You have by now perhaps settled a little bit more into these unsettled energies, and as such, you will have become a little bit more familiar with all of these fluctuating patterns that in turn will begin to fire up some rather interesting affinities within you. You see, these buttons that are being pushed throughout all of these energetic missives that keep on showering down on you are indeed buttons that have been waiting to be reactivated again for such a long time, and so, they will begin slowly but surely to gain momentum as the days and indeed nights continue to add more energy to this process. And so, little by little, clarity will appear where before there were only murkiness, and a sense of solidity and empowerment will emerge from what has previously felt like an ocean of exhaustion, despair and frustration. But together with all of this emergence also follows dissolving, and you may find yourself looking at something that falls into pieces around you, and what you see reduced to a heap of rubble, may be circumstances in your life that you hitherto have seen as fundamental or as permanent. But fret now, for as we have told you on many an occasion, whatever comes apart now, does so in order to let the new emerge on every level you can think of, and then some. For without the breaking of the old mold, the new could not be born fully formed and have room to literally unfold its wings and take to the sky.

So again we say, know that all is well, even if all you see at the moment seems to be things falling apart or ripping at the seams, for know that this is simply the first sign of the emergence of everything that you have been waiting for. For just as the new shoots will push the dirt and indeed everything that stands in its way aside in its quest for air and light and space to grow, so too will these incoming energies cause expansion on every level, not only within, but also without, and so, you might feel as if ready to burst at times. But do not fear dear ones, what you may feel as an ominous pressure at times, a pressure that may make you feel as if you are ready to lose your top – both figuratively and literally – is only the pressure from everything that is standing ready to come out and show its – and your – true colours for the very first time.

So remember to sit back and take a deep breath whenever you feel the pressure mounting, and know that you will not be blown to pieces by all of this added pressure. In fact, this pressure is actually helping you to expand, and as this process takes place in literally all directions, it will be hard to get a full understanding of it at all. But know that you are all carefully monitored throughout this process, and so, not one of you will be exposed to more pressure than what is necessary in order to help you come into full bloom, but nor will we lessen the amount of pressure if we think it would be detrimental to your process of emergence. So simply allow the added flow of energy, and let it push you and prod you if it so chooses, for it is only helping you to expand in ways that will enable you to outgrow any and all outdated versions of you. And this in turn will help you to move above and beyond the old limitations that the third density world has kept you strictly confined within.

And if you feel the need to let off some steam, know that there are ways to do this that perhaps will be more helpful than an emotional meltdown, even if that at times may serve you well also. For any creative endeavour you could think of will help to let some of this pressure from the expansion to lessen. For the pressure you feel, is simply the pressing need to start to do what you are truly here to do. For you are here to create the new in collaboration with your fellow men, and so, whenever you feel this urge gnawing at you in ways that are hard to define, but can be almost unbearably frustrating at times, give this urge an outlet by finding something to create. And creating is whatever you define it as, and it need not be anything defined at all. It could be something as simple as giving your voice a chance to sing out loud, your body a chance to move freely, your hands the freedom to put together something or even dismantle something. It can be making order out of a chaos that you feel pressing in on you within your own surroundings, or it can be to make something from scratch, like making the simplest of dishes in your own kitchen. You can play with colours, you can play with the water or the wind, you can play with the dirt – the options are endless, and we can guarantee you that no matter what you choose, you will find it lifts your spirits by alleviating that pressure from within. And in addition, you will probably also create something that by itself will give you cause for joy.

So blow your top off if you feel the need to do so, but at least find a creative way to do it, and know that you cannot be destroyed by this at times overwhelming pressure. For it is not there to drive you mad or render you unable to find your own center, it is simply here to signal that you are already pushing on your old limitations in ways that will only bring joy – not just to you, but to All of creation.