The manuscript of survival – part 390

By now, you will all have had your moments of “what is happening to me? And what is the next step I must take?” Or “why is nothing happening at all, I must be doing something wrong.” Well, let us answer all of these questions with one simple answer; you are not doing anything wrong, in fact, you are right where you are supposed to be. And even if you feel almost like being pushed into a corner, that is also exactly where you are supposed to be. And no, if you do find yourself as if between a rock and a hard place, it is not because you are meant to be stuck there, suffering, while you see others floating by on a cloud of bliss. Remember, this process is indeed a very individual one, and bit by bit, pace by pace, you are all following YOUR path towards the same goal as everyone else.

Again, we wanted to remind you not to peruse too closely what your neighbour is doing at the moment, rather, stick to your own sphere of enlightenment. And what do we mean by that? Simply that there is no one outside of yourself that can furnish you with any clear cut answers as to what you must do or not do in order to move ahead on your path. That does not mean that you cannot get any help from anyone outside yourself, far from it. In fact, the only way to continue onward on your designated path, is to open yourself to outside influence by the way of listening to what others can see from their point of view. You see, as you are all travelling on so very differentiated paths towards that same goal, you will all be able to see this process only from your own very special point pf view, and as such, the more you are willing to see the bigger picture as it were, the more you will be able to see your role in it. And as such, it is important not to shut the doors and go into seclusion, for you must understand that at no point can you be able to get the full scope of everything, and so, you need to surround yourself by other voices.

This does not mean that what they say, outweighs anything that you yourself have sensed is important for you. Rather, it simply means it will add some nuances to the picture you yourself are painting up, and so, it will literally help you all to see more clearly what is your truth in all of this. For remember, as you all came in carrying your own unique frequency, you will always have to go within first to discern that what you are picking up from the outside resonates with your frequency or not. Sometimes, what others may bring about will add to the clarity of your tune, while other times, you will find yourself literally going out of tune if you try to tune yourself more into what others are giving you as their truth.

This may sound complicated, but what we are trying to say is simply this: only you can know what is right for you, and that includes anything from the choices you make in your daily life, to the information you choose to take in, and indeed what you choose to do with all of this information. And as such, only you can know what is right for you by being connected to YOU at all times. So whenever you feel yourself stuck in any way, go within, but also go without, for as we have reminded you again and again, this is in all accounts a collective process, even if it is broken down into individual pieces. So as you go within, you are best served by allowing yourself to listen well to anything that may be coming in from the outside, for more often than not, the key to unlock the vaults that have been hiding the answers YOU seek, may come from the outside. Not as an outright answer to anything, rather, as a more or less subtle signal – or in some instances a rather abrupt push in the back. So you see, you all carry the answers you seek, the manual if you will, within you. But in order to clear the fog that oftentimes clutter up your own view, you need to allow a breath of fresh air from the outside to penetrate your own abode to help you to clear away the cobwebs. We speak in riddles as usual, but we think you all have some experience of what we are talking about already. For as we said, no one can force you to do anything or indeed not do anything, this is up to each and every one of you to decide. But no one can force you to stop staring at your own fog either. For all they can do, is to hand you a tool that you can use in order to clear your own mind of any obstacles that may be obstructing your view.

For you must find your own way forwards, even if that at times entails taking what for others may seem as a step back. They cannot know what is right for you, for they can only see this from their own perspective, and again, what you all see, will be coloured by that very frequency that you came in with. And so, what is seen as right for you, may be detrimental to another, and the other way around. So again we say, go within, for that is where you will find what is the right way for you to proceed, but do not discard the outside assistance in the form of information, appreciation and indeed loving support that you all need. For this path is not for the faint of heart, but it is also not meant to be taken in solitude. That would in many ways defy its purpose, namely to let mankind enter a phase of collaboration that it has yet to experience, where each and every heart on this planet is connected to everyone else, and where each and every individual will shine with their own special light, while at the same time, revel in the fact that everyone else around them is doing the same in a way that only they can do.

For you are all individuals, but you are also just a fragment of larger whole, and as such, you need to trust yourself enough to open up to the guidance and suggestion from the collective, but in a way that make you more aware of what sings in tune with your life path, and what can make you deviate from it. For you all know what your task is, but you must do it your way, not in a way that seem to be more attuned to what others may think of your path. For it is your path, and your path only, and even if the end goal is the same, you will approach it from your very own angle, and so, you will see everything from your perspective, and it cannot be likened to anyone else’s. But if you allow yourself to compare it to what others may report they are seeing from their angle, it will help you to find your way even better. For you need all the colours of the spectrum to make up the whole, and even if you must navigate by your own very specific hue, your choices will indeed stand out much clearer if you allow yourself to see your colour through the eyes of another.

So again we say, stay focused and stay centered, but stay open so you do not close yourself off from any navigational assistance that may be offered from others. It may come in the form of words or deeds that inspire you, or it may come in the form of words or deeds that shake you up or even anger you. But they are there to make you ascertain your choices, not to push you off your chosen track. So just as the artist will see his painting far better if he takes a few steps back from the canvas he is working on, you must also lift your eyes from time to time to take in the view that others see. For this will help you to see yours just that much better. And, like the artist, you will see better what needs to be corrected on your work, so it can attain the perfection you so strive for.

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  1. :*)

    My Goodness,
    this is SOOOO exactly how it felt
    mid-last week to me.

    Then, I made a call to my mother
    and she was gracious enough, just precise in fact,
    to tell me exactly what She saw of myself
    and to remind me, not to forget “that” OF MySelf !!!

