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We wold like to give to you some details on an interesting topic that has not been covered much in the previous installments of this manuscript. By now, you are aware that there is indeed a quickening going on in your atmosphere, but besides all of the aches and pains in your bodies, you are mayhaps not too aware what these changes will entail for the rest of the people in this world. We speak of course about all of those millions of people still seemingly unaffected by these intense energy downloads that all of you have had to endure for the last few years. For many, the bare fact that people around you have been able to move about freely, seemingly unperturbed, while you have been laid low by these selfsame frequencies have given you many an occasion to ponder. But from now on, you will not be the only ones feeling the effects from these new energy shifts any longer. Let us explain.

Lately, the number of people complaining about both a physical and /or mental ”symptoms” are growing around you, and it can be detected in so many ways. The number of people suffering from disillusionment and depression is sharply on the rise, and you can also see this in the restlessness in so many young people. Unlike previous generations, they are not all automatically primed to enter an ”adult life” to call it that, where the transition from an education and into a regular job was usually a seamless one. In other words, this cycle of life that has been deemed as normal for any human growing up on this planet is no longer so, as the road ahead seems to be more and more confusing to those starting out their adult lives now. You will see much anger and discontent, as many young people will see through this layer of illusion that has been superimposed on a human life, where the only ”good” thing to do is to literally follow in the footsteps of your parents. In the more developed parts of the world this will come about as a refusal to toe the line regarding employment and having a so-called ”career”, as many young people of today refuse to see the glory in an existence where they have to live out the same kind of enslaved life as their predecessors. In other words, they see the ”normal” life for what it really is, namely a rat race, with people trying to keep their head above the water without drowning in financial issues. To them, the life lived by their parents and countless generations before them seems to be bleaker than bleak, and they will resort to any means of avoidance in order not to be caught in the same trap as those going before them.

For young people in the less developed parts of the world, there is a hunger for freedom and for knowledge that even surpasses the one in the more affluent countries, and there, you can see how the true power of the soul is starting to seep out already. For they will not willingly subject themselves to being ruled by a tyrant or despot, and they will not willingly stay in ignorance and poverty any more. There, the veil of fear is growing even thinner, and many of them have already found their voice and toppled the rulers by using that voice and by standing together. So you see, there are undercurrents here already, and they come from below, not from the top, and these undercurrents will only become more and more visible now that so many of your fellow men are also starting to wipe the cobwebs away from their eyes, ears and hearts. And what this will result in, is massive indeed, as in no part of your globe can a few hardened individuals be able to successfully curb all of this power that is starting to surge up from the ground and into the hearts of so many.

For it is exactly like a small stream that has been forcefully dammed up for too long behind a hindrance created artificially. The waters of freedom will somehow find a way, because it refuses to stay stagnant forever. And now, there has been a breach of this dam holding humanity back. At first, there will only be a trickle, but this will soon grow to a flood of liberated human souls of all ages finding their way back into the freedom of moving in the direction they first started out in before they were stopped so forcibly in their tracks. So expect to see many ”symptoms” of this quest for freedom, now that so many others beside you will see through this illusion that has been holding them in submission for far too long. They will no longer feel contentment in the life they are living, and they will actively start to seek other, more fulfilling ways of being. And make no mistake, many will seek in the darker corners of themselves, and they will only react with actions fuelled by the anger and the pain they find there. But for most, what they will find, is the peace and joy that resides in the innermost part of their being, and their actions will be guided by that. But never forget, those that will feel the urge to vent their anger will be far more visible than the great number that choose the light, so again, we implore you not to fall into the trap of believing that the world has suddenly become a much, much darker place. It has not, but it behooves you to focus on how the light will grow ever stronger in the hearts of so many thousands of people around you. That is the real news, not the few individuals that will choose to go on a rampage against humanity because of the pain they suffer inside.

So let this be a reminder that all of you, by your mere presence, can help all of those brothers and sisters of yours starting to awaken to find their own light. Because just by being who you are and by standing calmly in your light, will they also see their own light so much clearer. And so, they too will be able to tear their eyes away from the spectacle put on by those few trying to keep you all down by behaving in the worst way imaginable. So let us just conclude this message by saying that you are all indispensable in this process, because you are the beacons that will light the way and show thousands of others the path to travel in the days and weeks ahead. That way, they will be less prone to get tangled up in the thorny bushes seemingly surrounding them on all sides. And lest you have forgotten this, let us just remind you again that you are to be the wayshowers, not the sheperds, and as such, your only task is to keep walking in the same direction as before, and trust that those who choose to do so, will gladly follow in your footsteps.

