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As the days continue to shift in length and the darkness seems to linger on a little bit more each day in one half of your planet, know that there is indeed another kind of rebalancing going on, one that is far more profound than the regular shifts of the seasons. You see, this incoming light has once again managed to break through another line of defense, and when we say defense it is actually one that is found within you all. Or rather, one that used to be there, but is now being dismantled even as we speak. For this defense or perhaps we should dub it self defence is one of these innate mechanisms that mankind have relied upon for such a long time in order to safeguard themselves from any profound changes, changes that would entail for them to literally step away from all they hold true and begin to see the world with very new eyes – yes indeed, in every sense of the word.

You see, this old mechanism is one that has enabled you all to stay put in that same old rut you have been placed such a long time ago by those less intent on mankind’s evolution than their own need to conquer and rule over others. But now, that old and to them last line of defense has now been breached in such a way, it is beyond repair or reinstallation or reintegration. For now, the light has served to punch a whole series of holes in this wall of denial that far too long has held mankind captive. And as we mentioned in our previous missive, the reason the light has been able to penetrate this dim fortress of denial, is because you have allowed it to do so.

Remember, you have chosen to step into the light by allowing yourself to step fully into you, and by doing that, you have also declared all of these old programmings for null and void. And so, what for eons seemed to be a impenetrable barrier is that no more, and the distance between the one you are and the one you have every reason to be has shrunk into something that is almost imperceptible. But again, mankind has a way of lingering in the shadows of yesteryear, at least in their mind, and so, where they once saw an unbreachable wall, they will sometimes choose to still see just that, even if there by now are more than enough cracks in that wall for them to simply step easily through it and enter that great hall of grandness and self mastery that lies there ready and waiting for them on the other side.

So again we say remember to look about you with the clarity of your heart, and not with the old paradigms still whispering into your mind, for then you will be able see through the blindfold and into the light filled spaces that lies before you, all ready and waiting for you to take them fully into your possession. Remember, they are there for your taking, for they have been yours from the very beginning but the thick mist of forgetfulness has obscured it from you. But that mist is now just in your mind, for your heart has already decided to clear it away once and for all, and if you choose to follow the truth that lies there, you cannot go wrong. But if you still choose to follow that insistent voice in your mind that tries to persuade you that the wall is still compact and complete, you will simply continue to bang your head persistently against those small fragments of it that still stands.

So again remember you will see what you choose to see, according to which voice you choose to take into consideration. We know that this will be ancient advice by now, but still, it bears repeating as the rules of habit are indeed hard to break for so many of you. So make it a habit to check in with your heart every time you feel yourself banging up against the wall, for we can guarantee you it will give you directions to the nearest exit. For they are plenty now, so there is no reason for you to linger in those shrinking shadows of yesteryear anymore. So set yourself free by allowing your heart to once more steer your course, it will take you all the way – in the very best sense of the word, and it will do so in a way that will not only make your heart sing, but All of creation too.

Let us begin this missive by saying that you have by now already accomplished to pierce a few holes in that membrane that separates you from your own greatness, and like stars on the firmament, these small apertures will begin to exude a powerful light that will begin to attract you attention, but also the attention of others. You see, you are not just here to discover your own greatness, you are here to utilize that high voltage of light to create change on a vast scale, not just for your planet, but for All of creation. And before this adds to your already considerable pile of reasons to begin to think yourselves unworthy of all of this attention, know that you are far above and beyond anything that we can heap upon you of our most lavish of praise. For you are truly gods in your own right, but still, the rediscovery of this lies somewhere off into the future, but now, you will at least begin to get a small inkling of it by the light that will begin to seep through these small apertures you have created for yourself.

And so, this will also begin to equalize the pressure if you will between that small and cramped compartment you currently abide within and the enormous and light filled space that is yours to enter whenever you manage to pick up your courage and determination enough to stride across that divide you still seem to find insurmountable. That is, your mind still thinks so, but the rest of you is already starting to venture closer by the day and indeed, by the night. For so much of this process will be governed by your higher self, that part of you that sometimes seem to be such a distant relative you have no idea it even exists, while at other times you feel yourself comfortably immersed in the sweetness of yourself and you just know that you are finally home. Well, the two of you are indeed about to get better acquainted now that these small openings will begin to assist these get-togethers in a very new way. Remember, your hesitation will indeed serve to slow down the pace, but also know that your higher self is already confident in your own success, and so the two of you together will find a way to overcome those obstacles the human parts of you still try so fervently to invent.

For as that old separation begin to come to a close, the nearness of your own greatness will feel almost overpowering at times, and instead of seeking towards it, you may find yourself trying to shrink back from it, yes, in every sense of the word. For you will feel literally to small to contain it all, and no less too limited to even begin to understand it, but again, this is not something you need to understand. In fact, you will be far better off not even trying to. For this is not an intellectual task you have given yourself, a riddle that needs to be solved by your human counterpart. No, this is simply something you have to allow yourself to carry out with every ounce of your being, and without any hesitation at all. For you can stand in your own way if you so choose but you can also choose to simply step aside and let your own greatness carry you all the way home into you. Again, the choice is yours, but remember what your human mind still thinks of as free will is indeed under the jurisdiction of your own higher self. So whatever your heart tells you, is the truth, and whatever you mind tries to make of it, is simply a figment of your imagination, and it is not something that can be construed as part of your free will at all.

