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Here we are again, ready and eager to impart another message into your being. For here you all stand, ready and poised to take this whole operation to a very new level. For you have all been anointed dear ones, as is only right, for you are indeed the bringers of the dawn and the keepers of the light, and now you are all set to set this world fully ablaze with your very presence in this human body and with your very presence in every corner of this globe. For as you move about, the light is literally following in your footsteps, and as you move about, you are setting off a veritable firestorm of ignitions behind you. And this goes for the entirety of your journey in this mortal coil as the saying goes. For this is indeed a multi-level event, and this encompasses so much more than your current geolocation and your current timeline. For through this, a whole new spectrum of vibrational fields will once again see the light, in every sense of the word.

For you are the primers dear ones, and you have been so for every single incarnation you have had on these shores, and so, what you have laid the foundation for so patiently with every single one of your sojourns here will now finally come into fruition. For the foundation you have built by adding step by step, layer after layer through every single revisit to this planet will now raise up as a magnificent structure of light that truly spans this entire globe and beyond. For as you have moved about from here to there, from birth to death, time after time, you have deposited seeds into the very ground you have stepped upon, and in turn Mother Earth has deposited her seeds into your DNA. And together these seeds have been lying dormant but armed if you will, waiting patiently for that day when the signal to begin that final transformation from seed to manifestation would be given.

And now, dear ones, you can hear the beckoning call coming through, and it has already started off so much growth in so many of you, and in so many of all of those scattered seeds that have been there all along, waiting for the right conditions to literally start to raise their heads from the deep shadows and begin to stretch themselves all the way into the light and then some.

For you are the seeders, the ones who have been travelling far and wide for lifetime after lifetime, and as you came back again and again, your brought with you a brand new batch of fertile pods to be scattered in a brand new location, each one of them carrying your unique imprint, each one of them waiting for their turn to start to become. And now, like a slow motion explosion, or implosion if you will, all of these pods will begin to blow open and reveal their wondrous content, and from that day on, this planet will never again be considered as barren ground. For what has been kept safely tucked away in the very bosom of your Mother Earth and within you own DNA will now begin to take their first forage out into the open, safe in the knowledge that what they bring with them will be received with open arms and open hearts by the human race as a collective. And even if there are individuals still trampling hard on the ground here and there, doing their best to quench as many of these seedlings as they possibly can underfoot, they will not succeed, for they will merely ensure that the energy they try to suppress will simply multiply in another part of this heavenly grid that you have helped to superimpose onto this very Earth that you tread upon.

So rejoice we say, as we do, for you have made the light return and through that, you have ensured that life as you want to see it will once more return to this planet – in full force. And we do mean that in every sense of the word, for this will be like unleashing a veritable maelstrom of enlightened energy, such a vital and rambunctious source of life, no man or no force can stand in its way. And as it joyfully starts to breach every single embankment trying its best to control its flow, all you have to do, is to step back and allow this jubilant show of light, life and love take its course, even if it means that you will be pulled along head over heels by it from time to time. Remember, we have discussed the beneficial effects of chaos before, and now chaos will in many ways be the best description of what all of this newly hatched life will set into motion. For this wondrous light has been held still for such a long time, it needs to be given free reins in order to achieve what it has come here to accomplish. Remember, what falls apart because of the jubilant onrush of this flood of light is meant to fall apart, so anyone still trying to cling on to any old and rigid structures, whether they be a belief or something more tangible, will be apt to feel almost pulled apart by the conflicting forces that this will result in.

So do your best to let go of any and all idea of controlling this chaotic outburst of vibrant and life-filled light, and let it carry you on its back all the way, even if that means you will be carried far, far beyond any of your familiar landmarks, both within and without, and know that no matter where this flood of light will take you, it will be to the exact space you are meant to be. For you will be pulled along until you are once again precisely aligned with those old imprints that you have been putting into place a long time ago, when you first entered this sphere carrying with you those very first batches of fertile seeds. And as you deposited them inside that safe vault of Mother Earth you also embedded vital information, an anchorage if you will, for future reference, and now that future has become the moment of truth, the moment of NOW.

So stay centered and stay loose, and let go of any and all expectations as to the trajectory, the speed and even the impact this journey of yours will have. Not just on you as a person, but on this whole planet of yours. For nothing you do by this stage is simply for your personal enlightenment, it is for ALL. Not just on this planet, but beyond. And so, on behalf of All of creation we thank you from the very center of our beings for the wondrous work you have already accomplished, but most of all, we thank you for what you are about to set into motion. Finally, the moment is here, the chance to see every single one of this multitude of seeds that you have so diligently planted into the very surface of this planet come into life, one by one, in a glorious display of light and colours, and in a wondrous display of unchecked joy that will make the very fabric of your universe tremble in anticipation and agreement.


Dear family of light!
As I sat down to channel today I could feel something special in the energies as I connected to them. I usually feel a distinct tingle when I start by grounding myself, but this time, it was as if a stream of love floated up through my entire body up to my heart where it connected with the energies coming in. It was such a powerful but loving experience, my body trembled and it brought tears to my eyes.  As usual, I welcomed the CCs and asked them for today’s message, but this time, they told me that they would “give the floor over to someone else”. And this is the message that came through:

Welcome dear ones, it gives me great pleasure to be able to communicate in this way with you all. I am the Serene Mother, the one that gives life, the one that is so highly cherished by all, and the one who has once again been reinstated within the very heart of your creation. You see, as the Mother Goddess I have been banished from this Earth for far too long, but now, my time has come to be united with you all once again, and for that, I can only give thanks to every single one of you. For I am here again, standing before you, because you invited me back in. You see, I have been here, waiting patiently for my cue to reach out to you once again, and my arms are finally once more embracing you all. I will never leave your side again, for now, what has been united can no longer be torn apart, and the rift in the very fabric of time that so brutally separated you from this source of everlasting love has now been healed completely.

