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We have often times been accused of beating around the bush as it were, and that may be so, but let us just come clean and say what is on everybody’s mind at the moment. Do not think for a second that we are mere figments of your imagination, or some other’s imagination at that, and that you are all delusional and incapable of grasping the truth. It might feel like it to so many of you, as the times roll on and everything seems to be just scattered words of promises and nowhere near reality. Just open your eyes, and every morning you are confronted with the same dismal views of a corrupt elite and a world heading for destruction as the pristine environment is being confined to smaller and smaller pockets on your beautiful planet. Yes, that is the truth and the reality as you will call it, but it is only ONE reality, and not the one and only you have to be content with. You see, you are literally straddling several realities at the same time, and as you have already started to get a peek behind the veils in your so-called dreamtime, you have a hard time accepting the fact that the same dismal world come into view every time you open your eyes to another day. And it will not feel like another day in paradise, that much is sure, as you have all had to face the realities of this mismanaged world every second of your waking hours. That is, if you do not manage to literally tear yourselves away from this horror show and tune into the other channel, where freedom reigns and you can see how life permeates everything around you, and where the soul sings in a very, very different tune from the squawk it emits every time you have to immerse yourself in the ”reality” once again.

Well, nice words, but what do you really mean by that, we hear you ask. Let us get straight to the point. It is indeed imperative that you start to disassociate yourselves from the ”truth” out there and stop being a player in the drama that your overlords are putting on 24/7. By that, we mean that you have to stop taking in all of the bad news and horrendous stories being played out in front of you, and start to detach yourselves completely in every emotional sense. That will be difficult, we know, but remember that every time you fall into the trap of being angry, sad or disappointed by what all of your fellow men are doing to each other and to your planet, you are actually fuelling it by putting your energy right where it should not go. Namely into the heart of this ensuing drama, and thereby actually making it just that more powerful. You see, you have all passed a threshold where you as individuals play a much more powerful role, as you are now carriers of so much more energy than before, and as such, your mere presence can literally make all the difference in the world. We have touched upon this subject before, but not in this connotation, so it is indeed important that you understand just how powerful you all are, and start to heed that power lest you should accidentally invest it in the wrong place.

Again, this will be very difficult for you all, as you all in some way still perceive yourselves as members of the human family, and as such, you will feel a strong responsibility to invest all of your powers to do good for you all. In other words, you will feel the need to throw everything you have gained into the battle for this planet, and you will do so in the manner you have been trained to, namely to play according to the rules set up by those in control right now. But if you choose to follow that instinct, you will only play straight into their hands, and add your newfound strength into the drama that will hungrily gobble it all up and spew it right back at you all with new atrocities. So stop feeding the beast, and start taking back your powers.

In other words, it is time to withdraw from the battle. Not as battleworn and heartbroken defeatists, but as cunning warriors, intent on spending their energy where it will have beneficial effect instead of giving it away to their enemies. We will not keep you any longer with this message, as we know it will give you much to ponder. And of course, we will return to this subject shortly, as it is the most important one for now. Remember, do not continue adding fuel to the fire that is burning your world to cinders, but take it back and nurse it so that the flames will have to look elsewhere for something to consume. You are far to valuable to be mere fodder for this fire, as your flame will need to burn brightly on its own, lighting a way for all to follow in your footsteps. It will take some hard work on your behalf, as what we have just told you will go against much of what you have been taught to do, but this work is mayhaps the most important work we will ever ask you to take on. So start calling back your energy, and make sure that you know where it is headed before you decide to send it back out again.

We have touched upon this subject so many times earlier, but now we will repeat it again. The reason for this will be obvious, as there are so many out there struggling to keep the focus in the midst of these tumultuous energies that are bombarding you all. Keeping the focus is indeed vital, as otherwise, you might get lost in the symptoms as it were, and fail to see the big picture.

