The manuscript of survival – part 226

The days are becoming short for many of you, but the nights are not only lengthening, they are also intensifying. We have touched upon this subject before, but let us elaborate a little bit on it. You see, the nights are when you are doing the hard work, and for many, that will be very apparent indeed by the way you feel whenever you wake up from this rather disturbed ”sleep” in the mornings. You will feel more than a little wrung out, and for many, it will take a long time to literally pull yourselves together to get ready to face another day in this physical body. So what do you do on all of these nightly forays into the unknown? Let us just give you a few examples, as we know there are many an inquisitive mind ready for some explanation into this.

Some of you will be well aware of what we will discuss here, as for some, the memories from these astral travels will start to solidify more and more, and you will find it even more difficult to restart your ”earthly life” as it were whenever you wake up in your bed after another of these visits behind the veil. For that is where you are all heading whenever you shut your eyes and get ready to sleep every night. Yes, we do mean every night, because now, as time is becoming more and more compressed, you are not in any way given any reprive from your hard labour. But remember, this is a labour of love, especially to you, and even if your physical body is somewhat miffed by all of the demands this puts upon it, you are all overjoyed by doing what you see as your reason to exist. Because you are fulfilling the promise you made before you came here, and now, you can see the fruits of your labour becoming manifest in front of you. Of course, as we have already said, so much of what you do is still shrouded in the mists of ”sleep”, and as such, very little remain in your consciousness whenever you awake from your slumber. Therefore, we would just like to give you a short summary of some of the assignments you are undertaking at the moment.

Time has been mentioned already, and time is indeed an important task that many of you are more than a little preoccupied by at the moment. You are the weavers of time, the ones making it at all possible to restore this separation from that vast sea of time that you have had to endure for so long. For you are no longer prisoners of a singular set of time like you have been for so many lives, but in order for you all to be able to once again take a swim in this ocean, you need someone to be your swimming teacher as it were. And this is what some of you are already doing nightly, as you have been picked as the guardians of this sea, and you will help your fellow men take their first supervised dip into this vast sea of possibilities. We use the words as metaphors of course, but it is important to know that although you all have previous knowledge of swimming freely in this unlimited body of time, your sojourn here on this planet has made you forget the basics of it. Hence, the need for someone like you able to reach out and give you all a steady and guiding hand when you take that first dip. It is a position much coveted, because the joy being experienced by anyone being allowed back into these waters again after a long, long separation is a treasure to behold. So yes, some of you are first rate swimming coaches, and you have much fun introducing your fledgeling swimmers in the do’s and don’ts of free swimming.

For others, the task is more challenging indeed, as you have the role as the cleaners of the old. In other words, you are the warriors still up in arms, ready and able to search out the last vestiges of dark entities still hiding away on your little planet. For remember, even if a consensus has been reached that from now on, the light has taken over the reins, not all the subjects swearing their allegiance to the other side are willing to give up the fight that easily, and they need to be dealt with, and firmly so. So there are still many of you out there, lifting your swords of light to the sky again and again, and you will continue to do so until the last stowaway has been found and made to disperse.

There are other, less defined roles indeed, as much of what you do under the cover of night as it were is varied indeed. You are the ones influencing the rest of mankind, and you do so both directly and indirectly. Let us just give you a few examples. As we have told you before, some of you act as antennaes, and by that, we mean that you receive the signals we transmit, and by way of downstepping the energy you are also able to convert the ”current” and send it on to other, less aware beings. Let us just say that you have a very beneficial influence on powerful people around the globe, whether they be of a scientific mind or whether they be of a more political one. For make no mistake, the changes we have talked about earlier occur on every level of your society, and the light is indeed penetrating into many minds, also those currently in a position to make decisions that will affect the lives of millions of others. So you, by way of giving yourselves as distributors of light, are doing an important job indeed. And even if this is something that is going on continuously,the nighttime is when you are most effective, as then, your mind has been literally switched off and you can do your work unhindered by your brain. Your brain can slow you down in so many ways, and in this, it is certainly true that whenever you manage to disengage it, the work you do becomes so much more powerful. So rest assured that whenever you rest your weary head, your spirit works even harder.