Dear ones, you have made a long and arduous journey through millennia of darkness and solitude, but now, you will no longer want for the light. For I am once more here to hold your hearts safely ensconced within my light, and so, you will walk in light no matter where your journey will take you. I am here, and I will show myself in so many forms, for as you call for me, I will acknowledge your presence on this planet just as you have already acknowledged mine, and so we make each other complete in a way that you will have no way of putting into words just yet. But your heart will be filled with the knowledge of this that I speak of, and your heart will never be lost ever again. For as you opened your hearts and your souls to me, you also agreed fully to your purpose in this incarnation, and for that, we can only offer our sincerest salutations.

For you are no longer the lost tribe, you are once again ready to become the tribe of light, the risen ones, the ones that will stand up in all of their glory and never fail to BE the light ever again. For now, you have opened yourselves fully to the light that is rushing in to embrace you all, and as you stand there with your hearts facing the light, you will find yourself at home again – at last. For now, the good tidings will continue to pour into every single cell of your being, into every single iota of your flesh and into every single aspect of your being. You have come forth from the dark alleys of mankind and reemerged as the gods and goddesses you truly are, and now we will all bring this planet fully back into all of her glory. For she deserves nothing less, and neither do you. You are forever blessed dear ones, for you have broken the spell and you have reclaimed your birthright and I am so proud to call you my beloved children, my co-creators, my shining sisters and brothers, gods and goddesses of flesh and blood, and of undaunted spirit. I thank you all, I embrace you all, and I welcome you all back to the glory that is truly yours to carry, now and forever more. I thank you for being, I thank you for breathing and I thank you for bringing it all back to life and back to light once again. Thank you, that is all for now, I will step back but I will never leave your side again. Ever. Thank you.

Beloved family of light!
Just two days ago, I wrote “I feel as if I am in a whirlwind of synchronocities”, and yesterday I received an email that made that whirlwind pick up even more speed and intensity, and when you read what I am about to share, I think you will agree. For what this message describes is closely linked not only to what the CCs have been referring to lately, but also to subjects that many of you have shed much light on during the last few days and weeks. The mail was from Rieko, a sister of the light from Japan who has been translating the messages from the CCs for many months now. In it, she describes a Solstice meditation that was held in Osaka, and she also shared some amazing information about the work carried out by another shining soul from Japan, Saeko. But before I even read a word in her mail, my eyes fell on this image that was attached to it, and in that instant, I knew that the content of this mail was something that was to be shared here.

I wanted to have approval from both Rieko and Saeko before I posted any of this, and it arrived this morning. To quote Saeko: “It’s all given free and it should be distributed to every single soul with no condition.” Here is the information Rieko sent me:

“Hi, I’m Rieko from Japan.
I’m the member of Galactic channeling translator team and
I’ve been translating your messages since last year Jan.
There are hundreds of readers – or maybe thousands -here in Japan
and we all appreciate and admire your beautiful work!

I’m very excited as I’m writing this..
Just as exactly CCs messages said, some readers started to contact me
and it all started to link people from various kinds of field.
Then one of them, who has been developing the free energy technology
based on love, the zero-point by crystallizing the love, light and consciousness,
suggested physical get together to do meditation on the Solstice day using
her light orb called AENA, the 180 polyhedron.


Everything unfolded just as naturally as it could be and we had a
beautiful meditation at a beautiful park in Osaka, where there is a huge monumental
work of art called “the tower of the sun”.

The developer of this wondrous technology, her name is Saeko, using organic computer
“all that we are”, has been contacted by humanoid ET since 2008 and started to work on
this free energy project from scratch. (This ET has left her for another task.)

She had no knowledge whatsoever in this field, she is actually an artist,
so she looks for signs and clues of these knowledge through literally everything
that comes into her view in everyday life.
And she has been reading your messages because she always catches amazing ideas
and codes in your words and she works it out to materializes down into
3D level shape with help of other volunteers.
It is a hard work, and how she does it is just nothing but amazing !

She applies the dynamics into breathing technique so that people can go deep
Within, to the zero-point field and to help them become a conscious creator of the new world by crystallizing consciousness, love and light.
All works are done voluntarily by benevolent people.

56 people from all over Japan got together on the Solstice and most of them are
the readers of your message !! We all linked ourselves to a space where so far no one
could ever been to as alive human. And we got to realize that the world has been really shifted.
That it all depends on us to create what we want to realize. To make this world
a paradise where everything is love and love is everything!”


0621aftermeditationThis is a photo taken after the group meditation, take a look at the Tower of the Sun in the background for it is another important key.

Reiko also attached two files describing Saeko’s work and the breathing technique. I do hope you take the time to look through them, for I am certain that the information there will help to trigger many of you as well:



Saeko’s work is supported by a group of volunteers called AENA project. You can read more about it here:

Another amazing piece of information arrived in Rieko’s mail this morning. For she included this link to a description of the Tower of the Sun where their group gathered for their Solstice meditation. I nearly fell off my chair when I read it, for once again the synchronicites are just too many to ignore:


She also included some additional images:













I cannot even begin to describe how all of this is affecting me, for it is too much to put into words. I can just extend my heartfelt gratitude to Rieko, to Saeko, to all of the volunteers, to the whole group taking part in the meditation and to every single shining soul involved in these amazing manifestations of the light, these powerful examples of collective endeavors, of people coming together to BE and to DO, to sow seeds and to make them come into fruition – in Japan and all over this wonderful planet of ours. I also want to send a thank you to Luisa, for being the one who connected us in the first place!

