The manuscript of survival – part 229

Today is another important day that will mark the passage from one state to another, as the moon will be darkened by the Earth’s shadow. This in itself will not be looked upon as any sort of dramatic event, but energywise, this change in illumination of the full moon will also bring about changes in your energetic setup. Let us explain.

For many, these weeks are considered as a part of that sacred period counting down the days until you reach that marker in your calender named 21.12.12, or 12.21.12, according to where you live and how you spell out your dates. As we have said before, these dates are only to serve as a focal point for humanity, so we will not delve further into that exact period just yet, as that is indeed something that we will return to, we just refer to it now as an indication of what today will bring you. You see, as we have already discussed, this masterplan to call it that is composed of a complicated sequence of events that will unfold at a given time in order for everything to go as planned. So today, another of these events will take place. As usual, not much will be visible on the surface, for the changes and initiations we refer to here are the ones taking place within you all. And this time, the switches will be set off in all of humanity, not only in those already consciously opening up to the light within. This is not the first time that a mass activation of this kind has taken place, and we have indeed talked about this in an earlier missive. But now, as you are indeed coming so close to the opening up of the portals, it is a major event in many ways. Because this will serve to trigger all of those undecided ones. That is, people who in some way have started to open up voluntarily to these life enhancing energies, but who have yet to decide whether to act on this impulse or not. So expect to see some interesting outcome from all of this in the period you have ahead of you.

For now, you can all feel the pull of that final push to get through the eye of the needle as some call it. This is in no way meant to signify that only a chosen few will be allowed to ”make it to the other side”. Rather, it is a way to signify that in order to complete this mission you need to be unburdened by any of the old and bulky baggage you once amassed on your journey. For some, this has been fully jettisoned already, but for others, those ”stragglers” we referred to earlier, now the time has come to decide whether or not they too will liberate themselves from everything that would hold them back from entering this portal fully. You see, this is nothing one can do halfheartedly. It is something you do you fully, or not at all. And for all of those still sitting on the fence, not sure which side they want to jump down on, today’s energetic blast will in a way be their final signal to decide. And not deciding is also deciding, as that will leave them sitting on the fence, unable to join the rest of you as you cross over the bridge that will take you to that new shore.

So take some time to sit down and take in this injection of encouragement that will come down today. You may think that you do not need it, because you are already halfway across that bridge. Just remember, it will also affect you in so many ways, because it will affect millions of others out there. And even if many of them are not even aware that they have made a timid foray already by taking that first tentative step up on that fence dividing the two timelines, today will mark the day when so many more of them will literally awaken to the fact that they actually do have a choice. Because up until now, they were not even aware that they did, because they saw their current existence as the only option they had. But from now on, there will be so many more starting to rub the sleep from their eyes and trying out the fact that there is something else out there, something they have known about without being aware of it. So take today’s darkening of the moon as a signal of the brightening of so many spirits, and be sure to welcome any signs you see emerging in your fellow men in the days ahead. We think you will all have some surprises in store when you see the light starting to brighten in the most unexpected of places.

19 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 229

  1. Hello Dear Aisha, I have a feeling that you are also experiencing a welcome change from the denser energies to a lightness and feeling of well being following the clearing at the Full Moon Lunar eclipse???
    I have felt a really nice shift….

  2. This morning I shared in Aluna Joy’s Love Bomb meditation for the earth, which focused on releasing the stored energy of the earth to its rightful owners (US!) forgiving tresspasses, focusing on unity and oneness, pervading love in all dimensions and asking all angels, spirit beings etc. to continue to send love to mother Gaia. I added something to the mix of prayer that seemed to me as if I were a pinball of light and hitting off being after being after being and turning them on through my example–this lovely missive from CC tailors in perfectly to that vision–BE YOU–Stay centered in your heart with love and peace and reach your hand out to any who reach for you…HUGS ALL!

  3. Thank you for a such a powerful and timely message. Lately I am finding that as I clear old emotional pains I get an acute pain at the back of my second chakra. It’s energetic and wears off as I clear issues that come up. This morning some stuff I had forgotten about came up. I am processing it and giving it to the light for healing but the pain behind my second chakra is so strong it’s making walking difficult. My lower back feels really stiff. Do you have any insight into how I could shift stuck energies more quickly. Thanks. I love the Manuscript and have found many posts very helpful over the past year.

