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As you are all aware, tomorrow is the beginning of that fabled month of December 2012, and we would like to give you a little update on what you have been through, and what you have in store. This is indeed a very complex process you are all a part of, so we would like to use a simple metaphor in order to make things mayhaps a little bit clearer. For what you have been working on, is indeed the same process you go through whenever you upgrade the operating system on a computer, and as such we would like to take you through the process using that image.

But let us first backtrack a little bit. As you all know by now, this beautiful planet was once set up as a training ground for intergalatic use. In other words, this is the place where spirits go to learn about the way of life inside a physical body. A sojourn here is much sought after, because the lessons given throughout just one human life are almost endless, and they are indeed something that cannot be experienced any other way. But if we go back to the image of the computer, this ”training program” was infected by a virus, or malware, inserted into this whole setup by beings more interested in controlling the process going on here for their own benefit than letting it all unfold in a more natural way. Hence, the skewed way of life that has developed on this planet, a far cry from what was originally intended. And just as in a computer infected by a secret virus by outsiders, the ”programs” running on this ”computer” started to do unexpected things, because they were in fact remotely controlled  by those who managed to implant this virus in the first place. And the fallout from all of this is well known to you all, as this planet has been sent reeling off its intended trajectory of development and onto a cliff ledge.

But then, the decision was made to reset it all back to normal again, and a huge taskforce was gathered to take on this monumental undertaking. And what is your role in all of this? Well, you are the taskforce sent down to uncover this hidden ”virus” and to clean up the computer and make sure it runs smoothly again. So what you in effect have already accomplished is indeed to pinpoint just where this virus has been hidden, and you have also made sure that it can no longer find anywhere for it to hide in this new system. Because what you have all worked so diligently at these last few, intense months is actually to install a brand new ”operating system”, and the only thing that can run on this new operating system are the new programs that are already in the process of being installed. So just like if you try to download a new version of a program designed for the most recent version of a pc onto your old one, they will not work. Because the old system is unable ro run any of these new programs. So, those still relying on the third level systems will be forced to keep running the same old programs, and these will soon become obsolete, unstable and prone to crashing.

But you, my dears, you are already hooked up to this brand new system, so you will have full access to all of these new programs. And this time, no virus will be allowed to enter in any way, because those responsible for the old one are not compatible with the vibrational level in the new. So they will be left behind, together with all of those still clinging to their old ”hardware” and old paradigms. Whereas you are all connected to the whole new setup, and you will of course receive all of the new upgradings as soon as they are available to you. So say goodbye to the old, and hello to the 2.0 version of your world. It will be a wonderful place indeed, without the same limitations the old system had inherent in it. And best of all, you are the ones who helped install it, so take some time to congratulate yourselves for a task well done! But what you have in store, is indeed what anyone changing from one system of operation to a new one will have, namely a small period for ”reebooting”, where you disconnect from all of the old and restart with the brand new. And that is what December will bring. But more on that later, let us just finish off this message by saying that this could never have been done without you, as you are literally the ones bringing down this whole new setup by accepting to take on the responsibility of being the anchors of this intelligent energy that is the main component of this new ”hard drive” you have all been hooked up to. You have not only done yourselves a huge service, but the rest of Creation is also beholden to you. So cudos to you all, you have worked so hard for such a long time, but now you have only the final fine tuning to go through. And, as we said, the most important part of that process will occur during the month of December. So be prepared for some stops and starts as everything will be run through this disconnect/reconnect period. It is a complicated process, so we will take time to do it step by step, but rest assured that we are all very confident indeed that everything will be just as we have all envisaged it for such a long time now.

Today is another important day that will mark the passage from one state to another, as the moon will be darkened by the Earth’s shadow. This in itself will not be looked upon as any sort of dramatic event, but energywise, this change in illumination of the full moon will also bring about changes in your energetic setup. Let us explain.

