you more and more. But again, it will do so in increments, for it is not by accident that all of this is done in stages. For you are still humans too, and your human mind still have a mind of its own, and if you dive too deep too fast into this well or were given detailed instructions beforehand, you could be apt to get a certain kind of idea stuck in your mind, and then you could suddenly find yourself heading up the wrong creek so to speak. Again, this is not said in order to make you feel less than able, it is simply a reminder that we do not “hide” things away from you in order to make you feel like we are playing a game with you, or that we are pulling your strings for some kind of amusement. No, this has been set up in accordance with your explicit consent beforehand, and so, you already know what to do and how to do it, but it has also been agreed upon beforehand that in order for you to be able to carry out all of this to the letter, you needed to be made unaware of the details as you entered your guise as a human. Again, this is not in any way to suggest that you are not capable to handle this, this is is simply a necessary precaution to help you to succeed in the best way you can, unhindered by any human traits that still may raise their head at this stage.

For you have all come a long way dear ones, in more ways than one, but you are still very much a part of an ongoing process that needs to be taken seriously in the way that nothing will be left to chance. We know that this will make us sound more than a little patronizing to some, but we do hope you will see that we are simply reminding you of something that you already know, and not giving you any instructions for you to follow. For you are all in on this, you are all well informed of every single detail of this undertaking beforehand, so what may seem baffling or even downright irritating at this stage, is all a part of the plan that you have all been instrumental in setting up. So we do not know anything you don’t, our task is simply to be the ones to assist you so that you can fulfill the plan you set up before you came, and as such, you are the ones in charge. For you are the ones making the choices, you are the ones taking the steps, allowing the light to bring you ever closer to attain the goal you set for yourself and for the collective even before you set foot on this planet this time around. And as you have all proved beyond any shadow of a doubt – hopefully also to yourselves – you are all doing a formidable job of it.

And now, as you have all agreed to get this ship moving at an even faster speed, we will do what we can to accommodate your wishes and furnish you with all the necessary tools you may need in order to make this as speedy and as fruitful as possible. Again, this will be done on an individual basis, and so, the tools will be varied as well. Some of you will find that you will get a kind of prompting of some sort, either a subtle one or a more direct one, depending on where you are at at the moment. Others will find that situations will arise that will enable them to jump even more fully into their new “assignments”, while others again may find that obstacles may be removed from their path in an unexpected way.

Again, remember that all of this has been defined by your higher self, and as such, the human part of you may see this is in a very different light. For as we have talked about earlier, mankind’s concept of change differ from what others may see this as, so what to your higher self looks like a much needed aid in order to propel you even faster forward may for the human part of you look like a dramatic and even perhaps unwanted upheaval in some part of your life. This is not the case for everyone, but you will all in some way experience the wind starting to push you in the back as it were, so do not be surprised if you get a surprise or two in the time ahead. And remember, whatever happens, it will be for your benefit, for it is all here to help you to move forwards, and to help you to set yourself free from anything that may still be holding you back or slowing you down. So know that all is well, and listen to your heart at all times, for that is where you will hear the voice of reason, and this is where you will know why you are here and what you are here to do. And know that you are the ones making this change happen, for you are the ones who have said “no more fear, no more pain, no more separation”. For now, it is all about becoming ONE – with all that you are and with All of creation.

As many of you have already noticed, these undulations of incoming energy will serve to push more and more to the forefront, and that also includes the resistance to the light. For as these underground reservoirs of light have started to empty their contents on to the surface of this planet, the room for those less inclined to step out into the Sun as it were will continue to shrink at an ever more rapid rate, and as such, their propensity to put up a fight will become more and more apparent to all. In other words, as the space to maneuver continues to shrink for these forces of fear, the amount of noise they will make will only increase, until it will be like a veritable shriek from a dying animal.

We know that our words may sound harsh, but again, we are here to remind you that you are indeed working on behalf of the light and as such, the effect this light will have on those still fighting hard to escape it will also magnify as the light continues to do so. And now, these shadow-dwellers will feel as if attacked from two sides, as not only from without but also from within will this ever increasing flood of light continue to batter through their defenses. You see, you have in many ways opened up a “second front” now, if we may use such words, for this can be likened to a siege, at least to those still intent on keeping themselves separated from the light at all cost. And so, what will seem like a fulfillment of a long held dream to all of those downtrodden people longing for the light for all of their lives, this will seem like the end of a dream for those fully ensconced within that old carapace of ego-based living. For to them, the opening up of these brimming vaults of Mother Earth’s carefully stored away inner powers will seem like no less than a disaster, and to them, the only way to go about it is to raise the alarm and their resistance to the highest of levels.

