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We greet you again on this fine morning, and we want you all to feel that even if your circumstances might in some ways be described as less than ”fine” at the moment, we want you to know that underneath this layer of third dimensional woe and despair, things are certainly starting to pick up. In other words, the movement forward is once again picking up speed, and much is changing for the better as each day passes by, even if to most of you much seems like the same old, or maybe even worse.

Let us explain. We know that this is a message that will seem repetitious to so many, as the heavy burden of straddling two worlds can be more than worrisome at times. You feel the pull of the new world calling you, while at the same time you feel mired down in all the trappings of the old. At the same time, you can observe so many around you blithely going about their daily chores without so much as a frown on their faces, like they are totally oblivious to the pressure you feel mounting inside. And so, keeping your focus and keeping your faith in this process is not an easy task. But again, that is why we are here, to remind you all again and again that you are not struggling in vain. And you are certainly not delusional, even if that at times seems to be the only sane answer to your dilemma. So again, we remind you that this superficial layer of third density ”reality” will literally feel more and more uncomfortable to you, and at times, you will feel like shouting out in desperation and give up this whole process of ascension. But you see, the only reason that the level of irritation seems to become more and more untolerable to some of you, is that the realization that undernenath it all there is a whole new world coming through is becoming more and more apparent to your subconsciousness. Therefore the more friction and irritation or impatience you feel at times, the closer you are to breaking through it all, just like a whale breaching the water and hurtling itself aloft in joy and celebration. So again, do not feel bad about yourself if you do feel annoyed and less than patient at the moment. Just as these large aquatic mammals will feel annoyed by those little parasites boring into their skin, so too will you feel the gnawing of all of the old and outmoded particles hampering you in your efforts to be free. But they are nothing more than irritations now, as they have been reduced to a mere shadow of their former selves, and as such they cannot impede you in the same way they used to. So just keep scratching yourselves if you need to dear ones, but know that these minor ”infections” will soon occur no more, and you will feel this whole layer of irritation sluice off in the same way the snake sheds its old skin.

But just as a mosquito bite, these irritations can seem to take up a large part of your awareness, so try to remind yourselves to feel into the whole of your being, and you will soon discover that these irritations are nothing but skin deep. And they will soon be just a memory, just as the old and fading traces of old lesions cease to occupy your mind once they have stopped making themselves noticed by chafing on your skin.

Again, we say this as a reminder that this part of the whole process can be frustrating, because there is so much annoyance being kicked up by that departing density, and it will likely keep you occupied for most of your day if you let it. So try to let it go, and instead focus on the not so irritating aspects of this process, and as usual, they can only be found if you manage to go beneath this upper layer that is still sticking to your consciousness.

As many of you have already ascertained, there has indeed been a major shift during these last few days. To many, it will feel like a release, and that is exactly what has happened. We talk not about just a personal effect from this major upshifting of energies, but we refer to the one that concerns the collective. You see, you have just been through such a major reshifting of levels it has had some far reaching consequences not many have been able to reassess just yet. What we talk about, is an event on such a major scale it will literally go into the history books as the days that changed the world forever. You will search in vain in the mass media for any hints of this unprecedented event, but if you search deep inside yourselves, we think you will all feel some reverberation from this. For the thing is, you have just successfully managed to free yourselves from some of the entities responsible for your loss of freedom, and we do mean that in a very literal way. For now, the time for the exodus has already started, and the first of your captors have already left your atmosphere.

We are aware that for some, this will sound as no more than hogwash, as the underlying message in these words will seem to be one of delusion and loss of sanity. But what we refer to is no more than facts, as you are already in a state of liberation from the old systems that have been holding humanity in their spell for eons. This liberation is not something that will be completed overnight, but now, the removal of the ”unwanted subjects” to call them that has been initiated.