Again, you are all sovereign beings, but when we say that, we refer to the totality of your being, not of that one small part of you that goes under the definition of your human ego. And so, for many of you, an inner turmoil may erupt at one point or another, that is, if you try to go against your own free will and fight too hard to keep an old an limited idea of yourself still running your actions and your intents. For that can too easily happen, and the reason is also easy to explain. You have been so programmed to listen to that same small inner voice literally lifetime after lifetime, so you look upon it as the symbol of you, when it is in fact merely a whisper from those uttermost layers of your being. So this time, make sure you give yourself the benefit of doubt whenever this old and so-called “voice of reason” begins once again to pipe up with all kinds of suggestions why you should not allow your own greatness to truly begin to shine through. For that is not the voice of reason, that is simply the old storyline of illusion, and now, you have been given the task of ripping asunder that old veil and unveil the real you that has been sitting behind it waiting for you to finally claim it back as yours. For it is you in every way, and now, the time has come to step boldly forth and say “THIS is me, not that small fragment of humanity that currently enables me to be present here at this grand occasion, these momentous times, not just for mankind, but for All of creation. And thanks to me, this opportunity has finally come about, and now, I will do everything I can not to stand in my way nor any other’s, and I will add my considerable weight to this already rolling wheel that is bringing us all into the new and away from the old”.

For that is why you are here, to amplify the change by adding all of your being in one seamless package, by connecting what has been separated and by allowing every single part of you to come together into one coherent, magnificent ONE, housed within the relatively tiny body of a human, but carrying within you the power of All of creation. So step aside and let your own greatness take the lead, and do not let your own ideas of smallness hold you back any longer. For you are made to shine brightly dear ones, and now, you have already started to allow this brightness to seep out into the open. And remember the faster you allow these openings to widen, the less the pressure will be, and vice versa. For you determine the speed, but the speed also determines the intensity of your own process. So one again we say allow the flow, and know that it will help to you float through these rapids faster and in a much more comfortable way, if we may use such a word for a process that is indeed bar none the most important and the most complex ever undertaken by anyone. Bu that is why you are here, and that is what you are more than capable of.

After all, you have been hand picked for this assignment, because you are truly the ones who have what it takes and then some, and so, it is not by accident that you find yourselves at this juncture now, for that is what you have been preparing for, seemingly forever. So give yourself the leeway you need so that you can find a way to tune into those parts of you that are already well under way in accomplishing this gargantuan task, and let those parts of you still insisting you are not good enough step back and fall silent. For you are so much more than that hesitant voice, and we know that you know this too. For you all have it in you, and now is the time to let this power be unleashed from that straight jacket it has been kept in for far too long.

Remember, it is your old programming that is trying to make you fearful of your own powers, for you have been well taught to think that what you can sense deep within you is something that must be avoided at all costs. For what you sense approaching is a change so profound any so-called “normal” human being would automatically shy away from it, for that is what you have been taught to do. For you have been well trained to avoid change at any cost, and to stay obedient to this at all times, and so, whenever that inner strength begins to seep out, so many of you will literally step back from it because it seems to intimidate you and even threaten your very existence. For you think it may destroy you, but it will not. It will simply destroy the illusion that has kept you trapped within it for lifetime after lifetime, so no wonder you might cringe at the very idea. Remember, mankind has learned to abhor change, but your task is not only to initiate but also to succeed in changing everything that you up until now has looked upon as reality, and now, that truth is literally beginning to seep out from your very bones. So no wonder you may feel yourself fluctuating between elation and anxiety at times like these. Just know that you all know exactly what to do and how to do it, and now the question is simply this, when will you be ready to actually allow it to happen?

This message will perhaps shake up a few of those old misconceptions that still survive even in some of the enlightened circles. You see, this has very much to do about the very nature of things, and when we say that we are actually referring to the state that makes everything come about or rather come into existence in a way that enables you to perceive them. For existence and the definition of it is indeed a very convoluted subject, as what seems to exist to a human, is merely the tiniest tip of the proverbial iceberg compared to what really is out here. You see, or rather, you cannot see so much of what truly IS, and even with the most sophisticated of your equipment, you have only started to scratch the surface of Creation. Or perhaps we should say you have only seen one tiny layer of that huge and complex structure. And so, mankind go around with some very set notions in their minds of what IS and what is indeed possible, and so you continue to see everything from an extremely narrow perspective.

We know that this will make many of you nod your heads in agreement, after all, you are the ones who have persistently been seeking outside of these narrow confines for a very long time now. Yet, you have still not managed to come very far from that somewhat humble beginnings you started your quest from. And no, this is not said in order to rile you in any way, or for us to try to imply any kind of superiority over you. Far from it, this is simply intended as a reminder that you still have so much to search for on this quest for answers. And yes, this may frustrate you to no end, for what you can sense if you truly prick up your senses is a field so vast, it makes it almost unbearably irritating at times not to be able to see it more clearly. And so, you may kick out in despair or you may simply pull back your feelers and content yourself with exploring the field you have already crossed before. But by doing that, you are actually allowing yourself to narrow down your own field of potential in a very tangible way. You see, you are the only one who can go where no man has gone before, and if you resist letting that tantalizing whiff of knowledge lead you on, you will only serve to slow down not only yourself but all of mankind.