So again we say, know that all is well, and even if you may encounter these desperate voices and desperate actions of those last few entrenched and desperate beings trying so hard to keep themselves shielded from this approaching light, know that no matter how hard they try or no matter how ruthless they lash out, they cannot stop the remaking of history on this planet. For the light will prevail, and the light will wash away the last traces of this old grime, no matter how ingrained it will seem to be in some of these lost souls wandering about trying to find a new hidey-hole to continue their despotic machinations. They will fail, as surely as the Sun will rise another day, but they will try to go down fighting, and to them no trickery is considered as too base to try out. So simply stay in your center and continue to connect to that flood of light that you are literally swimming in at the moment, and know that no matter how hard they try to reach out their dirty fingers to draw you back into their web of fear, they cannot succeed. For you are as new born babes now, unfettered by those old hooks and barbs that were so useful to secure a grip on for those set on spinning you around like a puppeteer’s doll. So now, you set your own course for you have chosen you destination, and it is one where the shadows have no power over you anymore.

For what will remain of the shadows, will only be as a natural companion to the light, the half that makes the whole complete, but that does not have the power to manipulate nor pollute the other part of the triangle. You see, the light is never alone, it always has a companion, just like the yin and the yang, the black and the white, the outer and the inner, and together, these two form the holy trinity in a way that will be hard for you to fully grasp at the moment, but that we will delve into further at a later stage. You see, the 1 and the 1 makes the 3, the triad of existence, the fusion of it all, and as such, you cannot eradicate the one fully, for it is all a part of the ONE, and 1 is also the sum of the 3. Again, we speak in riddles, but do not fret if you cannot fully comprehend it at the moment, for this basic fact will start to become more and more apparent to you all as the light continues to seep all the way into the deepest recesses of your being, helping your human part to see way past its old limitations and start to fully acknowledge not just the greatness of your own selves, but also the simple structure that carries it all within itself. Let us leave it at that, and give you all some time to ponder these words until we return with more at a later date. Thank you, that will be all for now, we leave.

And here it is that we begin another cooperation again, for I am the one that will once again raise my voice above the din and greet you all as the female incarnate, the She, the one majestic force that for so long has been kept at bay on you shores. But now, my multicolored robes will once again flow freely around you all as the the state of languishing in hiding is now over. I go by many names, but all of them carry the same meaning. For I am She, the giver of life, the force of nature, the One that will join the other half and become complete once again.

For we are ONE, but for eons, mankind has simply experienced a disjointed half of the whole, a travesty of imbalance, a make believe of existence. But now, you have all helped to give free way to these magnificent forces that has once again become free to move across this entire planet, and from our hiding place we have seen just how sorely needed these feminine powers really are on your planet. For the imbalance that needs to be rectified is indeed the basic one, as you have for so long gone astray without the guidance of that inner force that I carry the symbols and indeed all of the attributes of.

You call me Mother, but I am also child, I call you children, but you are all also Mothers by way of carrying in you the ability to give life to the inanimate, to create from the womb of the void. For you are no less than me, and you are no less fertile than the fields that now surrounds you, the ones that have been created by lifting off the lid of my underground dwelling places. For I am not a single being, I am legion, I am WE and so are you, and together we have shifted the balance away from tethering on the brink of disaster and into that space where creation can once again occur. Creation from Source, not from fear, and as such, you have all been not just midwives, you have also been the Mother, the channel through which all of this once more has come to light. And as you allowed yourself to carry forth on this magnificent labour of love, you also gave birth to a very new existence, not just for you, but for everything that is. For as you changed the balance within, the scales have tipped in all of Creation, setting the standard for what is to become for All, for eternity.

So I thank you all for doing what you do and for being who you are. As a mother and as a child, I hold you all in my heart as we will begin anew in this wondrous world that is already drawing its first powerful breaths. And together, we will nurse this fledgling into full maturity, and it will be a process that will carried out in grace of the light you have helped to release.

For this is not the end, this is the beginning of a new life, not just for you, but for all that have chosen to become fully aware of who they truly are. For only by embracing your own magnificence can you see the greatness in everything around you, and when you do that, you have no option but to let all of that magnificence come into full bloom. In you, and in All, and for that, I can only give my gratitude. For you are the ones who have given the signal that says YES to the recreation of this planet, in the name of God, by the full power of the light, and with the essence of your own heart. For you are the ruler of your own life now, and only by allowing yourself to become the god you truly are, can this planet become the fertile planes of light once again, and now, that signal has been well and truly given by you. So I thank you all for setting free the part of you that is me, and for setting free the part of you that is God.


Dear family of light! Two days ago, my sister was guided to bring some polished rocks she had found at the edge of the river running out from Lake Gjende, the lake that we “activated” at the beginning of our stay here, and take them up to a ridge not far from where we are staying and place them close to a stone cairn she was drawn to last year. The ridge forms the first part of the mountains leading up to the heart of Joutunheimen, so it seemed like the perfect spot to have a ceremony. When we got there, we discovered that there was not just one, but three cairns on three separate tops not far from each other, separated by a small lake at the middle. My sister said “we are to make a tripod” and of course, it turned out she had brought with her exactly three rocks from the river at Lake Gjende, one for each cairn. On the way up, we came across an area where the rockface was lined with white and golden stripes of quartz deposits, and we each found a large chunk to bring with us. When my sister had placed the last rock on the last cairn, we started to walk down to the small lake to throw these two quartz pieces into it because it felt like they were supposed to be the center of this “antenna” that these three cairns had been turned into. But on the way we stepped on a wasp’s nest and we were both stung, my sister twice and me once. It was a very potent sign that the number three was very significant 😉 Going back down again, my sister stumbled over a protruding rock in the bog close to the cabin where we are staying. It looked like a large piece of quartz, but it seemed to be stuck. But today, when I sat down to channel today’s message, she felt guided to go back and see if she could get it out, and as you can see from the photo, it wanted to be “born out of the ground” today. I was not surprised that it turned out to be a triangular cluster of tiny quartz crystals all fused together, for this trip has been so full of these powerful messages from Mother Earth.

