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By now, you will all have been well acquainted with these endless fluctuations of energy coming into your being, and we venture to guess that you have all in some way been able to access hitherto unexplored territory within. This may not feel as any major feat to some of you, as you have so far probably not been able to get but a small sip from that huge ocean of endless information that lies within, but still, we do think it has whetted your appetite for more. For more is to come dear ones, and it will come in fits and starts, in huge chunks and in tiny morsels, and probably when you least expect it to. For in this, as in everything else, trying to force your way forwards will not work very well, as it is by simply allowing yourself to let go of the need to control this process that you will be able to fully enter this ocean of the future. And so, whatever it takes, make sure you do not make the mistake of setting up a plan on how to do this.

For remember, mankind has a habit of making up little lists, you even call them your “to do lists”, and you have trained yourselves well to think that as long as you follow this carefully constructed paper trail, you will find yourself moving forwards at an appropriate speed, and you will reach your designated goal just as you have planned it. Well, this is not one of those old and literally single dimensional journeys, and this is certainly not a course to be taken or a piece of furniture to be assembled according to that enclosed manual. What you are doing, is something very, very different indeed, and that is why we are saying to you over and over again to let go of any preconceived notions as to how to go about this in the first place.

For the more you try to find the “right” way to do this, the more you will literally be getting in your own way, and the more you follow what you have learned is an eminent tool – namely planning ahead and acting out a carefully put together sequence in order to advance towards your goal – the more you will be apt to lose yourself in your own good intentions. So again we say, throw caution to the winds, stop trying so hard to DO and try to just BE YOU. This will sound like a rather childish and over-simplified way to go about this, but again, we have told you before to become as if a child again. Remember, we are trying to guide you through that process of liberating yourself from the old bonds of being a human being within the strict confines that have been erected around you, and the only way to do that, is to stop acting like one. You see, you have all your lives been carefully trained to do the right thing at the exact right time, and if you have ever been encouraged to think outside the box, there have been some very strict rules underlying that seemingly liberated way of going about things. For to be a human, is to follow a very set way of being, and especially a very set way of DOING things, and so, as this pattern has been worn so thoroughly into you all, it has literally produced a very deep groove within you that is hard to escape from. For even if you THINK you are free, you will in many ways still act according to that old and imbued way of thinking and acting, and as such, it takes quite a lot of effort to shake oneself loose from that old groove. But the biggest challenge is this: the effort we refer to, is in fact the opposite of effort. For you need to become effortless in a way that will make all of those old rules and instructions become null and void once and for all.

Again, we will seem to be talking in extremely convoluted terms, but what we are trying to tell you all, is that this is in fact so much more simple than what many of you are trying to wrap your heads around at the moment. Do not forget, we have an intimate knowledge of mankind, and even if we can be criticized for only seeing you “from afar”, we can only see too well the old patterns repeating themselves, seemingly endlessly. Except for in a few instances, when we see the joy and exuberance in someone suddenly realizing the gist of this message: becoming free is simply a question of acting as if you are. In other words, you need not change anything in your daily life, you need only see it for the true illusion it really is, and when this really sinks in, all of the old patterns will melt away like a sundae in the midday sun.

This may sound like we are oversimplifying, but bear with us as we try to give this to you in a very clear and succinct manner. For what YOU see, are the obstacles, and again and again you try to crash your way through them, like a stubborn creature butting its head again and again into the same wall. But if you lift your eyes, you will see that there is no wall, it is simply a figment of your imagination, and if you simply step back, you can easily step aside and continue onwards, unhindered by what you for so long have seen as an impenetrable barrier between you and the rest of Creation. You see, your mind is still very busy setting up all of these imaginary roadblocks, and so, your frustration continue to increase as you find yourself endlessly searching for that exit-sign somewhere. But none seems to be in sight, and so you try harder and harder to knock down that wall again. Again, to no avail. But if you do manage to step back a little bit, and simply open up to that child inside who will see blue skies where that “adult” in you will see a gray prison wall, you will find yourself flying free under this blue sky, unfettered by that old and still in many ways imprisoned way of thinking that comes so naturally to so many of you.

For you are no longer imprisoned, you simply THINK that you are, and so, the autopilot will kick in once again and you will keep running around and around in that same old rut of frustration and exhaustion. But there is a simple way out, and that is to let go of all of the old notions of working your way out of this prison. For it is indeed this very idea of “working” that is keeping you in there in the first place. So again we say, let go, and jump off that cliff and into the freedom you so long for. It is there for the taking, ready to fall into your lap the very moment you decide to stop trying so hard to reach for it.

The increasing activity in the sky will also induce some increased activities within you all. And no, we are not simply referring to all of that dreaded physical moaning and groaning that your body is apt to perform. Rather, we are referring to those activities that you are all eagerly awaiting, in the form of a deeper connection not only with those aspects of you you have yet to make acquaintance with, but also with the rest of Creation. For now, these long hidden doors will start to creak slowly open, and one by one, you will start to see glimpses of light where you before have seen nothing but blankness. And yes, we do mean that in every description of the word “light”, for the light you will start to distinguish will come in many shapes and forms, and we venture to guess that after this, you will no longer think of light as merely a way of illuminating the surroundings. For we think you will start to realize just what light is, for it is so much more than a particle or indeed a wave, the two conditions your scientists like to define it as. Light is indeed far more variable than that, as it can be likened to a living entity, and a highly intelligent one at that.

For light is so much more than the opposite of darkness, and light is so much more than the presence of something that can be seen. Light is also a carrier of whole worlds of knowledge and information, and yes, we do mean worlds as in the one you are currently inhabiting. As we have told you before, the concept of mass is merely an illusion, a trick of the light if you will, and by and by, you will soon start to get the gist of what we are implying now. For again, we will give you this in the form of little snippets of information, some will perhaps even call it dis-information, for we are never the ones that will give you any answers outright. Much to the dismay of some, but still, this is all part of that much mentioned general plan. For you are the true explorers here, and in order for you to truly regain you true glory and indeed greatness, you must find a way to enter that greatness by your own volition. And as such, you will be asked to reach deep within for any answer that you may seek, and yes, they are all there for you to find, if you choose to do so. And no, this is not simply a ploy set up to give us a leeway out of any commitment, this is simply the name of the game if you will.

For you came here to remember, in order to resurrect not only yourselves, but this whole planet also from the clutches of fear and despair, and from that deep, deep pit of powerlessness humanity have hurled themselves into. So just like someone walking with crutches for a long time, your mind will tell you to keep holding on to those crutches, even after your body is more than strong enough to walk freely without them. And when we say crutches, we refer of course to that old and dare we say inbred notion of the need to be rescued by an outside rescue mission, in the form of some gung ho troops sweeping in to sweep you off your feet and put everything back into order again, while you watch timidly from a corner somewhere, like a shy maiden at a tournament. Well, this is not a game, nor a tournament, this is simply a lesson in growing back to your former glory, and as such, this is not a spectator sport in any way.

