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I was at my sitting at my computer as usual this morning, opening up to see if there was a message coming through. There was, but I quickly realized that this was not from The constant companions, and I broke off and “retuned” myself to connect with my source. This time, I managed to connect with The constant companions, and they gave me an interesting message I wanted to share with you because I think we all need to be extra careful in the time ahead regarding the information we are given, no matter what source it comes from. Here is what they said to me:

“There are many others out there trying to hijack the already opened channels, and this was one of them, so better be prepared for more of this in the future. Stay with the ones you know, and use discernment whenever someone else barges in your door. It will soon be a free for all out there, and many are trying to get their foot in the door so to speak and misuse those already in service for the light. As you know well by now, the signature is alwasy easy to read, and when in doubt, stop and take an extra check. This will hold you in good service as the days ahead will in many ways be very chaotic, and we also want to warn you that good intentions are not always what they seem. So again, take this as as small taste of what is to come, namely a very confusing time with lots of interactions between the dark side and our side. In other words, things will start to come up to the surface now that have previously been held under the cover of night as it were, and thereby, you too will be exposed to the forces of chaos that are trying to pull the rug from under your feet. They will not succeed of course, but they may succeed in confusing a large number of people and sending them into fear. So stay alert, and stay awake, as times are starting to become even more interesting for the inhabitants of Planet Earth. That is all for now, we leave. “

The sun is once again giving freely of her wonderful gifts, and even if they might not feel like gifts as you receive them, these injections will all turn out to be just that, glorious gifts of energy and freedom. As always, the insertion will have your body up in arms in many instances, as these powerful harbingers of change push so much unnecessary dross out of the way to take its place inside of you. And as usual, these upsets and upheavals leave their mark on you for a few days before everything settles into a new groove again. You are all well versed in these effects by now, but still it is indeed necessary to keep reminding yourselves that even though the process in itself never seems to become something you cherish, it is worth it all the while. So stay calm, even when your body seems to be going into overdrive, and breathe deeply to release all of the things that need to be released in order to refill yourselves with the purest of energies coming in.

First of all, let us just say that today will be an important day in many people’s life, as today will signal the start of another important inducement of energy. It will not be apparent at first, but the underlying current of this transformational energy is of such a magnitude it will literally blast off the covers of all the hidden layers of untruth still lingering in the corners of mankind. We talk in riddles, as always, but trust us when we say that this seemingly quiet morning will soon take on a life on its own, and soon the undercurrents will become visible to all. Much has been done to restore the future of mankind, but still much has been left untouched. It will not be so for long, as the powers that will be unleashed very soon will enable a total reassessment of everything.

You see, so much has been kept hidden from the eyes of the citizens of this little planet, as the powers that rules over you have had so many benefits from this charade they have been playing out. You have only seen the tip of the proverbial iceberg in the goings on around you, but that is to be forever changed by events that will literally turn the light on in even the darkest corners of your homes. This will not be an undramatic event of course, and many will fear the consequences of all of this disclosure, to call it that. But just as an infected wound needs to be exposed to clean air and sunlight to be cleansed, so too your civilization needs to face its innermost, deepest and horribly infected wounds in order to rinse out the particles of miasma collected there before becoming whole again. The process in itself is never a comfortable one, but it is indeed vital. Otherwise, the corruption will never cease, and the wound will never heal.

So stay calm sweet ones, and witness as the first rays of light touches that inner sanctum in all of mankind, and starts to work its magic on all of the suppuration that has been kept hidden for so long. Time has come to literally let the light and air into the most densest and darkest of corners, and remember that those who seek the dark will put up a mighty fight indeed once they see that their favourite hiding place has been discovered. For a fox trapped in a corner will fight viciously while trying to find an escape route. So too these cunning foxes that have made your planet their own hunting ground. They will not give in lightly, but we will not give them any chance to slip away under the cover of darkness. They will be flushed out of their hiding holes, and with them, all traces of the infection they carried to this planet in the first place.

The cleaning is about to start, so do not get surprised if your feet get a little wet in the process. As long as you keep your head above the waterline and face the light, all will be well. But those that desperately try to dive back down into the darkest caves will be innundated with the lifeforce coming in, and they will not make it to the ”safety” of their old hiding places before the force of this cleansing tide literally flushes them out into the open again.