    And there it is … again … !!! …


    Greatful and Great Full

    ❤ 😀 ❤

  2. Wohlergehen EINT.
    Da ist kein Kampf ums Überleben mehr. Da ist keine Not, keine Angst, keine Sorge um die Zukunft, da ist kein Neid, keine Missgunst, kein Konkurrenzdenken mehr und kein ‚soziales Gefälle’.
    Da ist nur Frieden und der Gedanke „UNS ALLEN“ geht es gut.

    Brüder Im Weltall,
    WIR ALLE leben im Licht der EINEN Sonne, im Licht der Großen Zentralsonne, dem Ur–Schöpfer–Licht.
    Wir leben in einem Himmel, in einem Omniversum, wir leben in Galaxien, in Sonnensystemen, auf Planeten, als Lebensformen, aber WIR SIND EINS.

    Welfare UNIFIES.
    There is no struggle for survival anymore. There is no need, no fear, no worry about the future, there is no jealousy, no enviousness, no rivalry anymore and no ‚social gap’.
    There is only peace and the thought „ALL OF US“ are doing well.

    Brothers In Space,
    WE ALL live in the light of ONE Sun, in the light of the Great Central Sun, the Prime-Creator-Light.
    We live in one heaven, in one Omniverse, we live in galaxies, in solar systems, on planets, as life forms, but WE ARE ONE.

    I AM BIXIE 😀

    1. So, I’m fighting shadows then… fighting memories of memories…
      God, when will I be Loved…
      …by myself??? When will I realize that I am Me. I am so influended by outside opinions, that I have totally lost sight of who I truly am.
      Somewhere deep down is where I am. I’m just afraid to come out and show myself. People might say I’m no good, as they have always said, or perhaps I let them say it, haha, I actually provoked them to say it, since that is what I BELIEVED. I believed that I was no good. Haha, no wonder if that’s what you are being told all the time, all the time… You start to believe it. God, I actually believed that I was no good, and I have believed it all this time, all this time… Tears… I FEEL, I KNOW that I am good though, I am, I am!

      Thank you BIXIE…

      1. Yes! You are good! Know it and believe it! Mother Theresa said to “look for the Christ” in each and every person even ourselves. For it is there the light shines with incredible brightness. I see Christ in you, JayJay. Your light shines so very bright. Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine!

  3. Denise – you keep popping into my focus today… I send u soothing light energy and tap you with my Wand 😉 Love, ~A~

    1. Ooooh…thank you Breeze for the fairy dust! Sending you beautiful blue butterflies! May you dream well tonight! 🙂

  4. Isn’t it ironic, Sun, that your “blindness” provides so many insights for the rest of us. Thank you, once again, dear man. xo, Lin

    1. Big smiles here. “Know” = key word.

      It feels to me, you’re sitting on top of everything you’re seeking. Look around; I think you’re at the tippy-top of the mountain.

      (… and then share, if you feel like it) xo

      1. wow, Sun. Something’s about to happen—when your I Am-ness says so in the exact right moment for Sun.

        (in the meantime, I’m going to stay out of your way—pretty darn excited for you, though)

        I almost am unable to contain the JOY I already feel. 🙂

        Love&Hugs, Lin

  5. this morning reminded me of last summer when I would awaken at first light and immediately need to vomit.
    It was so easy to forget all that until daybreak this morning.
    here we go again.
    other than that I don’t have words for it.

    1. Good to see you early in the day, O. Know you’re busy with the farm and mom.

      Loving Energy sent as you walk your path. Thank God for your humor! 🙂 xo Lin

      1. P.S. a piece of trivia for you, O.
        One Brain-Boosting Germ by Jena Pinkott at:

        “We all know that outdoor time can do wonders for our performance. But there’s a surprising new reason: a bacterium called Mycobacterium vaccae, which lurks in the soil. When biologists Dorothy Matthews and Susan Jenks fed this single-celled bugger to lab mice, the animals became calmer and navigated mazes twice as quickly as those that weren’t exposed—an edge that lasted more than a week. The bacteria, which are often inhaled when we are in contact with dirt (gardening is one potential route), influence the “gut-brain” axis and stimulate neuron growth. (Matthews and Jenks found evidence that the new neurons produce the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter serotonin.) While research is under way on how M. vaccae may similarly retune our brains, consider trekking your way to the top.”

        OR… just eat chocolate.

        1. thanks
          I didn’t know there was good science to support playing in the dirt.
          I just knew it works.
          Lin, at the pond i interact with many, you are one of the few I actually recognize on that level.

          1. Hugs and even kisses right back at you, O.
            (btw, that’s one of the nicest compliments I’ve received lately—Thank you sincerely)

            Be well, dear you. xo, Lin

    2. Yeah, I can relate. Those are the days when the porcelain throne becomes your best friend and not the dog.

      I prefer the dog.

      Dramamine may help.

  6. Tremendous! Love it. keep looking forward with all those pieces of U and seeing all that is to Be Seen. ~All in One or One In All ~ Its All Good! Love, your lightsister, ~A~

    1. ahhh…. ‘all those consious sounds creating one conscious tune’…. makes my heart ‘sing’ this phrase of yours here. Beautiful!!
      Uni-Verse = One Song

      and… its the micro doin what the macro does!

  7. ~Fictional Characters~
    by Danusha Laméris

    Do they ever want to escape?
    Climb out of the white pages
    and enter our world?

    Holden Caulfield slipping in the movie theater
    to catch the two o’clock
    Anna Karenina sitting in a diner,
    reading the paper as the waitress
    serves up a cheeseburger.

    Even Hector, on break from the Iliad,
    takes a stroll through the park,
    admires the tulips.

    Maybe they grew tired
    of the author’s mind,
    all its twists and turns.

    Or were finally weary
    of stumbling around Pamplona,
    a bottle in each fist,
    eating lotuses on the banks of the Nile.

    For others, it was just too hot
    in the small California town
    where they’d been written into
    a lifetime of plowing fields.

