The manuscript of survival – part 142

As the times rolls by, everything is starting to gather more and more momentum, and this can in many ways be likened to the start of an avalanche. Small and inconspicuous at first, but soon, it starts to grow both in size and speed, and after a short while, it cannot be stopped. Anything down hill will be smashed to smithereens if it happens to be standing in the path of this unstoppable force, so too with this in many ways cataclysmic change you are about to witness taking place on your planet. Again, we do not use the word cataclysmic to necessarily refer to a showstopping event of stupendous proportions, rather to the unmistakable fact that to those still set on keeping up status quo, all changes will seem to be some sort of catastrophe in their books, and the sort of change we refer to here, cannot be anything short of cataclysmic to them.

You see, their world is about to come to an abrupt stop, in other words, their world built upon subjugation of others in order to favour a few cannot sustain the onslaught of the forces that have been set loose upon your planet. As of now, nothing can hold back this great sweep of change that is rolling towards your shores, and even if these self-proclaimed powers that be in your world still try to maintain business as usual, they cannot hide the fact that something is amiss and that their whole system is verging on collapse. They are running to and fro, holding meeting after meeting, trying in vain to shore up not only your confidence in their abilities to rule, but their own too. You see, doubt has started to creep into the minds of these mighty men and women too, as they all have a heart that has been quietly whispering their secrets to them. Many of them have managed to silence that voice for good, but there are some of these seemingly hardened men and women who cannot ignore this insistent voice inside, and when they do hear, fear will creep into their minds because they see that the road they have been pursuing for their whole life literally leads them to ruin

So what will they do, these men and women of power, when they start to understand that their power is only based on fear, and now that fear will indeed creep up on them and invade them. Will they give in to this fear and lash out, or will they instead choose to see the reason of that other voice they carry inside? The voice of reason, or the voice of love, the only voice that can give them the advice they should go by. Time will tell, as the avalanche is gathering momentum as we speak. But, as we have already stated, prepare to be surprised dear ones, as you might get some unexpected behaviour from some very unexpected people in very diverse positions. So do not take anything for granted, that is also an advice that bears repeating at times like these. Even if you might have your heart set on a certain outcome, we still have some surprises up our sleeve, so the help might come in a very unusal form and from a very unusual quarter, but rest asssured that it will be a very welcome and indeed effective help when it arrives.

That is all we have for you this morning dear souls. We are aware that you are having a rather hard time assimiliating this new frequency, so let your body lead to and give it what it needs in order to help it to recuperate after this heavy insertion. Rest well and play well as they say. You have earned every little respite that comes your way, so best take advantage to give yourself a little breather whilst you can.

10 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 142

  1. Yup…the energies are electrifying with feelings of nervous system overload (tired, but difficulty sleeping – anxienty – short fuse – frustration – lack of patience – unalert – cold then hot – joint pain – spacelessness – disconnected….shall I go on ?) that’s why I have said before & still firmly believe that is more important than ever before to find your happy place within the deep rooted connection with Mother-Earth ! She is our most important solice & remedy right now ! No matter how overloaded I feel, spending time in my gardens vigorously working, planting, planning, photographing or just transporting my mind to this tranquil place visually taking it All in is extemely therapeutic !…just holding the richness of the soil, placing the palm of my hand on the trees, touching the soft satin flower petals…it All is a harmonious exchange of energy that we need right now to soften the flow & Mother Earth is happy to respond…it’s what she longs for…always has ! BE WELL my friends !~

  2. Feeling the same symptoms as you Aisha..with teeth, etc. Thank you and bless you for these messages to know I am not alone.. Love and appreciate you so much, dear sister, Love, J.

  3. It’s very tiring currently, but the tectonic plates are clearly shifting, so hang on in there!

  4. Been hit hard by latest energies. Horizontal and hibernating since sat. With only very few random pockets of reprieve. Anyone else out there been feeling the same?

    1. Same here. Feeling like I am coming down with the flu, recurring pain in teeth/jaw/joints and a severe headache. Sleep is scarce, I wake up at least 5-6 times every night and I get so warm it feels like I have huge furnace inside. The only thing that helps, is being out in nature and literally digging the dirt in my vegetable plot. Grounding is more important than ever!
      Love, Aisha

  5. The reign of tyranny is coming to an end and sweet liberty & equality is at hand! For all things I am grateful. My love to you All. PEACE.

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