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Dear friends!

Tomorrow is the start of another month, and it is also time for our fifth Gathering around the Pond. It is safe to say that August has been another eventful month on so many levels, but to me, as we exit it, it feels like something has shifted during this last week, and the energies although still intense, are ”lighter”. It will be very interesting to see what this new month has to offer us, both on a personal and a on global level. And tomorrow, at 21:00 Oslo time, we get another chance to connect, and to welcome in this new month and some new energies. Here is what the CCs have to say about this:

”For tomorrow is another important day dear ones, as you are once again invited to sit down and connect through that beautiful web of shining strands of light that have been laid down in this intricate pattern of light that you call the Pond. For this gathering space, this Pond, is very much a physical place as it is a digital one, if we may use such a word. For you have connected yourselves not only with the words you share here, but also through your heart strings. Yes, you have opened your spirits by opening your hearts, and like the spider, you have brought forth a gossamer thin, but ever so strong filament of light. And this single strand has in turn been connected by so many other strands, and they have been woven together into an invisible but oh so powerful web that will help to carry you all into eternity.

For what you have made here, has been made to last. This is not some flimsy construction that can be ripped apart by anything, not matter how powerful a gust of wind that may come your way, nor by any piercing slivers of negativity that may be hurled in your direction. For this gossamer thin structure belies its strength by the way it looks to the untrained eye. To them, this is a mere folly, but for us, we see it as a rock solid anchoring place for all these heavenly energies. For you are the ones that have managed to give these beauteous energies a foothold on this planet of yours, and now, you will once again give the heavenly light an opportunity to surge down and into not only you, but through you to this whole planet, and once again deliver some much needed light to this somewhat tumultuous process of rebalancing the sphere you inhabit.

Remember, this rebalancing process in itself involves many steps, and some of them have been accomplished already, but now, the time to refill anyone feeling bereft of energy has once again come. For you will all be filled up, far above the limit you have hitherto experienced, as this time, there ARE no limits as to just how much you will be able to reach up and receive. For remember, you are receiving not only on your own part, but also for this whole web of light and beyond. For this web of light not only encompasses each and every one gathered here, it also encompasses a whole host of beings not visible to the naked eye, but still here, doing exactly the same as you. Namely, working hard to enable the light to penetrate layer after layer of density on this planet. So once again we thank you all for the work you have already accomplished, and we will also thank you beforehand for what you are about to do. For without you, there would be many a tank running on empty now, but because of you, no one will be lacking for light in the time ahead. So stay connected, and know that what you do is deeply appreciated by us all, and as we have been given the task of representing the whole of Creation in this, it behooves us to once again extend our deepest gratitude on behalf of us all.”




I would also like to add my gratitude to each and every one of you for adding your shining, golden strand to this beautiful web of light we have created here! Tomorrow we will once again ”fire up the web” by opening ourselves up to these loving energies, and I am very much looking forward to this opportunity to connect even deeper with you all.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

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You have become weary now, dear friends, and rightly so, as this massive operation that has been going on has also involved you in so many ways. Not directly, but more in the energetic sense, and the fallout from all of this has been very apparent to you all. You see, you have been working so hard to anchor these new energies through your own phsyical bodies, and even if this will not be news to any of you, the amount you have managed to transport as it were is simply astounding. For not only have you been sitting in your own personal forcefield of light, you have also been connected closely with so many others out here, and together you have brought a huge load of transformational light to this blessed abode. For this is a blessed place dear ones, even if you on all sides may see signs that it can be likened more to a hellish place. But know that these are merely scarrings on the surface of this beautiful planet of yours, and now, thanks to all of your hard work, the beauty you perceive within will start to come further and further out.

Let us explain. As we have talked about earlier, there is indeed a massive translocation operation going on. In other words, so much of what has been keeping the vibrations deliberately down on this planet has been sent packing, for want of a better word. And just what do we mean by that? Well, as we have touched upon earlier, the amount of negative energy on this planet has been staggeringly out of balance with the amount of light, and as such, the scales have been tipped far too far to the side of those still in favour of keeping it thus. However, their reign is now considered as well and truly over, and as such, the operation to tip the scales back so that far more favourable circumstances can be had for all is well on its way. It is not completely over yet, but it is fair to say that from now on, you will all start to feel the lessening of this old load of heavy and draining energies.