We know our words will be irksome and annoying to some, as they do go against the grain at times, but we are simply trying to remind you of your former glory, the better to make you ready and eager to regain that glory by opening yourself up to the knowledge that lies behind those seemingly water-tight compartments put up by your human mind. And yes, they may seem unbreakable and unassailable, but they are no more real than the rest of the illusion you see around you. And yes, just like that illusion seems to be the only reality you can rely on, the fact that you are an all-knowing and wise soul deeply connected to the vastness of creation will seem to be no more real than the illusion presented in your films. But in fact the opposite is the real truth, but this switch between what is perceived as real and what is perceived as mere illusion or even delusion is a hard one to make, and that is why we will keep pushing and prodding you with our words and with the energy that these messages contain, and that is why the light is keeping up doing the same. For this light that we mentioned at the beginning of this message is an interesting one indeed, for it is not simply what you see whenever you push a button or a switch in a dark room in order to bring the light in there. No, this is something far more complex indeed, and so, it will also serve to push and prod at you in all sorts of ways, and not only as the light be present as a visible presence.

In other words, the light we refer to is also that which you cannot see, for as we have already mentioned, the visible spectrum of light according to the human eye and indeed brain is an extremely narrow one, and you will simply see a small sliver of it. But now, you will be inundated with the full bandwidth if you will, and this light will start to talk to you in all sorts of ways. So yes, especially during the night time, when there may be no discernible light at all, will you be surrounded and indeed bathed in this light that comes in all shapes and forms as we mentioned earlier. So at times, you may find yourself almost crowded in by it. We say this in order to make you understand that these forms of light will indeed behave in ways that you have yet to experience, and as such, they might be apt to trigger remnants of fear within some of you. For they may seem to be “foreign”, and as you will perhaps be exposed to much of this during the night, it will be easy to fall into the conclusion that there must be something “dark and sinister” about this unseen light. And so, the step to think that this must be some form of unknown darkness instead will be a short one. But again we say, stay centered, and stay safe in the knowledge that you are all protected in all sorts of ways, and the only “danger” you will encounter, is that of your mind trying to send you into a tailspin of fear because it is uncertain as to how to encounter these new and very “foreign feeling” frequencies. So the only thing you need to do, is to literally step into this light with YOUR light, and then, you will find yourself being greeted by something you realise is a long lost friend.

For your light is the only guiding light you will need, and as long as you remember to hold your light high, you will never step away from it, and you need not fear going into fear. For your mind will always try to protect you whenever it encounters something unknown, and it will do so by triggering your own inherent danger signals, and it will do so at the first whiff of something that may feel “off” because it is something that it is not familiar with. Again, all you need to do, is to BE the light at all times, and then you will see the light coming in for what it is. And never fear dear ones, that there might be some unseen darkness also lurking in the corners. For that darkness will never step forwards into your own light, nor into any other form of light, and as such, it can never come into your presence ever again.

For you are sovereign beings, each and every one of you, and it is up to each and every one of you to choose what you want to interact with or not. This “new light” may take some time getting used to, but it will not advance any further than you allow it to. It might be “pushy” in the form of making its presence known, but it will not cross the borders you yourself erect and “invade” you in any way. It will simply wait until it is invited in. But again, it will let you know it is there, so it might continue to come a-knocking from time to time if you choose to withhold your invitation for a while. You see, it is here to help you, and it has been ordered to do so by the power that runs through All of creation, but again, it cannot do so against your will.

For as we have told you before, it is indeed up to each and every one of you to choose the speed and indeed the direction and the duration of your journey, and as such, we can only put all of the available tools to your disposal. Whether or not you choose to pick them up and take them into use, is up to you. But this new tool, this light of many names, is a tool that is eager to be put into use by you all, and so, it will also be eager to announce its presence in your vicinity, so do not be surprised if you hear it knocking on your door. And yes, it might do so during the darkest hours of the night, but again, that does not mean it is a signal of something not of the light, far from it. And when it does come knocking, you will know what it is if you answer the door with your light. For then, these different forms of light will know how to speak to each other in a language that you also will understand. For the light will speak in the language of love, the only language it knows.

As many of you have already ascertained, there is a short lull in the proceedings, and none too soon you will perhaps add. For these last few days have been marked by a huge influx of energies, the likes have never before been seen on this little planet of yours. And yes, this is also something that is becoming visible, not only to your scientists, but also to the untrained eye. For your world has started to receive some signals from deep, deep space that was sent out a very long time ago according to your measurements, and now, they are reaching your shores, for the first time ever. And no, we are not referring to anything that can be deemed to be a mere coincidence, for as we have always told you, everything happens when the time is right for it to happen, so too, in this. So if you lift your eyes to the sky, you will see a small pinprick of light that was not there a few days ago, but now, it will seem to become more and more visible, as the signals that was sent out for such a long time ago, now have come to greet you all. We are not referring to any sort of disaster in any way, merely something that your scientists will call a supernova, but that we would like to refer to as the greeter.

For this is just a signal that something far more important than this little celestial greeter is on its way to you. And before you fill your minds with images from the long line of disaster movies your fellow men like to fill you with on a regular basis, we must hasten to add that what we are talking about, is nothing like that. For we are not referring to an actual object hovering in the sky above your planet, casting shadows far and wide in any aspect you may think of. No, we are talking about an influx of energetic particles, much like the ones that are coming your way from your neighbour, the Sun. But what we are referring to, is indeed the same sort of “substance” in the form of energetically charged particles, but these will be particles hailing from a very different source indeed, and that will have an even deeper and more profound effect on you all. And no, not as in breaking you down, if that is perhaps what you have felt like these last few days, we are referring to the kind of particles that will literally charge your engine, in the form of the energetic circuitry, and thus, will enable you to truly become fully connected once again.

So take some time to breathe deeply, and take some time to go back and re-evaluate what you have been through this last week or so, and we think you will all start to see things in a very new light indeed. Perhaps you should even take some time to go back and peruse some of the messages we have given you during this same period as well, for as we told you early on in this sequence of messages, there is much that lies in between the lines here. So if you do try to retrace your steps – and indeed ours – a little bit, we think you will begin to see something new emerge, both within, and indeed without. Indeed, there is so much going on now on all levels, you will all be hard pressed to take in more than mere fragments at a time. That is, the human part of you will perhaps be struggling mightily at times, but the rest of you are taking this all in and savouring it deeply.

For it will be like manna from heaven in every sense of the word, and so, even if you think that this last week has been all about physical incomprehension, fatigue and even downright exhaustion, it has been quite the opposite, if you look at it from our perspective. For we see the full picture, and we see how those old and dormant parts of you are starting to awaken, stretch and yawn and literally welcome in the new light. And as such, what has taken you to the brink of exhaustion, has also taken you to the threshold of complete and total awakening. So yes, look ahead, look above, but do not forget to look back, the better to see what you may have missed out the first time around. Or rather, the better to see what you truly have been given, and what you truly have received within the very core of your being.

(From Aisha: The CCs must be referring to the supernova M82, you can read more about it here.)

You have already been through numerous occasions when you find yourself suffering from the illusion of non-progress, and we are well aware that this is a phase that is taxing for you all. When we use the word illusion, it is with intent, because you are never suffering from a lack of progress, far from it, but as your human brain is still rather limited in its capacity to register progress in any other way than the one you have gotten used to so far in your long line of human existence, it is still quite challenging at times to make you understand that what may be construed as a standstill, or even a step backwards, is in fact nothing else than a giant leap forwards.

