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Beloved family of light! My sister and I have just been through such a powerful experience, I have asked her to help me to share it with you. For this morning, my sister asked me to come and look at something she had been guided to connect with, and it was about Tintagel on the West Coast of England. I felt tingles all over my body and I told her “this must be so important, for there has been a lot of talk about King Arthur and Merlin at the Pond the last couple of weeks”. She was not aware of this, because she very rarely read anything that is posted here, not even the messages that I channel. After I had read through the link she showed me, I said to her that I felt we should sit down and meditate together. She agreed, and we both felt guided to prepare by taking the time to light incense and read a prayer to Mother Nature and using my Tibetan singing bowl to mark the occasion. We also brought in three feathers that we have been gifted over the last two years, an owl’s feather and an eagle’s feather from the area around Lake Gjende and a hawk’s feather we found during our week in Crete. We also brought the two pieces of yellow quartz we found at Lake Bygdin this summer, one for each of us.

This is what my sister has to share about this:

When I woke up this morning, I felt the need to connect with my yellow quartz from Lake Bygdin. Immediately, I got an image of the pyramids of Giza, and I felt I was standing in Tara’s photo. I could feel the desert winds blowing in my hair.

I then got the image of the energetic pyramid of the Bygdin/Gjende-area, and I thought – maybe I should connect with more pyramids? The word Tintagel entered my head. Tintagel?? I asked. I knew about the name, that it was a place in Cornwall, but nothing about it. Don’t you mean Glastonbury, I asked. But the name Tintagel persisted. So I “saw” the energetic pyramids of these three places, Egypt was very much in the middle, Lake Bygdin/Gjende-area on my left, and Tintagel on the right. I saw two interconnected pyramids in each place, like the Merkaba, with one pyramid on top of the other, but with their points touching. These pyramids started spinning, pulling all the energies into the Egypt-pyramid, pulling in all the dense energies but also the light energies. Then I fell asleep.

Waking up again, I had to get up and google Tintagel + Spiritual. To my amazement, I found out that this place is deeply connected to Merlin and Arthur. I felt a deep connection to the place, looking at the photos of the rugged coast and the waves crashing in. I found a very interesting article about a spiritual experience someone had here. I told my sister about my experience and showed her the articles. She suggested we sit down to meditate, and I felt guided to hold my hawk feather from Crete in my left hand and my yellow quarts from Lake Bygdin in my right.

Immediately, I got an image of myself standing on the Tintagel island, with winds blowing in my long hair and long robe. I was facing the ocean and holding Merlin’s sword in my hands up to the skies. The sword was golden, the sword of Absolute truth. I was guided to plunge it deeply into the cliff – and this time it shall stay there, not be pulled up by anyone.

There were lighting bolts coming down from the sky through the sword and into the ground. I could see not just Tintagel, but the British Isles from above. They were black and the lighting spread out all over, like a network of golden fissures, or like veins of golden blood reaching out everywhere.

“We are cleansing these isles of their dark and dense energies, from their wars and strife,” I sensed. We are purifying the history, like panning gold, we are washing the grit and soil from the golden nuggets of ancient wisdom. I could feel this purification going on, and I got the image of the British Isles from above again, this time it was like the Northern light – or a shower of Gold light emitting from the isles and up into the sky.

At this point, I could feel the feather slipping in my fingers. But I wasn’t dropping it, it was leaning over to the right, and touching the quarts from Lake Bygdin.

So – am I supposed to create a connection from Tintagel to the Lake Bygdin/Gjende-area? As this thought formed in my mind, the word BRIDGE appeared. I sensed a golden tunnel, looking like the tale of a dragon, shooting forth from Tintagel to the source in the mountains where we had the water collecting ceremony this summer.

This connection brought the pure, blessed waters from the Norwegian mountains to Tintagel, accelerating the cleansing process of the British Isles. And then I was reminded of the fact that my hawk feather was from Crete. I could now see how a connection, an energetic bridge was formed, connecting Tintagel to the pyramid mountain on Crete, and from here to the source in Norway. I started working on the energetic circulation, with the words “We are love, we are loved, we are loving” going counter clockwise from the purity of the mountains, to the Blessed Isles to Crete. I feel we have now established a strong purification process and connection between these three points. The dense energies are being cleansed and all the old and sacred knowledge is being shared and spread at the same time.

And so it is.
I am Afathon – the wayshower.

This is how I experienced this: When I connected to the energies, I could feel this powerful spiraling motion going through me and I saw myself standing out on the rocky promontory of Tintagel, wind whipping through my long, dark hair. Then, I could feel the energies starting to move more straight down through me, and I felt myself becoming taller and straighter, like a needle or a hollow reed, and I knew my task was to simply channel these energies down into the Earth. Powerful emotions came up and washed through me, and I struggled to stay still, but I knew that this was not from me, it was something that was coming up to be released from the collective. Suddenly I heard the words “dialysis”, and “the blood of the land” and I just knew that I was a part of something that literally cleansed this part of the world by allowing the light to come in and remove the impurities that had been embedded there for so long.

This continued for a while, and then I heard the words “the love of the land” and it was like the piece of yellow quartz from the Norwegian mountains that I was holding in my hands started to pulse and becoming warmer and warmer, and I was instantly transported to Lake Gjende. Then, I heard the words “the lady of the lake” and I saw the huge piece of clear quartz that I had deposited there in the summer of 2013, and I could hear the words “purified”. I saw myself lifting this crystal clear “dagger” of light up from the lake and up towards heaven, but then, I suddenly knew that I was supposed to plunge that “dagger of light” straight down into the ground, and that is what I did. I could see the dark ground starting to splinter where the crystal was embedded, and through the cracks a bright, white light appeared, spreading outwards, and I could see how this light started to pulse and I knew it was literally the new, purified life blood of Mother Earth starting to flow. I saw myself straightening up again, and from my hands I released a huge eagle, and it flew up to the skies above the snow clad mountains around Lake Gjende. Then, I turned into that eagle, and I could feel myself soaring upwards on the winds, floating over that beautiful landscape and it was such a powerful sense of weightlessness and of total freedom 🙂

With eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

Dear brothers and sisters of the light!

