The manuscript of survival – part 398

By now, many of you will have felt the tugging from these energies, and we can sense a heightened sense of frustration in all those still insisting on hanging on. You see, this is not an easy task, for even if you think yourself already well above and beyond the struggle of release, this is in many ways not the case. Not to dampen your spirits, but we would like to delve a little bit further into this enigma of resistance, for that is what so many of you are experiencing at the moment.

Remember we are here to help you to get airborne, and the only way to do that, is to allow yourself to let go of all of the old ballast that is till holding you tethered to the ground, and as such, the more you flail and struggle, the more you seem to find yourself entangled in all of these old ropes, and the more you will feel as if pushed deeper and deeper into a corner without your own volition. But such is the paradox in this process, that the more you struggle to let go, the deeper you seem to mire yourself in everything that you do so want to get rid of. And yes, it is frustrating, and yes, it is painful, for it is a little bit like a trapped animal fighting and pushing in order to break free, but the only tangible result will be an even stronger feeling of restriction.

So that is why we are here, to remind you all that you are so close to attaining that true freedom, the one that will serve not only as a breath of fresh air, but as such a total sense of liberation, it will literally take your breath away. But what is standing in your way, are still those same obstacles that have been there all along, and the only place you can locate them, is within. For no matter what your external circumstances are, no matter how strapped you are financially, nor what kind of relationships you find yourself in with others, it is simply a figment of your imagination that this is the real reason for your sense of imprisonment. For there is nothing outside of you that can hold you back once you attain that freedom within, the freedom that will enable you to literally scale any mountain without seemingly having to exert yourself in any way. For the moment you let go of any inhibitions that are still holding you back, you will fly all the way there without feeling even out of breath.

And when we say inhibition, we refer to that old and by now well known idea that you are simply not able to let go, for these things are simply a part of you. They have always been thus, and so, they will continue to be so, and so, you will have to content yourself with watching from the sidelines as those other, more fortunate ones let go of whatever it was that held them back. For they are perhaps more entitled to their freedom than you? But that is not the truth, but it can be a convenient illusion to hold on to, when you think you find this struggle to release simply to be too much. And so, you let yourself fall back, and you feel even more despondent than before. But again, that is why we are here, for we know that at this point in time there are so many going through this exact phase where they say to themselves “enough already. I have been releasing and fighting for my freedom for years and years, but now, I do not have it in me to go on anymore. What a failure I am!” And so you sit back and try to lick your wounds, but no matter what you do, they only seem to hurt you more. But remember, you are never not good enough, you are simply exhausted, and so you lose sight of your own strength, and you feel as if everything is slipping away from you, except for that old baggage you so want to be rid of.

And so, it is as if everything comes crashing down, and you with it, and it is as if you are left in heap on the floor unable to even get to your knees, much less back on your feet. So we say to you, you are not lost, nor are you out of the game, you are simply temporarily out of breath. So we ask you to sit down and redial that connection to YOU that seems to have come undone in all of this toing and froing. For remember, these energies are doing all they can to help you shake loose any old baggage still hanging around, but in the process, much may be apt to get out of sync as well. And so, what you take for a permanent disconnection, a permanent cease of communication, is merely a small blackout of services, caused by these intensely fluctuating signals going to and from your system and the Source of these helpful, but rather heavy handed energies.

So we ask you to take some time to reconnect, for that signal from within is always there, clear and pure, and when you do reconnect, you will find that you are not lost nor left behind, you have simply tripped over that small heap of old luggage still cluttering up your space. And remember, this is not clutter that you need to spend time or energy on decluttering. All you have to do, is to take a step aside, and walk right by it. For this is what you need to do in order to truly leave it behind, stop worrying about it. For it is not yours, it never was, you simply picked it up along the way, and by and by, you started to believe that it really belonged to you. But it does not, and so, you are free to simply leave it sitting there by the wayside as you continue on your journey with a much lighter step, and no extra load at all.