    Whatever the reason,
    here they are, roaming the city streets
    rain falling on their phantasmal shoulders.

    Wouldn’t you, if you could?
    Step out of your own story,
    to lean against a doorway
    of the Five & Dime, sipping your coffee,

    your life, somewhere far behind you,
    all its heat and toil nothing but a tale
    resting in the hands of a stranger,
    the sidewalk ahead wet and glistening.

  8. …the zombie like energies are ‘disconnect energies’ to help us do just that. Getting harder and harder to grab onto anything of the old way.

  9. blessings Sisters and Brothers !

    As usual I asked and recieved the guidance I needed and it was a profound piece of the puzzle that I believe I should share. I have “endured” Acension symptoms to a certain degree all my life but of course never as powerful as the current times. Typically I would ‘wait it out’, helpless and ravaged by the energies. At it’s worst times paralyzed on the couch.

    this massive force of energy pressing down on my body, twisting my emotions … knowing exactly how Larry Talbot felt ! ( jijiji … )

    these words really clicked with me and have helped immensely in channeling and guiding the energies into positive expression and release.

    here is the link (and I apologise it’s not the original link):

    I have always believed energy was neutral and it’s applications then form the ramafications. Especially creative energy ! And being a concious Creator is then stewarding these energies. So if we go back to our elementary ‘text books’ we remember that “the ‘mind’ is like a horse and if we don’t take the reins it will go where it pleases.” Often into unpleasant territory ! Because from our programming we falsely believe that is familiar and safe. But we all know these waters are toxic from stagnation.

    after reading ‘the importance of grounding” I walked away with the revelation that, like well worn riverbeds, my emotional energies (life energies) were simply flowing into “patterns” in the sand. And I believe that passing through the “storm” of 2012 has swept away those channels and my sand is pristine but the traces, shadows of those patterns remain. The revelation is to NOW, conciously, steward the flow of these energies to create new patterns and channels that will then flow to the sea of my Divine Destiny. Instead of circling endlessly through a jungle of illusion like a snake chasing it’s own tail.

    (jijiji … see how I worked in the Horse and Snake metaphors ?)

    well … how then is this accomplished ? Man, I haven’t a clue ! jajaja
    but they are falling into place in the appropriate times … benevolant stumbling ! jajajaja One word I will say … discipline. If you feel yer horse starting down an old familiar path … GRAB THE REINS ! But with with Love, patience and friendship to your Self.

    on a side note I had another of the ‘night occurances’ that some of us share in the ‘witnessing’ of the ‘downloads of code’. But this time It was like a white, luminescent clock face or gear ! Intangible and abstract. When I tried to focus and comprehend the more it became like a gear, cog, wheel.

    and then I was back.

    well … blessings of Love, Light, Abundance, Joy,
    gratitude and peace my Sisters and Brothers.

    and don’t forget to …


    1. wow. wow. wow, Christopher. Laser-beam articulation. THANK YOU, and thank you, too, for the link. I’ll enjoy re-reading this. Love the jajajas and now the jijijis.

      With Hugs of Love&Light&JOY, Lin

      1. Imagine a session of laughter yoga, where everyone is jajaja’ing and jijiji’ing! What immaculate fun and healing that would!

        1. Caroline …

          word ta’ Big Bird !! … we all have heard of the person that healed themselves of Cancer, I believe ,through laughter. Hey, I have always said … it’s the stress and the taking EVERYTHING so seriously that is killing us !

          to appropriate an urban vernacular and re-appropriate it’s meaning:

          “play on playa’s !” … jajajaja y jijijijijijiji (to tha’ nth power !)

    2. for me dear brother C, I just let go of the reins, jumped off the horse into a lovely snowbank and started munching. 🙂 I have absorbed so much good energies over the past week that I feel the skys the limit! I dropped out of my old reality into the new. Nothing I could do to make the old fit or work in the newness I felt popping up all around me. So, I simply went for it ! (and I mean it was simple and easy for me once I made the choice). One morning, I just said OK I am diving in – not even pushing off the shore – just took a leap – yes, with faith and trust in all I ever wanted to truly put my faith and trust in!! The old was so worn out and it was wearing me out. I said no more – I want to Be Love and Be One with the Love blossoming all around 🙂 And so It Is.
      Love with a hug for you, your lightsister, Areeza

      1. my Sista’s Areeza and Lin ..

        as this latest blessing shared through Aisha affirms we already know ALL that we need to know and though collective in Destination individual and unique is the Way to “remembering” the path forward.

        I have always been a huge proponent of ‘tools’. All kind of wonderful tools; mental, spiritual, physical .. ALL ! Because they all enable one thing …. building ! And it is with the deepest intent of my heart that we are all building beautiful things. And as the tired clichè goes …

        “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

        being ‘here’ at the Pond has harkened me back to the earliest days of childhood, elementary school art class/ time .. the feeling of being children learning to share the paste as we each create our own little colages. Our own little “beautiful messes” but they make so much sense to us and us alone. And even if no one else can see exactly what we see they will at least see something that means something to them.

        I have set out to find this little guy and ‘see’ the world through the eyes of his heart. What an amazing way to BE: to experience and connect to this world and it’s beauty with his heart, soul and innocence. But ! With the wisdom I have been blessed with through the years.

        power is only actualized by the power that WE give it !

        Allez, Allez, Allez !!!


        1. Boy, do I identify with the word “unique”. I couldn’t BE or create anything else other than the I AM-ness within. Too, I love the spiritual “tools” (including links) that you so effortlessly articulate. I most always find them helpful as I negotiate (allow) my own individual path to unfold.