In other words, what was once a massive wall of energetic hindrance has no only been scaled, but it has been torn apart, and through all of these rifts the light has now been pouring in for a long time already. And to add to that, much of the old imprints have been washed away in the same process, not only in you, but also in thousands upon thousands of other people out there. So once again we say expect to find more and more people around you starting to rejoice from the realization that the air they are breathing has already gotten a far fresher quality, and the burden they have been carrying on their backs, perhaps without them even noticing it, has been removed. So look around you, and we think you will all see people starting to straigthen out their back, looking about them as if bewildered and thinking ”what is this? There is something new in the air, but Í cannot begin to describe the quality of it.” So they will be puzzled, and they will start to search for answers, and so now, your time as wayshowers will truly begin.

For you are the forerunners in this, you have traveled this road already, so you are here, ready to guide them as they start to take their own faltering steps down that same road. It will not all be easy for them, but in many ways, their road will be a far more direct one than the one you had to travel in order to get to the point you are at the moment. For as you hacked your way through that dense, wild jungle from the very beginning, you hacked away so much that constituted a hindrance, not only to you, but to anyone following in your wake. But now, they will see a clear path marked by you, one that has been trodden by many an eager soul before them, and so, they will catch up far more easily than you can perhaps even envisage.

So again we say thank you all for a brilliant job, for you are shining even stronger than before, and now, there are so many new eyes open that will be able to perceive that light, and who will be called to answer the calling from their own heart and take up their place beside you.

As you have already become aware of, the upheavals are continuing for many of you, while for others, you seem to have entered smoother waters alrady. Again, never forget to listen to your own inner voice before you do that of other’s, and never compare your journey to others lest you should think yours is not on the rails as it were. In other words, although these times are indeed intense, they will be perceived very differently for you all, and even if you will find someone that can report circumstances that resonates with what you are experiencing, there is no need to worry even if you do find yourself without equals.

For you are ALL equals, whether you face your deepest challenges either mentally or physically at the moment, or whether you find yourself sailing along in blissful waters. No one is more nor less than the others, and as we have touched upon earlier, it is indeed imperative that you do not loose the focus on your journey by looking too much over the shoulders of another. This does not mean that you must discontinue to connect, far from it, but again, do not measure your journey with another’s measuring stick. For you are all connected, but you all sing to your own tune, and even if you together make up a beautiful and mangnificent choir, your voice in this is equal to no one else’s.

So again rest assured that all is well, even when you find yourself looking at a very different perspective than others might rapport to you, and as such, what you see is your truth, just as what they see is theirs. But again, you will all end up in the same place, but your journey to get there will differ in all sorts of ways. Some will be perceived as very direct and almost hassle free, while others will feel as if constantly being entangled in a web of weeds trying their best to slow you down. Just remember, no matter how hard or how easy you think you have it at the moment, you are all making the same progress. It might not seem like that to some of you, but that is an indisputable fact. Hopefully, this will make you all see your journey in a slightly different light than if you think you are lagging behind your compatriots.

Remember dear ones, you are all in this together, and as the old saying goes, together you stand, divided you fall. No, not falling as in failing, rather falling as in falling for the temptation to make this journey even more challenging by attempting to do it as a solo journey. So again we say, remember to connect, now more than ever, and remember that you are all an important part of this huge and luminous web you have generated by weaving together you own unique individual strand of light with that of so many others. And this web will continue to sustain you all, no matter how much you think you contribute to it, or no matter how much you feel you need to get back from this weave of life-giving energy. For in this, you are also equally important, for what you bring to this weft, is like no one else do, and what you get from this net, is also unique. But together, you give and take in such a beautiful rhythm it is making this whole creation pulse with a life that is simply awe-inspiring for us to watch.

