A short update on the energies

Incorporating the incoming energies

is simply to embody more and more of your Self.

You are re-entering the vast ocean of your beingness,

so even if the incoming waves may feel overpowering,

do not struggle against them.

For if you allow it,

they will simply carry you home.

Welcome to the April Gathering around the Pond, Sunday April 4

The knowingness of the light is infinite.

So too is yours.

For you have come to be here at this time

in order to uplift.

Not just your self, but this entire planet.

It is an immense undertaking that is unfolding.

One that takes place in every corner of your world.

And even if the fullness of your task

may still be shrouded from view,

know that you play an intrinsic part.

For this is a re-wholing

of a multitude of fragments.

Fragments embedded within every single one of you.

So the picture cannot be completed

without the coming together.

In large and small gatherings, such as these.

A reunion of souls is what will heal

the wound of separation.

So sink into the stillness

of your own might,

and know that you are

already complete.

Complete in your own Self.

Completely connected to ALL.

And as such, the mitghy endeavor of

ressurecting the Wholeness

on this planet is also complete.

Now all it takes,

is for you to trust

the truth of your magnificent hearts

and truly become what you already are.

Dear friends!
It is Easter Week, a period of uplifting energies in a very literal way. It is also the perfect time for sinking into the stillness of meditation and reminding ourselves of our connectedness. So this Sunday, April 4, I invite you to join me for a “reunion of souls” – the April Gathering around the Pond – at 21:00 my time (UTC + 2). Let us come together with our magnificent hearts to add more pieces to this co-creation of a whole, new world!

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha ❤

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Equinox message

Equanimity does not equate equilibrium.

Rather, it signifies an ability to stay centered

even in the most tempestuous of times.

Such as these.

For even if the celestial light at this time

seems to be balanced evenly on your planet,

the rest of your world is anything but.

But remember, this too is in the eye

– or rather heart – of the beholder.

And as such, the clear-eyed

will see beyond the hue and cry.

For even if the actions and reactions

so clearly visible around you

speaks loudly of chaos and confusion,

the heart always knows.

For your heart resides in a very different

spatial time from your mind.

It can see beyond the linear constrictions

and constructions of the mind.

So the heart knows that you are in fact

moving beyond the grasp of old restrictions

by allowing the incoming energies

to sweep you off your feet.

Thus, being balanced is not about standing still.

It is all about letting go

 and falling into grace.

Welcome to the March Gathering around the Pond, Sunday March 7

Setting free the imagination

from the confines of the mind

is the true liberation of mankind.

Because you cannot find the way to freedom

by picturing it in your mind’s eye.

Only by allowing your wild heart to set the course

can your imagination run free.

Then, the chaos and confusion around you

will only serve to fuel the creativity within you.

So let the fear of the unknown

transform into a childlike curiosity.

For you were born

with an inherent urge to explore.

It is not something that needs to be learned.

Only remembered.

So become as if a child again,

and you will always see through the heart

and delight in the journey.

Dear friends! “Become as if a child again” – these words have come through many times in the messages I have channeled over the years. To me, they capture the true essence of what we really are here to BE; open-hearted, curious, joyful and endlessly creative. And when we reconnect with this essence of our Selves, there are no limits to what we can co-create. So with joy in my heart, I invite you to bring your “wild heart” to our Gathering around the Pond meditation this upcoming Sunday at 21:00 my time (UTC + 1). Let us be curious, let us be playful, and let us deLIGHT in our journey together. What a wild, but wonderful ride it is!

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha ❤ ❤

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Full Moon message

Let the Full Moon flavour your day.

Allow it to lift you up to new heights,

along with the incoming tide.

For you are not here

to avert your eyes

from the full magnitude of your Self.

You are here to surpass

even the wildest of your own dreams.

For dreams are like birds.

Born to roam free.

But it is up to you to make your dreams

take to their wings and fly.

So set yourself free, and allow your Self to soar.

High and mighty as the eagle.

touching the Sky and kissing the Moon.

You are the ocean

Remember dear ones,

you are not islands, isolated, separated,

adrift on the vast ocean.

Rather, you ARE the ocean.

Every single one of you

is like a single drop of the ocean.

And together, you are everything.

So feel into this deep connectedness

whenever you feel isolated,

whenever someone tries to make you

feel or act as if you are just one.

For you are never just one,

you are never alone.

You are a magnificent part

of a magnificent whole.

So be that, and act like that.

Feel the connection and BE the connection.

Never ever allow yourself to feel the need

to act upon the words

of all those trying to make you feel isolated.

For you are not, and you will never be.

Unless you allow yourself to sink into this untruth.

For in truthfulness,

mankind has never been as connected as you are today.

And this connection will continue to emerge

more and more as you allow yourselves

to feel the true vastness of your being

And so it is and so it will be.