The manuscript of survival – part 230

As you are all aware, tomorrow is the beginning of that fabled month of December 2012, and we would like to give you a little update on what you have been through, and what you have in store. This is indeed a very complex process you are all a part of, so we would likeContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 230”

The manuscript of survival – part 229

Today is another important day that will mark the passage from one state to another, as the moon will be darkened by the Earth’s shadow. This in itself will not be looked upon as any sort of dramatic event, but energywise, this change in illumination of the full moon will also bring about changes inContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 229”

The manuscript of survival – part 228

Tension is starting to mount in so many of you at the moment, and the reason for this is simple indeed. Your very core is almost roaring with frustration because it is longing to tear itself free from any restraints that are holding you back from thrusting yourself headlong into this immense project of immeasurableContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 228”

The manuscript of survival – part 227

As you have all been made aware of, the changes are starting to solidify, and even if they do so in a realm you are not yet fully privy to, they are literally taking place under your very hands. Let us explain. You are not idle ones, dear souls, as you are building your newContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 227”

The manuscript of survival – part 226

The days are becoming short for many of you, but the nights are not only lengthening, they are also intensifying. We have touched upon this subject before, but let us elaborate a little bit on it. You see, the nights are when you are doing the hard work, and for many, that will be veryContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 226”

The manuscript of survival – part 225

As the Earth turns on her axis, the tides come and go, regulated by a mechanism that is as yet not completely understood by humans. You see the movements of the waters on your planet, but you do not see the same thing happening within. Let us explain. You are inhabiting a very complex structureContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 225”

The manuscript of survival – part 224

We did not overestimate you in any way dear ones, as you have once again achieved a level of awareness that many have said was unattainable for humans. Let us explain. We have already told the channel in a private message that this week marked an important passage for humanity. You have crossed a lineContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 224”

The manuscript of survival – part 223

This day will bring with in many unprecedented instances, as the sun is once again being very helpful in delivering the messages we want her to convey. You see, the floodgates have started to open, if we may use such a word to describe the fact that now, the rain of energy over you planetContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 223”

The manuscript of survival – part 222

The date today is an important one to many, as it is singified by a sequence of numbers that will trigger another sequence of numbers. Let us explain. Today’s date is 11.11, and when you also pass the time on your clock that reads 11:11, you will all be set to ”GO”. Let us explain.Continue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 222”