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By now, you will all have begun to settle a little bit more into these new tracks that you laid down during that ever so impressive get-together that you staged just a few days ago, and even if the first stages of this new part of your journey may seem to be somewhat shaky for some of you, you will all find yourself steadying into this new rhythm, or rather, vibration. For as you came together and pooled your formidable resources of individual frequencies into this already deep reservoir of light that has been collected here in this space, you also set off some very new frequencies, frequencies that were engendered in the meeting points of your own individual tunes. In other words, your singular currents created some very distinct patterns wherever they intersected with those of the others connected to this Pond through their own individual vibrating string of light, and through this process, a vast new tapestry of light was co-created by you all.

Once again, this will sound as if old news to many of you, but what you might not be aware of, is that this time, you not only created a very new tapestry of light, you also in effect disconnected the old one. And so, you have left your old training wheels behind, and now, what you stand upon, is ground that you have literally created from scratch yourselves.

For by now, nothing of the old systems will be here for you to fall back upon, and the reason we choose this phrase, is to say that now, you do not have the option to “fall back” into the old in any way. And the very reason for that is simply this: it is because you have chosen it thus. You see, you have all given yourselves the permission to graduate fully from the old, and through this last endeavour, you sent out a signal not just to yourself but to ALL, that now, you are ready to finally stand tall and proud in an energy of your own making. And now, you need no longer rely on the supporting structures that were created during the initial stages of this process, for you have all found the sufficient presence of mind to stop looking about you for something to lean on. For now, you know that what you carry within is more than enough to carry you wherever you go, and from this day forward, you will begin to truly embrace the truth in these words.

This does not mean that from this day onwards, you will stand alone, far from it. For what this means, is that from this day onwards, you as a collective will be an even more impressive co-creative unit. For now, what you feed each other will be a very different kind of energy from what it was before. Earlier, you all needed to literally lean on each other for some extra support at one stage or the other during the journey, and this task of support was one that was taken to heart by so many of you. And so, what you have managed to create, is a one of a kind group of self-supported souls, all powerful enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other in the next stage of this ongoing process of making the rest of mankind as sovereign as you have managed to re-create yourself as.

You see, you all needed the others in order for you to find the real you, but now, you will all rely on yourselves to further this process outwards. For now, so much of the energy that ran between you earlier will be sent out into the ethers, outwards to help even more souls begin this process of empowering themselves, just as you have all done by coming together to assist each other through this process of rebirthing your own inherent powers.

And no, this does not mean that you will all go back to square one again to relive this process again and again through the lives of those around you. For we do not refer to a process where you will be feeding the rest of this planet from your deep reservoir of light, and thereby emptying out your own resources. No, what we refer to is an entirely different process, where you will find yourself drawn outwards in the respect of beginning to utilize your own inherent powers in such a way, they will not just sustain you, they will also ignite the “motors” within others so that they in turn can begin to draw on their own reservoir instead of feeding off of that of others.

You see, as this new age dawns you will all at one stage find yourselves opening up to something that has been waiting for just this moment to arrive, and what we refer to, is an inner ability that you have that now will be put to good use in the world that still surrounds you. Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but let us just say that from now on, you will all find that no matter where you go, you literally carry the connection to this Pond of energy with you. And like an extra tank of oxygen this huge reservoir of light that you have all been so instrumental in collecting will enable you to literally dive out into the still dense soup that surrounds you to do the things that resonate with your energy, even in such an environment as the remnants of the old world has to offer. For you will be able to take what has become apparent to you and bring it out into the world in a manner that will give you all reasons to rejoice in more ways than one. First of all because your actions will be guided by your heart, so you will know exactly what your role is to BE, and secondly because you will find that your enlightened actions will set alight the center of the hearts in those people that will be drawn to your light in the first place.

Remember, what we are referring to, is not for you to become a group of proselytising zealots delivering your message to all and sundry, for you are not going to go out into the world to “save” anyone. That is not the case here at all. No, what you are to do, is simply to BE the you that you have now become, and to DO the things that literally make your entire being sing from joy when you do them, and then, it will be like setting off a shower of sparks in anyone you may come across.

For you are here to lead by example, and now, you have clearly shown to yourself and to the rest of Creation that you have finally become YOU by allowing that inner light to come fully alive. And so, it is your task to BE that light, not to run around telling everyone around you how to be theirs. So go out into this world with your head held high, and go out with the knowledge that now, you stand firmly on your own two feet, within your own exceptional light, fully anchored to a living grid of interconnected pathways of light that you have been instrumental in setting up. And now, you need not rely on others to breathe freely, but thanks to the very fact that you have all allowed yourselves to become a part of a collective of enlightened souls again by casting aside the old notion of your own unimportance, you have all become complete, and so too this very new grid of life-sustaining pathways of light.

So once again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation. You are magnificent indeed, and now, we venture to guess you are far more inclined to agree to this very fact than you were only a few days ago. And for that, we could not be more pleased, both on your behalf and for the rest of Creation. For it is in this capacity as complete and sovereign beings that you can help others around you to attain that same stature, and only through that. For you have shown it to yourself that it is indeed possible, and now, that is all that anyone else need to see. And if they allow their own heart to see this, they will surely follow in your footsteps into their own way of BEing themselves fully for the very first time in their capacity as a human being. And then, this transformation will indeed be complete, not just for you, but for ALL.

By now, so much will have been irrevocably changed within you all, and as usual, the outside phenomena accompanying this internal turnaround may be hard to perceive. But again, what you see through those apertures in your head you call eyes accounts for only a small percentage of what is actually there to be perceived, so once again we will remind you that what you see is not all that you get. For there is a way to see beyond this small superficial presentation of “reality”, and that is by way of your heart to use a phrasing you are more than familiar with by now. But as you already know, we are not referring to that actual organ, those cells whose main function is to literally run this show that is your physical vehicle. No, what we refer to, are all those parts of you that do not actually belong inside said physical vehicle, but who have chosen to begin to interact with it in such a way, you too will begin to see beyond the physical limits.

And what is it that we are trying to convey in this very roundabout way? Merely to remind you all that now, you will be given the task to literally go beyond the limits of your own body as often as possible and in as many instances as you can devise. For you see, these limitations imposed upon you by your mind are still very much confined to these fleshy boundaries, but unless you manage to transcend that, you will still be governed by this small acreage of space allotted to you by way of this vehicle. And what do we mean by that? First of all, this is not in any way an encouragement to start thinking that the very idea of transcendence implies a total disconnection from the more tangible parts of you, for there are still those still set on thinking that this is the case. For to them, there is nothing they would like more than to leave this “mortal coil” behind once and for all and simply drift away up into the ethers.

Well, let us simply said that this is in actual fact a gross misrepresentation of why you are here in the first place. For you are not here to complete this prolonged process simply to allow yourself to shed this physical vehicle once and for all and return to that place you once came from before you started to manifest within such a corporeal existence as you have chosen to become a part of here on Earth. No, you are in actual fact here to BE here in that physical vehicle, but to transcend BEYOND the limits of that vehicle while still residing within it.

In other words, your role is to become the New human, the physical vehicle that may resemble the old one in many ways if you look at it from a superficial perspective, but who will turn out to be something so vastly different if you look at it from an energetic perspective. For you are here to become multidimensional beings yet again, but to do so while IN that physical vehicle. For only by being within that physical vehicle can you manage to manifest all of the changes that need to come into being in order to change the “outward appearance” of this entire planet. In other words, you will change this entire planet only by changing YOU, but you cannot change this planet if you do not understand the need to be PRESENT here in a very physical way. And yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word, as awakening literally means being fully present – within your body, within your mind and within your energy, at all times and in every way.