So do not slow down and look back now, as this will only serve to slow down all of those coming behind you too. Now the time has come to stride confidently forward dear ones, and know that without you, there would be no path to follow for all of those starting to wake up even as we speak.

Once again, the sun is shining down upon your little world. But today, so much has changed since the last time she shed her benevolent rays on your part of this planet. For now, the quickening has begun in earnest, and there are millions out there starting to hear this call to stand up and take their rightful place in this battle. For a battle it is, and it has been carried out on many fronts for a very, very long time. But now, the end of all of these skirmishes is coming to hand, and as such, now we call to you all to put every man on deck as it were. This will sound dramatic, but we are not heralding in a mayhem of blood and carnage when we sound this clarion call. That is not your role in this, but doubt not, there are those who do have that role, but they are indeed already engaged in it, and have been so for a long time. But they fight in quite another realm than the one you currently inhabit.

Let us explain. We have told you earlier on that you are but a small part of a huge army that have been amassed off your shores for a long time now. You are indispensable indeed, because you are the ones that are actually on the ground, and as such, you are the anchors of energy, and you are the ones who have made the raising of the levels of energy on this planet possible. That is old news to many of you, but we will repeat it, lest you forget it. And not just that. Many of you are also responsible for carrying over so many of the messages and information that needs to be delivered to the ears, brains and hearts of your fellow men, and this is some of the work we referred to in the beginning of this missive. You see, up until now, these kinds of messages and bulletins have been restricted to ”your own kind” to call it that, but all of that is about to change now. As this channel described in a missive a short time ago (The apprentices’s manual lesson 1), there are literally thousands of people all over the globe, now being instructed that they play a very special part in the turnaround of this planet. For theirs is the role of conveying so much information, information that will indeed help mankind rectify the wrongdoings that have been played out for millenia on your shores.

We have told you this before, and now the time has come to make it clear to you all again. You have been in so many ways shielded up until now, and you have all worked very, very hard, but in many ways, you have done so hidden from view of the general public. And that is all according to the carefully constructed plan that has been made in advance of all of this. But now, the time has come to literally step out of the mayhaps somewhat reassuring and comforting shadow of anonymity, and step out and stand tall in your true roles as warriors on behalf of the light. This is, and again we will repeat it to make it very clear to you all, NOT a call to literally take up arms and go on some sort of crusade to bash you beliefs over the heads of others, more skeptic ones, No, this is a call for all of you to get ready to take on the task you will be given. For it will be given to you, it is not just something you can charge out and do yourselves in the heat of ardour and conviction.

So be prepared to step out in the open, and be prepared to do so in so many ways. Some will be called upon to convey messages, others will be called upon to connect with a certain person or persons, or to relocate to a special place, the tasks are numerous and varied indeed. Again, this is not an instruction to take up arms and form any sort of army, this is just a call to ready yourselves to step into your true roles as warriors of the light. And these warriors are warriors of the benevolent kind, the kind that will shine ever stronger as the darkness tries to outweigh all of this added light. They will never succeed in dampening it, but as we have said on so many occasions already, they will try their best – or worst – to do just that.

So now, the time for anonymity is coming to a close, and you will all in some way be asked to step up and show your presence in one way or the other. Some of you will go first, some will have to wait a little bit longer for their assignment, but know that you all have a very special place in this whole tapestry of light, and without you, an important piece would be missing. So be attentive, but be patient, for even if much has started to happen already, know that all is indeed carefully planned and will be unveiled at the exact right moment. You are all now perfectly poised to become the shining examples you already have shown yourselves to be, but this time, the whole world will see you.

This morning during meditation I was given the first lesson for The apprentices’s manual, and it started by meeting up with one of my guides again. He was introduced to me in the first reading I was given many years ago, and he was described as ”The magician” or the alchemist, someone who is capable of changing the present into something new. I just call him ”Teacher”, and he is a wise old man filled with love. He has been following me from a distance these last couple of years, and it was very special to be reconnected with him again. And now he has come back to help me do the new work that I have been given.