For this is indeed YOUR creation, and as such, there is no one amongst you who must think of themselves as inferior in any way in this process. For no matter how high or how low you feel yourself flying at the moment, you are all soaring high because of what you bring to this collection of luminous souls that have chosen to weave together their destinies thus. And for every day, this beautiful loom of light is spinning a net that reaches ever wider and can carry even more weight. So stay connected, and know that this will not only aid you, but it will also be able to influence the lives of so many others out there, as you continue to stretch and weave and build this net of love ever stronger and ever wider for every time you dip into this pool of light and take a deep drink, or you bring another pitcher of love to add to it. For remember, both these actions carry the same value, and the more you drink of it, the more it will be filled. So keep nurturing yourselves and others by constantly seeking to connect to these strands of love and light that surrounds you on all sides by now. That way, you will ensure that this web of light will be able to catch the fall of more and more tired souls, too despondent to make it alone, but ready to make an effort to help themselves when they see what you have managed to build already.

As you are well aware of by now, nothing has been left to chance in this operation, and as such, the pressure you feel is nothing to be worried about. As we told you beforehand, be aware of any sort of outbursts now that the assimilation of heightened energy will be perceived as difficult for so many. And as they seem to be unable to take it all in as they say, the pressure valves will burst and the steam will find its way out in one way or the other, hence the sudden eruptions spewing forth from so many now.

And what spews forth is not the light, rather, it is what the lights in itself is pushing out of them. For when the light comes in, nothing can stand in its way, and as such, a whole lot of cleaning is indeed going on on all levels. Both on the internal and personal one, and indeed collectively and throughout the different dimensions that composes this whole energetic matrix that you are all an intrinsic part of. So know that you are merely seeing and sensing the overload that some are experiencing due to the large amount of light that is literally pouring into their system and causing an evacuation of everything that cannot occupy the same space as this light. For it is indeed this light that sets the tone as it were, for there is nothing that is not of the same vibration that can be in the vicinity of this new and extremely powerful lightforce that is pouring into you all.

So expect some outbursts to occur, both smaller ones, but also some major ones that will literally blow the lid of so much that has seemed to be under lock and key forever. So do not stand in the way of these eruptions, lest they take you with them and shake you up too much as they exit out. For remember, whatever comes out from hiding now can never go back in, and as such, you can all wave it goodbye. For this time, and exit is simply that, a one way ticket OUT and with no option for revoking it. In other words, what is leaving now, is doing so for good and will never be able to return to taint these pristine waters ever again.

So stay centered, and know that all is well, but also stay alert for any signals of eruptions coming your way. Better to duck and take cover than to face any blasts face on, for they have nothing to do with you and your journey, but everything to do with what has been but can no longer linger. But you are here to stay dear ones, and you are here to prosper and grow as so much of this old goo is being jettisoned out into the ethers to be reused for much better purposes. As we have told you before, all of this negative energy will not simply be taken out and locked away somewhere. No, it will be used as an active ingredient, and a very positive one indeed, for the evolution of your species. For anything that is old and seemingly dead because of its low and too dense vibration can and will be recycled as a building material for the light. It may sound odd, but in Creation, nothing is considered as waste, and everything lasts forever –  albeit in an altered state.

So once again we say breathe, and know that even if there might be some foul breaths wafting your way, they cannot harm you. In fact, they will only serve to help and aid you in all sort of ways you will have a hard time understanding at the moment. So behold as the light makes even the densest of materials light enough to become a part of this brand new world we are all building up together. But also remember, the denser materials in their current state is of no help to anyone, least of all to those that still cling to it like a liferaft on these high seas. They will find themselves sinking quickly as their buoy turns to a dead weight and pulls them under, as the light will make any form of trickery and illusion impossible to uphold. So stay in your center, and know that you have what it takes to keep floating forever in that tranquil sea of light you have already made possible just by your very presence. For that, we cannot thank you enough, but for now, we will just say fare thee well for now, and know that you are being born aloft by a power so strong, nothing will be able to drag you under ever again.