Let us just close off this missive by saying that this is only an excerpt of what is going on during your so-called nightly sojourn. Much of your time will also be taken up by reconnecting with your roots, in the way of several meet-and greet with entities hovering above you in different kinds of vessels. These meetings are not only social meetings, they are also utilized for gathering and dispersing various forms of information, for individual guidance and fine-tuning, and for mass meetings where additional information is being given. We will, as usual, refrain from giving you any details just yet. Suffice it to say that you are indeed working hard whenever your physical body takes a short rest, but what you do, is not to be considered as wearisome at all. It is, as we just said, a labour of love, and you will continue to revel in every little task you are being given, as this is just another confirmation that you are finally achieving what you have dreamed of forever, namely the right to be what you already know you are, a citizen of the multiverse, not only the Earth. And with this comes the realization that for you, work is no longer anything you have to put up with in order to pay for your bills. Now, work has become what you once knew it would be, namely the foundation of the togetherness you have always seeked. You are but a small part of a vast ocean of beings, all come together to create heaven on Earth, just as it was once set up to be. And thanks to you, this creation is being built, piece by piece, soul by soul. So keep it up, you have only started on this wonderful project known to all as The re-emergence of mankind.

34 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 226

  1. Thank you for writing (part of) my new bio 😉

    It feels so good to actually physically see (or at least on my screen) so many of you, beloved “colleagues”, who are doing all of the same things I am doing and have been doing for so long.
    What a blessing to see and feel that we are supporting each other on all levels.

  2. I have long known I was an anchor of the light during daylight hours and recently confirmed my warriorness in sleep and after reading this I feel very strongly that this has always been my nature, to insure the good, the light, the justice and the love for all beings and all forms of matter, past present and future. While I resonate with the sea of time strongly, I know that is not my current focus and I am very grateful to all people/beings doing that work because I simply am in awe of and can’t WAIT to dip into that sea of love! BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL no matter your job, no matter if you feel it, remember it, confirm it or not, if you think it and hope for it and bless it, you are doing the work with all of us! Aisha and CC, thanks again for sharing and providing this great space for us all to share as we walk along hand in hand toward that WONDERFUL great big unknown that is the future! Alex

  3. Wonderful message!!
    Yes, I had a vision a few months ago while I was sleeping or “dreaming” . I was in a ship with a few other individuals and we were listening and taking instructions from an individual. It was a great feeling, the feeling of working together as a team with the purpose of being part of an incredible project.

    Thank you Constant Companions and Aisha for this message. I send blessings to you and to all my galactic “co-workers” up in space.

  4. Wake every morning and feel like I’m vomiting out emotional gunk. Been going on for about six months. Does anyone know what that is?

    1. Just heavy baggage of a thousand lives, maintained inside your body. Let all go. Ask Archangel Raphael for help before going to sleep.