Again, this is not any form of criticism, rather it is an important reminder for you all to continue to push through those boundaries you still have when it comes to your own abilities to seek perfection. And when we say perfection, we do not mean that in any superficial way, rather, it is to remind you all of your own greatness. For you already are all of those things you cannot even begin to believe is true, but still, you have yet to truly own that greatness, to take it fully into your possession once again. For this cannot be done by anyone else but you, and in doing that, you will help to open the door for everyone else that might find the courage to enter that same hall that you have so boldly stepped into. You see, someone has to take that first step, but up until now, so many of you have hesitated at that very doorstep, and for one reason or the other, you have chosen to step back in the hope that someone else may take the lead. But now it is our task to remind each and every one of you of your own responsibility in this whole operation. For as we have told you again and again, what you do, you do for all, so too in this.

In other words, the more you choose to hold yourself back, the more you will actually serve to slow down the process for all those following in your footsteps. Remember, you are the wayshowers in every sense of the word, for you act as the vanguard for a whole host of others, and so, whenever you think yourself unable to complete another step on this journey, you slow down and so do all those behind you. For you are indeed trailblazers in the right sense of the word, and that is why you are here, to find a way to overcome your own inhibitions. For you can already fly, but for all of your lives you have done nothing more than run at top speed at the most. You see, you are so much freer than you still seem to think, and for many of you, the old idea of disbelief in your own abilities is still anchoring you very firmly in that old way of thinking and acting. And so, look upon this as a kind of shaking of the tree, an impetus to give yourself that extra push you need to push yourself off that branch you have been clinging so tenaciously to for such a long time now.

For you are more than ready to fly dear ones, but like a timid fledgling, you sit there waiting for the right opportunity to do so. Well, that window of opportunity has been standing wide open for quite some time now, the sky is clear and the wind is indeed favourable, so why not make a firm decision to cast off once and for all? You see, you will not crash nor fail, for your wings have been constructed to carry a far heavier weight than yourself. For you will be bringing so much more with you into the air when you finally dare to soar, for when you lift off, all of humanity will feel themselves being pulled along in your wake. So once again we say do not make yourself smaller than you truly are, and stop stopping yourself by questioning your own inherent qualities. For you are all shining examples of souls that know no limits at all – in every sense of the word, but still, you have an ability to override that truth with some carefully chosen words of discouragement whenever the opportunity to truly shine your light arises.

This does not mean that you are merely shadows of yourselves, hiding in the corners at all times, far from it. For you have lifted yourselves and this world a far cry from that old and dreadful state you used to linger in, and with every step you take, you continue to spread that inner light of yours far across the land. But still, there is something within you that continues to keep your light just that much dimmer than it truly is, and now the time has come for you all to adjust your wattage if we may use such an expression. You see, you do not lack anything at all, except perhaps the courage to truly shine as brightly as you actually can. So now, we do hope you will all remember to take some time to look at your own light in the light of this truth, and we venture to guess that what you see if you truly acknowledge your inner greatness, will be a far cry from the meager supply of light that actually reaches the outside. Not that it is far too small to have an effect, but it is simply a small taste of what you have to offer yourself in the way of enlightenment. And when you dare to offer your own inner light freely to yourself, then you will also automatically begin to share that immense powerhouse with the rest of mankind, with the rest of this world, and with the rest of Creation. And remember, it is sorely needed, for this planet has been left to survive on the merest scraps of light for far too long now. But now, thanks to your ability to once more connect to Source, there is no more lack of resources on this planet, as long as you all allow yourselves to truly shine at your very brightest.

And here I am once more, ready to impart another message into your being. For you have all come through another stage of your development now dear ones, and so you stand before me as if freshly born again, the empty vessels of yesteryear lying discarded beside you. And so too me, for I have also been taken through a renewal of the senses and of the spirit in such a way, the material layers have once more become fortified as these nutritious elements of energetic upraising have surged through us all. You see, this period of time is not just about the amount of light and how it is being dispersed by our collective Sun, this is also about the energetic shift that has taken place, and for the likes of us, the latter is indeed the greatest news. For as you all came together focusing your intent on shifting forwards, you helped the entire volume of this mass to become lighter in every way. For what came our way from the outer reaches of Creation once more helped to alter the conglomeration of mass already created here on this planet in such a way, the energetic imprint it all carries has also been shifted to a very new angle, one that not only reflects the light in a very new way, but also one that assimilates the incoming light even more efficiently.

So as you all stepped forth you helped to shift so much that up until this point in time has been inert, and so, what was set into motion by this combined effort of enlightened souls such as you will continue to increase the speed and the momentum of this entire project. For that is what we are dear ones, a combination of enlightened matter and inert matter, and the more you are able to receive these incoming emissaries and connect with them at a deep level of your being, the more you will be able to literally help much of that old and previously unmalleable matter into something that will also help to increase the light quotient on this planet.