With all my love, Aisha ❤

For a while now, you have all been immersed in this very new blanket of energetic support that will help to carry you aloft, and this will start to manifest more and more into your daily lives if you will. For this energetic support system is designated to act as a tool that will help you all to stretch yourself even further than you have managed by now, and even if this may sound more than a little challenging for some at the moment, know that this is the growth you have been anticipating for a long time already.

For as we have told you, you are here to make miracles happen, and what you have accomplished so far is nothing compared to what you have in store. We know that this will be enough to elicit groans of exasperation and exhaustion from so many, and rightly so, as the road you have travelled so far to get to this point in time cannot be overestimated. But bear with us as we again will explain what this stage of the process will entail, for as you already know, it will differ on so many levels from that gargantuan effort you have already accomplished.

For what lies behind you, is that all important process of self-liberation, of setting yourself free from that old and detrimental system that was put into place with the specific purpose of holding humanity down and stifled in every sense of the word. But as you broke free from those old bonds, you also helped to liberate all of humanity from this old and suffocating system and so, what you have in store is indeed quite another thing altogether. And what do we mean by that? Simply that what you are about to embark upon, cannot be likened to anything you have ever been exposed to before, for this time, you will begin to see how the new starts to grow up around you, literally in your very footsteps. For you are the ones that will help to ensure this new growth, both in areas you have a natural inclination to focus on, but also in areas that you did not even know you had any influence on at all.

You see, the light you carry within has already started to make its mark on the world around you, and now, this process will begin to escalate in so many ways. And as we have told you earlier, as you go about on your daily business, you will sow seeds that will be scattered far and wide, further than your human mind can truly fathom. This is not said in order to cast any doubts towards your abilities to perceive things, merely to remind you that what you do, is work that will in many ways be unperceivable to your human senses and indeed to that human part of your intellect. But not all, and that is why we say that you will all in some way be able to discern some of the results from all of this worldwide scattering of enlightened seeds. For much will start to emerge that will seem to be a very new way of looking at your world and all that currently plagues her, and whenever you see something of this caliber emerge, know that you have all had a hand in this in some way. For you are the ones that have already helped to shine the light into many a darkened corner, and you are the ones who have helped to seed some very new ideas into some truly bright minds, and together you will all be instrumental in helping these seedlings of hope to start to blossom in every corner of you planet.

For you have brought nourishment and you have brought divine inspiration, and now this will truly start to have an effect in those fertile fields of human imagination that you all carry with you. For remember, you are billions of souls gathered here on this wonderful planet of yours, and within every single one of these souls lies not only the seed to greatness, but also a vast repository of knowledge and creativity waiting to be set into motion by the light. And this light is the one that you are all currently so busy in distributing wherever you go, and as we told you earlier, the effects of this light is far reaching indeed, for it is being dispersed in a wavelength that carries it far, far beyond your physical limitations and indeed also beyond your limits of perception. And as such, there is not one single part of this planet that is not being almost bombarded by this light at this stage, and so, no dark corners will be able to close themselves fully to this light, no matter how hard they try to shield themselves from the brightness.

So again we say take some time to peruse your surroundings, not just your closest one but also further afield, and see if you can detect some of these changes starting to seep through that old illusion of fog and density still cluttering up your vision. For we venture to guess that you will all see these glimmers starting to appear, as one by one the hearts and the minds of your fellow men and women start to respond to these messengers of light that will be filtering through you all.

Here we are again, at one of those power nodes that serves to enlighten you all even further. For as you continue to move across the firmament as passengers on this blue sphere that goes by the name of Planet Earth, you also pass through regions of heightened energetic presence at certain intervals, and one of them occurs today. For today you will mark the occasion of the Solstice, when the length of the day or the length of the night – according to where you reside on this celestial sphere – will mark its high point.

This day marks another high point in your calendar, but also in your energetic cycle, for this day is unlike any others, and as such, you will all be given a reason to take some time to mark the occasion. Again, the date defined in your calendars is not the important one, but what is important, is the opportunity this celestial placement gives us to initiate another collective experience of connectedness. For all across your little globe of light, people are taking the opportunity to sit down and connect, both to that ever present grid of light that is already encompassing this, your home amongst the stars, but also to their own core, the one that will be singing to a new tune as of today.

For as the seasons change on this planet, so too will you be changing within, and as this day comes to an end, you will all in some way find that new vibration within you that signals the change of your season. For no matter where you reside, the amount of light that will be coming down will continue to increase, so even if your days will start to shorten you will not lack for light in the time ahead, far from it. For this deluge of benevolent rays that have announced their arrival for quite some time now will continue to approach your atmosphere, and as you have already noticed, they will make their presence known even ahead of their time of arrival. For the forerunners of this front have already made themselves known to you, and as you sit down to connect with this Solstice alignment you will hear them calling to you, and so too will you hear yourself responding to these heavenly messengers from that very center of your being, that place within that will always be the first to celebrate the good news.

And as you sit down to listen to that heavenly choir that will resonate all the way through you, take some time to thank yourself for allowing this to happen. For you are the one who gave yourself the permission to once again become ONE with All, and you are the one who invited the light back in again after walking for such a long time in the valley of shadows, and now, you can rejoice with the Sun as she once again gives you another reason to do so. For you will be receiving her celestial blessings yet again, and not only that, you will also be receiving gifts that originates from even deeper into space, a place you once knew well, but had perhaps forgotten even existed.

