The manuscript of survival – part 391

You have already been through numerous occasions when you find yourself suffering from the illusion of non-progress, and we are well aware that this is a phase that is taxing for you all. When we use the word illusion, it is with intent, because you are never suffering from a lack of progress, far from it, but as your human brain is still rather limited in its capacity to register progress in any other way than the one you have gotten used to so far in your long line of human existence, it is still quite challenging at times to make you understand that what may be construed as a standstill, or even a step backwards, is in fact nothing else than a giant leap forwards.

Let us explain. As we have oft talked about earlier, mankind has been held within very, very strict confines in all sorts of ways, also those that entails the use of your sensory perception. And as you know more than well already, the range of human capability compared to what you have already learned about the scope of existence, is an extremely shallow one indeed. If we should mention just one concept, the concept of sight, you know fully well that the human eye and the human brain seem capable of processing only a small fraction of the bandwidth that light is emitted in. Well, let us just add to that by saying that the scope is indeed even wider than what mankind has discovered, as your apparatus, no matter how intricately constructed by your scientists, is also lacking in ability as to discover the true scope of what is emitted as light waves. You see, you see only what you are programmed to see, and up until now, that has been quite limited, and the same goes for all of your other sensory capabilities. And so, what you see is merely a infinitesimal small fraction of what you get, to re-coin an old phrase. And so, there is no wonder that what you are able to discern from the world around you will tell you that nothing is happening at all. Not to you, nor to the rest of the known world that you are able to detect through your senses. And so, you will easily fall into despair, and your patience will come to an all-time low.

Again, we are not criticizing you in any way, we are simply pointing out a few facts in order to better aid you in this process, and so, we would like to take some time to point to some facts that will go undetected by most of you. For in time, this will be something that you all will be able to tune into on a regular basis, but as we have mentioned earlier, the “drag” that you all experience means that a sequence of events will take some time to fully register within your system.  And so, any changes that will appear, and they might be extremely profound ones at that, will take some time before they seep into your consciousness. For a human mind is nothing if not tenacious, and as such, even when it is put before some clear cut and well defined changes, it will still try to balk at the idea of change in itself, and so, it will continue on in the same vein for quite some time before it actually adheres to the new laws of nature. We use this concept with intent also, as you have all gotten used to a life that is in all aspects ruled by what you deem to be unchangeable laws, like a “law of gravity”, the concept of time, the speed of light, and so many other “rules” and “laws” that you consider to be literally as unchangeable as if written into stone. Therefore, when a shift comes that literally shifts about on these concepts, your human mind will simply discard this as impossible, and will not even take time to try to ponder the facts that it is presented with.

This is simply a natural part of living as a human being, and as such, it is not something that comes as a surprise to any of us. Rather, it has been a well defined factor from the very beginning in this process, and so, the need to keep informing you about the real changes taking place has been written into this plan from the onset. For you fail to see the majority of changes that take place, simply because your brain refuses to acknowledge them. And it does so, because it has been trained to do so. So what you all will have to do, is to make your brain unlearn some of the old tricks it has picked up. This will in many ways be like training a little used part of you body, perhaps a small muscle somewhere that you did not even know existed, and as it has been lying dormant for such a long time, it itself has gotten used to not being used at all. And so, it needs to be coaxed into becoming a vital part of your body again, and as usual, this may come at a price at first. For as you all know more than well, anything not used will simply start to wither away, and when it is being put into use again, it will moan and groan and put up quite a racket at times, just like that dormant muscle will, if you ask it to start to exercise its abilities again after a long and leisurely break.