During that amazing week in Crete, I was fortunate enough to see some of you literally stepping into your divine powers in front of my very eyes, and it was such a wonderful thing to be allowed to witness. Over these last few days, you have been joined by so many others here at the Pond, and to those of you who have been waiting – seemingly forever – for us to catch up with you: thank you for blazing a trail and holding the space so the journey could be a little bit easier for us all.

I just wanted to share a little bit more about the ceremony we did at the sacred spring close to the Church of the Five Virgins last Thursday, for there, we met a man who made such a huge impression on us all. The spring is in a beautiful place, and it is guarded over by a huge, ancient tree that is also considered as sacred, for it was at one time split in two by lightning, but both parts lived on and now they form what looks like a portal where the pathway enters the area in front of the spring.

It is a popular place to visit, but while our group was there and we performed our ceremony, it was quiet and peaceful. As I mentioned in my previous message, I had brought with me some water and a small piece of quartz from the area in the Norwegian mountains that my sister and I have been drawn back to again and again to do ceremonies there, for I knew that all the work we had done previously was actually leading up to this moment. I had also brought with me two prayers, one to open the sacred space and also the beautiful Maori Water Prayer that I have shared here earlier. My sister was standing in the middle holding the water bottle, and the others were sitting around in a large circle. Just as I was about to begin reading the first prayer, I suddenly saw a man coming up towards us out from the forest on the path that led to the tree portal. He had long flowing, curly grey hair and a beard, he was dressed in green, and he carried what looked like a shepherd’s stick and he just looked like a god of the forest who had come to join our ceremony. The moment I laid eyes on him, I just knew that his presence at that ceremony was not by accident, and in this, I was proven right.

For he entered our circle and sat down and told us a little bit about himself. His name is Thomas I. Venakis, he has a PhD in Chemistry, he is retired now but for 17 years he had hiked this path every day on his way to his job as a teacher in a small village nearby. His ancestors had lived in this area for many, many generations, and he told us that his mother had given birth to him in one of the caves that was next to the spring. He was passionate about preserving the ancient culture of Crete, especially the traditional music, and his love for Mother Nature was so immense, it was literally like the soul of Crete and Father Earth in one single person had joined us in that circle.

After I had recited the two prayers, I could hear him humming softly, so I asked him if he would like to add his voice to the ceremony, and he did, by singing the most beautiful ancient hymn I think I have ever heard in his powerful voice. It was as if we could feel the very vibration of this ancient land in his voice, and I know I was not the only one crying with pure joy and love as we all listened to him singing for us, for Mother Nature and for the sacred spirits that surrounded us.

When I had finished the ceremony by pouring the water I had brought with me into the source and by placing the white quartz inside it too, we all stood in a circle holding hands. Thomas poured some of his herb tea in a small cup, it was made with wild herbs he had picked himself, and this cup was passed from person to person in the circle, each taking one small sip. When the circle was completed, Thomas filled the cup again and we sent it one more time around the circle in the opposite direction. I suddenly realised that we were all literally drinking in the very essence of this land, suspended in water that had been blessed during this ceremony, and it made it all come together in such a simple and yet profound way.

As we stood there, a young French family came down to the spring, and their oldest son came straight over to our circle. He peered at us from behind the legs on one of us, and soon, he entered confidently into the very center of the circle with this huge smile on his face. His eyes were lit up frown within by such an amazing light, and as one of the others said “look, that is the New World standing here amongst us.” Soon, his mother joined him in the circle, carrying an infant in her arms, while her husband walked around that sacred tree. I looked at this joy-filled family and I looked at Thomas and I just knew that they were all the true embodiment of the New World. This little family just WAS the light, while Thomas was the representative of all of the ancient cultures and knowledge that this land has accumulated over the centuries, the “hidden treasures” The CCs have talked about that now will come out into the open again.

After we had finished, Thomas invited us all back to his house, and there, he gave us a taste of the bounty of the land. For he had everything there from his own garden, fruits, vegetables, flowers and seeds, herbs for tea and home made raki with honey and thyme, and his generosity knew no bounds. He WAS the New World, one that has been waiting for this very moment to arrive, for in us, he has found others who can help his message to come out into the world. Both the treasure trove of Cretan music that he has kept alive, but also his knowledge about old varieties of different vegetables and fruits that others have forgotten about. In addition, he is also a trained scientist that has such a deep connection to Mother Earth, I am certain that he will in one way or the other play an important part in bringing together the old and the new, the science and the spirituality, across borders and across age groups. And he is just one of the many, many enlightened souls out there, all of them getting ready to do what we all will be called to do: to step fully into our powers and start to come together to share our knowledge and our passions, so that we together can build the New World. And as my sister pointed out, his name was just perfect, for he was not the “doubting Thomas” in the Bible, he was the Thomas that cleared away any doubt any of us might have had about the sacred importance of this ceremony. For he told us that he had been alone home that day with no plans when he just felt the urge to walk up to that sacred spot, and his arrival in our circle could not have been more divinely timed.

It was the perfect ending to what had been a week of countless group meditations and ceremonies, all building upon the next, culminating in this blessing and activation of the waters in that sacred spring. And when the rain and the wind and the lightning started in full the next day and lasted for hours and hours, we could all feel the powerful purification and activation that was taking place, and I had a vision of the water pouring out from that sacred spring ever faster, ever stronger, flowing over the land and down into the sea, carrying with it this message of renewal and rebirth, just like in the wonderful little song Ingrid had us all sing at the end of the ceremony. Thank you to everyone present there for helping to make that into such a magical experience, and thank you to everyone else for “entraining” your energies with us in such a way, it did literally feel as if you were all present as well.