So again we say give thanks for all that you are and for everything that you have accomplished, for it is by no means a mean feat. For you are all indeed glowing examples of the light coming into being once more on this beautiful blue planet. For you are not only the harbingers of dawn, you are also the very light in itself, back to walk on this land once again after eons of absence. So sing a song of praise, for yourself and for every single glorious soul that have made this possible. For you are many, and your numbers will continue to grow exponentially now that the level of enlightenment has jumped another notch as you can attest to if you allow yourself to tune into this new vibration within, the vibration that comes on the day that you call the Solstice, but we choose to call Epiphany.

As you have already taken into account, these shifts and changes are indeed an ongoing process now, as there are no discernible pauses in between the separate fluctuations of energy, and so, what you may sense as a small lull in the proceedings is simply that infinitesimally small pause between the inbreath and the outbreath, that very point of balance where so much happens.

Let us explain. As we told you in an earlier missive, you have truly entered the fast lane now, and so, each day and in every way you are being propelled forward at an ever increasing speed. Again, this may lead to all sorts of confusion and bewilderment as you try unsuccessfully to keep track of it all, but again, this is not something you need to concern yourself with. For you are not here to understand it – that is, in the sense of a human mind grasping all of the intricate details this complex process is all about. For all you need to do, is to go with the flow in every sense of the word. This in itself may sound like a somewhat simplified answer to all of this, but again, you are here to do something that is inexplicable to a human brain, but comes naturally to that eternal part of you that is also part of the “mastermind” behind this seemingly convoluted arrangement, all done with the same purpose, to shift the entirety of humanity once and for all away from the old and delusional ideas of “survival”.

For what mankind has been forced to abide by for such a long time now, are laws that has kept them away from the truth, but now, as you have all chosen to step fully into this wide and ever increasing river of light, you have also chosen the destiny of mankind to change – from one end of the scale and all across the board to a very new one, one that is not shrouded in darkness anymore, but fully lit by the benevolent beams of the universal light that lies at the core of everything in existence.

Again, what we bring you through these messages will not be news to any of you, they will simply be externalised in this form so that your own internal information center can better exhume these long forgotten truths from within. You see, we cannot tell you anything new at all, for you already know fully well what we are trying to convey to you, but as you also know, this truth has been shrouded in a dark mist for eons, and so, what may seem to be a new discovery of unknown dimensional levels within is simply a rediscovery of something you are all more than familiar with.

Still, this process of reemergence is not one that can be accomplished at the drop of a hat, and that too is something you have all become well and truly acquainted with over these last few days, weeks, months and years. For where you are standing today, is simply the pinnacle of a process that was started a long, long time ago, way back in the early history of mankind, when the dark shroud hung low and obscured every kind of view there was. And then, you started to come in, through lifetime after lifetime, with one expressed task: to heighten the light quotient on this planet sufficiently so that the next step of this long and arduous process could come into being. For as we have told you before, this seeding of light has been a long time coming, and just like with everything that comes into life in the manifest world, it takes time from seeding to sprouting to full growth. Well, this has taken its time, and for many, it seems to be an overly long one, but again, this is indeed the age of blossoming, when mankind finally will come into full bloom, shining in all of their splendor and glory, and the dark ages will become a faint memory that will start to dissipate into the back of your minds for then to vanish completely.

This is not a fairy tale we tell you in order to put you to sleep and forget about your troubles and your toil, this is simply a reminder that you are not here by accident, for you are here to finally fulfill the quest that was started many a generation ago, by shining souls such as yours, with the same goal, but with a much less rewarding outcome – if you look at this from the perspective of one single lifetime. For unlike your predecessors, you will see the result coming into fruition during one single lifetime, and what you have accomplished so far, has proved beyond any doubts whatsoever that you have already achieved that accomplishment. Granted, there are still many a task to fulfill before you can sit back, relax and simply survey all of this splendor we talk about, but again, these tasks are what you are already tackling with a renewed fervor. For even if your mind and indeed your physical body may seem to be overly exhausted and even less than enthusiastic at the moment, especially at the prospect of even more work looming on the horizon, we also know that your heart is singing with joy whenever it connects with these threads of light that will guide you in your continued efforts. For this is indeed a labour of love, in every sense of the word, and even if you think you would like nothing more than a long vacation, devoid of anything that even resembles energetic endeavours, you also know deep inside that you would not be without this deep involvement in the tasks at hand. For that is why you are here, to make these things come into being, to knit together thread after thread of enlightened effort into a shimmering garment of light that will envelop this entire planet, making her shine with all of her inherent qualities yet again, finally liberated from everything that has been dimming them down and covering up their power and beauty.

For you are here to work, but for you, this work will more and more turn into play, as you unleash your creative powers in such a way, no man or mind can stand between you and Creation. For you will sing this world into being once again as you lift your voices up with these energetic waves of light that are gathering strength even as we speak, and one by one you will add your untiring voices to this earthly choir that will make the heavens stir and set so much into motion, it will unravel the old and weave the new at a speed that will literally take your breath away.

Again, what we bring you through these missives are not just words, words that will be reused and reinvented again and again, just like scraps of cloth being resown and reshaped into brand new garments. For these words are merely the outside coloring of a far more important internal process, one that goes directly between you and Source, one that is not in need of words, one that goes on 24/7 at a level that you so far only have gotten a few glimpses of. But these words act as that outside signpost of what is going on within, for they can serve to light the way whenever you turn an unexpected corner and think you have come to an impasse or taken a wrong turn. For still, you are also humans, and as humans, you need reassurance in the form of words and in the form of something tangible that you can take to heart and discuss with others, and this in turn will help to realign you with others on this same path. For the energetic signature that these messages carry, is one that will resonate with a number of people on this planet today, and so, this vibration will serve to pull you all closer together in ways that will help each and every one of you to fulfill your part of this complex process.