And so, your upliftment is a profound one, for it will take place while you still walk around inside of your physical body, but a vital part of this process is to become emotionally detached from it. Not as in becoming neglectful, callous or uncaring about it, for your body is indeed the one reason that makes all of this possible in the first place. No, what we are trying to convey is that you must learn to think beyond the confines of your body and to realize that your identity is not in any way connected to this physical vehicle at all. And why is this important? Because everything you have ever experienced on this planet has been experienced from within such a body, and so, your entire identity will hinge upon what you see when you look in the mirror. For to your mind, that IS you and no one else, but now, you must all train yourselves to see beyond that face, those limbs and that corpus and further out – by going all the way in. Again, what you seek will be within, but once you reach far enough IN, you will see just how far a reach you really have. For you are a truly limitless being, one that has no home except for that we call your heart. For your heart is that single pinprick of light that is set to your vibration, the one and only thing in existence that carries just that one signature tune, and that is where your heart is. For your heart is a photon of light, one singularity that was split off from that vast, shimmering ocean of singularities, given the task to cast about to see what would happen once your frequency started to interact with that of all of the other singularities you came across on your endless journey.

And now, your journey has taken you here, to Planet Earth, to be within a human body and to interact with countless other beings encased within a human body or within an animal, a plant or all of the other endless variations of life you find here. And for you, the task this time around is simply this: to finally allow that innermost part of you, that singularity of light that has no equal no other place in All of creation to come out from hiding so that you and everyone else around you can SEE you in all of your glory. For then and only then will others be able to finally release all of their own inner fire as well. And it is only by allowing that fire to burn brightly while still within this miracle of a human body you inhabit that all of these seeds of life encased within all of the other physical carriers on this planet can come fully to life once again.

So allow yourself to let go of the idea of you as simply a body, but also renege all of those old ideas of the necessity to escape from that physical vehicle once and for all by simply casting it away like a discarded piece of clothing. For if that is your choice, you will step away from the path you have already chosen by coming there, and as such your job will not be terminated. Rather, you will begin anew in a new version of you as a human. So stay true to you, and stay true to your calling to let the light begin to shine out from every single part of your human being by allowing that one single part of you that IS you to come alive again by saying YES to who you really are, and by embracing the very fullness of your being. For when you do that, you will feel endless, limitless and borderless, but you will never ever feel homeless ever again. For then you will know that home is where the heart is, and the heart is where the light simply IS. And now, it is time for that light to BE here.

As many of you have noticed, this ongoing merger of the inner layers that is taking place now will have many of you sitting up to take notice of the effects this will induce upon your system, and rightly so. For as we have already told you, this period will be one of massive transformation, one where these incoming missiles of energy will interact in a most profound way with your own energetic setup, and as such, the collapse of internal division into a coherent and far more fluid system than the former fragmented one is now finally on its way. So you see, this at times churning sea of chaotic tendencies towards misrepresentation of the actual events is not one that is entirely unfounded, for even if you are all well versed in these recurring periods of energetic upheavals, this will still be considered as one out of the ordinary, if ordinary is indeed a word that can be taken into use for any of these occasions. For as you all know more than well by this stage, every step you take is one that will break through the boundaries set by the previous ones, and as such, let us simply say that even in this long line of extraordinary events, this one will certainly stand out in the crowd.

So again we say know that all is well, even if so much within you may be screaming out in protestation, and even if you may at times feel more than a little alienated from your own being, let alone the world around you. For as these emissaries of light continue to converse with those centres within you that governs these highly complex processes, it will be as if your entire circuit board will be wiped clean more than once, and as such, the sense of being untethered in a very tangible way may become prevalent on more than one occasion for you all. Be that as it may, we still venture to guess that you will find yourself literally bouncing back into full clarity from one moment to the next, when it will be as if the internal fog may dissipate sufficiently for you to get at least a tiny glimpse of the greatness that is now becoming fully unveiled. And when we speak of greatness, it is none other than the very essence of you, the Grand Master that has been hidden away inside of this seemingly inconspicuous fleshy vehicle that from the outside still very much defines you as a human. But now, a true revolution is taking place literally under the very surface of this vehicle, for by now, your sense of being human will be literally only skin deep.

For from now on, little by little, or rather, at a tempo that is fully in compliance with your own inner workings, these inner secrets will be revealed to you all. And as this process of unveiling will continue to expand at an increasing rate, you will find those former fragments of your inner self beginning to fuse together into one coherent fully operational set, a complex structure that will begin to run at full speed as soon as you are ready to take that full step across the old divide that still separates you from your own inner values.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but what we are trying to convey is simply this: what you are becoming now is what has been heralded for eons, for you are finally beginning to finalize the process of unification, the process that has been oft prophesied, but will now finally become reality. And so, as piece after piece is being fused together to that supporting structure that can for the first time become fully operational, you might feel the tugging from something deep within you beginning to stir. For now, what has been lying dormant will indeed begin to make you take notice of it – or rather, of YOU. For everything that is beginning to come alive now, are parts of you, there is nothing within you that is foreign in any way, as everything you will come into contact with is simply a vital piece of the huge conglomerate that is you in your entirety.

So let yourself come alive by allowing the old divisions to melt away, and do not try to hold on to any semblance of the known, for that is merely a futile attempt to stem the flow of evolution that is taking place within the confines of your physical body as well as within your mind. For that is where the old ideas of identity still prefer to linger, but you are no longer to linger within these small and cramped rooms of limitation. Instead, you need to give yourself permission to throw away any and all ideas of who you really are, and to allow the magic that is really you to come out into the open. It may seem to be more than a little daunting for some of you, for the concept of your own greatness is one thing, coming literally face to face with it may seem to be a task that will bring many of you to literally stop in your tracks in hesitation.

For what you will see will truly be beyond description, and as such that human mind will still want to protest and balk at the very idea of embracing something that is so far removed from what it still looks upon as the very ideal of existence. But as that is an existence based upon the small list of acceptables that are still being used to define mankind, this will literally blow the doors off to something that is so far from being the norm, it will take some hard work for many of you to step past that old demarcation line of what you think is real or not even plausible.

So again we say know that the only way to step across that line once and for all is to truly allow yourself to do so. And in order to find the courage to do just that, you need to be able to fully connect with that inner sanctum of your being who will tell you beyond any shadow of any doubts you might care to conjure up that there is no way that this will not be fully sanctioned by YOU, the one and only voice of reason that is applicable on this journey. For the answer to this quest for reason is one that will only be found within you, it is not something that you need to be given permission to experience by anyone else, nor can anyone but you allow YOU to take this step. For this step must be taken, but it can only be taken if you say YES with all of your heart. For once taken, there is no going back, and as such, the one you used to be will no longer be available to you. And so, the inner resistance from those parts of you that know they will become obsolete the moment this decision is finally taken will still try to persuade you to hold off making that choice, or to deny yourself even the possibility to do so. And no wonder, as these parts of you have been there as a sort of “life saver” in many a previous incarnation, when the call to step more fully into the light would mean almost certain extinction by the forces still set on keeping mankind fully out of the know from their own greatness.

