As you have perhaps already envisaged, this period will be one of intense goings-on on all levels. Some of it has already started to surface, but as the frequencies of these incoming energies continue to heighten, so too will all of the ensuing effects from them. You see, the buttons are already being pushed, and when we say buttons, we refer of course to whatever it is that you are carrying with you. And this time, we are referring to those buttons that activate so much of your innate qualities, those that have been dormant for such a long time, but who will start to be awakened one by one as these energies come in and start to nudge them into being.

Nudge is perhaps not the best word to use here, as the momentum of these energies is more than a little intense. In any way, they will serve to activate so much of you, and as things get into a roll, you will find yourself rolling along with it at en ever increasing speed. And as such, keeping your balance will perhaps become more than a little challenging for you all, even if you have become more than adept at this from earlier rounds.

For even if you have gotten used to rolling with these punches, this time, you will probably find yourself taken by surprise more than once, for this time, these sequences will not be following the same predictable patterns as earlier bouts have done. You see, these punches will come and go, and they will come from every direction you can think of, and then some. We are aware that the word punch carry some rather negative connotations, but we use it in order to describe the intention behind them, and the intention is not to try to beat you to the ground, rather, it is to ensure that you become fully functional at all levels. And in order for you to do so, the energetic forces will not hold anything back, because it is indeed imperative that you are fully triggered by these sequences coming in now. And so, you will feel the forces behind all of these blasts, but you will also feel the positive response they will generate in your own system, as it literally kicks in at full effect.

For this is indeed a beautiful and gracefully choreographed sequence that is being enacted now, where the response and the reaction going back and forth between you and these incoming energies can almost be likened to a duet on the dance floor. It is like a well tuned couple assisting each other through a masterful piece of ballet, graceful yet full of strength and assurance, and where each partner is carefully listening to the response from the other before the next move is taken. So too it is in this, for you are not merely the recipient here, you are also very much an active partner, and so, the communication is going both ways here. For as you start to soften and open up, these incoming pulses will start to interact with your whole internal system, and the two of you will start to have an in depth conversation going on, and it will be one that will be going on for quite a while.

For remember, this is not something that is carried out in a flash, this is something that will be carefully orchestrated in order to obtain the optimum effect for each and every one of you, and as your physical body is one of the partners in this dance, its needs and its limitations needs to be taken seriously. And so, even if you will feel stretched almost beyond your own limits, know that you will not be taken beyond any breaking point, but you will indeed be challenged to go just that one step further than you perhaps thought yourself capable of. For you have been well ingrained with all sorts of ideas about your limitations, and as such, you will think yourself capable of far, far less than what you actually are, so in this, you will be prodded and stretched and pushed ever so gently at times, and more seriously at others. Not to prolong this period of unfolding, but to make sure you do not stop too soon.

Remember it is you and only you who can decide just how far you are willing to take yourself, and so, you can stop this at any time if you so wish. But that does not mean we will stop trying to get you to stretch yourself a little bit more. For you have it in you to go far beyond any horizon you might care to paint up in vivid colours yourself, and so, it is our task to entice you to go as far as possible in order to realize your full potential and not just a small sampling of it. And as such, we think many will look upon us as that rather annoying teacher or perhaps that at times rather stern trainer that keeps pushing you when all you want to do, is to simply give up and say enough already. Remember, this is the role we have been given, for we are the ones that have been designated as your support team, the ones that will be by your side, encouraging you and giving you that extra push in order for you to be able to go all the way in and access whatever it is you have yet to tap into. We know that this will at times make us less than popular in your eyes, for we are the ones that will pop up at all times and remind you of your reason for being.

For it is not about lolling about in a dazed bliss, as some of your compatriots on this planet still seem to be doing. No, you are the ones that have chosen to awaken yourself, and when you do, you know it is impossible to just roll over and go back to sleep again. And when we say sleep, we mean as in forgetting about who you really are. For as you have already decided to open up to the truth that you are far, far more than a somewhat dazed and confused human being, eking out a rather meagre existence on this battle worn planet, you cannot just close that door and go back to simply existing again. No, you have decided to come alive now, and as you have so decided, the sleep must be banished from every single cell of your being. And when we say this, we mean that you cannot become half awake, you have to become fully awakened, so that you start to function at your maximum capacity at all levels. And this is what this stage of the process is all about, awakening all of these last bits and pieces that have been slumbering peacefully away up until now. And as you know more than well, this will also entail some at times rather annoying signals being sent out from these rather reluctant somnambulists.

For what has been put to sleep such a long time ago will not always jump out of bed, all ready and set to go. No, it will be a period of some stretching and yawning, and perhaps some grumbling and complaint before it all gets ready and set to go. So in many ways, this can be likened to going into a room of sleeping youngsters and turning on the light, telling them it is time to get out and start the day in earnest. You know how the response is apt to be, for remember, even if these sleeping parts of you are vibrant and full of energy, taking them from zero activity to 100% is not done overnight. So there will indeed be a period of much confusion, of stumbling around and shaking of the head in an attempt to clear your mind and clear your vision.

For this is indeed a major operation, where all sorts of interlocking parts will need to quickly remember just how to interact with each other again. So except some rather confusing periods, where you will find your days full of starts and stops, reruns and roundabouts, as all that you truly are will start to get it together by and by. It may be more than unsettling at times, for you will perhaps feel as if you are literally starting to lose it, but try to remember that this is simply a result from this waking up process. For it is not one that can be easily accomplished in one go, like putting together a simple meal with just a few ingredients. No, this can more be likened to a complex sitting, involving a whole set of subsets, all needed to be activated at the right time and in the right sequence, and as such, there will be times when you feel as if you “fall out”, when everything seems to be disconnected at the same time. But try not to worry, it is merely a sign of everything being reconnected again, and as such, you will just have to get used to this sensation of bewilderment for a while.

Again, this is also very much an individual process, and so, your sequences may not be fired up at the same time as others, so if you want to compare your process with the one that others are going through, try to do so in the right way. That is, do not think that everything has to happen to you all at the same time, rather, look upon this as a period where you will all need a form of confirmation by the fact that everything will seem to be falling apart at times. And when you feel like this, it is indeed more than advisable to ask for assistance and assurance. For what looks like chaos from the inside, will look very different from a higher perspective, and as such, remember to ask for assurance from the sources that will give you a true answer based upon wisdom, not a false one based upon fear. So again, the simple solution is this: always go within whenever you need assurance, and always remember to give your support to those outside of you that needs it too. In other words, find your own balance by going within, and when you feel connected, you will also be able to help others to find their equilibrium. For if you in some ways go into fear, you will only make it even harder for yourself if you try to find an outside source to confirm your fears, instead of listening to that calm and reassuring voice you all have within. It will guide you through the choppiest of waters, and it will help you to see that even far, far out to sea, you are as safe as anchored up in the most sheltered of harbours.

For in this, you need to trust yourself enough to let these waters carry you as far out as possible, the better to make you able to truly tap fully into those never ending resources you already carry within. So the more you insist on hugging the shoreline, the worse these storms will seem. For their task is indeed to make you set yourself free and let yourself drift out into the unknown. For it is only in that wild blue yonder you will find the full and complete version of you. The one you will see if you insist on staying closer to home, will simply be a faint echo of what you could aspire to be if you allow yourself to become fully awakened by these powerful yet friendly blasts of energetic winds coming your way.