Let us explain. As we have oft talked about earlier, mankind has been held within very, very strict confines in all sorts of ways, also those that entails the use of your sensory perception. And as you know more than well already, the range of human capability compared to what you have already learned about the scope of existence, is an extremely shallow one indeed. If we should mention just one concept, the concept of sight, you know fully well that the human eye and the human brain seem capable of processing only a small fraction of the bandwidth that light is emitted in. Well, let us just add to that by saying that the scope is indeed even wider than what mankind has discovered, as your apparatus, no matter how intricately constructed by your scientists, is also lacking in ability as to discover the true scope of what is emitted as light waves. You see, you see only what you are programmed to see, and up until now, that has been quite limited, and the same goes for all of your other sensory capabilities. And so, what you see is merely a infinitesimal small fraction of what you get, to re-coin an old phrase. And so, there is no wonder that what you are able to discern from the world around you will tell you that nothing is happening at all. Not to you, nor to the rest of the known world that you are able to detect through your senses. And so, you will easily fall into despair, and your patience will come to an all-time low.

Again, we are not criticizing you in any way, we are simply pointing out a few facts in order to better aid you in this process, and so, we would like to take some time to point to some facts that will go undetected by most of you. For in time, this will be something that you all will be able to tune into on a regular basis, but as we have mentioned earlier, the “drag” that you all experience means that a sequence of events will take some time to fully register within your system.  And so, any changes that will appear, and they might be extremely profound ones at that, will take some time before they seep into your consciousness. For a human mind is nothing if not tenacious, and as such, even when it is put before some clear cut and well defined changes, it will still try to balk at the idea of change in itself, and so, it will continue on in the same vein for quite some time before it actually adheres to the new laws of nature. We use this concept with intent also, as you have all gotten used to a life that is in all aspects ruled by what you deem to be unchangeable laws, like a “law of gravity”, the concept of time, the speed of light, and so many other “rules” and “laws” that you consider to be literally as unchangeable as if written into stone. Therefore, when a shift comes that literally shifts about on these concepts, your human mind will simply discard this as impossible, and will not even take time to try to ponder the facts that it is presented with.

This is simply a natural part of living as a human being, and as such, it is not something that comes as a surprise to any of us. Rather, it has been a well defined factor from the very beginning in this process, and so, the need to keep informing you about the real changes taking place has been written into this plan from the onset. For you fail to see the majority of changes that take place, simply because your brain refuses to acknowledge them. And it does so, because it has been trained to do so. So what you all will have to do, is to make your brain unlearn some of the old tricks it has picked up. This will in many ways be like training a little used part of you body, perhaps a small muscle somewhere that you did not even know existed, and as it has been lying dormant for such a long time, it itself has gotten used to not being used at all. And so, it needs to be coaxed into becoming a vital part of your body again, and as usual, this may come at a price at first. For as you all know more than well, anything not used will simply start to wither away, and when it is being put into use again, it will moan and groan and put up quite a racket at times, just like that dormant muscle will, if you ask it to start to exercise its abilities again after a long and leisurely break.

You may find these words to be a little bit flippant perhaps, but we are not saying this in order to make you feel like under-achievers in any way. We are simply reminding you that you have at your disposal a set of tools that you have yet to uncover and put into use. For they are all here, ready to be taken out from that old and cobwebby box they have been kept in for eons, and as such, you do have what it takes, but it might take some time to understand what it really is you do have. For you have got what it takes to start to tap into ALL of the information that surrounds you, and indeed is within you, and when you do, you will start to see, to hear, to know and to understand in a very new way. For then, you will see far beyond what the human concept of seeing is, and you will start to hear things that no human ear have been able to discern, and you will learn to understand things in a very different way than what you have previously been set up to do. For then, all of those human byways of putting knowledge into your head will be overwritten, and the pathways of accessing knowledge will become much, much faster, and indeed much more accurate. For then, you need not go by the way of seeing things with your eyes, for then, letting your brain process the signals and turn them into something that your mind can perceive. And then, you need not go by the way of your ears, for your brain to pick up subtle signals being emitted from an outside source either. For then, there will be no “outside source”, if you will, for as you rediscover these old tools, you will also rediscover how connected you are to ALL there is, and as such, the subtle signals and communication permeating it all will come within your earshot. And then, you will be able to pick up the minutest changes all around, and you will be able to perceive these changes we are referring to.

For then, you will SEE that the light coming into your atmosphere from your friendly neighbour, the Sun, is no longer the same light that it used to be. For it has changed in the most remarkable way, so that the very composition of it no longer matches the old one. And it has changed in such a way, it in turn is changing everything it touches. And no, this has nothing to do with what you refer to as “global warming” or the depletion of your ozone layer. We are referring to the very light particles themselves, and the way that they interact with each other so that the very composition and indeed the very “temperature” of this light has changed. And when we say temperature, we do not refer to the way that you measure it with your thermometers, we are referring to the wavelength it comes in, that is, the part of the spectrum that it belongs to. For this has gone through a very subtle shift, but this shift will have far reaching consequences for you all.

And no, not detrimental ones, we are referring to changes that will entail the parts of your dormant DNA to be activated. For this trigger effect will largely come via those emission you see – and indeed do not see – being beamed down upon you on a daily basis from your Sun. For the particles that are penetrating not only your atmosphere, but indeed the very core of your planet, are constructed in such a way, they will indeed set every single dormant switch encoded within your DNA to ON. In fact, this process has been going in for quite some time already, but lately, this process has been enhanced in such a way, it will act like a veritable chain effect and speed up this whole process exponentially. In addition, there are other factors at work here that are aiding your greatly in this process of changing from a human of the “old school” and into the human of the new. The limitless version of you, where your abilities to interact and indeed understand everything that is around you will be greatly enhanced. And yes, you have already come quite a long way in this process, but as yet, your old human senses are still very much in control when it comes to what kind of information you will be able to access. And as such, you will fail to perceive the new, because you are still very much being inundated with signals from the old. And so, the new will seem to be non-existent, when what is actually going on, is that all of the old is going out of existence. But, as we have told you before, not without making a whole lot of noise as it exits the door for the very last time.

Therefore, know that you are already very much immersed within the new, where you are literally inundated in all sorts of exciting information, and where you are no longer left out of the loop in any way. But in order for you to be able to literally take it all in, you need to find your way through this old and noisy labyrinth by metaphorically plugging your ears, the better to be able to pick up the sights and sounds from all of the new. For as yet, you are still very much geared towards focusing on the old noise and information you are so trained to pick up, and the natural inclination for your brain will be to disregard anything that does not fall into that category. And so, picking up these first faint threads of that brand new conversation going on between you and the rest of creation, will be a difficult one. And yes, you are already very much taking part in this conversation, as indeed your physical body and those parts of your consiouness not defined by the human portion of you are already very much active members of this huge congregation of new voices.