          “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Indeed. You, and others here (and there) just help me to open my eyes a little wider… along with meditation. If I may, I Love you for that. I really DO! 🙂

          jajajajaja… and jijijijijijiji!!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeee…. xo, Lin

          1. well .. what did we all learn waaaaaaay back in tha’ day ?

            co-operation !

            jajaja … ok, I’ll blow my cover and reveal some earth years
            (this time around that is ..jiji) … by referencing a highly influencial ‘sacred text’ .. there must be some here that were lovingly indoctrinated or ordained by … the book/ film ..

            “free to be you and me” ? jajajaja !

            it was laid out, spelled out for us right there .. but the baggage we acumulate ‘becoming’ … dun, dun, dunnnn … ADULTS .. obscures our essence and truth. So, anything you don’t deem neccesary on your voyage into the new land … overboard it goes ! And you will surely feel the wind in your sails.

            and may you love me for that ? Well, what fool is gonna pass up free love ? …. jajajaja … bring it on, sista ! It will only be returned !!

            with gratitude and love

            1. —dun, dun, dunnnn… (imagining “JAWS”) jajaja
              and, yes, bless Marlo, et al.
              Thanx for the kind sharing and the joyous laughter.
              Now, as our dear Otmn would say, go play in the dirt—heck, create rainbow dirt!!! jijiji 🙂

              Always with gratitude, Love and JOY, Lin

              1. two strokes of “ex-ce-lence”, Lin !

                one for the shout out to Marlo ..
                and two for the ‘rainbow dirt’ !! … I think imma go
                and eat me some rainbow mudcakes.

                … party on y’all !

    3. C ,

      So COOL, bro! I get sooooooooo mesmerized when watching those clock faces, gears and all at night. So many intricate geometries swirling about, some opening and some closing back up. A twist to the left, then two twists to the right! All our own cosmic design, allowing more wisdom, codes and growth opportunities. The beautiful gates of our own unique version of ourselves! And what a joy to share some of it with others.

      Pretty darn cold on the shores of Lake Erie these days. Stay warm and cozy, my friend.


    4. Dear Christopher! You overflow with so much amazing information, and you deliver it in such a way it blasts through so many “cobwebs” within me 🙂 THANK YOU!
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. Sister Aisha …

        deepest gratitude for the recieving of what flows through me.

        having come of age and conciousness LOOOOOONG before the digital revolution and the internet it is at this moment I am reminded of the awe I felt when it was just a baby. Thinking what an AMAZING thing to be able to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime !

        the possibilities of community and exchange. To move humanity forward like never before. Exception perhaps being the Gutenburg press. So it is with the deepest appreciation that I never take it for granted.

        so we have this ‘tool’ … what are most of us choosing to build with
        it ? We live in a world where immediacy has replaced intimacy and where most use the technology to express and speak for them. We must NEVER forget that the most powerful, limitless, creative, purest AND most human ‘tool’ of translating and expressing the world within is words and language. It is the first tool we are lovingly encouraged to master as babies.

        language shapes and often defines our reality. It is my deepest desire for humanity that in the coming ages we will ALL re-connect with our humanity, our creative selves and express to one another at more profound, creative, intimate and HUMAN levels than ever before ! Now that we have created these tools let us start to build with them … instead of allowing them to build us.

        well …. off point and rambling. Must have more tea and engage the day.

        be blessed and thank YOU !!
        love and light

  10. The zoombie-feeling is coming again… Feels tired and unfocused, something is going on.

    Anyway – I am leaving tomorrow morning by air going to my dear family during the weekend before a surgery on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be third time lucky so that the body itself can take care of the remains of my vascular anomaly on the right side of the face (nothing malignant).

    I will not be active on the blog over the next week but will follow you anyway – as usual 🙂

    Keep on my dear friends! We shall overcome – soon 🙂

    Love & light,

    B to B

    1. Dear sister B to B! I send my love and my light with you on your journey! May your surgery be a successful one, the healing waters of this Pond is here for you at all times. I will hold your hand until you are safely back home again 🙂
      With all my love, Aisha

    2. YES B! I was just talking about this feeling this morning with my kindred co-worker friend here. She was so relieved when I told her I felt it to.
      Like you cant grab and hold a thought for more than 2 seconds!
      >>>absorb all the good thoughts and prayers I can muster – and my Wand in use for you!
      Much much Love to you B, XOA

    3. Dearest B to B,
      Sending my heart for you to rest on while going through this experience…. it is full of Love for you.
      Peace and Clarity,

    4. Dear Birgitta!
      I have been out of commission for a while – did not know about your surgery! Will be holding you in my heart space for your healing and speedy recovery. You are so beautiful, Sister. I’m at your side always.
      Love to you (and a snowball, too),

      1. Thank you my dear sister! I love you too 🙂
        You know – I think I´ll build a snowball igloo and light a candle inside to you and all the wonderful people here who support me. I feel so honored.

        Love & light,


    5. How I love you Sun!!! I´m so honoured. And you know what? I use to make all people around me in the operating room laugh like donkeys before anesthesia lulls me as I know they will work better in joy ;)))

      Look forward to meet the whole newborn Sun_of_blue when I´m back 🙂

      Love you,


    1. Ray, I just had chance to watch this and it was a fabulous piece of work. So much insight and information here to draw threads together. I’ll be looking out for more from David and the others mentioned. Philip 🙂

  11. What happened to that “rainstorm of light” that CC talked about in Part 378. Has it happened already or are we still waiting for it to happen ?
    Does anyone now ?