Dear friends!

Last night I had a powerful vision. I woke up feeling very unsettled by a dream, and so I started to visualize how I was breathing in the light, and soon I felt like this glowing lightbulb. I felt the urge to connect to the Pond, and I saw myself approaching the shore. It was night, everything was dark and quiet, but the water was nice and warm when I entered it. I suddenly saw how the light inside of me started to light up the water from underneath, so this dark, still body of water started to glow under the surface. I looked around, and on all sides I could see lights approaching. It looked like fireflies coming through the forest, but I quickly realized it was all of you approaching the Pond. One by one, you entered the water, and as each and every one of you were also glowing, the water got more and more illuminated. And soon, it was as if we were swimming in liquid light under the dark night sky. It was so beautiful, and I felt so blissful I was smiling in my bed.

Suddenly my mind started to think about my vegetable plot. I had been down there earlier in the day, doing a much needed round of weeding. I have not had the energy to do anything there for quite some time, but yesterday I felt a strong urge to literally get my fingers down into the earth and ground myself, so I spent a long time there pulling out all the weeds and cutting back everything that had shriveled up and died. The end result was a plot full of vegetable plants finally able to bask fully in the sun, without anything stealing their nutrients or blocking out the light. I started to think that maybe I needed to add some fertilizer to some of the plants, when I suddenly saw myself standing before a counter, and the man on the other side handed me a huge sack of fertilizer. But when I openend it, I saw it was full of these grains of light, and then I was walking round my garden, adding handfuls of these ”light grains” to every plant and watering them afterwards. Then I was back at the Pond again, and I saw us all standing in that shining water, and we all started to grow, like these tall, graceful trees high up into the air, and when I looked down, I saw the Pond far below us.

I realized that this was another reminder that we are so much more than that frail human body and that at times not so strong human mind. But now, when we are being battered by all of these super intense energies, it can be easy to lose our focus, and only see ourselves as these straggling human plants in this neglected garden, full of weeds of every kind that suck the nutrients from our soil and block out the light. So just like I did in my garden yesterday, I realized we must remember to keep a look out for any kind of ”weed” that comes into our life or into our minds that can stop us from attaining our full potential. For those negative thoughts have a way of creeping in and taking hold when our human body and mind is struggling so hard to keep the balance. And I also realized that the ”fertilizer” we have here at the Pond is so important. For every time we connect with this energy and with each other, we get another huge boost of light that will help us to keep stretching ever upwards and become those giants I saw in my vision. For we are made of the same stuff as the stars, as the CCs say, but if we forget that, we can let ourselves become choked by that creeping weed that wants nothing more than to steal our energy and make us so much less than what our true potential really is. So let us continue to help each other and ourselves to grow, by trying to keep our gardens as “weed free” as we can, and by adding plenty of fertilizer by continuing to connect to this nurturing energy that is gathered here. That way, we will all remember who we truly are and why we are here. Not to wither away, but to continue to grow and glow and to help others do the same.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha


As you have all been made aware of by now, much is going on behind the scenes that few of you have any detailed knowledge of. We know that this is enough to set many’s teeth on edge, but let us just say that all is in good hands, and the reason for this imposed silence as it were is simply this: you will not be exposed to anything that might be detrimental to you in any way, and that does include some of the information that is currently flashing by you at warp speed. This will sound ominous, but this is in fact merely a precaution on our side. You see, you are still under the deep influence of your human side, and as such, much of what is actually going on now might be hard to perceive, much less in a positive way, by you all.

We are well aware that this might seem to be more than a little condescending, but trust us when we say this is nothing of the sort. This is simply something that has been agreed upon from the very beginning of this operation, and it was done in full concurrence with you. In other words, before you came to be in this physical manifestation, you were all thoroughly briefed beforehand just what all of this would entail.