And so, from time to time, many of you will in fact pick up bits and pieces from these ongoing discussions and interactions, but as they will be of a very different caliber than the ones you are used to taking part in, they will mostly go undetected or you will take them for being fragments of dreams or just a kind of hallucination. But trust us when we say that they are very much real, they are in fact far more real than the so-called reality you see yourself in daily.

For what we are talking about, is that endless stream of information in the form of vibrations, or frequencies of light, that you are already bathing in, and as such, they are a far cry indeed from that lower density, fear-based form of communication that will have you tied up in a knot on a regular basis. For what we are talking about, is a “conversation” of such lightness, indeed, it IS simply light, in all shapes and forms, and in every colour and nuances of such that you can think of, and then some. This may sound just as flimsy as the world of illusion we have referred to earlier, but remember, mass is not a sign of reality, rather, it is a sign of energy manifested through consciousness. And now, you will all be asked to tune into a reality that so far is not yet manifested on your shores, and as such, this reality will seem to be an illusion. But it is not, it is no less real because you cannot see it yet. For it is there, in all of its glory, but as a human, you still need some time before you can see it with ALL that you are. For through your still very human eyes, all you will see so far, is the sorry state of the illusion that was created around you a long, long time ago, and still, that sight will override the truth that is already here, but still hidden from your view.

So again we say, do not despair for what you fail to see, for that does not mean that it does not exist. Rather, rejoice in the fact that what you see around you, is simply the last remnants of the old illusion, already starting to fade away. And remember to plug your ears and indeed eyes if necessary, lest these last remnants of the old illusion will continue to hamper you in your quest for truly seeing the new. For it takes time and dedication to overrule the signals from the old, and so, we simply ask you to cease to disbelieve what you cannot yet see, and start to believe that you are truly capable of seeing it ALL. And then, you will give yourself the opening you need in order to truly start to find those tools that will unlock any and all of those long lost abilities to become the seer of ALL.

By now, you will all have had your moments of “what is happening to me? And what is the next step I must take?” Or “why is nothing happening at all, I must be doing something wrong.” Well, let us answer all of these questions with one simple answer; you are not doing anything wrong, in fact, you are right where you are supposed to be. And even if you feel almost like being pushed into a corner, that is also exactly where you are supposed to be. And no, if you do find yourself as if between a rock and a hard place, it is not because you are meant to be stuck there, suffering, while you see others floating by on a cloud of bliss. Remember, this process is indeed a very individual one, and bit by bit, pace by pace, you are all following YOUR path towards the same goal as everyone else.

Again, we wanted to remind you not to peruse too closely what your neighbour is doing at the moment, rather, stick to your own sphere of enlightenment. And what do we mean by that? Simply that there is no one outside of yourself that can furnish you with any clear cut answers as to what you must do or not do in order to move ahead on your path. That does not mean that you cannot get any help from anyone outside yourself, far from it. In fact, the only way to continue onward on your designated path, is to open yourself to outside influence by the way of listening to what others can see from their point of view. You see, as you are all travelling on so very differentiated paths towards that same goal, you will all be able to see this process only from your own very special point pf view, and as such, the more you are willing to see the bigger picture as it were, the more you will be able to see your role in it. And as such, it is important not to shut the doors and go into seclusion, for you must understand that at no point can you be able to get the full scope of everything, and so, you need to surround yourself by other voices.

This does not mean that what they say, outweighs anything that you yourself have sensed is important for you. Rather, it simply means it will add some nuances to the picture you yourself are painting up, and so, it will literally help you all to see more clearly what is your truth in all of this. For remember, as you all came in carrying your own unique frequency, you will always have to go within first to discern that what you are picking up from the outside resonates with your frequency or not. Sometimes, what others may bring about will add to the clarity of your tune, while other times, you will find yourself literally going out of tune if you try to tune yourself more into what others are giving you as their truth.

This may sound complicated, but what we are trying to say is simply this: only you can know what is right for you, and that includes anything from the choices you make in your daily life, to the information you choose to take in, and indeed what you choose to do with all of this information. And as such, only you can know what is right for you by being connected to YOU at all times. So whenever you feel yourself stuck in any way, go within, but also go without, for as we have reminded you again and again, this is in all accounts a collective process, even if it is broken down into individual pieces. So as you go within, you are best served by allowing yourself to listen well to anything that may be coming in from the outside, for more often than not, the key to unlock the vaults that have been hiding the answers YOU seek, may come from the outside. Not as an outright answer to anything, rather, as a more or less subtle signal – or in some instances a rather abrupt push in the back. So you see, you all carry the answers you seek, the manual if you will, within you. But in order to clear the fog that oftentimes clutter up your own view, you need to allow a breath of fresh air from the outside to penetrate your own abode to help you to clear away the cobwebs. We speak in riddles as usual, but we think you all have some experience of what we are talking about already. For as we said, no one can force you to do anything or indeed not do anything, this is up to each and every one of you to decide. But no one can force you to stop staring at your own fog either. For all they can do, is to hand you a tool that you can use in order to clear your own mind of any obstacles that may be obstructing your view.

For you must find your own way forwards, even if that at times entails taking what for others may seem as a step back. They cannot know what is right for you, for they can only see this from their own perspective, and again, what you all see, will be coloured by that very frequency that you came in with. And so, what is seen as right for you, may be detrimental to another, and the other way around. So again we say, go within, for that is where you will find what is the right way for you to proceed, but do not discard the outside assistance in the form of information, appreciation and indeed loving support that you all need. For this path is not for the faint of heart, but it is also not meant to be taken in solitude. That would in many ways defy its purpose, namely to let mankind enter a phase of collaboration that it has yet to experience, where each and every heart on this planet is connected to everyone else, and where each and every individual will shine with their own special light, while at the same time, revel in the fact that everyone else around them is doing the same in a way that only they can do.

For you are all individuals, but you are also just a fragment of larger whole, and as such, you need to trust yourself enough to open up to the guidance and suggestion from the collective, but in a way that make you more aware of what sings in tune with your life path, and what can make you deviate from it. For you all know what your task is, but you must do it your way, not in a way that seem to be more attuned to what others may think of your path. For it is your path, and your path only, and even if the end goal is the same, you will approach it from your very own angle, and so, you will see everything from your perspective, and it cannot be likened to anyone else’s. But if you allow yourself to compare it to what others may report they are seeing from their angle, it will help you to find your way even better. For you need all the colours of the spectrum to make up the whole, and even if you must navigate by your own very specific hue, your choices will indeed stand out much clearer if you allow yourself to see your colour through the eyes of another.

So again we say, stay focused and stay centered, but stay open so you do not close yourself off from any navigational assistance that may be offered from others. It may come in the form of words or deeds that inspire you, or it may come in the form of words or deeds that shake you up or even anger you. But they are there to make you ascertain your choices, not to push you off your chosen track. So just as the artist will see his painting far better if he takes a few steps back from the canvas he is working on, you must also lift your eyes from time to time to take in the view that others see. For this will help you to see yours just that much better. And, like the artist, you will see better what needs to be corrected on your work, so it can attain the perfection you so strive for.