It was a very intense experience this morning, and I can still see everything very clear in my mind. First, he took me outside because he wanted to give me an image of my role in all of this. He asked me to look around at the view, and from where we were standing I could see a beautiful, green landscape with fertile fields, rivers and small settlements. He told me to notice the roads linking everything together, and he said that this would be my role, to build the roads connecting the fertile fields to the people living on the land. He said that now, we are like famished, malnourished people barely existing, while in the fields, unseen by us, everything is drying out because they are not given any care or water, and the crops that grow there go unharvested. But now, we will be able to make those roads that will connect the people and the fertile soil, so we will be able to plough these fields, sow them, nurture them and harvest the crops that will sustain us forever. And the lands will become even more fertile because of our nurturing, so everything and everyone will prosper and we will live in harmony with each other in the future. This was such a beautiful and peaceful landscape, and the images he put in my head were so powerful. The ”fertile fields” he talked about was all of the knowledge and information we have been cut off from, and the ”roads” must be the channels like me that will help us connect with this information again. He also told me that it would be hard work for me in the beginning, but I would not be alone in this. There are many other people getting the same message all over the globe these days, and we will set off from our different corners of the world, and soon we will meet up in some way and pool our resources. In addition, more and more people will voluntarily join us in this huge task of connecting everything, so these ”roads” will start to grow very fast. And of course, we have the support from all of our unseen brothers and sisters too.

Then it was time to go to the classroom for the first lesson. It was a large room with quite a few students there. And today’s lesson was a very interesting one. The teacher (not my guide, but another one) showed us a sort of ”membrane”, a transparent film of some sorts that could be made to cover anything. This membrane is actually a ”living” membrane with intelligence. And what he told us is that this can be used to be retrofitted on all of our existing machines and inventions in order to turn them into something that is not harmful but only beneficial to us and the environment. It was a mind-boggling concept, and something that resonates very strongly with me, because that fits very well with the idea that we will be able to literally turn everything around in a very short time. We were also told that they will supply the material for this ”membrane”, but that we will do much of the work of ”recalibrating” our own inventions and products with it in such a way that they can be useful instead of harmful. And that was the end of today’s little lesson, and it was time to leave the classroom – and time to write everything down. I have been instructed to share all of this with you, and it will be very interesting to see just what all of this will grow into. I am sure that this is one of the ways that we ”roadbuilders” will be connected, and I am looking forward to what these lessons will bring us all in the time ahead.

Yes, things are certainly speeding up, and I think we have magical times ahead! The veil is thinning fast now, and we will be more and more able to connect with those on the other side that will assist us all in building the world of our dreams. I got my first real glimpse of it this morning, and it was beautiful!

Love and light, Aisha

As you have mayhaps already noticed, the air is rife with disquiet and unease, and many of you will feel out of sorts because of the energies swirling about you now. The light is increasing, not in slow and steady increments now, but in intense bursts of energy that will start to transform so much around you. But with it, the denser energies are starting to act up even more. Just as when the tide has turned and the water is being pulled out from the shore, so too the dark ones will be pulled away from yours. But they will not leave voluntarily, and as they are being pushed away from your shores by the ever advancing light, they are using all of their feeble force to kick out in every direction they can. And their outbursts will be felt by many of you. So do not let them fool you into thinking that you are becoming as feeble as them, and that you are losing your grip on this whole process. They would love to take you with them as they sink ever lover into the despair of the vanquished, and they are very good at it too.

Just know that these energies of distress that they are emitting are only meant for hurting you, not helping you, and if you fall into this trap, it will be very easy indeed to lose your focus. They are more devious than you can imagine, and they are so good at manipulating others by the signals they send out. So, even if you feel more than a little shaken these days, try to go beyond this layer of unease and go back to your center. And call for us, as we will gladly help to stabilize you yet again. This is not a sign of weakness, far from it, as you have all in some ways been shaken by all of this hysteria being put out by those that surround you. You are the bravest of the brave, but you will need support when these entities so desperately reach out to pull you down with them. This is not any form of criticism, rather a reminder that you have our support at all times, and as such we ask you to reach out for us now if you feel more vulnerable than usual. You are so strong, but even the strongest amongst you will feel this pull from the undertow created by these forces being pulled away from you, so do not berate yourselves if you feel a bit wobbly at times like these. Just give us a hint, and we will give you a hand, and gladly so, as we are more than delighted to be of assistance. After all, that is why we are here. For we are your brothers and sisters, now and forever.