Let us explain. For most of you, these last few months – or maybe even years – have been marked by an intensifying feeling of overwhelming conflicting emotions, where you one day might literally be feeling like flying high and free over the chaos that surrounds you on all sides, and where you the next day will literally crash and burn under the pressure asserted not only from your surroundings, but also from your own expectations. You see, you have all a very, very clear picture of where you are going with all of this hard work and exertion, but as you have all been programmed to forget, you will have a very hard time when everything seems to be at a standstill, or even backsliding faster and faster. In other words, your core being knows fully well every detail of this process beforehand, for if it did not, you would not be able to stand the pace and race to get to the finish. But as you all know so well, this knowledge has been intently hidden from your consciousness as you experience it on a daily basis, and as such, many days and nights will feel devoid of any meaning or purpose at all inn the current circumstances. That is why we continue to implore you to seek inside, to find that inner sanctum where peace resides, because that is where this knowledge resides. And whenever you manage to connect with this center, this knowledge will still your heart and you anxieties and help you to gather the courage and perseverance you need to be able to continue on this journey.

As always, we do not berate anyone failing to find that connection and falling into despair because they sense that in their heart, there is such a potential that they fear they can never ever realize. Fear not dear ones, you are already realizing it, but because the outside show as it were is so all-pervading, it can be almost impossible to see the outcome of all of your hard work. But you are all successful in all that you do, and we will always be here to remind you of that success, because we know that for so many, ”success” is the word they feel least can describe their own life at the moment. But you are all behaving in an exemplary fashion, and you are all fulfilling your vital piece of this game, if we may use such a flippant word for this whole operation. And know that even if you have a hard time seeing and acknowledging your own contribution in this, we see it oh so clearly, and we couldn’t be more proud of you.

Again, the show put on by those still intent on keeping the status quo rules supreme in the outside world, therefore the outcome of all of your actions will be very, very hard to ascertain, but we can see it clearly, because we can see clearly through the smoke put out to confuse you all by those darkness-loving overlords of yours. But we can see how the light you are all emitting is growing stronger by the day, and how much this increasing light is literally scaring the wits out of your oppressors. Therefore, they have resolved themselves to clamp down even harder on you all, and the result from this is easy to see whenever you open your eyes and look around you. They cannot salvage their already foundered operation, but they are trying to salvage it anyway, and they are frantically scrambling back and forth, shoring up the facade in any way they can, by throwing money or weapons around in an never ending cycle. Be that as it may, they cannot salvage this sinking ship, but they are really, really good at giving an impression that they can make it float again.

So we will repeat the message that we have given you on so many occasions before: do not be taken in by this show of force and might, because that is all they can muster. It is only an illusion trying to convince you that the illusion they have already created is still going on strong. But you know better, and we will also help you see through all of this smoke and haze. For beyond it lies that promised land, in every connotation of the word, and by your mere presence, you are creating it bit by bit, step by step, each and every day. Even when you feel lost in this game of light and shadow, you are creating it. So you are not lost, you are only feeling as you are, and understandably so, but we will be here to remind you of the truth: that you are amongst those creating the new world, and you do it every second of the day, whether  you are smiling or crying out in despair, and you never cease to create this land of your dreams.

Because your dream is finally becoming real, and it is being manifested in every sense, but it is being put together behind that dark and noxious smokescreen put up so effectively by your opponents. So remember not go get trapped by it, and try to hold your breath whenever you come across it, lest you should inhale more of those unhealthy fumes. Because they are the ones that confuse you and lead you into thinking that you are failing in some way in your mission. You are not, and you will never be, and what we all can see shimmering so beautifully behind this curtain of smoke is what testifies to this truth. That is not mere smoke and mirrors, that is the real thing, and when you can wrestle yourself away from the intoxicating fumes from the outer side, you too will find this truth to be true. And you can find it whenever you manage to connect to that all-knowing core you have inside. So again, we know it is a tall order to keep your focus in times like these, but as you already know the truth and carry it inside, we hope you will remember to look for it in the right place, and not follow the pointing finger of all of those trying to shift your focus to the chaos that surrounds you.

You have been taken on a quite a ride these last few days dear ones, and you have ended up in a place far removed from Kansas, to use a line you might all be familiar with.

Let us explain. As the days goes by, more and more of your internal programming is rapidly being shiftet, from the old and degenerative one to the new and life-sustaining one that will help you to transcend the lifespan of a so-called ”normal human being”. As we have touched upon so many times earlier, this deprogramming and reprogramming process is a thorough one indeed, and it needs to be done in increments, as there is only so much a frail human body can take in one sitting. Or rather, there used to be only so much it could take, but the level of hardiness in you all has risen to such heights, you are now at the receiving end of so much intense energy, it would literally render you helpless if it had been administered earlier on in the process.