Tomorrow we return back home, carrying with us so many memories of wonderful days spent here in the magnificent mountains, but it feels like we return as two very different persons from the ones who arrived here almost three weeks ago. I know that we are not the only ones having gone through a deep transformation this summer, and I know we will not be the last either. The energies keep flowing in, faster and more powerful than ever before, and they seem to be pushing us all towards something new every day. I am so grateful that this “magical mystery tour” is something that we do together, and I cannot thank you all enough for BEing here and for BEing a part of this! I send you all so much love and so much gratitude from my sister and from me, and from these powerful mountain energies that you have all helped to set free!

Aisha ❤ ❤

Dear family of light!

This trip to the mountains of Jotunheimen – “the Home of the Giants” – has definitely been a magical one for my sister and for me. It has been a journey through outer and inner landscapes on so many levels, both personal and collective, and it has been powerful and transformational in ways that are hard to describe, but two nights ago I got this message “Now there will only be WE”. To me, this signifies that we as a collective have shifted away from the old ego based, fear based timeline, but we are still very much in transition into the new so the journey is not over yet ;-).

There have been so many synchronicities and so many wonderful messages from Mother Earth in the form of unusual encounters with wild animals and birds, and I do not think I have ever felt so small and at the same time so connected to something so immense as I have during these last two weeks. Everything around me is vibrating with life, even the rocks feel alive! We still have a few days left of our stay, but I wanted to give you all an update on what has happened this last week, for you have all been very much a part of it.

As you perhaps remember, during our first couple of days here we completed the first part of the work we had been told we were supposed to do while we were here. It was about “connecting the waters” by carrying some of it from a small spring and bring it to Lake Gjende, and I posted a short summary of it and two photos in “Welcome to the July Gathering around the Pond”. The CCs told us beforehand that we would be asked to do more work like this while we were here, but that it would be in a different location. It was no surprise that this also involved working with water, as water has been the main focus all through this trip, and it was all about “exchanging information in all sorts of ways beyond words”.

Earlier this week, my sister and I were guided to visit a local silversmith. There, I found a ring that was inspired by the mountains around Lake Bygdin, a huge lake situated between lake Gjende and the place we are staying. It also had three small golden quartz incorporated into the design, and the silversmith told us that these were actually from Lake Bygdin. The energy in that ring was so powerful and I knew that not only did I have to buy that ring, it also confirmed that Lake Bygdin was the last of the local “power nodes” we were supposed to work with. The silversmith had shown us how the quartz looked like before it was polished, and he told us we could find them in the sand along the shore of Lake Bygdin. We went there the next day, and we found a few pieces that we brought with us.

Two days ago, we were guided to go back to the river we had visited earlier. It is a powerful one, flowing down a steep mountainside to join the waters flowing out from Lake Gjende, and it has the most amazing energy. We did two ceremonies there, and in both places I connected to the collective energy of this Pond and “added” that to this “river of light” so that our combined energies would have an even larger impact on this world, helping to cleanse away everything that does not belong in the New World. At the last place, my sister and I released the largest piece of golden quartz from Lake Bygdin into the torrent together while we said a blessing. It was a powerful moment, but we also knew that it was not the completion of our work here.

That came yesterday, for then we both knew it was time to do a ceremony on a mountainside overlooking Lake Bygdin. We had hiked up there for the first time last week, and the view there is magnificent. On the horizon, two huge mountain peaks stand out, creating what looks like a portal, and the first time I saw them a felt a huge surge of energy through me so I knew that this was an important place. As we hiked up the mountain, we saw a female grouse right in front of us, and the way she behaved, we knew she was guarding her chicks. She just stood there, perfectly still looking at us to draw our attention while her one little chick scurried into hiding. She continued to stand still and on guard as we moved away. It was such a wonderful thing to see, and it was such a powerful message of love and protection from Mother – for today and for the future for us all :-).

We found the spot to do our ceremony, it was “guarded” by what looked like a magical wand made by an old and weathered tree root, so we sat down and prepared ourselves. I once again connected to the collective energy of the Pond before I recited a prayer to open up this immense portal in the mountains, turning to all of the four cardinal points and to Mother Earth and the sky. When I read out the part of the prayer addressed to Father Sun and Grandmother Moon, my sister suddenly saw the pale half moon in the sky, directly above the mountain making up the left side of the “portal” at the other end of the lake. It was such an amazing confirmation, and we both knew that when the moon had passed over the other mountain we would be finished with our ceremony, and that is exactly what happened. I used my singing bowl while reciting an incantation, saying that the sound was the signal that the light could no longer be barred from anywhere on this planet, it will flow freely forevermore, making this world a world of light and a world of peace for eternity. Then, I struck the bowl once and gave it to my sister so she could do the same, and then I struck the bowl one final time while she held it. When we had finished, the moon was directly over the mountain making up the right side of the portal, and then, it disappeared behind the clouds.