Today is indeed an important day, as you are once again in the middle of a yearly focal point that will enhance everything. So keep your focus clear dear ones, as it will only be too easy to be overwhelmed by those few dark spots still remaining in your atmosphere.

Let us explain. As we heave discussed earlier, the amount of light on your planet has multiplied manyfold throughout this last period, and as such, those remnants of darkness still clinging to the surface of our planet will become even more visible. Moreover, in their panic, they will literally resort to any means they have at their disposal trying to convince you that they are much more powerful than they really are. Know that this is only a feeble show of strength, as they have almost no strength left to make their voices heard. But again, make no mistake, they will waste no effort in trying. So be prepared for bouts of outright nasty behaviour erupting in the most unexpected corners, but again, know that this is only a sure sign of desperation as they muster their forces for one last show of their ”might”.

So use this day wisely, as it is indeed a day of hope and joy for all of those already standing in the light, safely out of reach from those dark shadows so desperately trying to encroach back on the territory they have already lost control over. You are standing there as beacons yourselves, and today, your light will become even stronger as you all focus it on the time ahead. Because you see the future already in the corners of your eyes, and you will feel it approaching as the hours goes by. For now, the time will seem to stop for the old system, but for you, everything will seem to speed up as the world once again tilts on its axis and the forces of freedom accelerate. You are all racing ahead, and no matter how fast the darkness will seem to fall now that the days will become shorter on one half of the planet, know that the light is increasing even more.

So give yourselves the time and space to sit down and connect with this ever growing light today. And give thanks for all that you have accomplished so far this year. You planted your seeds a long time ago, and you have nurtured them well. Now the time to harvest your bounty is upon you, and we think you will find the harvest to be beyond even your wildest expectations.

As you all know by now, the messages I channel come from a group calling themselves “The constant companions”. I do not know how many members there are in this group, the only thing they have told me is that they are “more than five”. This collective of entities seems to be put together in order to convey different kinds of topics, and the energy, content and wording in the different messages changes according to whom it is that connects with me. Some have been with me a long time, some come in less frequent, and sometimes they introduce a new “member” to me in a private message. They did that two days ago, and I was told by this new member that “he” ( a very masculine energy) was going to start to work with me on a new project. The manuscript was going to continue as before with regular installments from the rest of The CCs, but in addition, I will be given new information meant for “professional ears and eyes”. I have to say that this seems to be a daunting task, because “he” told me that they would give me information I would not understand myself, but that they would put me into contact with someone who will. So, I guess I have to stick my neck out and just go for it! I do not know if any of this new work will be posted here as well. As usual, I will be given clear instructions as how to handle it all. But at least I have been told to post the preface of this new work here. It is called “The apprentice’s manual”, and it looks very similar to the first part of The manuscript. No “big news” here yet, but it seems to be a kind of mission statement that confirms that we are in for some interesting times ahead. So here it is:

The apprentice’s manual

Todays missive will contain interesting information, information that will not be understood clearly just yet, as it is indeed at a level that will challenge even the brightest amongst you. You see, this will in many ways be a revealing of the unseen, where we, by using this channel, will divulge information that will come in handy in the times ahead. You as a species have brought yourselves to the brink of destruction in so many ways, but as this has been deemed to go against the rules of the Universe, we have been given the task of bringing you back from the precipice and helping you take a turn for the better. In other words, you will be given instructions that will help you to literally sort out the mess you have already made, and that will also help you see your future in a much clearer light. This will sound silly at best, delusional even, but let us just say that we represent a taskforce that has been given clear instructions as to what will be allowed to happen on this planet in the next few years. And our task is clear, you will be allowed to stay on here as long as you comply with the instructions. In other words, mankind must relinquish the thought that they possess the most advanced brains in existence, and they must start to open up to the fact that there exists an intelligence that far surpasses anything you can muster at the moment. This intelligence is not only all-pervading, it is also set on recapturing your planet back from those dark usurpers that have held it captive for such a long time. But in order to do just that, we will have to set aside the old edict of non-intervention that has been declared at the beginning of time when this planet was set aside as a training ground, and we will have to come in and help you rectify the wrongs that have been made throughout the eons because of this. You see, mankind on their own would not have caused all of the troubles you see around you at the moment, you have been helped on the way by beings with far more sinister ideas into becoming the in many ways hapless and helpless species you are today. Make no mistake, you are not unintelligent, but your intelligence has been thwarted in such a way is has led you into taking so many desicions that are literally detrimental, not just to you, but to your whole planet. So let us just say that finally, the game has been called, and you will no longer be allowed to let this destructional behaviour run rampant any more. Hence, the opening up of all of these channels whereby we have started to instruct you in a better way of management.

