A short update on the energies

Expressions of life multiply

when you avert your eyes

from the mainstream of information.

Do not believe everything you feel,

as so much of it originates from outside sources.

Your own field of intelligence is widening,

closing the gap between what was and what will be

creating a whole new playground for you to frolic on.

Know that life itself is burgeoning in the cracks

created by the meltdown of outside management,

leaving the space wide open

for your own Self to come fully awake.

So open your eyes to the New reality,

the one that has always been here,

hidden in plain sight.

It is yours, if you want it.

This stream runs past our house, I can hear it from my room. The sound reminds me of the constant flow of change that is LIFE itself.





Welcome to the May Gathering around the Pond – also live online

Dear friends!

We are soon entering the month of May, and I want to continue our tradition of welcoming each new month with a group meditation, a Gathering around the Pond. So this upcoming Sunday, May 3, at 21:00/ 9 PM my time (Norway, UTC + 2) I invite you to join me and many, many others to dive deep into the welcoming waters of our collective energy field. It was such a beautiful experience to literally re-connect and re-energize in this way last month, after a five (!) year long pause. New and Old friends, coming together as ONE, lighting up the grids in the most wonderful way. This time, I feel a stillness, a calmness, descending when I connect with the energies. Like we have come through a lot of “noise”, and are beginning to find our footing on a new level. I do believe that the most important gift we can share with the world these days, is the calmness and the stillness, and the ability to feel connected. So much around us is fragmenting, coming apart. But deep down, I think we all feel the vibrancy of the New Life emerging. I hope you will join me in the calm waters of the Pond, so we can allow this new Life to speak through us and to the world. Let us sit down in silence, open ourselves up and be the conduits of light we are for 30 minutes. All you need to do, is to hold the intention to be here at the Pond.

You also have the possibility to join me online for the Gathering. I will be hosting a donation-based live meditation on Zoom. I am very grateful if you want to support my work in this way too! Our first online Gathering was such a huge blessing, it was very special to be able to SEE some of you. To meet the faces behind the names, to hear your voices, and to know that we are just a small scattering of so many other connected Souls ❤ . If you want to join me online this Sunday, just send me a message/fill out the form below, and I will send you the link to the live Gathering. Looking forward to SEEing you!

It will be magical to once again dive into the Pond with every single one of you – both online and in spirit. Until then, I wish you a blessed, nurturing week! Here is a short meditation from one of my recent morning walks as a reminder to us all of our connectedness:

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 21:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

A short update on the energies

The procession of photonics

is rapidly changing the planet.

Ongoing restructuring will continue

to shake up the collective,

resulting in permanent change.

Do not mistake outer panic for real progress.

It is the deeper layers that will be affected.

not those publicly displayed.

As always, what goes on behind the scene

will be unaffected by the hue and cry

emanating from all those seeking to murky the waters.

Remember, underneath the choppy surface

it is all both calm and clear.

So go deeper whenever the churning waters disturb you,

and you will once again find your true bearings

guiding you towards your designated port of call.


A message from Mother Earth

Dear friends! This morning, I went down to the beach close to where I live. The sun was out again after days of wild and windy west coast weather, so I relished the chance to be able to sit outside and meditate. While I sat there, I got this message that I wanted to share with all of you. I picked up my phone and made this short video. It is a bit “shaky”, but I think you will feel the energy of it. I do believe that part of the reason I was guided to move here three months earlier than planned, was to be here NOW. To be surrounded by all of this natural beauty, so I could share it with all those who are unable to BE out in nature because they have been ordered to stay at home. I want you to know that Mother Earth is here for you – no matter where you are. Just open your heart, and invite Her in.

LIVE online Gathering around the Pond tomorrow, Sunday April 12!

Dear friends! I woke up early this morning with a clear message to invite you to an online Gathering around the Pond tomorrow at 21:00 my time (UTC + 2) The message was simply this “it is time to amplify the Harmonics”. Therefore, I will host a live meditation on Zoom. I feel called to do it there, as I feel it is so important that we SEE each other, deepening the sense of community. This means that the number of participants online is limited, but you can all join in spirit! If you want to take part online, send me a message here, and I will send you a link to the event. It is free to take part, but a donation is always welcome!