We make it sound so simple, and that is because it is simple, except within your mind. For that is where this has escalated into a battle for so many, as you put so much of your weight into trying to shift this heap pf old luggage to and fro, pulling your hair in frustration because the sheer weight of it all is simply too much for you. But you can put down your arms, and stop figuring out how to find a way to overcome this burden. For all you need to do, is to realize that is not yours anymore, in fact it never was, and so, you are simply free to leave it behind any time you find it in you to do just that.

201 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 398

    1. Don’t worry, Dear JJ… those words, that pov comes from the old 3D self experience still lingering somewhat.

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty tired of it all. Getting fed up with these old energies. The general feeling I have now is that, frankly, I don’t give a damn (about anything).

  1. Thank you. Personally, I don’t know, Sun.
    Excellent, thought-provoking question. Excellent answers from others.

    (The question is so broad for me, I found myself asking questions. Put me in the “gray” zone as I’d either have to make an instant decision in an emergency or ask for Guidance/do research in other instances. I don’t like physical violence nor do I like subjecting another to my choices. The latter said with a shrug as lately I seem to be more than free with my advice/suggestions!! oh well)

    Wishing you a good night’s sleep.

  2. In a past life I supposedly took the lives of my two babies – smothering them. This was because they would have been killed in a worse manner if I had not due to the circumstances of the times. I had not much time to make the decision. so , yes is my answer. This being the extreme physical instance. My soul mate was with me in this life and he was supposed to take my life but he could not. I wish he would have but I forgive him. He has had a big time issues in this life of feeling deserving of most anything and I believe it is due to this ‘imprint’.
    Writing this out is interesting. I used to not be able to handle it even a little and now it has no affect on me.

  3. I don’t think we really hurt them. More like swatting a toddler on his diaper to keep him away from the street. They think they are hurt, but not really.

  4. I have done it many times. Once, when my friend was spacing out I told him
    “It’s okay to have your head in the clouds as long as you keep your feet on the ground”
    It was months later that he stopped being mad at me and said he finally understood what I was saying.
    it happens

    1. Anna, my apologies for this..
      I did not mean to blame you for anything or even to make room for that impression. I intended these videos to be in response to one of your other posts, but in the process of doing that this question and your comment really grabbed my attention. Please know that I truly meant these videos as a compliment.

      As to son_of_blue’s question.. it’s too vague and open to interpretation for me to fully answer at the moment. (not a criticism) I certainly don’t set out to hurt people, but based on past experience.. sometimes it’s better to speak your mind, rather than hold it all in and simply allow things to get worse for yourself or others. But then, that’s a lot easier to say in retrospect.


      1. Adam, I didn’t even see these videos until just now when you drew my attention to them again. Please forgive me for any other time you may have posted something to me directly and I have not commented. There are some unusual circumstances in my living situation at this time, so I often don’t have an internet connection. And when I do, my email keeps going all wacky, and I end up missing a lot of the comments. I have also been in the process of some very deep soul searching about many things, and I keep finding myself going further and further within. I do hope I have not made you or anyone else feel slighted or ignored by my lack of responsiveness here at the Pond these last couple of months. That most definitely is not my intention (like you, I certainly don’t set out to hurt people). Please let me add that even if I had seen these videos at the time you posted them, I would not have taken them in any negative way.

        🙂 😉 😀

        And now you have tickled my curiosity. Do you recall which one of my posts promted these videos? I thank you for the intended compliment, even though I don’t know what it’s for!

        Love to you and everyone!

        🙂 AH

        1. Hi Lori, I do hope you will see this. ❤

          Sorry I disappeared.. I've been having a real tough time sharing and opening up to people, and along with everything else overwhelming me in life lately, I have never been very comfortable with large crowds or public speaking.

          Mostly keeping all this to myself, I have at times felt like I've been slowly going crazy at the intersection of imagination and reality.

          When I saw your Zanadu post I was really excited and happy to see you express having similar experiences too (with the videos.) If you would like to talk or compare experiences I would be very excited and grateful for the opportunity!! (I think my guides want me to "go public" asap, but I just don't feel that I'm quite there yet.)

          Another video you posted was actually one I posted on another site, and I'm so very curious if you knew that already..? When you first wrote to me on the forum it certainly seemed like you were already familiar with me. 🙂

          And you look and feel very familiar to me too! I feel almost certain we have met in "real life" in this life. Am I wrong? It's actually not unusual for me to feel like I've known someone my whole life after meeting or seeing them just once, but it is certainly unusual for the feeling to be this strong..