You may find these words to be a little bit flippant perhaps, but we are not saying this in order to make you feel like under-achievers in any way. We are simply reminding you that you have at your disposal a set of tools that you have yet to uncover and put into use. For they are all here, ready to be taken out from that old and cobwebby box they have been kept in for eons, and as such, you do have what it takes, but it might take some time to understand what it really is you do have. For you have got what it takes to start to tap into ALL of the information that surrounds you, and indeed is within you, and when you do, you will start to see, to hear, to know and to understand in a very new way. For then, you will see far beyond what the human concept of seeing is, and you will start to hear things that no human ear have been able to discern, and you will learn to understand things in a very different way than what you have previously been set up to do. For then, all of those human byways of putting knowledge into your head will be overwritten, and the pathways of accessing knowledge will become much, much faster, and indeed much more accurate. For then, you need not go by the way of seeing things with your eyes, for then, letting your brain process the signals and turn them into something that your mind can perceive. And then, you need not go by the way of your ears, for your brain to pick up subtle signals being emitted from an outside source either. For then, there will be no “outside source”, if you will, for as you rediscover these old tools, you will also rediscover how connected you are to ALL there is, and as such, the subtle signals and communication permeating it all will come within your earshot. And then, you will be able to pick up the minutest changes all around, and you will be able to perceive these changes we are referring to.

For then, you will SEE that the light coming into your atmosphere from your friendly neighbour, the Sun, is no longer the same light that it used to be. For it has changed in the most remarkable way, so that the very composition of it no longer matches the old one. And it has changed in such a way, it in turn is changing everything it touches. And no, this has nothing to do with what you refer to as “global warming” or the depletion of your ozone layer. We are referring to the very light particles themselves, and the way that they interact with each other so that the very composition and indeed the very “temperature” of this light has changed. And when we say temperature, we do not refer to the way that you measure it with your thermometers, we are referring to the wavelength it comes in, that is, the part of the spectrum that it belongs to. For this has gone through a very subtle shift, but this shift will have far reaching consequences for you all.

And no, not detrimental ones, we are referring to changes that will entail the parts of your dormant DNA to be activated. For this trigger effect will largely come via those emission you see – and indeed do not see – being beamed down upon you on a daily basis from your Sun. For the particles that are penetrating not only your atmosphere, but indeed the very core of your planet, are constructed in such a way, they will indeed set every single dormant switch encoded within your DNA to ON. In fact, this process has been going in for quite some time already, but lately, this process has been enhanced in such a way, it will act like a veritable chain effect and speed up this whole process exponentially. In addition, there are other factors at work here that are aiding your greatly in this process of changing from a human of the “old school” and into the human of the new. The limitless version of you, where your abilities to interact and indeed understand everything that is around you will be greatly enhanced. And yes, you have already come quite a long way in this process, but as yet, your old human senses are still very much in control when it comes to what kind of information you will be able to access. And as such, you will fail to perceive the new, because you are still very much being inundated with signals from the old. And so, the new will seem to be non-existent, when what is actually going on, is that all of the old is going out of existence. But, as we have told you before, not without making a whole lot of noise as it exits the door for the very last time.

Therefore, know that you are already very much immersed within the new, where you are literally inundated in all sorts of exciting information, and where you are no longer left out of the loop in any way. But in order for you to be able to literally take it all in, you need to find your way through this old and noisy labyrinth by metaphorically plugging your ears, the better to be able to pick up the sights and sounds from all of the new. For as yet, you are still very much geared towards focusing on the old noise and information you are so trained to pick up, and the natural inclination for your brain will be to disregard anything that does not fall into that category. And so, picking up these first faint threads of that brand new conversation going on between you and the rest of creation, will be a difficult one. And yes, you are already very much taking part in this conversation, as indeed your physical body and those parts of your consiouness not defined by the human portion of you are already very much active members of this huge congregation of new voices.

And so, from time to time, many of you will in fact pick up bits and pieces from these ongoing discussions and interactions, but as they will be of a very different caliber than the ones you are used to taking part in, they will mostly go undetected or you will take them for being fragments of dreams or just a kind of hallucination. But trust us when we say that they are very much real, they are in fact far more real than the so-called reality you see yourself in daily.

For what we are talking about, is that endless stream of information in the form of vibrations, or frequencies of light, that you are already bathing in, and as such, they are a far cry indeed from that lower density, fear-based form of communication that will have you tied up in a knot on a regular basis. For what we are talking about, is a “conversation” of such lightness, indeed, it IS simply light, in all shapes and forms, and in every colour and nuances of such that you can think of, and then some. This may sound just as flimsy as the world of illusion we have referred to earlier, but remember, mass is not a sign of reality, rather, it is a sign of energy manifested through consciousness. And now, you will all be asked to tune into a reality that so far is not yet manifested on your shores, and as such, this reality will seem to be an illusion. But it is not, it is no less real because you cannot see it yet. For it is there, in all of its glory, but as a human, you still need some time before you can see it with ALL that you are. For through your still very human eyes, all you will see so far, is the sorry state of the illusion that was created around you a long, long time ago, and still, that sight will override the truth that is already here, but still hidden from your view.