Let us begin this missive by saying that the amplitude is once again increasing, and we gather that many of you have already felt this in your very bones. You see, this restructuring of your physical body is certainly being felt in those least flexible parts of you, namely the densest parts of your structure, and as such, you have mayhaps already suffered some rather painful alterations already. This will feel very unpleasant at times, and if these pains occur in parts of your cranium, they might very well be mistaken for something else. Do not fear these movements or shifts dear ones, they can in many ways be likened to the shifts of your continental plates, and as such, this grinding and sliding will be felt all over, but they will certainly not create the same kind of havoc the shifts in your planet’s continental plates incur. So rest assured that all is well, even if your body parts are trying to convince you otherwise.

As usual, this is only growing pain, in the most literal way, and even if the sharpness of the pain can seem to signal something else, this is not harmful at all. Rather, take it as another sign of stepping into your new self, both in a mental and physical way, and as always, the physical part of you is the one that needs more time to adjust. It is also the part that will protest the loudest, because it has been in so many ways ”trained” to avoid any changes at all. But now, it too must literally suffer the consequences of this constant flux of energies, and as such, it will again moan and groan, and we venture to guess that these protests have been louder than usual these last few days.

We will not give you any ”finishing date” on this process as usual, but we will again repeat the fact that the louder the response from your body, the more thorough this process usually is. In other words, do not feel down because of these ”adjustment pains”, but let them come and go, and think of it as another step taken towards that oft-mentioned finishing line. As we have said so many times now, as you approach that line, the pressure will certainly mount, and so too the effects on your physical body at times. Just breathe into it, and do not go into fear and think that anything is amiss. You are being reconstructed according to the original blueprint, and when you see the finished result, you will all agree that it was worth every painful moment along the way.

As the times passes and the lessons and challenges only seem to mount in number and intensity, many will have a hard time keeping the focus. We understand this well, as you have all gone through so much alteration and altercations already, and you might feel less than disposed towards working ever harder. When will we have a much longed for break, you will think, and when will we be finished with all of this hard toil? We wish we could say that from this day forward, you will rest in bliss and harmony, but alas, that is not yet the case. We do not think this will come as a surprise to any of you, but still, we think you all need some extra encouragement at this point. Let us just say that you have more than overwhelmed us all by your tenacity and your willingness to give your heart and soul to this process, and the results from all of your hard work is astounding indeed. However, as these results so far may seem less than tangible to you all, and the only outcome so far seems to be exhaustion and fatigue, we think you need another dosage of peptalk from us all. Not to pull the wool over your eyes in any way, just to help you see above this sea of discomfort and unease that you seem to swim in at the moment.

As we were saying, many of you will have hard time seeing any results from all of your efforts, but we can see them, and they are glorious indeed. To you, they might seem small and insignificant, if visible at all, but to us, they signal the victory of a battle that was started a long time ago, and that has been fought in so many ways and on so many levels, but now is in its finishing stages. Let us explain.

You are all warriors, and in more ways than you mayhaps see yourselves as. You are warriors of the light, and you have joined forces with all of those other beings currently working and fighting so hard to raise the level of energies on your little planet, a planet that has been held captive in the lower vibrational ranges, in order for a few dark beings to keep you all back. They have been very successful in doing just that, but now, you have all, by your communal efforts, managed to raise the level of energy enough to ensure a total shift in the whole atmosphere if you will on your planet of abode. This has been a long and tough struggle, and for many, the battle scars are almost uncountable, but you can all wear those scars with pride, as they show that you have given it all in this fight for the reappearance of light on this little blue globe. And with it, you can also claim to be a part of the victorious army, an army composed of people just like you, all carrying their individual load in this great exodus towards the higher spheres. You have all given all that you carry inside of you to this battle, and as such, even the sides you consider to be your darkest parts have taken part in this epic battle. In other words, you have taken your duality and laid it across the great chasm that divided your world from the rest of creation, and by giving up your duality, you have in fact fused your world tight to the rest of us, and thereby managed to expunge your past.

In other words, you have all managed to make yourselves whole again, as you have managed to  connect the two halves you have been cut into previously and help them to connect back into a seamless whole. And with you, so also your whole world, as you are but a fragment of a whole, and once you as a fragment heals, so to the whole. We know this will throw many into confusion, but let us just say that you are so much more powerful than you have hitherto seen, and your actions so much more important too, as this is not only a personal journey for each and every one of you, it is also a journey for us all, as you by your actions are healing old wounds that have been painful to us all.