With eternal gratitude from me, Aisha

photo 4

photo 1

Thank you to Tara and CosmicBear for the photos!

You can read more about Thomas and listen to his music  here:

Beloved family of light!

Mere words are not enough to convey the huge transformation that has taken place over this last week, both on a personal and a collective level, for I think it is beyond anything any of us have the vocabulary to describe. My gratitude goes out to Philip, Sue, Ingrid, Murray, Heather, Ildiko, Claudia and all the other amazing people I met during my journey to Crete. Without you, this would not be, and so I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for making this possible. And to Lin, JJ, Nancee, Adele, Bronnie and Lidia – your light will always shine in my heart.

Just the sheer joy of being able to meet face to face so many of the wonderful shining souls that I have come to know and to love through this Pond was enough to make my heart sing. For then, I was finally able to truly allow myself to finally know that WE are real, THIS is real. But as the week started to unfold and we went through a succession of meditations and ceremonies that were all above and beyond the most powerful ones I have ever taken part in, I started to realize that we had gathered there to do work of such a magnitude, it would change this world forever.

On October 14, the week before I left for Crete, I received a message from The constant companions. But this time, I was told not to publish it immediately as I am normally instructed to do, but to print out one copy of it and bring it with me on my journey. I knew I would be closely guided as to when and where I was to share it, and the time to do so came last Tuesday. A group of us had just completed an unimaginably powerful ceremony in an ancient place called Aptera, and afterwards we all met up with others who had come to the Orizon Center to take part in a gathering where my sister and I for the first time talked publicly about the work we are doing. This message was not just for the people in that room, but for all, and so here it is:

“I am here, do you have a message for us on this upcoming trip? We certainly do, dear lady and we are indeed delighted that you took the time to reach out to us in this manner.

You see, there are a lot of intricately interwoven details that will come into being because of this journey, and not just for you, but also for everyone connected to this endeavour, which is a great many indeed. Some will be there with you in person, while others will entrain their energies with you in such a way, it will literally feel as if they are present as well.

Let us explain. As you have already become aware of, this little trip is no little jaunt undertaken simply for recreational purposes, far from it. Rather, it is an important pin in this whole amazing construction that you have been so busy putting together over the last three years, and as such, you really stand at a crossroad now. For what you have accomplished so far is nothing compared to what will come out of this get together that even if it may seem to be small in scale, at least seen from a local perspective, it is indeed a major feat that will serve the whole region and beyond. For it is not by chance that you will be joined by persons living literally on opposite sides of your globe, nor is it by chance that people have been sent to other far flung places coinciding with your endeavours in Crete. And it is not by accident that others have felt a strong call to participate, but have since been held back from actually travelling to the same spot as the rest of you.

You see, this is to all intents and purposes a true collective effort, one that involves a multitude of people, literally scattered all over the globe, and it is also one that will benefit an even larger host of people, and they too are scattered all over your globe. For what you will take part in, will serve to sever some old ties that run deep in the psyche of mankind, and as you set your intention to come together in a way that far surpasses the actual program for the day, you will also set into motion actions that in turn will serve all of mankind. Yes, we know these words may seem rather boastful, but remember we speak of things that will be held away from your gaze but not from ours. For we can see the full scope of this project, and it is far, far bigger than a small scattering of people coming together in one little room.

For this encompasses forces far and wide, forces that have been waiting for just this moment to finally come into the open and show themselves in all of their splendor. For you will all be unleashing a huge amount of light that has been stored in safekeeping, waiting for just this moment to come into being. So know that your actions are closely guided, and no matter how you perceive these events as they unfold, know that you will once again only be able to take in a small amount of it by way of your human receptors. But we also know that for many of you, it will be such an overwhelming sensation of oneness and connectedness, and you will all in some way get a small taste of the true magnitude of the experience you have come to take part in. And with that, we can only say thank you again on behalf of All of creation, for you will be closely guided, but you will also be hailed as the true warriors of the light that you really are, ancient legends coming to life again in order to rectify what has been falsified, and so, we say go with your heads held high and your hearts wide open, and you will receive your share of the accolades from us all, and it will be a bountiful one indeed.

Thank you, that will  be all for now, we leave.”

As the events of the week started to unfold, I was given the image of a step pyramid to explain what it was that we were all doing:

Step 1: Laying the foundation
This took place on Sunday, during Philip’s SOL/IS workshop. Then, we did a sequence of 4 group session that helped us all as individuals to connect fully to Source, by “cleaning our pipes”, allowing the light to flow freely. At the same time, we connected and activated the collective energies that enabled us all as a group to receive the final keys that would unlock the doors that needed to be opened so we could access the New World. And this, we did.

Step 2: Severing the ties to the old
This took place on Tuesday, when we did a ceremony that collectively disconnected us from the old energies and resurrected the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine energies once more, and through that, signalled The End of the Old World.

Step 3: Completion
This took place on Thursday, when we did a series of ceremonies at The church of the Five Virgins where we united what has been separated by inviting home again all of those lost souls who have taken upon themselves to embody the most profound darkness in order to help us all to become the true Masters of Love. We did this by telling them that they – like us – are LOVE, they are LOVED and they are LOVING. The CCs referred to this as “putting the Golden Capstone in place on top of the Pyramid” and it signalled The Beginning of the New World.

To close it all off, we performed a ceremony at the sacred spring in the same area, during which I released the waters that my sister and I have been collecting from the spring and lakes in our beloved mountains, and by placing a piece of white quartz from those same mountains inside the spring to connect these two sacred places. And now, the water there has been activated and is sending out the same information I am sharing here, making it a part of the endless cycle of information that reaches out into every corner of this globe.