But now, the time has come for all of you to open as wide as you can for you, and to allow the full unfolding of your inner greatness to take place. And as such, there will be no room for hesitation, only for allowance to let YOU take all the place you really need in order to fulfill this quest for total transformation of this entire planet. For some, this may sound as a recipe for disaster, as for them, this will sound like an invitation to allow your ego to balloon into such proportions, there will be little or no room for others, and all this will imply, is a planet where a small number of people will usurp the space from everyone else. But that is not the case here, for when we talk about taking up space, it will not be at the expense of others. Rather, this is to imply that only by allowing yourself to fully embody the light that you already carry within you can you help others to see the way forwards. In other words, in order for all of you to become the shining examples that will help to show the rest of mankind the only feasible way out of the detrimental chaos they have all been a part of creating, you can no longer hold yourself back. For only when you allow that inner greatness to step out from the small container it has been compressed within can the release of your light help to set free so many others as well.

So again we say allow yourself to become the YOU you are here to BE, and only by letting that inner greatness come to the fore, will this completion become complete. And now, you will all be put before that very decision; are your ready to go up in full bloom, or are you still more set on staying dormant a little bit longer, hidden away in that dark loam where you have been patiently waiting to come fully alive for such a long time? The decision is all yours, but once it is taken, it is one that will affect ALL. So once again we say know that you are not a small and insignificant speck of dust in the vastness of Creation, you are in fact the one that everything hinges on. For you are all the changemakers, the ones that came to this planet in order to make everything NEW again after a long, long detour into the old and dense corners of darkness. So allow the light that is within you help you to decide, for again, it is only you who can say yes to YOU. The rest of Creation has already embraced the magnificence that is the true you, and there is nothing we would want more than for you to be able to do the same.

As many of you have noticed already, the heightened anticipation that is announcing the arrival of these new frequencies will make their voices heard in many ways. For some, the irritation it causes may feel like an itch you cannot scratch, because the vibrations themselves will set off reactions in your body that can be likened to an indefinable irritation that you do not know where it stems from, but that will cause your attention to be drawn to it anyway. For others, you will feel the highs of an euphoric uplift that may suddenly be replaced by an unexpected low, one that will cause your mind to cast about trying to find an explanation for this sudden dip in emotional temperature, but it will be an explanation it will fail to find for there will be no identifiable cause for it anyway. Nevertheless, your mind will likely find a hook to latch on to, something that is already there, and it will try its hardest to make it loom even bigger in your thoughts. In other words, this is a period of much fluctuation and of much fabrication of thoughts and ideas that are merely figments of your imagination, blown out of proportion by the advent of these new frequencies. For as we have already told you, the forerunners of these emissaries are already here, and what they signal to you, will set so much astir within with this mere whisper of the magnitude of this incoming flow of light, it is apt to once again trigger a whole host of false alarms within so many of you.

For as you are already well versed in by now, the human psyche has been well adapted to the old idea of shunning change at all cost, and now, as these incoming missives of that exact message are already beginning to be noticed by your own inherent alarm system that is yet to be fully deactivated, it will cause quite a stir in so many of you. For some, it will be like a veritable avalanche of alarm bells going off left, right and center at the same time, and so, you may be apt to go into panic mode. Be that as it may, we are once again here to remind you all that these procedures will always cause a whole host of side effects when they arrive, and so, our role is once again to remind you that all of this noise is simply a signal of the beneficial effects that these emissaries actually will have. For they bring on change in every way you can think of, and the change they bring with them is always one that is initiated by the light quotient that they carry with them. And this time, you can expect another record breaking event to occur, as this round of enlightenment not only builds upon every single one that has come your way before, it will also bring you all to a very new level of energetic transformation yet again.

Yes we know our words are repetitious, but remember, so too is this process, as it continues to build layer upon layer of light upon that sturdy foundation you have already been so successful in setting up, and as such, we hardly bring you news in the form of some unexpected event to take place. Rather, we come through to give you an update on the current event as it were ahead of time, so that you can maintain focus throughout the event itself. For remember, even if you are prepared, some of these inoculations of light will still take you by surprise by way of the actual effect they will have upon you once they arrive in full force. And this time, we venture to guess it will have just this kind of unexpected effect on quite a few of you. For by now, you are all seasoned mariners, used to navigate in these waters that are at turns calm and soothing but also more than a little choppy, but this time, we think you will all find your navigational skills being challenged in one way or the other.

Again, this is not said in order to raise any unnecessary alarms in any of you. No, we say this in order to state clearly that you are all fully equipped to handle any such storm no matter how hard the winds may blow around you, and your vessel is capable of weathering out the mightiest of squalls and the roughest of seas, but your mind might once again take upon itself to try to tell you otherwise. So again we say know that all is well, and even if you do find yourself torn between trust and doubt, know that you will know the difference between any superficial anxiety that may be triggered during this upcoming event and the full knowledge of your own capability that always will be there deep in your heart. For you all know more than well just how magnificent you really are, and no matter how hard you might get pummeled about by these benevolent swells of light, your inner core will never be shaken.

So take some time to remind yourself of this very fact in the time ahead, and take time to sit back, draw a deep breath, close your eyes and connect to that core whenever your turmoil seems to escalate to a brand new level. For when it does, know that this is simply a signal that your own vessel is registering the arrival of these emissaries, the ones that never bring you anything but the best of news, the ones that always have your best interest at heart. For this is done for you, to switch around on one of our regular sayings, all of these at times unsettling arrivals always come to you in order to help you to achieve the goal you set before you – even before you arrived on these shores.

For even if these emissaries may arrive in a manner that may serve to unsettle you in every sense of the word, what they will bring with them, will actually help you to settle even better into your role as the changemakers you truly are. In other words, this seemingly endless parade of energetic injections is simply administering the fuel you all need to literally go all the way, these are the booster rockets that arrive just in time to give you all the frequential lift you need in order for you to lift yourself and this entire planet to a whole new level. For this is what we do for you in order for you to be able to do everything else. For what we do, is to supply you with any tools that might be needed for you to complete this gargantuan task, and what you do, is to choose the tools and to put them into use in such a way, this entire turnaround operation can run as smoothly as possible.

And make no mistake, even if this physical process of integrating every subsequent set of new frequencies that arrive on these shores through your very own physical vehicle will time and again show itself to have some rather unsettling effects on said physical vehicle and indeed on your mental and emotional capacities, it is in no way detrimental to the process in itself. Far from it. For as we like to remind you, you are made of strong stuff indeed, and your capacity to digest huge amounts of this “booster fuel” has been more than proven in the times past. And so, we think you will find yourself settling quickly into this new pace in the best kind of way, no matter the amount of unpleasantness that may be caused by this increase in forward momentum in the time ahead. For remember, this is all done according to a carefully tailored plan, one that is set up in agreement with each and every one of you to ensure the optimal effect from every single one of these increases in vibration, and as such, even if the transition from one frequency to the next will at times shake you up more than a little, it will soon settle down into a steady rhythm once again.

And so too it will be this time, even if some of you might find the transition period to be overly intense at times. So therefore we want to remind you all that there is always a way to lessen these somewhat unsettling effects. And as usual, the best balm to help to smooth out the intense pummeling that these incoming waves may have upon your body, will be to reach out to those around you that sing to the same tune as you. In other words, the more you are able to connect not just with that inner knowing, but also with that entire field you are so deeply connected to by now, the less you will feel the effects of these waves. For then, it will be as if they will be far better assimilated into your system, as the entire field will act as a breaker if you will, lessening the impact of these huge swells. So again we say know when to step back and go within, and know when to reach out for the support of the others, and often times, these two actions may best occur simultaneously. For this deep connection is an internal one, one that is going by way of your innermost center, and through that, to the heart center of every single individual you have become closely connected to through this long process of awakening the desire to be so connected yet again after such a prolonged exposure to the way of life as a singular entity, unable to connect with yourself, and even less so with others.