    1. I know I was hit by ‘a’ rainstorm of light. Been building momentum ever since. Big stuff started for me on Jan 17th. Intend to be hit my light friend! 🙂 🙂

  12. “…that they (CC’s) were also showing me my buttons,
    that they having been pushing”
    …. I have received this message too and it is a great gift! XOA

  13. Dear sun_of_blue! Thank you for sharing more from your “travelogue”, your insights along the way brings so much light to us all! Last night, I had a powerful encounter with some hard-hitting energies as well. I have experienced this sort of “upgrading” before, and the sensation in the body when they arrive is like nothing else. It is like an energetic freight train blasting through you, the whole body is ringing with the vibrations and I feel like I am connected to a high voltage cable of some sort. Usually, I only get one of these blasts at a time, but last night, it was a whole series of them. I lost count after about 5 or 6, and in the end, I literally felt myself grabbing on to ME with all that I had. So I guess I am trying to hold on to the old too, and need some more pushing before I am ready to jump 😉 I agree, this IS interesting stuff, and I know there is much more to come!
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Aisha!

      Which hard rounds you have, you and Sun_of_blue. Headaches are like a gust of wind in the universe compared to what you go through. Through the years, there have been “brain pain” for me, hardly physical symptoms in general, as for many others in the same situation.

      I send my love and light to you both and hope for milder rounds next time 😉

      Love, light and respect,

      B to B

    2. Dear Aisha and Son of Blue,
      My experience has shown me that those energetic freight trains of high voltage will, indeed, change to a much more forgiving laser beam. Same intensity, but smooth and refined. Same voltage, different frequency. The key, always, is surrendering and letting go. It truly does get easier, but is always a personal choice. Make it fun and laugh as much as you can!
      Loving you always,

  14. Thank you for sharing Sun_of_blue!

    I don´t think you are a student either, more like a teacher.
    It is a blessing to take part of everyone’s journey that leads to the light.

    Love & light,

    B to B

  15. Hey if you have never seen it and just for the kick of if visit . A fella claiming to be a time traveller. Yeah  in the movie. But the guy explains the future quite well splitting and multiplying in the head. And those worldline chances of 1 to 2 percent or something. And explaining information being sent trough time faster then light. It’s one mess right? Wonder if this is so safe at all…

  16. Again I am reminded of that giant puzzle that creates our reality, our world, our bodies, our atoms….each piece is perfect in it self, with its own resonance, without that one piece the puzzle would be incomplete…but each piece also fits together with other pieces, complementing each other, creating a bigger picture–bringing things into finer focus….

    Many pieces may seem the same, like the expanse of sky or sea in a picture, but here, one piece may add a flying bird, or a tiny boat or the glint of a rainbow or a cloud–adding richness and depth and texture to the scene—each of us has this uniqueness within us while still vibrating in a similar frequency of love and unity.

    Without that uniqueness none of us would be able to shine light on our specific roles…we are EACH teachers and students at the same time and that is so amazing–we are always learning and evolving and it will be such until we return to prime creator….

    Thanks to each of you for being a puzzle piece, connected to me and to the all that is as we create this amazing, miraculous new picture that the likes of which the world has never seen!

    Hugs all! Alex

    1. ditto back to you lightsister! With our Kaleidoscope of light we mix and meld our colors – dancing in the Uni-Verse (one song) of Love! XOA

  17. Dear All fellow Ponders,

    I am so in Love with all That is that I could explode! And since I don’t want to explode and I care about you, dear fellow Ponders, I am standing right now at the Pond, waiting for you to share all my Love with you. This is my gift to you . So if you need a Love shower come to the Pond and get my gift.

    I know this is just a warm-up for the Event but that is the best warm-up I can imagine 🙂

    With so very much Love,

    Your lightbrother,


    1. Dear brother… just your signing ‘your lightbrother’ brought me immediately by your side – Like u have said this a thousand times – I know you – One In Love we all are. Thanks for the warm up! Love, your lightsister, Areeza

    2. ….you have your head tilted up toward the sun, eyes closed, arms outstretched… and I am the breeze you feel sweeping across your face and then swirling all around until I rest beside you – gazing at the Sun dancing on The Pond like shimmering diamonds…. what a nice smile you have! Hand in Hand ~ Heart to Heart 🙂

    3. Thank you Philpp! I should have gone to the pond last night. I could have used some time for healing. Your love has brought tears to me. Thank you for you healing love. It means more then you know.
      XXOo Denise

    4. Thank you Philipp!! I have been feeling pretty good these past few weeks, but woke this morning in a funk, it is already clearing thank you :). The headaches yesterday wore me down and I allowed my health stuff to irritate me this morning, grrrr.

      Blessings to this beautiful refreshing pond! Thank you again and again Aisha!!

  18. Areeza’s Light spark ignited – her Love in full bloom because of you Aisha, CC’s and all my kindred pond mates!!! Many thanks!
    Good to go here 🙂

  19. Poem from Writers Almanac this morning: (and especially for you my dear sister of LIght, Anna!)

    It Is Enough
    by Anne Alexander Bingham

    To know that the atoms
    of my body
    will remain

    to think of them rising
    through the roots of a great oak
    to live in
    leaves, branches, twigs

    perhaps to feed the
    crimson peony
    the blue iris
    the broccoli

    or rest on water
    freeze and thaw
    with the seasons

    some atoms might become a
    bit of fluff on the wing
    of a chickadee
    to feel the breeze
    know the support of air

    and some might drift
    up and up into space
    star dust returning from

    whence it came
    it is enough to know that
    as long as there is a universe
    I Am a part of it.

  20. I was in the ‘what is wrong with me’ category the past several days. I thought maybe I was becoming imbalanced. I’m starting to come out of it now, thank goodness! The newest light infusion by the leigon of Michael at expect wonderful spoke to this beautifully yesterday. It kinda gives you the big picture, I found it helpful. And lastly, Thank you Ashia for this amazing blog, I check in everyday :). Big hug!