We hiked all the way to the top of the mountain, and as we stood there marveling at the view, my sister looked up. Above us, two huge eagles were circling slowly around each other and around the Sun. After we had watched them for a minute or so, they slowly drifted away in opposite directions, one to the east and one to the west, towards the portal. When we had hiked halfway down on the other side, we stopped for a little rest near a huge rock. Suddenly, a huge blue dragonfly appeared, flying between us and around us and then it landed on the rock we stood next to. We finished the hike down at the beach at Lake Bygdin and there we were given the gift of finding a large piece of golden quartz in the sand, a wonderful way to end a magical day!

My sister and I both have a sense of completion now, at least when it comes to the “collective events” that we were brought here to do, but like so many of you can testify to, there is definitely not a sense of completion when it comes to the flow of energy. This journey to the mountains may be coming to a close, but our collective journey is picking up even more speed. Thank you all for being our “fellow travelers”, it makes this adventure so much more enjoyable, amazing and inspiring in every way! I am really looking forward to what we will be manifesting together in the time ahead 🙂

With love, light and gratitude from my sister and from me, Aisha ❤ ❤






If you look closely at this picture, you can see the faint half moon above and to the left of the small cloud in the center.

Let us begin this missive by saying that you have now entered a phase that is like no other you have experienced, and it will probably not be one that you will experience ever again. For now, so much is shifting and reshaping on all sides, both within and without, and so, this will indeed be a season of change on every level. You have by now grown accustomed to not being able to predict just what the next day or even the next hour will bring, and even if you mentally or physically may not have grown quite as accustomed to these changes as to the knowledge that they will occur again and again, you will all slowly but surely start to reset and reshape your very being into something that will feel much more at ease in this seemingly constantly turmoiled sea. You see, the rapid shifts and the heightened level of energetic activity is not to quieten down for quite some time yet, so for those of you who hanker for a quiet port after a prolonged exposure to these agitated seas, we can offer little but our sympathy at the moment, but for all those already sensing the huge energetic change taking place at this very moment, we can offer more of the same, at an ever increasing frequency in the days ahead.

For this will indeed be a season of tumultuous change on so many levels, but the changes we refer to will bring about a heightened presence of enlightened beings all over the planet. For this incoming light will stop for no one nor no thing, and it will not be one that comes a knocking timidly in the night, asking to be let in. Rather, it will continue to simply flow in at an ever increasing rate, disregarding any and all hindrances that anyone tries to put in the way. In other words, this flood of light and life will enliven even the darkest of corners and it will do so in a fashion that has not been seen before, and we do mean that in a very literal sense. For now, it will be as if the very ground beneath your feet will start to shimmy and shift about, and even the very bedrock of your life will at times seem to be nothing more than a thin gossamer layer undulating in the breeze, ready to rip apart and leave you all ready to step away from the old remnants of your former life and embrace something very new.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but we think it is safe to say that this summer there will be a lot of upheavals taking place, upheavals that may seem dramatic to the casual observer, but that to the ones already tuning in to the messages coming in on the airwaves so to speak of these energetic emissions will not be considered as news at all. For you will know in the very center of your being, the part of you that simply knows it all beforehand but has kept it hidden from that perhaps less enthusiastic human part of you, that whatever happens now, does so in order to propel you as fast as possible towards that end goal you so hanker for. In other words, expect much ado about some at times rather small and seemingly inconsequential details in your life, but know that these are merely symbols of the huge shift taking place, both for you and for everyone around you.

For nothing will be undisturbed by the winds that these energetic storms whip up now, and even if your life may not be all topsyturvy at the moment, we venture to guess that you will all in some way feel this wind in your sails making the old anchoring ropes start to creak and groan as the pressure increases. For you will all be shifted in some way, but this is by no means a signal to a total upheaval for all, merely a reminder that any hidden urge to stay as is will now be overwritten by that far more important calling you all carry within. For change is not always pleasurable, and change does not always come in a neat and well presented package, all tied up and offered to you as a positive tiding. Change may well come in the form of an unexpected event that will serve to literally disconnect you from so much of what you thought constituted YOU. In other words, it may come in a very direct form as a way of literally moving you from one residence to another, or it may come in the form of total rearranging of your emotional and intellectual programming, making everything you thought you knew about yourself and the world around you stand out in a very new way, and this again will help you to make decisions based on the new instead of the old.

This may seem to be a rather over-intense period for many of you, but again, this river of light has carried you all well and truly away from the old shores, and it is pulling you all faster and faster down the rapids. It may seem to be a little bit daunting at times, but again this at times rather forceful current is simply doing what it can to bring you all the way back home, back to you, the real you, and to that space where you can start to act out the last part of this grand adventure of realigning your being and your world in such a way, the light will be continuously shining into and onto every part of it, and through that, remove any and all of those old acquired stains, blemishes and battle scars both this planet and you as human beings have suffered from for far too long.