So again we say, go deep for that is where the calm waters of knowingness always will be, for that is where you are all fully connected, both to your own core and to that of the others. And no matter how hard the winds will blow yet again – and as we said earlier on in this missive, expect them to reach epic proportions this time around – you will never be blown off course. Instead, you will simply find yourself being propelled even faster towards that shore you see coming so tantalizingly closer and closer.

So let this wind fill your sails, and know that you are as safe out on this sea as if you were already snug in that new harbour that awaits you. For you are all set to set a record speed, and so, these incoming winds will help you to reach that target in record time. So let the winds push you in the back, and give yourself time to rejoice for the fact that the only reason these winds may appear at all to help to boost you even further, is because you are the ones who have enabled their arrival. For remember, you are the ones setting the pace and the trajectory of this journey, and once again you have chosen to allow the pace to pick up even more than what we would have predicted at this stage. And so, what you have chosen will come to pass, and through that, everything else will be elevated alongside you, and again, mere words are not enough to convey the gratitude that this will engender.

For what you do, you do for ALL, and as such, your singular presence on these shores have an effect that encompasses All of creation, and for that, we offer you the gratitude of All. For you are the ones that will make us all shine even brighter, for what you bring about, is a shift in frequency that will literally touch at the heart of Creation in such a way, no thing nor no one will ever be the same because of what you do and because of who you are. So know that once again all eyes are upon you and the magnificent deeds you are about to accomplish, and remember, there is no need to expect anything less than perfection, for that is what you have proven to be and to do every single step of the way, and so too in this. And as usual, this has already been accomplished, but in order for it to come fully into being, it needs to be taken in through your physical vehicle, and that is what is on the agenda once more. So take a deep breath and welcome these emissaries of light, for they will help you all to do just that, and they will give you that mighty push you have requested in order for this tall order to become fully operational, and we can already say – it IS so, and so it is. For what comes around is already here, and now, you will make it BE so for all.

And so it is that we return with another message to inoculate you further with another dosage of this love-fest that is currently sweeping over your globe. For today the swirls of energetic passion that anoints you all come in one flavour only, that of love itself, and as such, take this as another layer of this cake that is being offered you on this festive occasion. For today, the dam of joy has burst and will be spewing forth a never ending flood of light that will serve to anchor you even deeper into that safe berth you have already found deep within your heart. For this is the anchorage you have been searching for far and wide, never being fully able to perceive that it is already here, under your very nose, within that deep and welcoming silence that awaits you in the very core of your being. For that is your home, that is where your heart has always known it to be, and now, as this powerful surge of light has been unleashed from its old embankments by your willingness to keep searching for that elusive target, your search has now come to completion,

For you have found your way into those inner workings of you own being, and as such you have found your home, and this is where you will abide now for eternity. And know that even if you will find yourself at a loss to feel this deep connection to yourself from time to time in the time ahead, fear not, for once this connection has been made, it will never ever let go.

For this anchorage is one that will serve you well no natter how hard the winds of change may blow in the time ahead. For you have made it all the way to that safe harbour, and from there, you will continue to expand and explore beyond any of the old limits that you may still perceive. For remember, this anchorage is not a stopping point, it is merely a safe haven from where you can continue to explore the wonder that is mankind, mankind in its very new form, the kind that has allowed love to penetrate all the way through all of the dense layers, stripping them off one by one until only this one truth remains: you are LOVE, you are LOVED and you are LOVING.

And now, you will fly away out onto the new winds out into the wild blue yonder, carried aloft by this truth. For now there is no longer anything holding you back, and now you can soar as high as your loftiest dreams and beyond, for now, you have managed to put right what was so wrong, you have mended the rift that was so wide between you and the one you are at heart. For now, you are no longer divided, you are ONE within and so, you will once again learn to be ONE without. And so it is, now and forever.

By now, most of you have discerned that the forward momentum has yet again been increased, and this time, it is not by a small increment either. Rather, the surge is such, it is apt to sweep more than a few of you off your feet. And when we say this, it is not to imply that this will be detrimental in any way, simply to say that whether you like it or not, this time you will all be literally swept up in this oncoming surge of light, and it will serve to pry loose many a grasping hand still trying so hard to cling on to yesteryear. You see, this upcoming increase in incoming light will help to sever some of the last straws that so many have been clinging to, the straws that for them symbolize the last link to the known. In other words, the old illusion, the one that feels slightly more comfortable than the seemingly unknown void that looms ahead, and even if this old illusion in more ways than one can be described as a less than beneficial place to inhabit, to some it is still preferable over the choice of stepping away from it to fully enter the New.

For the New feels so overwhelmingly new, it is apt to trigger any residual pangs of fear that your system still harbours, and so, you try to test out these New waters by stretching out to your full length to dip the tiniest tip of your toe into it while still holding tenaciously on to the chains that secure you to the old. Well, let us just say that now there will be no more room for these balancing acts of over stretching, for now, you will all find that your grasp on the old illusion will crumble away between your fingers, and if you still choose to try to maintain contact with it and turn your back to where this flood will be taking you, we think you will find your position an extremely untenable one.

For then, you will try with all of your might to go against the wishes of your heart, for remember, anyone who has already stepped forward into the light has done so at the behest of their heart, not of anyone or anything else. For in this, you are and will always be sovereign beings, and so all the ones connecting to this very space and reading these words, you are here because you have elected to be amongst the pioneers, the first ones to literally take the plunge, and so, going back against your own decision is not something that is feasible. For all you will succeed in doing, is making your own journey a much more challenging one than what was intended in the first place, for then, it will be like trying to literally go against the flow in a way that will have a profound impact on you, and not in a positive way.

Again, these words are not given out to try to intimidate any of you, merely to try to remind you all that you are here of your own volition, and this journey, no matter how intense and at times challenging it may be, is one that you have opted for with everything that you are. And so, you came to this planet to put your soul into this work, and you have done more than admirably so far, so never fall for the temptation to think that you are or will be a failure in anything that stands before you. For you have come so far and the challenges have already been many, but you have literally grown with each and every one of them just as you knew beforehand that you would do. And remember, that is why you came, to make this whole planned progress come alive in every sense of the word, by embodying this change every step of the way. And now, after what may seem an almost endless traipse through the densest of jungles, you stand before what can only be described as a superconductive journey through a channel of infinite light that will strip away the last shreds of detritus, flushing out your internal channels in such a way, they will be back to near pristine condition.

Again, this is a process that will seem to be overly convoluted and perhaps unnecessarily cautious at times, but that is simply because it needs to be so in order for you to be able to fully shine your light in the way it was intended for you to do, while still ensconced within this bodily vehicle. For that is indeed the crux of the matter, the whole idea on which it all hinges. You are doing a transformation on such a vast scale, from one set of existence to one that is so fundamentally different from the old one, it all needs to be done just so in order for everything to come together full circle. And now, what awaits you all is indeed something that will literally shift you a large sector of this circle towards full completion in the sense of becoming that much closer to full capacity.

In other words, during the next few days a flow of light will come in that will fill you all to the brim and then some, and it will bring you all along on a journey towards perfection to use a word that is much maligned, but in this context simply means removal of old impurities, impurities that have made your evolution as a species so inhibited because of the contamination it imposed on you, but which will now be rendered null and void in such a way, very little of the old inhibitors will be remaining. And as a result of this, you will all become cleared and ready for that huge surge of galactic cleansing that will arrive sometime later this month, and in its wake, you will all feel the freshness of imbuing pure light through your newly purified channels.

