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You have probably started to question yourself and this whole process more than once lately, and that is easy to understand. As we mentioned in our previous message, you are currently in a kind of holding pattern, and this can in many ways be likened to a void where you have seemingly nowhere to go and nowhere to return to. In other words, faith and trust seems to be the only things keeping you going, and for many, both are already starting to grow thin on the ground. Again we say do not berate yourselves should the temper grow volatile these days, for it is not more than natural if you feel like lashing out at someone or something at the moment. Again, the reason for this is understandable, for you have been so fired up by all of these energetic emissions you have partaken of lately, and as such, you feel more than ready to go. But now, it will be like you are stuck on the launching pad, motors ready to roar into full power, but you seem to have lost connection with the command center. So there are no clear directions, and there are no orders to do anything, so all the while the only thing you can do, is sit there seemingly unactive whilst gnashing your teeth in frustration.

Well, we are well aware of your situation, but again, all we can offer is the same old litany of please know that all is well, and even if you may feel more than a little disconnected from it all, you are not. But again we say, this period, although at times mindbogglingly frustrating, is a very important one too, for it is not the idle wait it may feel like at the moment. No, there is indeed a frenzy of activity going on, and for some of you, this activity has started to seep into your consciuosness at odd intervals. There might be some intense interconnections going on during your nighttime, where your body will feel like it is receiving commands and information the likes it has never encountered before. You may have instances of ”abnormal reactions” to call them that during daytime, when either yourself or others will seem to be out of sorts or out of synch with everything around you.

So yes, you are not idle, but much of the goings on will be hidden from view, so again it is indeed our role to pop in at regular intervals to give you a much needed thumbs up. For you have not lost connection to the command center, and your orders have not been revoked. For your mission is still on, and you are in fact proceeding as planned day by day, hour by hour. So again we tell you that there is no stand-down, it is merely a part of the regulated proceedure, and even if you feel like you are stalled, you are actually moving rapidly ahead. We know that this will seem to be at odds with the feeling you will encounter at frequent intervals at the moment, but please understand that this is because your whole sensory system has been redesigned, and as such, it will feel like you are standing still when you are actually whizzing ahead. It is much like when you have been travelling at a certain speed for a very long time, and it feels like you are actually slowing down when you are in fact travelling just as fast as you used to. In other words, your perception of advancement has changed, not the actual speed in which you are proceeding.

So again we tell you to try to savour these days, even when you feel less than inclined to do so, and know that you are in fact speeding towards another of those very important passages that will make its mark upon your body and soul. So remember to breathe deeply, and just release anything that comes aknocking from within, for otherwise you might feel more than a little bloated from the pressure that will build up. For there is indeed much going through you at the moment, and we do mean that both in the mental and physical sense, so try to keep it moving in any way you can. For you are not at a stand still, and you should not act like you are, so just let it go as soon as it comes up, and you will at least feel the relief of sensing some of the action that is going on at the moment. Thank you, that is all we have for now, we leave.

As many if you have noticed lately, there are interesting occurrences starting to happen. As usual, the changes you so long for have not yet manifested on the outside, rather, they are discernible within. We know that for many, this in itself can be frustrating indeed, because you all long for more tangible results from all of these intense energetic upgrades you have been receiving for such a long time now. Well, let us just say that you will soon see how these internal effects will start to multiply, and with them, the realization that the outer changes you have been looking for in vain may not be the most important part of this process after all.

Let us explain. As you have in many ways entered new ground, what you still see around is in so many ways just a lingering remnant of the one you left behind. However, there are still many things that ties you to this old world, and all the practicalities and indeed impracticalities of the monetary system is indeed one of them. But let us just lay that aside for the moment and concentrate on what you have ahead, namely the realization that the new world you entered as you literally shifted from the old year and into this, the new year of 2013, will start to manifest in more tangible ways than you have seen so far.