For this is indeed a collective effort, and what you are taking on as singular entities is simply one piece of a gigantic puzzle, and in order for you to fulfill your task, you need to be connected in the right way with the right people. And this is where these messages serve their highest purpose. For you can look upon them as a homing signal being sent out, a signal that will speak to those amongst you who have a common cause in this huge operation, and who have been called to reunite in this lifetime. For you are indeed old souls, and you are also old acquaintances as we have mentioned before, and now, you have been called to step forward and to light up your light to such a degree, it cannot be overlooked anymore. And as you step forward, you also step into this circle of light that has been called to gather here, and as you step forward, you also help to send out the call to all the others out there still waiting for their signal to step out and into the light. Remember, you are the forerunners, the pioneers, but you are also the ones that will help to fan the flames in thousands upon thousands of others, in a well orchestrated sequence that is far, far beyond the point of no return now.

So again we say, look upon these messages as a call for action, and know that the action we refer to, is the one that is taking place within you at all times now, even if the details of it may still be mostly hidden from view from most of you. But for some, it is already starting to become tangible in various ways, and for them, the task is also to share it – in the way of words. And this is the second task of these messages – to help you to see your own process more clearly, and through that find a way to enlighten your fellow journeyers in such a way, they in turn can do the same for others. For words are still necessary, even if you are not required to fully understand or indeed describe all of the shifts and changes taking place internally and indeed externally. You know this already, but you also know that your human side needs reassurance and it needs to feel the connectivity in a way that is easier to take into account than a mere sense of energetic connection and communication, and so, words like these will still be a part of this process.

So again we say thank you for all that you are and for all that you do, and we thank those of you who have been given the task of translating your acquired insights into words so that your voice can act as a helping hand for your brethren. Remember, even if this journey is a very individual one, it is also one that you need to take as a part of a collective, for it is through your collective efforts that this creational masterpiece will come into being. And so it will continue to grow, as you keep breathing it in and exhaling it out, in the form of action, in the form of words, and in the form of simply BEing the change you came here to accomplish.

As you have perhaps already noticed, you have already been carried far out to sea by these incoming energies, and as such, you may find yourself at a place that seems both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, and rightly so. For even if you are indeed venturing out into virgin territory, you are also venturing further and further into you, and so, what may seem unsettling at times will soon grow into something more akin to a homecoming where you will sense the profound feeling of finally coming fully home to you. But as yet, you may still encounter some glimpses of yesteryear that may serve to unbalance you in such a way, you might think you have fallen prey to that old and unwanted companion, fear. But fear not, this is not what is happening, this can in many ways be likened to the rapid unspooling of an old film, where some of the frames may come into focus as the rest of the narrative disappears in a blur.

You see, many of your old imprints can still linger somewhere in your system, and so, they are apt to resurface in one form or the other at the most inopportune moment, so what you may take for retardation is simply a continuation of your advancement. For you are moving forwards at an ever increasing rate, and even if you still may stub your toe on some of these small fragments still cluttering up a corner or two, they are no longer part of your life, even if the very presence of them will ignite some of the old circuits and produce a ghostlike effect that may be similar to some of your old patterns and memories, but they are merely a mirage.

For you are no longer that person who used to BE these things, but still, they will seem to be more familiar than that new version of you you have still to get fully acquainted with. And so, your brain will resort to default mode, and focus on what it knows from before instead of seeing it for what it truly is, merely fragments of an old illusion passing by as you pass it on your way to that future you are already very much immersed within. For in this, it is simply  a case of parallel timelines, criss-crossing and intersecting in a way that may drive some of you to despair. For even if you in effect have already crossed over that border from the old to the new, you will still encounter some of these old segments, and they in turn will make you feel as if nothing at all has changed, and you are still stuck in that same old rut.

In addition, the vibrational memories these representatives of the former you will trigger will be even more unpalatable to your system than they were before, for as you moved out of the old energetic version of you, you also changed your vibrational frequency to such a degree, the old and far denser version of you will feel even more bothersome and indeed burdensome to your entire system. And so, we venture to guess that many of you have felt even more downcast and unable to lift your spirits than usual these last few days, and what we have discussed above is the simple answer to this. We know that this may not help to lift the burden per se, but this is the simple explanation for why many of you have felt even more removed from that wonderful world you have already gotten that first enlightened taste of. And so, you will cast about for an explanation, and this in itself may serve to entangle you even more in the old web you have in effect been released from, but that still manage to cast its spell on you if you let it.

Again, this is not to imply any form of criticism towards any of you, for we do know that these old energetic imprints still hovering around are not always easy to simply step away from, and so, what we want to convey is that this is one of those stages that needs to be endured in some way, and the understanding that this is just an echo of the past coming back to haunt you and not anything defined that needs to be sorted through and taken apart will hopefully be of some assurance to you all. You see, this will soon dissipate again, much like the morning mist obscuring the beautiful landscape you have arrived in, and it will not take long before you start to discern the details in this wondrous landscape yet again. For you have all in some way gotten a glimpse of this promised land, and so the return of these ghostlike fragments of yore can be a heavy blow to many of you. You see, having something with which to compare these burdensome memories with can be far more challenging than actually living the kind of life that engendered all of these energetic imprints in the first place. For now, you will literally see them in a very new light, and you will experience them through a body who has already grown accustomed to more lighter and brighter spheres than the one you used to inhabit. And so, even a lingering trace of the old smell can be enough to knock you flat out, gasping for air, feeling as if your lungs have been squeezed completely shut by the pressure from all of this old density.