We are well aware that these messages will fall on many a deaf ear, but we will also accompany not only this, but also the multitude of other messages like this that are being distributed through channels such as the one we are utilizing, with some serious injections of energy that will make an impact on even the blindest and deafest amongst you. In other words, the time has come for the whole of mankind to awaken, and the wake up call will be loud and clear. We will not give any details, but we will start to amp up the volume in this upcoming period to such a degree it will be impossible to ignore. So, to all of you already sufficiently awakened to hear these messages at this time, we say thank you, as without you, this next stage would never ever come about. So be prepared for some monumental changes indeed, whether you believe in us or not, for the time has come to sound the alarm bells that will wake up even the most sound asleep ones. It is time to open the eyes, ears and hearts of the rest of humanity, as you will not be allowed to continue to sleepwalk over the edge and into the abyss.

Since the first break of dawn, mankind have wandered on this planet searching for their roots. For as you know so well by now, you hail from a place far removed from these shores, and that calling in your heart has always been there. However, for the longest time, that voice was so small and timid, both by design but also because it was surpressed by forces on the outside not wanting you to hear it. But now, it is growing in strength day by day. And as it grows is strength, so too does your longing for liberty from the shackles that have been holding you down in every way you can think of. But now, the realization that this does not need to apply to you any more is getting to the forefront, and with it, the realization of your own strength. For you are not timid, helpless human beings, being held forcefully down in your own ignorance. You are powerful creatures, capable of standing tall and shining your light over a vast distance. You have already started to straighten yourselves up, and your light is already strong enough to blind those less attracted to the light than to the shadows.

So now, you will start to see many things happening around you that you would never, ever expect. Because your light is making everything start to grow again, much like the sun coaxes the dormant seeds far, far underground to start to sprout after a long, hard winter. For you are heralding in a new spring dear ones, a spring that will not be silent, but a spring that will bring with it shouts of joy all around your globe. But make no mistake, it will also bring with it shouts of anger from all of those unable to face this awakening, as they are not only uncomfortable out in the sun, they are literally shunning it, because it makes them feel the power they so detest, namely the power of freedom. And for many, that power is so overpowering, they would rather it not existed.

Let us explain. It may seem unthinkable that people actually shun freedom, not only in others, but also in themselves, but this is easy to explain. You see, they have been carefully manipulated by outside forces into someone that will behave meekly in all circumstances, as they have been carefully manipulated to be subservient to everything around them except those humble and loving creatures they call animals and beasts. In other words, many, many people call themselves the ruler of their world, but the only way they can ”rule”, is by holding down and mistreating other living creatures that they consider to be less developed than them because they ”deserve so”. But they do not rule anyone, least of all themselves. Because they are again ruled by their own fear, a fear that has been carefully planted in them by those that actually rule them, namely those creatures who have set themselves up as lords of your planet such a long time ago.

But you dear ones, you have learned that no one can rule you. So long as you banish that fear completely from your being, you become the sovereign beings you really are. And you have started to do this, by the thousands, all over your globe, and this rush towards freedom, this vanquishing of fear, is becoming such a massive force, it is literally changing the landscape in which you travel. For your fearlessness is contagious, in the way that your energy has been lifted to such heights, it literally bleeds into the very ground you walk upon. And by your actions, you are also lifting the vibration on your whole planet to such a degree you have already passed the so-called critical mass. And by that, we mean that there is no turning back now, there is no way that this planet will once again be plunged down ínto the dense depths it once had to wallow in. For you have pulled not only yourselves up from these depths, you have also pulled the rest of this planet with you, so no wonder the toil has been so hard for you all.