This will not be like some have envisioned as some sort of mass transportations or arrests, far from it, because what we refer to, are events that take place far away from the scope of ordinary human beings to call it that. For what we refer to, are indeed events that take place on a level of existence that is beyond the scope of the so-called normal senses, and therefore, it will be going on unseen and unheard by the majority of people living on this planet. But for those of you already engaged in this process, there will be some signals coming through, and for many of you, they will be loud and clear, while for others, they will be more subtle. So that is why we ask you to connect deeply, and try to register what you feel, for now, we can guarantee you that the energies on this planet have shifted into something you have never, ever felt before. And if you mange to feel into it, you too will feel the first whiff of freedom wafting into your whole being. And when you do, know that this is certainly not an illusion, but just a small precursor to what you have in store in the time ahead. For now, the time for bringing the Earth and her inhabitants back to the pure essence of being that you all once were a manifestation of is starting in earnest, and as such, you will all feel the weights that have been holding you down start to ease off more and more. And soon, you will all be able to breathe freely again, for the first time in a very long succession of lifetimes in this little world you all call home.

The sun is shining down upon you again, and her benevolent rays carry so much more than mere light and warmth. She is the dispenser of wisdom and knowledge in so many ways, and from the earliest of times, mankind has been aware of this. But now, her generosity has increased to such a degree, she will be responsible for the turning around of mankind. Let us explain.

The sun is for many considered holy, and it has been thus for eons, as you have rightly surmised that without her flaming appearance in the sky, your world would be a cold and dark and dead place indeed. But now, the rays that bathe you each and every day bring with them so much more than mere warmth and light, as they also carry with them enormous amounts of information. This information is vital indeed, as this is the information that is directly responsible for the changes that are taking place on your planet even as we speak. For your scientists, these influxes of matter have been invisible, but they are starting to make themselves known even to the crude forms of instrumentation that you have so far been capable of putting together. Make no mistake, you are in some ways advanced, but in this matter, you are lagging far, far behind the rest of Creation. But as we have already touched upon, you will be brought up to par in this aspect too, and you will be done so at the earliest opportunity. But again, we will refrain from giving any exact details as to the timing of these advancements, as that will not be divulged at this stage. That will only serve to confuse, even if we are well aware that the absence of any direct and concrete information on the subject of timing is a source of much irritation and impatience to many. Be that as it may, let us just say that this whole process has been carefully planned, and when the timing is right, so much will be put into action that your questions as to how and when will all be more than satisfactory answered.

That is all on this subject for now, but let us just add some facts about what you have just been through. As we said, your sun has been more than generous these last few days, and even if this does not in fact register on much of the apparatus your scientists use to gauge the effects of the incoming rays from your sun, your body will be willing to tell a whole different story. For your body has been more than willing to let these beneficial rays be admitted into your system, and through them you have all taken a very important step closer to completion. Much has been caused to be initiated from this last implant, and much will be set into action by it that is not yet possible to detect. But soon you will, and you will feel the effects of this bathing in light for the rest of your sojourn here. We know we speak in convoluted terms as usual, but let us just say that this last batch of information capsules that the sun so obligingly sent in your direction acts as triggers on so many systems that are imbedded not only in your physical body, but also in your mental bodies, and as such, a whole score of programs have just been set into motion that will have lasting and beneficial effects not only on you, but on your whole planet. So rest assured that even if for some of you this process was more than a little uncomfortable, it was more than a little bit effective, so we think you will find that it was certainly worth it in the end. So rejoice dear ones, and congratulate yourselves for another successful mission completed, and know that this was a very important and most efficient one as well.

As you have already ascertained, the sun is starting to deliver her gifts to you once again. The energies will be intense this time around, and for many, that will mean some rather acute physical symptoms too. Do not worry dear ones, as they will not be anything aside from a bit irritating. In other words, even if the fallout from some of these incoming rounds of energetic bombardements may leave you feeling more than a little exhausted, it will not have any lasting effects on you. Or rather, the lasting effect will as always be a very beneficial one, even if your body will try to tell you otherwise. So please, stay calm and centered and remember to breathe into it all, even if your body or even your mind will try to get you into overdrive. There is nothing to fear in any of this, only that you should lose yourself to the temptation of going into fear, as this is only the next phase in this long line of energetic imprints that is being placed into your bodies. So again, feel free to revel in the fact that any physical or mental unpleasantness that may erupt in the days ahead will only be a signal of something very positive coming into your system, so do not take it as anything else. And remember, even if you do not exhibit any kind of ”symptoms” because of this, it will not mean that you have been left out of it. It will only mean that these energies coming in do not trigger anything in your system, but they will deliver their message into you as well. So stay centered, and keep breathing, and know that the next few days will bring along many a message from ”outer space” and into you all.