It will not seem like that to you at the moment, as you are still suffering trough the completion of this healing process, but trust us when we say that the pains from this coming back together as one-process will soon dissipate, and the feeling of wholeness will start to seep through in so many ways. So rejoice dear ones, you have become whole again, and with you, so have we all, and we salute you as the greatest warriors ever seen, because you have all gone across that great chasm inside and you have managed to close that rift where you were once torn asunder by those with ill will. They cannot control you any more, as they are powerless against your wholeness. And remember, by your actions, thousands upon thousands of other souls will find the courage to do the same. They have also stared into that abyss for ages, but now, they find that strength they have inside to take a leap into the unknown. Some will falter at the last instant, and they will not be able to trust their strength enough to give themselves the push they need to reach the other side. But for every one who literally make themselves fall short of their own strength, there are thousands who will be able to close that gap inside that they have feared for so many lifetimes, and they will be able to join you. And so the wounds will heal, and you will be complete, and so too us. For we are your brethren, just as you are ours, and together, we will celebrat the victory of re-union and singleness, and we will do so for eternity.

The topic today will be more on the one we have touched upon earlier, namely the subject of time. As we have already stated, the day is coming soon when your concept of time will be torn asunder once and for all, and although this will be a liberation in more ways than one, it will also be a day of reckoning. Let us explain.

From day that onwards, mankind will have to face the fact that everything it has put its stakes upon has to come up for consideration. In other words, nothing will ever be the same. Just consider the fact that for thousands of years mankind has adhered to the ”fact” that they are the sole entity in the whole of Creation capable of acting in an advanced manner. In other words, apart from all of the other living creatures on your planet, there is nothing sentient at all in the universe, and as such, you have counted yourselves as the rulers of creation, as you are the most advanced beings you know of. Well, as the timelines collapses and you will find yourselves faced with the fact that not only time, but so much else, is very different from what you have surmised up until now, so also the fact that you are not alone in this whole vastness of being will become apparent. And it will not take you much time to also discover the fact that you are by comparison far, far less advanced than you mayhaps thinks at the moment. In fact, you will literally see with your own eyes that you lag far behind so many other civilizations out there, and you certainly have a lot to learn in order to try to pick up the distance between you. This will certainly seem to be more than a little daunting to you all, and it all starts wih the ability to embrace all of the implications of having multiple timelines to choose from will bring with it.

You see, the ability to be able to freely move between them will literally set free so much of your inherent energy, as the confines of this stricty limited one you have been shackled to has also ensured that you cannot access the information contained in all of that sea of possibilites we have talked about earlier. In other words, setting you free from that singular timeline will also enable you to literally drink from this ocean of time and information, as time does not stand alone as just a definition of movement and progress. Time also encompasses so much more, as it is not only a continuum of sequences, but also a holder of information. We know this will sound very confusing now, but we want you to start thinking about time as so much more than defined by numbers on a screen or the dial on a watch face. Time is a very fluid concept, and a very intelligent one as well as it is so much more than just the counting out of hours and seconds. It is also intelligence, in that it contains so much energy in itself, so going from a single timeline to multiple ones will also be like going from single, limited source of energy and over to a limitless supply. In other words, you will be able to open up to so much once that single timeline of yours reluctantly lets go of the hold it has on you, and then everything will literally open up in front of you. Because along with these limitless options of time comes clusters of information, and this information will literally set you free from all of the confines you have been under up until now.

It will set you free, but at the same time, it will also take away all of the foundations you have built your lives upon, and this will be literally earth shattering to so many. For what can you believe in when everything you know is shown for what it is, namely but a small fragment of all that exists? And how can you not be challenged by the fact that you as a human being is only a tiny fragment of the number of sentient beings in existence in this vast Creation? As we have said earlier, you are the lucky ones, as you have chosen to be exposed to these facts before the revelation so to speak, so you have started to get used to the idea that you are not alone in Creation, but for the rest of your fellow men, this revelation will be a shock that will be too much to take in, and the fallouts from this will be many indeed. Let us just finish off todays missive by saying that it is therefore important to start to stretch your minds as much as you can in the time ahead, and start to make room for not only so much more time, but also so much more information. It will more than challenge your capacities dear ones, but do not be afraid, for this is in fact only old news to you all. Remember, this is actually a case of re-membering, and as such, you already carry this information inside, but you have not yet been allowed to get access to it. But soon you will, and just as a muscle that has been left unused for too long a period, it will be somewhat uncomfortable and ungainly at first, but soon, you will be able to flex those muscles yet again, and you will start to put your faith in their strength and test out their abilities.