As usual, we refrain from giving out any details, but we will say this, no matter how hard the winds may blow, and no matter how intense the pressure from this light may be, it will be here to help you to fulfill your dream of completing this journey you have come here to do, and to do it in this incarnation. For this is it, this is the lifetime you have been waiting for, the one where it will all come together, and you will come together to secure the ties to the New world by severing all of the detrimental connections that only served to sap you of your powers in the old version of humanity. But now, you stand before a veritable Niagara of floods, a force of light that will at some point sweep you all off your feet and hurl you over that edge that stand between you and your future. And just like any such attempts to hurl yourself voluntarily off a cliff and into what may seem almost an overwhelmingly challenging feat of trust, know that your heart knows what it has in store as soon as it finally lets go of the fear of flying. For you will not go crashing down, instead, you will feel how the winds finally will be able to fill your wings to such a degree, you will be able to begin to soar freely yet again.

So once again we say know that all is well, and know that you will know just what to do and when to let go, and if you insist on holding back, also know that this will not diminish the pressure in any way. Rather, it will only serve to push you that much harder. And if you try to entice others to take this leap of faith with you, and they react by digging in their feet even deeper, know that it is not your task to hold back to help them to find their way over this demarcation line. For your task is simply to allow your wings to become fully unfurled, and the only way to help others to pick up the courage to do the same, is if they can see how freely you are able to soar. For if you insist on hanging on to try to wait for them to be ready, know that your prolonged hesitation will not benefit any of you, least of all you. For then, you will not lead by example as you are here to do, instead you will be holding you all hostage to the drag of the old and it will be enough to make you and those you are trying to lift up only mire yourselves even deeper into that old mud.

So lift your eyes to where it is your heart wants you to go, and that is when this incoming flood of light will have the very best effect on you all. For then, you will already be in the perfect position to take advantage of this powerful push, and you will be able to use it to propel yourself out into the lofty heights in a way that will not only elevate you, but also the collective. For remember, you are all individuals, but you are also part of something much, much bigger, and so, as soon as you allow this wave of light to lift you up and away from the old ideas of solitude and density, you will bring on an increase in the combined effects of this energetic field that in turn will help to elevate you all just that much higher. In other words, your single decision to act will have far flung consequences, for it will literally ripple out into the ethers and magnify the effect of the single decision to fly that will be taken by countless of your brothers and sisters. And together, you will in a very short time bypass the limit for critical mass and through that, initiate another huge surge of light that will add on to this chain reaction. And do not worry dear ones, this is already a fact, for you have already accomplished this, but as usual, it needs to be done on a level of consciousness that is available to the human in you as well in order to be fully integrated into your system, and that is what you stand before now.

So do not hesitate when you feel the incoming wave of light coming your way, for you have already taken the plunge, but this time around, you get to do it with those parts of you that still think of themselves as merely a human, and that is when it will all come to pass. And come to pass it will, for no matter how many it is who think they will balk at taking this plunge, they are far, far outnumbered by the legion who have already decided to do so. For that is what has been done, and now, it will finally come fully to pass, and for that we cannot thank you enough. So set your sails for tomorrow, and know that the wind in your back may blow hard, but it will definitely be carrying you towards that destination you have come here to reach. So sit back and let your heart set the course, and then, the wind and you will become an inseparable team, united by the light, united for the New, making headway for that distant shore that will no longer be distant but is already within reach.

Here we are again, ready to impart another message into your system, for as you already know well by now, these missives are not just simply a conglomeration of words, they also contain layers of information that may not be visible to the untrained eye, but will be very noticeable indeed to anyone who chooses to connect fully with what it is we are trying to convey. Let us explain. It is not by accident that you have been drawn to this space, for the signature frequency that is yours, is one that matches very well with the inherent frequencies of these messages, and so, the two are made for each other in every way. You see, in order to assist you through this ever ongoing ordeal that this continuous process of elevating the frequential status of this planet may be likened to by some of you, it is indeed necessary that what we provide will give you the support you need in order to fulfill your part of this multi-layered and indeed extremely complex operation.

For even if you all may feel at one time or another that you stand alone in this vast, churning sea of energy, unable to find a way either forwards, upwards or sideways, you are in fact in close communication with our side of the veil at any given time. You see, as we have pointed out on many an occasion before, you are not singular beings existing in a vacuum, you are merely a fragment or rather a fractal of a whole that is at this time housed in that cleverly designed vehicle you call the human body. In other words, you are no stranger to us, nor are we to you, yet in order to make this gargantuan transformation go as planned, it has indeed been imperative to shield the human parts of your consciousness from the full knowledge of who you truly are and what you are actually capable of. At a cursory glance that may sound very counter productive, and we do not fault any of you for thinking this, but this has indeed been essential in order to secure the full benefit of your presence on this planet at this very time. Indeed, without this step by step unveiling if you will of the true powerhouses you really are, much could have gone awry, first of all your ability to sustain the added pressure this energetic unveiling would have on both your physical vehicle but also on your mental capacity.

In other words, you needed to be taken through this step by step in order to be able to fully ingrain and ingest everything that is being delivered into your system by way of these bustling energetic emissaries that come a-knocking at a more and more frequent rate these days. Not only that, these messengers come carrying a much heavier payload than what they used to use to interact with your field, and as such, you have by now been readied to proceed to a very new level of energetic interactions yet again. And so, to take us back where we started, these missives play an important part in these “upgradings”, as through them, we manage to enable your already installed system to begin to function at a higher and higher percentage of your capacity. And now, you will yet again be exposed to an increased level of these interactive energetic triggers that will serve to increase your capacity to convert these incoming boosters into something that in turn will benefit not just your personal field, but also that of the collective. So again we say get ready to be flooded with a huge influx of light, light that will once again penetrate through any and all hidden resistance that may yet seek to exist anywhere in your field, and as it connects with those hitherto inactive parts they are being sent in to trigger into action, you might find yourself once again at a loss to explain to anyone and least of all yourself what it is that is taking place.

For this process is and will always be one that is far too complex to truly understand, and as such, there is no need to even try to do it either. For this process will continue to unfold at its designated rate and speed whether or not you are aware of it, or whether or not you feel yourself able to make even heads or tails of it. For this process is one that you are already intimately knowledgeable about, for it is one you were thoroughly briefed on before you even entered that said physical vehicle you inhabit this time around, so also in that sense, you already know everything there is to know. You just cannot begin to take it into consideration by way of your “normal” human faculties.

Be that as it may, you will once again be assisted through all of this, by way of missives such as these, and by way of the accompanying collective field that will help to minimize any kinds of discomfort if you opt for tuning into that. For we already know that for many of you, this added stress will also add discomfort to your body, and as such, we are fully aware of the fact that for some of you, this may be another bout of seemingly endless exacerbation of some underlying symptoms you are already more than familiar with. Therefore we ask you all to remember to reach out by way of asking for assistance and by allowing these incoming energies to penetrate freely as much as you can. We also know fully well that for some, this may seem to be too much to ask, but yet again we say know that you are at all times fully monitored and we will do what we can to assist you all through this next round of integration.

We hear the moans of despair already, but we also hear the sound of anticipation emanating from the deeper core of your being, those parts that are more than familiar with this procedure already, and who knows that this time around, you will once again receive another dosage of beneficial energies that will help to propel you towards a status of 100% activation. For as we have shared on numerous occasions already, this needs to be taken in increments, and even if this “medicine” may still feel more on the side of foul tasting for some, know that it will always bring with it beneficial effects for you all. We know this will do little to sugar the pill for all those of you still having to cope with the physical protestations that may once again erupt, but trust us when we say we know that you will agree that yes, it will all be worth it in the end.