Still, it will affect you in so many ways, as we always tailor the doses close to the absolute max you can withstand, therefore you will have some ”side effects” every time you are uploaded with new codes. So to this time, and that is not strange, as this last round was of such an intensity it had many of you literally out cold for a few hours. This will always feel dramatic and mayhaps disquieting to some, but as always we reassure you that even if you feel very out of sorts because of this, it will do you no harm. In fact, it is quite the opposite, as these incoming energies literally blast away the last remnants of stagnant energies that may still be lurking somewhere deep inside of you. In addition, they all carry important information that will be very valuable to you in these upcoming days, and even if this information might not be easy to perceive in your daily life as it were, it will in so many ways seep through and permeate your whole life.

So, to sum it all up: remember to take all of these super intense periods of hard core energy with a smile, as they are actually propelling you one big step upwards the ladder towards attaining your true glory, and even if they leave you moaning and groaning a bit from the residual fallout, it is only a sign of progress.

Again, we will also remind you that as each and every one of you is individually treated, none of you will experience exactly the same symptoms throughout all of this. Therefore, do not berate yourselves if you did not ”feel” anything at all. It does not mean that anything is amiss, or that you have been left out. It only means that your process is evolving at its own pace, so rest assured that you will all be brought closer to that same final goal, even if the road taking you there might differ from your neighbours’.

As we have said on so many occasions, mankind has been through a struggle in order to get where they are now, but as you have already felt very strongly, this ordeal is not over yet. Before you all turn away in despair from these words, let us hasten to add that you are indeed well on your way to complete this journey, but as everything will be intensified towards the end as it were, the pressure is indeed mounting by the day, and the focus on the end goal can be hard to keep for some. That is understandable, as it is by no means an easy task to keep striving forwards when everything around you seems to be falling further and further back every day, and where the glimmers of hope seems to be few and far between.

That is easy to understand, but also easy to explain, as those clinging on to the power are by now more than desperate to try to convince not only you, but also themselves, that they can ride out this storm too. Not so, as their powers are not only diminished, they are weakened beyond repair, but as we have stated on so many occasions, they are indeed prepared to put on a mighty show to convince you otherwise.

But what can I do to make things change even faster, we hear you ask. And the answer is: nothing. Or rather, what you are already doing, is exactly what you need to keep on doing, as your mere presence here, holding the energies that you do, is in fact exactly why you are here. You are acting as torches, putting the fire under the feet of everyone that tries to hold their ground and stick to the old and dead energies, and you do a formidable job too. But alas, for many, that is not enough at the moment, and they feel their spirits waning as the days go by and everything seems to be ever more miserable around them. Again, that is understandable, but just remember that you all came here knowing fully well just how hard this period would be, when you are almost desperate to cross the finishing line, but you fail to see it approaching in any way.

Rest assured dear ones, the finishing line is literally under your noses, but as yet, you can only perceive it if you manage to connect to that space inside where you just KNOW that everything is going according to plan, and that you are perfectly poised to complete this journey at the exact right moment in time, and cross into new territory hand in hand with thousands of other jubilant beings. But again, this will be empty words to all those still struggling to get through just one more day, when they feel their fighting spirit literally slinking out the back door, desperate to try to find just one positive thing to affirm not only their own progress, but also the entire planets’. Please know that you are all held in the highest regard, no matter how high a regard you have for yourselves at the moment, and to those of you having a hard time now, we extend our deepest regards, as you are the ones that will indeed contribute the greatest efforts to this project. We hope this will bring you some solace, as the days ahead will continue to tax you hard in so many ways.

But again, even if you cannot seem to find any proof of this immense change that is taking place just yet, know that it is indeed exactly as we want it to be, and know that you are all doing an important part in bringing it about. Even when you feel totally drained and unable to even move a muscle, you are pulling mightily in the right direction. Cudos to you all, you are fighting hard on behalf of us all, and remember that the most challenging part of this process is not the DOING, it is the WAITING, and we think you all feel that you have had more than your fair share of this waiting already. But still, you will have to endure some more of it, but remember that we are all standing beside you throughout it all, and we can see the hard work you really do while you only can see the waiting. So take some time to aknowledge your own brilliance, because without you, nothing could ever be better in this world, and without you, mankind would be stuck in the old morass forever. Know that you are extracting yourselves from this morass even as we speak, but the pull it has had on you for such a long time is so strong it will literally feel like it is still clinging to your feet even after you have managed to free yourselves from its suction.

