The manuscript of survival – part 392

The increasing activity in the sky will also induce some increased activities within you all. And no, we are not simply referring to all of that dreaded physical moaning and groaning that your body is apt to perform. Rather, we are referring to those activities that you are all eagerly awaiting, in the form of a deeper connection not only with those aspects of you you have yet to make acquaintance with, but also with the rest of Creation. For now, these long hidden doors will start to creak slowly open, and one by one, you will start to see glimpses of light where you before have seen nothing but blankness. And yes, we do mean that in every description of the word “light”, for the light you will start to distinguish will come in many shapes and forms, and we venture to guess that after this, you will no longer think of light as merely a way of illuminating the surroundings. For we think you will start to realize just what light is, for it is so much more than a particle or indeed a wave, the two conditions your scientists like to define it as. Light is indeed far more variable than that, as it can be likened to a living entity, and a highly intelligent one at that.

For light is so much more than the opposite of darkness, and light is so much more than the presence of something that can be seen. Light is also a carrier of whole worlds of knowledge and information, and yes, we do mean worlds as in the one you are currently inhabiting. As we have told you before, the concept of mass is merely an illusion, a trick of the light if you will, and by and by, you will soon start to get the gist of what we are implying now. For again, we will give you this in the form of little snippets of information, some will perhaps even call it dis-information, for we are never the ones that will give you any answers outright. Much to the dismay of some, but still, this is all part of that much mentioned general plan. For you are the true explorers here, and in order for you to truly regain you true glory and indeed greatness, you must find a way to enter that greatness by your own volition. And as such, you will be asked to reach deep within for any answer that you may seek, and yes, they are all there for you to find, if you choose to do so. And no, this is not simply a ploy set up to give us a leeway out of any commitment, this is simply the name of the game if you will.

For you came here to remember, in order to resurrect not only yourselves, but this whole planet also from the clutches of fear and despair, and from that deep, deep pit of powerlessness humanity have hurled themselves into. So just like someone walking with crutches for a long time, your mind will tell you to keep holding on to those crutches, even after your body is more than strong enough to walk freely without them. And when we say crutches, we refer of course to that old and dare we say inbred notion of the need to be rescued by an outside rescue mission, in the form of some gung ho troops sweeping in to sweep you off your feet and put everything back into order again, while you watch timidly from a corner somewhere, like a shy maiden at a tournament. Well, this is not a game, nor a tournament, this is simply a lesson in growing back to your former glory, and as such, this is not a spectator sport in any way.

We know our words will be irksome and annoying to some, as they do go against the grain at times, but we are simply trying to remind you of your former glory, the better to make you ready and eager to regain that glory by opening yourself up to the knowledge that lies behind those seemingly water-tight compartments put up by your human mind. And yes, they may seem unbreakable and unassailable, but they are no more real than the rest of the illusion you see around you. And yes, just like that illusion seems to be the only reality you can rely on, the fact that you are an all-knowing and wise soul deeply connected to the vastness of creation will seem to be no more real than the illusion presented in your films. But in fact the opposite is the real truth, but this switch between what is perceived as real and what is perceived as mere illusion or even delusion is a hard one to make, and that is why we will keep pushing and prodding you with our words and with the energy that these messages contain, and that is why the light is keeping up doing the same. For this light that we mentioned at the beginning of this message is an interesting one indeed, for it is not simply what you see whenever you push a button or a switch in a dark room in order to bring the light in there. No, this is something far more complex indeed, and so, it will also serve to push and prod at you in all sorts of ways, and not only as the light be present as a visible presence.

In other words, the light we refer to is also that which you cannot see, for as we have already mentioned, the visible spectrum of light according to the human eye and indeed brain is an extremely narrow one, and you will simply see a small sliver of it. But now, you will be inundated with the full bandwidth if you will, and this light will start to talk to you in all sorts of ways. So yes, especially during the night time, when there may be no discernible light at all, will you be surrounded and indeed bathed in this light that comes in all shapes and forms as we mentioned earlier. So at times, you may find yourself almost crowded in by it. We say this in order to make you understand that these forms of light will indeed behave in ways that you have yet to experience, and as such, they might be apt to trigger remnants of fear within some of you. For they may seem to be “foreign”, and as you will perhaps be exposed to much of this during the night, it will be easy to fall into the conclusion that there must be something “dark and sinister” about this unseen light. And so, the step to think that this must be some form of unknown darkness instead will be a short one. But again we say, stay centered, and stay safe in the knowledge that you are all protected in all sorts of ways, and the only “danger” you will encounter, is that of your mind trying to send you into a tailspin of fear because it is uncertain as to how to encounter these new and very “foreign feeling” frequencies. So the only thing you need to do, is to literally step into this light with YOUR light, and then, you will find yourself being greeted by something you realise is a long lost friend.