We would like to delve a little bit into a subject we have discussed earlier, as this is something that perhaps has been overshadowed a little bit by recent internal upheavals if you will, and what we are talking about, is the subject of creation and the role that you all play in it. If you cast your mind back to the messages we delivered on this topic a while back, you will remember that we went to rather great lengths to reveal the nuts and bolts of it, if you will. In other words, we discussed the basic principles, which are indeed extremely simple, but which raises some rather complex questions within you all. And this is indeed what we would like to return to, for what is standing between you and this basic and all-pervading process of creation, is your endless quest for answers. And so, you tend to make extremely complicated what is in fact extremely simple, and as usual, what stands between you and your own greatness, is that small but still rather formidable obstacle of the human mind, or rather, the human way to perceive things.

You see, you have a propensity to complicate whatever it is you connect with, because you do have a hard time erasing your memory base in such a way, it leaves you unfettered to make any new and ground breaking insights. And what do we mean by that? Why, simply the fact that you have an inherent mechanism that colours whatever it is you encounter with the same base layer of energetic frequency that you used to vibrate at, and as such, even if all of the fundamentals change, you will still look at it with the same eyes. And so, thinking out of the box, as you like to call it, takes an almost super human effort at times. And now, as you will be required to not just think out of the box, but leave this same box altogether, you will find yourself struggling in so many ways. For what you need to do, is actually to erase what has been, and find a way to trust that when you do this, you as an entity will not be removed in the same instance. Rather, it is only by erasing the remnants of all that you have been you can become new again. And new is what you need to become, in order to truly access that deep well of knowledge that will help you to become the creator you are meant to be. You see, the old basic building blocks that make you a human was actually altered in such a way, it will hinder you in said quest of attaining that freedom you so long for, and as such, you will need to leave everything behind that you have taken to be “you” in a human form.

We hasten to add that this does not mean extinction of the you that has always been hidden within that human form, and it is not a process that will entail physical death in any way. Rather, this is a process that seeks to truly liberate you from ALL of the old and inhibiting patterns that still rule the minds of so many. For as you have already discovered yourself, breaking fee of this mold is not something that is easily accomplished, and that is not a surprise to anyone, not to anyone on our side of the veil either. For we know fully well what that old programming has done to your spirits, and as such, we also know that you need assistance if you are to become those free spirits yet again. For you must un-create yourself in order to re-create not only you, but also everything else that you are to be the creators of, and as such, you can in many ways be likened to that old concept of Shiva, the destructor and the creator, in one and the same physical manifestation. So too will you dis-create the old in order to emerge renewed from the old rubble, just like the phoenix we have talked about earlier.

We know that this will sound overly dramatic to some, and it IS dramatic, for it entails dismantling all of the old scaffolding that has been erected around your core in order to make you into that old version of a human. For all of this old scaffolding has hidden the real you, and so, it needs to be removed completely for you to stand there out in the open, unfettered by anything standing in your way. But the process for removing all of these old obstacles need not be dramatic at all, for what it truly entails, is for you to see the full extent of them, so you can understand what it is that needs to be removed. This may sound complicated, but it need not be so, for all it takes from you, is a complete lack of self illusion.

You see, being human is in many ways adhering to a very set pattern, and now you need to lay all of that aside for you to step into your true role as creator. So learning to truly create means learning to un-create at first, and the processes are indeed two sides of the same coin. Remember, EVERYTHING is energy, and what is manifest, no matter if it is a stone or a flower, a chair or a human being, is simply the result of consciousness interacting with energy. You are already doing this 24/7, but you are simply not yet aware of this. For what you see on all sides, is there because YOU created it. Because you are a creator, but so far, you have yet to be a conscious creator, and as such, that is what needs to be fully awakened within you. And in order to do so, you need to sit up and take notice. For it takes a lot of effort for a human to understand that what we need you to understand, is that this process in itself is effortless. This again will sound like another one of our riddles, but what we are trying to make you understand is this: you can step into this process of becoming a conscious creator literally in the blink of an eye, for all you have to do, is to stop doing what you have been doing, seemingly forever. And that is to use all of your effort to try to keep up the illusion you are currently being suspended within.

For that is just an illusion, co-created by you and your fellow men, and you have agreed to uphold that illusion at any cost. And so, you are siphoning off almost all of your energy daily in order to keep up this old and outworn illusion. So no wonder you all feel exhausted. But the moment you withdraw your energy from recreating this same illusion over and over again, you will also reclaim ALL of your own energy, and you will erase all of those old patterns of illusion, and begin anew. And so, you will simply become a creator from free will, not one that is a part of a superimposed plan, wherein each and very member of the human race have played their unwitting part. Remember, there are no longer anyone sitting in a dark corner somewhere, pulling your strings, forcing you to be a part of this old illusion. Their powers no longer have anything to say over you, and so, you are indeed free to withdraw yourself from this old staged battle and start to unroll your version of the world. The version that is steeped in light, not in darkness, and where love reigns supreme, not the fear that have kept you all tagging behind those leading you off in the wrong direction.

And so we say, you must remember who you truly are, for you are creator gods in every sense of the word, but you must also remember that you are still very much feeding the flames of that old fire that has burned away so much of the inherent powers of humanity. You need to withdraw yourself from this, the old play acting, and step into your own powers in a way that will enable to you literally begin anew with a blank slate. And you are the only one who can do that, for there is no power in All of creation that can force you to relinquish the hold on the old, nor are there any power anywhere in creation that can force you to stick to it. The only one that can decide whether you choose to engage your true powers as a creator, is you and only you.

So again we say, the choice is yours, and we are well aware that the mere thought of this responsibility will make your mind balk. For it will seem to be a burden of immense proportion, but it is not. It is simply a freedom of immense proportion, but we are also aware that to many, the weight of total freedom is too much to bear. This is not said as any form of criticism, rather, it is to remind you that we are fully aware of the task that you have taken upon you, and we are here to support you every step of the way. We do not think any of you not sufficiently strong enough to fulfill the task of reclaiming their own freedom, but we will not think badly of you if you choose to forgo the chance this time around. For the choice is yours, and yours only, and we will honor your choice, no matter what you choose.

But we would also like to add, that we see so many of you already hovering at the brink of jumping into that total freedom of becoming your own true creator once again. For you have been there before, many, many times, but you have not yet been able to savour the feeling of being a true creator god whilst within a human body. And that dear ones, is an opportunity many, many would wish for. But you are the ones who have been chosen to be given the chance to experience it, and we do hope that you will jump at the chance to do so. And remember, you cannot go wrong here, for even if dismantling the old illusion you carry within may sound like the death knell to all that you are, it is actually the signal to become reborn with all of true you still present, and while still ensconced within that same physical body. For this is not about self-destruction, this is simply about removing the obstacles that have been put upon you, and that you have unwittingly played a big part in upholding. For if you do not choose consciously to let them go, you will still let them carry you with them, so you become ruled by them instead of you becoming free to rule yourself.

So again we say, do not let go of the real you, and give yourself time to step back and take a good look at everything you see all around you. It may seem to be solid, unwavering and impossible to escape, but it is no more permanent than a wisp of smoke. And by a wave of your hand, it will dissipate forever, and you will see through the old illusion, and you will enter that wide open space where your world, the world of your dreams, is waiting for you to make it emerge in all of its glory.