  21. Dear Sister…this message at this moment is simply ‘Perfect’ ! & a most value guide for us ‘ALL’…from the highs & then the lows from ‘389’…this is the stabling balance I sincerely welcome from YOU & the CC’s today !
    “continue upon your journey, growing, sharing & collaborating with the outside while remaining steadfast bonded & connected to that which is You at All times”…..can’t BE said any better than that !…..Love to All & may You All have a most Heavenly Day !….Bev~

    1. Dear Bev, thank you for always adding your perspective here at the Pond 🙂 As usual, I never know what the message will be when I sit down to channel it, but today I knew from the energies I felt beforehand that it would differ from the ones I have been given earlier this week. So I think the CCs know us well by now, and know how to choose the right subject at the right time 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  22. Well, folks, I agree with CCs, and think that collaborating with each other is, most surely, the best way of achieving great results, especially if this happens sooner than later. However, life is a very strange thing sometimes, and one cannot judge or take it lightly. I frequented a meditation group for 2 years; many good deeds had been done there. We supported, helped and cared for each other, achieving a state of a heart-felt communion. We thought that nothing and no one could hinder it. But in 2013 our group split up; because of the contradictions which gathered up imperceptibly, there came a time when meditating and working together became impossible. So, in 2013 I lost a few friends/karmic partners. The point here is that collaboration of Lightworkers is something we should seek out, but oftentimes our egos and unsolved bilateral karmic issues of past lives represent strong impediments to attaining that goal. And I hope and strongly desire that the year 2014, from this point of view, will be completely different. Have a nice New Year everybody!

    1. Dear Marcel — I think it was in Karen Bishop’s last missive (mentioned here) that states our past Karma (if we even came in with any) is done! 🙂
      I believe our egos are either done – or for sure not running the show or on that track anyways. Your past group was just not there yet is all. I am not saying we wont have the old ego energy rear its head from time to time… but for me,,, I accept that pond members here are of Love and Light and THAT IS their primary focus and intent. No worries,,, Love you much,,, Enjoy! Areeza

      1. Dear Breeze
        Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragements, but I cannot totally agree with you. Our karma may have been annulled already, our lives are unrolling according to new plans, programs and blueprints – that is truly so; but the old karmic energies are still present within, to a lesser or greater extent. This is why on some East- European esoteric sites reliable channelers placed the text of a December 21st planetary action/meditation, under the guidance of the Mother of the Universe, who helped all forms of life and Mother Earth on that day to annul and substitute old evolutionary programs with new ones. I participated in that meditation too, and it was highly beneficial. All I want to say is that the process of replacing the old and outworn energies is very much on. Besides, I feel these old energies writhing within my body when meditating and invoking Divine Energies (the Fire of Druids, the Mother of the Universe’ Ray, etc).
        P.S.: In case you did not know,folks, the Mother of Universe is a high-dimensional Being of Light that can help you – when invoked – substitute old programs and energies with new ones. Also, the Fire of Druids is highly recommended to work with for preparing all of our bodies (the physical and the subtle ones) for Ascension! Try them out – they are highly, tremendously beneficial!!! Pax vobiscum.

        1. I think we agree in what we are saying. And All is on different levels of the ascension. Some are finished with karma, some not. The New is here – but there is still residue we are cleaning/clearing. Though I may be finished with my own gunk, I am here to assist others….but very important part to me is we are assisting in much differnet and ‘easier’ way by Being who we truly are. From the msgs, I am hearing this confirmation – we have done all that we are to ‘do’ and now it is our time to Emerge – afresh, anew: From our Being we show the way. Simple put; Wherever I Am , I intentionally shower all space around me with the Love and Light. We are Intentional Humans and the xtra light we have become Is enough.
          Love 2 U and a blessed day!

  23. I try not to judge anyone for what they say. I just look at what they say from their point of view. Then look at what they say in my point of view. I think everyone does this. I try to accept everyone for who and what they are. Not what I want them to be. Everyone is different in working out who and what they are. I have always thought humans were not from here in its present form. It was changed by someone that was not from here. We are the only living things that have to wear cloths to stay alive in the cold.
    That in itself shows something happened to us along our advancement here on earth. If we weren’t changed we would still have long hair to keep us warm. I think a lot of mistakes were made in our advancement.

    Some took after animals that kill other animals to eat. Some stayed on plants for food. Some turned to the oceans and water ways for food. If we want our animals to live here on earth. Everything will have to go to eating plants even the meat eating animals. Sense we don’t live in the oceans the fish will be on their own for a longer time. Doing what the do.
    We can’t change that yet. As a whole we could invest in plants for food world wide. With time I think much will change with the dna of all living things. To adapt to mother earth and her enviorment with our growing population. We all have to eat something for now to live. I think the time will come when this will change with our dna structure. I don’t know how this will change the looks of the human, but it will be different from what we now see. Humans are still a long way from having a body of light. I know all our bodies are made of particles of light. That is converted into form and that the spirit of our being lives in this body we now have. This spirit is tied to all things. Our spirit has a right to communicate with all things for the love of all that is anythime it wants to. This is what we need to learn more about. To achieve communication with all things. Humans have a long way to go to understand all this and how it all works.

    Each day we come closer to understanding our bodies, spirits, earth, solar system and the galaxy we live in. As long as we strive to understand these things all will get better. Mankind just has to learn to work together on this as a whole. All equal and working for the same purpose. To make mother earth and all that live here be the place it was always meant to be. A paradise to live in.

    Some may advance into their true light bodies before all this can happen. This is where the body and spirit are of one thought. Working as one for all things with others that wish the same for all things.
    We need those that do to help all beings not just the few that seek power over others. We as a whole have to help one another to achieve this for some or all if possible. This is coming and I wish to be a part of it. I will do my best to achieve this in this old body I now have. I don’t wish judgement on anyone. Only peace and love for all that is in my heart for this to happen for all beings and mother earth.

