Coming full circle

Dear friends!

In the early hours of August 16, 2011, exactly 11 years ago, I received the first of many hundreds of channeled messages that was to become The manuscript of Survival. That morning, I literally closed down my own business, emailing all my clients, telling them I could not work for them any more. I took a leap of faith into the unknown, because I just knew that this was my path to take from that moment on.

Aisha North was born on that same day. My birth name is Bente Amundsen, but as Aisha North, I embraced so much more of my own Self, the parts not restricted to the physical vehicle. At first, these two versions of me existed separately, but later, I merged them, also in public. That is why I always sign my messages with both names. But now, I have come to realize that my journey has brought me to a place where it is all ONE. The parts of me that needed to be acknowledged with the name Aisha North no longer feel separate. So from today, I will only use my given name, Bente Amundsen.

I have also come to realize that the leap of faith I took, together with my twin sister Lisbeth, in moving from Oslo, the place we both lived until two and a half years ago, to Stavika on the wild and rugged west coast of Norway, has been essential for fulfilling my life purpose. It is truly a labour of love that we do here, together with our soul sister Eva Julia and all our animals. More and more, we see how much our interaction and co-creation with Mother Earth and the powerful energies residing here impacts so many in a deeply transformational way. We see ourselves as custodians of this land, and we feel deep in our hearts that we have been called here. What started out as a dream of creating a home and a business together, has literally expanded into revealing itself as the very heart of our life purpose. Because now we see that everything we create here, is not just for us. It is for everyone who feel called to open themselves fully to the magic that is life itself.

Our gardens, the meditation spaces in our barn and in our lavvo tent, and all the sacred spaces that have revealed themselves on our land – they are all meant to be shared with others. It is for everyone who feel called to embrace their own greatness, whether they come here in person, connect online or simply through the heart.

Nature speaks loudly here, as do the energies. From the smallest of creatures to the intensity of the weather. And everything here wants to have its voice heard. The land itself, the animals, the plants and all of the unseen that reside here. Some of this, I have already shared in the photos I take to accompany the messages I share. But I also know that there is so much more that wants to be seen and heard. And now, the time has come to create a space where this will be possible.  

Because here in Stavika, everything is interwoven. Words and actions, insights and creations, they all emerge from the same Source and carry the same message: see your own greatness, and share it with the world.

So from now on, all of the messages I receive will be shared in the new space where we will share everything else that comes to life here on our smallholding in Stavika: Because it IS all connected. I will leave this space open, so you can revisit all of the messages and comments that have been shared here throughout all of these years. But I invite you to join me at and click on the “Subscribe” button there. That way, you will still receive all the new messages that come through. Either through me, or through any of the other souls living here. You will also learn more about our life and our co-creations here in Stavika, as we continue our work to nourish the land and ourselves, inspiring others to do the same, creating a community of like minded souls along the way.

The monthly Gatherings will also continue. The first Sunday every month, I invite you to join us for a Gathering in Grace, at 19:00 our time. You are warmly welcome to join us in spirit for a heart-connected meditation, like the ones we have shared so many times through the years here at the Pond.

Thank you to every single one of you who have followed me through the years. Thank you for all of your love and support, you have helped me see my purpose clearly. And thank you for helping me fill this space with so much love, so much life and so much light. I am looking forward to welcoming you to I hope you will feel as home there as we do. For this is what I know deep down in my heart – I am finally HOME.

With love, light and gratitude from me, Bente Amundsen ❤ ❤

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Welcome to the August Gathering around the Pond, Sunday August 7

Sometimes the invincible

is almost invisible.

As in a gathering of souls coming together,

completing a circuit.

You complement each other.

Each adding one unique part

that empowers everyone else.

But also the Whole.

For what you do by connecting,

is in actual fact laying out the infrastructure

for the New way of living.

One where respect and generosity

constitute the foundation of everything you do.

It is not an ” every man for himself”- world.

Rather, it is a world that finds its strength from

the simple idea that everything and everyone is connected.

And it is only through such collaboration,

anchored in the heart,

you will build a future

that stands on the firmest of grounds.

These sculptures are made by a friend of mine, Kristine Sandøy. She creates works that defy gravity. By finding the perfect way to balance every part, they stand even though they should not be able to even support themselves.

Dear friends!
Welcome to August and the potent energies of the Lion’s Gate!
Things are definitely heating up now, it feels as if we will have quite a ride
the next few months. A ride that is so much easier to face when we know that we
are a part of a “circuit” that spans the entire globe. This Sunday,
at 21:00 my time (UTC +2), I am so looking forward to reconnecting with all of you
and feel the “firm ground” that we stand on when we stand as ONE. Thank
you for adding your unique frequency to the vibrant circle that is the Pond!

