A short update on the energies

The elevation of spirit continues

allowing for an expansion of vision.

As the dust settles,

your ability to seek beyond the obvious

will clarify what wants to become.

For you are Earth Manifestors,

Creator Gods of infinite powers.

Yet, you still find it challenging

to simply BE what you ARE.

So let your heart lift your gaze,

and set your mind free to wander.

Then, pay attention to what to invites itself in.

For great ideas are at your doorstep.

Wonderful inventions waiting to be born.

But they need an open mind and a willing heart

in order to become more than just a mirage.

A dream is simply a dream.

But now, a new reality is ready to be born.

Through you.

The colour RED has been coming up a lot for me lately, including during the November Gathering. It seems to represent a new frequency, one that we have been invited to embody over these last few days. When this painting came through a little while ago, it was the first time this spectrum of red began to show itself to me. Has anyone else had a similar experience of red lately?

Welcome to the November Gathering around the Pond Sunday November 1

Dear friends! What a day to have our Gathering! Not only will it be the very first day of November. It also comes along packed with quite an energetic punch. It is one day after the October Blue Moon and Halloween. It is also the last day of Samhain, traditionally the first day of the New year according to Celtic tradition. The veils are thin, and fires will be lit to ward off chaos and to herald in a new beginning. So let us gather around the Pond at 21:00/ 9 PM my time (UTC + 1) and add our light to the bonfires of harmony, balance and co-creation. It is much needed at times like these!

The fires have been lit.

The time has come.

The heavenly song of freedom

wants to be heard all across this world.

So add your voice to the choir.

Let it ring out.

Loud and clear.

Ripping through the veils of forgetfulness

with a mighty roar.

And the meek shall once again be free.

For this month’s Gathering, a group of us will gather around the fire in our traditional lavvo tent here in Stavika to meditate and play the drums. All of you are invited to join us in spirit. It looks like it will be a very powerful Gathering indeed. Thank you so much for adding your light – and your voice – to it!

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha ❤

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 21:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

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A short update on the October energies

Fear not what lies ahead.

The turmoil within you that is reflected without

is merely window dressing.

Your true core is as solid as ever

as is the core of humanity.

For you are evolving beyond your old form,

and as such, upheaval is simply a part of the game;

the game of releasing what was

in order to become more fully what you truly are.

So just like the trees,

go deep down into your roots,

feel the firm hold you truly have on yourself

and of Gaia Herself.

For She is assisting you all through this transformation,

this deep transition of mankind.

For you are a part of Her, as much as She is a part of you.

So allow Her to support you in this process

of shedding the old in order to reveal the fresh, new growth,

this inner core of vitality, of joy and truthfullness.

So simply allow whatever wants to arise to do so,

like the sap rising in the trees in spring.

Whatever comes up, comes up to nurture you,

no matter what shape  or form it comes in.

Embrace it all, as you will be embraced by All there is.

And so it is, and so it will be.


Message from the October Gathering around the Pond

Dear friends! Thank you for this very special Gathering! For me, it took place outdoors. We lit a fire, and brought out our drums. The ceremony started almost an hour before the Gathering itself, the drums wanted to be played almost non stop well into the meditation. It was a deeply felt experience, sitting under the darkening skies, looking into the flames. After a while, the Moon emerged, casting an almost iridescent light on the clouds. I could feel the connection between us, you were all very present around the fire, as was a whole host of other beings. The Ancient ones as well as our Star families. The vibration from the drums called me to start toning and singing, and after a while, also to begin to move. First my feet, then my whole body. I saw us all slowly moving around in a circle, doing a ceremonial dance. It was as if our feet were turning Mother Earth herself into a giant drum, sending out deep vibrations far and wide. Afterwards, these words emerged:

“The unshakable core within in you

is what is shaking up the ground beneath your feet.

Nothing will be left standing

that no longer supports you in your journey.

But know this;

you are growing stronger by the minute

as the dross of yesteryear is being lifted off of you.

Because you are the ones doing the lifting.

You are the ones liberating yourselves from all of the old drama

and as such,

you are the ones gifting yourself with a new Terra Firma

upon which to build the life you have come here to live.”

