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A long time ago, mankind came to these shores for the very first time, and with them, they brought instructions to go forth and make themselves a home on this planet. And this instruction, this blueprint if you will, has been with you all along through the ages, and it has been biding its time, waiting for you to find a way to find your way to the very core of your being. For when you did, you would enable the last stage of this whole plan to come to fruition, and now, you all stand before this very last stage of this evolvement. For even if mankind’s journey has been one that has taken many a detour on its way, you have not lost that inner spark, the one that has kept you going despite all of the obstacles you have encountered. And they have been many indeed, not least in the form of those beings who more or less hijacked you all and send you all wildly flying into a dark abyss of despair, where it looked as if you would all get completely lost. But you did not, for that inner spark, that part of you that is also a part of God, has been there all the time, keeping the fire burning, even when it looked as if every single spark of light was extinguished for good.

But it was there all along, tended carefully by people who knew of it, people who kept themselves off in the shadows, so that those representing an ever darker part of Creation could not see them. And there they waited, and there they kept tenderly blowing on the small ember that they managed to keep going, century after century, while in the rest of the world, mankind slowly but surely succumbed to the idea that the light within them was a thing of the past. Indeed, this extinguishing of memory was so total, it left no open doors at all to that place within that this small, flickering light still hid out, and so, the remembrance of your inheritance, your part of God, was forgotten and lay dormant in the vast majority of mankind for eons.

But now, that flame is blazing again, and that is because you are amongst those first brave pioneers who dared to venture behind these hidden doors once again. And what you found there, is what has been waiting there for you so patiently, generation after generation, lifetime after lifetime. For within you all, even within those representatives of mankind that you look upon as the darkest creatures of all, glows that same spark, that same little piece of God that everything in Creation has in common. For you are all chips of the same block as the rest of us, for we all share the same ancestry, and we all come from that same infinite ocean of energetic potential, that ocean that is set into being by the consciousness you are also a part of. For there is no division, there is no “them” and “us”, there is only we – now and forever. And even if you do find yourself categorizing beings into all kinds of shades from black to white and every stage in between, know that no matter the appearance, whether that be on the outside or judged by their actions, it all stems from that same single source. And that source, is the Source of light.

We know this is apt to cause a lot of confusion, and given the history of man, it is not difficult to understand. For you have been living out a long and complicated history under the thumb of beings that you will have a hard time finding any light in at all, but know that it is there. But theirs has been a journey that has taken them even further out from Source, and so, their actions have been governed by that. But know also, that no matter how far out into the fringes anyone ventures, whether as a single entity or indeed as a whole constellation, they still adhere to the same rules that everyone else. For what is the basic principle in All of creation, is the interaction between energy and consciousness, and remember, consciousness has been set into action in ways that have been devised in order to create it ALL. And so, what may look as the grossest of imbalance is there with a purpose in mind, namely to create the new. And so too, it has been with mankind. For if you had not been taken under the wings of the creatures that took upon them to re-create what had been created as a grand school in the first place, your place in history would not be the same. For if you had not been under the kind of mismanaged by outside forces that you have had to suffer for so long, this planet would not be in that dire situation you see today. And so, your role as the pioneers, the ones that are about to complete a turn around the likes have never before been seen anywhere in Creation, this role would not have been called for.

So again we say, know that all is well, and know that everything that has happened to get you to where you are today has happened for a reason. And we are not just referring to your own personal journey. We are referring to everything that has taken place. And yes, we are well aware that these words will cause an uproar in some of you, and rightly so, for you look upon yourselves as the carriers of the light, the righters of the wrong, and you feel your mission is a mission with a higher purpose than merely a personal quest for freedom. And so it is Рin  every sense of the word. For you are all that, and more, for what you do, as we have told you on numerous occasions, you do on behalf of All of creation. And you do it because someone took upon them the roles as deactivators of the light on this planet, and they did so because they looked upon that as their personal right. They took what they could take, because they felt the urge to do so, and on the way, they enslaved a multitude of people and put them under a yoke that kept them sinking ever deeper into a morass of forgetfulness, fear and disempowerment. So to all sense and purposes, they created YOU, and so you stand here today, looking out at something that has come about because someone else created from the same urge you feel today. But to them, the purpose was the exact opposite.

We know these words will make many a head spin, but we also know that these words will make the penny drop, as the saying goes, for others. And please forgive us our somewhat unorthodox choice of words, for we do not take this lightly in any way. We are simply trying to help you to see the big picture here, and that big picture is perhaps infinitely more complex than you think you can even try to wrap your head around, but it is also infinitely more simple and extremely clear cut. For in order to see the light, the darkness will always have to be present in some form, and in order to create, you need friction. And so it is, and so it has always been. On this planet, Planet Earth, the friction has been such, it has created something that is not like anything anywhere else, and as such, the lessons have been learned again and again. But now, the time for a radical change is due, and the reason for this, is that there is indeed a time and place for everything – but not haphazardly. And so, what has been shifted to a gross degree in one direction, must be shifted back in the opposite direction, and so, the time for the light to reenter all of the great halls of your planet has come.

This shift has been a long time coming, and, as you all know, it was with you even before you came into being here on this little blue planet. Not only this time around, but before you even remember coming into being here at all. And so, you have been brought in to fan the flames again, not only within yourself, but within enough of your fellow men to ensure that this shift really comes into being. And with it, you have been given the task of literally rewriting your own history.

For mankind has a hard time seeing beyond the actions and so, you keep lists detailing the “good” and the “bad”, and there is no way for you to overlook the distinction between them. But that is what you will have to remember, for again, this is not news to any of you, but it is simply something you have been programmed to forget the moment you stepped away from the complete version of you and stepped into that container carrying the name of “human”. And so, you spend much of your time putting everything you encounter in one container or another, each coming with a neat label of “positive” or “negative”, “good” or “bad”, “them” or “us”. And so, you keep dividing everything up into more and more fragments, all in a grand effort to keep forgetting even more of who you really are.