The seasons are changing, and so too, the energies. As the year is making its turn and you are all starting to approach the end of this cycle, much will be thrown up in the air because of this. As you have already noticed, the energies are churning up much that has been hidden away and forgotten, and now, you all have to face things sooner or later that you would rather be kept hidden away. We do not say this as any form of reproach, just as as reminder that for all of you to pass over and into the next phase of your development, the thorough house cleaning you all have been enduring for quite a long time now will reach its peak. For some, this will not be too apparent, because you have managed in some ways to already rid yourselves of any residue that might still be lurking in the deep recesses of your closets. But for others, this period might become a little bit more challenging. Again, it is important to remember that any issue that might surface now is not something that needs to be grappled with, it needs only to be acknowledged and released. So we do not estimate this to be a prolonged period of ”airing dirty laundry”, to call it that, but more like the final squeeze on the sponge to drive out the last vestige of dirty water. After all, you would want to be squeaky clean before you enter the great halls of tomorrow. For you would want to show the real you, the one that has shed these superficial layers of grime and dust that have accumulated throughout your sojourn on this planet. And if it might sound like a rather challenging process to remove the last stains that you might have acquired during all of your lifetimes here, know that it is something you will be able to accomplish in a very short amount of time.

Again, it is important to remember that all of the things that may come up is only so that you can better see what you have had to contend with during your stay here, and it is not some sort of incrimination or accusation against your deeds. It is just an inventory of the challenges you have been through while you have occupied a phyiscal body on this planet, so it has in many ways been an important part of your training while you have been here. But now, it is important to let go of all of this accumulated baggage, and thereby readying yourselves to step into your new roles.

This is not a sort of witch hunt to smoke out any unsavoury deed or action you might have participated in so that you should feel worse about yourselves, rather the opposite. It is just a way of making sure that you do not take along with you anything that you had supressed because it was painful for you. Because in the future, there is nothing that will need to be hidden away ever again, because shame, remorse and humiliation are words that belong to the past, not to the future.

So take a deep breath, dear ones, and when you expel the air, make sure to give yourselves the permission to expel whatever it is that you have managed to hide away deep down. For you all carry old wounds from things that have been done by you or to you, and for some, the wounds need more air to be fully cleansed. So give yourselves the permission you need in order to set yourselves free from these old burdens, and know that whatever form it may take on the way out, it will only signal that it is coming up to be released once and for all, not to haunt you again.

Remember, some of you may have a lot on your plate in the times ahead, but for others, this process will feel much lighter, and you will mayhaps not notice much in the way of regurgitating any old detritus that have been clogging up a part of your system. But the most important part is to have patience in this, not just with yourselves, but also with those around you, for you never know what may come up in the times ahead. And we mean that literally, beause you might all get a surprise occurence coming from the inside, from something that has been lodged so deeply in you that you could have no way of knowing of its existence.

Please remember that any surfacing of goo is not a signal of you reversing your process and plunging back into the old morass of despair, it is just a clear signal that you are lightening yourselves. So take it as a sign that you are in fact taking another giant step forwards and upwards, even if the process itself for some of you might be construed as the opposite. Again, we say this as a reminder that the appearance of negative thoughts or emotions in the time ahead is not a signal of you entering a denser layer. It is actually a sign of you LEAVING a denser layer and enabling yourselves to lighten your load sufficiently to move up another notch on the scale. So again, we remind you to take a deep breath and embrace whatever comes up, but then let it go and bid it farewell, for it will never be a part of your life ever again.