You see, you are all more or less still hovering over the ground of this new world, and as such, you have not been able to ground yourselves sufficiently into this new energetic level that you have entered. In fact, this is an important part of this process, and not something that should be cause for alarm for any of you, although this feeling of disconnection can be more than unnerving at times. You see, you all feel deep inside that you have in some ways been left out in the cold, and the reason for this, is the clear separation that has occured. In other words, you have been separated from the old, but as you are still in this seeming void not yet fully connected to the new, you may have a hard time finding any footing at all. Especially since you all in your daily goings on feel the pull fom the old. In other words, you will feel slightly discombobulated from this energetic vacuum that seems to have formed around you, so we are here to tell you that this is nothing to worry about.

We know that our words will be like a mere puff of smoke for some, as this feeling of unease, irritation and even disempowerment may seem to grow at an alarming rate lately. So again we remind you that all is well, and you are perfectly poised for the next step of your journey. And even if this period may feel more than a little bit unsettling, not only for your mind, but also for your body, know that it will soon start to dissipate as you will all in some ways get a glimpse of the surface of this new world that you still feel more than a little disconnected from. For your roots are already starting to seek down, and little by little, bit by bit you will all start to feel the strong connection that is awaiting you there. For then, you will finally sense that you have indeed come home, and your hearts will lift again as you feel this surge of welcoming starting to percolate throughout your whole being. But until then, remember not to berate yourselves whenever you feel yourself falling under the spell from the void. For it is a powerful place indeed, and it can leave you feeling almost powerless. Know that this is not true, as you have all stepped into your powers, but as you have yet to be allowed to ”touch ground” with your new home, your powers will seem to be almost nonexistent at the moment. But that is about to change, as you will all be allowed to send those first tendrils down into the new soil that awaits you, and then you will start to feel how your powers will start to make themselves heard again.

Again, this is not a signal that you are disconnected from it all because of your actions or inactions in any way, far from it. This step into the void is an important part of the process, as you need this period to reboot and rewind after that long immersion in the third dimensional world before you literally reconnect not only with your true self, but also with your new home. So, not long now before you all feel more at home, not only in your physical bodies, but also within your own greatness. Until then, go easy on yourself and let yourself rant and rave should you so need. There is no need to hold back on any negative emotions that might arise, so just let them pass through you in order to let off some of the steam of frustration that will inevitably build up in this holding pattern you are currently in. And remember that you are about to step out of this void shortly, and start to truly connect for the first time in eons.

Just a short missive today, as the waves of energy have started to pound harder onto your shores again. For some, this will manifest in some rather intense bouts of nausea and dizziness, so make sure not to force yourself to do more than what is strictly necessary whenever you feel another of these waves starting to gather force. As we have talked about previously, your physical body has become much stronger now, and it can indeed digest far larger quantities of these life-changing energies by now, but that may seem as a small consolation as long as the amount of energy you are being exposed to is increasing along with it. In other words, you get a huge helping every time now, as your appetite for this lifeforce has grown exponentially along with your abilities to digest it.

Still, it will leave a few symptoms of discomfort in its wake, but that is not a case of overindulgence from any side here, neither yours not ours. In other words, even if it will feel less than comfortable at times, you can be certain that you will never be exposed to anything you cannot handle, either physically or mentally. We know that for some this will sound rather unlikely, for they do feel like they are hanging on by their teeth at times, but trust us when we say that your abilities to not only survive, but actually thrive from all of these constant injections of energy is actually far above and beyond your perception of your own limitations.

So again we say just try to breathe into any discomfort that may arise, and do not forget to ask for help in balancing these massive injections should you so need. There are ways to ease the discomfort somewhat, and we will not give away any secrets here if we say that your breathing pattern is deeply involved. So focus on your breath, and ask for assistance from your guides, and do not forget your ally, Mother Earth. She is the best balancer there is, so seek out her assistance, and we think you will find much solace there.

You have turned on the light well and truly now, dear ones, and with it, comes the realization that so much is on the verge of changing forever. For the tides have turned, as we have started already, and the wheels of time have started to speed up considerably. At the moment, speed may not be the word foremost on your minds, as now, much seems to have come to a somewhat silent and nonplussing halt.