And the message this water is sending out, is this:
The New World is here, we have opened the doors and we are free to step out and into the warm, wonderful sunshine. We have given ourselves a pristine, blank canvas to create this New World on, and this time, the range of brilliant colours we have to choose from is truly infinite. But in order to be a part of this New, YOU must choose to say YES to it. It is a choice that every single one of you need to make, and it is something neither I, The constant companions nor anyone else can make for you.

All you need to do in order to be a part of this New World, is to love yourself 100%, and to step into your true powers and become the Creator Gods and Goddesses you truly are. It is not an easy choice to make, for it will change everything about you. For when you say hello to the New World, you also have to say goodbye to the old in every single way, even if it means stepping away from people that you love. For we are not allowed to linger at the door, waiting for them to become ready to join us.

For we have SO much work to do, for we are the ones that will co-create every single part of this New World, and we will all be kept busy doing the tasks we have come here to perform. And now, these tasks will being to manifest for us all. I have said YES to this, and so has my beloved twin sister. She is Afathon, the wayshower, and she is magnificent. She has stepped out into the light by my side this week, and in the time ahead, our tasks will bring us out across the globe, both in a physical, digital and energetic sense. We will work as a team, but also separately, and we will also do our work in other groups great and small.

Many of you have also stepped into your roles as true Gods and Goddesses, and to every one of you I say: welcome home! For this Pond is your home now, a place for us all to come together so that we in turn can go out into the world to DO and BE all that is needed in order to anchor these new energies and to manifest the New. And I can only say, get ready, for we will all be kept so busy we will have little time to come here to share stories. The first task we have been given as a group will take place this upcoming Sunday, November 2, when we will be asked to come together for the very first Gathering around the New Pond.

My role here will change as well, for I will only post the messages that I am guided to share, and I know they will not come as frequently as they have. I will not take part in any of the discussions that might unfold here either, for I have been guided to step back from that part of my previous task and focus my energy on forging the deep personal connections that are needed so I can fulfil my part of this magnificent collective endevour.

And to those of you who are not yet ready to step out from the old and fully into your own powers, know that this is no longer a place for you. For this will no longer be a theater for that hurt inner child to act out all of the dramas it feeds on. If you want to continue to do that, you will either have to find another place to do so, or you will simply have to create your own space for it, for I will no longer welcome it here.

Know that no matter who you choose to be, I love you and I honor your journey, and know that the light does the same. But also know this: the light will do all it can to help you to step away from that old, dark room where the hurt child reigns supreme and help you to allow yourself to claim back your true powers. It will do that by pushing your buttons harder and harder and harder in the time ahead. So remember, when the light reignites all of the pain and all of the sadness and all of the fear that you still carry with you, it does so from a place of LOVE. And all you have to do, is to look into the mirror and say: I am LOVE, I am LOVED, I am LOVING, and then, when you are ready to claim that truth as your own and love yourself unconditionally, you will finally be ready to step out into the New World, and I will be the first one to embrace you and say welcome home!

In the not too distant future, this Pond will become quiet. Not because it has lost its powers, but because enough of us have reclaimed ours. Until then, I will continue to add the drops of light that will come through me to help to nurture our own greatness. For now, we have finally tapped into our own powers, and so we no longer need the same support we needed to sustain us through this transition. For now, we have finally become the true warriors of the light, we are the ancient legends that came to life again in order to rectify what has been falsified, so let us go with our heads held high and our hearts wide open.

I love you all with all that I am – always, forever.

Dear family of light!

This trip to the mountains of Jotunheimen – “the Home of the Giants” – has definitely been a magical one for my sister and for me. It has been a journey through outer and inner landscapes on so many levels, both personal and collective, and it has been powerful and transformational in ways that are hard to describe, but two nights ago I got this message “Now there will only be WE”. To me, this signifies that we as a collective have shifted away from the old ego based, fear based timeline, but we are still very much in transition into the new so the journey is not over yet ;-).

There have been so many synchronicities and so many wonderful messages from Mother Earth in the form of unusual encounters with wild animals and birds, and I do not think I have ever felt so small and at the same time so connected to something so immense as I have during these last two weeks. Everything around me is vibrating with life, even the rocks feel alive! We still have a few days left of our stay, but I wanted to give you all an update on what has happened this last week, for you have all been very much a part of it.

As you perhaps remember, during our first couple of days here we completed the first part of the work we had been told we were supposed to do while we were here. It was about “connecting the waters” by carrying some of it from a small spring and bring it to Lake Gjende, and I posted a short summary of it and two photos in “Welcome to the July Gathering around the Pond”. The CCs told us beforehand that we would be asked to do more work like this while we were here, but that it would be in a different location. It was no surprise that this also involved working with water, as water has been the main focus all through this trip, and it was all about “exchanging information in all sorts of ways beyond words”.

Earlier this week, my sister and I were guided to visit a local silversmith. There, I found a ring that was inspired by the mountains around Lake Bygdin, a huge lake situated between lake Gjende and the place we are staying. It also had three small golden quartz incorporated into the design, and the silversmith told us that these were actually from Lake Bygdin. The energy in that ring was so powerful and I knew that not only did I have to buy that ring, it also confirmed that Lake Bygdin was the last of the local “power nodes” we were supposed to work with. The silversmith had shown us how the quartz looked like before it was polished, and he told us we could find them in the sand along the shore of Lake Bygdin. We went there the next day, and we found a few pieces that we brought with us.

Two days ago, we were guided to go back to the river we had visited earlier. It is a powerful one, flowing down a steep mountainside to join the waters flowing out from Lake Gjende, and it has the most amazing energy. We did two ceremonies there, and in both places I connected to the collective energy of this Pond and “added” that to this “river of light” so that our combined energies would have an even larger impact on this world, helping to cleanse away everything that does not belong in the New World. At the last place, my sister and I released the largest piece of golden quartz from Lake Bygdin into the torrent together while we said a blessing. It was a powerful moment, but we also knew that it was not the completion of our work here.

