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As the time for the final countdown draws ever closer, the forces of the dark side are getting more and more desperate, and more and more devious. We have given you this warning before, but now the time has come to repeat this message. It is not a child’s game you are all involved in, and the stakes are high, so expect the other side to pull any and all tricks they can out from their sleeves at this time. And they are nothing if not devious, and they are in fact prepared to go to any length to inveigle themselves into your lives. They can come in all shapes and sizes, but for now, they seem to prefer the look of innocence. So let us just say that never has the warning ”beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing” been more correct. For that is exactly what they are, these devious entities masquerading as true bearers of the light. And even if their words and their actions seem benevolent enough, you can easily see through their mask of innocence, and smell the rotten core hiding behind this seemingly perfect facade.

For facade is all they are dear ones, and it glitters and glimmers enough to fool the most easily duped amongst you to believe them and literally show them in through the door. And when they do set foot inside your space, they will not leave willingly, and they can be mightily disturbing houseguests indeed. So again, heed this warning and take extra care of what you let into your ”house” from now on, be it in the form of words or energy of any kind, as there is much pollution about trying to sell themselves off as the truest and clearest of fresh air. Nothing could be further from the truth, so keep your eyes, ears and hearts open in order to catch the whiff of their real perfume. And when you smell it, make sure to slam the door in their faces as fast as you can, and do not open it no matter how hard they implore you to do so.

This is not a simple game dear ones, but remember, this is a match that is less than evenly set up, and the side of those dark skullduggers is not the one that has the upper hand, far from it. So do not be afraid, but be vigilant, and all will be well. You are more than capable of detecting their sulphuric smell, so we do not think you are in any danger of being duped by these puppets of the dark. But stay strong, and stay out of fear, because in fear you will have a lot more doors wide open than if you stay firmly in your light at all times.

Do not fret dear ones, as you have not been forgotten. We are well aware that for many of you, the time is passing excruciatingly slow, and you cannot face the thought of another day in this seemingly purgatorial condition. Rest assured that all is well, and even if you fell less than well by now, we are here to help you get through every up and down on this path. For even if it might not seem like it at the moment, there will be more ups than down in the time ahead, and we think you will all find more than one reason to hang in there, as they say. Not to be flippant about this, but you are in fact well seasoned travellers by now, and as such we think you deep down know that even if at a superficial level much seems devoid of meaning at the moment, we also know that if you go deep inside your own core, you will find the strength and certainty you feel to be lacking in all of your every day experiences. In other words, we do not take your complaints to be unwarranted or unneccessary, but we would just like to remind you all of your true strength. It is there, ready to be tapped into, and when you do, you will find all of these aches, pains, discomforts and uncertainties to diminish considerably. They will not go away, but they will cease to be as noticeable as they mayhaps seem today.

So even if this might seem to be an uncalled-for advice at the moment, we urge you all not to give yourselves away to the cries from the less important parts of your being. You are so much more than the aches and pains in your physical body, or the insistent voice of worry gnawing in your mind. You are as solid as a rock, and as strong as the Universe, and we think you will all find a way to re-discover that for yourself in the next few days. And please, do not take this as any criticism. It is not, it is merely a reminder that you are made by far more solid stuff than what your seemingly frail physical body and your somewhat timid mind try to convince you. Your spirit is already soaring, but your human parts, to call them that, are desperately trying to pull you back down again, and as such, this insistence on suffering and distress can be difficult to ignore. But you must try to listen past all of these blabbering voices of discontent, as they are only trying to hold you back from re-connecting with the real you. And yes, we do understand that this is a very, very difficult part of it all, because all of this discomfort and unease takes up a lot of space in your daily life. But still, it bears repeating that whenever you manage to go beyond this wall of disgruntlement, you will find the peace and ease you so hanker for. And then, you will be lifted closer to the level of the real you, where you strength becomes more apparent than your human weaknesses, and you will find the patience to persevere once again.