Let us explain. For many, the month of December was a period of intense activity on so many levels, literally like being swallowed up and into a massive vortex that was spinning ever faster. But now, it is almost like you have been spit out on the other side, into something that seems almost eerily quiet in comparison. But trust us when we say that it only seems like that, for nothing could be further from the truth than thinking you have all been stalled on a sidetrack somewhere far, far away from the action you lived through last month. For now, there is actually even more going on, but again, so much is happening under the radar as it were. And even if some of you get a taste of this newfangled action from time to time, mostly during your nightime and your sleeping cycle, the rest of the time it will seem to be more than a little hush hush. And rightly so, as you have all finished some rather gruelling rounds of energetic upgrading, and as such, too much action is not what you need at the moment. The word we seek to impart into you all today is integration, for that is what you all are in the midst of at the moment.

An old curse says ”may you live in interesting times”. And for many, the all-out onslaught of energies that you receive on a rather regular basis can in many ways be described as a sort of curse, because you get so debilitated at times you a have hard time even trying to function as a human being. But then, when everything seems to quiet down much like it is at the moment, for many, that is even more of a curse. For then they think that they have ”lost it” in some way, and that they have become totally disconnected from it all. So yes, finding a sort of middle ground here between action and ”non-action” is almost impossible. For when the body quietens down after a bout of these energetic ”symptoms”, the mind has a habit of piping up with all sorts of suggestions. And, as many of you know, the mind has a habit of suggesting that things are amiss, has it not? In other words, when the body is less under siege from these energetic upgrades, the mind has a way of making itself heard. So now, in this strange but at times very quiet period, many will start to doubt themselves in new ways. And even if they deep down KNOW that they are just where they are supposed to be, it is easy to start to think too much.

So again, we repeat the same mantra of stop trying to DO so much, thinking or otherwise, and just BE. And know that all is well and you are just in a sort of short recreational period in order for your system to be better able to integrate this enormous amount of energy and information you have acquired these last few weeks. For it is nothing short of amazing, but it is also a rather large handfull for your system, so just be patient. And know that under the surface, there is no such thing as a lull in the proceedings. Far from it, for now, it is indeed full speed ahead, and we are all working hard and fast in order to keep up with your abilities to jump ahead. For that is what you are all doing dear ones, pulling ahead in quantum leaps to use a phrase you will be familiar with. And just as in that exciting, but oh so strange world of quantum relativity, there is no way of knowing just what will happen next. Well, for us, there are no secrets or surprises lurking ahead, but for you, the next step is not something you can envisage with any clarity. And rightly so, as then you would probably not believe it anyway. So again we say just stay the course, and relish the small breathers you get, for time is indeed short before you get the next push ahead.

The tides have turned for so many of your brethren now dear ones, and you are no longer the solitary islands dotting this vast sea of humanity. In fact, if you look closely, you will see how your neighbourhood is starting to get more and more populated by likeminded souls. Let us explain.

As we have touched upon earlier, these massive injections of light will have their effect not only on you, the early risers as it were, but also on the whole congregation. In other words, no being alive on this planet today will go through this untouched by the finger of grace, and as such, your numbers will vastly multiply in the time ahead. That does not mean that you will feel as if immersed in a veritable deluge of friendly souls from one day to the next, far from it, but you will notice a steady increase in the corresponding vibration you will detect in the people you meet. In other words, be prepared to literally tune into more than a few sympathetic souls in the time ahead, but be also prepared to meet more deaf ears around you.

You see, this is indeed a watershed, but all of humanity is still ruled by the edict of free will, and as such, it is up to each and every one whether they will listen to these new notes in the air or whether they will continue to turn away from this alluring new tune. But if they do, you will not be able to tolerate their presence as lightly as you once used to, for their tune will sound more and more false in your ears, and as such, these meetings will feel more jarring than before. In other words, the divide will become more and more noticeable, as each and every one of your fellow men will have to take a stand and make a choice whether to open up completely to this clarion call from heavens, or to shut themselves down and shut themselves away from the rest of you.

For now, indecision is no longer an option, and as such, there will be some interesting encounters for you all in the very near future. For you will meet the light coming at you from the unlikeliest of angles, but you will also meet a brick wall where you once encountered seemingly wide open spaces. So again we tell you never to take anything for granted, and stay open to whatever you might encounter. For you will be more than pleasantly surprised, but mixed in with this delight will also be a few notes of discord, as those choosing not to hear will state their mind clearly and without hesitation.

So know that from now on there will be less grey areas, and a much clearer distinction between black and white. Or rather, between freedom and fear, as those still hell bent on keeping to the ground to put it like that will fight tooth and claw in order to be left to do just that. Be that as it may, the rest of you will revel in the fact that you will see how the stream of light-seeking individuals will continue to grow into a veritable flood, and you will all be swept up in this flood, and gladly so. For this is what you have waited for, in the endless hours of this solitary journey. So look around, and you will start to pick up on the signals from all of those beginning to prick up their ears and listen in on this heavenly music alongside you. For they cannot help but join in the choir, however timid and feeble their voice will sound at the beginning. For if you remember to acknowledge their presence, they will find it much easier to find their true voice and join you all wholeheartedly.

Dear friends! Feels like I am finally able to breathe again after some very, very intense days. Judging from your comments, I am not the only one who have spent more time down at the bottom than on the surface of this beautiful little pond lately (thank you, Nohmad :–) ! ). I’ve been through much of the same as many of you, ranging from a lot of physical pain in the head, jaw and right side of the body, heavy fatigue, feeling weird about eating anything at all, and fighting off a panic attack when I woke up in the middle of the night feeling literally trapped inside a body that felt totally alien to me. It’s been like all I wanted to do was to just pull a blanket over my head and forget that I even existed. But at the same time, I have had moments of total clarity where I just KNOW that everything is OK, it will all happen at the exact right time, and I do not need to DO anything to make it happen. In fact, the message I got was ”stop trying so hard”, and the image they gave me was of salmons trying to fight their way up a waterfall. Or, as the CCs said in the last message: just surrender. It is tempting to try to ”push ahead” a little extra at times like these, when everything seems to be a bit unclear, and we feel the pull from whatever we have waiting for us at the other end. But the only thing that happens whenever I try to do this, is that I get frustrated. So now I keep reminding myself to just let it be and surrender to the flow, no matter how strong or how static it feels.

Being ”back on the surface” again also means that I am finally able to appreciate all of the comments you have shared lately. It is so amazing to see just what a wonderful and supportive community this has turned out to be! I do not know if the rest of you have noticed this, but it is like it has grown so much in intensity and luminosity in these last few weeks. I must admit that as December started, I was very unsure about what would happen when we passed the days surrounding 12.21.12. Despite what the CCs had shared about this period in advance, I knew that there were bound to be some very disappointed people out there. So I was expecting to see clear signs of that here, but instead, what you have all brought to this space has been beyond anything I could have hoped for. To quote the CCs: cudos to you all for creating this community of sharing and caring and support. It is like it has taken on a life of its own, and I am so happy for that. Who knows what it will grow into in the future? So thank you all for bringing your beautiful reflections to this pond. Without you, this would be a solitary place indeed!

Love and light, Aisha



As you have mayhaps noticed, these last few days have been rather turbulent, and rightly so, as the influx of energies have certainly made their mark on many of you. We venture to guess that you have uttered the words ”things are getting more and more peculiar” in one way or the other these last few days, and you are certainly correct in your observations. Yes, things are certainly becoming more and more peculiar, and they are doing so as the level of energetic awakening is becoming more and more intense. Or ferocious, as some of you mayhaps would prefer to describe them as. For they are nothing if not relentless, and what they are doing not just to you but to your whole world, is starting to stir up many a reaction. And we do not just refer to what is going on in your physical body, even if that in itself may be difficult to overlook. No, we refer to those perhaps more subtle signals that something very profound is going on indeed.

So what can these signals be? Well, let us just say that we think there are not a few amongst you thinking that you are starting to lose your grip on sanity, as the whole world around you seems to become more and more indistinct. In other words, you look and you fail to see any solidity at all in things around you. It is like things are starting to become more and more blurred, even to the point where you have a hard time really focusing on anything at all. The time and some of its quirkiness has already been mentioned earlier, but that is indeed a point that will become more and more obvious as, yes, more time passes, and you will seem to be even more hard pressed to try to quantify it at all. For what is time now? Certainly not the one defining measurement it once was. And with the dissolving of this trusted marker, so too much else will start to take on a rather interesting hue to call it that. For now, nothing that surrounds you can be seen through the goggles of yesterday, and as such, your mind will have a hard time trying to adjust to it all. It is just like when a person suffering from some sort of ailment of the eyes get this accurately adjusted. And even if the eyes can finally focus and take in everything properly for the first time, the mind will seem to be very muddled and confused indeed. For your being is as we have repeated often geared to maintaining status quo, and now, so much must be taken into reconsideration, it will at times be a challenge not to feel slightly – or maybe even completely – mad.

So take this as a reminder that never before has it been more important to trust that this process is indeed a very carefully monitored one, and all you have to do, is to surrender to it. And we do mean surrender completely. That may sound easy, but when it comes down to it, your whole being has been hard-wired to try to hold on to the controls in some way or the other, as otherwise, your very survival could not be assured. In other words, surrendering yourself completely to this very, very confusing and at times almost frightening process of dissolving everything that feels familiar and entering a world where everything is completely new, will be met by more than a little resistance from yourself. After all, your system is only doing its job protecting you in any way it can. So yes, you must all expect to encounter resistance from within, as that is only to be expected when you are about to literally surrender all that you take for granted and all that you have relied upon so far in order to fully embrace the new.

And the new is nothing if not very, very different from anything you have encountered so far. You see, you are beings of such a magnitude and potential being literally injected into a rather frail looking and small human body, and as such, you will at times feel like you are literally imprisoned within something that is too claustrophobic for comfort. For you are indeed finally starting to tap into your real greatness, and that greatness is not used to operating within these strict confines that your physical body dictates. So again, expect to become befuddled and frustrated, and at times feel totally at loss as to what you are and why you are even here in the first place. But again, this is only a phase, and even if it will be challenging in so many ways, it will also bring with it the first instances of seeing who you really are. And even if your mind will have a field day trying to tell you that something very, very strange is going on, you will also feel the surge of expectation from what is to come.

For what is to come can only be described with one word, namely magic. But this is magic of the true kind, not another conjurer’s trick being passed before you. So again we tell you to stay the course, and the only way to do just that, is to relinquish any thought you might harbour of trying to maintain control in any way. For total surrender is the order of the day, as this is what will give you the only ”control” you can have. For you can only control your own response to all of this magical outpouring of newness. So open your arms, hearts and minds to whatever may come, in whatever shape, form or taste it may have, and know that you can never ever guess what is coming to you next. For such is the nature of this quest, as you have indeed embarked upon the part of this journey that goes into unchartered territory. But know that we know just where you are headed, and we will make sure that you get there, even if the road you will take to get there will be one you could never even dream of making up yourselves. So again we say, prepare to be surprised, in more ways than one, but also prepare to be delighted. For even if the road will be very strenuous at times, it will certainly give you more than one reason to rejoice in the time ahead.

As you have already ascertained, the physical body has a tendency to not be overly pleased by these recent energetic immersions, and that is only to be expected. After all, even if you have all been exposed to numerous of these upgradings through these last months and even years, none have been more intense than what you are currently receiving. We have already talked about this relentless waterfall of energies that is cascading down on your planet, but what we refer to now, are in fact ”injections” to call them that that are like an add-on to this waterfall. In other words, the underlying level of energetic transmissions being beamed onto your little planet has multiplied to such an extent, not even the hardiest amongst you would go untouched through this last downpour. You see, the level of vibration on your planet has certainly reached a hitherto unseen and unfelt level because of this waterfall of energy, but these extra immersions that you are being subjected to are even more advanced than this shall we say ground layer of energetic noise that you are all swimming in. So yes, you are certainly getting an extra large helping at the moment, and the reason for this is indeed an important one.

We have talked about the fact in earlier missives that yours is the role of the wayshower, and as such, you are being given extra fuel to help you to be better able to accomplish this work. For you are the ones in the forefront of all of this, and even if the world at large is also being subjected to ever larger doses of this transformational energy, you are being helped by being literally filled to your max by these extra and very targeted injections. Let us explain. We know that this may not be news to any of you, but as we have stated earlier, you are all treated on a very individual basis, according to both your setup but also according to the task you have come here to fulfill. You are all to be wayshowers, but you will be so in very different ways. For some, their tasks have been made clear to them already, or rather, they are already immersed in one part of their mission, such as the channel conveying these messages. But never forget, the tasks will vary for you all, according both to the timing but also to your specific abilities. And for many, their own specific abilities may not be too clear to them at the moment. And rightly so, as you all had to complete your own personal process of clearing and transmuting anything that might be of hindrance to you in your upcoming work. Well, that process is nearing completion in you all by now, and even if you are still at different stages in all of this, you have not been given any access to what your future holds in store for you yet.