That came yesterday, for then we both knew it was time to do a ceremony on a mountainside overlooking Lake Bygdin. We had hiked up there for the first time last week, and the view there is magnificent. On the horizon, two huge mountain peaks stand out, creating what looks like a portal, and the first time I saw them a felt a huge surge of energy through me so I knew that this was an important place. As we hiked up the mountain, we saw a female grouse right in front of us, and the way she behaved, we knew she was guarding her chicks. She just stood there, perfectly still looking at us to draw our attention while her one little chick scurried into hiding. She continued to stand still and on guard as we moved away. It was such a wonderful thing to see, and it was such a powerful message of love and protection from Mother – for today and for the future for us all :-).

We found the spot to do our ceremony, it was “guarded” by what looked like a magical wand made by an old and weathered tree root, so we sat down and prepared ourselves. I once again connected to the collective energy of the Pond before I recited a prayer to open up this immense portal in the mountains, turning to all of the four cardinal points and to Mother Earth and the sky. When I read out the part of the prayer addressed to Father Sun and Grandmother Moon, my sister suddenly saw the pale half moon in the sky, directly above the mountain making up the left side of the “portal” at the other end of the lake. It was such an amazing confirmation, and we both knew that when the moon had passed over the other mountain we would be finished with our ceremony, and that is exactly what happened. I used my singing bowl while reciting an incantation, saying that the sound was the signal that the light could no longer be barred from anywhere on this planet, it will flow freely forevermore, making this world a world of light and a world of peace for eternity. Then, I struck the bowl once and gave it to my sister so she could do the same, and then I struck the bowl one final time while she held it. When we had finished, the moon was directly over the mountain making up the right side of the portal, and then, it disappeared behind the clouds.

We hiked all the way to the top of the mountain, and as we stood there marveling at the view, my sister looked up. Above us, two huge eagles were circling slowly around each other and around the Sun. After we had watched them for a minute or so, they slowly drifted away in opposite directions, one to the east and one to the west, towards the portal. When we had hiked halfway down on the other side, we stopped for a little rest near a huge rock. Suddenly, a huge blue dragonfly appeared, flying between us and around us and then it landed on the rock we stood next to. We finished the hike down at the beach at Lake Bygdin and there we were given the gift of finding a large piece of golden quartz in the sand, a wonderful way to end a magical day!

My sister and I both have a sense of completion now, at least when it comes to the “collective events” that we were brought here to do, but like so many of you can testify to, there is definitely not a sense of completion when it comes to the flow of energy. This journey to the mountains may be coming to a close, but our collective journey is picking up even more speed. Thank you all for being our “fellow travelers”, it makes this adventure so much more enjoyable, amazing and inspiring in every way! I am really looking forward to what we will be manifesting together in the time ahead 🙂

With love, light and gratitude from my sister and from me, Aisha ❤ ❤






If you look closely at this picture, you can see the faint half moon above and to the left of the small cloud in the center.

Beloved family of light!
Just two days ago, I wrote “I feel as if I am in a whirlwind of synchronocities”, and yesterday I received an email that made that whirlwind pick up even more speed and intensity, and when you read what I am about to share, I think you will agree. For what this message describes is closely linked not only to what the CCs have been referring to lately, but also to subjects that many of you have shed much light on during the last few days and weeks. The mail was from Rieko, a sister of the light from Japan who has been translating the messages from the CCs for many months now. In it, she describes a Solstice meditation that was held in Osaka, and she also shared some amazing information about the work carried out by another shining soul from Japan, Saeko. But before I even read a word in her mail, my eyes fell on this image that was attached to it, and in that instant, I knew that the content of this mail was something that was to be shared here.

I wanted to have approval from both Rieko and Saeko before I posted any of this, and it arrived this morning. To quote Saeko: “It’s all given free and it should be distributed to every single soul with no condition.” Here is the information Rieko sent me:

“Hi, I’m Rieko from Japan.
I’m the member of Galactic channeling translator team and
I’ve been translating your messages since last year Jan.
There are hundreds of readers – or maybe thousands -here in Japan
and we all appreciate and admire your beautiful work!

I’m very excited as I’m writing this..
Just as exactly CCs messages said, some readers started to contact me
and it all started to link people from various kinds of field.
Then one of them, who has been developing the free energy technology
based on love, the zero-point by crystallizing the love, light and consciousness,
suggested physical get together to do meditation on the Solstice day using
her light orb called AENA, the 180 polyhedron.


Everything unfolded just as naturally as it could be and we had a
beautiful meditation at a beautiful park in Osaka, where there is a huge monumental
work of art called “the tower of the sun”.

The developer of this wondrous technology, her name is Saeko, using organic computer
“all that we are”, has been contacted by humanoid ET since 2008 and started to work on
this free energy project from scratch. (This ET has left her for another task.)

She had no knowledge whatsoever in this field, she is actually an artist,
so she looks for signs and clues of these knowledge through literally everything
that comes into her view in everyday life.
And she has been reading your messages because she always catches amazing ideas
and codes in your words and she works it out to materializes down into
3D level shape with help of other volunteers.
It is a hard work, and how she does it is just nothing but amazing !

She applies the dynamics into breathing technique so that people can go deep
Within, to the zero-point field and to help them become a conscious creator of the new world by crystallizing consciousness, love and light.
All works are done voluntarily by benevolent people.

56 people from all over Japan got together on the Solstice and most of them are
the readers of your message !! We all linked ourselves to a space where so far no one
could ever been to as alive human. And we got to realize that the world has been really shifted.
That it all depends on us to create what we want to realize. To make this world
a paradise where everything is love and love is everything!”


0621aftermeditationThis is a photo taken after the group meditation, take a look at the Tower of the Sun in the background for it is another important key.