Let us just begin this missive by saying that you have all started to master old skills by now, and although your mind has yet to grasp this, you have entered the halls of old wisdom and started to tap into the rich deposits of knowledge that resides there. Not much of this will be apparent during your waking hours just yet, but it will start to seep through into your consciousness as the doors will start to open more and more between the different states you currently inhabit. Because you have already taken that step behind the veil, and you are already immersed in that sea of possibilities we have already referred to, but as we have said, it takes some time to adjust being in this state of flux, and as such, you will be exposed to all of this newness in increments. Therefore, consider this as a period of trial and error, much like when you start out learning to ride a bicycle, so you are not riding unsupervised, and you have your training wheels still attached.

As we were saying, for those unable – or rather unwilling – to start to open up to these lessons beforehand, the shock will be great the day they suddenly find themselves astraddle a bike riding at top speed, without any previous knowledge of ever learning to ride such a contraption. Needless to say, this will cause many a hard tumble, and more than a bruised knee here and there. But you have already stepped up to the challenge and enrolled in this class for higher learning, and bit by bit, you will find the confidence needed to ride this new bike at top speed, unsupervised and without those training wheels.

We use this analogy of the bike to point out that this is a playful process indeed, as this is meant to be a joyful, if somewhat challenging and exhausting ride. So hop on your bikes dear ones, and never mind if you get a bruised knee or two while you struggle to find your balance. It does not matter, so long as you don’t let a bruised ego stop you from climbing back on and try another round every time you find yourself nose down on the ground.

Today, we would like to delve further into the topic of time, as this will be in the forefront in this upcoming period. Earlier, we have discussed the fact that you have all been well trained to think of time as a linear concept, where everything follows a set pattern, and where nothing can be changed once it has taken place. In other words, you have an image of time as a single line unspooling at a set pace, and where you are all chained to this line in everything you do. It is like you are all bound hand and foot by this timeline, and it governs the life of every being on this planet.

Well, let us just say that you are the single civilization in All of creation adhering to such a limited scope of time, and soon, you will literally be cut free from this restricted timeline and tossed into a sea of time and possibility. This may sound confusing, and we can assure that it will BE confusing, as it will be like being sent into a free fall after being used to standing still for eternity. Let us explain.

Earlier on, we referred to the fact that soon, your past, present and future will become apparent to you all, and by that, we mean that you will finally be able to access the full scope of time that exists in creation. In other words, you will literally come face to face with the fact that you are no longer bound by the strict confines of just one timeline, and you come from a source that is already immersed in this sea of timelines, and that will be more than enough to make your head spin. In addition, you will also be able to recollect your former lives, in other words, everything you have already travelled through in order to reach this destination, at the same time as you will start to discern all of the limitless choices of timelines you have stretching beyond you. So, as you can see, this will certainly tax your capability to digest so much information, especially information that will go against all you have been taught beforehand. Let us just say that you will at least be forewarned of this, and you will also already have had a chance to literally dip your toes into this vast sea of timelines. But for others, this revelation will come as such a shock to them they will have a hard time getting through it without losing their hold on their sanity.

So, as we were saying earlier on, you may be expecting changes to come gradually, and you have mayhaps already constructed different scenarios in your mind as to how these changes will come about. Let us just say that the topic we have touched upon today will hopefully make you start to think in other directions, and know that this sudden revelation of simultaneous timelines will indeed be part of this invisible tsunami we have referred to in earlier missives. In other words, do not sit and wait for major cataclysms to trigger the changes you so hanker for, but start to prepare yourselves for a major change in your perception of time. And start to prepare yourselves for the fact that you will soon have to let go of the concept of a single timeline, and with it, you will also have to let go of so much that has defined your lives as human beings. Because from that day onwards, you will be amongst all of your brethern, able to switch back and forth between the different layers of time, and with it, you will finally be able to switch beween those different dimensions you have all been waiting to access. From that day onwards, the doors will open up to a whole new way of living, unfettered by those crippling limits that has been holding you all back for so long.

But remember, with this freedom comes a whole new set of responsibilities too, and with it also comes a whole new set of lessons. Because without giving yourselves the time to take it all in and re-member the basics of living in a limitless multiverse, you will literally drown in this sea of opportunities. So listen well, and you will be given ways to start to learn to swim again. And remember these lessons will come in many shapes and forms.

Again, it is imperative that you remember to connect to that inner sanctum we have talked so much about lately, because that is where these lessons are given, and if you lose that focus, the din from the outside world will do all it can to mask out the call to attend class. So give yourselves the time and the space you need in order to be able to concentrate your focus inwards, lest you too should drown in that sea of noise and drama that is already starting to wash against you.