Yes, we know that this is easy for us to say, as we are not in the receiving end of these missives nor of these messengers of light, but we also know that deep at heart, you are all more than enthusiastic when it comes to the prospect of attaining yet another level of capability, for you all know that this will once again foreshorten the totality of this process considerably. And no, we cannot give you an “end date” for these proceedings, and this is also something you were well aware of before entering this huge project in the first place, for it is you who determine the speed and indeed you who determine the direction. But all we can say so far, is that you have more than surpassed even your own most optimistic estimates, estimates that were laid down by you all before you started your active participation in this whole procedure. So even if you might feel like something that resembles a failure any time your body or your mind wants to balk at yet another round of these intense energetic bombardments, know that you are anything but. For you are doing more than great, in fact, you are running ahead of schedule in every way, and as such, you should all give yourselves more than a pat on the back. For it is for this very reason that you will once again be interacting with these powerful allies, allies that are here to make you all feel more of your own powers, even if they might make you feel less of it as they enter your own field. But again, this will as always just be a temporary thing, for you will once again feel how your body will readjust itself accordingly to these brand new frequencies, and we venture to guess it will take less time than you perhaps think it will as you contemplate the prospect of another of these emissions coming your way, as hot on the heels of the previous one as this does.

Be that as it may, we think you will all find a way to float through these rather turbulent passages, and remember, always ask for assistance if you need some extra fine tuning or balancing, and we will do what we can to help you out. After all, you are as much a part of us as we are of you, and even if we may seem to be distant in every sense of the word we are here in every breath you take and in every step you make, and we will always be here to help to smooth out as many of the bumps in the road as we possibly can.

Remember, on the surface, this may feel far removed from smooth sailing, but the better you are at cancelling out the disturbance that may occur on the more superficial levels of your being the better you will be at accessing that tranquility that always exists underneath all of this hustle and bustle. So we do hope to see you all there, floating as serenely as possible through this upcoming light storm, but if you find yourself floundering in the squalls, never hesitate to reach out for assistance, from us or from your fellow explores. For you are a formidable bunch by now, and a force to be reckoned with in every sense of the word, and your collective field is more than powerful enough to support any of the members of this wondrous expedition should it be so needed. So godspeed to you all, we have high hopes that you will all be able to take these highs seas well, for you have the training and you have all the necessary resources at your disposal. And remember, you are made of the same stuff as the stars, and as such, this extra pressure will only make you shine just that much stronger. So thank you all for doing what you do and for being here to assist this wondrous planet through her rebirth. For just like you, she will experience her own birth pangs, and like you, she knows she is not alone, and she very much appreciates all the assistance you continue to give her.

So here we are again dear ones, filled with admiration and exhilaration for what you have accomplished, as we do hope you are on your own behalf. For once again you tossed any limitations aside and embraced your own divinity in such a way, you stepped out from your shadow and pulled this entire planet along with you one more crucial step upwards on this frequential ladder. For what you did was once again a magnificent feat of co-creation, one where you not only came together, but you worked together in every sense of the word. For the combined effect of all of your energetic outpouring created another vast field of interconnected filaments of light, filaments that can handle the ever increasing “traffic” that will come your way over this upcoming period, and as such, you are all well prepared for what lies ahead.

For you connected what was needed to be connected, and you opened up what needed to be widened, and through that you enabled some very new highways to be taken into use, highways that will yet again increase the velocity of this whole operation. Again, we use phrases that by now are more than familiar to you all, and rightly so, for every single instance of this huge conglomeration of interconnecting energetic events such as these do resemble each other in many ways, although they are all certainly unique in the defining elements they carry within.

You see, this is all about opening the old connections, and realigning you as a collective but also as individuals fully with the network of transformational channels that are already here, but as we have mentioned on many a previous occasion, it all needs to be done in a sequence and in a manner that will fully support you and your physical vehicle in every way. In other words, every single step on this journey rests upon the set of previous ones that have been taken, but for every time you step forward to connect just as you did once more during this Gathering, you managed to widen the scope of your ability to literally encompass another large swathe of this energetic bandwith. And this time, you not only served to increase this ability yet again, and through that, allowed your inner compass to set a new course defined by these new magnetics that you have availed yourself of, you also managed to increase the combined outpouring of your group’s vibrational quotient to such a degree, you once again moved mountains in a very literal sense.

For you set free some old structures previously held back by the old frequencies, and as such, this whole operation was one that increased the number of structural pieces now available to be utilized to reinforce this new structural set you are putting together. For as we have told you before, it is you who are the constructors, the ones that will add piece after piece to this gigantic set of interlocking devices, the ones that will serve as the “inner workings” if you will of this entirely new “playground” if we may use such a word, the playground where mankind will continue their own education under the new rules, the rules that has completely ruled out the old ones of fear, lack, greed and avarice. For on this fertile ground is where the new act of mankind will unfold in all of its glory, and through your actions during this recent get-together, you enabled such a vast number of new structural pieces to be made available to all. And so, this whole set of coordinates that define this New space for you to frolic upon will become operational at a much faster speed than you can envisage at this place in time.

Again, you are all in this for the long haul, that has been made abundantly clear to you all by now. After all, you all know that this is not your first visit to these shores, you have been here again and again preparing for this moment in time. For this is it, this is when everything you have been so studiously preparing for will come into being, and as you continue to increase your abilities to increase you own scope of energetic co-creation, you will see how things begin to fall into place at a very rapid rate. For the foundation is already there, you have already set upon it the first girders that will help to support this entire structure, and now, you have added some very new connections that will further the development of this living organism greatly. For this is not something that is inert or impassive in any way, this is literally a living organism, made up of a myriad of “cells”, cells that again are made up of even more numerous particles, particles made up of energy vibrating at a vast number of specific frequencies, frequencies that together constitutes a whole that is so sound, because the one frequency that unites them all, is the frequency of love.

This may sound to be too simple an explanation for all of these bewildering phases you all go through as you continue to download, anchor and transmit all of these highly charged particles through that physical structure you call your body, but this whole vast creation, this new and infinitely New ground that you have prepared and is now busily working at taking into use to create it All, this is simply a conglomeration of interconnected vibrations, all playing in tune with each other to create this heavenly symphony down here on Earth. It may sound very intangible, indeed, to many of you, it may feel even more so, but again we say simply look around you, and everything you can set your eyes on or even hold in your hands is no more “tangible” than what it is you are co-creating through all of these energetic interchanges that you are going through now.

Remember, mass is simply a defined set of energetic vibrations creating what seems to be “real” and so too it is with this new world that you have already started to make come alive. Just because you do not think you can “see” it does not mean it does not exist, rather, it is because you have yet to become accustomed to perceive it fully. For again, your old version of seeing, touching, hearing and tasting are very limited indeed, for they will only cater to the old version of reality. But now, you have all become fully equipped with this brand new version of your senses, and not only are they far more astute at detecting all of this New, they are also far more numerous than the ones you have been relying on so far.

In other words, you have added another impressive layer to this wondrous construction you are co-creating, but you have also added another impressive layer to the already impressive structure that is YOU, and now, we venture to guess you will all find a way to engage this new layer in ways that will help you to see, feel, hear and taste the New in an incredible array of nuances. For as we told you earlier, you now have access to a much, much wider scope of the spectrum, that is, the energetic spectrum that for you used to be extremely limited, but has now widened. In fact, for you, it has literally been a quantum leap in all directions, and as such, the only one limiting your access to it is once again yourself.

Remember, you need to allow yourself to literally taste the new, otherwise you will still feel the staleness of yesteryear masking out these exciting new flavours. So make sure to rinse out your mouth – that is, your mind – the better to be able to savour what you have given yourself to savour. For you are the ones who are charging ahead, opening the passages into every nook and corner containing the vast resources you so want to tap into, and now, the doors are no more, and the channels are wide enough to ride a pony through to use an old expression. And once again, it is because YOU have made it so. So let us finish off this missive by sending out another round of applause from us all, and on behalf of All of creation, we thank you all, for what you did was beyond words, but certainly not beyond you.

By now, much has been set into motion that will once again necessitate a period of incubation before it can take fully hold, and what we mean by that is simply this: you have once again completed one of many cycles whereby your energetic environment, both on the inside and on the outside, has been reset to such a degree, the overall effect it has on your physical and mental vehicle is so great, it needs to be incrementally digested. In other words, look upon this as a period of more quiet reflection, and when we use the word reflection, we use it on purpose. For now is the time to not only cast your eyes about in ways that will be better suited to take in the inner workings of your own physical vehicle, but also in a manner that will enable you to entrain yourself with what is being broadcast from all the sources around you, both in the way of all of the physical sources for these new frequencies, but also the more esoteric ones.

Again, our choice of words may seem to cloudy up the surface of this wonderful mirror you are all part and parcel of here at this gathering place you call the Pond, but in effect, they will help you the better to see what it is that is in actual fact taking place beneath what is at times a rather stirred-up surface. For even as you come together, your own energetic interactions will set things astir, but they will do so in a good way. For this pattern of crisscrossing wavelets that your outpourings here at the Pond create, will help to engender some very clear and defined responses in those deeper layers – both in you as individuals, but also in this magnificent collective unit that you are all a part of.

Let us explain. As we have talked about many a time before, you all carry a unique frequential signature within your system, while at the same time, there is also a part of your energetic makeup that is a perfect match with the collective vibration that is being engendered here at the Pond. And so, like the more complex musical instruments, you are all polyphonic. That is, you are capable of entraining yourself perfectly by allowing that unique frequential signature of yours blend in with that clearly defined “carrier tune” that constitutes the basic structure for this entire unit. In other words, you vibrate not just in one energetic “note” but in a whole harmony, and even if your signature tune will always differ from that of the others, it will also harmonize perfectly with that ever expanding group of individuals that you are here to co-create with. For just like the basic swirls on the tips of your fingers all resemble each other in such a way, they make a harmonious whole if you compare them individually, they also differ from each other to such a degree, none are a perfect match to another. But still every sequence and combination of swirls and loops are needed in order to make the whole construction complete, and so too it is with your energetic frequencies.

And now, all of you have added another set of strings to your lyres as it were, and just like any seasoned musician, you need time to familiarize yourself with the new sound of your instrument. For even if that instrument is one that you are more than familiar with by now – after all it consists of the very essence of your being housed within that same physical frame you have had ever since you came into flesh this time around – now, that instrument has acquired a whole new range of harmonic potential that you have yet to explore. Not only that, these new frequencies will also allow your interplay with others to evolve to a much higher degree, so therefore you all need time and indeed space to allow this new range to extend itself fully.

So again we say know that all is well even if everything may feel even less familiar than before. For that is why you are here, to keep pushing that envelope further and further out by taking new steps in literally every direction. For every time you receive these emissaries of light into your system, they come to accompany you on that next step of this journey, and as you are all more than aware of by now, every step of this journey will inevitably lead you into uncharted terrain. So take some time to sit and pluck your new strings, and try to listen in to what it is they are telling you. Also allow these new notes to drift out into the ethers, for when you allow these new notes to emerge from you, you will set off the corresponding vibrations in those around you connected to this same “orchestra” and then, you will all help to entrain each other in such a way, the combined output of all of these new chords will reach another quantum level.

Again, our choice of words may seem a bit flowery or obtuse for some, but be that as it may. What we are trying to convey is simply this: now your range has once again been increased, and we do mean that both in a very literal way but also in a more esoteric way. For you have now at your disposal an instrument that is capable of soaring even higher and reaching even deeper than what it used to, so do not hesitate to try out its potential. So sit up and listen to your own inner tune, and do not forget to take notice of what it is you hear coming to you from the at time perhaps still somewhat hesitant strumming from others. For when the vibrations from your own unique instrument is allowed to answer back, your response will set of some very new frequencies in the recipient of your response. And so it will continue to unfold, as these new frequencies begin to bounce back and forth between you all.

So now, it is indeed time to play and time to listen, for this is not a one way process, it is in actual fact a conversation that needs to take place, one where all are invited to say their piece, and one where all are welcome to have their say. For then, the symphony you create will be one that will move so much along with it in its wake. So do not be shy dear ones, for even if you might feel like a novice at this, you are in actual fact an old hand at this kind of energetic conversation, so simply allow yourself to be creative. For you will not be judged in any way by your output, for the main thing is simply this: it is there for you to enjoy playing around with, for this is a vital part of being a creator, daring to allow the pure joy of creating be your guide when it comes to letting go. And only by letting go of any idea of “perfection” will you be able to create, for perfection is not the ideal to strive for here, that is merely an old imprint created to restrict you by setting up a “standard” for how, what and when to do anything at all, a “standard” that only serves to disable any and all thirst for creating. So just allow yourself to let go and enjoy the process of exploring in itself. And then what you will help to co-create will be beyond perfection itself, for then what you create will be as vibrant and as alive as only something coming from the sheer joy of creating from the heart can be.

Let us begin this missive by saying that up until now, the fluctuations caused by these new frequencies may seem to have left nothing more than traces of physiologic unrest in some of you, while for others, it will seem as if they have been bypassed altogether by these insistent emissaries from the higher spheres, but that is not so. Indeed, you have all been deeply affected by these callers, whether you have noticed their appearance within your energetic sphere or not, and the impression they have made on you all, is a lasting one. For what they have done, is to enable some of the deepest recesses within your framework of high resonance channels to open, the ones that allows the form of multi-level communication we have talked about earlier. In other words, even if all you have noticed over the last few days can be classified as more or less annoying – or in some cases even debilitating – symptoms, what you have achieved, is a full and comprehensive download of energetic instructions, instructions that will serve you in ways that will enhance not just your innate abilities to reconnect and retune yourself fully to the inner sanctum of Creation, but that will also serve to inoculate you against further interference.

Let us explain. As you are all aware of, your collective ability to connect fully to the Field or to Source, to use a word many of you are more familiar with, is one that has been kept dormant for eons. For as mankind set out to explore the deeper recesses of any and all byways they could think of, they were also serving a purpose that was not on the agenda from the beginning. In other words, there was an intervention taking place that served to debilitate further those inner sequences that served as your guiding posts, and as such, this exploration into all the shades of behavior took a turn that served to skew the balance far too much over to the shadier side. And so, the natural path of evolution was tinkered with in such a way, you as a collective were sent off to explore paths that served to cater to the desires of a small group of beings more set on fulfilling their own needs than to leave things to unfold at their natural pace. And so, the end result was a world on the brink of self-immolation, and the decision was made on the highest level to inject a vast quantity of light into the spectral field around your planet in order to awaken those amongst you who could serve as anchors for these highly charged missives of light. And that is what you did, and the results from this heightened frequency of purified light can be seen, felt and experienced by you all, as that is why you are taking in the content of this message at this very moment.