We know that to many of you, this will sound less than probable, as you are probably thinking that if this is true, then why on Earth did I agree to this in the first place? Well, you did, and knowing fully well what you do, you were still chosen out from a multitude of volunteers, all eager to be a part of this huge operation. But you were the chosen ones, and you are here, commited body and soul to see this carried through. We cannot thank you enough for that, but we also know that because of this ”disconnection” so many of you feel from this, the real knowledge you all carry within, sitting in the midst of all of this without any clear recollection of ever being told what it would truly be like, is not an easy task to carry out.

But you are all doing your part in this complicated maneuver, just as we are doing ours, and at the moment, you will feel very much ”out of it”. But you are not, you are merely removed from anything that can cause you to lose focus on your real task. For remember, this is indeed a complex operation, one that involves a whole set of different skills and different players, and as such, now is the time for you to simply sit back and BE in your roles as the human conveyors of this energy of change, while we are all busy taking care of so many other vital components in this operation. Fear not, you will soon be back in the know as they say, but until then, you will not be burdened by any extra baggage in addition to the one you already carry in the roles as wayshowers and caretakers of this new energy.

You are being battered and bruised by these life-changing energies now, and although they are indeed working their magic on you, it can be easy to misconstrue them for something else. So again let us repeat the message that you are all well looked after, and we will not let anything go amiss. However, there are forces out and about less concerned about your welfare, and more concerned about their survival on these shores. We are not saying this in order to raise the alarms in any way, just to remind you that there are a lot of interest out there in getting you to lose your equilibrium. For as we have oft mentioned these last few days, the imbalance you all perceive can easily be looked upon as something negative. It is not, or rather, this imbalance is only negative for all those still set on keeping the old ways. Whereas you and everyone else who have set their sights on the light a long time ago, you are all well served by this imbalance.

For this is such a strong signal that everything is indeed going your way now. Not so, we hear you say, for you will feel the struggle within and without every day now. And so, what you long for is calm and bliss in every way. Be that as it may, it is indeed a state you will be able to savour in the not too distant future, but as we have told you already, this period is a period of deep and profound change all over, so the perfecly still surface you will find on this gathering place of yours so often is not mirrored in the world around you. Remember, the roots of the old run very deep indeed, and as they are pulled out one by one, much will be disturbed by this. For these roots have penetrated beneath the foundation of so much, and as their grip on your soil is being loosened, much around it will fare the same way. In other words, many of the old and seemingly indestructible structures are starting to crumble here and there. It might be imperceptible at first, but gradually the speed of their collapse will increase. And as the soil beneath them, their very foundation, has been compromised by these deep-reaching roots of the parasites, it will become unstable to the point where it will all colllapse.

So what you feel now, are the first signs of the teetering and tottering that heralds the end of the world of illusion. A world build on no more than loose soil, soil that is indeed incredibly fertile, but up until now has been covered by a thick layer of concrete and stone. In other words, the old foundations have been laid in place in order to hinder any unwanted growth. But as these old roots are pulled loose, the rigid structures aboveground will collapse as their foundations come apart, and then, the dormant seeds waiting belowground will have excellent conditions to finally sprout.

We know that to many of you, this will sound like a process that will take forever, something not you nor even your grandchildren will be able to savour. But trust us when we say that this is indeed why you have come here, to witness this process come about. And not just the destructive phase of it. For you are indeed here to see the new world not only sprout, but take root and form a whole and complex and beautiful new structure, one you will be able to play an important part in too. But before that happens, much will come about that will be hard to fathom and hard to not take notice of. It will make its mark on you in so many ways, and it can easily overshadow the end result if you are not careful about where you put your focus. So again we say look not at the deepening shadows, for they are only a sign that the light is indeed increasing in every corner of your globe. So the darkness will start to pool together in the small spaces they have left, and as such, it will become even more visible throughout this process.