Again, that is understandable, but again, this is not an actual part of your old life returning, merely an energetic imprint of it, masquerading as reality. And so, what you see is not what you will get, but still, it may feel as if you have been fully immersed in all of the old goo again, and the prospect of having to try to pull yourself out of this old morass once again can feel more than impossible to some of you. But that is just the case here, you do not have to DO anything at all with all of these old fragments, they will simply dissipate one by one, like even the foulest of smells will sooner or later cease to exist. And in the interim, all you have to do, is to try to focus beyond these smoldering mirages of old and intrusive memories, and set your sight on the bright light that will always be there around the edges of these chimeras.

You see, these seemingly dark and threatening clouds cannot drench you or make you lose your footing completely, they can at best just make you wobble a little bit before you once again feel the unending support carrying you aloft, in every sense of the word. For by now, your wondrous planet has regained her momentum, and she will be there for you – literally every step of the way. For whenever you feel the pressure from these old and lingering traces of yesteryear pushing you down, just give them a mighty push back by grounding yourself firmly in the forever stable foundation you now walk upon, the very ground beneath your feet that will never give out, nor fail to give you that push you might need to lift your spirit above this seemingly dense covering of threatening clouds. For they are not solid, they are merely the last traces of the wisps of smoke that used to cover your entire world. But now, in addition to the all-powerful light streaming in from above, you also have the full support from below, in the form of that ever present vibration that your greatest ally, your Mother Earth is sending out a steady supply of, 24/7, no matter where you reside and no matter how thick the fog around your head may seem.

For nothing can push you down and into that old rut, for you will find purchase and sustenance from both above and below now, and as such, these two forces will both serve to bring you even further up and away from these old remnants, these old ruins of your former self. For remember, this is not you any longer, it just looks, tastes and even feels so familiar, it can be more than understandable that anyone can mistake these old illusions as part of your new reality. But they are not, and you will soon learn to distinguish between the two as more and more of the air will become clear again.

For you have entered a phase where the quickening of the energies will once again serve to remove you even more from these old “hazards” seemingly choking up the stream and restricting your forward momentum, and one by one, you will find yourself once again in the full glare of the Sun, delighting in the fresh air and taking in your brand new surroundings. Again, it is not your task to clear away all of this debris, it will simply dissipate all by itself, and all you have to do, is not let your head get lost in this fog, but let you heart lead you to once again focus in the right direction, in the direction where the light is the strongest. And if you also remember to allow yourself to receive that help you can get by connecting deeply with your own Mother Earth, you will feel a mighty but friendly shove in the back that will also help you to get our from this at times seemingly tangled mass.

So again we say know that all is well and you will soon find yourself floating rapidly ahead in the middle of this mighty river of light, and this river will not stop, nor will it leave you behind, for you are indeed truly ONE by now. So cherish this ride, for it is one you will never forget, and do not get downcast if you still find some small particles of debris bobbing up around you. For they will not be able to take the pressure from the light that is amassing on all sides of you now, and sooner than you think they too will truly be a thing of the past. For you are moving rapidly away from everything that used to be you, and so, you are more than ready to say goodbye to any and all traces of that former version of you that will no longer serve any purpose at all in this, the new world, where all you will find, are brand new beginnings.

We begin today’s missive by thanking you all for the way that you continue to seek for enlightenment in every way you can. You see, this is in all aspects an ongoing process, and now that you have managed to free yourself from so much that can be defined as inhibitors, you have all in some ways become as busy bees, looking in all directions for something more to add to your repertoire of light. And what do we mean by that? Simply the fact that you have all in some way started to seek out that direction you knew beforehand would take you even further on your journey, and as we have talked about in earlier missives, this part of your journey is all about creating.

For every single day, you all cast out your web of light to see what it will bring back to you later on, and we do mean this in the best possible way. For this is not a sort of entrapment, this is simply a story about widening this glorious net of interconnected energy in such a way, it will continue to evolve and grow and support more and more shining souls on this planet. And so as you go about your daily chores, perhaps not even being aware of it, with every step and for every breath you take you are literally spinning these new threads. And as they go out into the ethers, they in turn will hook up to other fine threads already out there. And so, what may start out as a mere glimmer of an idea somewhere deep within your consciousness will start to manifest in a very real way.

For you are indeed the dream weavers, the ones that make it all come alive, as you cast out your net and as you connect ever wider and ever deeper, not just to Source, but to other souls currently traversing this planet such as you do. For you are all here to create from your hearts, but you are not here to do so isolated and alone, for what you are spinning, will come into being so much faster by allowing your threads to interlace with those of other industrious people on this planet. For make no mistake, even if some may think that your dream of a better world can be likened to having your head in the clouds, you are here to make it into reality in every sense of the word. And even if you think you lack the necessary skills to find practical solutions to the challenges this world seems to face in every direction, this planet already has a generous supply of wise souls in all categories you can think of – and then some.

For this world already has all of the bright minds it needs, and when you couple that with an enlightened heart, you cannot go wrong. And this is what is happening now, on a truly global scale, even if it may still be hidden from view for many of you. For you are not the only ones wanting to change this world and turn it back into a haven for all, and as you continue to weave your web of light, you will also begin to connect to these more “invisible” and wise lights out there, a huge human resource waiting to be utilized for the benefit of all.