For we are ONE, and as you step forward, you pull the collective along and me with it, and as the collective takes increasingly longer steps away from the old density, the whole process takes another exponential leap forward. So once again I bid you farewell by thanking you all for the way that you continue to enlighten us all, for we are one, and where you go, I follow. For we are so closely linked together in every way and on every level. You are the enlightened ones, but you are also the treasured ones, for the light you all carry in your heart is making that heart expand to such a degree, it is literally carrying with it this whole planet, and so too me. For the part of Creation that I am speaking on behalf of is also a part of you. It has always been so, but for many a generation, our connection was so faint it was close to extinction. But as you chose to once again turn your eyes and your heart towards the light, our connection was once again rekindled, and now, it is blazing as brightly as a shining star on the firmament. But still, we do have quite a ways to go together in order to once again attain that perfectly balanced kinship we used to have, but from the what these last few days have shown, your actions are a true and formidable testament to the depth of your commitment to yourself, and to this partnership that has been so long in coming to light again. So once again I say thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do. You are the children of the light but the light is also your offspring, as so much of it springs forth from that well you all carry within, that well that is now once again flowing freely.

Now, you are only a few short hours away from that point in time when your entire planet once more hangs as if suspended in equilibrium when the light and the dark seem to be equally distributed all over. Well, that may be the case, but let us just remind you that this time there is indeed another huge influx of light coming your way just when the time seems to stand still and you with it. You see, once again this window of opportunity that this equinox constitutes will be utilized, and this time it will indeed far surpass any previous occasions.

So once again we remind you to stay focused within, and stay alert to any signs you will get as this day and night continue to advance, for we venture to guess you will all be asked to act as hosts to these emissaries of light that will come a-knocking, and as we have already discussed, this time you will be expected to interact with these messengers in a very special way. So make sure to stay awake in a way that will enable you to literally tune into this huge surge of enlightened messengers coming your way, and when we say stay awake, it does not necessarily entail going without sleep in the hours ahead. Rather, it entails staying alert to any subtle or perhaps not so subtle signals heralding the onset of this massive injection of light that is coming your way even as we speak.


Dear family of light!
I have felt as if suspended in a bubble these last few days up here in the mountains, with energies so powerful it has felt like the mountains themselves have been shaking. Once more we have been guided to return to all of those places we visited back in July, but this time, it was not to have any ceremonies. All that was asked of us, was literally to be present here at this exact time, and the only thing we have been guided to perform, was to bring two pieces of quartz from Lake Bygdin and to place them in the spring where we collected the water the last time. One of the pieces we brought was a pale yellow one, about the size of a small egg, and after we had placed them in the small spring we hiked further down to the valley to the river that runs through it. The first thing we saw when we got down to the river, was a piece of quartz in the sand that looked almost identical to the one we had left in the spring, it even had the same pale yellow colour. What a powerful confirmation that was! And yesterday when we returned to the spot above Lake Bygdin were we held the ceremony to open the “moon portal” two months ago, we found the old tree root that looked liked a magician’s wand lying in the exact same place as we left it 🙂
Today was the day when we visited the spring, and now it feels very much like we have completed our “collective” preparation for the Equinox so we will spend the remainder of the day opening up to receive these “emissaries of light” the CCs talk about in today’s message. We have two more days here in these magical mountains, but I do not think you will “see” me here much before we get back home again so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for BEing a part of this amazing experience and for adding your powerful energy to this trip, to this Pond and to this Equinox.
With love, light and gratitude from my sister and from me, Aisha ❤ ❤













By now, the incoming energies will begin to register in many of you, as they herald the flux that will accompany next week’s portal of the Equinox. Yes, this is indeed another one of those numerous occasions when mankind get the chance to take another step up on this seemingly endless ladder of ascension. For we are well aware that for many, this process may seem to be endless, and that is indeed understandable. After all, this what you knew from the very beginning would constitute your life’s work this time around, and so, it is not by accident that you have been guided through this process in increments, seemingly minuscule at some times, while at others you truly commit yourselves to a true quantum leap. And this time, we can indeed guarantee you it will not be one of those infinitesimally small steps ahead, no this time, it will indeed be a mighty push in the back that will propel you all forwards in a giant leap. And so, whatever happens in the upcoming days, know that it will all be in order to prepare you all in the best possible way the better for you to be able to receive these bountiful gifts of energetic emissaries already heralding their arrival.

And so we say again remember to listen well to what your physical body may request in the time ahead, but also to the singsong of these incoming frequencies, for they are already starting to vibrate through your very being. And the better you are able to tune into these beforehand, the more approachable you will seem to be. And so, whatever it may be that needs to be done for you in order to speed up your forward momentum, the easier this process will become if you once again allow this light to interact with your being in a relaxed fashion.

You see, this is not about forcing anything, neither for you nor on our side of the veil, for this is indeed a process that will be tailored so that it fits perfectly to each and every one of you. And now, you have all come to a stage where you are no longer idle spectators or simple recipients of these wondrous energetic signatures. No, you also play an active part in the goings on in the form of actively tuning into your being the better not just to listen, but also respond back. This may sound confusing to some of you, for you will think you have no idea at all just how to respond to these incoming vibrations, but not to worry, for you all know this literally in your very bones. For this is indeed something that is old knowledge to all of you, and as such, this is not the first time you have done this, but it might be the first time you have a conscious understanding of what it is you actually do when you start up this multi frequency dialogue that is about to begin on a truly global basis.