We would like to take this opportunity to speak to those amongst you who are really struggling hard now. You will feel that this uphill has been too long and too steep, and it feels mayhaps like you are already starting to slide backwards. We are here to remind you yet again that you are not alone on this journey, and that we want you to be sure to ask for assistance whenever it feels like the going gets too rough. You see, although you are surrounded on all sides by beings wishing nothing but to be of assistance to you in this tremenodus task you have taken upon you, we can only do so at your request. So please, do not think that you have to grit your teeth and keep heaving all of the combined weight of your efforts alone, as that is not the case.

But the human mind is nothing if not stubborn, so it behooves us to remind you of this again and again, as there are some out there who have gotten it into their heads that asking for assistance is like admitting defeat. It is not, and it never will be, because this journey has been planned as a communal effort from the very first beginning, and only as a communal effort will you be able to complete it. So please, reach out for help, both from those around you that are tangible, but also remember to ask for help from us, the invisible ones. Because we want nothing more for you than to succeed, and we will do all we can in order to lighten your load and make the incline feel slightly less challenging.

So again we say this: do not fall into the trap of thinking yourself too small and insignificant to be able to succeed in this endeavor, for you are not small. You are magnificent indeed, but even so it is not meant that you have to go into this relying only on your inherent strength. That would not be enough for any of you. No, the only way to be a player in this is to regard yourself as a team player, so do not forget those teammates of yours that are toiling beside you. For whenever you manage to connect, both with your fellow men and with us, your more unseen helpers, you will in that way magnify your contribution in this great plan. So even if you have a hard time lifting your eyes from the ground at the moment, feeling almost overburdened by it all, please remember to do so and to acknowledge the ones that stand around you, ready to help you reignite that inner flame that might be faltering by now.

You are so loved, so do not let yourselves overlook that love by the fact that you have a hard time at the moment. Because now, you might need it more than ever, and now, you also deserve it more than ever. So do not forget to collect what is no more than your due. You are creating a new world, but together, all of us can help share the burden in the way that it was meant to be from the very beginning. Do not berate yourself if you stumble and fall at times, and certainly not by denying yourself the assistance you so readily deserve. For remember, if you do not ask for it, we cannot give it to you, as it is you and only you who can open the door to your heart and let us in.

As you have all noticed by now, everything is speeding up, and both the outer and inner world is almost as in a blur at times. You may feel yourselves as if suspended in a runaway train, uncertain about the direction, a bit fearful about the speed, and with no idea when you will arrive at your designated destination. As we have said on so many occasions, the task you have taken upon you is not for the faint of heart, because this journey entails literally going into most of it blindfolded. And when we say blindfolded, we mean that in the sense that you have no idea as to what the next stage will bring with it, and you have no idea how your physical body or your mental body will react to the things you will be exposed to on the way. You just know that you HAVE to do this, as in your heart there is a calling so strong for going ahead with it you just cannot ignore it.

And so you have all cast off into the unknown, just guided by that light you all carry inside, and you have done so without even any guarantee that you will make it all the way to the end. You just know that your heart is set on this, and you will give it all you have in order to be able to fulfill this calling from the heart. For some, the journey will seem to be far too long, and you decide to step off at the first possible station and mayhaps resume your journey at a later stage. There is no prejudice against those of you that choose so, because in all of this, you are the ones setting your pace and deciding on your direction. Remember, you are all on your way to the same ”end station”, but some of you will choose the express train, while others will choose to search out the byways and hop on and off a few times. That is all in your right, as you are only fulfilling your own destiny in this. We cannot tell you what is right for you, because that is something you have full control over. However, there are some checkpoints on the way that you all need to pass, and if you try to continue your journey without complying with this, you will find that your train will remain at the station until you do.