For many, these weeks are considered as a part of that sacred period counting down the days until you reach that marker in your calender named 21.12.12, or 12.21.12, according to where you live and how you spell out your dates. As we have said before, these dates are only to serve as a focal point for humanity, so we will not delve further into that exact period just yet, as that is indeed something that we will return to, we just refer to it now as an indication of what today will bring you. You see, as we have already discussed, this masterplan to call it that is composed of a complicated sequence of events that will unfold at a given time in order for everything to go as planned. So today, another of these events will take place. As usual, not much will be visible on the surface, for the changes and initiations we refer to here are the ones taking place within you all. And this time, the switches will be set off in all of humanity, not only in those already consciously opening up to the light within. This is not the first time that a mass activation of this kind has taken place, and we have indeed talked about this in an earlier missive. But now, as you are indeed coming so close to the opening up of the portals, it is a major event in many ways. Because this will serve to trigger all of those undecided ones. That is, people who in some way have started to open up voluntarily to these life enhancing energies, but who have yet to decide whether to act on this impulse or not. So expect to see some interesting outcome from all of this in the period you have ahead of you.

For now, you can all feel the pull of that final push to get through the eye of the needle as some call it. This is in no way meant to signify that only a chosen few will be allowed to ”make it to the other side”. Rather, it is a way to signify that in order to complete this mission you need to be unburdened by any of the old and bulky baggage you once amassed on your journey. For some, this has been fully jettisoned already, but for others, those ”stragglers” we referred to earlier, now the time has come to decide whether or not they too will liberate themselves from everything that would hold them back from entering this portal fully. You see, this is nothing one can do halfheartedly. It is something you do you fully, or not at all. And for all of those still sitting on the fence, not sure which side they want to jump down on, today’s energetic blast will in a way be their final signal to decide. And not deciding is also deciding, as that will leave them sitting on the fence, unable to join the rest of you as you cross over the bridge that will take you to that new shore.

So take some time to sit down and take in this injection of encouragement that will come down today. You may think that you do not need it, because you are already halfway across that bridge. Just remember, it will also affect you in so many ways, because it will affect millions of others out there. And even if many of them are not even aware that they have made a timid foray already by taking that first tentative step up on that fence dividing the two timelines, today will mark the day when so many more of them will literally awaken to the fact that they actually do have a choice. Because up until now, they were not even aware that they did, because they saw their current existence as the only option they had. But from now on, there will be so many more starting to rub the sleep from their eyes and trying out the fact that there is something else out there, something they have known about without being aware of it. So take today’s darkening of the moon as a signal of the brightening of so many spirits, and be sure to welcome any signs you see emerging in your fellow men in the days ahead. We think you will all have some surprises in store when you see the light starting to brighten in the most unexpected of places.

Tension is starting to mount in so many of you at the moment, and the reason for this is simple indeed. Your very core is almost roaring with frustration because it is longing to tear itself free from any restraints that are holding you back from thrusting yourself headlong into this immense project of immeasurable importance. You see, although you have all started to build the foundation for your new world, you know deep in your heart of hearts that your contribution to all of this will be so much larger than the one you are currently immersed in. Hence, the growing feeling of impatience in so many of you. This is only normal, because you see that your gifts are sorely needed, so the frustration of being held back as it were is only getting more and more pressing for so many of you. Again, this is only to be expected, but it is also something that needs to be endured, as you all are being kept in check with good reason. Let us explain.

All of this impatience is not anything negative, far from it, but it will feel so to any one of you feeling almost compressed by this need to literally spread out and tackle the challenges you see around you. But you must wait a bit longer before you can start to shine your true colours in earnest, and as always, the reason for this is the same: timing. We have talked about this issue before, so this will be a repetitious message to so many, but we will risk annoying you even further by saying it again. As you know so well by now, this is indeed a very complex and complicated process you are all taking part in, and even if you already by your prowess have speeded up the proceedings considerably, there is a carefully set sequence of events that needs to unfold at the right moment in order for all of this to go as planned. So yes, that dreaded word ”soon” will once again rear its head in these missives, as it is only a matter of time before you can unleash all of your powers into this process of rebuilding and redefining your world.