For remember, everything is the same, as everything comes from the same Source, and even if it may look, taste, feel, act or behave differently, it all comes back to the same, it all comes back to ONE. And so do you, for you are no less God than anything or anyone you would define with such a description, so you are neither more nor less than anything nor anyone in all of Creation. This is the simple lesson you need to take to heart, for this is the one answer that will answer every single question you will still have. You are ONE, you are one single part of that grand total of ONE. You may feel separate, but that is simply because you have been taught to forget. But now, you have been told to remember again, and when you do, it will all fall into place, and there will be no one nor no thing that does not fit into that great, grand picture of YOU anymore. Nor will there be for everything else in existence, for this too, is part of you, just as you are a part of it. And so, we thank you, on behalf of us all, for doing what you do. For you do what no one has done before, and as such, you are making us all into an even greater version of us, for you are making this ONE into an even wiser ONE.

As many of you have already noticed, these incoming energetic fluctuations have started to affect you in so many ways, and even if you at times will feel at loss to describe just what you are experiencing, we can only say that you are going through something that has not been previously experienced by any living being before. For you are pioneers in every sense of the word, and as such, you are already treading on virgin territory, and the remainder of your journey will take you even further into these uncharted waters. We know that this may sound unsettling to some of you, but again, you are not sent out on a wild and reckless chase for something that is elusive, rather you are being sent out on a journey that is taking you back to you, in every sense of the word.

We are aware that these words will indeed sound repetitious to so many of you, and rightly so, as there are none amongst you who took the first steps on this journey yesterday. No, this is for all of you a journey that started a very long time ago, and even if you have only recollections of what you have done so far in this current embodiment of your spirit, let us just say that nothing you have ever done has been without this goal in mind. And so, this journey has indeed been far, far longer than you can comprehend at the moment, and before you start to get even more exhausted thinking about the implications of this, let us hasten to remind you that you are here now, at that last and final stretch towards attaining that end goal you have been striving towards – seemingly forever.

We know fully well that for many of you, this will sound like no consolation, for even if you focus your mind on just this single lifetime, even that will seem to be overly taxing to contemplate, and right now, you may even feel as if you have changed not one iota from the person you were for as long as you can manage to cast your mind back. Well, that is indeed understandable, for again, all of the hustle and bustle, the wear and tear of this whole process will in so many ways grind down your ability to literally see not only yourself, but this whole process clearly. For your vision will be blurred in all sorts of ways, and so too it will seem is the case with the rest of your ability to perceive the truth. But still, we are indeed confident that none of you can say that nothing has happened, and that you still feel stuck in the same old, same old.

For nothing is no longer what it used to be, whether you look on the outside or the inside, but still, there are indeed many, many voices trying to convince you that this is not the truth. They will try to hammer in the same old message of despair, disillusion and disempowerment, and so, it can be hard to ignore these voices when you yourself seem to be stuck in a space that gives you nothing but hard work. And so you may falter again, and you may feel your confidence slipping away, and you will think that you have been fooled all of this time, and you have been sent on a wild goose chase for the entertainment of some unseen forces that seem to take a liking to pulling your leg. That is understandable, and we do not fault any for getting this idea into their head. For your heads have been well programmed to stick to these kinds of patterns and mental loops, where you seem to go around and around in an endless pattern of despair and hope for only to fall back to despair again. But we also know that the vast majority of the people reading these words have managed to get themselves unstuck from these old ruts of disbelief, and so, you have already travelled quite a distance from the person you used to be, and you are pulling and strecthing on the few remaining threads of the old yoke still trying to hold you back.

But from time to time, you may find yourself seemingly back in that old rut again, fighting hard not to lose hope that everything you have accomplished, has been for nothing, and you are right back where you started. But you are not, you are merely experiencing a bleed through of the old programming, the ghost in the machine if you will, making a last effort to try to entice you into thinking that this ghost, this shimmering illusion of reality is for real, but it is not. And so, whenever you find yourself being revisited by some of these old ghosts from the past, all you have to do, is what you have done every time you have found yourself thinking you are lacking in any way. You must simply reattach your focus to YOU, and not let it stray all around you, where it is apt to get tangled into this old web of disinformation and propaganda.

For remember, the voices from this old ghost town are still making themselves heard, that is, if you choose to let yourself listen to them. But if you instead choose to ignore them, you will hear those other voices coming to you loud and clear, and the message they bring, is a very different one indeed. For these voices carry the truth in the form of light, and the light has only one message to convey, and that is the message of love. Conventional wisdom says that hate is the opposite of love, but many of you have already discovered the real truth: fear is the opposite of love, and fear thrives whenever it can manage to push the focus away from the light. For then, the mind will start to wander off by itself again, and as usual, it will try to seek back to what it already knows. For remember, the mind can be very set on avoiding change in any shape, size or form, and so, the very idea of venturing into virgin territory may be too much to contemplate for such a timid, human mind.

This is not said to discredit any parts of you, least of all your mind, it is simply said to remind you that from the beginning, your mind has been set to survival mode, and as the time went by and other forces not representing the light intervened, your mind got this survival mode ingrained even deeper, and this version of it was acting out on one impulse stronger than the rest, and that was the impulse of fear. And through the ages, fear has been pulsating in and around you all so strongly, it became the overriding force within, and so, stepping away from this instinctive reaction of fear whenever you encounter something that is very new is indeed one that has taken you all a long time to master. But now you can master it, as you have all proven again and again. For you have already become masters in mastering the art of looking upon change as inevitable, and as such, you have indeed managed to get out of that old rut of fear. But, as we told you, that old ghost will still try to rise its head from time to time, and we venture to guess you have all had your fair share of these whiffs of the old disillusionment and desperation caused by that lingering smell of the old.

So that is why we return again and again to remind you of YOU, of who you truly are, and why it is you are going through this monumental change in the first place. For it is not in order to “entertain” us or any other part of Creation you can think of. No, this is done in order to liberate not only you, but your whole planet from this old and crippling controlling force, the one that rears its head and sends out signals of fear every time anyone tries to step outside the old borders.

