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Let us continue this saga about mankind’s quest for greatness, as this is indeed the underlying thread that connects all of these missives. And when we talk of greatness, we do so in every aspect of the word, as you are indeed such magnificent creatures in each and every way. But, as have oft been mentioned in these annals, you were made to forget this greatness when you came to these shores, as it was ordained that this place was to be a place to learn and to remember yet again. In other words, a place where each and every soul had to resort to begin at the lowest level, and then literally start to crawl back up towards the pinnacle they once came from.

Let us explain. In order to truly learn just how great one are, one needs to be stripped of every last vestige of this greatness, as otherwise, one would in many ways be tempted to become blind to this selfsame greatness, or take it for granted. As we have mentioned on so many occasions, this planet of your is in fact the only place where someone can come in and learn this from the very beginning, as it takes a lot of hard work and courage to work oneself through the denseness that coats everything in this environment. In other words, this is like a ”boot camp” for the hardiest of souls, those that have it in them to keep striving forwards no matter how hard the opposition seems to be. Many, many have been waiting in line to enter this realm and be a part of this brilliant training, as that is what this was originally designated to be. And many have completed their training here too, and have brought fond memories of their sojourns here back to their own homes.

But that was a long time ago, as the history after the fall as it were is a completely different one. The tricksers that came in and overran this training field was not intent on letting this project continue in its natural cycle. They were far more content with holding it up in its tracks as it were, and stop any but the most fundamental of developing processes here on this planet in order to maintain control over it. And they were sucessfull indeed, as you can se well documented proof of wherever you turn your eyes. Yes, mankind has evolved since they came, but in what way? We defy anyone who say that mankind is now at the pinnacle of creation, and that they have evolved from a very primitive species into something very, very advanced. It might seem like that to an untrained – or rather normal human – but to everyone else in the multiverse, the truth is glaringly obvious.

You have veered so far off your original course, and so, the decision was made to bring you literally back on track again. Hence this abrupt commencement of the so-called awakening. And as you are all well aware of by now, this awakening has entered a stage that is mayhaps the most important stage in mankind’s history. There is no turning back now, no matter how hard those forces still intent on tying you down to the old tracks try to cast their spell over you again.

As we were saying, this process has indeed entered a critical stage, but because the so-called critical mass, i.e the number of souls saying yes to taking part in this process, has by now more than surpassed the stated lower limit, the process itself cannot be stopped. You are too many who have already managed to sufficiently open your eyes to see the truth and opened your hearts to fan the flames inside to stop this now. So even if the ground feels more than shaky, and you feel ready to topple over any moment, know that you are indeed guaranteed to succeed in this quest of liberating not only yourselves, but also the planet we all love so dearly.

Do not think that this will be an easy parade where all you have to do is to wave flags and cheer, but we think you have taken in the truth of this already. After all, you would not have made it this far without all of the hard labour you so willingly have contributed already, and for this you will be richly rewarded indeed. That might seem to be a somewhat slim and insubstantial promise at the moment, as for many of you, the concept of ever finishing this task seems more remote than ever. We understand this, as this final stage is indeed the most challenging of all, when everything you have grown accustomed to seems to be vanishing, literally between your fingers, and you feel as if standing before an empty void without anything but your own hope and faith to cling on to. And your grasp may even seem to be faltering, as you face one challenge after another. Anger and desperation are quick companions to this fear of letting go of the past, when the past is all you know, and the future seems to be literally going up in smoke as the tensions heightens in every corner of your world. And this anger and desperation will find a way to assert themselves, so too amongst those of you defining yourselves as bearers of the light.

Make no mistake, you are not immune from falling into a deep trough of fear, and this will make you say or do desperate things at times. Please, do not give into this anger by attacking yourselves if you do fall back a bit. It is only natural that you do so, but try to resist that impulse to punish yourselves for this little lapse in concentration. For that is what it really is, just a small lapse, but do not let that make you lose sight of the real you that is still in there somewhere, underneath this frantic layer of a seemingly frail little person screaming for help in all the ways it can think of. For you are not small, and you are not frail, and even if your actions and your words tries to tell you otherwise, you are indeed shining paragons, worthy of love and praise. So see beyond this thin veneer of human frailty dear ones, especially at times like these. Otherwise, you might lose sight of the real truth that hides behind these harsh words and angry actions. The truth is that you have never been closer to the real you, the magnificence that lies underneath this skin of fear that covers so many at the moment. A small scratch, a little drop of self love and tenderness will bring it to the surface. So stop beating yourselves whenever you see or feel the fear pushing you about, and start to love and cherish yourselves just a little bit more. It will literally make all the difference in the world.