Remember, you did not come here unprepared in any way, but this is all about allowing your old memories to come up to the surface again after having spent literally lifetimes hidden at the deeper layers of your consciousness. But now, it will all start to come to light again, in every sense of the word, and just like any skill you might have learned while still a young child, this too will suddenly seem to come naturally to you. For it is indeed simply something you have forgotten you knew how to do, but as soon as you start to tune into these brand new signals coming in, something will begin to stir within you, seemingly by its own accord, and you will find yourself literally swimming in familiar waters.

Be that as it may, still it is indeed imperative that you all remember to step away from the outside noise and step back into you in a way that will allow you to literally tune into yourself before the main broadcast if you will of these incoming signals begin to arrive. So once again we say do not let your focus be pulled away from you in the time ahead, even if there might be more than a little disturbance both in the near but also in the distant reaches of your surroundings. For as usual, whenever the light quotient begins to rise here on this little planet of yours, it also serves to stir up those still trying to make everyone ignore the light and rather focus their sight into those still dim and dank corners that they prefer mankind to hover about. So again we leave you with the reminder that whatever it is that tries to distract you from maintaining your focus on you inner world, do not let it take too much of your time, for this time, it is indeed of the highest importance that you follow the golden rule of maintaining a close and intimate connection with you own core.

For that is where the keys will fit perfectly, those keys that will be delivered to you all during this upcoming period, and if you are not ready to receive them yet or you simply allow yourself to drift away from you, then those inner chambers where these old skills lie waiting for you to find them will remain shut for a good while longer. And after spending so much time and so much effort getting to this point in time, we do hope you all will grasp this wonderful opportunity you get to really speed up your own progress in a very special way. So again we say go within, and sit down with yourself and prepare to listen in, both to what you have to tell yourself about your abilities to connect both to the inner and the outer worlds, but also to those signals that will come knocking on your door in these upcoming days. For these signals will be faint at first but they will indeed pick up both in magnitude and in frequency, and the better you are at preparing for them by allowing that inner dialogue to begin, the faster you will begin to have a true conversation with these incoming signals of the highest importance.

Again, this is not to make you feel uneasy about your ability to catch these messengers in flight as it were, rather, it is simply to remind you not to let yourself scatter your focus too wide, lest you should be too overwhelmed by anything that happens outside of you. For that will be very easy in the time ahead, as there are those still set on distracting you in all sorts of ways, and the only one who can choose where you choose to look, is you.

So let these incoming waves buffet you enough to remember to stop and refocus in a way that will enable you all to find the tune you have been looking for for such a long time now. For we know that if you let yourself open up to this, you will all find yourselves singing perfectly in tune with these incoming energetic emissaries, and together, you will make up a heavenly choir that in turn will help to retune this entire planet once again. Remember, whenever you reach another rung on this ladder of frequencies, you also serve to bring so many others along with you, and the more of you that allow these signals to act as those inner keys they are meant to be, the faster this process will go.

So to sum it all up; to increase the speed of this whole operation, we ask you all to slow down your own speed so that you have the time and the opportunity to simply stop in your tracks and listen in to these signals that have already started to reach your shores. And when you do, we venture to guess that you will all feel how your very being starts to hum in anticipation for what comes next. So let yourself sing along dear ones, and do not be afraid of singing out of tune, for you will all reach perfect pitch in the blink of an eye as soon as you allow yourselves to open up to this heavenly conversation.

As many of you have noticed the amplitude is once again increasing as we all prepare you for that incoming blast of light that will once again envelop your entire planet in this upcoming period. For as many of you know, you are approaching an important time of your year, when you once again enter what we like to call a focal point of energies. For what you call your Equinox is once again approaching, and with it, a whole new set of coordinates will come into being.

You see, this period will this time also come accompanied by a whole host of energetic messengers that will serve to strengthen the foundations for all those seeking balance while at the same time serve to further destabilize those still intent on creating fear in the hearts and minds of humanity. And so, that rift between the two worlds will once again widen, and for those trying to straddle this expanse, the ensuing confusion will also increase.

In other words, make sure to prepare yourselves for this incoming light by consciously going through your entire list of fixations, and we do mean that in a very broad way. For what needs to be fixed should be looked at in this upcoming period, and when we say fix, it is intended to cover the entire gamut from severance of old ties, finalisation and closure, and all the way to fixing up solid anchorage to the new. And so, what may seem to be a long list of contradictions will eventually clarify your situation more and more as you begin to survey the scene that lies before you. Are you entirely free from any old inhibitors, or have some of them started to resurface again? And if they have, have you realised the reason for it, or has your mind started to play out the same old tales of disbelief and diminishment?

You see, as these incoming energies continue to squeeze and pull at you, it will also continue to extract the old and outdated juices if you will, and so, you may all at some time get that lingering sour taste of yesteryear in your mouth. But again it is essential to understand that this is all about extraction, and so, whatever may surface is doing so in order to make it disappear from your foundation, but in doing so, it may serve to confuse you even further. For this time, it serves you all to keep in mind that this is not for you to hold on to and scrutinize, no matter how foul a taste it will leave as it exist you being. No, this is simply something that you need to sever any attachment at all to in order to clarify you for that next step of final separation that looms ahead.