Thank you again for adding your very special vibration to this Gathering! Love, light and gratitude from me, Bente / Aisha ❤ ❤

Welcome to the October Gathering around the Pond, Sunday October 4

Dear friends!
Once again we stand before a vibrant, new month. A month that starts and ends with a full moon. A month where it seems a lot of dust will be kicked up by all those still trying to obscure the light that is already so present on this planet. For the light keeps pouring in, and with it, comes a frequency meant to literally shake up whatever needs to be shifted. I am looking forward to BE with all of you for our Gathering this Sunday. As ONE, we can light up the path for those who have a hard time navigating through all of the chaos and confusion out there:

“Incandescent light

is emerging from your core.

Do not be fazed by your own powers,

for you are indeed a beautiful force of nature.

You are not here to dim yourself down.

Rather, you are here to shine as brightly as you can,

letting your true star quality come through.

So allow yourself to shine, stand tall and true to your calling.

That way, you will guide those still faltering on their own path,

helping them find their way back home.”

My sister and I have been on a journey through the Norwegian mountains these last few days. I have never seen the fall colours as vibrant as this ever before.

For this upcoming Gathering, I have been guided to hold a drum ceremony with my sisters for the Gathering at 21:00/ 9 PM my time (UTC + 2). This means I will not be hosting an online meditation this month. If you have a drum and feel called to do so, I do hope you will bring it to this Gathering too. Please feel free to add whatever speaks to you to this Gathering, allowing your very own “star quality” to shine through ! Looking forward to seeing you all shine brightly this Sunday.

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha ❤

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The drums of time – Equinox message

It is written in your bones.

Not as a destiny,

but as a multiple of choices.

Allow it to emerge

in this silent, pregnant pause

between what was and what will be.

Hear the drums of time.

Let them play you.

Let them be played by you.

Shake yourself fully awake.

For you are here to make everything happen.

Not by coincidence.

But by choice.

This is a short clip from the drum ceremony we had here in Stavika for the September Full Moon.

A short update on the energies

Inconspicuous, yet fully present, She emerges.

Robed in verdant green.

Earth. Mother.

A frail shroud of forgetfulness

masks her true identity.

Not yet fully appreciated.

She waits.

Knowing that when you finally awaken, Her time will come.

The time of becoming.


With every one and every thing.

Still, you hold back.

From yourselves. And from Her.

Soften, dear ones.

Allow Her presence to fill you up.

That is the only way you can find your way home.

To you.



Message from the September Gathering around the Pond

Dear brothers and sisters! Thank you all for the energy you brought to yesterday’s Gathering. For me, it was a deeply personal experience as well as a collective one. As I guided us in, I saw us entering the calm waters of the Pond. We drifted slowly down to the bottom. There, in the depths, I saw the whole expanse of the Pond floor covered by immense crystal clusters. They were clear, like perfect quartz crystals, and they were glowing with a whitish light. I heard the word “amplifiers”, and that these crystals would “redistribute” the light that we anchored in. During the meditation, this message came through:

“Go deep, deeper than ever before.

Connect with the vibrating cone of light

shimmering there in the deepest recesses of your soul

and speak out loud.

For you have a voice, a voice that at some times may feel as if it is faltering.

But this is your true voice. It may be an untried voice.

But it wants to be used.

So sing out loud

in a joyful vibration that will shake others awake

and alive in every single cell.

Feel the connection that goes from your heart center

and out into this shimmering void.

This empty space that longs to be filled

with the love that they have missed for such a long time,

where fear has taken the place of love in the hearts of so many others.

So sing the song of freedom loud and clear

so they too can hear it

and shake themselves awake and join in this jubilant choir.

For you set the tone, you set the pace.

So go forth, and spread a little happiness

with every step you take, with every breath you take.

Gather yourself, and then, simply sing.

And so it is, and so it will be.”

Your true voice can be many things. For me, it is also this; singing out loud in colours.

Thank you for BEing here, and for adding your voice to this jubilant choir!

With love, light and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha