The manuscript of survival – part 188

As the time for the final countdown draws ever closer, the forces of the dark side are getting more and more desperate, and more and more devious. We have given you this warning before, but now the time has come to repeat this message. It is not a child’s game you are all involved in,Continue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 188”

The manuscript of survival – part 187

Do not fret dear ones, as you have not been forgotten. We are well aware that for many of you, the time is passing excruciatingly slow, and you cannot face the thought of another day in this seemingly purgatorial condition. Rest assured that all is well, and even if you fell less than well byContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 187”

The manuscript of survival – part 186

We would like to take this opportunity to delve into a subject we have touched upon so many times before, as this is something that bear importance to you all, namely the shifting energies, and how they can affect you. As you have mayhaps already noticed, things have certainly heated up, in more ways thanContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 186”

The manuscript of survival – part 185

Todays missive will mayhaps be a bit confusing, as we would like to delve further into the topic of time. We have touched upon this subject many times before, as this is mayhaps the most important issue we would like to share with you at the moment. For many of you, the concept of timeContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 185”

The manuscript of survival – part 184

As you have already noticed, things have certainly heated up in more ways than one, and they are not about to lessen in the next couple of days. The reason for all of this will soon be obvious to you all, but let us give you a little sneak preview as it were. For now,Continue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 184”

The manuscript of survival – part 183

As we have so often described to you before, this process has its highs and lows, and according to the intensity, you will all be feeling the effects no matter where you find yourself on the scale. And now, many will have started to tap into a whole new reservoar of energies, and as such,Continue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 183”

The manuscript of survival – part 182

For eons, mankind have been walking in the shadows, many of their own making, but now, finally, some of you have noticed that the light is shining just over the edge of the crater you have been wallowing in for so long. And you have therefore taken it upon yourselves to climb out of thatContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 182”

The manuscript of survival – part 181

Let us start off this missive by saying that although things may have felt more quiet than usual these last few days, they have been anything but, as there has been a massive preparation for things to come. In other words, do not be surprised if you all feel the gathering of another storm onContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 181”