By now, the incoming waves of energetic transformation have been lapping at your heels, but now, you will find yourself swimming in a veritable ocean of it.This may sound ominous to some, but trust us when we say that you will all feel buoyed by these energies, not drowned in them. And why is that? Simply the fact that you have managed to un-manacle yourself from the old inhibitors that you have been dragging behind you, seemingly forever. We know these words will sound repetitious to some, but bear with us, for we do see the need for countless repetitions of the same message. Do not take this as any form of criticism, rather, it is simply a statement to signify that we are all aware that this process of total liberation from the old is not one that is accomplished seemingly overnight. In many aspects, it will be so, literally, as you will all experience true quantum leaps on your advancement towards the real you, but if you look on the whole, you see step after careful step being played out. And yes, this is indeed all part of the plan, and yes, we have also taken into consideration the endurance and the tenaciousness of human perseverance and indeed patience. For even if it may seem to be wearing thin in some of you, we also know that it is in fact more than durable, and if it was not, this operation would not be opened up in the first place.

Remember, you have been in on this from the very beginning, form the first plans were drawn up, and as such, you are well aware of the consequences of going into battle as it were with this old and stubborn pattern of being human. For that is what you have taken upon you, to break that old mold into pieces, for it never to rise again. And you are doing a formidable job of it, make no mistake, and all of the accolades you have earned so far is truly nothing more than you deserve. For you are indeed shining examples of fearless workers on behalf of All of creation, pushing your whole weight against that old and seemingly unmoving stone grinding down humanity to mere shadows of their former glory. And now, this stone has been well and truly lifted out of the way, and the road towards your old and former glory lies there open, ready for you all to take those first confident steps upon it. But as yet, that confidence seems to be lacking in so many, for you have yet to truly take in that fresh air that is around you on all sides.

Let us explain. As we have discussed earlier, mankind’s propensity to linger in what was, is a strong one indeed. So too in this, and it is as if you naturally seek to cling to the old and familiar remnants of something, no matter how detrimental and ill fitting it may be for you, rather than to pry loose your grip and let yourself fully embrace the brand new. Again, this is not said in order to chastise you in any way, rather, it is to remind you that the coast is clear, and you are free to go wherever you choose to go. Remember, this is your choice, and your choice only, as there is no power in existence that can force you to do anything at all. For it is up to each and every one of you whether or not to start venturing down that highway to freedom, or perhaps we should call it the highway OF freedom, or if you prefer to stick around in that old and familiar but perhaps not so comfortable place of the known. So again we say, do not berate yourself for holding back, but do not let yourself stop pushing yourself just that little bit further. For you have all come such a long, long way since you opened yourself up to be a part of this quest for true freedom, so why stop here? It is a little bit like those long distance runners, giving it all that they can for the best part of the race, only to pack it in when the finishing line is in sight. Again, this is not a race, we do not pick out any “winners” or “losers” here, we are simply trying to get you to see that you are SO close to attaining that true freedom you have been struggling to find for such long time.

Yes, you are tired, yes, it may seem that this stretch of the road goes on forever, yes, it may seem that as soon as you reach one mountain top, you see the road ahead winding down and then up again to another one. But trust us when we say we are not sending you out on a wild-goose chase here, luring you into going one step further under false pretences. We are merely here to do all that we can in order to keep you going and not give up, especially not now, when you are so close to finding that goal you have been striving for forever. You see, you asked us to do this beforehand, and we did agree to do this. For we all knew that this task was not one that could be completed without any assistance at all, and that was not the goal either. No, this is in all aspects a collective effort, and we do mean that regarding both sides of the veil. For just as you are seeking comfort and support in each other, so too are we banding together in order to give you all the tools and indeed all the cheering on that you must have in order to make you complete what you came here to do. For you are not doing this just for YOU, you are doing this for All of creation, and even if this is something that you are well aware of already, we will continue to remind you of it. Not to put any extra pressure on you, but to remind you that you have all the love in the world and beyond behind you in this, and you have all the light you need at your disposal in order to keep you going when you find yourself flagging.

For we all knew it would be a long haul, and we all knew it would be a process that would involve a lot of different stages, and a lot of hard work on your behalf, and so, nothing was left to chance in this, the greatest turn-around process ever taken on. And so, you were the chosen ones, the brave ones, the indefatigable ones, hand picked to be the soldiers on the ground as it were. The mighty beings who chose to step into that small and restricting mantle of human-ness in order to enlarge that to its true size, by breaking down any barriers that was standing between you and your true greatness. And this is what you have done, and it has been a great success indeed, so now, what remains, is for you to truly carry this new and enlarged version of humanity forwards and into the light. For it is already there, the new and indeed great version of you, but still, it is waiting for you to claim it, like a forgotten coat hanging at the back of the cupboard, unclaimed and unseen.

And that is why we are here, to remind you that you have already succeeded in attaining your goal of freedom, but you have yet to claim your prize, and as such, we will keep at it until you do. For you deserve nothing less than to take that victory lap, resplendent in your brand new cloaks of light, surrounded by all of us, applauding you and embracing you for the wondrous beings that you truly are. But in order for us to do just that, you need to acknowledge it for yourself, and as such, you still have some more work to do in that respect. But again, we are more than confident that you will succeed in this, as you have already done in everything else. For you are truly the shining ones, the ones that have managed to break free from that old and mummified cocoon that has held mankind captive for such a long time. But like bewildered newly emerged butterflies, you sit there, with your shimmering wings hanging limp by your side, as if you have not yet noticed them nor intuited the freedom they have granted you. For you have yet to soar, dear ones, even if that is why you came here. Yes, you came to do an intensely challenging labour of love, but that was not the real reason, the real reason, was for you to savour the end results in any way you can. And that, dear ones, is a treat you have not yet given yourself.

So again we say, it is time to take to your wings, time to soar, time to laugh, time to love and time to rejoice. We know you may feel more inclined to stick around and lick those battle wounds a little bit more before you try stretching out in any direction just yet, but trust us when we say that what you feel of exhaustion and weariness from this long and hard travail will simply vanish the moment you decide to lift off. And we do mean that in every sense of the word. For your physical body may feel more than a little bruised and battered at the moment, but it wants nothing more than to soar alongside your shimmering, glittering spirit, and the two of you make up a resplendent couple indeed. So try at least to flap those wings a little bit, and we can guarantee you you will find your spirit lifting, and it will be gladdened to see your body lifting alongside of it.

As you have perhaps already noticed, this continuous ebb and flow of energies has laid bare so much land within you all that has hitherto been left barren, but now, the time to till, sow and plow this land has come, and the crops from all of this arable land will soon come to fruition. As usual, we speak in riddles at times, but let us try to explain just what we mean by these words that we have already given you.

You see, mankind has in many ways been living in a bubble, suspended in a vast sea of energy, but as this bubble has been very much contained within itself, not much of any outside influence has been able to penetrate within this little globe populated by a vast array of humanity. And so, you have in many ways been left out of all that has happened around you while you have been whiling away the time in your little bubble of disharmony. For as you are well aware of, the disturbances that you have endured during the time of your evolution, has in many ways been isolated events. That is, they have been going on within this same bubble, unaffected by what has been there, on the outside of this thin membrane at all times.

