Solstice message

Welcome to the space of spacelessness.

The in-between.

Where form and formlessness coexists.

Where the multiverse collapses into ONE,

 yet is infinite.

This is where you are.

Not as an idea, but as a reality.

It is an ongoing process of re-creation.

One the mind cannot grasp,

but the heart knows.

So let go of the need to comprehend.

Let go of the fear of confusion.

For you cannot control the flow.

You are being lifted to higher ground.

One where the air is clearer and the views far grander.

So let yourself be swept off your feet

by these incoming energies.

Trying to hold on will only hold you back.

Letting go is the only way forward

to where brightness awaits you.

7 thoughts on “Solstice message

  1. Yes, thanx, A, I am well (laughter is a big part), and I hope you and your honey are, too. Enjoy your upcoming 4th celebration! Wishing you both thriving, joy-filled energy in every single moment forward down there in sunny Florida!
    With Love, Lin 🙂 ❤

  2. oh my… a most wonderful pic. Thank you, Bente!!!!! And your text is right on–with me anyway–I now know nothing at all. Even re me, within and without!!! I used to know my body pretty well, but no longer. I seem to be in a constant state of neutral without any answers. And, funnily enough, I seem to be okay with that. No distress, no discomfort with that state. Only a sort of slight amazement and curiousness–like someone new to the planet might feel. Detached and in Peace.
    Love you. Happy Summer Solstice, Dear Bente… and everyone!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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