But you have already trespassed these borders, in fact, you have left them behind a long time ago, but that does not make that old voice give up trying to get you back into the fold again. But you are far, far past the point of no return dear ones, and even if you might find yourself experiencing that same crippling gut reaction that used to be triggered within you by that old voice of fear, know that this is merely an illusion too. For you are no longer governed by this fear, it can only make your physical body respond in some measures, and so, your mind will try to chime in with the same reactions it used to respond with whenever the whiff of fear entered you earlier. But again, you are older, and you are far, far wiser now, so whenever you feel this old pattern revisiting you, all you have to do, is to take that same reassuring trip within to your own core.

For whenever you do this, you will feel the love that is pulsating stronger and stronger there, and you will feel how this pulse is not only coming from within you. No, this pulse is the cosmic pulse of love, that never ending heartbeat that will supply you with everything you need as you continue on into these beckoning unexplored places. And so, you will never run out of power, for you will never run out of love. But you might soon find yourself running out of excuses for not believing in this all-powerful force that is all around you. For even if your body and your mind may be screaming for mercy from sheer exhaustion from time to time, you will have no problem in accessing this immense powerhouse of love. For you are all so deeply and fully reintegrated into this vast, intergalactic grid of love by now, there is no way you cannot get a positive answer if you send out a request for a refill should you so need it. For it is all there, waiting for you to welcome it with open arms, and when you do, no matter how high that old voice of fear will try to shout into your eyes, ears and mind, you will not listen ever again. For you will see it for what it truly is, merely a sour, lingering smell from days gone by, days when you were a very different person than you are today. For then, you were merely a human, but now, you are a master, and so, you can start to simply BE the master you really are.

You have by now perhaps settled a little bit more into these unsettled energies, and as such, you will have become a little bit more familiar with all of these fluctuating patterns that in turn will begin to fire up some rather interesting affinities within you. You see, these buttons that are being pushed throughout all of these energetic missives that keep on showering down on you are indeed buttons that have been waiting to be reactivated again for such a long time, and so, they will begin slowly but surely to gain momentum as the days and indeed nights continue to add more energy to this process. And so, little by little, clarity will appear where before there were only murkiness, and a sense of solidity and empowerment will emerge from what has previously felt like an ocean of exhaustion, despair and frustration. But together with all of this emergence also follows dissolving, and you may find yourself looking at something that falls into pieces around you, and what you see reduced to a heap of rubble, may be circumstances in your life that you hitherto have seen as fundamental or as permanent. But fret now, for as we have told you on many an occasion, whatever comes apart now, does so in order to let the new emerge on every level you can think of, and then some. For without the breaking of the old mold, the new could not be born fully formed and have room to literally unfold its wings and take to the sky.

So again we say, know that all is well, even if all you see at the moment seems to be things falling apart or ripping at the seams, for know that this is simply the first sign of the emergence of everything that you have been waiting for. For just as the new shoots will push the dirt and indeed everything that stands in its way aside in its quest for air and light and space to grow, so too will these incoming energies cause expansion on every level, not only within, but also without, and so, you might feel as if ready to burst at times. But do not fear dear ones, what you may feel as an ominous pressure at times, a pressure that may make you feel as if you are ready to lose your top – both figuratively and literally – is only the pressure from everything that is standing ready to come out and show its – and your – true colours for the very first time.

So remember to sit back and take a deep breath whenever you feel the pressure mounting, and know that you will not be blown to pieces by all of this added pressure. In fact, this pressure is actually helping you to expand, and as this process takes place in literally all directions, it will be hard to get a full understanding of it at all. But know that you are all carefully monitored throughout this process, and so, not one of you will be exposed to more pressure than what is necessary in order to help you come into full bloom, but nor will we lessen the amount of pressure if we think it would be detrimental to your process of emergence. So simply allow the added flow of energy, and let it push you and prod you if it so chooses, for it is only helping you to expand in ways that will enable you to outgrow any and all outdated versions of you. And this in turn will help you to move above and beyond the old limitations that the third density world has kept you strictly confined within.

And if you feel the need to let off some steam, know that there are ways to do this that perhaps will be more helpful than an emotional meltdown, even if that at times may serve you well also. For any creative endeavour you could think of will help to let some of this pressure from the expansion to lessen. For the pressure you feel, is simply the pressing need to start to do what you are truly here to do. For you are here to create the new in collaboration with your fellow men, and so, whenever you feel this urge gnawing at you in ways that are hard to define, but can be almost unbearably frustrating at times, give this urge an outlet by finding something to create. And creating is whatever you define it as, and it need not be anything defined at all. It could be something as simple as giving your voice a chance to sing out loud, your body a chance to move freely, your hands the freedom to put together something or even dismantle something. It can be making order out of a chaos that you feel pressing in on you within your own surroundings, or it can be to make something from scratch, like making the simplest of dishes in your own kitchen. You can play with colours, you can play with the water or the wind, you can play with the dirt – the options are endless, and we can guarantee you that no matter what you choose, you will find it lifts your spirits by alleviating that pressure from within. And in addition, you will probably also create something that by itself will give you cause for joy.

So blow your top off if you feel the need to do so, but at least find a creative way to do it, and know that you cannot be destroyed by this at times overwhelming pressure. For it is not there to drive you mad or render you unable to find your own center, it is simply here to signal that you are already pushing on your old limitations in ways that will only bring joy – not just to you, but to All of creation.

