The manuscript of survival – part 384

As you have already ascertained, these incoming thrusts from your friendly neighbour, your Sun, will leave their mark on many of you, and no, we do not refer to the passing symptoms they will induce. Rather, we refer to the fact that the information all of these particles carry within them, and that will beContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 384”

A short update on the energies

As many of you have noticed already, the very air that you breathe seems to have become slightly altered already, and more is to come, as that friendly neighbour of yours, the Sun, has once again let off a barrage of explosions that will fill your atmosphere with some rather interesting messages in the daysContinue reading “A short update on the energies”

The manuscript of survival – part 383

Now, you have all passed over that threshold where tomorrow has become today, and as such, you start over with a brand new set of coordinates with which to navigate. And do not worry, even if our words at times may sound overly confusing to you, you are more than capable of navigating these unchartedContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 383”

Welcome to this year’s first Gathering around the Pond, Sunday January 5

Dear brothers and sisters! We have entered a new year, and we have entered some very new energies. And now, we will get a chance to experience them together. For this Sunday, we have our very first Gathering around the Pond of 2014. Here is what the CCs have to say about it: “As youContinue reading “Welcome to this year’s first Gathering around the Pond, Sunday January 5”