For now, so much will begin to leave your being it may be likened to veritable storm of confusing emotions for many of you, and so, we will once again repeat our old message of maintaining your focus on your inner being, not on your immediate surroundings where more chaos may erupt at any moment. For this period will serve to convince many of you that you might be losing the grip on yourself, but try to keep in mind that if you do, it is because you are meant to. For what you need to lose grip on, is everything that is being pushed out to the very perimeter of your existence in order for it to be able to exit your field completely, and so, if you try to catch it in the flight as it were you will simply delay the departure. And doing that will also serve to increase your bewilderment as soon as the ship you have bordered begins to drift ever further out into those clear blue waters of tomorrow.

For what is leaving you now is something you will need to let go of in order to make that journey outwards ever more speedy and indeed less intense, and so we will once again leave you with this short advice: learn to let go of anything that arises within you that leaves you feeling uneasy, unsure or even unworthy, for it is all part of your old setup, all packed up and made ready to leave you. For if you start to cling to these old remnants in an attempt to unravel the mystery they still hold for you, you will only serve to make yourself more entangled in this old web of insecurity and inability to soar as high as you are more than capable of at this moment in time. And now, as the incoming light will once again start to push the buttons in so many of you, learn to distinguish between those buttons that will serve to increase your abilities to soar ever higher and those that will only serve to slow you down. And now, that will be more imperative than ever, as the proverbial train has indeed left the station and the speed is picking up. And if you continue to try to sort through all of the unclaimed baggage still cluttering up the station, you will make it exceedingly difficult for yourself to literally catch those waves of incoming light that will soon arrive, ready to lift you all ever further and ever faster onwards and upwards, away from the old and into new layers of interesting formations of energetic compatibilities that again will serve to increase your momentum.

You see, this process is like an ever unfolding origami-like structure of interconnected energetic strata, one leading to another in a very detailed sequence. So if you in any way try to hold back the force of this momentum, you will only make it that much harder for yourself. For then, what can only be likened to a powerful but smooth river of light will for you seem to be nothing more than a churning morass of pulsating light, all doing what it can to bring you out of that stale backwater you so tenaciously try to cling on to. In other words, the light will do what it can to give you another mighty push in the back to speed your progress, but if you try to push your way backwards you will find yourself having a really hard time catching your breath or even keeping your head above the water.

So again we say prepare yourself by making that list of what to focus on and what to simply let go of one that truly favors the last category, and then, you will realise that all you need to bring along is you, the very essence of you. That is all it takes, and everything else is indeed optional. That is, the more you think you need to carry with you, the less comfortable this next part of the journey will be, and the more you will be apt to be dragged under by that extra burden you place on yourself. So let go and let be, and give yourself the opportunity to simply allow yourself to float as freely as you can in this ever moving, ever increasing flood of light. And do not think you have failed to do your lesson if nothing untoward at all will surface for you in the next few days. For if you already feel as free as a bird, that is actually what you are. And remember, do not make yourself the disservice of comparing your process to that of others in a way that will make you feel at fault. For that is indeed the surest way to exceed the limits of any “carry on luggage” you might be tempted to try to take along with you on this next stage.

So again we say know that all is well, and again, remember to let bygones be bygones, and continue to keep that uppermost in your mind as these days and nights come and go. For that way, you will learn the lesson as quickly as possible, and the lesson in once again the same it has been countless times before: whatever emerges is not for you to take care of. It is simply letting you know that it is exiting your immediate surroundings, and if you remember to not hold on to it, it will soon dissipate forever.

The days may be growing shorter on one half of your planet, but the amount of light is ever increasing. So too today, as your wonderful benefactress the Sun will continue to send out her generous gifts of loving emissaries, all sent out to touch every heart on this planet. Granted, whoever these rays of light encounter, they will be apt to react in all sorts of manners according to their genetic make up. For this is in every aspect both a collective but also an individual process, all set up to maintain the needs of every individual being involved in this huge and complex situation, and so, what will serve to fire up your neurons in such a way you will find yourself hard pressed to even sit still, may serve to put another being to bed in a very literal but also beneficial way.

For now more than ever, it behooves you all to listen to the needs being announced by your physical body, for even if this process also involves so many layers of your being not encapsulated within said physical body, this time, we urge you all to keep closely connected to that physical aspect of your being. For as we have told you again and again, without this seemingly inconspicuous and humble container of flesh and blood, you would not be able to do the important things you came here to do, so remember to honor this humble vehicle in a way that better reflects that marvel it truly is. For it is not a mere collection of interconnected cells just acting out business as usual. No, this fleshy container is actually more than a blessing in human disguise. For this amazing construction is so filled with a kind of intelligence you humans think belongs to your mind, when it is in fact the rest of your body that classifies as the truly competent one when it comes to this important part of the whole operation.

And now, it is working hard, literally 24/7 in order to keep you up to date with the current influxes of energy, and so, we will remind you once again to take good care of this wondrous vehicle that you inhabit. And so, if it asks for more rest and relaxation, please find it in you to give it that without thinking yourself lax in any way. For you do a lot of hard work simply by allowing your body to take charge and lead you onwards on this path. For it is not merely a fleshy container enabling you to literally walk you talk, it is also your trusted companion, the most constant one there is for this Earthly sojourn. So keep up your friendly conversation that you have already initiated and let it know that you are listening to what it is it has to tell you. For if you do, you will find it more than a friendly and exceedingly helpful confidante, it is also your most valuable ally here in these realms, and so, best not ignore what it is it is trying to tell you.