For what has been there, has been everything you could dream of and more, and even if mankind has yet to see the full scope of it, it has been there at all times, even as you have gazed into the unknown and seen nothing more than stars glittering on the firmament. And so, you have kept plodding on, unawares that there is so much more out there, ready to make your acquaintance in all sorts of ways. And as you plodded forwards, you started to veer of the path in such a way, it started to threaten your whole existence. And so, a decision was made, that this bubble must now be burst in order to let in the fresh air and indeed light that will help mankind the better to find its way forwards, and in a way that would be of enormous benefit, not only to you, but to All of creation. And so the decision was made, and the volunteers came in to start to make apertures in this veil, this membrane, that isolated mankind from everything else. And YOU are those volunteers, you are the ones that have take upon you to pierce through the shell of this seemingly all-enduring wall of denial that has stood between you and the rest of us, and that has stood between you and the real you. And so, that is exactly what you have done, and now, there is no more airtight – or rather light-tight container that can keep mankind down and out of everything else. For now, that old container has been shred to tatters, and the only thing still left of it, is the imprint that is still very much printed on the minds of so many members of mankind. For as we have talked about earlier, even when the prison walls are completely dismantled, it will take some time before all of the former prisoners come to grips with the fact that they are prisoners no more, as their mind is so used to seeing this wall before them, it will continue to think it is there, even when it is not.

So therefore we say, it is of the utmost importance that you seek to uncover all of this formerly barren land within you that has been left bare now that the old inhibitors have been taken away. For if you do not seek out this brand new property of yours and take it into possession, it will continue to lie there, barren and devoid of life, instead of being turned into the wondrous paradise of new growth that it has every opportunity to become. And how do you step into this brand new land as its lord and Creator? Why, by simply allowing yourself to acknowledge the fact that it is there. You see, you have been born with blinkers on, as mankind has been for generation after generation, and as such, you have become accustomed to seeing what is only within your limited line of vision, and everything outside of that, has ceased to exist. And when we say “line of vision”, we refer to everything that lies within the full range of perception, whether that be through the eyes, the ears, the nose, the touch and indeed each and every way you as a being can perceive what surrounds you.

Remember, mankind has had a very limited way of looking at things, and now, as the veil of illusion has lifted, you are all set to start to sense what has been hidden from view for ever it seems. And so, you will all need a little prodding in order to let yourself be tossed into that vast new ocean of realities, realities that far surpass anything you have yet to see with your human way of looking at things. For there is so much more to find here, not just between the lines of this message, but between the lines of everything that surrounds you. You have grown accustomed to take in the world by taking everything at its face value, but now, we are once again reminding you to go far, far deeper than that. For underneath the surface is where you will find it all, as underneath the surface is where reality lies. It will seem to be rather murky and unclear at first, for it takes time to readjust your vision in order to see clearly through your brand new set of eyes, for that is what we are talking about here. For you need to remind yourself to see THROUGH what you are actually seeing, and see behind these seemingly closed doors, and around the corners that seem to stand in your way.

Again, we seem to be talking in riddles, but this is simply an effort to give you all a little shake to make you drop a little bit more of those old pretences about who and what you TRULY are. You see, this old and inhibiting mold that you were cast in as you came down to inhabit this human body is a difficult one to liberate oneself from, for it has made such a strong imprint and indeed impression on you all, you have simply forgotten the true magnitude and aptitude of your own brilliant being. And so, you are apt to thread in your own old footprints, even when a brand new road to the future lies there before you, ready to be traveled at high speed.

So again we say, cast away your old notions, and step into the true realization of your greatness by laying aside all of those old notions of destitution and disconnection. It runs so deep in you all, and so, it takes quite an effort to wrestle yourself away from this old image of yourself as a mere simple human being within a frail body inhabiting a threatened world full of disaster already in the making. For if you let yourself be stuck within these old frames, you will not become anything else than a faded old print hanging on the wall, still framed within these old confines of humanity. For you must free yourself completely from all of this subordination and subjugation to the old, step out of that frame and truly let yourself float free in these brand new currents of air, like a bird soaring effortlessly above, carried aloft by the very air itself.

We know this will sound more than a little challenging to so many of you, for you may feel like a child being wrestled away from her only support while still unsure of her own legs. But do not worry, dear ones, you have the legs to carry you anywhere you would dare to venture, and you have the spirit that will take you as far as you can think and beyond, and you have the love and the support of each and every one of us, standing here, just outside the remnants of that old bubble of yours with open arms, ready to embrace you as you dare to take your first faltering steps outside your own comfort zone. For remember, that is what this is all about, daring to go where NO man has gone before, and as such, the challenge is a great one indeed. But it is not more than any one of you will be able to take on with a resounding success, for this is what you came here to do, and we are confident that this is exactly what you will all do. But just like a fledgling bird, perched on the edge of the nest that seems to sit on a dizzying height, the temptation to hold on a little bit more before it takes that plunge into the unknown and untried is a powerful one, so you will all instinctively try to hold yourself back just a little bit more. And that is why we are here, to give you that little push in the back, and be that voice in your ear saying JUMP! For now, the time has come to do just that, so if you need something to hold on to to help you do just that, hold on to the future, not the past, for the past will try to keep you sitting on that same ledge forever.

As you have perhaps already noticed, the ebb and flow of these brand new energies works in very different ways than before, and rightly so. For you have not only reached a brand new plateau in this ongoing process of reconnecting and remembering the different aspects that compose the true you, you have also managed to wrestle yourself away from the influence of the old and outdated modes and frequencies.

Let us explain. As many of you are already aware of, this process entails an ever changing sequence of frequencies being beamed into your body through different means, and as we have told you before, this must be done in increments, in order to accommodate your physical vehicle. For without the assistance of this much-maligned physical vehicle, you would not even be able to be here in the first place, going through this monumental change. And when we say much maligned, it is because mankind tend to look upon this ingenious construction of flesh as nothing more than variation of more or less unintelligent tissue, tissue that is prone to slip up in all sorts of ways by falling prey to any and all illnesses and outside influences. Well, this oft criticized contraption is in fact far, far more complex and indeed intelligent than a human mind is, and as such, you are actually inhabiting something that up until now has far surpassed your abilities to communicate and to complete complex and intricate operations. For this is not simply a lump of flesh that you are encumbered with, this is in matter of fact a highly evolved biological vehicle that is perfectly adapted to a life on this planet. It may not seem like it is, as it in the current condition seems to be nothing more than a fragile shell, destined to fall apart and cease to function sooner rather than later, but again, that is simply because you have not been able to access the enormous array of intelligence and capacity to evolve that this seemingly frail body actually carries within.