We want to return to a topic that has been mentioned before, but that bears repeating as we usually say, and this time, it is the subject of time. Time is a subject that will keep popping up in our missives, and rightly so, as the whole concept of time and indeed the limitation you seem to think it has is indeed a subject that lies at the very core of this whole operation. You see, mankind’s idea of time as this linear stretch of events that slowly unfolds at a designated pace will also help to limit your ideas as to how and when a certain event may come about. For to you, things can only happen at the level of consciousness that you are able to witness. And so, you see strict limitations to everything as you seem to think that everything must adhere to these limitations that your idea of time sets up. For these limitations are indeed so basic to your whole idea of living, as you see how the clock starts to tick the moment – usually recorded for posterity – when you take your first breath and until that moment ¬†– usually also recorded for posterity – when you take your last. And so, each life is a line in the sand if you will, starting at one point and running parallel to all the other lives or lines that exist simultaneously to yours, and so, you all share the same intrinsic idea of when a certain event took place as you can go back in your annals and look at the time and the date when it was recorded.

And so, when you think back or when you plan ahead, you always adhere to this same strict line of time with no exception, so to you, time is indeed a straight and narrow line stretching forwards and backwards into infinity. But still, it is indeed straight as a ruler with no deviation to it at all. And so to you, nothing that falls outside of this thin line can exist, for if it does not fit into your concept of time, it does not even enter into your mind. Why, you even use your measurement of time to define the “age” of the light that comes into your line of sight whenever you look up to the sky. For you define the distance to the twinkling pinpricks of light you see above you in the night sky in time also, as in when the light from that star started its journey towards you. And so, your concept of time stretches into every direction you can see, yet it also narrows everything into that same thin line.

For us, the concept of time is indeed a very different one indeed, and now, you have perhaps also started to sense that time as you know it is no longer the same to you either. For to us, time is indeed a malleable subject in every way, and to many of you, time has seemed to take on this same formability too. For many of you will have sensed that time is no longer that defined, steady rhythm, meted out by your clocks and as reliable as nothing else. Now, you will find that the very idea of “keeping time” will throw you off balance, and you will indeed have a hard time – pun intended – keeping track of it all. For if you try to go back and describe just what you were doing at any given time – a concept that normally is an easy one to take into your mind – you will perhaps lose track very fast if you try to put these events on to a defined timeline. For what used to come naturally to you does not do so any more, and you will see that this straight and clear cut line will become squiggly and fuzzy, it will seem to back up on itself, stretch out and compress like an accordion being played by a very unskilled musician. And so, things that may actually have taken place at two almost identical points in time may seem to grow wider and wider apart, while things that took place with perhaps several decades between them will seem to have taken place almost simultaneously. We know that you will all be able to report similar instances, so again, we are here to remind you that this is simply a sign of you breaking through more of the old barriers that have held you captive for such a long – yes – time.

For as you break free of the old bondage of linear time, you will also find yourself much freer in so many other aspects. For when the rest of humanity still try their best to keep marching to that same old beat from their clocks, you will become a time traveller in every sense of the word. For as you leave the old confines of linear time behind, you will begin to understand that there are so many new levels or dimensions to explore, dimensions that exist simultaneously with the old and single minded one you have experienced so far. And yes, we do use single minded with intent, as you have up until now been living your lives as if you simply existed within this strictly defined narrow line of time, the old way of living your life unrolling that single-laned band that stretches from birth to death for then to be abruptly cut off again. But now you will start to experience a multidimensional version of you, the one where there are no endings nor beginnings, but where it all comes together in endless cycles of bands of time, like a Moebius strip seemingly biting is own tail as it traverses in an endless quest for knowledge and experience. For now, you will see that this narrow band of a human life is nothing more than a simple little line in the sand, but from now on, you will be invited to explore the whole beach, and beyond.

For a human life is simply a narrow little furrow in the sand, and the visibility is very limited by these narrow walls defined by the timeline you have all been well trained to follow. But now, you see these walls crumbling before your very eyes, and you will begin to understand that time need not be looked upon as a sort of straitjacket anymore, and the idea that you might even “run out of time”will be cause for mirth, not for desperation and frustration. For running out of time is indeed something you are no longer capable of, for now time will be at your disposal, and not the other way around. For earlier, you have felt forced to live your life dictated by the clock, and so, you have watched as the seconds, minutes and hours have seemed to literally run out into the sand, for never to return. And if you did not take advantage of this exact “now” it would never return, and so it would be defined as “wasted time”. Well, there is no such thing as wasted time, and that is an idea you will soon find more true than what you can even begin to grasp now.

For time is, as we have told you earlier, something very malleable and indeed, it is something you can even have a conversation with. And when we say conversation, we mean as in an interaction. For remember, time will no longer be restricted to a defined set of compartments, each measuring the same, as in your concepts of seconds, minutes hours and so on. For these compartmentalized ideas of time is no longer the ones that will define your lives as you start to peek over that wall that separates humanity from the rest of Creation. For then, you will see that you will be able to step back and forth between these “compartments” very easily, and you will understand that moving between the different layers of this multidimensional “cake” of Creation will also send you back and forth between many different versions of this concept of “time”.

We think many of you will have a hard time following these words, but let us just sum it up by saying that the walls are falling away in every sense now, and one of the results of this will be felt in your inability to keep track of time. That is, in the human way of defining it. So know that even if you will feel more than a little bewildered from all of these seemingly unending versions of time lapses, peculiarities and paradoxes, they are simply a sign of you becoming untethered from this old thread of third dimensional restriction, and you will begin to learn to straddle the divide between then and now in a very different way than before. And with this untethering will also come a new form of balance, as you will begin to understand the concept of simultaneous bi-location, a concept that necessitates disconnecting from the old in every way, especially the sense of time.

So again we say, simply go with the flow, even when it seems to take you far beyond what your mind can comprehend. For it will not take you anywhere you are not meant to go, it will simply take you out of the known waters and inte the brand new, unexplored ones in ways that will help you to set yourself free from the old and dive all the way into the new.

As many of you may have noticed, this ongoing intensifying of energetic upgrading is barely taking a pause these days, and so, you may be apt to think that this time, it will be too much for your hapless body. That is certainly not the case here, for if you manage to dive below that churning surface of energetic chaos, you will find that you are actually growing more resilient and balanced by the day. We know this may be cause for disbelief for many of you, for we are well aware that this round of energetic combustion will have lit a fire under the feet of many an issue that still lingers somewhere in your system. And yes, we do mean that as in issues stemming from earlier lives as well. For this is indeed the most thorough “housecleaning” you will ever have, and as such, this rattling of the cage will have the last few remnants of anything previously undiscovered rolling out from its hiding place.