Since the dawn of mankind, the quest for something bigger and better has been on everyone’s mind, and rightly so, as you have all been imbued with a longing for striving forwards. Let us explain. As we have already touched upon on so many occasions, this planet has been designated as a starting point, a place where a soul can go back to the very beginning of evolution and start that long road towards perfection, or rather an all-encompassing presence, as ”perfection” is a very biased word for you humans. You see, you tend to look upon perfection as something that is utterly flawless, and therefore an unattainable state for most, while we look upon perfection as a description of anyone getting to know the very core of themselves. Therefore, in your world, perfection has been used as a sort of hindrance, a too high a fence that no one has felt capable of scaling, and therefore it has left so many of you feeling worthless or not good enough. Well, let us just say that there is no fence, as you are indeed already perfect just as you really are, but for so many, that road to self discovery has been and is still fraught with too many self-imposed hurdles, and therefore this training ground has indeed been more challenging than it was orginally intended.

You see, everyone comes to this place to learn to live a life filled with challenges in order to make themselves even more impressed by what they really have inside. But due to the circumstances put upon your world from the intervention of entities with a far more selfish approach, you have been literally inundated with restrictions set up just to hinder that road to self discovery. Hence, the feeling of shortcoming and in many ways total powerlessness that has allowed mankind to be held capture by these bandits, more set on self gain than allowing the true evolvement of human capital if we may use such a word.

You see, you all came to this place in order to rediscover yourselves, by living so-called ordinary human lives time after time and going through a plethora of human experiences at every end of the scale. This place is a place for experiencing so many things that are non-existent elsewhere in the multiverse, and therefore you have all been ground like a grain of sand trapped inside a shell. All set up to make you the shining pearls of perfection on the outside that you truly are on the inside, but as you well know, this learning curve was abruptly halted by those who took an interest in this planet and used it as a refuge for their own dirty little game. Well, their game is up, and the time for returning to the old way of developing has come. Not as in going back, but as in going forwards, and in allowing the true you to rise to the surface. And this time, the process has been sped up, as it is indeed time to allow the first humans ever to cross over that threshold of finally revealing the answer to the question that has been lingering there since the first dawn of humans. ”Who am I really? What is the true potential in me, and how can I use it to the best advantage for all?”

You see, once that fear has lost its vice like grip on you, these truths will indeed become self-evident to you all, and then you can finally say ”I have mastered the art of self discovery, and I have completed the journey towards myself.” And what you will find, is magic indeed, as it will open up the floodgates and let in all that has been hidden away from you from the first moment you entered into the state of inhabiting a human body. You will no longer look upon yourselves and see shortcomings, you will look upon yourselves and see perfection, and you will see perfection in every flaw that you carry, both on the inside and on the outside, because you will realize that ”flaws” are only marks of perfection, as it is nothing negative at all, only a way to make an individual out of each and every one of you. You are not exact replicas of one and another, you are all perfect images of YOU, and there is no one in the whole of creation that is like you at all. So rejoice dear ones, as you are finally getting close to that final dawn when you will realize that you have nothing more to learn and nothing more to achieve, as you are indeed perfect in your own image.

That does not mean that there will be no more work, however, as you will be called upon to use your newfound skills in so many ways, but rest assured that you will do so with joy in your heart. Because then you will not be holding yourselves back by thinking that you are falling short of the mark in any way, and then you can free all of the energy you have been holding back by doubting yourselves, and this energy alone is enough to fuel a whole revolution in your world. You cannot see it clearly yet, but this misspent energy is such a strong force, and it has been used to literally cripple the whole of humanity. You have been told in no uncertain terms that you must never cease to feel imperfect in every field of life, and if you take some time to consider this, you might get a notion of how much energy will be liberated once you cast aside any such notions of low self-esteem. So be prepared to be amazed once you start to tap into this forcefield of self pride and self-esteem, it is literally without end as you have all you need and more to feel literally on top of the world.