          Well, I just want to say that I'm very interested in getting to know you better, Lori Gayle ❤

          Your friend forever,
          Adam Michael

  5. ~Half the Truth~
    by Jack Gilbert

    The birds do not sing in these mornings. The skies
    are white all day. The Canadian geese fly over
    high up in the moonlight with the lonely sound
    of their discontent. Going south. Now the rains
    and soon the snow. The black trees are leafless,
    the flowers gone. Only cabbages are left
    in the bedraggled garden. Truth becomes visible,
    the architecture of the soul begins to show through.
    God has put off his panoply and is at home with us.
    We are returned to what lay beneath the beauty.
    We have resumed our lives. There is no hurry now.
    We make love without rushing and find ourselves
    afterward with someone we know well. Time to be
    what we are getting ready to be next. This loving,
    this relishing, our gladness, this being puts down
    roots and comes back again year after year.

    (I really Love this one – today poem on Writers Almanac – A)

    1. Tears of joy and gratitude, sister! Divine words in divine timing.

      Here is a little something just for you.

      1. saw u reading before I posted it Anna!! I will watch the video once I get home… soon… ahhhh freedom from the cubie ! X O A

  6. I am really being blasted with energy today… Perhaps this can explain why: according to “A minor geomagnetic storm was already in progress on Feb. 19th when a CME struck Earth’s magnetic field at approximately 0200 UT. Geomagnetic activity is still underway as Earth’s magnetic field reverberates from the CME impact.”
    Love, Aisha

    1. I Am glad for you that you got the good sleep my friend ! u deserve it !
      Wish my guy could sleep – 3 to 4 hrs at best.
      I feel strong in being very pissed off today but happy about it for whatever reason. 🙂
      I even unsubscribed from a few things I was supporting online – via voting/voicing for this and that – a couple political things. in the line as to why I unsubscribed, i wrote ‘just dont care anymore’.

    2. yeah what a terribly blue sky out there–little-or rather probly big-white things with no visible wings keep floating by out there,as if they’re jets or those chemtrail planes that are so common as to go unnoticed or unrecognised–but here i was thinkin y’needed wings t’fly! haha! yeah,that blue sky is just full of all kinds of energy–and the clouds,that might afford us a little bit of comfort or moral support, if not protection, seem to be notably absent today–weird! ..but what’s to protect? we are the world! but wow,yes,today feels different… far,so good–but it’s still early-hey are we ascending yet? i know it’s a painfully slow and grueling process,and yeah,one can’t miss,is the way i personally see it…ah,did i miss again? i think i missed again-uh-huh!

      1. Have a funny rememberance of this song… teenage days… My friend and I party in the woods (had many of those 😉 ) others went for more brew. I had a sprained ankle and …well, we had to piss… again… we were singin….. lol

        1. i wanna go back to 1981…but then i’d be 15 again,not much better off than i am now-except it was all in front of me then,rather than looking all that way back-and everything in between-how can such a density ,length,breadth,depth of experience be seen thru??
          yeah! i thought he looked like an oldster then,phil–haha-and i just wish i was that young now! anyways,yeah,what’s to let go today,when time already takes everythin’ away…

  7. There is our body in the light of the soul.
    Glowing light of soul = Inner self light.
    Where is the place of (full of / stronger) sense “Self” on our body.
    These points are the FACE and GENITAL.
    These points are polarity of inner self light. Body is like magnet of SELF.
    Man’s face = –
    Man’s genital = +
    Woman’s face = +
    Woman’s genital = –
    So woman’s face is active socially.
    So man’s genital is active sexually.
    (^^; <= (face mark with cold sweat using in Japan.)
    The Mary Onettes had well expressed this.
    The Mary Onettes – Puzzles (Released : Sep 30, 2009)

    Lyrics :
    There is Japanese CD titled "5TH DIMENSION" of Pink Clover Z.
    Their FACE is POSITIVE you see.
    And there is a brand 'IIMUAHII Couture'.