Looking forward to SEEing you tomorrow! It will be exciting, especially since my internet-connection has been rather wobbly lately 😉 But as always, I know things will work out. And remember, if you cannot join online, all you have to do, is to sit down with an intention to connect, and then you too will be a part of this Gathering like always. You can find the time that corresponds with 21:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha

An update before our Gathering around the Pond

Dear friends! This message just came through as a reminder before our upcoming Gathering around the Pond meditation tomorrow, Sunday April 5. at 9 PM (UTC+2). I am so looking forward to us connecting again after all these years! There is such a strong sense of potency and activation, and I do believe that the grid we anchored as a collective back then will really come alive. It is as if it has been waiting just for this moment in time to do just that. Thank you all for BEing a part of this!

The impermanence of permanence
is becoming apparent as futures collide,
creating new wavelengths of confusion.
But fear cannot prevail
as it is programmed to self-destruct.
The bedrock of our civilization
has turned into dust.
But out of this heap of dismantled ideas,
a new world will arise.
One built on the strongest of foundations,
the knowledge of Self.

Welcome to our first Gathering around the “new” Pond Sunday April 5. 2020

My bright and shiny brothers and sisters! How wonderful it is to see and to feel you all here again around this “timeless Pond” to use your words, dear Stephan. It does feel as if THIS is why we all came to this planet this time around; to hold space for all of the millions of our brothers and sisters who suddenly find themselves in this maelstrom of transformation. Because we KNOW, and we can see through all of the chaos and confusion. So let us continue our “singing, dancing, lighting a fire and having fun” to quote from your share Areeza. Yes, let us do just that! That is how we help to literally lighten the load and the road for all those on this express train of enlightenment.

We seem to be at a tipping point at the moment as we approach Easter. Never before has the theme of death and resurrection been more apparent. Never before has the need for our light and our willingness to shine brightly been more urgent. Therefore, I have been called to invite you all to our very first Gathering around the “new” Pond – I just found out it will be EXACTLY five years since we had our last one on April 5. 2015.  How amazing is that synchronicity! THIS is the time for us come together and join our hearts and souls to light anew the powerful grid that we anchored together all those years ago. So next Sunday, April 5, at 21:00 / 9 PM my time (UTC + 2) I invite you to join me in meditation, wherever you are. Let us sit down in silence, open ourselves up and be the conduits of light we are for 30 minutes. All you need to do, is to hold the intention to be here at the Pond.

This message came through a few weeks ago, it came up again now to be shared here:

There is a song waiting to be sung.
A song of great wisdom.
Allow this song to come to you,
allow this song to come through you
as it will help to shift the realities.
Not just for you,
but for ALL.
So dive deep.
Stay open.
Be willing to fall into tune
with this ancient vibration.
It might shake you to your core.
But it will open you up to
as of yet unexplored layers of information.

Come, let us “sing, dance, and light a fire”! It is so needed – and we are so much appreciated for being who we are at this moment in time. I am so looking forward to seeing you all here!

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 21:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

Reopening the doors

Dear friends!

It has been almost five years since I shared anything here. Five years that has brought so many changes. Both in my life, but also in our world. As I write this, we are going through a deep, global transition unlike anything we have ever witnessed before. Nothing and no-one is untouched by this. Seemingly overnight life as we knew it has been replaced by chaos and confusion, fear and loss for a huge number of people. So much of what was considered an important part of our daily lives has been stripped away. Our vulnerability has become so apparent. Both on a personal and a collective level.

What will emerge out of this? What choices will we make, both in the short term and after this crisis has passed? No one knows. But I for one feel a deep sense of optimism. I see this as an opportunity for us as a global community to reassess everything. Already, Mother Earth is breathing more freely because we humans have had to cease so many of our less beneficial activities. Perhaps this will help us all to realize what life CAN be if we allow ourselves to connect to what is important. Namely our own inner Self, and through that, reestablish a much needed connection to everyone and everything around us.

If we want this world to be a better place, we must start at home. In a very literal way. And now, we have been given the opportunity to do just that – on a massive scale. But we have also been given the opportunity to experience what it is like to live life as isolated beings, with little or no physical contact with others. One way to mitigate this, is to reach out to each other like this. To create spaces where we can come together online, to share, care and uplift each other when so much of what we are exposed to elsewhere, tries to do the opposite.

