The manuscript of survival – part 141

Let us begin this missive by commending you all for a job well done. You have no idea how important the events you have just been through were, but we wager that for many of you, today will seem to be a brand new day in more ways than one. You see, this last tuning have installed a new frequency in you all, and you are now playing a very different tune from the one you were able to produce only yesterday. So cudos to you all, you have indeed successfully installed a whole new ”driver”, if we could use a word you might be familiar with from your computer world. You see, now the old system that used to govern all aspects of not only you, but the world around you, have been overwritten, or rather, erased, and as such you have finally garnered the freedom you have been waiting for.

As usual, on the outside, much will look the same, but on the inside, everything will feel so much lighter, and we mean that in every aspect of the word. And as usual, your physical body might have a hard time adapting to this new frequency, but very soon, that too will fall into step with the rest of your being, and you will feel just how much lighter you have become. At the same time, you will feel so much more substantial, as the strength that has been buried deep inside of you now finally can rise to the surface yet again, and you will be able to face the real you after such a long separation. This may introduce itself to you in many different ways, but we think you will all have some sort of interesting ”conversation” with your inner self in the days ahead.

That is all we have for you today, dear ones. Take some time to thank yourselves for the hard work you have just accomplished, and know that you have not only managed to liberate yourselves, but also your beautiful planet. Even if your eyes cannot yet see the full scope of the effect this new frequency will have on you all, rest assured that the time for mismanagement and fear has now been relegated to the past.

11 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 141

  1. Hi Aisha and I have to thank you for your messages. I am always looking forward to the guide of survival as it always lifts my spirits up. Can you tell me who is giving you the guide lines, I mean who are you channeling for this, is it the same spirit or does it changes?
    And regarding the rebooting I have definitely felt the difference as a big poo fell on me yesterday and I was nevertheless able to keep the love frequency & my cool which in other time it would have completely broken me down. So yes it did work!
    Thank you for your moral support . Love, light & joy.

    1. Hello Willow! I am so glad that these messages can be of help :–) I receive all of these messages from a group calling themselves The constant companions. They have repeatedly told me that they think it is important that I look upon them as a sort of collective, as they do not want me to get too attached to any of the individual entities making up this group. And yes, they change over time. I feel their different energies, and they also have a special way of using words and cover different topics. In addition, new “voices” are introduced over time, usually in a private message to me beforehand. Some have been with me from the beginning, but new ones have come through as the levels of energy have been increasing. I must confess that I have lost count on how many different “voices” that have been part of The constant companions to this day, but from the start, they told me that they were “more than five”. It is always interesting whenever I get a new message because I never know what the energy or the content will be. All I know, is that I just have to sit down every day to receive whatever they want to share that day. Knowing that these words help so many of you, makes that a wonderful part of my life every day 🙂
      Love, Aisha

        1. Hello Ellie! As they said in part 112 “We are YOU in every nuance and fragment of your being, and we are YOU in every way you can dream of. Therefore, you are also US, and we are in no way alien to each other. We have just kept the ability to connect with the totality that makes up All of creation, whilst you have been separated from the same for so long. But now, the time has come to reconnect you, the lost ones, to the rest of YOU, and you will once again feel complete.” To me, that means that we are like branches on the same tree, and we are all in some ways interconnected. I have had some experience of meeting up with some of “my” branches, and I have also embraced the fact that I am but a small fragment of “me”. I do not know how many of The constant companions are from the same tree as me, but I think they are a mixture and that we are all very interconnected both on this side of the veil and on the other side. I am certainly looking forward to the day when we all can meet up no matter what part of the tree – or the veil -we come from!
          Love, Aisha

  2. muito amor, muito amor.
    muita paz, muita paz!
    Muita alegria!
    Eternidade, profundez, transparência!

  3. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions for all of your love and support. My love to you All.

  4. Thank you so much. Feeling happy and excited for what is yet to come!

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