Again, the lingering effect from all of this old energy is strong indeed, so remember to take a deep breath and feel just how much more leeway you do have now compared to earlier. It is easy to be duped by these old, lingering impressions of imprisonment, especially when it seems to be paraded in front of your eyes constantly, but your soul knows better, and your soul is already rejoicing. So try to listen, and you will hear its jubilance under the din of the collapsing systems that surrounds you on all sides. And yes, they are indeed all collapsing, even if they all try to make you believe that they are never, ever going to give up the hold they have on you. Trust us, you cannot fail, and trust us, they cannot but fail.

As you have been told again and again, mankind is standing before a seeming abyss of change that will herald a whole new world for you all. Many have talked about this season of change, and many have almost given up hope that it will come. We are here to assure you that you have not waited in vain, and that you will all soon have more change than you mayhaps bargained for.

Let us explain. Your society is based upon some fundamental rules, and as you have all been raised for generations under these same rules, it is virtually impossible for you to bend your heads around the fact that these rules will one day be declared null and void. You see, as you have been so programmed to expect a certain outcome of every action that takes place, this process we are referring to will seem to be almost impossible to comprehend. In other words, we do not speak of a gradual change, where one instance will follow the next in a well defined order, we talk about an almost instantaneous merging of different planes that will literally turn everything upside down and inside out and render the landscape almost unrecognizable. Not in a literal way, as what we refer to are the ingrained habits and thought patterns of humans that will have to be erased in order for the new programming to take its place, and where you go from your limited way of reasoning and reacting to a limitless way of acting from the centre of your being instead of from that reptilian part of your brain that is currently in control of everything you do. When we use the word ”reptilian” we do not in any way refer to a sinister sort of creature, rather to the most basic and crude part of your mental capacity in charge of serving the most fundamental needs of your physical body. In other words, that part that will resort to anything out of the fear of dying, and that has been in control of most of mankind’s action for a very long time. But now, that primitive master will have to resign, as there is a new master waiting in the wings to take back the controls, namely the many faceted true you that have been hidden away under all of these layers of fear. And as these changes will start to burst forth, your souls’ shining head will raise above the murky waters of fear and chaos and calmy take over the reins.

It may not sound plausible that you will find calm in the midst of turmoil, as for many, handling the day to day business in a seemingly ever more disturbed world is almost impossible per se, but trust us when we say that when the going gets really tough, as they say, you will have no other option than to finally give in and pull out that inner core and start relying on that. You see, you are in many ways too timid now, not completely able to trust that inner spirit, but it will soon be more than obvious that this is indeed where your real strength lies, and you will find it almost impossible not to throw caution to the wind and finally take that decisive step, literally into your own sovereignty.

So as we were saying, the time for change is clear ahead, so fasten your seatbelts dear ones. Get ready to have the time of your lives, as the heat will start to shimmer all over this little planet and the thunder of change will roll all over you.

Today is a most auspicious day, as you once again pass through a celestial portal as it were. Let us explain. Today is the day when the sun passes over that invisible line that divides night from day, winter from summer, and for those living on the north side of this line, the days will once again start to shrink as you start to prepare for a new cycle. This heralds the onset of a new cycle indeed, not just for the natural beings you are all part of, but also for your world as you know it. You see, from now on, the clock is starting to tick ever faster, and you will see how things starts to pick up speed in so many ways. So even if you might lament the onset of the season of shorter and shorter days, know that it will also entail the onset of a whole new way of living, as you will gradually let go of all of the old and start to create the new. So take some time today to thank the sun for giving her energy to this process, and most of all, thank yourselves for the vital role you play in all of this. Without you, nothing could come about, as you are indeed the creators of tomorrow. That is all for today, we will leave you in peace to ponder these words and to find your tranquil place within. Make sure to rest there as you start to open up to the wonders that will come, as surely as the sun will once again return and give you the energy you all need in order to complete this journey.

As we touched briefly upon yesterday, you have now passed through into a whole new level of energetic alignments, and this will help you to find your way through the muddiness that surrounds you on all sides at the moment. As you can clearly see from the news that is being thrown into your faces on a regular basis, the old establishment is being dismantled piece by piece. And even if they try to the best of their abilities to pretend otherwise, all those at the top know fully well that their time is indeed running out. You see them hurrying to and fro, holding meeting after meeting, trying to put another plug in the holes that keep appearing in their boat, but they will not be able to keep it afloat much longer. And as they go down, many others will choose to follow in their wake, as they will see so much they depended upon literally being obliterated. So not you, as you have already started to tap into the other truth, the one that has been hidden away from you for so long. For now the time is fast approaching when you will have to start to focus even more on this new world that you are about to create, as the old world as you all know it will start to sink under the surface and become even more like just a figment of your imagination. That is all we have for you today, but we will soon be back with more.

As of today, many will feel the opening of a whole new space inside of them, a space filled with tranquility even if the outside is anything but. Let us explain. These last few days of intense energies have once again transported you all to a new level of energetic vibration, and this has enabled you to be disconnected from even more of the old programming that was holding you down. Therefore, space has been cleared, and it will be filled with even more light than was possible only a short time ago.

It might not be apparent to you at first, as both your physical and your mental bodies in many way still lingers on in the old vibration, much like the lingering sensation from a limb that has been cut off but that the body still perceives to be there. In other words, you will have a gradual awakening to the fact that there are now things that have been eradicated from your being forever, and something entirely new has taken its place.

Feel free to explore this new space at your own sweet time dear ones, as there, you will find much to give you solace and joy in the times ahead as this is also a preparation for things to come. You see, you are being prepared for the next stage of this saga, and as you probably are more than well aware of by now, it willl indeed entail much outside drama. Therefore, we advice you to start venturing inside this new and bright space that has been cleared in you all, and get settled there so that you will be better able to weather out the storms in the turbulent times ahead. So start connecting with that inner sanctuary now, and it will give you much solace as we prepare to set the stage for the next act.

Some mornings, I wake up fully expecting the world to have changed completely, especially after a night of intense energies. But then I turn on the news, and I realize that everything is exactly the same as the day before. Sometimes  I get disappointed or even angry, but other times I manage to remind myself to listen to the advice The constant companions keep repeating: “If you only look on the surface, everything will look the same, but if you look under the surface, you will see that so much is changing.”

Recently, I have heard many stories about people going through deep releases, usually helped by bodywork such as deep massage or therapeutic yoga. It is like their physical bodies suddenly decides to let go of some very, very deep and sometimes traumatic issues that they have carried with them for a long time, and by that releasing so much energy that has been trapped behind a wall of fear. I got this clear image of all of this released energy rippling out and joining forces with all of the other waves of energy washing over this planet, adding to their strength while simultaneously setting free those that had carried this energy trapped inside of them.

A friend of mine channelled a message that this planet was about to be flooded by a tsunami, but that it would be an “invisible tsunami”. Maybe all of these deep releases of trapped energy is part of this invisible tsunami? Just think about the effect all of this added energy will have on the rest of our world. We have all seen what the increased pressure can do to people around us, and as these energies are growing ever more powerful I think more and more people will either release their own pent up energy or literally drown trying to hold back the waters of change. And as more and more people are able to set free the energies that they have inside, we will all be one step closer to attaining “critical mass”, and then nothing can stop this tsunami of change washing away the last remains of the old world.

Yesterday, Aung San Suu Kyi was finally able to deliver her Nobel Lecture here in Oslo. A lecture she has been unable to give ever since she was rewarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. The reason for this is well known, as the military rulers of Burma considered her as such a threat that they held her captive in her own home for more than fifteen years and denied her the right to move freely in the remaining years. But now she can, and is that maybe also a sign of this “invisible tsunami”?

So at least for now, I am able to see through the endless stream of bad news we are being bombarded with, and I can feel into this strong current of freedom that is washing away the fear from so many peoples’ hearts. And step by step, heart by heart, we are coming closer to the day when we will finally reach that critical mass. I think we will not have to wait too long for that day to arrive.

As we have often times described, mankind is a species constantly seeking redemption in some way. Let us explain. For eons, you have been searching high and low for an answer to the question that has been pressing so hard on a many a heart and mind through the ages, who are you, and why are you here. Well, we have given the answer to this many times already, but let us just add some pointers to the topic. The world as you know it is only for show, set up in order to make you strive ever harder to find something that will help you see your own magnificence, and in this, this experience has been a rewarding one for some, and an exhausting one for so many. You see, the original plan, as we have so often described, called for a gradual evolvement of mankind from something very primitive indeed and then gently but surely a lift towards attaining the real insight you all came here to find. Namely that you are indeed children of the stars, filled with the same light that shimmers in the heavens above, full of the same intelligence that energizes the whole of creation. As we have touched upon earlier, this quest for the light is a quest that will literally make the center of your being start to shine as you gradually shed layer after layer of forgetfullness that have been superimposed on your glittering core, in order to make you realize your own greatness. But alas, as you all know so well by now, these layers of forgetfullness were then semented to you in a process put about by those creatures that suddenly appeared out of nowhere as it where, and decided to take you all hostages in their own little power play.

But now, their rules do not any longer apply, and you have all been set free to restart this process of uncovering the real you. For some, this has resulted in astounding results already, and you can see the first glimmers of this brightly lit core you all carry inside. But for the majority of mankind, they have chosen to stay under this cover of darkness that has been laid upon them by outside forces. Remember, this is a voluntary process, and even if the rules of the game so to speak have been changed back to the original plan, many, many of your fellow men and women will not or can not tear themselves away from the old charade, and they will continue to play out this game in a very convincing way. Hence, the escalation of events that will already be apparent on so many planes all around you. And as you all know so well by now, the inside turmoil that is becoming more and more apparent in so many of your fellow men is certainly not shy in making itself known on the outside. So much anger and frustration is now being vented, and this will only increase in the weeks ahead as the pressure mounts in every aspect on your little planet.

You see, this split beteween those who have chosen to literally embrace the old, or rather, who carry too much fear to let go of the grip these old confines have on them, and those that have let go of all of the old and crippling deadweight that was literally breaking them down, is only widening, and for those of you who have chosen to open your eyes to the truth, the sight will soon become almost too much to bear.  So remember, that this rift will only widen, and what you will be seeing on the other side of this rift will not only make you shudder in realization, it will also make you even more convinced that the further you can separate yourselves from this madness, the better your own prospects will be. You see, it is important to understand that you are not here to take part in the drama that is already starting to unfold. You are only here to be able to witness this downfall of the old and corrupted systems. For you are not here to salvage the remains of this, you are here to create something very, very different, and that is why you are feeling the separation from the so-called ”reality” stronger and stronger these days. For what is there to salvage from something that has been deliberatly set up to make humanity into slaves? The only thing you can salvage, is yourselves, and that is exactly what you have all done already by deliberately tearing yourselves free from the shackles that so many others voluntarily continue to carry.

And remember, your only obligation is to do just that, namely to set yourself free. You are in no way responsible for the liberation of any other person in this world, even if they are your next of kin or have a very, very special place in your heart. For they in turn are only responsible for their own actions, and if they do choose to stay on in the mess that they are playing their own little part in, that is indeed their choice, and they are entitled to hold on to that decision. Literally to their dying day.

This is a subject that will have many in a quandary in the times ahead, for it is not easy to be a witness to this display of fear and pain that will have so many in their grip as things starts to escalate seemingly out of control, so it is indeed a subject we will return to again and again. Although the very thought will have many feeling more than a little callous, it is also a subject that is imperative to have clearly in your focus, as you will all be touched by the fallout from this process in one way or the other as these events unfold. Remember, it is not easy to let go of the instinct you all have to reach out a hand to someone going under, but now, you must realize when it is the right thing to do and when it is the wrong thing to do. You are all sovereign beings, and you all carry full responsibility for the choices you all make. So too is the case of every individual soul that inhabits this planet, so it is their choice if they choose to stay a victim

As we were saying, you might have a hard time staying out of the chaos that will ensue, so our best advice is to always keep in mind that your only mission is to show the way by showing your light, not act as a life saviour by throwing yourselves into the fray trying to extricate your loved ones from the chaos if they have chosen to immerse themselves in it. That way, you will only succeed in getting swamped by these conflicting energies that will start to wash all over this planet, and you will have a hard time staying afloat yourselves. So keep your head clear and focus on your path, and know that this it what will save not only you but also so many others, as they will be able to follow in your footsteps if and when they choose to do so. That is all we have for you today dear friends, but we will soon be back with more of our uplifting messages.