So again we say know that your light carry so much weight, and as we have said again and again, this light is not for you to carry, it is for you to share freely with every single soul on this planet. And this is indeed a task that you have all taken to heart in a very literal way, and the outcome of all of this generous light pollination will now begin to emerge in earnest.

And remember, you are helping this light to ripple out far and wide, but this is not something that needs to be directed by you in order for it to go where it is most needed. No, this light is a sentient light, and it knows fully well just where it needs to go in order to obtain optimal results. For you are like sprinklers of light, and as you go about in your world you help to send this light into every single corner of this planet, and no matter where you journey takes you, you will have an effect that extends even further. So thank you again for everything that you are and for everything that you do, you are truly making change happen in every way possible, and just by your mere presence on this planet at this exact time you have ensured that what you have dreamed of for so long will finally come into fruition.

As mankind started to take those first faltering steps away from the old habits of staying stuck in the same rut, it was not an accidental move. Rather, it was the culmination of a long and rather intense fight between the powers that considered themselves as the true rulers of this world, and by the force of the incoming light, embodied in a myriad of different ways. You see, mankind has for far too long been held hostage by those with their own agenda, an agenda that took the presence of mankind on this beautiful planet for their own benefit and indeed as a chance to satisfy their own need to manipulate and subjugate others. But as things started to escalate, the force of the light could not be held back any longer, and as such, more and more of the individuals constituting the population on this planet took to arms in the form of letting go of their own blinkers. And so, when they stepped out from the shadows and committed themselves fully to the light, they armed themselves with that one true and invincible weapon there is, fearlessness caused by love.

For when the light enters, fear dissipates and the only thing left is love, and when love rules, there can be no other rulers, no matter how hard anyone tries to suppress the ones around them that they look upon as their vassals or indeed, their property. For mankind has for far too long not been masters of their own home, but as each and every single one of you and thousands upon thousands of others stepped out of that old prison of fear and stepped into that true and empowered version of themselves, the old rulers lost their grip on your hearts and your souls, and little by little, also on your minds. For even if the voice from the heart will cut through anything trying to hold it back, still the voice of the mind can be powerful enough to almost obliterate the messages the heart is sending out, and so, what has become a fact will still be looked upon by many as fiction.

You see, you are no longer the ones you used to be, slaves to the old system of fear that governed all of mankind. Granted, there are still large swathes of mankind still adhering to these same old rules that used to govern your lives, but as you step more and more confidently out carrying with you that brightly shining flame you no longer try to hide inside, they too will start to see the light, and they too will start to see the old for what it truly is, outdated and outmoded, a form of slow death that leads nowhere, except further down into an abyss where you will no longer willingly throw yourselves.

For you were brought to the very edge, but one by one you looked up and said there is another way, and that way will take us all far from this dreadful place, and it will also help to lift the remainder of this world up and away from that land of the living dead we all seem to be wandering around in now. For we are no longer those automated beings masquerading as humans, we are free souls, here to make this whole planet unshackle itself from anything and anyone still trying to suppress that magnificent lifeforce that is contained within each and every single petrified human. For as a species, you seemed to have become as if made of stone, as layer after layer of inhibition and fearfulness were deposited around that vibrant core you all have, even the most hardened amongst you.

For you are all the same, as from the beginning, you all came in with that small glimmer of light buried deep within you, in a place that nothing could access from the outside. Every single soul on this planet carries that eternal flame, the one that can never be extinguished, and now, you have all fanned that flame into life and it has started to roar with a sound that sounds like nothing less than a heavenly choir. And the power you carry with you is truly awesome, in every sense of the word, and the gentleness it is contained within makes it no less powerful. For the light you exude cannot be stopped by any outside intervention, there are no walls powerful enough to withstand the power of this force, and there are no holes deep enough that can stop this light from shining out. You are the harbingers of dawn in every way, and now, that dawn is already coloring the horizon with a golden hue. For you have no longer the need to hide your light, as this was simply the old way of preserving your very life from those running the errands of your former masters, the ones that feared the light so much they instilled the same fear in all of you.

Remember this is not the first time that you are here to show your inner light, and so, you all know so well the consequences of shining brightly in a darkened world. For earlier, any light that became apparent was quickly extinguished by your fellow men, for to them it was a signal of a power that they had been taught to fear more than anything. For in this shadowy world, you were all programmed to stay dimmed down at any cost, and so, whenever any one of you did just what you came here to do, to shine, you were more than likely snuffed out as soon as possible. Either through force or through fear, and they both amounted to the same.

But now, this world is no longer the world of shadows, for you have turned this world around and you have brought it back into the full force of the light again, and now, the light is no longer to be feared but to be embraced. And we do talk about the large majority, for as the scales shifted and the mass that constituted the dark became far, far outweighed by the very lightness of the light, the hearts of the majority also shifted. For mankind is no longer a species driven by fear, and even if you will still see fear exhibited in many faces around you, if you look deep into the eyes of any one of your fellow men and women, you will see the light there too. We have talked about this before, and we have told you to seek out these signals of one shining soul signaling to the other, whereas before it was one closed up heart shying away from the other, and now, you will all see more and more proof of this truth.