So please, listen well, and you will hear all of these voices for what they really are, just the signals of distress from every particle in your human body voicing out their fear of becoming extinct as you continue on your journey towards attaining your freedom from the old shackles of mortality and restriction. You are in fact limitless, and as such, you are breaking through all of these old barriers, but as you have already noticed, not without raising a formidable choir of resistance and reluctance. So do not let these lesser parts of you hold you back from attaining the glorius freedom you have in store, literally just around the corner, and do not let the voices of discontent convince you that this end goal is just a fiction. For if it was, you would not be hearing them at all. Then they would have been silenced a long time ago, in fact, they would never even have raised their voice in the first place. Because then, they would know that there would be no need to fear your determination to flee the old prison you have been held captive in for so long, the prison they cling so desperately to. Because the old limitations will be made null and void the moment you take that first step outside these old boundaries, so no wonder they make all of this ruckus in order to confuse you and make you turn back again.

So give yourselves all of the credit you deserve, dear ones! All of this noise is just a distraction, and the increased volume is only a sure signal that you are approaching that final doorstep. There is no turning back now, and the whole of you know this oh so well, but that will not silence this inner choir of fear and distress. So remember, the louder they scream, the closer you are to gaining your freedom from these limitations. You are the strong one, even if you feel almost beaten down and broken, so we implore you not to give in to these tiny parts of you still insisting on turning back and giving in. You deserve so much more than what these small particles of fear want for you. You deserve to become one again, one with your spirit, one with All of creation, so do not be stopped in your tracks by these annoying little speed bumps trying to set you off course. For the future is ever so much brighter than what these voices try to tell you. So keep breathing, and keep going, and know that you are not falling short in any way, even if you feel despair seeping in from all directions. You are moving forward with every breath you take, and this choir of discontent growing ever louder is just confirming this every time they send you another message of doom and gloom.

We would like to take this opportunity to delve into a subject we have touched upon so many times before, as this is something that bear importance to you all, namely the shifting energies, and how they can affect you. As you have mayhaps already noticed, things have certainly heated up, in more ways than one, and for some of you, that is also very literally true. In other words, you can feel the effecs on your physical body in the form of intense heat.

Let us explain further. Your body has a well balanced temperature usually, one that is governed by a very complex system of minute secretions of diverse hormones, and it is a system that has been carefully adapted to ensure the most beneficial core temperature for your inner organs. Too cold, and your metabolism shuts down, too hot, and everything goes into overdrive. Some of you might be aware of the fact that there are small margins between what your body deems as beneficial and harmful, and as such, it is constanly striving to keep you at a level that is tolerable to this complex organism you inhabit. But now, as the fluctuations of energies keep jumping up and down at seemingly random levels, your body will in many cases misinterpret these incoming energies as something else, and it will kick start your temperature control system at random intervals. The result is easy to ascertain, as it will mean that you will literally feel overheated one minute, and almost freezing cold the next. Or some parts of yourt body will be cold, and the rest almost burning hot. It will be very confusing, not only to your body, but also to you, as you will in many cases be almost constantly shedding or adding layers of clothing, and the nightime will be left even more unsettled than usual because of this.

It is annoying and impractical, but again, it is not harmful, so do not worry about you being cooked in your own bodies anytime soon. This is not what is happening, it is only an outcome of your bodies being exposed to something for them very ”foreign” and as such, it triggers the usual reactions it has at its disposal to try to even out the differences that it perceives. Hence, all of these strange reactions, almost like allergies or responses to tainted foods, and so too these extreme fluctuations in body temperature. In many ways it can almost be likened to being inside a microwave oven, without the harmful effects of course, because the whole reason for this is that you are constanly being exposed to a fluctuating stream of energized particles being beamed into your body. The reason for this constant barrage is of course a total recalibration of your bodies, both the physical and the more ethereal one, but your physical body reacts to this in so many ways, because it has been programmed to stay as stable as possible. In other words, it is trying its hardest to fight off these surges of transmuting energies, therefore you will feel all of these symptoms that we have described earlier. And, as these barrages only intensifies, so too will many of the symptoms, and some new ones may also add their voices to this very unpopular choir.