Time is of the essence, is an old adage many of you are familiar with. Let us rephrase that into ”time IS the essence” here, as what you are using as your instrument in this carefully planned process is indeed time, time in all of its connotation and all of its nuances. Time is as you know a very malleable and powerful source of energy on our side of the veil, and it will become more and more so on your side of the veil too. But as usual, this will be give in increments lest you should all drown if you overestimate your ”swimming abilities” and step too far out into the deep before you are fully prepared to do so. In other words, this plan is steadily unfolding according to the blueprints set up ahead, and there are a multitude of steps that needs to be taken before everything reaches 100% speed and power. So again, you must curb your impatience, or rather, accept it as a ”constant companion” for a little while longer.

And know that this impatience is nothing but a sign of your true powers slowly but surely stepping up and out into the open. And in a very short time indeed, you will be able to let it all out, and then, you will all revel in the joy of being creators in every sense of the word. Until then, know that you are already creating to the fullest of your abilities, that is, to the fullest of your current abilities. But know also that it is not you who are holding yourselves back, it is us, because we know what it takes to be standing in the full force of your light. And so, we will hold you all back until it is time for you to do so. Because then, and only then, will you all have the ability to wield this power of your light in a way that will not be detrimental to yourselves. This is in no way any criticism or rebuke of any of you. It is only a temporary measure to ensure that you all get through this amping up process unharmed and unfazed by what you are about to step into. For even if you are all magnificent already, it is nothing compared to the brilliance you are destined for.

As you have all been made aware of, the changes are starting to solidify, and even if they do so in a realm you are not yet fully privy to, they are literally taking place under your very hands. Let us explain.

You are not idle ones, dear souls, as you are building your new world piece by piece, soul by soul as we have already stated. It is by no means a small undertaking you have taken upon you, but your eagerness and your zeal, and most of all, your sheer numbers, have already ensured that what you at the moment only have a small inkling of, will soon blossom into a huge construction ready to shelter you all. As usual, the words we use will seem to be less than definite at times, but we know that you have all started to feel into this reality so we give you these simple words in order to start to describe them for you.

You are builders in every sense of the word, as not only is your nightly labour of love starting to piece together the different threads making up the fabric of your dreams, but you are energetically pulling in more and more building material to call it that from the very core of your universe. And by doing that, you are all speeding up this process in such a way you are actually not only astounding yourselves, but also us. You see, this process has been carefully planned out beforehand, but as it is you who are the ones making it all come together, it is also you who determine the length of this process. And you have already surpassed the expectations of all of us, and we all think you will continue to do so in this upcoming period. But as these processes go, it is not without its share of setbacks and frustrations, as any man building his own house can tell you. But never forget, this project is already a resounding success, so even if you all will encounter some sort of ”hiccup” along the way, rest assured that whatever it is, it cannot take away your dream from you.

In other words, this project you are all labouring so hard on making come true will do so, no matter what your mind thinks or what your body tells you in the time ahead. For this labour is nothing if not exhausting at times, and with this relentless surge of manifesting energy driving you all hard, you will be hard pressed not to feel like you have overreached yourselves at times, or even feel like you have been left out of some of it because you simply cannot keep up with the speediest ones. Do not fret dear ones, you are all in this, heart and soul, and your contribution will always be 100%, even if you at times feel almost like you are walking in your sleep during your waking hours. Remember, we are overseeing it all in order to aid you in this monumental creating process, so we see the glory you are manifesting every second of the way. You cannot see it clearly yet, you can only feel it in the weariness in your bones and the humming of joy in your heart, so we will be here alongside you, singing your praise in order to make you all remember what a majestic feat you are involved in.

Your dream is coming true, and you are the weavers of the strands pulling it all together, but just like a tiny little insect in a gigantic spiderweb, you do not have the ability to see your own masterpiece in all of its glory. But we do, and we see that what you have already created speaks of a finished construction that is glorious beyond words. So again, give yourselves a round of applause, lest you forget to commend yourselves for your herculean efforts. You need to do so at regular intervals, lest the physical fallout from all of this hard labour makes you blind to the glory of the magnificent structure you are creating. It is not only beautiful, but sturdy, so never think that what you are creating is a flimsy semblance of mere dreams. We are talking about your new reality, and that is not something that can be blown apart in any way, no matter how hard the winds will blow in the time ahead. So again we tell you, take time to celebrate your efforts dear ones, for so far, they cannot be described as anything but a resounding success.