Remember, you are made from the same stuff as stars, so you are stars, shining ever so much more brightly than those ”stars” you see paraded in front of you in your media, surrounded by glitter and fanfare. Soon the fanfares will call out from every little corner of your world, as so many of you finally realizes his or her true potential. It will be a day to remember dear ones, as the walls of imagined ineptitude come crashing down, never to be re-erected again. Then, no outside force can ever again dim your light, and you will see just how blindingly bright you all shine. It is enough to brighten up not only your world, but All of creation, as once you let go of this yoke that has been holding you down, you will lift us all up to the higher spheres.

As we have discussed earlier, now the time for acceleration has come. Many of you have already felt this very strongly in your physical body, and we can agree with those of you attesting to the fact that this can not in any way be likened to anything you have experienced before. And rightly so, as this quickening of the pulse is something that will have many manifestations, not only in your physical body, but also in everything you have around you. And we refer both to the seen and the unseen realms here, as this magnificent new tune as it were, is playing out in all the harmonics, and therefore it touches to the core of everything. At first, not much will be apparent of all of this, but after a while, everything will become attuned, or rather entrained, and as such, much will start to work, or sing, together. This will have many, many beneficial effects, but remember that some things may look less beneficial than what they really are.

Let us explain. You might not be aware that different frequencies can work together in different ways. Some are very compatible, whilst others seem to be very disruptive, and when you bring them together, disharmony ensues, and the result can be very dramatic. It is like the collision of different wavelengths, much like the chaotic pattern that appears whenever waves of different sizes meet in the ocean. A slow, steady rhythm will be disrupted by a crossing pattern of faster and shorter waves, and then everything will be thrown out of sync until it merges into a harmonious pattern yet again. So too will it be like on your planet in this upcoming period.

Not only you, but all that exists here, indeed the planet herself, have been undulating to their own steady rhythm for eons, but now, thanks to these new, incoming and ”disruptive” energies, this pattern will be broken, and a period of chaos will erupt before everything settles into the new –  and may we just say healthier – pattern for you all. You have alrady felt the effects from this on your body as we mentioned earlier, and it will in may ways be a somewhat confusing and mayhaps unsettling feeling. This will also affect your emotional body, as everything is so closely linked you cannot separate one process from the other. Therefore, you will in many ways feel like you are floundering in the crosscurrent of intersecting waves at the moment, and it will be like you are being tossed and turned about without any seeming forward motion. Just like flotsamt bobbing about in the wake of passing crafts, you will be feeling like you are being tossed around with no sense of direction, and this will indeed be very unsettling to most of you. Just remember dear ones, even if you cannot feel any sense of direction at the moment, there is a strong surge of current pushing you in the right direction, and soon, you will all be able to feel this slow and steady push onwards and forwards.

So do not lose faith in yourself or this process, and keep in mind the fact that you are only being swept up in this maelstrom of cross currents, and that it is in fact the best place to be. After all, you all want change, and this feeling of discombobulation is a clear signal that change is not only imminent, it is already starting to take place.

And if you feel more than a little bit unsettled by this process, do not forget that the rest of the world will be reeling even more by the impact of these new powerful waves, pushing against that old and staid rhythm you have all been so mesmerized by as to almost fall asleep at the wheel. As we stated earlier, the time has come to switch off the auto pilot and take a firm grip on the steering wheel. Otherwise, you might get more than a little bit floundered by the effects of these great waves of energy that will literally blast their way through the wall of unchanging swell that has been pushing you all in the wrong direction for such a long time. And just as hardened sailors, trust that your vessel is more than capable of weathering out any storm that comes in your way, so long as you do not lose your head and do silly things like falling into fear. Then, you might be tempted to try to outrun the storm and keep doggedly going in the same direction as before. That would not be advisable, as your vessel will be far more adept it if can be allowed to ride out the storm by bowing to the wind instead of trying to fight against it. That way, you will be spared the risk of capsizing, and when the skies finally clear again, you will see that although you might have suffered a small tear in the rigging, you will still be able to complete the journey.

The situation will be different indeed for those literally turning a blind eye to the storm, refusing to give any leeway to the thought that a change of course might be more prudent. They will literally be blown out of the water, as their vessel is not sturdy enough by far to outmaneuver these winds of change. So batten down the hatches dear ones, you are about to witness the biggest waves ever hitting your shores. You are made of strong stuff, and you are smart enough to know that keepimg up with the old guard and disregarding the signals coming in will only spell disaster. You will all manage to keep afloat, at least as long as you do not let any of the old drag you down. You have already jettisoned sufficient amounts of unnecessary cargo so you will be well equipped to keep a well balanced buoyancy in these churning waters. Others will not be as lucky, as they have stocked their vessel with too much plundered goods. Well, let us just say that they will certainly pay a hefty price for their riches, and the more greedy they have been, the faster their topheavy ships will be sunk by the onslaugth of these stormheavy seas.