So again we say, the wise ones will know just where to look, and the wise ones will know to rejoice when the ones of a more feeble heart will start to feel their own foundations starting to crumble along with the rest of the old ones. But fear not, for you have build your houses on solid ground, you have build it on the stable rock, the place that belongs to the future and not to the past. So keep breathing, and keep reassuring each other like you do, each and every day. For you are strongly connected, but only by staying connected will you be able to weather whatever may lurk ahead in those small but active pockets of darkness that still scatters the landscape. Remember, you are of the light, and you are already standing out in the open, ready to grow even more as these days comes to an end. For you are here to prosper and to thrive, but you will do so while much around you shrivels up and dies. But what is faltering now, are the ones feeding on the old and poisonous energies of yesteryear. They will not fare well now, but that is what you will do. For you will feel the air becoming more and more bracing and fresh as every one of those old structures comes apart, and as such, you will have many a chance to rejoice in the time ahead. Just remember, your focus must be on this, and not on the hubbub coming from those already struggling to take a breath. So fill your lungs and your heart with that fresh air, and know that for every breath you take, you take a breath of the future, while those on the other side will only be able to live on those ever shrinking remnants of the past.

As usual, the heightened activity will bring with it heightened dissonance in many of you. In other words, your bodies will feel even less at ease than normal, and your mind night be racing along with it, trying to give its discordant voice to the choir as well. So this will be a time of much disturbance for many of you, both on the inside, but also on the outside, as you will find this heightened feeling of unease seeping out from many of your fellow men. For your world is seemingly very much off balance now, as the old forces are desperately trying to regain the foothold they have lost. But to no avail, we hasten to add, although this will not stop them from trying to put on a spectacular show in order to try to convince you and even themselves that they are more than mere remnants of their former glory. But again, they will fail in this, but not before they might convince some less enlightened minds that they are still under the influence of the same old powers that they have been for eons.

This imbalance may be perceived in so many ways, as you are not the only ones falling under the spell of these heightened energies. You see, these will continue to push and pull at the remaining remnants of the old and inflexible structures still trying to cling on to this planet, but as you all know well by now, their days are indeed numbered, and they will have no choice but to relinquish all of their former positions and leave the field to the forces of the light. And the light has come in full force now, and as such, the results will start to be visible in so many ways. But as we have discussed already, those still trying to maintain status quo are a tenacious bunch indeed, and they will try all their old tricks to keep up the illusion that they are still running the show. Futile of course, but still, it might be more than a few of your fellow men who will fall for this ploy, and so, they will add their angry and frightened voices to the melee.

For you will all in some way encounter this fallout from the cleanup operation. Either in the form of hostile words or even actions, or by finding yourself suddenly enmeshed in a confusing array of improbable events where people or places you have previously seen as positive or just neutral suddenly will appear as the opposite. So for some, the advancement of the light will be shown by more visibility of the opposite side, and as such, it can easily be mistaken for a worsening of the conditions. But again we say, do not fall for this old fashion of trying to confuse you by using the actual shift to discourage you. Or to put it another way, the opposition to the light will never admit to their defeat. So they will try to trick anyone willing or simply unaware enough to follow in their footsteps and act accordingly. So whatever you do, do not be tempted to re-engage those forces in the farces they will start to enact. It might be tempting to do so, but it will not do any of you any good. You see, you will just be turning your attention to something that does not merit it. And for the other side, it will not be of any help to them no matter how many footsoldiers they can recruit by casting about them with all of this confusion.

So stay focused, and stay away from the hubbub as best as you can. It is only a show put on to conceal the real truth, that the light is indeed advancing at a steady pace, and the shadows are indeed creeping backwards as fast as they can too. The only difference is, that they will never admit to do so, so instead, they keep wasting everybody’s time by trying to set off as many alarms as they can to cover their own retreat. But again we say, the wise ones will step back from the fray and breathe calmly, for they will see the advantages to this, and they will not waste any of their precious energy by tossing it on the funeral pyres of their old overlords. For you are free now, and as such, you stand free to just walk away from it all, and that is the best advice we can give you today. So focus again on what is to come, not on what has been, and do not waste any time looking about for those old scoundrels. They are still present here and there, but their pockes of foul air are rapidly thinning out, and as such, they will very soon have no option but to pack up and leave for good.