The days are becoming short for many of you, but the nights are not only lengthening, they are also intensifying. We have touched upon this subject before, but let us elaborate a little bit on it. You see, the nights are when you are doing the hard work, and for many, that will be very apparent indeed by the way you feel whenever you wake up from this rather disturbed ”sleep” in the mornings. You will feel more than a little wrung out, and for many, it will take a long time to literally pull yourselves together to get ready to face another day in this physical body. So what do you do on all of these nightly forays into the unknown? Let us just give you a few examples, as we know there are many an inquisitive mind ready for some explanation into this.

Some of you will be well aware of what we will discuss here, as for some, the memories from these astral travels will start to solidify more and more, and you will find it even more difficult to restart your ”earthly life” as it were whenever you wake up in your bed after another of these visits behind the veil. For that is where you are all heading whenever you shut your eyes and get ready to sleep every night. Yes, we do mean every night, because now, as time is becoming more and more compressed, you are not in any way given any reprive from your hard labour. But remember, this is a labour of love, especially to you, and even if your physical body is somewhat miffed by all of the demands this puts upon it, you are all overjoyed by doing what you see as your reason to exist. Because you are fulfilling the promise you made before you came here, and now, you can see the fruits of your labour becoming manifest in front of you. Of course, as we have already said, so much of what you do is still shrouded in the mists of ”sleep”, and as such, very little remain in your consciousness whenever you awake from your slumber. Therefore, we would just like to give you a short summary of some of the assignments you are undertaking at the moment.

Time has been mentioned already, and time is indeed an important task that many of you are more than a little preoccupied by at the moment. You are the weavers of time, the ones making it at all possible to restore this separation from that vast sea of time that you have had to endure for so long. For you are no longer prisoners of a singular set of time like you have been for so many lives, but in order for you all to be able to once again take a swim in this ocean, you need someone to be your swimming teacher as it were. And this is what some of you are already doing nightly, as you have been picked as the guardians of this sea, and you will help your fellow men take their first supervised dip into this vast sea of possibilities. We use the words as metaphors of course, but it is important to know that although you all have previous knowledge of swimming freely in this unlimited body of time, your sojourn here on this planet has made you forget the basics of it. Hence, the need for someone like you able to reach out and give you all a steady and guiding hand when you take that first dip. It is a position much coveted, because the joy being experienced by anyone being allowed back into these waters again after a long, long separation is a treasure to behold. So yes, some of you are first rate swimming coaches, and you have much fun introducing your fledgeling swimmers in the do’s and don’ts of free swimming.

For others, the task is more challenging indeed, as you have the role as the cleaners of the old. In other words, you are the warriors still up in arms, ready and able to search out the last vestiges of dark entities still hiding away on your little planet. For remember, even if a consensus has been reached that from now on, the light has taken over the reins, not all the subjects swearing their allegiance to the other side are willing to give up the fight that easily, and they need to be dealt with, and firmly so. So there are still many of you out there, lifting your swords of light to the sky again and again, and you will continue to do so until the last stowaway has been found and made to disperse.

There are other, less defined roles indeed, as much of what you do under the cover of night as it were is varied indeed. You are the ones influencing the rest of mankind, and you do so both directly and indirectly. Let us just give you a few examples. As we have told you before, some of you act as antennaes, and by that, we mean that you receive the signals we transmit, and by way of downstepping the energy you are also able to convert the ”current” and send it on to other, less aware beings. Let us just say that you have a very beneficial influence on powerful people around the globe, whether they be of a scientific mind or whether they be of a more political one. For make no mistake, the changes we have talked about earlier occur on every level of your society, and the light is indeed penetrating into many minds, also those currently in a position to make decisions that will affect the lives of millions of others. So you, by way of giving yourselves as distributors of light, are doing an important job indeed. And even if this is something that is going on continuously,the nighttime is when you are most effective, as then, your mind has been literally switched off and you can do your work unhindered by your brain. Your brain can slow you down in so many ways, and in this, it is certainly true that whenever you manage to disengage it, the work you do becomes so much more powerful. So rest assured that whenever you rest your weary head, your spirit works even harder.