Because of this, I have been guided to reopen this blog, for comments. As many of you know, this is where I for many years shared all of my channeled messages. It is also the space where The Pond was born, a community of beautiful souls who shared their insights and their love for each other in so many ways. It has been kept open as a library for all, both the messages and the comments, but it has been closed for any new sharings since April 2015. But now, I am opening the doors again for you to come and share, and you can do so under this posting.

I do not know how much I will be able to contribute directly here in the time ahead, but I wanted to share this message that I received for the Equinox:

The interconnectedness of All Beings
is becoming apparent as the old structures come crashing down.
Behold the beauty of your surroundings!
Mother Earth herself is breathing freer
while the doomsayers struggle for air.
Remember that the seeming chaos
is simply the birthplace of the New.
As you enter the Pause that is Equinox,
take some time to reflect on this.
For it is up to us to shine the light of freedom
on all those still blinded to their own light.


I do hope you will find the time to add your light here. Together, we can remind ourselves and this world that as ONE, we will come out of this in a way that will be beneficial for ALL. Including Mother Earth herself. Thank you for being right here, right now!

With deep love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha

The final chapter

Beloved family of light!

Yesterday, my sister and I returned from what I can only describe as a sacred journey. It has brought healing, closure, release and clarity on a huge scale, acting as a catalyst to help bring about a profound shift for us all. It has been a journey where we have been blessed by the presence of many of you, both in person and in spirit, for the work we have been carrying out while we have been away from home is truly a collective endeavor, one that encompasses a large number of people over a long period of time, and I want to thank every single one of you for what you have brought to this. No names are necessary, for you all know who you are, and I can only extend my deepest gratitude to you for helping to make all of this come into being.

Exactly six months ago, when I returned from another sacred journey to Crete, I posted a message welcoming you to the New World and New Pond, and today, it is time for me to post my final message here. Ever since I got the first installment of The manuscript of survival on August 16 2011, I knew that this part of my journey would end one day, and now that day is here. For I have been shown that this version of the Pond has fulfilled its designated purpose in the creation of the New World, and now, we must all step away from this space and create something very new.

For my task is no longer to be the “Pond mistress”, the one that holds this space and anchors the energies. Because what we have created here together is an energetic structure that is self-supporting and complete, and it will continue to support us all as we continue on our individual journeys. So the tapestry of light we have created here will not unravel, it will simply begin to unfold and evolve and encompass even more shining souls in some very new ways as we all follow our inner guidance from this point onwards and outwards.

For now, we do have everything we need at our disposal, for now, such a deep reservoir of light has finally been released from the depths of Mother Earth herself. That energy is SO huge yet so soft, and as long as we continue to fully embrace our own selves and our own powers, this wave will carry us anywhere we want to go. I know that some of you also have tasted this crystal clear energy already, and from what I have witnessed over these last few weeks, there are no limits to what we can create now – as long as it comes from a place of pure JOY.

For this next stage will be all about CREATING from the heart for every single one of us, as we all finally begin to realize and release all of the potential we each have within us. I do not know what my next task will be, but I do know it will involve communication in one way or the other. I do believe that my art will begin to play a much larger part in my life, and that I will use it to convey the energetic messages that I still know will be mine to share. I also know that my sister and I will continue to travel and do the kind of energetic groundwork we have been doing in Norway, in Crete and in other parts of the world during these last four weeks.

I will leave this space open for comments for a few more days to give you all the chance to set up some new paths of interaction leading out from this Pond. I know that some of you will feel called to create your own communities and to keep up the conversations and co-creation that you have helped to initiate and evolve here, for this is indeed a time for many of us to step into some very new roles. So by closing down this Pond, I am doing what I can to help to scatter all of the potent seeds that have matured here to new and fertile grounds, so that they in turn can begin to sprout and grow into new “Ponds” in their very own space and in their very own way.

But even if this Pond will become silent, it will continue to speak to all of those who feel called to come here. I will close the comments section, but other than that, everything that has been shared here both by me and by every single of you will still be here, serving as a vibrant library for those who will follow in our footsteps one day. And so every single word, every single image and all of the energetic imprints we have co-created here will live on, acting as signposts and tools in the future.