  5. Dear Aisha, wonderful, really wonderful missive with clear message. This last month I feel like the fog which was binding our minds is lifting up now…In connection with your wonderful dream I would say that I had very meaningful dreams through all my life and I was always trying to follow them. Sometimes I would have been successful in understanding them and finding out theirs massage, the higher beings were sending to me, but often I wouldn’t. When I couldn’t find out what they are trying to tell me I often would visualized telling them that I cant understand the dream and kindly ask them to send me dream with more simple symbols so I could understand the message they are sending without problem. After a period of time I would have another dream with more simple symbols and got the message. Sometimes when I was more focused on preying and feasting I would have not dreams but visions. They fulfilled 100%. Or sometimes in my dream I would hear some voice telling me what will happen…Some dreams I would not been able to understand even I was hardly trying to, I was dreaming almost the same dream again and again. When I couldn’t ignore my dreams,nor suppress them, in 1985-86 I’ve started reading literature ( Jung, Froyd, Adler). The books sometimes helped me, but sometimes not, when the dreams were more complex. Hence, I’ve read almost all the books of Rudolph Steiner and Jane Roberts about her channeling (from 1965-1970) of Seath-the non earthly being from 50th dimension who once upon a time existed on this planet and has lived throughout many incarnations. The book “Seath speaks” helped me the most to interpret my own dreams and also Dr Michael Newton’s three books (among them is Destiny of the souls). In this book Dr Newton (you could see him on you tube explaining his technique) exposed some client’s cases explaining under hypnosis how the souls when born from the Creator were MUCH ALIKE EGGS and that particular trained beings are nurturing them till the moment of incarnation come. So, Dear Aisha your dream is so clear and simple, explaining your role in this period…Thank you for sharing it with us. I would like to advice all my brothers and sisters who are searching “the path” and the meaning of their dreams to read Jane Roberts books especially – Seath speaks (all of them are on the internet), books of Dr Michael Newton and this article: THE TWO MAIN SPIRITUAL PATHS DEATH SCIENCE VS LIFE SCIENCE.
    Much love to all.

  6. Thank you all for sharing your stories! It always helps to know that there are many others out there experiencing the same things as me. The nights have certainly been more intense than usual lately, and I wake up feeling like I have a really bad hangover, or like I’ve been in a fight with a heavyweight boxing champion – or both. My dreams are so incredibly detailed at times, it’s like watching different movies all night that make such a strong impression on me I can actually smell, taste and feel them in addition to remember all the weird details. I’ve done a lot of “cleaning up” work lately, and the image I have gotten several times is that I am finding these little clusters of eggs, just like slug eggs, hiding under leaves and rocks. All I have to do is to blast them with light, and they turn into this white sand or ash-like substance that actually fertilizes the ground. I was also attacked by two “big guys”, and then I woke up so angry I went straight back to sleep and gave them both a thorough beating. That felt great!!! It is amazing to think about what we create together now, and how important we all are in this “renewal” project. Waking up in the “old world” is not easy, but now we can at least start to feel our new home starting to manifest. And even if this process is more than a little challenging at times, I would never ever want to go back to my old life. Love and light to you all, dear co-workers, and good luck with your next nightly assignment!

  7. Thank you Aisha and the CCs for another very supportive message and very timely!! Wed night I had a dream about “time”. It was a Fri night after a long week at work. I went to bed and fell asleep and normally waking up the next morning. But is was not Sat morning, it was Sunday morning. What seemed like a normal 8 hrs was actually much longer even though it felt like a normal nights sleep. There were others there who had been having “time” experiences as well. We were talking and I told one young woman that she had really been out there in that other “zone” and she smiled with satisfaction. Maybe I was teaching her?

    My question is if I am a guardian of time, why can’t I bring more of these gifts into my waking life??? I am still going to a job that I think is drudgery to pay my mundane bills to survive. The hours are long and leaves me little “time” to do the things I really love. I feel like I should just waive my hands like a wizard and all my bills are paid. Maybe I shoud try that 🙂


  8. Thank you my dearest Aisha & Constant Companions. I know that I am a reciever & transmitter during the day and at night, I am quite busy. I very,very rarely remember my dreams and frequently wake up somewhat angry. I feel that I “they” have a hard time keeping me “here”? That is why I remember little. I am angry when I awaken because I’d rather be doing what I’m doing when I’m sleeping and not in this physical body. What am I doing when I’m sleeping? I had one OBE and my personality was much different that I exhibit on Earth. I was Very,Very assertive but in a “tough Love” sort of way, other entities where somewhat wary of me, I am sure that I am of the warrior persuasion in the duty of the ALL, the ONE, I protect and serve. My Love to you all, my beautiful, beloved Sisters and Brothers.