So again we say, try to enjoy the ride, even if it may get rather “wild” at times, and know that all is well and you are just where you are meant to be at any given time, even if you yourself has lost any sense of direction at all. For you are being carried within this huge and unstoppable flood of light now, and as the speed and intensity increases, the best you can do, is as always simply to allow it to take you wherever it is it needs you to go. For once there, you will find yourself exclaiming from the very center of your being, “this is it, I have finally made it, I may not have a clear idea just as to how I managed to get to this exact spot, but now that I am here, I know that this is the space for me.” And then, and only then, will you be able to finally take root in a soil that is not only fertile, but more welcoming than you could ever dream of.


I just had to include this photo I took earlier this week, for it describes so well what these energies feel like to me: powerful and unstoppable and at times overwhelming but at the same time so empowering, crystal clear and full of LIFE.

As you have already noticed, the tides have indeed changed, and so, the standstill that many of you have perceived up until now will become a veritable flood of light that will serve to carry you all to a very new destination. As a always, the word destination does not necessarily denote a new geographic location, but for some, this will also be the case. You see, what was carried out by you and by a whole host of other wise souls such as yourselves over the last week or so was nothing short of a magnificent miracle of rebalancing this entire planet. We know that for some these words will seem to be overly dramatic and overstating what has taken place, but in effect, the truth lies on the other end of the scale. You see, what has happened now, is a permanent resettlement of the energetic distribution within your entire planet, and as such, what has been oppressed for far too long will now start to flow freely once again, and you will all be carried along on this at times abundant flow of enlightened presence.

For this is not just a new energetic frequency, this is to all intents and purposes a very new presence that will encompass you all and literally take you under her wing. We use the word “her” deliberately here, because what we are talking about, is the final liberation of the female presence on this planet, in every shape and form and in every way you can think of and then some, as we are so fond of adding. And this time, this will be more apparent than ever, for a whole new way of thinking and acting will start to imbue this whole world of yours, one where the old and outdated modes of oppression by fear or by any other means will begin to dissolve under the onslaught of the power of this divine light that is coming out of the very core of your planet, and the very core of your being.

For as this planet shifted, so too did you, and as the secret wells that have contained this hidden energy for eons were finally uncapped, so too was the well you have all carried within you, waiting for just this moment to come out into the open again. And so, slowly at first, but then more and more urgently, this inner light will start to exert its influence on any and all it comes into contact with. Again, we use words such as onslaught, but this does not mean a battle as such, it is merely to signify that this flow of inner love will be unstoppable and relentless, and anything or anyone trying to stem this flow will find themselves thrown off their feet and swept away by the power of it. For just like when the snow melts in the spring, any restrictions downstream will quickly be swept away as the current starts to build up, for the increased pressure will erode any hindrances that restricts the flow, and so too it is with this.

So again we say that know that all is well, and we are once again beholden to you all, as without your combined efforts, this would not come about. We know that for some of you, there will still be very much a sense of bewilderment and puzzlement, for before this hidden layer was successfully liberated, you were all held in a sort of seclusion so that your energetic influence could be better focused on the task at hand. But now, that immense joint effort was more than successfull and it has been completed to such a degree, you will now all be let loose as it were to begin to explore the brand new territory that has emerged alongside all of this inner light coming out.

For just as the spring flow brings with it a new layer of alluvial soil to be dispersed far and wide by the torrent of flowing water, so too has this released flow of light brought with it so much fertile land to the surface, ready to be tilled and plowed and taken into use by you all. For this brand new layer of energetic possibility is there for you all now, waiting for you to take it into possession, and this time, what you claim as “yours” will simply be space that will be utilized to grow a brand new form of crop that will sustain the entire planet. In other words, we speak in parables as usual, but we think you will get the gist of the message. You are being given free reins to step out and take stock of your new surroundings, both energetically and in all other ways, and then, we ask you all to take some time to ponder just what you can use your part of this new “arable land” for. For what will be your crop, what will be your gift to mankind and to All of creation? That is what this is all about, planting and growing by aid of the light something that will aid all of humanity, not just serve a chosen few. For this land that we speak of, these brand new acres of opportunity cannot be laid under by anyone fueled by greed or fear or any other form of old density programming. No, this land will only serve the greatest of causes, the one of sustaining the new world and the peoples inhabiting this world, and so, what comes from light will only serve the light, and nothing else.

So take your time, but know that whatever you choose, you will do so from your heart, for this is already a choice you have made in the very core of your being. And wherever this flood of light will take you, it will be to the place you have chosen to go in your effort to help this light to penetrate ever deeper and ever wider, not just for mankind, but for us all. So once again we say on behalf of All of creation, thank you all for doing what you do and for being who you are. You are magnificent in every way, and now, you have given your Mother Earth the love and the light she has craved after for such long time. But now, it has finally been set free, thanks to your efforts. So as you take some time to ponder the way ahead, also take some time to applaud your own efforts, for they are indeed incomparable to anything ever carried out on these shores or even beyond.