    In fact, this began in my fun-letter to a female singer in Japan.
    In addition, in the Muslim world, this idea seems like accepted. In the Muslim world, women are made ​​to suffer as a scarf, and it also written in the Christian Bible, too.
    First letter of the Corinthians. Section 3-9,13, Chapter 11
    First letter of the Timothy. Section 9-10, Chapter 2
    I rather typed these things first. I have to have stanza now for limited time.
    I think I met with Miss "Science Fiction Destiny" 2 or 3 times in my dream. I saw you is higher fine, but I have not seen your face yet. So I can not be determined.(^^; My thought for now. In fact, I have been sending Japanese entertainment girls, too. But their reaction only in the media(public). They never response to me by Tel or Letter(privately) for 21 years! So my sense of time might have shifted to the long-period a little.

    1. Thank you! “There is our body in the light of the soul.” Beautiful. Yes points Face and Genital. Body is like magnet of SELF.
      “Glowing light of soul = inner self light”
      I see it! My, how That light that flame is so beautiful!
      Love to you,
      Forest Joy

      1. Dear Forest Joy.

        Thank you for comment.I had thought your name “Forest Joy” is one of the meditation technique first. This is the handle name of you! Why can I read such difference meaning?
        Surely you were experienced the Joy in the Forest of Oslo?
        Uh-huh it’s beautiful. Counting stars. I hear ‘counting dollar’=calendar. I hear ‘will be’=booby.
        Be peaceful and love to you all.

  8. It seems to me the cc’s are bringing back to life the past lives of our past. Looks like they want us to remember the past lives we have lived. I don’t think this is needed. We are as we live today the whole of our past lives. I think we just need to work on the present not the past. We need to honor the past for what we leared from it and let it go. I give my love and respect for all the past and want it no more. I have seen the good and the bad of our past and need not to look and dwell in the past anymore. I want the now and what is to come. The past is dust in my mind ashes of all the burnt offerings are needed no more. It is time for the cc’s to open up and start giving the facts and not hents of what has been and how to over come them. Many have finished this and if not challenged to keep learning of positive things they will lose many from the boredom of looking for things that are not their anymore.

    I know we need to help all we can those that still have problems with what has been taught to us for ages that we no longer need. So much the better for others to learn other new ways of thought to help the ones that need help. Right now we seem to be stuck with all the unawaken people in what the cc’s are telling us. Is it right for them to let the ones who have worked and over come this to stay in a hole to only help others and not keep advancing with our own thoughts. We are all equal and need the help of thoughts on a personal level not all grouped together in one thought. If it is going to remain this way. I will stay on my own as We all try to do now to keep advancing. I have had enough negitive parts of life I only wish to move on past this with others. I am not one to cry over the spilled milk and see it for what it is then clean it up and move on. Its time to move on past this. As many have already done. The past is the past the now is now the furture needs to be created only with the lessens learned of the past so not to repeat them and move on with a love for all. It is time for me to move on as many are doing in our own thoughts. I will always try to help any and all who need help with the past. Me on a personal level am done with the past and want no part of it any longer. I am through with raising the dead to interact with the past. Spring is coming with new life for mother earth and all that live here. I wish to be a part of that new life not the dead leaves that rot in the ground to feed the new life that will rise from the life they lived. When this life is over all are welcome to feed upon my ashes. As long as this body remains as a old oak tree and the spirit is as a redwood tree that has seen life come and go and can only dream of life to come. I shall dream of a new life where the oak and the redwood become one in knowledge of a new life to come where all life shares new knowledge.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Dear Ray,
      There certainly seems to be something going on with past, but also with the future. Perhaps they are all becoming one. For the last 10 days or so when I ask my higher self “I am how many years old?”, the answer expands progressively both into the past and the future. At this point Today I am 383,452 past years and 383,452 future years. I think the expansion could exponential. However, it has been a long time since my calculus and physics days so for now I’ll leave the math to someone else.
      I don’t know where all this leads us except that we are flying on fast reverse and fast forward. Maybe all is one and one is all.
      Another strange and intriguing chapter in the book of life. Like you I wonder where does it all end and the new begin.
      Forest Joy