Again, this is not a process of rediscovering in order to go through a lengthy process of processing whatever it is that may fall out from the uppermost recesses of your closets this time. No, this is simply about shaking loose anything that still may act as sand in the machinery, and so, all you need to do, is to literally roll with the punches and simply let whatever comes out do so. For you need not even pick it up to inspect it further, you need simply just leave it where it falls, and as we said, just keep going on your designated journey, knowing fully well that whatever may emerge at this stage, does so to finally lighten your load sufficiently so that you will be able to become airborne at the earliest opportunity.

So again we say, know that all of this seemingly incessant shaking is done to get that last little collection of grit out of your system, and even if all of this shaking may leave you feeling more like a worn out rag doll than that magnificent being you truly are, it is done to help you attain a much truer picture of your own worth. For remember, whatever it may be that lies hidden and perhaps forgotten in a small dark corner somewhere in your being, the mere existence of it is enough to lower your ability to truly step into the magnificence that is the real you. For what these gritty little remnants of old memories really do, is to clog up those fine arteries of your energetic body in such a way that the necessary free flow is hampered. And that is why we will continue to shake you up in the most unexpected of ways to simply dislodge these small but very annoying pieces once and for all.

Again, it is not done with the intention that you need in any way take time to peruse whatever it is that comes rolling out after one of these bouts. In fact, the only thing you should do, is to take a deep cleansing breath and let the fresh air rush in to that energetic space that has become freed again because of this dislodging of an old fragment. So yes, this can be a process that will rattle more than your bones, but it is also one where you will not have to do the work, you will simply have to allow yourself to be shaken in order for these small remnants to become cleared from your system forever.

And know that even if you do feel as if you are being shaken within an inch of falling apart, this process is also very much shoring up the bonds that are connecting you to the totality of your being. And as such, this is also a process that is very much about building up a connection that never before has been stronger than it is now. And whenever you get a chance to get a small respite from this rattling around in the energetic washing machine, we are certain that you will find this to be true. For then, you will find yourself in a space that will seem to be so much lighter, so much brighter and so much more level than that uneven ground you have been traversing for the last decade or so.

By now, many of you will have felt the tugging from these energies, and we can sense a heightened sense of frustration in all those still insisting on hanging on. You see, this is not an easy task, for even if you think yourself already well above and beyond the struggle of release, this is in many ways not the case. Not to dampen your spirits, but we would like to delve a little bit further into this enigma of resistance, for that is what so many of you are experiencing at the moment.

Remember we are here to help you to get airborne, and the only way to do that, is to allow yourself to let go of all of the old ballast that is till holding you tethered to the ground, and as such, the more you flail and struggle, the more you seem to find yourself entangled in all of these old ropes, and the more you will feel as if pushed deeper and deeper into a corner without your own volition. But such is the paradox in this process, that the more you struggle to let go, the deeper you seem to mire yourself in everything that you do so want to get rid of. And yes, it is frustrating, and yes, it is painful, for it is a little bit like a trapped animal fighting and pushing in order to break free, but the only tangible result will be an even stronger feeling of restriction.

So that is why we are here, to remind you all that you are so close to attaining that true freedom, the one that will serve not only as a breath of fresh air, but as such a total sense of liberation, it will literally take your breath away. But what is standing in your way, are still those same obstacles that have been there all along, and the only place you can locate them, is within. For no matter what your external circumstances are, no matter how strapped you are financially, nor what kind of relationships you find yourself in with others, it is simply a figment of your imagination that this is the real reason for your sense of imprisonment. For there is nothing outside of you that can hold you back once you attain that freedom within, the freedom that will enable you to literally scale any mountain without seemingly having to exert yourself in any way. For the moment you let go of any inhibitions that are still holding you back, you will fly all the way there without feeling even out of breath.

And when we say inhibition, we refer to that old and by now well known idea that you are simply not able to let go, for these things are simply a part of you. They have always been thus, and so, they will continue to be so, and so, you will have to content yourself with watching from the sidelines as those other, more fortunate ones let go of whatever it was that held them back. For they are perhaps more entitled to their freedom than you? But that is not the truth, but it can be a convenient illusion to hold on to, when you think you find this struggle to release simply to be too much. And so, you let yourself fall back, and you feel even more despondent than before. But again, that is why we are here, for we know that at this point in time there are so many going through this exact phase where they say to themselves “enough already. I have been releasing and fighting for my freedom for years and years, but now, I do not have it in me to go on anymore. What a failure I am!” And so you sit back and try to lick your wounds, but no matter what you do, they only seem to hurt you more. But remember, you are never not good enough, you are simply exhausted, and so you lose sight of your own strength, and you feel as if everything is slipping away from you, except for that old baggage you so want to be rid of.

And so, it is as if everything comes crashing down, and you with it, and it is as if you are left in heap on the floor unable to even get to your knees, much less back on your feet. So we say to you, you are not lost, nor are you out of the game, you are simply temporarily out of breath. So we ask you to sit down and redial that connection to YOU that seems to have come undone in all of this toing and froing. For remember, these energies are doing all they can to help you shake loose any old baggage still hanging around, but in the process, much may be apt to get out of sync as well. And so, what you take for a permanent disconnection, a permanent cease of communication, is merely a small blackout of services, caused by these intensely fluctuating signals going to and from your system and the Source of these helpful, but rather heavy handed energies.

So we ask you to take some time to reconnect, for that signal from within is always there, clear and pure, and when you do reconnect, you will find that you are not lost nor left behind, you have simply tripped over that small heap of old luggage still cluttering up your space. And remember, this is not clutter that you need to spend time or energy on decluttering. All you have to do, is to take a step aside, and walk right by it. For this is what you need to do in order to truly leave it behind, stop worrying about it. For it is not yours, it never was, you simply picked it up along the way, and by and by, you started to believe that it really belonged to you. But it does not, and so, you are free to simply leave it sitting there by the wayside as you continue on your journey with a much lighter step, and no extra load at all.