  9. Wow! How many warriors fighting at night! How I envy you. I remember nothing (yet). We,ve been stepping into unknown territories for a while already. Our friends from the other side of the veil are showing us the multiple possibilities that we have for choosing in the future. While that we are making also (Light) homework, initiations, heavy cleansing and intensive healing. Time is short, but elastic. So until the Shift we must do three things. Rest all we can, drink lots of pure water and ask for protection before going to sleep and after awaking. I found somewhere a prayer for protection from Archangel Michael:
    “In the name of the Great Spirit
    May the Spirit of the True light
    Stand Guard at the gateway to my Soul,
    Lead me in the way of Love,
    Truth and the True Light
    And protect me against the forces
    of darkness and deception”.
    Or this one:
    “In the name of my mighty I AM Presence,
    I call to beloved Archangel Michael and Faith
    to send forth their legions of blue flame angels
    to guard and protect my family, loved ones
    and myself. Let it be done God’s Holy Will”.
    While awakening is rampant everywhere and we,re climbing rapidly the spiral of evolution, darkness is witnessing their worst nightmares. Everything is crumbling for them. Imploding is a better estimation. They know what is going to happen soon. So, as they are completely lost, they are trying anyway to avoid our Ascension to 5D, that they can,t withstand. Sorry for them. There,s no chance for that. So, until the Shift, protection never is too much. We just need to ask for it to Heaven.
    Mother Earth won,t leave 3D until we,re ready to go with her. In other words, we are going to help Her to make the jump. It is said that are needed 144.000 Litghtworkers full awakened to help Gaia ascend. That number already was achieved. At the Shift these Lightworkers will unleash a chain reaction that will fire a mega mass awakenig and then everybody, toghether with Mother Earth, will ascend to 5D.

  10. Dreams sure are intensifying. I’m just goofing around in them. Getting into some new kind of concersations in them too. Seems to me like I’m in a somekind of hurry in them. Just getting into places and continuing on and on…

  11. Me too. Waking up tired and stiff and taking loads of time in the morning to “come back” to earth. I had a bit of a recall of my sleep time and I believe I am one of those “lifting my sword of light to the sky again and again” and clearing out the “dark entities still hiding away on your little planet”. This makes sense to me because I am very drawn to my Sword lately and I have had a stiff neck for the past few weeks (probably from lifting my sword all night long!) haha

    Thank you so much for this message Aisha! Much Love and Light to you!

  12. this message rings also so true with me – a while ago, this year, I felt that I had like a “night” job, waking sore in the morning and I felt like during the night I had two big light swords in my hands and the “use” of the swords reflected even in my physical arms – I was wondering why and had a knowing feeling that I used both arms to fight with swords during night. In the morning I could not even type. I thought it’s only me, and thank you for this article because lately I asked a lot to know what I am doing during the night, and to be helped to remember … I guess I do not need to know in physical life what I do, yet because besides the physical effects and lots of tiredness, and some images (very interesting indeed), I do not remember much 🙂

  13. wonderful post! thank you Aisha & Companions, as always. this message rings so true to my last few weeks’ experience… knowing (and feeling, physically) when i wake up that i’ve been out, working really really hard on “something”… the feeling of accomplishment when i wake up is almost as strong as the physical strain and stiffness (i assume my body is reacting psychosomatically to all the work the same way it would in 3D).

    lately, i haven’t been retaining as much detail after i wake up, but i can say that my ongoing year-long dream has indeed progressed from scouting remote locations (last spring) to building structures for a settlement (summer) to simply socializing (this past week).

    can’t wait for more! peace love & light to us ALL!!

  14. I wanted to write this for the ones like me who are still fighting the reptilian program. I was attacked two nights ago, they dug into my brain and twisted and pulled, looking for memories. It was a brutal attack and I have had a migraine and nausea since. I would be very interested to know if anyone else is experiencing this. Thank you all so much for BEing. Lots of Love and Light,

    1. PhillyPam — there are many over at the blog Transitions from Denise Le Fay who write and comment about this very stuff. There are many people doing this work and experiencing those things who have gathered there.

      Aisha — thank you for this confirmation that I am a timeline worker. 🙂 I’ve known about some aspects of it for a while now, but my waking self only sees bits and pieces. I believe this is by design right now, but the veil does grow thin in these past weeks for me.