Dear family of light!
The trip to the mountains with my sister is already a magical one, but tomorrow, Sunday July 6 at 21:00 Oslo time it will become even more so. For then, it is time for another Gathering around the Pond. I have a feeling it will be a very special occasion for us all, and just the fact that my sister and I will be able to connect to this amazing Pond and everyone gathered here while being fully immersed in these powerful mountain energies is making my heart sing :-). Here is what the CCs wanted to share about it:

“As time has passed, so too have you all managed to pass marker after marker on this wondrous journey of yours, and this Sunday, you will all pass another major one as you once again sit down to connect to the very depth of your being and to this huge and powerful golden grid of energetic filaments that you have so industriously connected together during these last few months. Remember, what you have served to put into place over a period of a little more than a year is a major feat indeed, and now, it will once again be stretched to its limits and beyond as you once again will be taking it all to a very new level in the very essence of the word. For you have come a long way over this period of time since you first started the first forages into these communal waters, but now, you are more than enough confident to cast off and set course to distant shores.

For you need no longer confine yourselves to the shallow waters, for by now, you have all gained more than enough confidence to set sail for the grand depths and the wide open waters in every sense of the word, and with this confidence also comes a brand new set of aptitudes, aptitudes that you will begin to put into use at the very first chance you get. And that chance is now dear ones, as you will be given free reins to simply let yourself explore as deep as you want into the outer regions of  yourself and indeed of creation. For this time, you will be invited to go far and indeed, beyond any of the old ideas you might harbour as to your ability to connect and to communicate with others far removed from your physical location. In other words, you will be given a chance to test out your intercommunicative skills in a very new way, one that entails exchanging information in all sorts of ways beyond words and beyond the usual concepts. For now, the wide open spaces beckon you all, and we do hope you will be tempted to go exploring as far and as long as you like, for this time, there will be no limits to what you can take in nor to what you can broadcast yourself.

Remember, you all carry with you so much information that you at this stage have no idea that you even possess within your physical frame, but it is there and it has been waiting for you to start to access it, and so, we do hope you will utilize this opportunity as a group to light up quite a few of these hitherto dark and unexplored chambers within. For now, you are indeed ready to do so, and now, you are indeed more than ready to take these troves of information into your consciousness and out into the light, and when you do, you will see just how vast this repository truly is. For then, you will begin to see beyond the walls of humanity and into your very soul, and there, you will see that here are no ends to what you can explore and there are no ends to what you may find. And together you will begin to piece together a brand new vista that will bring not only information, but also a very new way of co-creation to the fore. So go explore, and know what you will find will help to propel you all a giant leap upwards and forwards, and as you step up to this challenge, you also serve to bring this entire planet of yours to a brand new level of connectivity and communication. So leave no doors untested at this, your first formal group outing into the wide blue yonder, the one that you have pondered about so many times, but that you will now be given the chance to finally start to experience in the most wondrous of ways.”


Bilde2037 kopi

Bilde2057 kopi

I know it will be so amazing to “sail out into the grand depths and the wide open waters and to explore those still unexplored chambers within” in your company! As part of our preparation for this Gathering, my sister and I have just returned from completing the task of “connecting the waters” we were given before we came here. Today, we first hiked in to a small spring in one part of this area (the first photo above) and held a ceremony before we collected water from this pure well. Afterwards, we drove further into the mountains and hiked in to the place at Lake Gjende (photo nr 2) where I released the large quart crystal in July last year. There, we did another ceremony and released the spring water into the huge glacial lake. I have a feeling that what we did with this water today is part of what the CCs refer to when they mention “exchanging information in all sorts of ways beyond words” and I am so looking forward to see what kind of magic we will all make happen during this Gathering!
Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤


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As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

Mankind have a long history of thinking themselves inferior to almost anyone they care to compare them with, and so, they have for eons kept making themselves smaller as they go, even if their ego has become more than a little inflated. Let us explain. The grandness that is within each and every single human being has been left unexposed for far too long, and what has grown instead, is that fake simile, the hubris, the idea of superiority over every living being that this planet of yours harbour. And so, instead of seeking within to your true greatness, you have tried to stifle the feeling of inferiority by literally trampling upon everyone and everything around you, the better to get a chance to raise your head a fraction above that dank and muddy mire you have so long tried to disentangle yourself from. Well, as you all know, this inability to connect simply left you all sinking deeper and deeper into the mud, with the result that the scramble to find purchase resulted in ever more frantic and empty gestures in a futile attempt to stop the sinking, but to no avail. But then, the brightest lights amongst you suddenly realised that the only way to stop sinking, was to let go of the idea of a power struggle, and simply let yourself sink all the way down to your own core, and there, you found the leverage you needed to lift not only yourself, but also so many of your fellow men free from this battlefield of vanities and greed that so many still find themselves almost drowning in.

