The manuscript of survival – part 224

We did not overestimate you in any way dear ones, as you have once again achieved a level of awareness that many have said was unattainable for humans. Let us explain. We have already told the channel in a private message that this week marked an important passage for humanity. You have crossed a line dear ones, but we will not refer to it as that fabled finishing line you have been longing to cross. Rather, we prefer to refer to it as the starting line, as you have finally managed to complete the process needed in order to start living as the new humans. And what do we mean by that? We simply refer to the fact that you have now, by much hard labour indeed, managed to accrue the requisite level of vibration that has ensured that you are no longer a member of that old, third density group of humanity. You have arrived, in other words, only to find yourselves unable to sit down and enjoy this fabled destination in peace. For you will not linger, any of you, as you have all deeds to do and challenges to undertake, but you will do so knowing that you are no longer cluttered up with all of that baggage you had holding you down only a few days ago.

You may not be fully aware of the monumental process that has taken place during this short timespan, so let us give you just a few reminders of what has transpired in the interim. First of all, as you may remember, the dark ones finally had to admit to their defeat, and as some of you have been privy to, their departure from your shores has already started. So that light-hearted feeling many of you have enjoyed lately is indeed a sure signal that the poison has started to drain from your system, and we can guaranteee you it will never ever return. We hasten to add that the system they have worked so hard to put in place will linger on, but it will do so in a timeline occupied by those who have chosen to latch themselves onto the old and not in any way raise their vibration in order to escape this little hell hole they have created for themselves. So they will indeed continue to wallow in their underworld to call it that, while you have managed to hoist yourselves onto quite another level of time and awareness. So this is the final parting of timelines, and from now on the divide will continue to grow, and you can all watch in astonishment as that old and dense world continues to play out their little charades. But you are free to let go of it all, as you have indeed chosen to live in a more light filled atmosphere, and as such, your lives are about to start in earnest now. That is why we want to refer to this line in the sand that you have crossed as the starting line, and not as any sort of final goal.

It will be strange indeed to many of you, as in your minds, you had this image of a cheering crowd applauding you as you sank to your knees, exhausted but elated after finishing this race to ”The End”. Well, the crowd is here, and they are cheering mightily indeed, but they do so because they see you all already well into your first stretch of this exciting new race, and this time, there is no end to it. For this is not a race with a set goal, this is only a race to live your new lives to the fullest, and where each step of the way will bring with it something new that will enhance not only your life, but the rest of Creation as well. For now, you have opened yourselves up in a way that no one inhabiting a physical body has ever accomplished, and the events that took place last weekend marked by the sequence of 11:11 11:11 was indeed the signal that set you all off on this new race of freedom. For you do not need to search for freedom any more, you have already attained it. So now, what you see stretching out before you is a ”race with no limits”, as now, there is no set distance you need to complete any more.

Now it is all up to each and every one of you how far and how wide you want to travel. For now, you have the whole multiverse at your disposal, and you can start to explore it in earnest. So reset your minds from completing to expanding, and know that what you have given yourselves these last few days is the permission to start anew. You are finished with the old, and even if it will take some time before you are able to fully digest the full content of this message, let us just conclude by saying that you have just started on a whole new road, and this time, you set the limits as just how far you want to travel down that road. We will be here, cheering you on no matter how fast or how far you will want to go, for you have already passed a boundary never before crossed by man, and this in itself is a feat that will never be forgotten. So do not linger, not when you can already start to savour the sensation of exploring an unknown territory. And even if this new territory will bring a whole new set of challenges, they will be more than welcome, as they will give you only joy instead of taking anything away from you. So you have arrived, only to find yourselves unable to stop, for the momentum of joy will carry you all onwards and forwards into the mysteries of magic and wonder that lie ahead.

53 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 224

  1. Dearest Aisha — This post has increased my joy and validated my own vision that I posted for this week: Heaven on Earth
    Thank you so much for reminding us that we have only just begun. So many Lightworkers are reporting feelings of Joy, Freedom, Deep Peace and Euphoria. Thank you for bringing through these awesome messages. Blessings and Gratitude to All

  2. Last evening, the horizon was rose then scarlet red. I wanted to chase it but I was on a bus. I’ve learned that not everybody sees what I see, so I take pics as often as possible. Sometimes they don’t show what I see. lol

  3. Thank you Aisha for the blog. It is most interesting and helpful. Thank you for sharing Brenda’s channelling, too.

    These two articles make me feel left behind. How do I know if I am of the rainbow fraction. I don’t feel lighter this week at all. Even more weight down with old stuff. Perhaps all the work during the last years wasn’t enough? I don’t know…

    But I am very happy for all those who feel the change. 🙂

    1. Your heart is wide open, nothing more matters. Of course you,re part of the new family of all colors. Doesn,t mind if others feel the changes before or after you. The Shift is not a race. It,s the conclusion of a long process of learning of who we really are. Duality is almost over. While the transition does not end, we go on healing and cleansing us of all that does not serve us any more. Then we,ll begin an upgraded version of life. Just of love, joy, peace and abundance for ALL in Oneness.