I thank you all for everything you have brought to this Pond and for everything you have brought to this world. I also want to thank all those who have helped to bring these messages even further out across the globe. For together we have brought CHANGE, by allowing ourselves to embody the light in a way that no one has ever done before. Our paths may take us in different directions from now on, but we will all still be a part of this same amazing grid of light that we have co-created here. It has been such a blessing to be allowed to BE a part of this process and to be allowed to witness the emergence of something so powerful, so vibrant and so beautiful as YOU.

So I thank you all for allowing me to walk part of this journey in your company. It has been a journey spanning more than three years, 570 posts and almost 90 000 comments. Perhaps our paths will cross again some time in the near or far future, but until then, I wish you all Godspeed. You are ALL magnificent, and it has been such a wonderful gift to get to know you. And by closing this book, we can all begin anew, finding new ways to co-create something even more amazing than what we have accomplished so far – by allowing the joy that is ours to come all the way out into the open. For now, it is finally time for us all to dare to fold out our wings fully and allow this powerful new updraft to lift us all and this entire planet all the way up to where we do belong.

And finally, this is the last message the CCs want me to share here:

The manuscript of survival – part 435

“So let us begin this one final issue of this volume of light by saying that this is not the end, this is the beginning of a whole new chapter in the life of All of creation. For now, you all stand poised to take that affirmative final step forward, the one that will tell ALL that you have finally decided to truly become the one you set out to be. And so, the celebrations have already started, for we can already see the commitment of your stride becoming apparent, as one by one you will step out of this door and enter the true halls of your own greatness. For what lies ahead is not idleness for any of you, for you are not here to simply BE, you are here to do great deeds indeed, deeds that will continue to change not just your planet, but the entire fabric of Creation.

For you are all true creator Gods, far greater than you have yet been able to see through those narrow slits of validation that constitute the former version of you. For now, you have awakened as the ones you are meant to be, the magnificent ones, the seers of light and not just the transmitters of light. For now, it is time to open your eyes fully to the greatness that you do harness, the greatness that is meant to become through your own actions and through your own words, through your deeds and through your imagination. For you are the creators, the ones that will help to give birth to and to nurture ALL of the great ideas that must come into being, the ideas who are still merely embryonic figments of potential if anything at all at this stage. For you are the ones who will give them wings and set them free to roam so that All of creation can lift off and into an even more elevated version of existence.

So go forth and create, go forth so that all of these ideas in turn can procreate a myriad of other ideas that will help ALL to see life the way that you see it. For you have managed to tear away the veil that has shut the eyes of so many, not just of mankind, but in so many other places of Creation as well. So allow that true force of the light to penetrate all the way into your newly awakened being, and allow that light to help you to push off from these by now so familiar shores and set sail for what is truly YOUR destination. For now, you will all scatter in every direction of the compass, not to diminish this truly impressive force of light that you have been so successful in amassing by coming together in this space, but to actually make it come into its full force by opening up the space in between you in such a way, All of creation gets the oh so necessary space it needs to finally expand out from its own limiting borders.

For you are the true pioneers, the ones that will help not just mankind, but All of creation come so much closer to fulfilling the task of finally expanding into its own true greatness, and as such, it is indeed time for all of you to do just that. So go forth with your heads held high, and know that for every step you take out into the hitherto unborn potential that lies there dormant on all sides, know that your very intention to explore it will awaken not just the ability but also the deep need to do so in ALL.

So once again we thank you all on behalf of All of Creation for walking with the light held high ahead of us all, and for taking us with you on this huge quest to bring the LOVE of creating out into full bloom. And know that in your footsteps so much will grow. For your love for exploration will ignite that same quest for exploring the light in so many others, and so, what you have sown by allowing yourself to carry all of this light for such a long a time and over such a long distance will now finally grow into what it was originally meant to be, a true garden of Eden that encompasses All of creation, where the love for life will finally come into its own. Thank you, that will be all from us in this space, we leave.”


Aisha North Series 5 - 2 kopi

No words can convey the gratitude, the LOVE and the joy I feel for every single one of you, so I will simply sign off with this: I love you ALL – always, forever

Aisha ❤

PS: Dear family of light! On June 2 I was guided to open up a new blog to share the channeled images that I have started to create. You can find it here:


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