As always, the reason behind this is the timing that goes into this process. For you are all individual players, but you are all an important piece in a gigantic puzzle, so your actions must in so many ways fit into the trajectory of many others out there. So yes, for some of you the frustration from this feeling of being suspended from it all will be mounting at the moment, as you can feel the heightened pressure of expectation starting to prod at you in so many ways. And even if you do not have any clear idea at all as to what your contribution to all of this may be, the feeling of impatience will also start to increase, and rightly so. For you all stand before a mighty task indeed, and this task is starting to nudge you on your shoulder more and more. It can be frustrating, as you have the urge to do something without any seeming knowledge as to just what, how and where to do it. Well, just hang in there a little bit longer, and it will all start to crystallize for you all. As we said, you are being held back for many a reason, but it is not because you have done anything wrong, or have missed out on any vital clues, far from it. For again, you are the players on this field, but we are the strategists, and as such, we have the full responsibility for the unveiling of this process.

So again we tell you that all is well and you are all exactly where you are supposed to be. And even if you feel rather incapacitated at the moment, and feel a bit lost with no apparent direction or reason to your daily lives, know that this is indeed just a passing phase, and this will soon start to pick up both speed and direction yet again. So take some time to look around and take in the scenery around you. And when we say scenery, we refer not just to what might be of natural beauty around you, rather the whole complex situation that surrounds you on all sides, composed of humanity’s strive for perfection, and see if you can detect anything new in your surroundings. We think you will find more than a few smiles and hear laughter in places where there used to be none, and they are all small signals that something is indeed starting to percolate to the top and starting to make itself noticed on the surface of this little planet of yours. And if you see a smile, make sure to return it, and notice just how powerful an effect that will have on you. It might sound like a feeble little action, devoid of any importance, but we can guarantee that it will indeed speak more loudly to you than you perhaps envisaged.

The tide has turned now, and the rush of the incoming energies is starting to pick up yet again. You will feel this, literally in your bones, but as always, the sometimes rather unpleasant side effects cannot entirely mask the fact that this is indeed only beneficial. Not only for you, but also for your planet. Let us explain.

By now, you are not unused to these incoming barrages of energy, far from it, but you might feel more than a little less than enthusiastic about the fact that it is time to endure another round of these at times rather painful immersions. But, they are only for your benefit, and even if some of you may think that we do this to you as some form of spite because we perhaps like to see you suffer, that is certainly not the truth. We know that this can at times be a tempting explanation, for we are well aware that a physical body is not too happy accomodating all of these energies at times. As you all know so well, because you are the ones who will suffer the consequences from them. But you are also the ones who will reap the benefits from them, but we also know that these benefits may seem to be rather fickle compared to the relentlessness of these upgradings themselves. Be that as it may, we just want you to know that you have another bout coming up, and even if this may cause more than a few moans and groans and more than a little despair in some, we are here to remind you all that there is indeed an important reason behind all of this physical and mental discomfort that may arise. It will not be apparent at the moment, so we know that this may be quite an uphill struggle for some of you, but please bear with us, and bear with yourselves, as these injections are a necessary and unavoidable part of it all.

Small consolation, we know, but the only one we can give. For we are again only spectators to this, and as such, us cheering you on may not be what you need at the moment. For what you perhaps crave more than ever is a quiet confidence that you have arrived, and that the work is indeed over. Well, as we have already stated in an earlier missive, the work has in many ways just begun. But before you erupt in a choir of misgivings, let us just remind you that the work you are doing now, is very different from the work you did only a few weeks ago. For you have arrived indeed, at a far loftier station than the one you so strenuously worked your way up from in the previous months. But unlike those happy go lucky travellers who only set out on a journey in order to savour the scenery, your journey has taken you to a far more interesting and indeed challenging place. For you have brought yourselves to a brand new world, where you yourselves are instrumental in making everything come about. In other words, what you will receive now, are more building blocks with which you will be better able to take part in building the new, and as such, these growing pains will signal a brand new phase on your journey. So take these pains and signals from a disgruntled body as a signal of commencement. It is indeed time to go back to work, but it will also be work that will give you great pleasure. For what you are doing is actually staking your claim to the future. For it is you who will make that future come about, and what you will be receiving from these celestial downpours of energy will help to set you up to make all of that come true.