  4. I have come across multiple realities/dimensions……simultaneously in this physical reality……no words to speak on these realities but the person who comes across these realities(direct experience)….can only know it….for others it will be a fable to listen.Among multiple frequencies , I experienced LOVE is have the highest frequency….which can over-ride all other lower levels. In this physical reality , we consider linear time…..but in some other reality there is no time/space…it’s the current(assume electricity) flowing in the moment “NOW”…….nice article which I see as my own reflection…Thanks Aisha

  5. It’s a plan! Thank you Aisha & CC. I have noticed that since 11/11, the ascension symptons (headaches, pressure, tiredness) have greatly diminished. I hope they don’t come back. 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on ~Collecting~Lighthearted~Signs~ and commented:
    excerpt…”And even if this new territory will bring a whole new set of challenges, they will be more than welcome, as they will give you only joy instead of taking anything away from you. So you have arrived, only to find yourselves unable to stop, for the momentum of joy will carry you all onwards and forwards into the mysteries of magic and wonder that lie ahead.”

  7. The timing of these messages hold a deep meaning to me. I don’t know how to meditate, at least if I do I don’t know it. I pray, that’s all I need to do. While in the nightly prayers last night I was asked to do something I thought would be impossible. First I was sent to connect with the Angels, this is nothing new for me, they know how much I love my wings. Then, and this is the really strange part, I was asked to remain in flight and connect with the Dolphins, so now I’m flying with Angels and swimming with Dolphins while at the same time I remained in my human body. I was told that this lesson would serve me well in the future. Yes my life is somewhat of a living parable.

    Thanks as always.

    In Love of all,

    Your loving Brother, Mark.

  8. So happy to get to have another wonderful seer to learn from! Thank you for introducing Brenda to those of us who have not heard of her. I have found lately that I am divinely guided to the information I need to hear and read and the foods I need to eat and the things I need to do. If anyone wants confirmaiton in 3D of the shift they simply have to look to their lives without fear and see if they have dropped old habits lately seemingly effortlessly (I stopped smoking BAM just like that!)…dropped societal norms and expectations (BAM I am meditating BY my guardian tree in my front yard daily and I have not a care in the world who sees me)…are sharing feelings and information when it feels right in your heart…(BAM shared some stuff with my own mother and my neighbor)…Look, the old adage that “charity begins at home” is at work here…YOU are the beginning of the new paradigm…if you continue to look outside yourself for confirmation you are not listening to your OWN divine guidance! THIS is all about CREATING your OWN paradigm…sure, the gifts given are different than the ones we had before, but there is NO expectation….CREATE…TRUST and most of all start with pure love for yourself and then radiate it outward! WHOOO HOOO this is awesome! Tons of love to you all…Alex

    1. Exactly!I After being a big meat eater my whole life I literally became a vegatarian overnight…and now a vegan.

  9. Dear Aisha and Brenda! I have been following both of your messages and I TOO was recently happy to see MY TWO FAVORITES, the one’s that I have resonated with the most, reflecting each other! I have felt so grateful to have been so lucky to have been led to you both. I feel like I am filled and overflowing with GOD’S LOVE. I feel the energy pouring through me with the force of a white water rapids. I am so grateful to be healed. This is the first time in 50 years that I finally feel free of some inexplicable heavy burden that has been weighing me down every day my entire life. I feel FREE to FLY.
    I have quickly shifted from feeling beaten down, at the end of my rope and world weary, to a child like enthusiasm and a wondrous curiosity about …

      1. Brenda, How great to connect with you , here! I AM SO HAPPY that we are connecting with each other and Aisha. It feels like such a BLESSING.
        SO HAPPY that you two have connected in this way!
        It feels like a powerful alignment !

    1. Dear Michael, your message gives me so much joy! You are experiencing the same thing I feel in myself and see in others around me. I just know in every particle of my being that we are free, and now the time has come for us all to start to soar. There is nothing holding us back now except ourselves, and together we will create everything we have dreamed of and more. We have no limits, so let us start to manifest our new world together. Love and light, Aisha

      1. HONESTLY, AISHA, Thank you. It always brings me so much JOY to hear that we are experiencing these energies together, in a similar way.
        I understand that we each have our own unique way of experiencing this unfoldment, however, it still brings me such comfort and feeling of community to know that we are RESONATING together. HOW AWESOME is THAT? HOW MAGICAL?

  10. Dear Aisha,
    Someone pointed out today how closely our channeled materials tracked – I just read yours now and posted mine on Tuesday.