We are aware that this is what makes this whole process less than agreeable to you all, but it is in fact unavoidable, as the whole purpose for it all, is to make you all able to use the current body you have to fulfill the contract you all agreed upon before arriving on these shores. In other words, to attain complete ascension whilst being inside a physical body such as yours, a feat not many, if indeed any, have mastered before. So yes, we do understand the reluctance to be exposed to all of these physical symptoms, but again they are unavoidable and a vital part of the process. But do not forget that they can be alleviated in some ways, and the most important one is by asking for help to lessen the outfall of it all. We have ways of easing the stress somewhat, but the express wish from you is needed in order for us to be able to come in and help you out. So again we remind you not to suffer in silence, but to reach out and invite us in to assist you in these transformational cramps as it were.

Todays missive will mayhaps be a bit confusing, as we would like to delve further into the topic of time. We have touched upon this subject many times before, as this is mayhaps the most important issue we would like to share with you at the moment. For many of you, the concept of time has already started to manifest in different ways than before, as you have already entered the twilight zone to call it that, where things start to warp and shift in so many ways. This can be disconcerting, as time has been the one constant you have been able to literally trust, but now, it all seems to blend and merge and shift in so many ways, and it will inevitably lead to confusion and mayhaps more than that.

Let us explain. As we have told you earlier, you have been straddling the divide between the third density and the fifth, and as such, you have literally one foot in the old and cemented ways of conceiving time, and one foot on ”our” side, where time is a malleable force, which can be utilized in so many interesting ways. The chasm between these two different worlds is a wide one indeed, and it is not easy trying to manage them both at the same – yes – time. But on the other hand, shifting abruptly from the static form you have been used to and over to this more shape-shifting one would have been too much for you all. Hence this period of trial and error to call it that. In other words, you have  been exposed to this new concept of time in small increments, lest you should lose your footing altogether. But now, these increments, or trial runs if you will, will become even more pronounced, and you will all have the sense of how time starts to behave in many, for you, odd ways. As we said, this may lead to confusion, as things will seem to happen out of context, and you will have a hard time trying to keep track of it all.

For many, this is not a new concept, as you have already been through phases where time seems to stand still, and where the sequencing of events seems to be very confusing indeed. Things seems to be lost in a long fog of passed time, when you realize that they actually happened only a short while ago, and vice versa. Indeed, time has a way of jumping back and forth, slowing down and speeding up when you least expect it, and as such, all events linked to a specific time frame will become less distinct. In oher words, the old way of counting time by measuring what happened at a certain point will be difficult to hold on to, as from now on, much will seem to be happening simultaneously.

So hold on to your hats dear ones, and be prepared to be confused and maybe a bit dizzy as the edges start to blur even more between your world and ours. Time is speeding up, and so much along with it, so do not be surprised if you find yourselves scratching your heads a lot in this upcoming period. Just know that this confusion is not a bad sign, far from it, as it will only signify that your brain is actually starting to take in just what is going on around it in a way it has not been able to do before. So take it for what it really is, a taste of a very different and very exhilarating tomorrow, and have fun playing around with all of this confusion too. It will help you overcome any fear that may come sneaking up on you, as you have been primed to think that order must prevail, otherwise everything will become complete chaos. Well, chaos it what you may expect on so many fronts, but that is only a phase you all have to pass through in order to literally make it to the other side. So stay focused, even if everything around you becomes ever so much more out of focus, and know that you will easily find your way through this seeming maze of unchartered territory very soon.

As you have already noticed, things have certainly heated up in more ways than one, and they are not about to lessen in the next couple of days. The reason for all of this will soon be obvious to you all, but let us give you a little sneak preview as it were. For now, things will seem calm, but under the surface, much is going on. And when we refer to the surface, we actually refer to the surface of your planet. Much is getting ready to boil there too, as things have started to be affected in so many ways by the intense bombardement of energy that you have all sustained in these last few weeks. So, the pressure is building, and soon, something will have to give as they say.