    1. You need to ask your care team to help you. If you don,t ask, they are powerless to help you. We can,t do it all alone. We need help. MUCH help. So, ask the healing Angels and Archangels to help you return anew, ready for Ascension. Keep the zone warm, that may help also. Open your heart.

  4. Hello Aisha and thanks for the message.

    I am still dubious about all of this but (as usual) let’s wait and see – I hope we’ll have these nice surprises in the coming days allthough the more the days are passing the less I believe in any kind of “mass awakening”…

    See you in 2 days! 🙂


    1. Hehe! Hey sude the eyes of the people who somehow “get it” is priceless! Man I love sending those bombs. I only see it with “the corner of the eye” as they say it.

  5. Thank You Dear Aisha for this, as I think is one of your more important ‘HighLight’ messages from the CC’s ! Indeed this lunar eclipse today brings a pre-alignment, pivotal focus in stirring the final intentions of All of humanity ! The main focus is around ‘Choice’…it is the way, & always has been…a precious gift given for us to grow & learn & experience within the scope of what we want or need to expand from our beginnings as a spark of God. We are All children of God, All equally LOved, yet beautifully Unique…given the gift to create as we choose….how marvelous that our Creator LOves us so much that he allowed this…from dark to Light, from Good to evil…think about it ! As we now approach the end of a pre-set cycle that has existed in repetition for millennia, we will go forward in accordance with our intentions…it really is that simple, no right or wrong, no judgement, we tend to make things more complicated than what they are. Those that choose to fill their Hearts brimming with LOve & Compassion will go forth into the sacred connection, & understanding of the re-union with the Oneness of creation…those that are not ready to want or accept the Truth, & live by the Truth will simply continue their life learning where All elements including pain & suffering will remain. It is most difficult & alarming to me, that many will choose to remain in this realm, but it is their sacred choice. Something I read the other day explained the coming shift quite well, I think, in simply letting go in calm, acceptance, just let it happen as it will come as divinely planned….do not Fear, follow your Heart…reflect on our history’s Great Ascended Masters…what would they do ?….go forward with your Heart’s brimming with LOve & Compassion my friends…!~ LOve & Healing – Ascending Strength to Mother-Earth !~

  6. As can be understood, this is another threshold, and an very important one. 12-21-2012 will be the closing of a 260.000 years cycle, 13.000 of which we were immersed in deep negativity, since Atlantis. It,s a long ride, isn,t it? Would you like to repeat it? It,s up to your choice because we live in a free will planet. Your desire would not be questioned. In front of us there are three timelines that will separate soon. 3D again, 5D New Earth and starseeds go back their home worlds.
    If you feel unworthy for any reason that you consider imperative, forget it. We all came to 3D Earth to experience duality, deeply. We all were everything: light, darkness, victim, perpetrator, homosexual, abuser, whatever else of worst you may consider, etc. There,s no role that we didn,t play. Of course, we don,t remember, because if we did this school of life would be impossible. But now the cycle is finishing and and we are graduated. The outcome of all this experience will go with us: Wisdom.
    There are billions of soul waiting their chance to come to flesh to have the same opportunity we had. And this will be in 5D Earth. And guess who will teach them and to souls of other worlds too? You, of course. Because you are unique. The wisdom you carry is just yours because of your unique experiences on 3D Earth. So, please, dont,t think you are unworthy. Anybody is unworthy. We all deserve all that is in store for us. Undoubtedly.
    Darkness was intending to cut our true right to choose to go forward, so a Divine Plan was created to ensure that our free will of choice would be respected. That is that is being unfolding and will lead us to Disclosure, through Lightworker president Obama, perhaps, a little time before the Shift to avoid caos. There,s nothing to fear. All is in Divine and Holy Order.

    1. well said ‘Nohmad’…indeed you have gained great wisdom along your soul’s journey…the knowledge you hold is a reflection of the choices you have made in wanting to know the Truth of Life & understanding the Oneness within the realm of Divine Creation…go forth shining LOve & Compassion my friend !~

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