You see, this is a journey of discovery, a journey of acquiring new skills, and a journey of letting go of some old baggage. So even if you will all do this in your own unique way, there are some things you will all have in commom. The timing for all of these ”key points” will not be identical to any of you, so even if you have some fellow travellers at your side, we remind you again not to be too interested in comparing journeys. At least, not if you go about it in order to establish if you are doing it ”the right way”. For there is no ”wrong way” in any of this, except when it comes to resisting the changes that this journey will be all about. Because you cannot complete this by being the exact same person you were when you left off from your starting point. When you arrive at the end, you will have made yourself into a very different person, in every connotation of the word. For you will have had to let go of so much that constituted the old you, and you will also have acquired so much light on the way that you will in all aspects be shiny and new.

We speak in parables as always, but we think you get the gist of this message anyway. Namely the fact that even if you do meet up with resistance on the way, either from yourself or from someone or something on the way, learn to see that it is indeed a vital part of your journey. So we ask you to look carefully into each challenge you meet on the way, the better to be able to ascertain what lies behind it. Are you being challenged by something or someone trying to hold you back, or are you being challenged in order to help to speed up your journey? So again, the same message: always use discernment whenever you come across something that triggers you in any way, and try to figure out what the message in it really is. It will help you tremendously in sorting out what is necessary for your journey, and what is only acting as a hindrance to your development in any way. That way, you will find your journey easier to accept. Because the challenges you all meet will not just disappear, but they will take on a meaning that will give you ample opportunity to really connect with who you really are becoming.

The light is increasing in our world, but with it, the resistance to change is also increasing. And the “mastermind” behind so much of the negativity that surrounds us on all sides is none other than our own mind. Remember, the mind has been programmed to keep us down by keeping us from finding our true strength. And just like the man who refuses to be rescued from the flood (see my comment on The manuscript part 209), the mind will try to keep us from “rescuing” ourselves in any way it can. Because the mind knows that if you do succeed in freeing yourself by connecting with your spirit, it will no longer be able to control you. So, it will prefer to pull you deeper and deeper under an ever increasing flood of negativity. I see signs of this “battle of wills” as The CC’s called it in my own life, in people around me and in some of the comments posted here. For the mind always uses the same weapons to try to make us lose focus, because it knows that if it can trigger our anger, fear or any other negative thoughts, it can succeed in holding us back a little bit more from liberating ourselves from its dictatorship.

We all want change, we all want to see the world we dream about become reality. But our minds fear that change, because with it comes their defeat. And so it will fight us every step of the way, to quote from The manuscript. And now, when we are all becoming more than a little “battle weary”, the mind has found a way to get in a nasty attack here and there. And if we are not careful, it is too easy to fall into the trap our minds are so busy setting up. Because when the mind manages to make us lose our focus and disconnect from Source, we start attacking ourselves and we start attacking others. We become irritated and angry, and we start to believe in the negativity our minds keep feeding us. And so, we start to give away our powers yet again, and the spiral of negativity gets a chance to drag us further down.

It is easy to lose patience because of this, with ourselves and with this whole process. And so, it is easy to start spreading the negativity we feel we are drowning in. And some of that negativity has started to appear in this space as well. I started this blog to give us all a place where we can support each other. This journey is more than challenging, we all know that, but we must make sure that we do not make it even more challenging by letting our minds trick us into bringing that negativity in here as well. So if your mind manages to trigger you in any way, please refrain from sharing it with the rest of us. It will not only affect you, but all others that see it as well. I want to keep this blog the way it was intended from the start, as a place filled with love and respect, where the only energy we freely share is the energy of love. So take this as a warning that I will not tolerate any more mudslinging here. So, if in doubt, please check with your heart where the words you want to share are coming from. I want us all to be able to find the support we need here, and even if we do disagree with someone, it must be done in a respectful way.

We are so close now, so please do not let us make this journey any longer than it needs to be by letting the mind back into the driver’s seat. Because if we do, we will end up back in the place where we started from. I know that many of you are exhausted from what you feel is an uphill struggle without any sign of the changes you so long for. But I also know that there are many others out there like me who already see some of these changes happening. But remember, your mind will never allow you to experience those changes, so the only way to make them come into your life, is to let your heart take control. And what your heart wants for you is what the whole Universe wants for you: a life filled with joy and love.