Let us just close off this missive by saying that this is only an excerpt of what is going on during your so-called nightly sojourn. Much of your time will also be taken up by reconnecting with your roots, in the way of several meet-and greet with entities hovering above you in different kinds of vessels. These meetings are not only social meetings, they are also utilized for gathering and dispersing various forms of information, for individual guidance and fine-tuning, and for mass meetings where additional information is being given. We will, as usual, refrain from giving you any details just yet. Suffice it to say that you are indeed working hard whenever your physical body takes a short rest, but what you do, is not to be considered as wearisome at all. It is, as we just said, a labour of love, and you will continue to revel in every little task you are being given, as this is just another confirmation that you are finally achieving what you have dreamed of forever, namely the right to be what you already know you are, a citizen of the multiverse, not only the Earth. And with this comes the realization that for you, work is no longer anything you have to put up with in order to pay for your bills. Now, work has become what you once knew it would be, namely the foundation of the togetherness you have always seeked. You are but a small part of a vast ocean of beings, all come together to create heaven on Earth, just as it was once set up to be. And thanks to you, this creation is being built, piece by piece, soul by soul. So keep it up, you have only started on this wonderful project known to all as The re-emergence of mankind.

As the Earth turns on her axis, the tides come and go, regulated by a mechanism that is as yet not completely understood by humans. You see the movements of the waters on your planet, but you do not see the same thing happening within. Let us explain.

You are inhabiting a very complex structure dear ones, and it is mostly composed of the selfsame liquid component you see around you, namely water. This will come as no surprise, but what may come as a surprise, is the role this water have, not only within you, but also in your surroundings. You tend to look upon it as a necessary liquid, and without it, your Earth would be a scorched and desolate place, devoid of life. Well, that is the role of water indeed, as all life on you planet is relying on this in some form or the other. Hence, the quest to find this precious liquid on other planets as well, as this would give a significant meaning in the search for extra terrestrial life. And the water is a life giving force indeed, but not only in the regulation of your metabolism. It is also a very important source of information, and this is what we wanted to share with you today. You see, the molecules comprising this liquid you refer to as water are so much more than a combination of different chemical elements. It is also a dispenser of information, and this information literally permeates the whole complex structure that comprises not only your body, but your whole planet. And as you may know so well by now, water is indeed an element that is constantly on the move. It moves through your body in the form of liquid or as a gas through your respiratory organs, and it moves through you and out again via your digestive track, your lungs and indeed your skin. And the same goes for your planet. She is indeed breathing it in and out every day, and she is also being inundated by these waters both from above and below, in the form of rainshowers, rivers and underground reservoirs. So water is inside and outside you, in many forms, whether it be in the form of a liquid, gas or even frozen solid as ice.

As some of you are aware of, we have talked about this subject before so much of this will not be news to you, but we have chosen to touch upon this subject now as you need to keep this information at hand in the times ahead. You see, the information carried within all of this water has also changed by now, as the water is also susceptible to the changes of frequency, and as such, it too has started to sing to another tune lately. So remember, every time you connect with this water, you are also tuning into something that is giving you an important message, and even if this message is a subtle one, it will have far reaching consequences. For the message from the water is something you cannot escape, as you cannot even exist without it. As we said, you are largely composed of this element, but remember, this is also a volatile element in the way that it is never inert. Even when it is frozen, there is still some part of it being slowly released, while on the other end, new particles are being attached to the rest of this body of water as this cycle of evaporation and condensation is a never ending one. And with it travels the embedded information, unseen by you all, and unhindered by any border or barrier mankind might construct. And now, the whispering of these infinitesimal molecules will become stronger and stronger, and the combined force of them will increase as well. You have already seen this in the monumental storms crashing onto your shores, and you will see this happening again and again in this upcoming period. For with all of this ”liquid onslaught” in different forms also comes liberation from the old, as this water will not only cleanse away the dirt and grime that has accumulated for eons, it will also bring with it the new tune as it were and help you all sing it clearer and truer.