We make it sound so simple, and that is because it is simple, except within your mind. For that is where this has escalated into a battle for so many, as you put so much of your weight into trying to shift this heap pf old luggage to and fro, pulling your hair in frustration because the sheer weight of it all is simply too much for you. But you can put down your arms, and stop figuring out how to find a way to overcome this burden. For all you need to do, is to realize that is not yours anymore, in fact it never was, and so, you are simply free to leave it behind any time you find it in you to do just that.

As many of you have already noticed, these incoming energies make themselves announced in all sorts of ways. Perhaps the best way to describe them is how they seem to fluctuate in wildly erratic patterns, and these seemingly unpredictable patterns of energetic transmissions will also affect you at many levels. And so, you will find yourself as if floating blissfully in a tranquil sea of good vibrations if you will, for suddenly to feel as if your raft has been toppled over, and you flail about in choppy waters, unable to find what is up or down. So yes, these are indeed times that will be marked as extremely unpredictable, as you will never know just what they will bring around the next corner.

You see, this is indeed a carefully orchestrated event, and everything that is being set into motion, will be set into motion in such a way your human mind will be left out of the loop. And what do we mean by that? Simply that all of this is done with one thing in mind, namely to help you get out of the old ruts that you have been so faithfully following within YOUR mind. You see, this is not done by accident, but by careful planning, and as such, expect to be tossed to and fro in the most uncommon of ways in the time ahead. For we will do all we can to help you to let go of any of the old patterns and programmings that still try to keep you going in that old and set of ways, and so, whenever you feel yourself finally fully balanced, you will probably encounter something that deliberately throws you off balance again.

This may sound like a callous way of doing things, but again, nothing will be left to chance here, as it is indeed vital that you no longer try to stick to the old “tried and true” any longer. And so, these energies will help you to do just that, by shaking the tree in any way they can in order to make you let go of the branches and finally take to your wings and fly off into the unknown. And as you all know well by now, this unknown feels so alien to you, as you think it will bring you away from everything that you still sense as the you that you have become so familiar with. And so, you hesitate on the brink of freedom, for you think you will throw away yourself if you truly let go of the old. Well, that is certainly not the case here, for the moment you finally decide to let go of that old and crippling grip on those last remnants of the illusion of you, you will finally realize that you have simply forgotten the truth of who you really are. And so, the moment you let yourself lift off, you will literally move into well known and well loved territory, for then, you will finally come home to the real you, and not that faint and illusory version of you you have been up until then.

So again we say, fear not if you feel yourself staggering around in the times ahead unable to find your balance for long sequences of time. For it is only an aid to make you become loose enough to let go of the old and encumbering illusory bits and pieces of disinformation that is still holding you down. And know also that you will find yourself surfing pleasantly along at times, experiencing a deep, deep sense of homecoming and bliss in between, and whenever this sense arrives, know that this is simply a small taste of what you have in store. For that vast ocean of tranquility that you will get to take a short swim in now and then is there, waiting for you to fully immerse yourself in it the moment that very last piece of old detritus has been left behind.

So enjoy these brief interludes in between the shake-ups, and remember that this sea of tranquility is indeed the end goal. We hope that this will make those not so pleasant and rather rattling moments more palatable to you all. After all, they will arrive as helping hands, not as any kind of hindrance. Rather, it is simply a thorough form of helpful hints if you will, in the form of energetic impulses that will hit home in those places where you seem to be stuck in some ways, but that will be shaken and sifted by these incoming energies in such a way, it will render them soft and pliable so that you can step away from any old rigidity that is still standing in your way.

Today is a perfect day to delve into a subject we have touched upon earlier, but it is one that bears repeating, and that is the subject of self love. And as today is a day that for many is in so many ways connected to the subject of love, we would like to take the opportunity to remind you all of the importance of self love. For it is indeed the very foundation of all love, for if you refuse to give yourself the gift of unconditional love, you are not being true to yourself if you only extend this gift towards others. You see, even if this may seem self-evident to you all, it is also a subject that many will turn a blind eye to every time it pops up. And the reason for that is of course the obvious one, and it is simply the fact that you for eons have been instilled with the deeply ingrained idea of your shortcomings.

You see, if we should ask any human alive today to set up a list of what they perceive as their shortcomings, they would not hesitate in start listing them up for you in great detail. But if you ask them to make a list of all the positive attributes they see in themselves, the list tend to be a much shorter one. In fact, we can sense that some of you are already squirming in your seat reading this, for you will already be lost in your own list of these perceived “shortcomings”. And why call them that, when what you look upon as so-called shortcomings are merely a true sign of your willingness to explore every single aspect of Creation to the fullest?

Remember, that is why you all came to be here in the first place, life after life, so that you could see, feel, taste and experience it all. And yes, we do mean all, even those aspects of life that you with your best of will cannot even try to describe as anything but negative in every way. Well, what if we remind you that all of these so-called dark deeds carry no more nor no less value than everything you care to describe as loving traits? We know that this is indeed an aspect of human life that many have a hard time facing, for to you, mankind has always been told to strive to “do good”. Actually, you have all been instructed to simply do it all, and try it out in life after life, so that you get the chance to experience every single aspect of living within a human body, within a human society, in ways that will enable not only you, but All of creation to learn as much as possible. Remember, whatever you have done and are indeed doing during one single lifetime, you are not only doing for your singular enlightenment, no, you are doing it on behalf of All of creation. And so, every single second of your sojourns here on this planet will be carefully recorded and kept for future reference. Not only for your own personal enlightenment, but for everyone else’s.