Do not fear the winds of change dear ones, even if they might make a mighty roar when they come crashing in. You will not be caught unawares as so many others, and we think you will all give out shouts of joy when you feel the first gusts of wind whipping in your face.

Today we would like to delve a bit further into the ongoing changes. Although they on the surface may not be as visible as some of you wish, rest assured that this world has indeed taken a giant leap towards a new tomorrow. Let us explain. These last days have seen a heightened activity in the influx of energy being beamed onto your planet, and we wager that for most of you, this has taken the shape of additional physical symptoms such as bodily pains, distrupted sleeping patterns and mayhaps a heightened feeling of urge, like you cannot just sit down and relax no matter how tired your body feels. And just like you, the rest of this planet has become almost compelled to keep moving. Nothing can be allowed to rest passive and inert now, as the time for shaking loose in more ways than one has arrived.

For many, this may show itself in an urgency to shift things around, either in a physical sense like moving furniture around and rearranging you surroundings, by doing extra exercises such as running or other strenuous activites, or by breaking up old patterns such as the place you reside, changing your work or maybe even your partner. You see, everything is being pushed about so much more now that these new energies have come in and stated their presence, and as such, nothing will be left untouched by these ”interrupters”, if we may use such a word. So if you take some time to ponder this, you might be better able to see the consequences of this, not only in your life, but also in the world around you.

Remember, this means that you can not any longer take anything for granted, so do not be surprised if something strange and unexpected should happen. Because believe us, it will. Everything is under scrutiny now, as all of the old contracts have been declared null and void. So take a good look around you, because what you see around you today may not be the same that you see around you tomorrow, and we mean that both on the personal plane but also on the global one. No one will be allowed to just keep going in the same old rut, and people will be pushed about in all sorts of directions.

This will have many interesting consequences of course, as there is nothing that man fears more than having to change anything in their lives, whether they are an elected politician, a surgeon or a regular citizen just going about their daily lives. But now, everyone will be facing changes in their lives, whether they are big or small, they will be a constant companion to you all in this upcoming period. Again, you cannot take anything for granted any more, and you can no longer navigate by using your auto pilot as it were. In other words, everything you have in your life will be taken up for review, and you will find yourselves navigating in a much more meticulous manner from now on. You simply can not just do it on reflex as before, as that option is no longer available. Not to you, nor to any other, so be prepared to see some interesting about-faces in the time ahead, as now the steering wheel needs to be gripped firmly by you all in order to assert control in every aspect in your life. No more just sailing along in the same old rut. It is time for everyone to wake up and see where they are going, as going blindly ahead is no longer allowed.

As the times rolls by, everything is starting to gather more and more momentum, and this can in many ways be likened to the start of an avalanche. Small and inconspicuous at first, but soon, it starts to grow both in size and speed, and after a short while, it cannot be stopped. Anything down hill will be smashed to smithereens if it happens to be standing in the path of this unstoppable force, so too with this in many ways cataclysmic change you are about to witness taking place on your planet. Again, we do not use the word cataclysmic to necessarily refer to a showstopping event of stupendous proportions, rather to the unmistakable fact that to those still set on keeping up status quo, all changes will seem to be some sort of catastrophe in their books, and the sort of change we refer to here, cannot be anything short of cataclysmic to them.

You see, their world is about to come to an abrupt stop, in other words, their world built upon subjugation of others in order to favour a few cannot sustain the onslaught of the forces that have been set loose upon your planet. As of now, nothing can hold back this great sweep of change that is rolling towards your shores, and even if these self-proclaimed powers that be in your world still try to maintain business as usual, they cannot hide the fact that something is amiss and that their whole system is verging on collapse. They are running to and fro, holding meeting after meeting, trying in vain to shore up not only your confidence in their abilities to rule, but their own too. You see, doubt has started to creep into the minds of these mighty men and women too, as they all have a heart that has been quietly whispering their secrets to them. Many of them have managed to silence that voice for good, but there are some of these seemingly hardened men and women who cannot ignore this insistent voice inside, and when they do hear, fear will creep into their minds because they see that the road they have been pursuing for their whole life literally leads them to ruin