For your light is the only guiding light you will need, and as long as you remember to hold your light high, you will never step away from it, and you need not fear going into fear. For your mind will always try to protect you whenever it encounters something unknown, and it will do so by triggering your own inherent danger signals, and it will do so at the first whiff of something that may feel “off” because it is something that it is not familiar with. Again, all you need to do, is to BE the light at all times, and then you will see the light coming in for what it is. And never fear dear ones, that there might be some unseen darkness also lurking in the corners. For that darkness will never step forwards into your own light, nor into any other form of light, and as such, it can never come into your presence ever again.

For you are sovereign beings, each and every one of you, and it is up to each and every one of you to choose what you want to interact with or not. This “new light” may take some time getting used to, but it will not advance any further than you allow it to. It might be “pushy” in the form of making its presence known, but it will not cross the borders you yourself erect and “invade” you in any way. It will simply wait until it is invited in. But again, it will let you know it is there, so it might continue to come a-knocking from time to time if you choose to withhold your invitation for a while. You see, it is here to help you, and it has been ordered to do so by the power that runs through All of creation, but again, it cannot do so against your will.

For as we have told you before, it is indeed up to each and every one of you to choose the speed and indeed the direction and the duration of your journey, and as such, we can only put all of the available tools to your disposal. Whether or not you choose to pick them up and take them into use, is up to you. But this new tool, this light of many names, is a tool that is eager to be put into use by you all, and so, it will also be eager to announce its presence in your vicinity, so do not be surprised if you hear it knocking on your door. And yes, it might do so during the darkest hours of the night, but again, that does not mean it is a signal of something not of the light, far from it. And when it does come knocking, you will know what it is if you answer the door with your light. For then, these different forms of light will know how to speak to each other in a language that you also will understand. For the light will speak in the language of love, the only language it knows.

203 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 392

  1. More than 20 years, I have been fighting, but does not seem to need such things anymore.

    Thank you and love to you all.
    (Easy word English is most difficult.)

  2. Dear friends!
    Have you ever used a quite new computer living its own life? I have – so therefore I am going to be rather quiet until I can use my own, at home 😉

    Lots of love to you all,

    B to B

  3. dear Aisha,

    i would love to send you a copy of my band’s new EP (which is my own personal attempt at lightwork). maybe you could message me a physical address?

    1. Dear Zac! Thank you for your generous offer, I will be in touch with you 😉 Keep creating from the heart, it is the best way to spread the light!
      LOVE, Aisha

  4. Hi, Blue, I was hungry for whatever and all for about 3 days.
    It stopped 2 days ago.
    Blimped up again.
    Ole friends, nothing like them.
    Night time visitors are certainly interesting!

  5. There are many tools introduced to us like this.
    “So we offer you protection Dear Ones. ”
    1.-“Firstly, your great God Presence I AM. Reach up to that Mighty I AM Presence within you and that which resides above you, and ask for your I AM Presence, the individualised Presence of God, to surround you in the great armour of cosmic Light substance in, through and around you. Ask to be sealed in this great Light substance. ”
    2.-“Then Dear Ones, I lovingly suggest that you call upon the Great Archangel Michael and his Angels of the Christ Blue Flame to add a 2nd level of protection, a great wall of his Almighty Christ Blue Flames drawn all around you.”
    3.-“And for a 3rd level of protection Dear Ones, I invite you to call upon the great Cosmic Beings to add their great Cosmic Ascended Master Walls of invisibility, invulnerability and invincibility all around your Being and your world. Know Dear Ones that this Almighty protection will be drawn around your homes, your loved ones, your means of transportation and all the outer activities of your life.”