But now, through this long and at times tedious process of upgrading you and most of all, this physical vehicle of yours, through countless injections of energetic information and sustenance, you are now on the threshold of truly discovering just what a treasure it is you have been given. For this lump of flesh, as many like to look upon it as, is nothing like that at all. It is in fact a highly evolved, highly complicated and first of all, a highly intelligent creation that will be with you for the remainder of this sojourn on this planet. And, as we have told you before, it will be your most precious ally, your constant companion, your tireless co-worker, and the one that will enable you to truly work miracles while you still walk upon this Earth. For remember, without this body, you would simply be a thought, a non-manifested being, incapable of carrying out the monumental changes you have come here to carry forth. For you are not the YOU you are supposed to be at this stage of your evolution if you were bereft of that outer layer of you, that physical vehicle that stands between you and everything else at the moment. But it is not standing in your way, it is there so that you can access everything that exists on this planet. For everything else, you are fully capable of accessing yourself, through that vast and all-encompassing parts of you that is YOU in all of your other aspects, except that physical, human part of you where you are currently inhabiting.

But again, you are all not yet fully reunited with the full knowledge of your true scope, so we do understand that this will be uppermost on your mind at times like these, but we do want you to remember that the very fact that you are within this selfsame physical body, is the one defining factor to us at the moment. For if you were not encapsulated within that body, you would not be this all-important go-between for what lies behind the veil and what exists literally on the ground, and as such, we want you to take note of what is going on within you at the moment. When we say “go within”, we often refer to the fact that you are already carrying with you every single piece of knowledge, and every single attribute and ability you will ever need to exist here on this planet, and anywhere else in All of creation. But this time, when we ask you to go within, we ask you to connect truly and deeply with that “fleshy container”, the one that acts as your arms and your legs, your ears and your eyes, your mouth and your very ability to BE one amongst millions of others like you. For this physical manifestation, this wondrous being is yours, in all sense and purposes, for as long as you need it. And it will do everything for you, but you must also re-connect with this, just as you are doing with all of those other aspects of yourself that are residing on so many other levels.

For this physical body is not you, but it is there FOR you, to be utilized at the best of its abilities. So love it, and talk to it, and listen to it and connect with it, for it is indeed waiting for you to reach out to it in a very new way. And just like you, it is brand new, for it has been through the wringer, literally, in order for it to be rid of all of the old and inhibiting programming it has been subjected to earlier, and in order for it to become fully functional once again. But it needs you to complete this process, by acknowledging its very existence, and by acknowledging its importance – to you, and to this process of re-inventing not only yourself, but this whole world into something that far surpasses and outlasts the old and outdated modes of everything. For just as you have outgrown those old and ill-fitting shoes of yesteryear, your body has outgrown that old and outmoded way of being an extremely vulnerable and limited biological specimen, for now, it stands ready to aid and assist you to the fullest of its potential, and it is a grand one indeed. For now, you have both stepped away from the old and into the new, but as yet, you have not been able to tap fully into that new and exciting potential of that energetic sustenance that surrounds you on all sides. For you will only be able to do that if you manage to reunite yourself with that brand new version of that same old body of yours, except now, it is not old and tired, it is up and running afresh, ready to take you on a long and exciting and prolific journey into that brand new today, and all of the wondrous tomorrows that awaits you.

So go within, and look and listen and answer back when you are called to do so. It will do the both of you a world of good, and it will help to cement a friendship and a collaboration the likes have never before been seen, not on these shores, nor anywhere else.

As the time continues to speed up, you will all at one time feel as if lost behind the veil as it were, as you will all come to a point where the person you have thought yourself to be, seems to vanish as if into thin air, and rightly so. For you are no more tangible than the very air itself, if you think of it, for you are indeed made of the same stuff as the air. Indeed, you are but a collection of particles hovering closely together, forming the body that you up until now have defined as you. But you are not that body, in fact, you are simply inhabiting this body, much like a small crustacean will find an empty shell to shelter within for a certain amount of time, until that shell becomes too restricted, and it will need to move on in order to grow some more. So too it is with you, as you are indeed something vast indeed, so that only a portion of you can inhabit this small corporeal form you call a human body. But now, much have changed, and so, a much larger portion of what can truly be defined as you, the real you that is, can now be housed within this said corporeal form, and as such, this time, there is no need to make a hasty escape from it in order to grow even further.

For during this latest upgrading of your functional system, more room was indeed created, and so, more of you have already made its home there, alongside all of those bits and pieces of you that have been around for a while already. Remember, when you first entered this physical body, it was only a small portion of you that came in, devoid of so much that constitutes the real you, the essence of you if you will. But as you have allowed this process of reintegration to commence, you have by now accumulated a whole wealth of your former elusive parts, and as such, you have become far better adapted to perform all of the magical tricks that you came here to do. We use these rather informal words of magical tricks, but that is not in order to play down your part in this whole operation, far from it. Rather, we use these words in order to remind you all that what we are speaking of, is that truly magical art of creating, the art that requires a light heart and a joyful mind, hence our rather light-minded choice of words.

As we were saying, even if you have all come to a point where you are so much more than what you were only a short time ago, you will also come to a point where you will feel so much less than ever before. Because you will at one time or another find yourself as if dissolving into nothingness, like there is no more substance to you, and where your old and faithful physical body simply will feel as if it is falling apart into its singular components, no more connected than the clouds in the sky, a mere semblance of matter, but still, nothing more substantial than a wispy cloud in the afternoon sky. But at the same time, we can guarantee you all that you will never feel yourself more substantial as when you find yourself scattered into a billion little pieces, seemingly tossed up into the air, for the wind to blow about like nothing more than scraps of paper in a storm. For then, you will truly feel the real power of who you really are. For you are ALL, you are everywhere, and you are no thing at the same time. And as you see this, you will also see far, far beyond the limits you used to stare into every day, when you thought you were nothing more than a human, defined by the confines of that fleshy object, your own body.

For as you find yourself falling apart, disintegrating into seeming nothingness, you will also find yourself stepping into the real you, the limitless you, the one that has no borders, and therefore, the one that has no end. No end to what you can achieve, no end to what you can be, no end to what you already are, and as such, this falling apart will quite simply be the coming together of the realization of your own true self, the self that is not inhibited by any concept of time or space or indeed matter. For then, you will simply know that you ARE, and no matter what you do or what you choose not to do in the upcoming period, it will have no impact on this, the very core of you. For it is indeed eternal, and it is indeed omnipresent, and it will always be thus.

But remember, it is indeed up to each and every one of you if you choose to live out the remainder of the time span of this incarnation with that realization within your consciousness, or if you choose to forgo that and simply continue to live your life as an ordinary citizen, a mere human, dictated by all of the whims and limitations of that flesh and blood you are encapsulated within, or if you choose to embrace all that you are, and set yourself free to roam that vastness of you while still residing within that complex and extremely accommodating physical vehicle in which you currently reside. For now, after this latest and grand installment, you and that physical vehicle have become compatible, and indeed companionable, in a way that none of you have ever been before, and as such, you will be able to live out quite another life together, where you and your body in tandem will burst through any and all of the previous limitations put upon you both. But again, this will be your choice, and your choice only. So again we say, choose wisely, and do not think you have to do this or that to attain that freedom to truly choose what you want in this. For in this, you have already accomplished what you need in order to make that choice freely, and so, we leave it to you to make it as you wish.