Again, we will not give any details, suffice it to say that some day soon, something – or maybe someone – will crack. And this crack is something that will be noticed, not just by those of you more sensitive than others, but also by those less inclined to tune into the world around them.

So stay focused dear ones, and stay tuned, less the crack should take you unawares, and you too should succumb to the pressure. It might feel more than uncomfortable at the moment, but rest assured that for you, this added pressure is only positive. That is not the case for so much and so many around you, so again, we implore you to be aware of your surroundings, as there are so many things on the boil, ready to blow up in any direction.

As we have so often described to you before, this process has its highs and lows, and according to the intensity, you will all be feeling the effects no matter where you find yourself on the scale. And now, many will have started to tap into a whole new reservoar of energies, and as such, the effects on your physical bodies will in many ways intensify. As usual, the more intangible effects of these intense energy bursts will be more difficult to discern, as the physical upheavals will in so many ways mask the real effects all of these uploads do have on you.

Let us explain. As you are all busy downloading new information into your systems, your physical body will be even more busy trying to absorb it all, and doing so, it will protest loudly in all the ways it can, being it physical discomfort in the form of pain, upset stomach or moodswings. They will all appear in some form or the other, and we understand that they are at times almost too much to handle. Still, your body is actually well equipped to handle all of this, and even if you feel ready to throw in the towel when these outbursts of discomfort pass an ever higher threshold, rest assured that you are not about to fall into pieces, even if it might feel like that at times. These are actually only superficial reactions to a profound change taking place within you, and as your body for so long has been preprogrammed to stay unaltered in any way it can, it will start to protest loudly when being forced to change, but in all other aspects, it will comply and undergo the physical changes needed in order for you to be able to accommodate all of these new energies. In other words, much fuss, but little negative effect apart from the ”protests” in themselves.

As always, the doses will increase every time you have successfully managed to ingest a new batch of this light energy, and as such, it will feel like your body never gets much rest between these bouts of upgrading. Please remember that they are carefully tailored to each and every one of you, and even if you feel exhausted, your body will not be exposed to anything it cannot take. So again, we ask you to understand that all of these physical manifestations are actually proof that you are still ”work in progress” as it were, and as such, every time you feel like you are hitting rock bottom energywise and physically, you are actually being transported to a new level, beyond the reach of what you were before this new bout of adjustments.

So again, stay calm and breathe into it, as it will not harm you, except maybe wear your patience even thinner than it was before, but we trust that you will all be able to fulfill this round of uploads as well. After all, you have gotten used to being battered about in these intensely surging waves of incoming energy. And please remember, you will not be sailing into calm water just yet, so remember to take in as much fresh air as you can between these surges of energy, in order to be better prepared for the next round. We know this is not good news to any of you, but we also know that you are very aware of this process, and without it, even if our body would mayhaps be a bit more quiet, you would mayhaps miss these reminders that you are actually being propelled forwards every time you are being subjected to all of this hammering and battering. You can take it, and you know so too, but do not feel despondent even if you feel like calling it quits. Ask for help in any way you can to help alleviate some of the physical bother that accompanies all of this, and you will always find solace in Mother Nature or even in the company of others like yourself. As always, do not suffer in silence and solitude, but reach out to others, on both sides of the veil, and know that you are all loved and protected by us all.

For eons, mankind have been walking in the shadows, many of their own making, but now, finally, some of you have noticed that the light is shining just over the edge of the crater you have been wallowing in for so long. And you have therefore taken it upon yourselves to climb out of that dark crater and approach the light. By doing so, you have also made the light shine even stronger, and as such, your actions have brought the light to so many other people’s notice. In other words, what was once a dismal and dark abyss for many, has now started to stand out more clearly because of that light you took down into it whilst climbing out, so now, more and more of your fellow men are also starting to notice the difference between the two states.