    We Humankind can use various tools like this Emanuel’s triple protection setting in the “Circle of Witchcraft” as a turbo.

  6. thank you for the lantern video, made me cry as it felt like people all over the world are turning on their lights and singing their songs. Magical! I am feeling so much love flowing in today, we are living in the new. Thank you to everyone for being who they are.

  7. yayyyyyyyyy for the light coming to open up even more of ourselves thanks for keeping us updated and helping me to realize what brighter light messages are coming thru love and much appreciation for all you give

  8. 🙂
    >>>yesterday, I noticed when I got home from work that I did not pee all day… lol. I mean it was odd but not. We are changing rapidly.

  9. “It’s just that it seems to be that now it seems easier to let go of that old illusion of oneself.” JJ said this….
    > I was talking to my kindred work friend this morning about this very thing. She said her husband is still ‘up’ and she is waiting for the collapse. I said it will not come – the old does not exist anymore! She agreed. Just like how u said it so well JJ~! That old platform is simply not there anymore to stand on. Its all brand new and so blissful as all are finding out.

    “…and remember, they are not only there AT night, they are all around at all times–consciousness exists in ALL things at the quanta level…how awesome is THAT? Alex”
    > Yup! At night, My HS wants to show and tell me so many wonderful things. So much basking in it do I want to do ~! All the time, yes~ ! This morning on my route, I was not as up as I wanted to be… not down mind u, but just wanted the bliss again… man, all I had to do was want it and think of something positive and heart filling – and there I was! Basking in the glow and eminating it outwards all around me. 🙂
    > To have zero doubt right now… how great is that for a change! We just keep feeding ourselves. Feeding the fears? why would I? how could I ever? I know i did not long ago. I cant say it wont ever happen… I sure feel it wont. I dont care really because this is soooo planted! This Areeza seed is Planted.
    I know how God stays Up all the time and allows for the fears/suffering below (just like the Federation – the frequency they exist in)… I am doing it daily now with Kelly, my Mom, work, etc. My being in positive Bliss can only help all of it. so of course that makes sense! I empathsize with Kelly and others – very well – no arrogance with where I am – I share it in a way that I trust will help others. I encourage Kelly and, at the very least, one other person per day… and I have asked that people be placed before me that need it so I can do my work. Blissful work this is! 🙂 thanks for allowing for my expression in its ups and downs everyone. My old inferiority has disappeared. I bless everything that helped get me here – Ego: I see what it did and it is at peace now. It was always doing its job too. God wanted us to want to come back on our own and I remember thinking that for the longest time – that it was meant to be this way. XOA

    1. ok… High Self says “the fears were ‘feeding you’ too. It never was one or the other; Love vs fear. That was the illusion in duality.”
      > The more you embrace Unity, the more ‘that new platform’ IS your reality.

  10. I discovered last night that the little sparklies and light forms love it when you sing to them! Was listening to all of those bells and whistles ringing about in my head and started humming. Those sparklies started dancing! So, I began with a simple song – Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music. They LOVED it! With each different note, they illuminated in varying degrees and unique waves and in different circular motions. It was like we were all on stage together singing and dancing in one beautiful concert! Amazing stuff. Magical! Try it tonight!
    Love to you all,

      1. Just believe, B! That’s how it works – bring the magic to you, don’t wait for it to happen! Big hug! Caroline

    1. woah! Caroline…I have been humming that Do Re Mi Song in the shower – singing it in my head for a week straight now! C o o l n e s s ~! I wonder why we have that one with us? Just a very happy tune 🙂
      I always see the actors from Sound of Music – that sweet little girl – all singing with Maria and how she has them play with that song in different ways.
      One of my fondest and dearest memories as a child myself was singing to God – (my own made up songs) always did it outside when I walked around our house. It came to me the other morning how very sweet that was and I got in touch with that little me (in the shower again – lol)…I was washing my face and all of a sudden I felt honored to be washing my sweet inner child’s face…It was a thrill to feel her like I was then – with God – and how it was never lost.
      I also see my molecular light particles more vibrantly these days.
      What precious times we are having ! Love to All, Areeza

      1. That song is very precious to me, too! Always reminds me of the summers I spent on my oma’s farm in Austria when I was a little girl. I would sing to the cows and goats up in the mountains. About six months ago, my HS told me it was time to start singing out loud and that was the first song that came to mind. Been humming it and singing it ever since! Stay warm – it’s a whopping 4 above zero here. Love to you, C

        1. I sing the ‘Edelweiss song’ to the Edelweiss that blooms in my yard each Spring! It keeps spreading – I Love it!

        2. I heard people talking to themselves today,,, in parking lots, at the office. They saw me,, ,and ‘snapped out of it’. Made me smile… I thought ‘soon they will be singing!’ 🙂

          1. RE: singing vs talking….a book that made a great impression on me was ‘Mutant Message Down Under’ by Marlo Morgan. It is a story of her spending time with some aboriginal people in Australia. The native peoples’ wisdom impressed me and I actually took notes on the book! One thing about them was that they were telepathic, and felt the voice was for singing, chanting…..not for speaking. Interesting!

  11. Now I’m back with my daughter after the treatment in the hospital. Everything went very well, no side effects and wonderful response from everyone involved. An additional procedure is planned for spring – I’m a unique case;)

    Thank you for your wonderful welfare greetings that sounded like music to me. I really felt that you had been with me when I woke up. I wept with gratitude and assured staff that there were tears of gratitude to my friends. Just when I woke up I saw Areeza. Wondering if you waved your wand right then;) Thanks Sun_of_blue for the loan of the donkey. It felt so safe that it was with me 🙂

    Thanks Aisha and CCs for yesterday’s announcement. Unfortunately, I encountered no other light beings than the employees at the hospital – but it was good enough;)

    Love & light,

    B to B

    Know I played it before, but it is very special for me and my son who is 39 tomorrow 🙂

          1. I went for a walk along the river in the morning. I saw a Lekatt, although it had no winter coat, but it is not so strange as the seasons haven´t been so clear lately. It dove into the water and swam away. I formed a snowball with my bare hands and threw it towards the water. The snow almost burned on my hands. It’s time to go home to the grand opening on Saturday; “Burning Snow”;)

            Love & light,


    1. Oh B ! So very happy for you. Love and nurture yourself now back to a speedy recovery. Keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours. Big hug and clean, white snowballs coming your way. XXXOOO Caroline

    2. Dear B to B, so wonderful to hear from you 🙂 Take good care of yourself, enjoy the stay with your family and grattis med födelsedagen i morgon till din son / Happy birthday tomorrow to your son from me 🙂
      Lots of love from me, Aisha

      1. Tack Aisha! Tack för födelsedagshälsningen till min son också. Det blir ett tillfälle att visa honom din blog och gravatar 🙂

        Love & light,

        B to B

    3. Dear B — you are a unique case in the best of ways!!
      Sending you a warm, Loving energy wrapped hug!! Areeza

    4. such wonderful news ‘B’….wishing you Best Wishes for a complete & speedy recovery & Happy Birthday to your son !…may you always BE surrounded by lots of Love…from your family & from us !….Love to You…Bev~

      1. Yes bev~, I always feel the love coming from the Pond and I felt it so strong this time!!! Thank you – and thanks for your birthday wish to my son 🙂

        Love & light,

        B to B

          1. I read some sentences of your attachment and can say that I have two sons, one who had his birthday the other day and one that would have had his 34th birthday this summer. I have an open and clear communication with both of them all the time;)



  12. I can’t thank you all enough for your love, light and prayers. My brother in-law came through the procedures and is doing well. They had tried this four months ago and almost lost him as his oxygen level dropped. It is pretty amazing that everything went so smoothly. And too they had the sense to stay near the hospital and not get on the road. Roads have been icey all day and not likely to get above freezing tomorrow. People walking home on foot and children stranded at schools. The south doesn’t do winter very well. Crazy. Thank you all so much for being you and lifting is up. Forever greatfull and all y love back to you. Denise

    1. That was on the last line….and lifting us up. Forever greatfull and all our love back to each of you! Love Denise

      I will have to read everything tomorrow. Got to get some sleep. 🙂

    2. Denise,
      Great news! 🙂 Now relax and rest and stay warm. All is well. Blessings and love to you!

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