    2. I think we are a culmination of all our lives and we will come to a place of NOW – no past, present, future… just the Now of All That Is. So, to me, its all valid and important. I had some great past lives and some bad ones like most of us. The important parts/roles where I was in real good shape spiritually are helping me now. I have been feeling really fed up lately. I get the feeling the GFOL and CC’s and other Space Beings are more stupid than I would like. LOL. I mean, if they are helping to run this show, they better get a better handle on things and def. a better understanding of how it is for us here to cope and deal with. I think the world could loose some great light workers here if things dont move along to help us out. We need a good event to shift things drastically and thats that… no more poo poo-ing around. It is what it is so lets show what It IS! I feel I’ve done all I can and want to do. I am bored, tired, financially burdened,, all that crap, etc. If they up there could not do it without us, then we should be a considered a heck of a lot more. Yeah, I think I am pissed and I think they should know it. Still in a pretty good mode/mood otherwise. lol.
      I get a strong feeling that we have got to get stern with them or they will keep doing the same ole , same ole because they ‘dont get it’ – what we go thru down here. If we hold strong in our convictions, they will pay more attention – they will have to. I am no longer giving ‘them’ the viewpoint I had taken previously – that they did have it under good control. I could so check out at this time. And i dont feel bad about that. I have spoken to other light workers feeling the same so why pretend. They have a comfort zone we dont have here as much as we try to create that for ourselves. so,,, anyways….. still here. Love you All! ~A~

      1. I’m shaken loose thats for sure! a good thing. A free blob I am. nothing keeping me here nor there.
        Peace to you…. a gentle wand tapping for your head – OR a hard one if u need it! ( last night the top of my head was getting hit – but gently like – tiny head pangs – and I was stupid dizzy with the energy – I was loosened up by that and Kelly and I both went to bed laughing and giggling – everything seemed like a joke on TV, etc.).
        soooo… its to the crown now! lift off next – bang zoooom – to the mooon~!

    3. Dear Ray !

      Your post touched me strongly and I can not just move on without commenting on it. It is very important what you say and it makes me think about where I stand today and where I am heading.

      When I started following this blog a year ago, I was fascinated to be able to meet so many of the same experiences I had – though many years ago. It has been so incredibly mentally stimulating for me to share the experiences of others, daring to express my own thoughts and opinions, and not least the immense love I have received from you here and of CCs .

      I’ve never understood what CCs mean by “jump” or “let go ” and when I read Donna’s link the other day I feel quite confident – I understand now that I let go definitely for 9 years ago and have lived my life in full trust and no real planning since then. “What I need comes to me” as I use to say 😉 Sure – I have been “forced” to it – I have not been able to do otherwise. I have lived a life with a view to become strong again and find tools to help myself and others, to get access to my whole potential, to do what I can to improve this world. It has been my goal all along.

      To follow this blog during the year become my main task, in fact. Everything circles around it, and I have nothing against this – on the contrary. Perhaps this is what I’m going to let go of ? 😉

      I could quote a lot of what you say, Ray, but I choose this:

      “I have seen the good and the bad of our past and need not to look and dwell in the past anymore. I want the now and what is to come . ”

      I guess we get a new message from CCs today. I look forward to it with anticipation.

      I am very grateful for your post that made ​​me sort out my thoughts and views.

      Much love & light,

      B to B

  9. If a Bumblebee can have a fiddle on his knee, you don’t have to get swallowed up by a big black snake
    write your own verse
    or did you notice I’ve been playing in th4 dirt today

    1. Froggy got swallowed up by a big black snake uh huhhhh
      but he kicked and squirmed and got expelled uh huhhhh

      When he got expelled he hopped ashore, there was
      awaiting his one true love uh huhhhh
      She was a awaiting with arms wide spread uh huhhh
      He was so happy he hugged he close, then the
      story ended with a big loud SMOOCH… uh huhhhhh
      (G for effort? grins and shuts down the computer.) ~Nancee

      1. Hey, Nanc!! What is that?… Canadian rap?! You missed your calling. 🙂 Watch out, Oz (Australia), this girrrrrrl is on “farrrrr” (fire). xo Lin

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