      Thank you so much. This space has been an excellent match for where I am right now, and is very much a touchstone for understanding the things I need to know.


  15. Excellent.!!! I definitely “find it even more difficult to restart your ‘earthly life’ “, especially the part about work as something I “have to put up with in order to pay the bills.” I’m currently unemployed, and the only motivation to look for work is that someday the savings will run out. I so long for a world in which it isn’t necessary, and maybe that’s why I sleep so long and wake up tired — putting in overtime on the “real job”. As long as we “get it done” before the cash runs out, I can consider myself an advance scout in the process. 🙂 In fact, a couple years ago, I had a session with a medium and talked to my departed mother. Her final words were “Sweet Dreams”, and the medium said, “There’s something more to that than a mom saying Goodnight to her son.” In the context of today’s message, that suggests I’ve been at this for a while.

    I’m definitely having more dreams and clearer dreams in the past couple months. Not many are directly related to this kind of work, but many have a different quality to them than ordinary dreams. So I do have some awareness that something different is going on.

    Finally, it’s great to hear the Companions return to the subject of Time. It’s been been too long (for me) since they’ve addressed it. Months ago I started collecting their Time essays, as I do believe that it is a major part of the Shift. I’ve posted them here, , if anyone would like to review the subject. Today’s post sure rings true for me, altho’, ironically, I don’t care much for swimming! But I do have a geographical orientation, and I like navigation, which would be another way to describe learning the ins and outs of time, i.e. navigating the different time lines. So I really enjoyed today’s post. Thanks, Aisha!

    1. This week, my dreams changed, I would have a normal dream and then as you would push “pause” I would, by telepathy be informed…ready for conversion…I would then go into some “space” where I would be performing the conversion of someone or something. My normal dream would resume for a while, and then pause again for another conversion. I did get up in night and it appened again after I went back to sleep. This appened a few time in the same night. I woke up exausted but very exited about my new found mission with a feeling of accomplishment.
      Thank you for your messages, they bring light in our everyday life, hoping for a better life than just working to pay the bills. I hope I can keep doing the good work at night! 🙂 ♥♥♥ Josée

  16. Indeed, I can only confirm I have lot of dreams lately, full of people, and strange buidlings. I live situations where it looks I am tested on morality and tolerance. Those dreams , I would say, are rather heavy but not nightmares. Well, it depends. Anyhow, I feel I really go through quite some turmoils and I thought I should try to take them a bit more seriously. It justs give me the impression every morning when I wake up, that I should lead a pure and virtuous life, which is the only way to go through these days and thus, nights. Any attempt to pursue an unhealthy type of life, or lacking purity of thoughts, and bam, my dreams turn a bit more nighmarish, and I am even confronted to being close to death situations. But in general, that is not so dramatic. Anyhow, being vigilant is the key word here. Very good update again Aisha. Many thanks to you and companions. I also loved your previous update on water which I usually charge with leaflet of Dr. Konovalov from Russia.

  17. Thank you dear Aisha…”indeed…Heaven on Earth as it once was set up to be”….most certainly my belief all along !…as I’ve said before, Mother-Earth holds ALL the ingredients…she is divine perfection created in symbionic union with ALL that is…we ‘humanity’ just need to re-connect with her again in LOve & Gratitude…remove & eliminate the toxins we have stained her with…humanity has no idea the magnitude of her LOve, & she just wants us to LOve her again !!! To be One again in the sphere of Bliss & Contentment as it was supposed to be ! As I sleep, then awaken to these misty morning where the sun rises, beaming through the mist clinging to the surrounding lakes near my home, my eyes are filled with gratitude & I am in awe of her wonderous beauty !!!, but my physical body does feel tired & worn…during the night I know for certain that I am her warrior ! Blessings to ALL her BELOved Warriors fighting with their swords of sacred Light for ALL the right reasons !~ (Hope you had a restful & enjoyable few days off Aisha !)

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