Love and light, Aisha

As of today, many will feel the need to stand a little bit taller in the role as carriers of the light, because now, the level of energies has reached a plateau that will be important for the next phase in  this unveiling process. Let us explain.

As we have said again and again, this process will be taken in increments, and the timing of each sequence in this program of downloading energies not only into you, but into your planet as well, has been carefully planned. Each stage is carefully sequenced, both in timing and in intensity, and together, it will become a structure so formidable there is nothing like it in the universe. You have been builders for a long time, and now, the structure you have all been busy putting together is becoming more and more visible. For some, they have already gotten their first glimpse of the totality of it, but for others, all they can perceive so far is just some of the foundation blocks that are making up the lower parts of this structure. This may sound confusing, but let us use the analogy of the elephant in the dark room yet again. If you were placed before this magnificent animal, but you were only allowed to touch what was right in front of you, you would not be able to faithfully describe the whole being as you had no way of sensing or seeing the rest of it. So too it is with this process, and as you all play a very special role in all of this, you will only be witness to what is happening in your sector of this building. So, unlike us, you will have a hard time trying to see the full scope of it all. Hence, the different impressions you all have so far.

But now, some of those interlocking doors that connects you all in this magnificent structure will start to open bit by bit. And just as with the people gathered around that elephant when the lights are slowly turned back on, you will start to see more and more of the complexity of it all, and we think you are in for many a surprise as everything starts to become clearer. For, as we have told you before, the human mind is incapable of even trying to understand all of this, because you have been set up with very narrow confines for believing in realities that you have no previous experience of before. Therefore, this will be like stepping into weightlessness when you expect to stand on solid ground. So yes, it will be exciting in so many ways, but it will also be challenging, because you need to put away any expectations or notions that you carry within your human mind. In other words, this needs to be taken in not by using your intellectual capacities, because they are too limited. This needs to be literally stepped into with your whole being, and as such, it will once again be a major challenge to all of those still insisting on going by the old rules.

But for those already sufficiently free from the old limitations, this will become like a child’s play in every sense of the word. Yes, this is important business indeed, but it is also something that you need to approach in a creative way. In other words, have fun and play around with all of these new concepts and ideas that will start to show themselves to you. Remember, you are used to a very set way of acquiring new knowledge, but this will in so many ways go against that. So, at the risk of being even more confusing, let us just sum it up like this: Open up to what you meet in the very near future, and remember that you must also take in the full scope of your surroundings. Something new might appear out of the corner of your eyes, or even behind your back. So stay in flux, and keep up that shifting, twisting and fluid motion we spoke of earlier, as this will also ensure that you do not get too rigid in this next phase of this process. For this is important to remember indeed, as otherwise you might get it into your head that the straight and narrow path you have been following for so long will continue in the same direction. It might not, so if you insist on carrying forth no matter what signals that might be emitted from some very unexpected directions, you just might end up stranded in a corner somewhere.

So open up your mind, or rather, cast it aside, and free yourselves from any expectations you have as to what and whom will be part of your next adventure. After all, you might overlook something important if you let your mind choose your next step. Your mind is narrow, and your future is so much more exciting than anything your mind might conjure up. So cast off, but do not set your course, and let providence lead you. For as long as you listen to your heart, you can never go wrong, even if the change of course might take you by surprise. And not only the direction, but also the manner in which it is changed may be unexpected, to say the least. Just know that you are all part of a very carefully constructed plan, so even if you still have to go about this without seeing the complete structure, know that we have it all perfectly laid out. So trust us when we say have fun and let loose. After all, you have nothing left to lose except the limits holding you back from your freedom.

