The embodiment of the New World

Dear brothers and sisters of the light! During that amazing week in Crete, I was fortunate enough to see some of you literally stepping into your divine powers in front of my very eyes, and it was such a wonderful thing to be allowed to witness. Over these last few days, you have been joinedContinue reading “The embodiment of the New World”

Welcome to the New World, welcome to the New Pond

Beloved family of light! Mere words are not enough to convey the huge transformation that has taken place over this last week, both on a personal and a collective level, for I think it is beyond anything any of us have the vocabulary to describe. My gratitude goes out to Philip, Sue, Ingrid, Murray, Heather,Continue reading “Welcome to the New World, welcome to the New Pond”

A short update from me

Dear family of light! This trip to the mountains of Jotunheimen – “the Home of the Giants” – has definitely been a magical one for my sister and for me. It has been a journey through outer and inner landscapes on so many levels, both personal and collective, and it has been powerful and transformationalContinue reading “A short update from me”

A message of light from Japan

Beloved family of light! Just two days ago, I wrote “I feel as if I am in a whirlwind of synchronocities”, and yesterday I received an email that made that whirlwind pick up even more speed and intensity, and when you read what I am about to share, I think you will agree. For whatContinue reading “A message of light from Japan”

The grain of sand that makes the pearl

Dear friends! So much has started to sprout here these last 24 hours or so, and much of it was started by Philip and Bixie and what you shared around the topic Philip calls the “Infinite Silence”. This has triggered so much in many of us, so thank you for setting off this shower of sparks,Continue reading “The grain of sand that makes the pearl”

Unlocking doors with 100 year old keys

Dear friends! The journey my sister and I have just returned from, has been what I can only describe as a vision quest, a journey that was all about furthering our own transformation through visual input, by seeing symbols, shapes and colours that would act as keys to unlock some important doors for us. IContinue reading “Unlocking doors with 100 year old keys”