So what will they do, these men and women of power, when they start to understand that their power is only based on fear, and now that fear will indeed creep up on them and invade them. Will they give in to this fear and lash out, or will they instead choose to see the reason of that other voice they carry inside? The voice of reason, or the voice of love, the only voice that can give them the advice they should go by. Time will tell, as the avalanche is gathering momentum as we speak. But, as we have already stated, prepare to be surprised dear ones, as you might get some unexpected behaviour from some very unexpected people in very diverse positions. So do not take anything for granted, that is also an advice that bears repeating at times like these. Even if you might have your heart set on a certain outcome, we still have some surprises up our sleeve, so the help might come in a very unusal form and from a very unusual quarter, but rest asssured that it will be a very welcome and indeed effective help when it arrives.

That is all we have for you this morning dear souls. We are aware that you are having a rather hard time assimiliating this new frequency, so let your body lead to and give it what it needs in order to help it to recuperate after this heavy insertion. Rest well and play well as they say. You have earned every little respite that comes your way, so best take advantage to give yourself a little breather whilst you can.

Let us begin this missive by commending you all for a job well done. You have no idea how important the events you have just been through were, but we wager that for many of you, today will seem to be a brand new day in more ways than one. You see, this last tuning have installed a new frequency in you all, and you are now playing a very different tune from the one you were able to produce only yesterday. So cudos to you all, you have indeed successfully installed a whole new ”driver”, if we could use a word you might be familiar with from your computer world. You see, now the old system that used to govern all aspects of not only you, but the world around you, have been overwritten, or rather, erased, and as such you have finally garnered the freedom you have been waiting for.

As usual, on the outside, much will look the same, but on the inside, everything will feel so much lighter, and we mean that in every aspect of the word. And as usual, your physical body might have a hard time adapting to this new frequency, but very soon, that too will fall into step with the rest of your being, and you will feel just how much lighter you have become. At the same time, you will feel so much more substantial, as the strength that has been buried deep inside of you now finally can rise to the surface yet again, and you will be able to face the real you after such a long separation. This may introduce itself to you in many different ways, but we think you will all have some sort of interesting ”conversation” with your inner self in the days ahead.

That is all we have for you today, dear ones. Take some time to thank yourselves for the hard work you have just accomplished, and know that you have not only managed to liberate yourselves, but also your beautiful planet. Even if your eyes cannot yet see the full scope of the effect this new frequency will have on you all, rest assured that the time for mismanagement and fear has now been relegated to the past.

Let us just begin this missive by saying that these next few days will be important indeed, not only for you personally, but also for the rest of the world. We think we can say that the changes that will be brought about now, will be regarded as amongst the most important ever created on your little planet. Let us explain. Up until now, you have all painstakingly been building up yourselves from the shattered persona you once was. In other words, you have taken upon yourselves to rectify the wrong being done not just to you, but to the rest of humanity by obscuring yourselves from the very truth of your being. Or in other words, making you forget the glory of your origin and reducing you mere whispers of what you once was. You have taken away all of these limitations put upon you, and you have seen to it that the tarnish has been polished off, and you can once again shine with the splendor you all possess as your true birth right. Now the time has come to start showing the rest of the world this truth, and you will be helped in this by outside intervention as it were.

Once again, we will not give you any specific details as to what will happen or the exact timing thereof, suffice to say it will be a major undertaking that will have the rest of humanity sitting up in their chairs. You see, now the time has come to lift the veil just a little bit more in order to make even the blindest amongst your fellow men start to tap into the source behind it all. In  other words, many will have a hard time adjusting to the fact that there might be more than one truth out there, as the one you have started to become more comfortable with, will also start to knock on the door of those who have so far refused to listen to the beckoning call from their own well hidden source of information.

You will in many ways become transparent, or in other words, those around you will be made to look closer at what is going on around them. Many will for the first time come to terms with the fact that this world is now existing on two different planes, and that an ever larger number of humanity has chosen to open the door into that parallel plane that up until now, the majority has not even taken into consideration. Well, let us just say that after this weekend, the number of people having to face the fact that the time has come to make a choice whether or not to continue in the same way as they have done for such a long time, will grow exponentially. The time has come to stir up the pot a little bit extra, and we think the fallout from this will be interesting indeed. So be prepared to be surprised sweet ones, we think you will see for yourselves that this planet is starting to change in so many ways it cannot any longer be ignored.