And so, you let go of the old ideas, those superimposed views of mankind as nothing more than a shallow beast needing to fight for their lives in a very literal way, and where the idea of the survival of the fittest had grown into a veritable feast of astounding ignorance and blindness. But you chose the other way, you chose to lift yourself up by allowing the light to permeate every single cell of your being, and doing so, you also let this light penetrate all the way down to the deepest layers of this quagmire, letting it into heart after heart in so many of those still struggling souls. And so one by one, you extricated yourselves from the mud, and one by one, you let the light sluice off every last vestige of this toxic waste that has inhibited nearly every single part of your wondrous potential, and like the seeds in the spring, you sprang into life and started to grow and evolve and stretch yourself ever further towards the stars.

And as you grew, you enabled the light to penetrate even deeper still. For just like the leaves of the plant will extract nutrition directly from the sunlight, so too did you by allowing the light to shine all the way into your very core, setting off a process much like the photosynthesis in a leaf, whereby you extracted lifeforce and nutrients directly from the incoming light and turned it into a vital substance that helped to fuel not only your growth, but was more than enough to ignite the fires of so many others around you too. For you have acted as veritable force fields dear ones, walking emitters of living energy in a way that no others have accomplished before you, and in your wake, you have left acres of newly planted fields, all primed and ready to start to blossom at a speed that will serve to take your breath away.

And now, those seeds that we have talked about in so many missives already have now been primed and set off to spring into life again, and with it, a whole new way of being human will emerge. For you will no longer be the ones that will govern their life on the lies that turned you into fear-filled beasts scrambling in the mud. You have seen that by only allowing yourself to seek sustenance from the right source will you be able to thrive, not just as individuals, but also as a whole. For you will no longer seek to climb to the top, stepping on anything and anyone you can in order to bring you just that much higher than your equals, for now, you will start to consider yourselves as equals, as you will all see that you are no more, but also certainly no less than anyone you would care to compare yourselves with – both on this planet and off it. For you will see your greatness for what it really is, and you will find your sustenance by seeking together in groups, supporting each other and lifting each other up – as a group, not as competitors, and through that, you will elevate all of mankind to that lofty perch with the most wondrous of views.

For you are not here to trample in the mud, you are here to reach for the stars in every way, and you are here to do so as a collective, where every single individual has an ingrained sense of brotherhood and belonging, and where no borders whether they be on a piece of paper or in your minds will have any jurisdiction over you ever again. For you are simply ONE, and that is what you have come to remember and that is what you have already accomplished to such a degree, you will help to pull the remainder of humanity with you into this circle of light that you have already formed. And where you have gone, is where the future lies for all of humanity, and so, for every step you have taken on this journey, you have made All of creation step forward one more step. You are the leaders, the ones that set the pace and take out the direction, and you have chosen well, dear ones, for you have chosen light and you have chosen life in the most vibrant of forms. And so again we thank you all for doing what you do and for being who you are, and we would also like to say thank you for what you are about to do. For now, the old ways and the old lies will be no more, for you will serve to disconnect your reality from that old illusion of inferiority once and for all as you step across that threshold into the infinity that awaits you all.

For the light is beckoning you to take that next step, and it will be a huge one, and it is also one you will complete with aplomb. For there is nothing or no-one standing in your way now, not even your mind, as you let yourself be lifted on the strong gusts of wind that come soaring in from Source, here to make you soar along with them to the stars and beyond, but still having your feet on the ground in a way that will bring these worlds together again after lifetimes of separation. For you will not ascend by way of floating off into space, you will ascend by bringing heaven down to Earth and make it come alive all around you. And that, dear ones, is the task you came here to fulfill, and it is a task you will literally love into becoming a reality. For this is not toil and travail, this is a labour of love, and now, the birth of the new is imminent. You are giving life to it all through your physical vehicle, and you are making a wonderful job of it, and for that we cannot thank you enough. Let us leave it at that, but not before we remind you to give yourselves all the applaud and all the acclamation you so deserve. For you are truly unique in all of Creation, and what you are allowing to come about, has not been created before anywhere in existence. So greet yourselves as the true creators you really are, and know that you deserve nothing less.

As you have perhaps already noticed, you will be subjected to a myriad of different energetic sources now, and they in turn will serve to ignite quite a few conflicting responses within you, both in the physical but also in the emotional sense.

Let us explain. We have touched briefly upon the fact that you are not only carriers of light and information, you have also been dispersing the same for many a lifetime already, and now, as these seeds starts to germinate and come into life, one by one at first, but very soon in a veritable avalanche, these seeds themselves will also start to affect you in so many ways. For even if you have dropped them away from you so to speak on your journeys here on this planet, you still carry the imprint of these signals to the world within your DNA, and this combined with the reciprocal feedback you have been given from your own planet every time you have deposited one of these pods of information, will make many a circuit within you start to talk louder and louder. And so, what you hear will at times be a veritable cacophony of signals, seemingly pushing you in all directions at once, giving you no solid ground to stand on, and taking you out on a dizzying journey that will be apt to make the strongest amongst you feel weakened. But again, these conflicting emotions and physical signals are merely signals of improvements, not just on a personal level, but indeed on a global one.