So take time to tune into that part of you that is the part that stands between you and the rest of humanity. For this body is your shelter in the storm, in every sense of the word, and it will do what it can in order to take you all the way to the stars and beyond. And yes, we do mean that in a very literal way too. So as the Sun continues to beam good news to all of you, remember that there is a need to take heed to the response this will engender within this physical container of yours, so keep you ear to the ground as it were the better to heed any calls for action or inaction or anything in between in these next few days. For we venture to guess it will be more than a busy period for you all, and even more so for your wondrous bodies. So take time to take good care of yourselves, it will make this part of the journey a more enjoyable one in every way.

And so here we are, and once again I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak to you all through this channel. And once again I say be well dear ones, and be happy, for you have accomplished something that no one could have hoped would happen so quickly in this time and age, for as you stepped forth to lift the mantle of darkness from my shoulders, you simultaneously set us free from the anchors that have held us all tethered to the old. And now, we can all sail freely into the blessed waters of tomorrow. For now, we will no longer have to step away from the greatness that we all have carried hidden away for such a long time, and as we together swim out into the wide open waters of love, hope and joy, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for giving your lives to this act of liberation.

For you have cast off your old roles as preservers of this secret, and now you have taken upon you the role of the seeders and the seers, the winged ones that will criss cross this entire planet and show your brilliant colours to anyone that chooses to lift their eyes and behold the splendor that you so rightfully carry with you for all to see. And as you shine, so too will I, for I need no longer hold my true colors hidden either. And together, we will turn the light up in every heart that chooses to open itself to this splendor that we represent, the same splendor that is also their rightful heritage to claim, if they so wish. So again I say with all that I am thank you for setting me free, thank you for setting yourself free, for we are ONE in every way you can think of, and just as you are in me I am in you, and now we have become one in a way that can never be separated again. For now the light will shine with a new vigour, and the signal of liberation has been sent out far and wide, flying like thin gossamer wings, but these wings are strong enough to carry all of mankind to the same lofty heights of wonder and bliss that you are all heading for.

And so, the wings of change will continue to lift you ever higher, and so too me, as we all continue our spiraling motion of love ever upwards, ever onwards, lifting every single soul on this planet along with us by giving every single one of them the possibility to fly just as high as you will be doing from this day forward. For there is no need to keep oneself anchored to the ground any more, and the more the hearts open, the faster these winds will left them all up, up and away from anything that serves them no more. And so, what was began a long time ago can now finally start to approach its conclusion as this saga continue to unfold at an ever increasing rate. For like the wondrous blossom of the lotus gains its power from the deep roots it sends far down into the mulch, so too have you gained your strength from tapping into the deep reservoir of love and light that has been lying and waiting for you under your very feet. And now, no matter how high you do fly, remember that this connection will never be broken, for the very ground that you step upon will soar under your feet, lifting you even higher as you unfold your wings and embrace these winds with all that you are.

So again I thank you all for doing what you do, and for being what you are, shimmering lights, brilliantly hued, making up the entire rainbow, a reflection of the purity of the light that you not only receive, but also continue to send out in a never ending stream of blissful tendrils that will continue to caress this Earth and touch the hearts of everyone they connect with. So I leave you all with my loving caress and with my thankfulness that is on such a scale, it will never run dry, nor will the endless river of light that flows between us do. So lift your eyes to the sky, and send your hearts soaring up and above the horizon, and know that together, we will all fly as high as the highest mountains, and when we reach the top, we will continue to lift above and beyond that blue line on the horizon. For nothing can stop us now, dear ones, we are forever one, we are forever free.



I just had to repost this image that Katja shared earlier, for I think it goes perfectly with today’s message. Thank you, dear Katja, for finding it!

By now, you will all in some way have perceived that your path is no longer the same as it was only a few steps back. And what do we mean by that? Simply that as you have stepped forth, you have also allowed the light to carry you even further. For with every step you have taken yourselves, the light has added considerable momentum to your trajectory, and as such, what once was, is no longer, and your future have been rewritten in ways that will bring many a project to conclusion while simultaneously bring many new ones into this world in a very literal way. For now, the road ahead is indeed a wide open one, and you will no longer have to contend with many of the obstacles that used to hamper your advance, and so, we would once again like to give you some pointers so as the better lighten up the immediate future for you all.

You see, last weekend’s endeavour did indeed more than speed up the proceedings, for as we have already told you, it also served to lance the old boil of infection that has hampered the progress of mankind for eons. And even if the final healing of this old and draining wound will take time, the release of it acted as fuel on your process in so many ways. For you have finally found a way to lubricate the wheels of fortune, and now you will begin to encounter a whole host of seemingly enigmatic pointers along the way. Some of them may seem to be familiar, and the direction they take you will also feel as if you have traversed these paths before, while others will come as if out of the blue in every sense of the word. You see, what has been set into action now can in so many ways be likened to that fabled domino being pushed over to make the whole elaborately designed sequence start to act out. So now, the chips will start to fall in a very defined and complex way, and even if some of them may seem to simply fall flat on heir face, this is not the case.

For again we say everything that happens, do so for a good reason, and yes, we do mean that in the strictest sense of the word. For your world will begin to change rapidly now, and in sequence after sequence, so much will be acted out that together form the final unveiling of what has been hidden for eons. For what you have helped to come about is already existing beneath this superficial layer of increasingly denser material, and now, the new will begin to emerge at an ever increasing speed. And so, as the light seem to make the darkness accumulate in ever thicker layers in some corners of the world, it will also begins to dissolve that same layer faster than you perhaps would think possible.