    May the sun have mercy on our beautiful earth
    May all wars end and peace rule the world we live in
    Love and blessings to all

    1. Absolutely & Truly Beautiful words from You Dear Ray !!!…& I so am on board with You in All of this….my most favourite :
      “As long as we strive to understand these things all will get better. Mankind just has to learn to work together on this as a whole. All equal and working for the same purpose. To make mother earth and all that live here be the place it was always meant to be. A paradise to live in. ”
      Thank You !…..Love & Blessings !…..Bev~

    2. Just beautiful, Ray. Your words resonated deep within my Heart.
      Thank you so much, again, and always.
      With Hugs of Light&Love&JOY, Lin

    3. I’m with you Ray…taking the later part for myself too – never saw myself as an old person and dont want to be. Its light body or no body 🙂
      re animals and plants, everything is imperminent. We dont need to keep everything alive forever so as long as there is no violence is a good point. Population of humans will sort itself out too. Much Love to you Ray,
      look forward to our quantum leap! When Heaven is Upon Earth it will all be well, ~A~

  24. Yet another Guardian Angel movie just as I turn on the television. And, of course, I know precisely why this is. Though, at the moment, it brings me as much sorrow as it does joy. I am trying to energize the joy. I suppose the sorrow is there to be released.

    These are quotes from Karen Bishop (thank you, JJ) that brought me to my knees yesterday. I don’t think I have stopped weeping for motr than 1/2 hour since reading this.

    “For the first shall be last and the last shall be first. When the cross-over is complete, “the last,” who will be more poised in position closer to God, will then begin their new work of bringing others closer to God, and so it will continue with the hierarchies and their movement. Things will flip, so to speak.”

    “A new awareness of the mechanics of true and authentic love is also making itself known of late. It is this love that is beginning to fill us up, and will continue to do so, so that when the squeezing and pressure energies finally subside, we will no longer be empty and our new lives will have this profound love at the center of it all.”

    Now, the reason these parts affected me so is this. Bringing others closer to God, and true and authentic love are what I am ALL about. Yet, as a human, this seems to come at great personal cost. And so I struggle with the question, is this the price I must pay? Or. Is this a treasure I am building? I am trying to energize the treasure. I suppose the “price” is there to be released.

    But by god, it hurts. It really does. And yes, I know. “This too shall pass.” (and all that good stuff … all for a reason … all is well all the time … and so on). But the truth is I FEEL so alone. I know I am not, yet the emotion is there. And so I still hang on to that knot at the end of my rope, praying that I have tied it tightly enough and that I will not lose my grip. But at this moment, I feel I am slipping.

    So I am stepping out of my solitude as the CC’s advised. Looking through the fog for that beacon of light. I am accepting any love sent my way.

    Thank you all so much. I love you.

    🙂 AH

    1. Oh Dearest Anna….know in your Heart that we are All there for You…cheering You on to the Greatness you are Becoming !…in these betwixed times on feeling we are walking on thin ice, the uncertainties of will we get to the other side safely or will we fall through, questioning at each step up & down…there are no clear cut answers…& you will not receive them from anyone….only You can figure this out, & You will as with each step saying the ice will hold me…my faith & my belief will bring me to the other side…everything that surrounds me, whether tempts me, tests me or supports me is making me stronger in my self so that I can withstand the battles I will face in my tomorrows !…..Be Strong…You are Loved & Supported…Feel it & Believe it !…….I warmly embrace You !….Love, Bev~

      (& just wanted you to know I watched Phenomenon !!!! Absolutely LOved it & was compelled to leave you a message afterwards (See 389)….I am so deeply grateful you brought it my way !!!) & I Agree that stepping out of your solitude is a good thing…I think it is important to keep growing, sharing & collaborating with the outside, while always remaining connected to the You at All times…just like the CC’s have stated !!!

    2. oh my, Dear Anna, you are soooo Loved. So very much.
      I see you, Most BEautiful You.
      I Love You.

      With Warm Hugs of Light&Love&JOY, Lin

    3. Dearest Anna,,, no more price on our prize… just the Prize ! 🙂
      You are the Prize – We Are – we share it now freely….and Life Is…..

    4. SOUL ON DECK!!! Scream it out! It will change your energy.
      See the beacon of our shinning souls dear Anna! We are all here…
      The Light Is Always On!!! Loving you, XOA

    5. Dear sister, you are never alone, and you are ALWAYS loved! As the CCs say, you may stumble, but you will never fall, and even if you feel your grip slipping, do not fear. For no matter what happens, you will land on your feet, in the exact spot that will bring you to YOU.
      With all my love – always, forever. Aisha

    6. You are not alone my love. Lori, I truly love you infinitely and I hope you feel this.
      Know that I am here for you always.
      And babe, you are doing great work for all of us. I can see what you do and it is beautiful.
      You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Also the most powerful, haha, that was probably the power of Love I recognized… 🙂 🙂

      I’m sorry I put all the blame on you, I was trying to provoke a reaction…
      All it did was that it made me look at me. It helped me find my Self. I’m still searching and trying to Be Me. I will Be Me, with your help my love. I thank you for this.

      Eternally yours,

    7. My heart goes out to you Anna Helen! When “the funk” hits me (it gets everyone more than a couple times), I’ve found my quickest and most effective means of transmuting any painful energy that is trying to smother me is to pick up on the benevolence of it all. It’s much easier for me to remain in my “joy” core if I consider who I’m possibly delivering (bridging) for. From that perspective, I’d go through even the deepest of my pains 20 fold if it meant the innocent child next door never had to go through the same kind of pain. Funny thing is, actually, the miraculous thing is that once my soul wins and I arrive at this mindset, the ENTIRE burden is lifted from me and replaced with an equally heavy blessing. God can change our sobs of pain to sobs of joy in less than a second! There’s power, comfort, and healing in gratitude for pain. I know, it is so much easier said than done, but we know, life is practice and progress not perfection. Please do know that God found YOU WORTHY, CAPABLE, and FULLY EQUIPPED to work through some of the toughest of tough stuff! He won’t leave you there, and he promises that the pain you’re (we’re) feeling can’t compare with the JOY coming! Much Christed love to you!