Let us first of all start this missive by saying that for now, the waves have quieted down somewhat, and we hope you have all gotten your heads above the water yet again. It was an intense influx this last one, and as we foretold, it certainly brought its surprises to so many of you. We hope you have all gotten your breath back, and that you have started to go into just what you have been processing these last few days. It is important not to lose sight of the main goal here, namely the outcome of this process, because it is indeed very easy to get caught up in the undertow of symptoms. Let us explain.

For many, these last few days have been almost nightmarish, as you have had to battle challenges in such a way you have been almost at your wits’ end at times. We are well aware that for some, this was almost too much, and we do not doubt in you that. Yes, it was forceful indeed, but again, remember that the end goal here is what is important, and now that the forces have quietened down a bit, we do hope you can manage to get a clear view of what has transpired in your life during all of this hullabaloo. We said it would be important on so many planes, and that is still true, even if some of you just feel utterly exhausted after this ordeal, and fail to see any improvement at all. Trust us when we say that this is not the case, as none of you have gone through this without literally being anointed with some sort of almost miraculous effect on your system. For some, this will be apparent already, beacuse you have gained a clarity of thought and intuition during this that you did not possess before. For others, the feeling of physical strength may have altered perceptively, and you will feel much stronger than before. That is, if your body has been able to sufficiently digest this last round. If not, you will probably feel even weaker than before, but that is only lingering after effects of the process, and as soon as that dissipates, you will feel your inner core literally much closer to the surface than before.

Again, this is a very individual process, and as such, the results and the length of this integration process will not be like in any of you. But again, it is important that you do try to get a clear picture of yourselves ”before” and ”after” this last bout of adjustments, because it can be difficult to maintain the focus when your whole being is being literally bombarded with so much force over such a long stretch of time. Again, it is important to stop and turn your head and look back, as only then can you be able to discern the distance you have already managed to travel. And let us just conclude by saying that after this important weekend, you have all literally made a quantum leap forwards.

So nurse those sore bodies, and rejoice in the fact that it was worth every ounce of  discomfort you had to go through, because now you all stand before us shining brighter than ever. Not long now before you will be revealed in all of your glory, and from that day on, nothing will ever be the same on this little planet you call home. At least for now, as when the veils finally come crashing down all around you, everything will be revealed, and you will finally see just where your real home is. And then, the full scope of your journey will be clear to see. You are all children of the stars, and you can claim you ancestry from places far removed from this temporary abode you currently reside in.

Remember that the time will come when all of these hard earned increased levels of energy will be but a memory, but for now, make sure to never forget just why you have to endure them. It is not to be suffering from physical and mental distress, it is to be able to come closer to that hour of revelation, when your past, present and future all will become clear. Then, you will not be able to see any of the hardship, you will just see the glory of who you really are. So do not let yourselves get lost in the pain and discomfort, lift your eyes and look at yourselves as you stand even taller after this. You have grown so much in only a matter of hours, and you will continue to grow at the same speed from this day forward. So let your body grumble a bit, after all, it is only the growing pains you are feeling. And don’t get lost in the grand new space you have all made yourselves inside, but do not forget to enter that magnificent hall either. It can easily be overlooked if you focus too much on your body’s grumbling and groaning. So open your eyes a little bit wider, and we think you will see so much more of your greatness than you could before this storm hit your shores.

First off, let us just start by saying that these last few hours have been so important for you all. The aftershocks of these heavy rounds of energy will still reverberate in many of you, but know that the hardest labour is over by now. For many, these last 24 hours have been amongst the most challenging yet, and we honor all those who have paid a high price for these upgradings, either they be mental or physical, or mayhaps both. Rest assured that even if you still feel almost dead to this world, things will soon start to ease off, and you will be able to breathe more freely again. And we do mean that in more ways than one.

You see, it is like you have been under steamroller that has squeezed you to within an inch of your life, not in the real sense, but in a figurative sense. The pressure has been so high, it has driven away any possible hindrances that has stood in your way for achieving that ultimate goal of total freedom. And when we say freedom, we also mean that in every connotation of the word. This will not be immediate apparent to you all, as you will still need quite some time to literally digest all of this, but it has been a very, very thorough process for you all, and a rather surprising one for many, as we venture to guess that some very unexpected issues surfaced for so many of you.

Know that this is all according to plan, and although much of it may still feel very unsettling and maybe even frightening for some, this is in fact only a signal of resurrection of your original core. In other words, all that is coming to the surface now, are things that have been hidden away, obscuring the real center of you all. Now they cannot cling to you any longer, and they will rise, like the bubbles to the surface we have described so many times already. So once again, give yourselves much praise for a job well done, and know that any lingering unpleasantness and unease will start to dissipate very soon.