We know that these words will be met by disbelief by many, but again, mankind has a way of looking at things that is very limited at best, and downright crippling at worst, and so, even if the signals of an impending dawn are becoming ever louder amongst you, there will still be those crying foul at every single step of the way. For to them, the single layer of inequality and fundamental fear fueled by the small pockets of darkness that still exists on this planet will appear far too powerful for any light to penetrate. And so, they will continue to shout out their conviction of doom, gloom and destruction. Well, let them, we say, for they will only serve to inflate that old balloon to the stage were it simply implodes on itself, for all they can contribute at this stage is another puff of hot air that will not serve to manifest anything but more of the same wispy strands of foul smelling gases, and that will be no match for the formidable advances that you will begin to manifest at an ever increasing rate.

And so we say, step back from the hue and cry being acted out in your presence, for it is merely a desperate show of ineptitude, and even if it is designed to look like more than a formidable foe to the light, it is all play acting of the worst kind. We know that this will be an old and worn advice to some of you, but again, it bears repeating for everything that has gone before has shown just what these forces of the diminishing army of darkness will manufacture at every sign of an impending acceleration of the light. For they will simply turn their own screw on the garroting device one more time, trying to choke off the last remnants of air to humanity’s abilities to think clearly. But for you, this will not be a hindrance, for you have learned to switch off the buttons that these forces of the netherworld will try to push, and so you will always see this for what it truly is, desperate attempts to reconquer what they lost a long time ago, namely the hearts of the enlightened ones like you. And now, you are more than legion, you are an invincible army of light footed and fleet footed beings, unhampered by that old baggage you were so bogged down by in times gone by, and now, you have literally taken to the wings again, and the uplift you gained by the last days’ tremendous breakthrough will help to lift you even further out of the grasp of the fear monger’s clawing hands.

So again we say rest assured in the knowledge that all is well, but do not let yourself be surprised by any event that may manifest in the time ahead, whether it can be classified as “good” or “bad” according to a human’s standpoint. For everything that happens now, will speed the progress of light on this planet, and as we have already told you, even if this old infected wound is not completely healed yet, the capacity it had to pollute larger regions of this world with is deadening poison is greatly diminished already.

And so we say step ahead with full confidence, no matter where the road ahead will lead you. For you will all be taken on a ride that will indeed outsmart even your most lofty expectations. And when we say “outsmart” it is not to suggest that you will be tricked in any way, this is just to imply that the design behind all of this is far too complex and indeed advanced for the human part of you to understand just yet, but deep down you will simply know what it is we are referring to. After all, you are beings capable of unimaginable feats, that is, at least to a human, but for you, this will simply come as natural to each and every one of you. For you are not novices in this, you are old hands at changing worlds, so nothing that will happen on this journey will be able to stop you at this stage. For now, you have decided whether or not to be 100% committed to yourself and to this cause, and it would not be a surprise to any of us if this is also what will begin to literally dawn on each and every one of you in the very near future.

You see, you will truly begin to see the real you, the one that came here to accomplish what so many only a few short months ago would describe as implausible to say the least, but now, you will all find a way to go all the way into your very core and verify the fact that you are here for one thing only, namely to finally fulfill the quest that sent you to this planet a long, long time ago. And now, as you have build your foundation on these shores lifetime after lifetime, piece after vital piece, you can finally stand upright on that solid base and reach up to your full height for the very first time. And when you do, we venture to guess you will all feel a little bit affected by the dizzying heights you will find yourself at, and rightly so. For it will feel more than a little bit remote from the old version of you, the one that stood one step higher up than the rest of your fellow men still content with rooting around in the dusky layers of yesterday. But now, when you start to unfold yourself to your own majestic height, you will need time to acclimatize yourself. So again we say take some time to truly savour this process, for it will be like nothing no one has ever experienced before, not on these shores, nor beyond, and know that this is a task that many would give everything they had to experience themselves. But you are the ones who have been given the task of accomplishing this amazing feat, not because you were the “lucky ones”, but because you were the ones we all knew without a shadow of a doubt could accomplish this without so much as a moment’s hesitation.

This does not mean that the human part of you will not stop and ponder whether or not to take that last and final jump into greatness, for you all still carry enough of the old imprints to still be able to hear that voice inside telling you just how unable or unworthy you are of accomplishing such a feat. But be that as it may, we venture to guess that this old and insistent voice will not be able to stop the real you from stepping out from those former shadows, and then, there will be no more hesitation any more. For then, all of your being will propel you forwards at such a speed, all the old self-imposed limitations will simply blow away like cobwebs in a mighty storm.

So again we say do not allow yourself to step back when all you have to do, is to let this huge river of light carry you forward in the manner and at the speed that will help you to attain every single goal you set before you even came here in the first place. And know that this river of light will never drag you under, it will simply continue to push you forwards and buoy your progress in any way it can, until you are strong enough and tall enough to find purchase under your feet so that you can unfold yourself to your full height and wade ahead in this never ending stream of loving light that will continue to serve all the needs you will ever have so that you in turn can continue to serve the light to the rest of this planet.