      P.S. Sharing your pain with everyone here was/is a benevolent act of love. No doubt, when my next funk starts knocking, I’ll remember this. In this way, the burden you brought to this forum is, in part, made up of my future (and I’m sure others) funk pain. Thank you!

      1. This is very beautiful what you do – who you are – JoyBender – thank you! I can not wait to meet you one day face to face – already heart to heart/soul to soul! Love 2 U , XOA

        1. How beautiful you are, sweet Breeze! Your encouragement brought on some of those sweet tasting tears. Thank you! Blessed is the finger (you) that points to the meaning in the mayhem, and YOU do that SO FAITHFULLY! Your active and consistent involvement with this blog is to be admired! I too, can’t wait to meet you and put a face to all of your wonderful contributions! What grace, comfort, peace, rest, motivation, and strength we’re all finding and will continue to find in the culmination of kindred souls! Much gratitude to you for your ingredients of bliss! Love to you!!

          1. Dont know if u will see this reply….but for some reason I came back to this posting and I see what you said. I feel honored and humbled you see and feel this energy from me. I got home the 24th and suffered greatly that evening on into today…as u prob read on recent missive pages. I am not perfect as u can tell.
            Coming here and reading this before I go to bed tonight, well, it was just what the doc ordered.
            Sincerely, from my heart I thank you and know that I will always Be the beacon – even in my own dark times…Love has always seen me thru. Tonight it is your beacon of Love/Light that provided just what was needed to help me to the other side of midnight again….with much Love, Namaste ~A~

    8. Wow Anna, just what I was thinking.

      I’m so glad to read your experiences, emotions, etc. Boy, can I relate!
      But what a wonderful expression of your feelings. I guess I’m not alone.

      Thank you sweetheart!

      Thank you sweetheart!



    9. Dear AH, hope you are already feeling better ! I’m dropping in with this, which came straight and immediately while reading your message : YOU are a mighty Beacon of Love.
      So, as you keep looking thru the fog for the hints of one, the faint lights, you simply forget to take a deep and loving look at your own 🙂
      Big loving and Bubbly hugs, beautiful sister ❤

  25. Thank you Aisha and CCs for a fitting message. I can agree with what Philipp says that everything feels so simple and easy as it hasn´t done before. But as CCs say – I take a step back and consider what has happened so far 🙂

    Much love and light,

    B to B

    1. Thank You ‘B’ & always Love your sharing of your perspective …may the LOve & Light you give, multiply & vibrate in strength back to You !….Love, Bev~

      1. Thank you bev~!

        When I replied to Aisha about the message earlier today I was feeling fine, but now headache is in again. Maybe a new energy wave or was it because I walked down town to buy a birthday present to my son? Anyway – the couch with a blanket is first priority now.

        Much love & light,


          1. My lovely B… a warm blanket of Love (to add to your 3D one) enveloping you and the headache energies. Sweet dreams.
            Loving you, Lin 🙂

        1. I have had headaches all week B, also wondering if its energetic or something else (could be anything :), but a couple waves of nausea yesterday and today make me think there is something energetic going on for me. Hope you are feeling better!

          1. Yes – there was nausea too, felt like a bit minor energy wave. Maybe it was a special wave for you and me 😉 A good night´s sleep made me good 🙂

            Thanks for caring 🙂

            Love & light,

            B to B


            1. Lol, amazing, made me smile immediately, what a lovely dance :). Hey a little energy wave for us is not so bad :). I used my old stand my of eat junk food to cure what seems like slow moving energy. It helped, but there seems to be still a little left for me this morning. Maybe I need more chocolate!

  26. I really don’t know what to say…
    I feel see myself in this book too since last October. ….
    Many feel this too?

    1. Dear Tomo, welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! I think you will feel at home here with your brothers and sisters of the light 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

  27. Dear CC’s

    I see you took up my yesterday’s question and you have just perfectly answered it. Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart!

    Since yesterday, since I have resolved my questions by applying that what you have just shared with all of us, I feel total bliss and Love. I thought (again, a human condition to think about this instead of just riding the Love waive ;-)) it would be gone after my night sleep but it is still there. And it feels just great, beyond words. May it last for ever! And if this is just a slight taste of the Tsunami of Love/The Event/The Love Transformation, which comes to our shore in waves (at least this is my understanding from it), then, I say with all my mighty power: Bring the Tsunami of Love on! I am ready for it.

    And last but not least, thank you, dear Aisha, for bringing this message through!



    1. Thank You Philipp….& keep expanding that mighty power !! & most certainly we All hold Great Honor & Respect for Aisha & All her time, All her work & dedication in building this site & sharing this wealth of information from the CC’s…I AM & am certain most of us are deeply & sincerely Grateful & hold a special place in our Hearts where she has BEcome part of us….the movie Phenomenon speaks of this…& it shines Truth that lives within the connection of creation !………..LOve, Bev~

      1. Dear Bev, dear Lin, dear Areeza! As the CCs say ” you are all individuals, but you are also just a fragment of larger whole” and every time I log on to this blog and read the words you and so many others have shared, I feel how we all grow closer and closer. We are like cells in the same body, and as each “cell” evolves, it affects us all. And so, every step we take as individuals, we take for ALL.
        LOVE, Aisha

    2. Ready here too Philipp! –and still feeling the great energies that struck us yesterday…. right on into today… zooming on into foreverland 🙂
      Love, Areeza

    3. Dear Philipp! Thank you for shining your light in the way that you do, it is lighting your way – and ours too. You truly carry a mighty power within that is coming to the surface now 🙂
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

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