So for every drop of water coming down, a new connection is being made, and for every wave of the ocean sweeping onto your shores it is the same. Everyone and everything is subjected to this same stream of change, and this stream of change will gather momentum in the time ahead. So bless the waters, because they are helping you all see everything so much clearer, and even if they seem to bring much destruction in their wake, remember it is only in order to make way for all of the new. And so this cycle will continue, as you have all decided to open up for this refreshing downpour of intelligence washing you all clean of the debris of yesteryear.

Dear friends! I just wanted you to know that I will be going away for a few days. I will not be able to post anything (or untangle any comments getting stuck in the spam-filter) until I get back home again. I wish you all a wonderful and creative weekend!

Love and light, Aisha

We did not overestimate you in any way dear ones, as you have once again achieved a level of awareness that many have said was unattainable for humans. Let us explain. We have already told the channel in a private message that this week marked an important passage for humanity. You have crossed a line dear ones, but we will not refer to it as that fabled finishing line you have been longing to cross. Rather, we prefer to refer to it as the starting line, as you have finally managed to complete the process needed in order to start living as the new humans. And what do we mean by that? We simply refer to the fact that you have now, by much hard labour indeed, managed to accrue the requisite level of vibration that has ensured that you are no longer a member of that old, third density group of humanity. You have arrived, in other words, only to find yourselves unable to sit down and enjoy this fabled destination in peace. For you will not linger, any of you, as you have all deeds to do and challenges to undertake, but you will do so knowing that you are no longer cluttered up with all of that baggage you had holding you down only a few days ago.

You may not be fully aware of the monumental process that has taken place during this short timespan, so let us give you just a few reminders of what has transpired in the interim. First of all, as you may remember, the dark ones finally had to admit to their defeat, and as some of you have been privy to, their departure from your shores has already started. So that light-hearted feeling many of you have enjoyed lately is indeed a sure signal that the poison has started to drain from your system, and we can guaranteee you it will never ever return. We hasten to add that the system they have worked so hard to put in place will linger on, but it will do so in a timeline occupied by those who have chosen to latch themselves onto the old and not in any way raise their vibration in order to escape this little hell hole they have created for themselves. So they will indeed continue to wallow in their underworld to call it that, while you have managed to hoist yourselves onto quite another level of time and awareness. So this is the final parting of timelines, and from now on the divide will continue to grow, and you can all watch in astonishment as that old and dense world continues to play out their little charades. But you are free to let go of it all, as you have indeed chosen to live in a more light filled atmosphere, and as such, your lives are about to start in earnest now. That is why we want to refer to this line in the sand that you have crossed as the starting line, and not as any sort of final goal.

It will be strange indeed to many of you, as in your minds, you had this image of a cheering crowd applauding you as you sank to your knees, exhausted but elated after finishing this race to ”The End”. Well, the crowd is here, and they are cheering mightily indeed, but they do so because they see you all already well into your first stretch of this exciting new race, and this time, there is no end to it. For this is not a race with a set goal, this is only a race to live your new lives to the fullest, and where each step of the way will bring with it something new that will enhance not only your life, but the rest of Creation as well. For now, you have opened yourselves up in a way that no one inhabiting a physical body has ever accomplished, and the events that took place last weekend marked by the sequence of 11:11 11:11 was indeed the signal that set you all off on this new race of freedom. For you do not need to search for freedom any more, you have already attained it. So now, what you see stretching out before you is a ”race with no limits”, as now, there is no set distance you need to complete any more.

