I guess you have all felt the increase in energy these last few days, and I cannot shake the feeling that something big is coming our way. The energies have shifted so much, and there is a strong sense of urgency, almost impatience, in the air. My new “ground crew” is a good example of this. They are not a quiet and meek group, they have a way of making themselves heard, and they do not want to waste any time in getting it done. In other words, I think we are in for a lot of action in the days ahead. Many of you are probably aware that we have a solar eclipse coming up this weekend. It is called the “Ring of fire” eclipse because it covers that area, and there have been much talk about what this will do energetically. I think it will have a profound impact in many ways because of all the important areas it will touch along its path, and in addition the timing is interesting. I just found out that many of the world’s leaders will be assembled in the US this weekend during the eclipse. First off there is a G8 meeting in Camp David starting today, and after that there is a NATO summit in Chicago from May the 20. to the 21. Let us hope that these meetings – and all of these leaders – will be infused with some beneficial new energies!