Let us explain. We have often times mentioned the fact that you are not only heaving yourselves out of the morass you have been stuck in for so long, you are also, by your very actions, compelling others to join you. We know that this is not a new subject for any of you, but it bears repeating as you have a way of letting it slip from your memory. And when it does, two things happen. First of all, you seem to lose the focus on your own path, and think that you are lost on this ledge going from the dark and up into the light. In addition, some of you get a strong inkling to feel that you are somehow responsible for pulling many others with you up that path upwards towards the light, and as a result, you literally hurl yourselves off from the ledge and back into the deep dark hole you just crawled out of. Both things are very counterproductive, to say the least, and none of them are a true part of your quest.

Let us explain again what your true path is, namely to strive for the light and to anchor it in any way you can, thereby securing the light a much firmer foothold on your little planet. And as such, you have already made a formidable job of it, and even if you still insist on looking back into the darkness and avoid this ever brightening light that you stand in, you have come so far there is no turning back now. In other words, even if your feet seem to be tangled in the web of yesteryear, the rest of your soul is already out and breathing the fresh air of tomorrow. And when you do, wafts of this fresh air will also touch the lungs of those still stuck down in the old mire. As we said, by your mere actions of self-release will you set free so many others, but you will effectively entangle yourself back into that old snare if you think you have to stay behind and push others up from their chosen spot to reside.

You are to be the wayshowers, as we have already said on so many occasion, and now, that will come true in so many ways. As you know well by now, you are all heading for a period of time when the darkness will seem to outgrow its own size. Or to put it in other words, when the negativity will seem to swallow up most of what you hold for granted. It will do so in order to make itself seem more powerful than it really is, as this darkness has already lost the ground it has fought so hard to purloin. It has lost its ground, and it will never ever be able to regain it, but as it slips even further out of its grasp, it will certainly make a great show of trying to prove otherwise. So your light will be sorely needed dear ones, as you have already amassed sufficiently of this life-giving substance to breathe freely even when the rest of your fellow men feel like the last breath of freedom is being sucked out from their lungs.

And remember, just by breathing freely will you help others draw breath, you will not be asked to give your light away into the mouths and bodies of others. This is a warning, as there are many out there still feeling beholden to others, and still under the illusion that if they do not give their light away to others, all will be doomed. That is not the case, as only those choosing to stay under the surface will remain there. All of those wanting to come up for air will do so, and when they see you, they know that the air in that space is viable for them all. We speak in riddles as always, but the message is clear. Your only responsibility is to stay calm and focused, and to keep breathing in the light and thereby breathing it out again. Then, and only then, can others follow in your footsteps. They cannot do so if you readily plunge yourselves down into the deep to push others up to the surface. Then you will only drown in their drama and sorrow, and with you, so too will so many others. So stay where you are, and do what you do so brilliantly, namely embodying the Source in all of its might, and you will continue to be a pillar of strength in a crumbling world

First of all, thank you all for your kind words and for your comments and insights on the symbol I posted. It has been very interesting to see how this have touched so many of you in so many different ways. To me, it symbolizes the confirmation that everything I believe in is true, and not just a figment of my imagination. That was why it touched me so profoundly in my dream. It was a visible proof of the existence of all of the things we sense are there, but we cannot yet see. But some day soon we will, and I know that day is not too far off now.

As I mentioned in my post “Time to take a break”, these last few weeks have been so transformative. Not just for me, but for so many around me as well, and that is why I have a very strong feeling that we are approaching a monumental change, not just as individuals, but as a collective. Everything is picking up speed and intensity, and even if 2012 has already proven to be a very important year for us all, I think the remaining months will be even more eventful.

I have learned so many lessons this year, but now I sense that the real lessons will begin. It is like we have all graduated from one school, and after a very, very short “summer break”, we are about to begin studying at a new one. I feel the urge to push further, to open up new doors and to challenge myself in so many ways. In other words, we have finished the preparatory work, now the time has come to start expanding in earnest. At times, it feels exhausting just thinking about it, but then, the exhilaration and anticipation kicks in, and I can’t wait to see what’s behind the next bend in the road.