Now it is all up to each and every one of you how far and how wide you want to travel. For now, you have the whole multiverse at your disposal, and you can start to explore it in earnest. So reset your minds from completing to expanding, and know that what you have given yourselves these last few days is the permission to start anew. You are finished with the old, and even if it will take some time before you are able to fully digest the full content of this message, let us just conclude by saying that you have just started on a whole new road, and this time, you set the limits as just how far you want to travel down that road. We will be here, cheering you on no matter how fast or how far you will want to go, for you have already passed a boundary never before crossed by man, and this in itself is a feat that will never be forgotten. So do not linger, not when you can already start to savour the sensation of exploring an unknown territory. And even if this new territory will bring a whole new set of challenges, they will be more than welcome, as they will give you only joy instead of taking anything away from you. So you have arrived, only to find yourselves unable to stop, for the momentum of joy will carry you all onwards and forwards into the mysteries of magic and wonder that lie ahead.

This day will bring with in many unprecedented instances, as the sun is once again being very helpful in delivering the messages we want her to convey. You see, the floodgates have started to open, if we may use such a word to describe the fact that now, the rain of energy over you planet will increase to such an extent it will at times be difficult to keep your heads above the water.

Let us explain. As many of you are aware, you are approaching the timeline many see as a divide between the old and the new, and even if some also think of it as the end of everything, the former is so much more true than the latter. For your world is not coming to an end, far from it. Rather, it is finally gearing up to start anew. In other words, the systems churning themselves out into oblivion are certainly coming to an end, but your world is rapidly approaching the dawn of promise. We speak, as usual, in convoluted terms, but what we do, is simply to state what so many have done before. Namely that this year is indeed the year of true change, and it will indeed be the one that will go into your history books as the year when humanity stopped going backwards and finally tok that decisive step into tomorrow.

You will find much around you that you will think is in dire need of rectifying before this year has run its course, and if you look on your calendar, you will be hard pressed not to think that you are in fact running out of time. Well, you are not, and after what has taken place on your shores these last few days and weeks, you will never ever run out of time. For the wheels have started to turn at a fast pace now, and helped by the imminent injection of even larger amounts of energy, they will start to turn even faster. So do not despair dear ones, even if you at times feel despair welling up inside at the thought of so much that is yet undone on this planet. For now, the quickening will start to expand at such a pace it will be almost like a blur in front of your eyes. The energies will be pouring in at such a rate you will all be struggling to stay upright, or rather, afloat at times.

So prepare yourselves to be inundated with energy, but prepare yourselves to celebrate the selfsame fact. For even if your physical body will call for a time out many times in the last remaining weeks of this year, know that your planet will revel in every new round of energy that hits her. For it will help to bring you all over that threshold that will finally ensure the perfect velocity for you all to literally break through the barriers that have been cementing you to so much of the old, and hurtling you into the wide open spaces of tomorrow. So take a deep breath and make yourselves ready for the waves coming in, for this time, they will pound you all mercilessly. Not to break you down, but to break you free.

The date today is an important one to many, as it is singified by a sequence of numbers that will trigger another sequence of numbers. Let us explain. Today’s date is 11.11, and when you also pass the time on your clock that reads 11:11, you will all be set to ”GO”. Let us explain. As you might be aware of, the codes that lie embedded in the energy that is carried into your body by those signals being sent from other shores than yours, are carefully set up in order to have the maximum effect. Therefore, some will start to do their work immediately, while others have been timed to be set off at a specific moment. And some of these have been set to be simultaneously triggered in order to create a magnfied effect.

You see, these simultaneous triggers make sure that the combined effetc of the energies embedded in many individuals literally fire up together in order to create a quantum field of sorts that will have a far reaching effect on your surroundings. In other words, these mass events have a much larger impact on your society than if you are being triggered at individual instances, hence the extra activity on some dates in your calendar. This does not mean that everythng is linked to a specific date or time, far from it, but as we have touched upon earlier, we utilize some of these dates to create immense vortices of energy that literally sweeps over your world to instigate far reaching changes, changes that would not be possible without this communal effort carried out by all of you who have given their heart and soul to this project already.

So know that today, as the clock hits that heralded time of 11:11 in region after region, you will all be ”fired up”as it were and join in this planet wide event of energetic upsurge. So we thank you all for taking part in this major operation, and know that even if you may feel some side effects from this energetic transmission, you will have the honor of taking part in one of the most important events ever carried out on your shores. So stay centered and go inside, and you will surley feel the strong connection you all share. And know that this connection will never ever fade away after today.