But again, remember there are so many around you literally unable to exist as this level. To them, it is almost like trying to breathe the thin air at the top of the highest mountain on earth, so they will try all they can to pull not only themselves, but the rest of you too, down to what they deem to be ”safe ground”. So stay your ground dear ones, as they unleash all the tricks they have in order to accomplish just that. For know that they will not succeed in this futile endeavor, no matter how hard they try or how much darkness they expel in order to dim all of this light that they hate so much. They will not succeed, but they will succeed in pulling some of you down with them if you succumb to their power-play and hurl yourselves back into their steaming pit of fear.

So yes, this is another warning to keep yourselves at the summit, where you have already managed to successfully climb, and avoid looking down into the chasm of fear where you came from. It is only too easy to be overcome by vertigo and topple back down again. So plant your feet firmly in the ground, and hoist your flags in jubilation, because you have managed what so few thought you would in the beginning. You have climbed out of this bottomless pit of fear, and you are back up in the light and the fresh air, and there are literally millions following in your footsteps. But you are the pioneers, you are the ones who set up the route that got you here, and this is the route that so many others can follow, thanks to your hard labour. So rest your weary legs, and stretch out those tired fingers, for you have managed to succeed in climbing to the top of this so-called ”unclimbable” mountain. Now the time has come to look at the view, for it is magnificent indeed! You will rest here for a bit, but not for long, for you have other mountains to climb and views to savour, but we will leave that for another day. Know that this one was the most challenging one by far, so we think you will find the next ones more enjoyable than this. After all, you have already become adapted to the height, so your body will have less to complain about as you start the next surge forwards and upwards.

As you have already noticed, things have started to heat up yet again, not only in your mass media, but also inside your own bodies. The energies seem to be almost running rampant at times, but although the respite you had may have been brief, it was enough to make you more than well prepared for what you have coming up. Let us explain. Even if it does not in fact feel like it, your bodies have become so well adapted to all of these surges in the energyfields around you, so now, they are almost instantly up to par no matter how high the voltage of the latest ”bombs” that hit your fields had. In other words, you have become very adept at absorbing and assimilating these new frequencies. And even if your physical and mental bodies still sound off their protests at this, they are in fact much more adaptable than before, and they take a much shorter time in equalizing out the balance as it were and finding a steady stance on the new level it has been hoisted too. In other words, beneath all of these aches and pains, grins and groans, your whole ”machinery” is working super fast to adjust, unperturbed by any superficial irritation. For it is only superficial, even if you feel the discomfort literally in your very bones, much like the surface of an ocean becomes very agitated when the force of the wind increases, while at the depths, total calm persists. So too it is with you, as you on the surface will feel like you are being tossed to and fro in an endless onslaught of breaking waves, while at your core, all is sailing along at a sure and steady pace, heading in the right direction, not about to be veered off course no matter how high the waves become. So you see dear ones, you will not drown in all of these super intense energy blasts, it only feels like it. And even if it feels very, very real to you that all of these bodily discomforts and mental downturns will literally make you run aground, you will not, for your core is super strong and can take anything we give you without even flinching. So trust that you are all on the course to the shore you so desperately want to climb on to, and know that you will not falter, even if at times it seems you are all grinding to a painful halt. You are not stopping, you are advancing at a steady pace, and you are keeping a true course, no matter how tossed about you feel.

This will indeed be important to keep uppermost in your mind, now that this selfsame mind is literally being inundated with ”bad news”. You see death and devastation, sadness and sorrow all around, and it is so easy to think that the plight befalling so many of your fellow men is a sure sign that everything is going into pieces. It is not, it is only a sure sign that all of this skewed ”reality” you have been living amongst for so many lifetimes is now literally falling apart at the seams. And what will emerge, will be so remotely removed from what your eyes and ears have to endure in ever larger doses every day now. So remember to keep your focus elsewhere, as you must not let yourselves be captivated by this show that the darker ones put on, as this will only serve to cut you off from the real truth. And the real truth is this: for every day and every second, the light is increasing, and with it, the distance to that fabled shore is diminishing as you are all closing the gap by being who you are. You are pulling yourselves – and your world – closer and closer to the light, and you are doing a formidable job of it too. So rest assured that even if you feel more than a little battle weary, you are well equipped to pull out all the stops now, as you are being called to stretch yourselves to your very limits for this final stretch out on the open sea.