We have all made giant leaps ahead these last few months, and even if it does not feel like that when our physical body is acting up or when we look at the news, I know that this world is slowly becoming the place we have dreamed of for so long. The work is not over, but we have all turned a corner, and now we will start on our most interesting times yet. And, as always, it is so important to take care of ourselves, and to reach out for help when our own spirit feels less than eager to keep going. I know we will all have our share of moments when we think “no more, I cannot take another day of this”, but I also know that we have grown so strong these last few months that we can face whatever it is we have ahead. At least so long as we remember that we are not alone in this. We have each other, and we have the help and support of so many “unseens”.

I am looking forward to the new lessons, and to meeting all of my classmates, both old and new. I know we will have a great time together, and even if the classes will be long and challenging, I just know we will love all the things we will learn. I promise to do what I can to support you if the lessons feel overwhelming at times, and I hope you will do the same for me :–)

Love and light, Aisha

Let us start off this missive by saying that although things may have felt more quiet than usual these last few days, they have been anything but, as there has been a massive preparation for things to come. In other words, do not be surprised if you all feel the gathering of another storm on the horizon. We know that this will not come as a surprise, as you are all well versed in the ebb and flow of this process by now, but still, there might be a few surprises this time around too.

Let us explain. So far, you have all been subject to individual doses of upgrading energies, and even if this will continue, you will also be witness to a massive injection of energy that will in some ways also touch those that up until now have been unaware that there is something afoot. In other words, not only those already awakened, but also those still slumbering happily away will now be subject to insertions of energy into their system. And this will show itself in many ways, as there are those out there already on the verge of waking up, but also those steadfastly refusing to do so. But now, all will be affected in some way by this, and even if the ”symptoms” to call them that will vary both in intensity and outcome, it will be manifesting in so many ways that it will not go unnoticed. Of course, much will look like the usual outbursts of human behaviour, whether it may be categorized as ”positive” or ”negative”, but after this next round, we think you will find that there will be an even wider gap between the two. In other words, you can expect to see things happening around you that will be magnified in so many ways, so acts of compassion and acts of hatred will be even more pronounced. It is literally like everyone will perceive things just that little bit stronger, so that these actions will be much more noticed than mayhaps before.

Do not expect the whole world to shake the sleep out of their eyes immediately, as this is of course a process that will not happen overnight. But do expect interesting things to happen around you, and also do expect interesting reactions to these happenings. You see, the time has come to shine that light just a little bit stronger, so your actions will also be more noticed, even by bystanders who have seemed to be almost blind and deaf to the world around them. But now, the wake up call will be heard by more ears than yours, so expect to be looked upon by new eyes as the days pass and the light starts to seep out from yours.

Dear friends! These last few days and weeks have probably been the most intense and challenging I have ever experienced, and I think many of you have felt the same. I knew this summer was going to be an interesting one, but I had no idea just how “interesting” it would turn out to be. The sheer amount of issues coming to the surface has been incredible, and although all of this releasing, cleansing, activation and reconnection has been just magical, it has also been exhausting. So now, prompted by more than a few helpful hints both from my body and from The constant companions, I have realized it is time to take a few days off in order to help myself to literally digest it all. I am so grateful for the love and support you have all given me, and I am also very grateful for being able to give some back by the words that I channel. Hopefully, I will be back “online” at the end of next week. Until then, I leave you with an image I received in a dream last week. I was standing outside with another woman, and when I looked up at the sky towards the sun, I saw this symbol instead. It made such a profound impression on me in my dream that I literally fell to my knees in tears of gratitude. I remember thinking that I needed to copy it down so I would not forget it. So here it is.


It will be interesting to see if this resonates with any of you in any way! Thank you all for your patience and support, I am looking forward to connecting with you again in a few days. And please continue to connect and support each other in this space while I am away. We all need to see that we are not alone in this.

Love and light, Aisha