So again we say, do not despair for what you fail to see, for that does not mean that it does not exist. Rather, rejoice in the fact that what you see around you, is simply the last remnants of the old illusion, already starting to fade away. And remember to plug your ears and indeed eyes if necessary, lest these last remnants of the old illusion will continue to hamper you in your quest for truly seeing the new. For it takes time and dedication to overrule the signals from the old, and so, we simply ask you to cease to disbelieve what you cannot yet see, and start to believe that you are truly capable of seeing it ALL. And then, you will give yourself the opening you need in order to truly start to find those tools that will unlock any and all of those long lost abilities to become the seer of ALL.

152 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 391

  1. Last night around midnight I had the thought:
    „My body has overcome death and went above and beyond in the eternal life.”
    If I can think it then it’s also possible to experience for me.
    Today morning someone said: „I’m right here”.

    Letzte Nacht etwa um Mitternacht hatte Ich den Gedanken:
    „Mein Körper hat den Tod überwunden und ging darüber hinaus ins ewige Leben.“
    Wenn Ich es denken kann dann is„t es auch erlebbar für Mich.
    Heute Morgen sagte jemand: „Ich Bin ja hier“.

    I AM BIXIE 😀

    1. When I was once very badly a few years ago somebody said in my thoughts „I trust my God-self fully“.
      Prime-Creator, God, is the only ‚medicine’ for my soul, my mind and my body which really helps for me.

      Als es mir vor einigen Jahren einmal sehr schlecht ging sagte jemand in meinen Gedanken „Ich vertraue meinem Gott–Selbst voll und ganz“.
      Ur–Schöpfer, Gott, ist für Mich die einzige ‚Medizin’ für meine Seele, meinen Geist und meinen Körper die wirklich hilft.

      I AM BIXIE 😀

      1. Thank you Bixie for all your God filled thoughts…last night all I let be with me was Karen Bishop’s God Life Me, God Lift Me. XOA

    1. Dear Sun, last night I felt it may have been my ego that slammed me down to get my attention on it again. just a thought. because if u remember, I was doing away with ‘self/me/I’ and going for more unity consciousness. I am left confused today about what to do with ego. Is it coming with us or not? I totally understand your ego vs consciousness. I heard sounds last night… tried to close off my ears, but they were inside. They were not unpleasant thankfully…diff. bell tones. All the best in your journey with consciousness Sun, Love A

      1. I think I am in agreement about the ego. Last night, mine said it has done work too and deserves to come along. I cant say its been bad to me. we were programmed to think of it as low self; reinforcing duality mode we we in. Since what we are doing in human form has not been done before, I suppose it makes sense that all comes along for the ride. 🙂

    2. Thank you sun_of blue_ . I have used earplugs (especially when living a while with my sister outside a dog kennel) but physical ears reject them and they fall out. They don’t block outside sounds well for me either. I’ve never tried using them during the day however when I don’t fall asleep instantly or when consciously tuned in to what I’m ‘hearing.’ I am going to try again and see if I’m lying still if they work. Maybe I can even get past the constant loud ringing in my ears. (I thought maybe there was some new type of ear plugs I hadn’t heard of so this is great that I can get the type you describe.) I’ll share if I hear anything.

      I like what you said about ego. For years I was taught I must get rid of ego then came to understand that ego is my protector based on what it sees me react to. It is self taught in my understanding so I need to ‘reprogram’ it. Now I consciously tell it what to stop doing and what I need it to do to help me (that is when I remember to pay attention). Ego seems to be very trained by observing our thoughts and actions. Personally I think it got a bad rap over the years and has been greatly misunderstood. It is a great teacher of what lies hidden within us for we ourselves created its reactions since birth.