So again we say, remember that no matter what you do, or even what you refrain from doing during your life on this planet, it is ALL for the best. We know this will have many a finger raised in the air from people ready to interject with protestations, but this is indeed the short simple truth. And so, the concept of self love should be an easy one to grasp, but as you have been well trained to think that you are from the outset imperfect, and that no matter how hard you try, you will never be good enough, it is indeed almost impossible for a so-called “normal” human being to embrace him or herself fully. And that is easy to understand, given the programming you have been indoctrinated with, the old parasitic one, that has been telling you to stay in a constant state of feeling inadequate, powerless and fearful for the future.

Well, that program is no longer valid on these shores, and even if many still choose to live by those rules, we are here to remind of you of the reality that lies behind all of these old smokescreens of disinformation. For there is no one existing anywhere in Creation that you should love more than yourself. You are perfect in every single aspect you can think of, and in every single aspect you have yet to remember. And so, we have come to you today, the day that is a day for love to be celebrated in many of your cultures, to tell you that today, we ask you to celebrate yourself, and we ask you to celebrate ALL that you are.

For you are nothing short of magnificent, you are a true Master, for you have allowed yourself to come to this planet and BE and DO it all, for the sake of us all, and you have made a brilliant effort in each and every way. So again we say on behalf of All of creation, thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do. We could not have made it without you, for not only are you in the midst of delivering such vast amounts of light to this planet, it has already changed its destiny forever, you have also in lifetime after lifetime delivered invaluable experiences to the rest of us by being willing to come into a human body time after time, and to use that human body to sample the delights and the horrors – in equal measure and with equal merit. So again we say, this is indeed a day to sit up and take notice of YOU, of all that you are and all that you have been. And that is certainly something to truly celebrate. So we hope you will join us in a heartfelt and grateful salute to you, our beloved shining star, currently housed within this human body you refer to as yours.

As you have perhaps already envisaged, this period will be one of intense goings-on on all levels. Some of it has already started to surface, but as the frequencies of these incoming energies continue to heighten, so too will all of the ensuing effects from them. You see, the buttons are already being pushed, and when we say buttons, we refer of course to whatever it is that you are carrying with you. And this time, we are referring to those buttons that activate so much of your innate qualities, those that have been dormant for such a long time, but who will start to be awakened one by one as these energies come in and start to nudge them into being.

Nudge is perhaps not the best word to use here, as the momentum of these energies is more than a little intense. In any way, they will serve to activate so much of you, and as things get into a roll, you will find yourself rolling along with it at en ever increasing speed. And as such, keeping your balance will perhaps become more than a little challenging for you all, even if you have become more than adept at this from earlier rounds.

For even if you have gotten used to rolling with these punches, this time, you will probably find yourself taken by surprise more than once, for this time, these sequences will not be following the same predictable patterns as earlier bouts have done. You see, these punches will come and go, and they will come from every direction you can think of, and then some. We are aware that the word punch carry some rather negative connotations, but we use it in order to describe the intention behind them, and the intention is not to try to beat you to the ground, rather, it is to ensure that you become fully functional at all levels. And in order for you to do so, the energetic forces will not hold anything back, because it is indeed imperative that you are fully triggered by these sequences coming in now. And so, you will feel the forces behind all of these blasts, but you will also feel the positive response they will generate in your own system, as it literally kicks in at full effect.

For this is indeed a beautiful and gracefully choreographed sequence that is being enacted now, where the response and the reaction going back and forth between you and these incoming energies can almost be likened to a duet on the dance floor. It is like a well tuned couple assisting each other through a masterful piece of ballet, graceful yet full of strength and assurance, and where each partner is carefully listening to the response from the other before the next move is taken. So too it is in this, for you are not merely the recipient here, you are also very much an active partner, and so, the communication is going both ways here. For as you start to soften and open up, these incoming pulses will start to interact with your whole internal system, and the two of you will start to have an in depth conversation going on, and it will be one that will be going on for quite a while.

For remember, this is not something that is carried out in a flash, this is something that will be carefully orchestrated in order to obtain the optimum effect for each and every one of you, and as your physical body is one of the partners in this dance, its needs and its limitations needs to be taken seriously. And so, even if you will feel stretched almost beyond your own limits, know that you will not be taken beyond any breaking point, but you will indeed be challenged to go just that one step further than you perhaps thought yourself capable of. For you have been well ingrained with all sorts of ideas about your limitations, and as such, you will think yourself capable of far, far less than what you actually are, so in this, you will be prodded and stretched and pushed ever so gently at times, and more seriously at others. Not to prolong this period of unfolding, but to make sure you do not stop too soon.

Remember it is you and only you who can decide just how far you are willing to take yourself, and so, you can stop this at any time if you so wish. But that does not mean we will stop trying to get you to stretch yourself a little bit more. For you have it in you to go far beyond any horizon you might care to paint up in vivid colours yourself, and so, it is our task to entice you to go as far as possible in order to realize your full potential and not just a small sampling of it. And as such, we think many will look upon us as that rather annoying teacher or perhaps that at times rather stern trainer that keeps pushing you when all you want to do, is to simply give up and say enough already. Remember, this is the role we have been given, for we are the ones that have been designated as your support team, the ones that will be by your side, encouraging you and giving you that extra push in order for you to be able to go all the way in and access whatever it is you have yet to tap into. We know that this will at times make us less than popular in your eyes, for we are the ones that will pop up at all times and remind you of your reason for being.

For it is not about lolling about in a dazed bliss, as some of your compatriots on this planet still seem to be doing. No, you are the ones that have chosen to awaken yourself, and when you do, you know it is impossible to just roll over and go back to sleep again. And when we say sleep, we mean as in forgetting about who you really are. For as you have already decided to open up to the truth that you are far, far more than a somewhat dazed and confused human being, eking out a rather meagre existence on this battle worn planet, you cannot just close that door and go back to simply existing again. No, you have decided to come alive now, and as you have so decided, the sleep must be banished from every single cell of your being. And when we say this, we mean that you cannot become half awake, you have to become fully awakened, so that you start to function at your maximum capacity at all levels. And this is what this stage of the process is all about, awakening all of these last bits and pieces that have been slumbering peacefully away up until now. And as you know more than well, this will also entail some at times rather annoying signals being sent out from these rather reluctant somnambulists.