With love, light and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha ❤ ❤

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A short update on the energies

Intricately woven

into the fabric of the Universe.

There you are.

A vibrating thread of consciousness,

connected to everything else.

Every step you take is registered.

Every thought, every action.

Rippling out,

becoming part of

the shimmering fabric

that is life.

With every step, you shift it all forward.

With every conscious thought, you lift everyone else.

For what you do, you truly do for ALL.

A short update on the energies

From the softness

comes the strength.

From the stillness all movement.

From trust comes the courage

to venture into the unknown.

Listening beyond the noise,

you will find the wisdom to choose.

Strength in numbers

is nothing compared to

a fearless heart.

A traveler will always find his way

when he trusts his inner compass

more than the advice of any passerby.

Then, clarity prevails,

and the path ahead will reveal itself to you.

A short update on the energies

The electrification

of the masses keeps expanding.

Fluctuating magnetics continue to cause

minor and major tectonic shifts,

within and without.

Being grounded is the best way

to find a foothold in these changing times,

something Mother Earth willingly provides.

A safe haven is offered

to anyone seeking Her assistance.

Ask, and ye shall find, is Her constant advice.

Welcome to the July Gathering around the Pond, Sunday July 3

The alchemy of the Soul

continues to unfold.

The shifting frequencies

are pushing at your borders.

Nudging you ever onwards,

towards the fulfillment of your purpose.

For you are not here simply to be an onlooker.

You are on a purposeful journey.

One that will take you beyond

any spheres ever imagined by humans.

This is a process of such magnitude,

it is impossible to comprehend

simply from a human perspective.

But know this, it is well understood also by you,

if you rise above all of the commotion and noise

generated around you.

Then, you will see clearly

as the focus shifts along with the energetic resonance.

And then, grace will walk beside you

as you continue on your journey.

Back to your Self.

Back to All that Is.

Dear friends!
We are entering the second half of 2022. “Turning a new leaf” is what I keep hearing, and for me, and for many close to me, June has really been a month of so much change. Closures, new beginnings, relocations, expansions, downsizings, hellos and goodbyes. Both within and without, the shift is palpable. And now, it seems we stand ready for whatever the rest of this year will have to offer. For this journey is not over. Surprises and delights await us, but also, many an unexpected twist and turn. This “purposeful journey” can be more than a little bit challenging at times. But it feels less daunting when we know we are not alone in this. Ever. And this Sunday, July 3, at 21:00 my time (UTC + 2) I hope you will join me for our July Gathering around the Pond. It is time to reach out to each other again, give ourselves a loving group hug and let grace take our hand as we prepare to take the next step. Together. I am so looking forward to seeing you all there!
With love, light and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha ❤ ❤

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Solstice message

Welcome to the space of spacelessness.

The in-between.

Where form and formlessness coexists.

Where the multiverse collapses into ONE,

 yet is infinite.

This is where you are.

Not as an idea, but as a reality.

It is an ongoing process of re-creation.

One the mind cannot grasp,

but the heart knows.

So let go of the need to comprehend.

Let go of the fear of confusion.

For you cannot control the flow.

You are being lifted to higher ground.

One where the air is clearer and the views far grander.

So let yourself be swept off your feet

by these incoming energies.

Trying to hold on will only hold you back.

Letting go is the only way forward

to where brightness awaits you.

Welcome to the June Gathering around the Pond, Sunday June 5

Step into the space of stillness.

Feel into the vibrancy

of that infinite moment.

The space where all doubts evaporate.

The space where all that you are becomes clear.

Clarity is much needed

in this time and age.

For this is the time for change.

Not just for you. For all.

Time to walk away

from everything that no longer serves you.

As individuals, and as a collective.

And what is being left behind,

will not always go in peace.

But peace is what you are moving towards.

When every decision you make,

come from that space of stillness.

The all-knowing, all-seeing

sanctum within you.

So step into that space.

The space where you will find your Self.

But also each other.

For this is the space of oneness.

Of unity, compassion and courage.

Where the future you dream of, already exists.

So step into that space.

It is time to find your way back home.

Dear friends!
Everything seems to be speeding up more and more. As if we are being carried along by a fast flowing river. Nothing is permanent. But in all of this movement, there is also a deep stillness. Pockets of tranquility, where it is possible to just BE. I invite you to join me in the deep stillness that is the June Gathering around the Pond, this Sunday, June 5, at 21:00 my time (UTC + 2). Let us come together in that “space of oneness” and see what emerges from this “all-knowing, all-seeing sanctum within”. Thank you all for shining your light at this time of global change and transformation!

With love, light and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha ❤ ❤

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