So again we ask you to stay calm and stay centered, and even if some of these intense waves of energy may knock you off your feet now and then, know that you are more than ready to take it all on, and you are also more than strong enough to get back on your feet in no time. For you have been well tuned to play along with this new melody coming in, and as such, you have become a far more accomplished instrument just in these last few weeks. So even if you might hear a false note here and there as your physical body sometimes seems to miss a beat, know that this is not considered as a fault in any way. After all, you have not had much practice to play at this level yet. So be kind to yourselves, and do not berate yourselves even if it does not go as smoothly as you mayhaps wished for from the start. For remember, you are certainly threading on virgin ground here, so a few missteps here and there are to be expected. So accept them, for we do, but we also know that you are the harsher judge here. That is only natural, but again we remind you not to be disappointed in yourself should you fall short of your oh so high expectations in yourself. For this is indeed a period of trial and error, for it will take some time before you are all well settled into your new role as creators. So have fun, and do not take yourself too seriously in the time ahead or you might miss out on some of the joy if you do. And this is indeed a joyous occasion, even if the work in itself can be more than a little strenuous at times. We will leave it at that, and leave you to start preparing for this, the first round of the new and improved you.

The days have already started to gradually lengthen in one part of your world, and this year, the light will seem to be even more prominent than usual. Not only the light coming from the outside, but also the one shining forth from within. You will feel it in yourselves, but most importantly, you will also be bettter able to discern it in others. And with it, a gradual but percetible knowledge will arise that from now on, you are truly one. In other words, the feeling of separation will start to dissipate, and the certainty that you are but one of an ever expanding group of people will start to take hold of your mind. And, as you all know so well, your mind has been the most stubborn detractor in all of this, because your mind is the part of you that has tried so desperately to hold on to the old and eschew the new.

But now, your mind will also have to accept the fact that now, you are all living in a very different world from the one you all inhabited just a few weeks ago. It will not be easy at all times, because the mind is nothing if not tenacious, so do not be surprised if it tries a few tricks now and then in order to try to reset itself back to what it for such a long time has regarded as ”normal”. But it is a lost battle, and the mind knows this too, but still, it might have a few tricks up its sleve. After all, it would not be doing its job if it did not at least superficially try to continue the work it has done for such a long time. After all, it was to be the protector of status quo, and as such, you cannot but give it credit for a job well done.

For it has done its utmost to try to keep you all cemented in the old ways, as that was its main priority. But just like your spirit, the mind will take to the wings and relish the freedom from the old yokes, just like you all have felt once you started to be able to inhale the fresh air of the new. And with it, you will gain an impressive ally indeed, as now, the mind’s priority will start to change drastically. For now, it will no longer concentrate all of its abilties to hindering you from actually immersing yourself in this large spectrum of diverse experiences. It will actually be instrumental in helping you to access them. In other words, what was once a hindrance will become one of your biggest assets. For your mind is indeed a vital part of your total setup, and as soon as it starts to act according to the new and shall we say improved codes of conduct, it will help you immensely in accruing new information. For it will start to work ceaselessly on your behalf as a citizen of the light, and it will do all it can to help your progress.

So again, give yourself cudos for all that you have done so far, and give your mind its well deserved ”thank you” as well. For it has been a formidable adversary, but it has not been that in order to harm you in any way. It has done exactly what it was meant to do, namely force you to start to think for yourself, and not take anything around you at face value any more. And it has succeeded well indeed. After all, without the frustrations caused by the constant nagging and pushing from your mind, your resolve to change your circumstances would perhaps not be as strong as it is today? So again you see that things are never as they seem, so too with the mind. We will leave it at that, and give you some time to digest this, and mayhaps let you look upon your mind with new eyes.