I guess you have all felt the increase in energy these last few days, and I cannot shake the feeling that something big is coming our way. The energies have shifted so much, and there is a strong sense of urgency, almost impatience, in the air. My new “ground crew” is a good example of this. They are not a quiet and meek group, they have a way of making themselves heard, and they do not want to waste any time in getting it done. In other words, I think we are in for a lot of action in the days ahead. Many of you are probably aware that we have a solar eclipse coming up this weekend. It is called the “Ring of fire” eclipse because it covers that area, and there have been much talk about what this will do energetically. I think it will have a profound impact in many ways because of all the important areas it will touch along its path, and in addition the timing is interesting. I just found out that many of the world’s leaders will be assembled in the US this weekend during the eclipse. First off there is a G8 meeting in Camp David starting today, and after that there is a NATO summit in Chicago from May the 20. to the 21. Let us hope that these meetings – and all of these leaders – will be infused with some beneficial new energies!

Let us just start todays missive off by saying that we are indeed very proud of your accomplishments dear ones. You have managed to take it all in your stride, and we do applaud you for your never ending efforts. This is a mighty undertaking indeed, and even if you yourselves cannot yet see the end of it, we do, and that is a beautiful sight indeed. Yes, it is a sight, not a mere apparation, as in so many ways the end product is already manifest. You see, we operate on simultaneous timelines, therefore we can see what you can not. And what we see gives more than reason to rejoice. As some of you might be aware of, multiple timelines means multiple choices, and you have, by your actions, chosen well. You have chosen the brightest of them all, and that will be apparent to you all in a not too distant future. This might sound complicated, but for those of you with some knowledge of quantum theory, you know that you inhabit a world where every second, every decision you make send you off in a new direction. You are literally swimming in a sea of possibilities, and now, enough of you have made a conscious decision to choose at the lighter end of the scale to make that option feasible once more on your planet.

For a long time, humanity has chosen the darker end of the spectrum, hence the fear based civilization you have all created. But now, you have tipped the scale in favour of an alternative world view, and as this is what you have chosen in your hearts, this is what you will get. So, endless possiblities and endless choices have been narrowed into two: either to stay on in the version created by old minds, or stepping into the new one you have chosen for yourselves. You made a wise choice dear ones, and you will certainly more than reap the benefits from this.

As you have already ascertained, this choice did not come lightly, and it will not manifest all by itself. No, it is by your actions alone that it will come true, and believe us, it will. Not for you to continue living in your dreams only, those dreams are now well on their way to become reality for all those who have chosen to step into the light. Not long to wait now, so rest assured that even if your patience is starting to wear thin, it will be able to endure the remainder of this creational process. We think you will find yourselves eagerly awaiting the next step, as this will indeed be bringing it all so much closer to home in more ways than one. Take a deep breath, and release some of the tension this watching and waiting has created, maybe it will help you see  some of your creations up close already.

As of today, many of you will be assigned new levels of interaction. Let us explain. For a very long time now, you have been followed very closely by a whole host of benevolent  beings, all set up to make this journey of yours as little complicated as possible. That may sound like an overstatement, as ”uncomplicated” is mayhaps not the first word that comes to mind regarding this process. However, let us just say that this labyrinth would have been an even more complicated maze to navigate did you not have the assistance of this ground crew, or rather, esoteric crew, to keep you going ahead despite all of the hardships you have had to endure this far. But now, as you have all risen to a new level of vibration, this ”ground crew” has been replaced by a whole new one. They will accompany you on the next stretch of this journey, and we invite you all to connect with them in any way you can, and trust that you are indeed in good hands, even if they might seem a little bit unfamiliar to you at first. You see, they all know you intimately from before, as they have been following you from afar whilst others have kept up daily contact with you, so they know you literally to the very core of your being, and they will be well equipped to help you handle all of your needs from now on.

We hope this will be of reassurance to all of those still feeling a little bit lost on the way, and also that it will feel encouraging to those still set on ”going alone” as it were.  To some of you, this may sound condescending, but it is anything but. You are indeed sovereign beings, and you choose your path ahead voluntarily, but even if you do not choose to connect in any way with your helpers to call them that, they are still there in the background doing what they do best. In other words, you are still carrying the heaviest load yourselves, but we are picking up all the loose ends in any way we can, and we are indeed at your beck and call if you should need any additonal assistance. Remember, you have to ask for it as always, as we cannot force your hand in any way. Still, we will not leave you hanging as it were, and even if you choose the solitary travel, we surround you on all sides ready to lend a hand should you want one.