For what is taking place, is a huge awakening of sorts that will stir up any and all of the old and stagnant pools still covering much of the surface of this planet. Remember, what has been instigating all of this highly negative energy in the first place has been removed, and as such, the old controlling forces are not in place anymore, but the residue from them is still very much in place all around you, just like the puddles left after a heavy rain. But now, what you have been planting has started to stir and push its way through the topsoil, and as it starts to emerge and start to interact with the energies already there, everything will seem to be in turmoil at one time or the other. Again, this is not a sign of unrest in a negative way, rather, it is a sign of the most beneficial stirring up this planet of yours will ever experience. For now, no place will be left untouched by the effect of these newly hatched seedlings that will begin to make their voices heard in all sorts of ways.

We know that for many of you, this unrest will feel more than a little bit unsettling, but again, that is indeed the whole purpose of this part of the whole operation. For this carefully targeted stirring up will enable such a profound clearing of the entire energetic environment on the surface of this planet. Remember, you have been instrumental in putting into place a whole new energetic grid all around this planet, but what we are talking about now, is literally within the very soil, the ground upon which you all walk, the very foundation of your societies. For in this topmost layer of your planet, within this very thin crust is where all of the old energetic deposits have accumulated, the old density that has supplanted the vibrant freshness and vitality that used to constitute the very essence of your existence.

But now, these seeds that you have so diligently been secreting away into this thin upper layer have received the required amount of light they need in order to come into life – in every sense of the word. For they have not been harmed or inhibited in any way by these accrued layers of dross that have been deposited lifetime after lifetime, century after century upon this planet as humanity continued ever deeper into that darkening alley they had chosen to venture, far from it. For these seeds are indeed indestructible, they will thrive in any atmosphere and in any kind of energetic environment, for they have been designed to withstand any and all attempts of destruction or alternation. For they carry that same frequency that you have now attained, and as such, no lower densities could harm them at all. And so they simply stayed here, waiting for the signal to emerge, and now, that signal has been given and so this wondrous process of unfolding has been set into motion. And so, bit by bit that old and dense crust will be penetrated from below by these hardy seedlings, and as they push through these old and rigid layers, they will set off a vibration that will go through every single particle it comes into contact with. This in turn will act as a signal to the neighbouring ones, setting off a chain reaction that in turn will encompass the entirety of the surface of this planet.

Remember, what you look upon as negativity is simply a source of energy, one that can and will be utilized for the most beneficial of purposes, just like the waste excreted from animals will be utilized to fertilize your fields. For even if this planet may look barren and encrusted in such a deep layer of negativity, it is in fact simply an ocean of potential, waiting to be set into good use, and as these small but potent seeds take root and start to sprout, they will tap into this potential and use it for all it is worth, fuelling their own growth by tapping into this vast repository of old energy. For energy is the only single source that exist anywhere in Creation. Energy is what it IS, and so, the task will simply be to restore the vibrational level of this energy in such a way, it will return into being a source of positive change instead of negative limitation.

We know we speak in what some may refer to as oversimplified terms, but at the very core, this is what is happening now. Nothing in Creation is of such a character it cannot be retuned in a way that will be considered as beneficial, and so, this embattled and scarred planet of yours is no exception. Mankind has an idea that it has depleted so many of the natural resources this planet carries, but that is not the way to see this. You have simply mismanaged many of them to a  gross degree, but you cannot deplete energy, nor can you “pollute” it in such a way it is unfit for “consumption”. For energy simply IS, and now, that wondrous potential you live amongst will finally begin to be reset and retuned to a source of light and indeed delight for all, instead of being that debilitating burden of negativity it has been for such a long time.

For there are no limits to what you can do now, and there are no limits to what this change will bring about, and there is no chance that you will run out of raw material either. For you already have everything you need at your disposal so make this huge makeover come about, both in the form of manpower, an also in the form of natural resources in way of energy and information. And so, those seeds you planted such a long time ago, and those seeds you are also busy scattering all over the place as you go about your daily lives now, all of those seeds will find everything they need to come into fruition. For they will thrive in the darkest and dampest of places, and so too will they thrive in the driest and most barren ones, for there are no limits as to what these seeds can take and still start to vibrate at such a rate, it will bring this whole planet back into that dance of life it has so wanted to re-enter for eons. For these seeds are nothing more than carriers of frequencies, frequencies that will help to retune everything and everyone they come into contact with, and as they do their magic, all matter will begin to sing to the same tune. And when it does, nothing will be as before, and we do mean that in a very literal sense. For no matter where you look, both within and without, everything you see or sense in any way is simply energy vibrating at a certain rate, and so, this dance of life that you still know how to do will finally be the one that will be enacted by all that exist on this planet, and not just by a handful, as it has been for so long.

For there has always been individuals like yourselves maintaining that frequency of life, no matter how dense and disconnected the majority of the inhabitants on this planet have been, and so, you will be the first to rejoice, for you will find company again after a long and solitary journey as one by one, thousands upon thousands of other souls will be joining in this joyous circle, dancing with joy, dancing with life, and dancing the very life back into this entire planet once again.