The manuscript of survival – part 146

Let us continue this saga about mankind’s quest for greatness, as this is indeed the underlying thread that connects all of these missives. And when we talk of greatness, we do so in every aspect of the word, as you are indeed such magnificent creatures in each and every way. But, as have oft been mentioned in these annals, you were made to forget this greatness when you came to these shores, as it was ordained that this place was to be a place to learn and to remember yet again. In other words, a place where each and every soul had to resort to begin at the lowest level, and then literally start to crawl back up towards the pinnacle they once came from.

Let us explain. In order to truly learn just how great one are, one needs to be stripped of every last vestige of this greatness, as otherwise, one would in many ways be tempted to become blind to this selfsame greatness, or take it for granted. As we have mentioned on so many occasions, this planet of your is in fact the only place where someone can come in and learn this from the very beginning, as it takes a lot of hard work and courage to work oneself through the denseness that coats everything in this environment. In other words, this is like a ”boot camp” for the hardiest of souls, those that have it in them to keep striving forwards no matter how hard the opposition seems to be. Many, many have been waiting in line to enter this realm and be a part of this brilliant training, as that is what this was originally designated to be. And many have completed their training here too, and have brought fond memories of their sojourns here back to their own homes.

But that was a long time ago, as the history after the fall as it were is a completely different one. The tricksers that came in and overran this training field was not intent on letting this project continue in its natural cycle. They were far more content with holding it up in its tracks as it were, and stop any but the most fundamental of developing processes here on this planet in order to maintain control over it. And they were sucessfull indeed, as you can se well documented proof of wherever you turn your eyes. Yes, mankind has evolved since they came, but in what way? We defy anyone who say that mankind is now at the pinnacle of creation, and that they have evolved from a very primitive species into something very, very advanced. It might seem like that to an untrained – or rather normal human – but to everyone else in the multiverse, the truth is glaringly obvious.

You have veered so far off your original course, and so, the decision was made to bring you literally back on track again. Hence this abrupt commencement of the so-called awakening. And as you are all well aware of by now, this awakening has entered a stage that is mayhaps the most important stage in mankind’s history. There is no turning back now, no matter how hard those forces still intent on tying you down to the old tracks try to cast their spell over you again.

As we were saying, this process has indeed entered a critical stage, but because the so-called critical mass, i.e the number of souls saying yes to taking part in this process, has by now more than surpassed the stated lower limit, the process itself cannot be stopped. You are too many who have already managed to sufficiently open your eyes to see the truth and opened your hearts to fan the flames inside to stop this now. So even if the ground feels more than shaky, and you feel ready to topple over any moment, know that you are indeed guaranteed to succeed in this quest of liberating not only yourselves, but also the planet we all love so dearly.

Do not think that this will be an easy parade where all you have to do is to wave flags and cheer, but we think you have taken in the truth of this already. After all, you would not have made it this far without all of the hard labour you so willingly have contributed already, and for this you will be richly rewarded indeed. That might seem to be a somewhat slim and insubstantial promise at the moment, as for many of you, the concept of ever finishing this task seems more remote than ever. We understand this, as this final stage is indeed the most challenging of all, when everything you have grown accustomed to seems to be vanishing, literally between your fingers, and you feel as if standing before an empty void without anything but your own hope and faith to cling on to. And your grasp may even seem to be faltering, as you face one challenge after another. Anger and desperation are quick companions to this fear of letting go of the past, when the past is all you know, and the future seems to be literally going up in smoke as the tensions heightens in every corner of your world. And this anger and desperation will find a way to assert themselves, so too amongst those of you defining yourselves as bearers of the light.

Make no mistake, you are not immune from falling into a deep trough of fear, and this will make you say or do desperate things at times. Please, do not give into this anger by attacking yourselves if you do fall back a bit. It is only natural that you do so, but try to resist that impulse to punish yourselves for this little lapse in concentration. For that is what it really is, just a small lapse, but do not let that make you lose sight of the real you that is still in there somewhere, underneath this frantic layer of a seemingly frail little person screaming for help in all the ways it can think of. For you are not small, and you are not frail, and even if your actions and your words tries to tell you otherwise, you are indeed shining paragons, worthy of love and praise. So see beyond this thin veneer of human frailty dear ones, especially at times like these. Otherwise, you might lose sight of the real truth that hides behind these harsh words and angry actions. The truth is that you have never been closer to the real you, the magnificence that lies underneath this skin of fear that covers so many at the moment. A small scratch, a little drop of self love and tenderness will bring it to the surface. So stop beating yourselves whenever you see or feel the fear pushing you about, and start to love and cherish yourselves just a little bit more. It will literally make all the difference in the world.

19 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 146

  1. Thank you Aisha and the Constant Companions! I am feeling the same things the rest of you have mentioned. Lots of fear coming up, almost panicky.

  2. Feeling the same a Lorna and Christie……..just constant unease…when for years only peace no matter what was happening. Thank you all for being here with me. J.

    1. yes jean we are all here with you and relating to what youve shared. i read a channelled angel message the other day, and it said that those souls who are so loving and sensitive are feeling very anxious/depressed/etc. bc it’s especially intense on the planet right now. im hoping this phase will be done asap. hugs, dear soul 🙂

  3. thank you! such a needed reminder to be loving to myself. im usually better at this, but i think i keep picking up on the outside energies. which includes, ‘no time for fun or self-care’, ‘gotta get things done asap’, things like that, that i noticed i start to believe. but then i snap out of it and realize i just got sucked in to the upheaval energies around. so easy to do that lately lol.

    1. thank you, i don’t feel as lost with your words…i didn’t even think to think that my “focus” was me being sucked into the upheaval but it makes total sense bc what really matters goes to the sidelines…and I have to remind myself, ok what’s really important right now.

      1. i understand, and that’s so true, getting back to what’s really important… i will remember that 🙂

  4. Thank you Aisha your emails are a life line right now I am feeling the wave so intensely right now and so much fear is surfacing and even though I know on one level it is just old energy resurfacing, at times I feel as if I am sinking within them and then your email comes through just at the critical moment and then I feel a sense of calm wash over and I realise I will get through this storm.

    1. lorna, i think i can relate. i too have cycles of fear wash over me that it’s more than i can seem to bare. it alternates with all of a sudden feeling ok. then my world crashes again! this has happened over n over in the last few days, and i would say that they have been more intense fears/ anxieties than im used to feeling in one clearing. i guess we are able to get more done at once now? encouragement to you 🙂

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