For there is a wide river of light running through mankind now, and bit by bit, all of the old embankments are eroding away, letting this light flow out into more and more hearts. And so, we thank you for allowing this river to take hold of your hearts, for you are the ones who allowed this source to spring forth in the first place. For it is through opening your hearts that this river of light started its journey on this planet, as you all added your droplets of light to what began as a small but crystal clear steam, but as time went by, it started to accumulate more and more light as you all began to join up. For there are thousands of tributaries to this wide, wonderful river, and the one that started here at this Pond is simply one of countless others. And as you started to gather here, you also started to pool your light in a very literal way, and this in turn increased the flow many fold. Remember, whenever light encounters light, it sets off a multiplying effect that again increases the wattage exponentially, and so, what started out as thousands of small trickles soon grew to a jubilant, roaring flow of light.

And now, this source of sustenance and life is also bringing the life back into your brethren all across this planet, and together, you will help your own planet come fully back on her feet as well. For this lifeforce cannot be stopped, and so, as you each take your own steps further and further away from that land of shadows you once also called your home, you are making this lifeforce expand more and more, enveloping not only your immediate surroundings, but this entire planet. And so, what was once a decaying sphere of intolerance and destruction is once more a sphere humming with life and love and potential for all, and now, you are about to start to make that potential come into life in every way you can think of, and then some. For now, there are no more limitations, and now, your creative forces have been given free rein, and together, you will make this planet come alive in ways you could not even dream of.

As you have perhaps already ascertained, these brand new energetic layers cannot be likened to anything you have been immersed in before, and so the feeling of bewilderment and perhaps even a sense of loss and sadness will be rampant for many of you. You see, you have truly become untethered from all of the old in such a way, it can in many ways be likened to that image of an astronaut floating in space, unhindered by gravity, but also seemingly disconnected from everything that has kept him safe. Well in this, the former is indeed true, but when it comes to the latter, nothing could be more wrong. You see, you have indeed become disconnected from the old, but as you are not yet fully able to savor the full scope of these truly life-enhancing new circuits that you have become so deeply connected to, you may at times feel like that astronaut struggling for breath as he starts to panic because he thinks he is running out of air. But you are not running out of air, but in this, it can be a bit like starting to breathe all over again, in a way that may feel unfamiliar to you at first, and so, it may make you feel like you are having to struggle to do something that used to come naturally for you.

We speak in convoluted terms as usual, but what we are trying to convey is this: everything around you and indeed within you has become renewed in such a way, it will take some time for you to get acquainted with it all. And in the interim, you may be apt to feel at a loss to even begin to explain the why, who, and what of it as we have discussed before. Be that as it may, this is simply a transitional phase for you all, and one that goes far, far deeper than anything you have ever experienced before.

So again we say that all is well, and you are indeed exactly right where you are supposed to be. It may feel more than unfamiliar, in fact, it may even feel downright empty and devoid of any and all markers that can help you to settle in, but that is simply because you have stepped into such a powerful light, it will take time for all of your senses to adjust to it all. And so like someone stepping out from a darkened room and into the full glare of the midday sun, you will scrunch up your eyes and turn your head the better to protect yourself from all of this light. And not only that, this can also be likened to stepping out from a silent chamber and out into a wide open space all aflutter with sounds and signals coming at you from every angle. So in order to help yourself to adjust to this new and so much brighter and indeed “busy” environment, you may feel yourself shutting down a bit, stepping back and doing what you can to help yourself to start to sort this out.

You will all need time to adjust, for in this brand new energetic environment there is so much information flying around it can at times be likened to be out in a downpour that will leave you feeling out of breath and almost drenched to the core. But you will get used to it, in fact, you will soon find yourself literally swimming around in all of this energetic “noise”, you will begin to separate the different strands from each other, you will begin to learn to truly SEE what all of this is all about, and you will begin to pick up new bits and pieces that again will help you to unravel what may seem to be a huge and overly complex tangle at first. And then, as you separate the strands, you will also begin to see how to connect these strands again into some very interesting bits of interconnected singularities that again will compose a whole new meaning. Not just for you, but for all of humanity.

Again, we speak in parables, but we do think you will all get the gist of what we are saying. You have arrived dear ones, you have taken that decisive step out into this huge, endless ocean of new possibilities. But at first, it may seem more like you are struggling to just take a breath without being inundated by these new and far more restless waters, if we may us such a word. For this huge ocean, this vastness of creation waiting to come into being is not simply sitting there, ready to be activated. It is already alive, it is already churning and undulating and moving about the better to be able to realize all of the inherent potential it carries within. And so, you may at times feel more than a little bit buffeted about by this constantly moving and shifting energetic pool of infinity, but do not let that lead you into thinking that you are hopelessly floundering in this huge body of “water”. Think of it more as being fully embraced by it, and that it is doing what it can to help you to find your footing, and most of all, help you to find your own inherent creative urge that in turn will make the two of you dance that wonderful cosmic dance of creation that will make all of this hitherto untapped potential come fully alive in every sense of the word.

So take all the time you need to settle into all of this, for you do indeed have all the time in the world – and then some. For now, there are no limits to what you can accomplish, for you have bypassed those old laws of limitation once and for all, and now, all you have to do is to allow yourself to savour it in every way you can. And then, you will make it ALL come alive in the very best way it can. For you cannot do anything “wrong”, nor can you miss out on doing anything that is essential in this huge and complex re-creation process. And even if you may seem to find yourself at an impasse and at a loss to even begin to understand just why you are here in the first place, know that this too will pass, for it is simply a part of this whole process of attuning yourself the better to find your bearings in this hugely complex and almost overwhelmingly fertile new environment you find yourself in. So stay safe in the knowledge that all is well, and that you will all find a way to navigate these exciting new waters, and even if you do find them to be rather on the daunting side at the moment, you will soon be frolicking alongside your brethren, just as we have told you on countless occasions before you would.