Reiko also attached two files describing Saeko’s work and the breathing technique. I do hope you take the time to look through them, for I am certain that the information there will help to trigger many of you as well:



Saeko’s work is supported by a group of volunteers called AENA project. You can read more about it here:

Another amazing piece of information arrived in Rieko’s mail this morning. For she included this link to a description of the Tower of the Sun where their group gathered for their Solstice meditation. I nearly fell off my chair when I read it, for once again the synchronicites are just too many to ignore:


She also included some additional images:













I cannot even begin to describe how all of this is affecting me, for it is too much to put into words. I can just extend my heartfelt gratitude to Rieko, to Saeko, to all of the volunteers, to the whole group taking part in the meditation and to every single shining soul involved in these amazing manifestations of the light, these powerful examples of collective endeavors, of people coming together to BE and to DO, to sow seeds and to make them come into fruition – in Japan and all over this wonderful planet of ours. I also want to send a thank you to Luisa, for being the one who connected us in the first place!

With all my love, Aisha ❤

Dear friends!

So much has started to sprout here these last 24 hours or so, and much of it was started by Philip and Bixie and what you shared around the topic Philip calls the “Infinite Silence”. This has triggered so much in many of us, so thank you for setting off this shower of sparks, and thank you to everyone who has added their insights to this!

I was woken up at around 2:30 this morning and guided to go into meditation again, and I set my intention to enter this “Infinite Silence”, and just like the night before, I chose to do it while connecting even deeper to this Pond like the CCs suggested we do in their previous message to us. As I connected to the energies, I was hoping for another experience similar to the one Philip describes, that blissful state of “coming home” and feeling as if  “sinking into a luxuriating bath”, but I was given so much more than that. For as I connected to the Pond, I saw us all as a collection of hands stretching out to each other, and the moment all of these hands connected, I heard a loud CLICK and the word “exoskeleton”. Then, this grid of connected hands morphed into a beautiful filigree sphere floating in space, and it looked very much like one of those close-up images of a grain of pollen that Bev posted earlier. Pollen has been a recurring theme here, so I started to think that this meant that we had turned into a single grain of pollen, but then, I was shown this vibrant, colorful coral reef, and it zoomed in on one of the corals so I could see that it was composed of thousands of individual little polyps connecting together to form a single, complex structure. I was also shown how these small creatures filtered the water for food, and how they spawned millions of eggs into the seawater.

Next, I was given the words “You are the grain of sand that makes the pearl” and I saw how layer after layer of luminous substance was deposited on a small grain, turning it into a pearl that then became a pristine new Mother Earth. I was reminded of the words from “A history of Creation”: “In order to create, you must have friction”, and that WE are that friction, that still point of creation, like a “membrane” connecting to the void or “sea of potential”, that enables the energetic particles there to coalesce and become manifest, the consciousness interacting with energy to create the quantum collapse. This is not new, this is how All of creation comes into being, but what IS new, is this collective effort of creation we are a part of. For not only everyone here at this Pond, but every single light worker on this planet have come together with the intention of “building a new coral reef” – a New World, and now, we have put together this exoskeleton, this foundation, that will enable us to make this world come fully into BEing by continuing to “filter” this “ocean of potential” and sifting out more and more particles and use them to manifest it all – bit by magnificent bit.

And we will continue to “seed the waters” with our eggs, our spheres of light, that we release out one by one, and they will find fertile ground in thousands of others out there and turn them into conscious co-creators of this new world also.

I did not get much sleep because of this message coming through, but while I was kept awake putting all the pieces together, I WAS in that blissful state, I felt myself floating in this “luxuriating bath”, and with every slow breath I took I inhaled more potential, and with each exhalation, I created more of this message and more of this amazing new world we are all making come alive by our presence here on this planet in this physical body. The foundation is ready, the time has come to start to create in earnest, and I know that what we will make together, will be a world that is “nothing short of miraculous”, to quote the CCs 🙂

With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha


Dear brothers and sisters of the light!

I am finally online again after a prolonged silenced caused by what turned out to be an unusual malfunction in my old modem, but now I have been set up with a model that is so new, it was the first one of its kind the technician who delivered it had installed. I cannot help but think that it is not a coincidence, for the similarities between this and what has happened to me while I was offline are striking.

For yesterday, while I was doing yoga, I went through something that I can only describe as a switch from the old and outworn to the “brand new model”, and it felt like my whole “operating system” was rebooted. I was on my back doing a deep, slow stretch when it happened, and it felt like not only my heart, but everything inside of my chest flipped over completely, first once, and after a few seconds, once more. At the same time, I saw something that looked like a data cable being pulled out from a plug and a brand new one inserted instead. It was very powerful, but not frightening in any way. My sister was right beside me, and when it was over I just said wow, something incredible just happened, and she told me that when I said those words, what she heard in her head was “I just died”. I have been through many intense physical reactions triggered by these energies before, but this was really something else, and I spent most of the day trying to digest it all.

It feels a little bit like I have been travelling through a black hole these last couple of days, so it is probably not an accident that I could not go online at all while all of this took place. For this black hole is not dark or negative in any way, it is more like there is such an incredible amount of light compressed into such a small space it makes it impossible to discern anything, you just feel yourself going through something that changes you completely, but is very difficult to explain. I also think it will not be the last “black hole” we will encounter in time ahead, for I sense that there are more of these intense energetic “reboots” on their way.

Information is pouring in now as I continue to search for the “hidden inner treasures” the CCs talk about, and a whole string of synchronicities have manifested in the form of words and images, links and books popping up on all sides. I have shared some of it here already, it is about the “reactivation of our ancestral DNA”, also referred to as “time capsules” in these two interesting channelings from Kryon, and I have been guided to repost these links: The Nulls and Nodes of the Earth part 1, The Nulls and Nodes of the Earth part 2

I know I am not the only one searching for these “hidden treasures” at the moment, for last night in a vision I saw us all as bees (hello, Bev!). We were busy collecting pollen, and we must have been very good at it for our bodies were all covered with golden yellow pollen. And the wonderful thing was, we were all collecting pollen from the Flower of Life. This potent symbol is one of the images that keeps popping up for me at the moment, and I have also been guided to include this image of it here, for I am certain it will serve to trigger something for many of you as well.