Time is speeding up, and much is starting to fall by the wayside because of this. To many of you, this is mayhaps not too apparent in your daily life, but if you go into this with your eyes and hearts wide open, we think you will all see and feel much change already. As always, the mass media is above all focused on trying to keep you all into thinking that everything is as before, or maybe perhaps a little bit worse. But again, we implore you not to get lost in the millions of unencouraging words and images they continue to spew forth. They are only meant to discourage you all from seeing the truth, namely that this world is indeed changing, minute by minute, one soul at a time. It may sound like this whole process is going excruciatingly slow, and for some, it seems unbearably so. And so they have all but given up, not only on themselves, but on your whole planet. To them every day will seem to bring you all closer and closer to that final darkness they dread, and so, they will lash out in their desperation and feeling of despair.

We cannot judge anyone for that, as it takes much to keep up your hope and your willingness to continue this battle of wills. Because, when it all comes down to it, that is what this really is, a battle between that programmed response of negativity and feeling of powerlessness, and that strong and shining core of indestructible force that is burning inside you all. It will not always be apparent on the outside, but for many, that strong and shining core has been growing ever stronger. Especially in these last few weeks, as it has been fuelled up so much more than before from these relentless streams of energy that is literally being fired into not only you, but your whole planet. But what good is a strong core if it cannot make itself heard above the din from that stubborn mind, you say. Well, the answer to this is as always the same. Humanity carries within such a magnificent force, and the day they realize this for themselves, there is no going back. For you can never ever learn about your true strength one day and then willingly give it away the next. But as long as you have not dug deep enough, this cannot be sufficently apparent to you. So therefore, if you, for some reason, stop yourselves from truly finding the strength within, you are effectively cutting yourselves off from the powersupply you so sorely need right now. For, as you have already been confronted with on so many occasions, this battle of wills is becoming more and more ferocious, and the tricks being played out by ”the other side” to call it that, is becoming nothing if not more devious. There are myriads of traps set up each and every day, where individuals, organizations or even governments engage in acts of negativity that can easily be seen as confirmation that the light has lost, and that you are all plunging ever deeper into the morass of darkness. Be that as it may, for so long as you manage to hook yourselves up to that never ending supply of power you have within, no manner of negative actions can take away the fact that the amount of darkness is actually decreasing day by day, minute by minute.

But, as we have said again and again, these remnants of darkness will put up a hellish fight in order to try to keep their grasp on your minds. For they know that if they manage to keep your mind captive, your heart and soul will have a hard time shining through. And thus, by capturing your minds with even more deranged actions than before, they will literally try kick the door to your own powers shut and make you overlook it in your desperation. So take this as another reminder not to get caught up in this display of wanton recklessness that is paraded in front of you every day. Instead, seek inside, and seek the solace of likeminded souls. And by that, we refer to those that have put their heart above their mind, and realized that only by demoting the mind and giving authority to the real voice inside can you help yourselves to ride off these storms of negativity. It is a mighty battle indeed, and the most important one is the one that has been raging inside of you all for such a long time. For many of you, the battle is already won, as you have managed to reconnect yourself with that true source. But for some, the battle is not over yet, as your mind is literally giving you a fight every step of the way. So make sure to find trusty allies that can help you to overcome this voice of unreason that is emanating from your mind, and know that allies can be found in the most unexpected corners. Just know that you must be discerning in this, as we have told you before. There are some wolves out there lurking inside the shape of some innocent looking beasts. So reach out for assistance, and know that you will receive it, but always, always check in with your heart to ascertain if it is the kind that will truly be of help to you. Otherwise, your mind might be apt to play another trick on you and once again make you overlook the real truth that comes from inside.

We know that this is not news to any of you, but once again we find it important to remind you all that the battle is not over until you find your own strength in this. Because you are not here as spectators, you are here as conquerors, but the major victory is the one you must score over your own mind. It is not easy, but once you have succeeded in readjusting the order of power inside, it can never be reversed. And when you have won this battle, so too has your planet scored another important point and raised its total level of awareness another notch. You are here as warriors, and as warriors you will set the pace for tomorrow by winning back your own powers, and by that, winning back this planet from the shadows of the darkness. So step into your true power, and you will all step into the full light once again