Let your soul embrace you

Dear friends! I was guided to repost this message from exactly three years ago: Allow the vastness of your soulto embrace youlike the soft covering of snowon a winter morning.Then, as you go out into the world,every single ray of light you encounterwill be reflected and magnified a thousandfold,reaching the depthsof even the most frozenContinue reading “Let your soul embrace you”

Welcome to the December Gathering around the Pond, Sunday December 6

Evidence of clarity emerges from the stillness embodied within. A pace of grace is unfolding, allowing for a lightness of being. Let yourself be held by the sweetness of thoughts. Actions and deeds will follow suit, creating a spring-like sensation in the midst of winter. Dear friends!We have entered the last month of a veryContinue reading “Welcome to the December Gathering around the Pond, Sunday December 6”

A short update on the energies

Do not let the intensity of the prevailing energies throw you off guard. You are sailing in uncharted waters, and as such, the unfamiliar may take on the appearance of the unasked-for. But know that it is all meant to be. For a very specific reason. Namely the liberation from the old. Remember, unobstructed, theContinue reading “A short update on the energies”

A short update on the energies

The greatness of Spirit lies hidden behind the shroud of Self denial. You are so much more than what you give yourself credit for. No more can you be hiding yourself from the gift that is you. A gift that you are here to share freely with the world. But most of all, with yourself.Continue reading “A short update on the energies”

The drums of time – Equinox message

It is written in your bones. Not as a destiny, but as a multiple of choices. Allow it to emerge in this silent, pregnant pause between what was and what will be. Hear the drums of time. Let them play you. Let them be played by you. Shake yourself fully awake. For you are hereContinue reading “The drums of time – Equinox message”

Message from the June Gathering around the Pond

Thank you, my dear sisters and brothers of the light, for being part of this Pond and of the Gathering last Sunday. For me, it was a very light-filled and joy-filled experience, especially since I had the opportunity to share it live online. During our meditation, this message came through: Dear ones, you are shiftingContinue reading “Message from the June Gathering around the Pond”