So let us all continue to “collect pollen”, and let us continue to share what we find. Not in order to see if what we find “measures up to” what others may come across, but to connect the individual pieces we are being given so we all can start to see the bigger picture. For as the CCs like to remind us, we must all travel our own unique path and find our own inner treasures, but it is also important that we share what we discover along the way. For this is truly a collective effort of rediscovering our magninficence, not just for ourselves, but to “rectify the wrongs” on this planet. And the only way to do so, is to pool our energies in a very new way. So I wish you all the best for your continued journey, may we all find the treasures that I know are ready and waiting for us!

With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

Dear friends!
The journey my sister and I have just returned from, has been what I can only describe as a vision quest, a journey that was all about furthering our own transformation through visual input, by seeing symbols, shapes and colours that would act as keys to unlock some important doors for us. I think these are keys that can be of help to many of you as well, and that is why I have been guided to share this.

For when we woke up last Monday, the morning after the Gathering, both my sister and I realized that we had been through something profound, but we also realized that it was time for us to step back from our usual work and go on a journey. We were strongly guided to book a trip to Copenhagen for that weekend, and as soon as we had booked it, a sequence of synchronicities occurred that made us both realize that we were supposed to go to Copenhagen for one purpose only: to see the paintings of Hilma af Klint, a Swedish artist that created her works 100 years ago.

Hilma af Klint had crossed our path briefly last year, when we saw posters advertising her exhibition during a visit to some friends in Stockholm. They had seen her work, and they highly recommended it to us, but we did not go, and we forgot about her until last Monday. But then, she re-entered our lives in a way that made it very clear to us that she was going to play an important part in our journey, something that was confirmed by Terje, a very close friend of ours who works as a healer. He gave me two important clues: he said he had seen the same TV program about Hilma that we had just “stumbled across” and to him, her paintings had the energy of something that came from a temple in Atlantis. In addition, he said that our trip to go and see these paintings would be as transformative for us as what he had experienced some years ago when he entered the Great Pyramid at Giza. Turns out he was right.

For Hilma af Klint was no ordinary painter. She said that her task was to convey information through her works, and this information came from a higher consciousness so she looked upon herself as a medium, not as an artist. In addition, she was convinced that the content in her works could not be understood by her contemporaries so she refused to show her work publicly, and most of her paintings were kept hidden away until more than 40 years after her death. Hilma said she painted for the future, and as the curator for the exhibition said ” I think this future is now”. I agree, for I am convinced that Hilma painted her amazing pictures for us, for they talk about something we already know, but cannot fully remember yet.

For these paintings are not just remarkable because Hilma painted abstract paintings in a manner that no one else did until years later, they are also remarkable because they contain so much encoded information in the form of symbols and colours. This is what we sensed when we saw her work in the TV program last Monday, and even if all of her work is intriguing, two series stood out for us. One of them is called “The ten largest” and the other one are three paintings that we found out had the title “Altar paintings” from a series called “Paintings for the Temple”. Could this be the temple in Atlantis that Terje mentioned?

On Sunday, we went to see the exhibition. It was a large one, and when we entered it, we could feel the anticipation and the energies starting to flow into us, but nothing could have prepared us for the powerful experience it was to enter the two rooms where the huge paintings from these two series were shown. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it now, for they were literally vibrating in a way that felt oddly familiar, like we knew them from before, and it was such an overwhelming feeling of being flooded with light and love. And the most astounding part, was how different the energy was in those two rooms. Being in the room with “The ten largest” was like being embraced in loving arms, it was such a joyful, warm and tender energy. But when we entered the room with the “Altar paintings”, it was like entering a sanctuary, a sacred space, and the energy was so pure, so crystal clear and so powerful we had to sit down as we both started to cry.


One of the paintings from the series “The 10 largest”


The three “Altar paintings”

My photos cannot do these vibrant paintings justice, you can get a more detailed look at some of them here:

The whole experience was so intense, it is only now, looking back that I see how right Terje was when he compared this exhibition to a visit to the Great Pyramid and how the two different rooms at the exhibition can symbolize The Queen’s chamber and The King’s chamber. For to me, the first room represents the Sacred Feminine, the LOVE, the second one represents the Sacred Masculine, the LIGHT, and I see it all flowing, connecting, becoming ONE, just like Hilma depicts again and again in her amazing work.

I truly believe Hilma af Klint was a visionary and an amazing pioneer. I can only thank her for the work she did for us 100 years ago, and rejoice for the fact that now, her work is finally being seen and acknowledged by people all over the world. Not only that, what she created in solitude such a long time ago, will help to bring us all closer together in a way that truly makes my heart sing.

With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

This video was made for the exhibition, it tells more of her remarkable story and I really recommend watching it:

This film is also very interesting even if the technical quality is rather poor:

Dear sisters and brothers!

In a few short hours, we will exit 2013 and enter 2014. Never before has the “me” who is about to enter a new year been so different from the “me” I was twelve months ago, for this has truly been a year of great transformation. Like a sponge, we have been soaked in wave after wave of energy for then to be squeezed out again, in order to rinse out layer after layer of old patterns, old behavior, old beliefs and old programming. And when you thought you were finished, it all started again. But as this year is coming to a close, I sense that this process too is coming to a close, and that the year we are about to step into, will be all about the emergence of the “me” that is the real me, not one of those old versions of myself that I thought was the only one. For now, we will step away from this seemingly endless sequence of soaking and squeezing out, and the real “me” we all have inside, the one that has been waiting for us to discover it, will begin to radiate outwards. So even if this year has left us all feeling more than a little washed out and faint, our light will start to shine stronger and stronger. And as our light starts to gather strength, the effect it will have on the world around us will also increase. For our light will serve to dissipate so much of the old and dense fog still covering much of our globe, and just like the Sun, our light is powerful enough to fill this whole world with a brand new brightness.