    Isn’t this just a wondrous transition? So many people channeling the same or similar information – a “shout out” to the world.
    Blessings and Sparkles,

    1. Dear Brenda! I just read your message, and I have shivers all over :–)
      (For those of you who have not seen it, you can read it here: )
      There are so many powerful images there, and it resonates very strongly with me. “You will not be bored by the end of this week” you say, and how true that is! Yes, we are living in wondrous times, and I am so glad that we can both add something to this tapestry of information that is being put together now. Let us all start to shine and sparkle in earnest, for when we do, we will certainly set this world afire with all the light we carry within.
      Love and light, Aisha

    2. Wonderful!!! I read Brenda’s message yesterday, so as I read Aisha’s just now, I wondered if you two had talked. And now you have have! What a great way to connect, and how fun to see it happen. Thank you both for having these gifts and sharing them.

      1. Dear Pete,
        And I love that Aisha and I plus others channeled similar messages this week. What a wondrous transition we created – sending messages through multiple voices so everyone who wishes to will know.
        Blessings and Sparkles.

  11. Thank you Dear Aisha & your continued dedication in bringing these important messages to this forum….I always said that we are not leaving, lifting up into the Heavens, we are bringing, we are summoning the gifts of creation to us & to expand within us “On Earth as it is in Heaven” Although still much is invisable to us, there is so much that has happened, as you’ve said (underneath) & this week is a powerful week of shifting to a new level of awareness that will begin “manifestation” We are on the threshold of taking our 1st steps as creator beings ! That’s why it’s so vitally important to “be careful what we wish for”…I continue to firmly believe that our main united goal as Humanity, is to secure “LOve & Peace…Health & Happiness to ALL Life upon Mother-Earth” !!! A total elimination of power mongers, greed, war, poverty illness, pain & suffering….We are uniting together to “Heal Mother-Earth”…ridding her of ALL toxins & re-filling & surrounding her & ALL her Life in perfection in accordance with the Sacred Laws of Divine Creation !….Your message, I’ve noticed is carrying a unified theme that many channellers are posting…& I think that is a good thing “Unification being manifested”….Brenda Hoffman also has an interesting post “3rd demensional beings are not in control”….I think it is well worth reading ! I always believed that the work we are doing will continue into the shifted future, it’s just that the big difference will be that we will be way more confident, stronger, happier & our scope of work will be more like play, to have fun & Enjoy !~….Blessings my Friends, you know what you have to do !~

    1. Mother-Earth holds ALL the ingredients for the Heavenly Paradise in which we seek & many are now blinded to….humanity is soon to realize this…~

  12. Dear Aisha and companions, I am reading your new message, and woooo, that is of a new level ! And you know the best ? I am willing to acknowledge it.
    I hear a little voice inside myself: if this was true ? If we would already be in this new timeline ? Why not trying it ? I also feel indeed a certain lightness in general about life and everything. This is very strange indeed when I look at my personnal situation. Yes, why not giving a try to our new freedom ? What do we have to loose ? Yes, there is undoubdtely a feeling of lightness and I agree with Wilbur, the stars look different. Not still the trompets, not still the heavenly choirs, but he, yes a feeling that its worth to give it a try…Thank you for the inspiration. From Alsace, France, Jean-Francois

    1. Jean-Francois, you are welcome but… How? How to give ourselves the new freedom? I am not dealing about theory or spirituality. I am asking how to reflect this “incoming energy” in the 3D life of the everyday.
      We are able to state nice words. We should be able to swear on energies, flows, waves. The New Age is full of terms taken by he many branchs of Science and remodeled on its aims.
      But in a nutshell, how to “use” all this stuff in the normal life? Will the everybody’s life change as well? Or only should we close our eyes and imagine a different life in order to live in that different dimension?
      While “the stars seemed to be brighter”, people were dieing for a lot of reasons, innocent children too. Stars weren’t brighter for all the people, it seems.

      The stars look down.

      Let’s try to not to confuse personal imaginations and feelings with a sharable message like this, dedicated to ALL the mankind and not just to those who are living quite and serene lifetimes.

      I hope that real signs will give us something more than our own selfimagination is giving now.

  13. I looked at the star filled sky last night. They were “different”, much clearer, much brighter and I could hear myself saying…it’s all changed and I felt a deep, profound happiness. Everything is perfect. Everything is beautiful and I am so filled with gratefulness. I am so thankfull…to all of you beautiful, sweet, loving benevolents who have and are helping me/us through all of this. All I feel is Love. The Light fills my total being. I Love all of Creation…The Tao, the spiritual path. I am Joyfull. I remember what it felt like to be a child, where all was filled with wonder. My Love and Joy goes out to each and every one of you, my beloved sisters and brothers, from the snow capped Green Mountains of Vermont…Love and light to you all my beautiful, shining ones. Wilbur

    1. profoundly beautiful dear Wilbur !!!! Keep those thoughts…they will magnify & be made Real because of You !!!…LOve & Healing to ALL Life !!! as creator beings our thoughts attached to any aspect of LOve & Peace will now hold Great Strength in now Manifesting the New World !!!

  14. Dear sister, thank you for bringing this message to us. I’m ready and eager to continue this travel with you and the rest out there. Big hug.

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