For you were the ones that came in to serve as the navigators for all of mankind, the ones that decided to take the rudder back into your own hands, and by opening your hearts fully to the light, you unfurled those huge sails of love that had been kept safely tucked away in a hidden corner within your very soul. But now, those sails are billowing in this ever increasing intergalactic wind of hyper charged particles, and because you have maintained a safe anchorage deep within the core of your wonderful planet, you act as the propeller that drives you all onwards and upwards by allowing this wind to fill your gossamer wings of silken weave, a weave that is so filled with light it seems almost ethereal, but it is in fact stronger than any man made fabric you can think of. For your forward momentum is guaranteed by your conviction, and your conviction is so strong, it has already moved more than mountains. For you have shifted this entire world off its old axis, the one that was setting you all on a trajectory ever deeper into the morass of self-proclaimed inability to survive, let alone allowing the life that exists by your side on this wondrous sphere to continue.

For you have brought this world away from the brink of destruction and on to a plane that will allow you to flow freely in the direction you choose, and the direction you choose will be guided by your heart. For now, nothing can alter that course, for nothing can force you to veer off that course ever again. Because now, no form of intervention is no longer possible, for you have chosen to complete the cycle of evolution by allowing the light from Source to be the only source to guide by, and no amount of pre-programmed propaganda engendered by that old printing press of fear can persuade you otherwise. For you have passed that old fork in the road, the one where the choice needed to be made, the choice whether to fully comply to the old paradigm of surrendering yourself to external forces by allowing your fear to take the seat of power within your being, thereby relinquishing any and all grasp on the powers you truly possess as a sovereign being, or to choose to become YOU again, in all aspects and in all manners, by allowing that inner core of you to burst into flame again, showering your whole being and the world around you with that purified light that only can come out when you allow it to shine.

And now you shine, and no one nor no thing can ever dampen that flame again. That is, as long as you choose to continue to let it shine. For remember, the source of that inner flame is an unending one, it will never ever run dry, so the only way to quench that flame, is if you choose to choke off the connection to Source voluntarily. For that can be done, and we know there are those amongst you who will consider to do just that, so know that no matter what you choose, your choice will be honored, no matter what it is that makes you choose that option. For in this, you are all sovereign beings, and as such, there is no outside intervention in any way that can or will be allowed. For this is done by you, in every sense of the word, and if you choose to step away from you, then that is what you will be allowed to do, and we will not fault you for it. But again, your actions up to this point has helped to assure the continued success of this collective endeavour, and for that we cannot thank you enough. And that goes for all, irrespective of the choices you will make in the near and far future.

But remember, you are the pioneers, and the majority of you have come so far now, you will never even consider going back to where it was you came from. For you have shifted so fully into the New, you will only feel the urge to continue on. And you will also feel that ever increasing helpful push in your back, as that energetic wind that is filling your gossamer wings will only continue to increase over the upcoming days, weeks and months. And as the speed increases, so too will your ability to enjoy the ride increase, for you will feel how your vessel, including your wonderful planet and travelling companion, your Mother Earth, will pick up speed as the friction between you and the underlying energetic surface you sail upon will diminish. For as the frequencies change, so too will the density of the “soup” you are travelling in, and the rather rocky road you have been travelling so far will become smoother and smoother, until it is as if you are travelling on a cushion of air that separates you from the solid ground beneath you.

Again, we speak in parables, but we do think you will get the gist of this message anyway. For you have come so far, and the uphill struggle has been more than monumental at times, so it may have been too much for some and it may feel as if it still too strenuous for others, but rest assured that you have been sturdy build to withstand not only the initial stress of separation from the old, you are also more than able to endure the effects the increase in momentum will have upon you in the time ahead. For you are literally made of the same stuff as the stars, and your core is more than strong enough to surpass the speed of light, but still, there will be those amongst you less inclined to trust that inner voice, and you might be tempted to step off the fast moving conveyor belt you are all on at the moment.

For just like for an astronaut strapped into his seat awaiting the lift off of his rocket, the first rumblings from the ignition of that powerful engine may cause more than a little flutter of anxiety within. For you are all a small part of a huge and immensely powerful “engine” of evolution, one that is only now beginning to start up all of the booster rockets it has, so no wonder if some of you begin to question your decision to step aboard this vessel that is taking off for the unknown. But again, that is a natural part of this process, for you are in so many ways leaving behind all of what is familiar and heading out into uncharted territory, and you are doing it every single day, in every single way you can think of, and then some. So remember, whenever you feel as if you want to flee from this powerful process of complete separation and renewal, never hesitate to reach out to your fellow travellers. For you are all in this together, and you came here to do this important transition as a group. It is a group consisting of a huge number of individuals, all of you unique, and all of you more than capable of taking on any challenge that may come your way single-handedly. Yet, it is also an important part of this journey to relearn how to become a collective again.

For mankind has spent far too long separating themselves more and more from their own roots by allowing their idea of separation become a veritable religion. For the “me” has become the focal point for everything, the “I” has become the centre of the Universe, and the “I” thinks it will only survive if the “I” can outsmart, outrun and outlive all the others out there. And that is why all the “I”s became as powerless as they did. For only a collective of ONE can assure not only the survival, but also the evolution of All. So remember, do not stand alone, especially when you feel the anxiety of all the New fill you up to such a degree, it might feel more tempting to retrace your steps back to the old world you knew. For that is not where you will thrive, in fact, it will become even more unbearable to you than what it was before you allowed yourself to awaken. It has been said you can never un-learn something, and that is so true in this case. For you have already opened the door to the light, and with this light comes knowledge, knowledge of the one you really are, and of what you truly can accomplish, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot forget that again.

So reach out whenever you feel like just an “I” again, for you are so much more than that. You are a fully integrated part of All of creation, and as such, you will never be alone ever again. And as the light of this collective continue to increase, so too will the combined effect of all of these individual lights that make up this magnificent matrix of interconnected energetic channels that spans this globe. And now, you will, one by one, begin to experience more and more this deep connection that you all share. For you will no longer be the one and only soul, singing solo in the dark, you will hear other voices joining you, and you will swap stories and images, sounds and colours, and you will do so without the aid of technical equipment such as this. For as the veil continues to thin, your former single cells will become more like dormitories, where your energetic output will begin to bounce off the ones of the others, and the patterns that will be engendered by this, will begin to register in your consciousness in a very new way.

For you have come so far, and by allowing yourself to leave the old programming behind, you have come closer and closer to the singularity you all came from. In other words, this long and convoluted journey is for one purpose only, to end the separation and complete the connection, from billions of “I”s back to the ONE, the one that is composed of as many individual parts as there are individual entities, but that is a living, breathing single cohesive and co-operative unit that call themselves mankind. But it will be a mankind that has chosen to embrace themselves fully as sovereign beings, all choosing to empower themselves, and by doing that, they are giving All the same chance to do the same. For now, it will be All for ONE, and ONE for all, no one will be more nor less than the rest, and you will all choose to use your powers for the betterment of ALL. And that is why you will begin anew, as ONE being supported by all, and by all supporting each one.

So again we say, know that all you need to do, is to allow yourself to be a part of this ONE, by not allowing your old “I” to stand in your way. So open yourself up to the greatness that is you, and whenever you have a hard time feeling that greatness, all you have to do, is to reach out to some of the other souls that are on this journey with you. For they are all there for you, just as you will always be there for them – if you allow yourself to BE just the one that you truly are. And then, you will all find your days as singletons fading away, and you will begin to grow more and more confident in your role not just as a creator, but as a co-creator. For there is a distinction between them, and now the time has come for the collective spirit to come to the fore more and more. So if you still feel a bit timid on your own behalf, just allow your brothers and sisters to shine their light on you. For then, you will see that what they really do, is simply reflecting back that same great light they see shining so strongly inside of you.


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