So thank you all for that you have brought to this world this year, by allowing yourself to be soaked and squeezed out repeatedly by the incoming light, and by allowing yourself to shed layer after layer of the old. Thank you for shining your light here at the Pond, and for helping it become reality in a way that has surpassed my wildest dreams. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your questions, and for being brave enough to share your frustrations and your fears. Thank you for sharing your joy and your laughter, and your LOVE. Without you, there would be no Pond, and without you, there would be no Gatherings around the Pond, our monthly group meditations that also became reality in 2013.

For we are already in the New, we have already created the very first foundations of the world of our dreams, where we live from the heart, connected to each other and to All of creation in a way that will help so many others to be able to do the same. I am so proud of you, I am so proud of me, and I am so proud of US. For we have each and every one of us worked so hard to wrestle ourselves away from the old and limited version of “me” and prepared us for what we have coming up: the chance to finally step into the New with ALL that we are. So as we leave the old versions of ourselves behind as we exit 2013, I send it all off with a heartfelt THANK YOU, and I open my arms to welcome the brand new – the brand new year, the brand new me, the brand new YOU and the brand new world we will continue to create together.

I wish you all a magical, creative New Year, may it be a fruitful, peaceful and joyful one for us all! And this upcoming Sunday, we can welcome the new year together in our very special way, for then, we will have the first Gathering around the Pond of the year. I am looking forward to seeing you all there, and most of all, to step into the New in your company!

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha


“As my eyes grew accustomed to the light, details of the room within emerged slowly from the mist, strange animals, statues, and gold – everywhere the glint of gold. For the moment – an eternity it must have seemed to the others standing by – I was struck dumb with amazement, and when Lord Carnarvon, unable to stand the suspense any longer, inquired anxiously, ‘Can you see anything?,’ it was all I could do to get out the words, ‘Yes, wonderful things.” Howard Carter, Valley of the Kings, November 1922

Dear friends! I feel a little bit like Howard Carter did when he first set eyes on the wonders of Tutankhamun’s tomb, for what is coming in with all of these intense energies, is nothing short of wonderful. For I have started to see this new world we are creating, and it is becoming more and more detailed, so I have been guided to share what I see with you, for I think there are others out there who also have something to share about this.

It is no secret that the energies have become increasingly intense this last week or so, and every time I connect with them, I feel them coursing through my body in a way that is almost painful at times. When I ground myself and connect with Mother Earth, I get a powerful bout of pins and needles, and my feet and legs start to twitch. When I open my crown chakra, my head gets very hot and it starts to vibrate so strongly I can almost hear my brain rattle around inside of it, and when I connect and merge these energies in my center, my whole body responds. Alex, you posted an interesting comment under “Welcome to the seventh Gathering around the Pond”, where you talked about the triune energies. “But here is the thing…and why we are so important….as human bodies, we are a merging conduit of the energy of the earth, the energy of the sun and the divine energy–we create a triune energy that together is much more powerful and useful ON earth than any one alone…

And here it is folks–WE are the only ones who can do this. Here in the earthly realms WE are more powerful, more capable of effecting change than the heavenly realms and this is why WHEN we focus, concretely and with intention to shine this triune energy outward and share it with others we become amazingly powerful and creative in this earthly realm!”

This has helped me a lot, for whenever I consciously connect with these energies, I also bring in the energy from the Sun and from the crystal in the lake and I visualize how all of these energies merge into one single, focused beam of light that shoots out from my solar plexus and starts to interact with the “sea of possibilities” as the CCs call it and starts to create. This happens at least once or twice every night now, and in addition, I have been guided to go into meditation during daytime and do the same.

Every time I do this, the same thing happens: images appear, and I “see” the new world in all of its glory. At first, it was just simple images of a green and vibrant world, inhabited by people filled with joy and love living in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth but now, I “see” more and more details. Here are some of the things I have seen the last 48 hours:

Everyone is very connected to All there is, and we do daily meditations where we sit facing the Sun. Young and old, single or in groups, it is an important part of our daily rituals. We do not eat much food, mostly fruit and vegetables, because we get much of our sustenance and energy from this deep connection we have with the Sun and the energies that surround us. We have become like the plants and the trees, gathering our nutrition mainly from the Sun’s rays, the air and the water, and what we need in addition to that we grow ourselves.

Because we have this deep connection with ourselves and with the energies, we are also keeping our bodies well balanced, so we live longer and have few health problems. We do have hospitals, but they mainly serve as “emergency rooms” where you go to get help if you have some sort of accident. They can mend bones and fix any traumatic injuries by using non-invasive techniques involving vibration and sound. (Susan, you have described some of this already.) I have also seen something that look like concert halls, where they use sound and music to help balance those that needs some external help in addition to their own interaction with the energies.

Transport is mostly done by a form of teleportation. It looked like a kind of “bus station” or transport hub where you could go if you wanted to travel, and there was a sort of network of “corridors” that was used for this, a bit like an underground train system, but this was more like energetic wormholes accessed from these “stations”. I saw groups of people sitting down as if in a bus, getting ready to be whisked off to wherever it was they were going.

We are not alone in this “new world”, there are other beings living alongside us. So far, I have seen some who have a physical body, not too different from a human one, only it is bright blue and they are taller and slimmer than us. There are also some light beings, and we can communicate with them telepathically. They are very curious about how it is to live inside a physical body, so they are allowed to “visit” a human body for a limited time if they are invited to do so by a human. I could feel how it was to have such a “house guest” inside, and it was the most loving and amazing experience! I also saw something that looked like spaceships hovering above us, and it was a normal occurrence so no one paid much attention to them.

This is what I have “seen” so far, and I am very curious to know if there are others who have started to experience something similar!

Love and light from me, Aisha