Know that you are and always will be protected, so do not convince yourselves otherwise. Because it is only too easy to be duped into thinking that we have literally left you to your own devices out on the high seas, but that is not the truth. Call for us, and we will show you just how loved you all are, and even in the depths of despair you can feel our presence by your side. We will never leave you, as you are more dear to us than anything. You are the embodiment of Spirit, and as such, you are the true bearers of the light. Not only in your world, but in ours too.

These last few days have been more intensive than most. In fact, you have all by now attained a new level of energy in your bodies, and this is one that will leave its mark not only on you, but also on the society in which you live. Let us explain. As we have often times discussed, these injections of energy and information are so much more than the fleeting impression of physical and mental exhaustion and imbalance that they carry with them. In other words, although they might seem overly negative whilst they are being transplanted into your system, they will literally do you the world of good. As you know so well by now, the amount of unpleasantness can very well mask this fact, as you are only aware of the side-effects, not of the real effects they carry with them. To put it more succinctly, you only feel bad from all of these hard labour pains of evolving, as your body and your mind has yet to register the arrival of the ”newborn” to call it that. In other words, you have yet to see the progeny you are all in the midts of bringing forth, as this is mostly obscured in a fog of, for some, intensely physical discomfort and also some very unpleasant mental downturns. But after this, we hope this fog of bewilderment and disillusionment will start to clear somewhat, and you will begin to see what is emerging, literally by help of your own physical bodies. For you are in so many ways literally giving birth to the new world that you are so longing for, as it is through your bodies that the most important parts of these energetic uploads are being carried.

And why is that, we hear you ask. Why do we have to utilize these, for some, ”primitive” organisms if we are the ones we claim to be, namely representatives of civilizations far more advanced than what you at the moment can claim to be? Well, let us just say that this has been the agreement all along, as this process is something that would not have been allowed to come about in the first place if you did not agree to participate. You see, this is an undertaking on a far vaster scale than you mayhaps can envisage at the moment, but it is one that would not be able to be initiated where it not for the fact that you have volunteered to come into these earth bound bodies in order to be able to stand as beacons of light, funneling all of this transformational energy into the planet you stand so firm on. This may sound strange, but it is an indisputable fact that without you serving as anchors for these injections of energy, this whole operation would be futile indeed. Hence, the need for all of you ”footsoldiers” to call you that, as we, as less tangible participants, would not be allowed to intervene in any way. And it would not be possible either, as these energies cannot be made effective in any way without being literally transmitted through you. This is a very complicated process, and one you are not currently able to grasp to its full extent, so let us just give you a few details, and leave the rest for a later date.

As you are well aware, the physical body in which you are currently residing is not the real ”you”, it is only a carefully constructed vehicle that enables you to move freely around in your everyday workings. Or rather, not ”freely” in the same capacity as we exist on other planes, but freely as an accepted member of the human family. And as such, you have already become an important player in this game, to call it that. You see, without you, there would only be the ”unseen” representatives on this planet. Make no mistake, they are many, but they have never been allowed to have free reins here. As we have stated earlier, this planet was originally set up as a training ground, used to teach members of many different civilizations the arts of existing in a place ensconced within a physical body. But as earlier discussed, this training ground was long ago literally hijacked by a brigade of beings set on entertaining themselves at the expense of all other creatures already represented here. But now, their time is up, but in order to readjust the flagrant imbalance that these trickster have beset you with, you need to do the most important part of this readjustment process by literally lifting the level of energy in your own bodies to a level that will shift the whole balance from predominately dark and back to light again.

In other words, you are like points of light that have been dimmed down for eons, now being slowly but surely switched on to maximum power again. And now, as you are starting to glow ever brighter, everything around you will start to stand out much clearer too. So the fact that you are raising your levels to new heights day by day, hour by hour, is literally making the whole planet start to shine again. You are as beacons, but the combined effect of all of you far outshines the effect you have as singular lightsources. So you are in effect creating a strong energetic filament crisscrossing this whole globe, making the patches of darkness stand out more and more, as the light you are all taking in is making the contrasts bigger and more pronounced by the day.