For what has been put to sleep such a long time ago will not always jump out of bed, all ready and set to go. No, it will be a period of some stretching and yawning, and perhaps some grumbling and complaint before it all gets ready and set to go. So in many ways, this can be likened to going into a room of sleeping youngsters and turning on the light, telling them it is time to get out and start the day in earnest. You know how the response is apt to be, for remember, even if these sleeping parts of you are vibrant and full of energy, taking them from zero activity to 100% is not done overnight. So there will indeed be a period of much confusion, of stumbling around and shaking of the head in an attempt to clear your mind and clear your vision.

For this is indeed a major operation, where all sorts of interlocking parts will need to quickly remember just how to interact with each other again. So except some rather confusing periods, where you will find your days full of starts and stops, reruns and roundabouts, as all that you truly are will start to get it together by and by. It may be more than unsettling at times, for you will perhaps feel as if you are literally starting to lose it, but try to remember that this is simply a result from this waking up process. For it is not one that can be easily accomplished in one go, like putting together a simple meal with just a few ingredients. No, this can more be likened to a complex sitting, involving a whole set of subsets, all needed to be activated at the right time and in the right sequence, and as such, there will be times when you feel as if you “fall out”, when everything seems to be disconnected at the same time. But try not to worry, it is merely a sign of everything being reconnected again, and as such, you will just have to get used to this sensation of bewilderment for a while.

Again, this is also very much an individual process, and so, your sequences may not be fired up at the same time as others, so if you want to compare your process with the one that others are going through, try to do so in the right way. That is, do not think that everything has to happen to you all at the same time, rather, look upon this as a period where you will all need a form of confirmation by the fact that everything will seem to be falling apart at times. And when you feel like this, it is indeed more than advisable to ask for assistance and assurance. For what looks like chaos from the inside, will look very different from a higher perspective, and as such, remember to ask for assurance from the sources that will give you a true answer based upon wisdom, not a false one based upon fear. So again, the simple solution is this: always go within whenever you need assurance, and always remember to give your support to those outside of you that needs it too. In other words, find your own balance by going within, and when you feel connected, you will also be able to help others to find their equilibrium. For if you in some ways go into fear, you will only make it even harder for yourself if you try to find an outside source to confirm your fears, instead of listening to that calm and reassuring voice you all have within. It will guide you through the choppiest of waters, and it will help you to see that even far, far out to sea, you are as safe as anchored up in the most sheltered of harbours.

For in this, you need to trust yourself enough to let these waters carry you as far out as possible, the better to make you able to truly tap fully into those never ending resources you already carry within. So the more you insist on hugging the shoreline, the worse these storms will seem. For their task is indeed to make you set yourself free and let yourself drift out into the unknown. For it is only in that wild blue yonder you will find the full and complete version of you. The one you will see if you insist on staying closer to home, will simply be a faint echo of what you could aspire to be if you allow yourself to become fully awakened by these powerful yet friendly blasts of energetic winds coming your way.

By now, much has started to churn around because of these incoming energies, and we are of course referring to attributes that cover a wide spectrum, from both the physical planes to the more esoteric ones. Indeed, there is perhaps not a single source of information that has not reported a lot of disturbances, and we do mean this in the very best way. You see, all of these so-called disturbances are tangible proofs of the great shift you are entering, and as such, nothing will be left untouched as this phase of the operation starts to unfold in earnest.

Yes, this is it indeed, you are about to be taken on the greatest ride of your existence, and when we say ride, we mean that in the sense of being shifted from the old and rudimentary existence of being a human and into that brand new, wide open version of YOU. In other words, you are moving forwards, outwards, upwards and inwards at the same time, so no wonder that so many of you can report some rather – at least to you – unsettling experiences of sudden shifts in everything from your mindset to your physical surroundings.

For now, everything is in flux, and it is in a flux in a way it has not been before. The best image we can give you of this, is when the ice breaks up in a river in the spring, and all the dammed up and frozen water and ice starts to move and break apart at the same time, like a huge confluence of separate entities starting to shift in the same direction at the same time. And just as this sudden release of the icy river may cause what will seem like havoc further downstream, that too will be an effect you are all likely to experience throughout all of this. But remember, this is not a catastrophe, this is merely the releasing of so much old and pent-up energy, it will take some time before everything settles down and flows at a steady and indeed more peaceful rate.

We know this may sound frightening to some, but remember, the forces of the light will merely be battering away the old structures that have been hindering the free flow of humanity. And as such, what may be seen as destruction is simply a liberation from the old, and liberation will always bring with it what on the surface may look like destruction, but what in all reality is a form of resurrection. You see, the old and cemented ways of being a human is very much akin to an old bunker made of reinforced cement, for it has been build to withstand the power of the light. But they have not been build strong enough, as so many of you can attests to already. For those bunkers also came with a safety hatch, one that could be easily opened so the occupants themselves could freely exit into the fresh air.

But still there are many, many of these old and reinforced ideas of limitations cluttering up the landscape, but now, they will start to disintegrate one by one as the light quotient will continue to rise at a rapid pace. So expect to see some rather interesting reactions as these bunkers and these dams will start to burst one by one, and as the hitherto dammed up energies will become unleashed, freed to pick their own way downstream. So yes, there will be storms coming in from perhaps the least expected of directions, but remember, the energy they bring in, will cleanse the air in more ways than one. We know that these seemingly unstoppable forces of nature will serve to make many of you feel more than a little intimidated at times, but again, remember that this whole process has been carefully planned ahead, and it is not done to make things worse, they are set into motion to set you all free from all of the old yokes.

So again we wanted to remind you that no matter how hard the winds will blow, or how much water and ice comes rushing down the river, know that they are all signs of the spring coming in with full force, the spring that will set those first seeds into flowering as soon as those last remnants of that seemingly eternal energetic winter have been washed away.