The anxiety will heighten in many ways as the time for the unveiling approaches. We know many think that this will be like a scene from one of those Hollywoood blockbusters, but what we refer to, resembles nothing of the sort. Again, the human perception is a very limited one, and when you are asked to picture something in your mind, you invariably come up with an image that resembles something you have seen before. Well, in this case, we guarantee you that you have never ”seen” anything like it, and when we put it like this, it is indeed to signify that what we refer to may not be something you will witness with your eyesight like you perhaps envisage yourself. No, this is not a piece on the nine o’clock news or to be splashed across the screens or in your newspapers, this is something of a magnitude and of a nature that has not been experienced by any of you before, hence the impossibility to even start to comprehend it beforehand. But it IS big, we guarantee you that, and it will be an event of a sort that will reverberate far and wide, not only within the limits of your own physical body.

Yes, we speak in riddles as usual, but we think you have perhaps started to get used to this, even if it will be perceived as more than irksome at times. But as have been oft-repeated, there is no vocabulary for what we are hinting at here, at least, not in the language you master in your daily life. But there is a way to describe it, but it will be a way that can only be experienced individually by each and every one of you. If we say it might resemble something you have felt already during one of your collective sessions, we may not be far off the mark, but again, this will be something very, very special indeed. It will be like liken a pot of flowers to a whole vast field of them. In other words, you are all getting closer and closer to a ripple or perhaps we should say a rent in the very fabric of your consciousness, something that will tear asunder once and for all the bonds that keep you firmly stuck in whatever it is that still holds you back from attaining the freedom of being your own true self. In other words, an unveiling of sort that will set so much into motion, not only within each and every one of you, but also in the collective.

But again, we cannot give you any details, for it will indeed be a meaningless quest to try to put to words what we are trying to give you an advance warning of. And no, not warning as in ”danger”, just warning as in prepare to be overwhelmed in a way you have not been before. We know this will sound implausible to many of you, and what you would prefer more than most is indeed something far more tangible, something you can hold up not only in front of your face, but other’s too and say ”see, I told you so, it IS true”. But fret not, dear friends, that day will come, but before it does, you will experience quite a few other things that will wash away that doubt from even the most sceptical parts of your human brain. Let us leave it at that for now, but before we leave, we invite you all to sit down in silence and open yourself up to this magical field of unearthly flowers that you are about to start to frolick upon. We think you will all get a small taste of the wonderful fragrances there already if you do.

The trouble with keeping up with the speed of all of these energetic fluctuations will have become apparent to you all by now, and we do know that many of you suffer considerably from the output from all of this. Again, it is indeed inevitable that your bodies will show some form of distress by now, but for some, it can be almost crippling. We know it will be of small consolation for us to again repeat the same message of patience and trust, but this is indeed a very intense period that will bring much ease as soon as it starts to ease off. And it will, but not just yet, as today will be another hectic day on so many levels. However, release will be at hand shortly, and as such, the importance today will once again be on keeping your focus on the light.

As we have already talked about, there might be some sort of eruption starting to become visible on a scale that will have many of you sit up and listen. But again we say, do not lend your ears to those trying to pull the old and tried trick of fomenting fear whenever they can in order to keep you looking back over your shoulders to what has been, instead of focusing on what is to become. For you have all become new in so many ways, and with that, things have already started to change for the better, but this will be easy to lose sight of in the middle of all of the commotion that soon will erupt on all sides. So again we say, lift your eyes and fix it on the sun that is about to appear on the horizon, and do not look down at the mud still clinging to your feet. The mud will wash off at the first little refreshing downpour of light, and as such, it is not worthy of your focus.

We know this is easier said than done, for to so many of you, this old and stinking mud will seem to be everywhere, and it feels like it will cling to you forever. It will not, and it cannot, but we do understand the frustration of having to go through cleansing after cleansing only to find another spot of bother appearing as if from nowhere. But trust us when we say that this too will be a thing of the past in the not too distant future. But until then, keep your eyes on the clear blue patches of sky that will appear for every one of you, no matter how dark and ominous the sky may appear right above you at the moment.