We know our words will make many of you scratch your heads in confusion, because this is a big picture we are trying to give you, but let us just sum it up by saying that even of you might feel like an insignificant – and at this stage more than washed out – player, you are literally the main character in this whole salvage operation. Without you, we could not be of assistance, and without you, this planet where you reside would never be able to wrestle herself away from those dark fingers trying to pull her further down into the darkness. For now, the sun has finally risen over the horizon, and it will never set again, no matter how hard those old tricksters will try to sling their mud around. They will leave their mark here and there, as they trash about trying to dim the light already present, but no matter how hard they try, they can only leave a few smudges. For you are no longer dimmed down, dear ones, you have started to shine in earnest. And as you are approaching your full powers again, the light will only continue to strengthen, and those unable to face this intensity will have no other option than to turn away and find another dark corner to inhabit.

As we have so often touched upon earlier, the upheavals and changes you all perceive inside yourselves may not always be apparent on the outside. So the seeming discrepancy between what you experience in your physical body and what you see in the world around you seems to be great indeed. In other words, why do not the rest of the world notice what is going on? In fact, they do, but as they do not have any reference points or vocabulary that can help to make things clear to them, much will be stored under the label of ”confusing feelings and happenings.” So yes, they are not totally unaware of what is going on around them, but they have either surpressed it all, or they are too uncertain or afraid to voice it out loud, even to themselves.

You see, no one can go around on this planet anymore, unable to feel even the slightest tinge of unease. Now that everything is about to shift into an even higher frequency, it is like the ground you walk upon is literally vibrating with energy. And as such, it is almost like walking upon a live wire, where the current makes your whole being vibrate. So, for all of those ”unenlightened” to call it that, they will feel their whole core literally starting to shake as things are being turned up a notch. And no, it will not be a shaking like in a major unleashing of the earth’s crust, it will be much more subtle than that. But still, it will be noticeable to all, and for many, it will be the signal they have waited for in order to start their own process of opening up to the truth they harbour inside. To others, it will be like a clarion call signaling the alarm bells in their whole being, and they will become even more afraid of what the future has in store for them.

In other words, the polarities between those already starting to open up to these new energies and messages and those literally clamping down, hell bent of preservering status quo, will only open even wider. For now, the message from these incoming energies will be heard by so many more than those already on the path towards self resurrection. In other words, expect to see more fallout from all of these heavy bombardements of energy you are in the midst of at the moment. And expect to see both unexpected awakenings, but also some fierce resistance from people you would think would be much more perceptible to these life enhancing waves of energy. For nothing is written in stone, dear ones, and you all have a choice whether to heed this final wake up call, or ignore it completely. For now, the time has come to make that final choice, and it will be interesting indeed to see who amongst those still unwilling to listen will finally surrender their hostility and decide to join the lighter side, to call it that. It will be interesting too to see who amongst your brethern will decide to give up their search for the truth, and relinquish their hold on this ladder leading them up from the darkest pits ever devised, and let themelves fall back into the ever murkier waters beneath.

So again, be prepared to be surprised, in more ways than one, as you can never in advance be sure of what choices your fellow men will take. Be prepared for surprises, but do not berate yourselves if someone close to you makes a ”wrong” choice. For remember, it is THEIR choice, and their choice only. You can only honor their choice, and if your roads diverge after this, all you can do is to accept it. Needless to say, this can and will be heartbreaking to many of you, but again, we remind you that your only task is to be a wayshower, and we will remind you again and again, for this is a fork in the road that will take many by surprise. So stay your course, and make your choices wisely. You have already chosen the fork leading towards the light, so do not toss that aside in an attempt to herd those near and dear down the same road. If they choose to take the other, there is nothing you can do to force them to change their mind. So send them off, and send them your love, that is all you can do. Remember, you have made your choice, and they must make theirs, and even if it will be very painful for many of you, it is also what is meant to be. For their choice must always surpass you wishes, even if your wishes are coming from the truest part of you. So keep going forwards dear ones, even if you at some stage have to leave someone you love dearly behind.