      That’s my take at the moment 🙂 Love, Nancee

      1. I think what you say about the ego is brilliant! I have to reassure mine repeatedly at times, “don’t worry – you are not going to be left behind.” That would be like cutting off our own two legs and ascending. Those legs kept us moving forward for so long and allowed us to run away when we were threatened. When we are able to teleport, those legs will get a much needed rest! And so will the ego, when we are fully in 5D perception.
        Big hug to you, Caroline

  2. JoyBender: that ‘funk’ hit me hard 😉
    >I left u a msg after your post to me on prev missive. Dear one, you gave me the final nudge I needed to sleep more peacefully.
    Many thanks,,, much Love, Areeza

  3. wow
    i finally read to the bottom of the page
    today i got slammed by some energy
    trouble was, i was driving in traffic at the time and needed to make a left turn in another block.
    I told them
    not now
    they laughed and didn’t care if my consciousness was meditating in my room.
    my consciousness had nothing to do with it anyway
    so whatever it was, i suppose it will manifest soon, some kind of way

  4. All is well even when it does not seem so….hard to trust right now.
    It is like a months worth in 1 day! I dont feel stronger though. My heart is feeling weak and tachy (racy). And a pain in left side of neck makes me more concerned. So, its meditation most of the day for me tomorrow. And to the doc on Monday.
    Hope U R resting well Sun ! Love, ~A~

  5. Again, thank you Aisha for your enlightening channels. This channel is an absolutely wonderful explanation of why various new earth tool kit skills are being introduced and why not everyone is yet ready to access..or even know. THANK YOU!

  6. Dear A… I’ll address up front that I am very well aware that there is tension between you and me from some strong words I had used in a posting to you previously regarding health issues that you have since addressed thankfully and successfully thru surgery.
    I had used those strong words to purposely get your attention as I feared for your safety from some things you had said. So, what I have to say next, I’d like to say to you/your HS—and it comes totally and absolutely from Love. I don’t know about you, but those of us, including myself, who came from childhood environments where purposely destructive criticism was dished out at every turn trained me like a gun-toting soldier to become suspicious toward anything/everything said to me that might be even slightly interpreted—from my angry/guarded/defensive point of view—that I was inherently flawed.

    Thru a lot of hard work, I finally dumped that indoctrinated behavior and beliefs and learned there were more people “out there” that actually liked, even loved, me than despised me if I gave them a chance. In acting classes, I learned that criticisms aren’t always attacks and destructive. Not all respectful criticisms come with hugs and flowers, after all, there are so many different personality types in this world. And, yes, one has to be discerning. But I found that by just listening, really focused listening, I took in valuable information that invariably sped up my abilities. (Too, there’s a lot of egos in acting classes, and no one would put up with playground behaviors, from me or anyone else—there was work to be done and the FOCUS was intense)

    And, Breeze, I’m not accusing you of “playground behaviors” or anything else. I’m simply saying, perhaps in a very inarticulate manner, that Kiera gave some excellent advice, yes, in some place, LOUDLY—and it got my attention. I read her posting as though she were talking to ME, and therefore, I received some pretty wonderful information of which I will put to good use. In fact, I read most postings on this blog as though they’re talking to ME, so that I can receive even more Wisdom. Without saying, discernment is necessary.

    Breeze, I KNOW you KNOW you’re Powerful. But your behavior and words say otherwise. If someone were reading this blog today for the very first time, what would our words and the way they are spoken/framed/posted say about each of us??

    Down the road, read your own words back to yourself as though they came from a very powerful woman you know, one who you respect. What do those words say to you about that person? An acting exercise that helped me out, still does, is to take a look at my own life as though it’s the life of a character I’m studying to play (no longer an actress). This exercise simply neutralizes one’s point of view, and Truth is mirrored back, warts and all. Not for the faint of Heart. But once Truth is seen, great, HUGE strides can be made. FUN stuff.

    As I said before, A… you are loved more than you know, more than you are aware. And I’m one of those who values you and Loves you for just BEing YOU, and not for what you bring to this blog and therefore to me, but simply because I SEE YOU, A, Breeze, Areeza, AOX, DebraJean+. You are filled with Light and so much brilliance.

    I Love You with all the JOY I hold within me. KNOW that. Lin

    1. Dear Lin….see above response to Nancee. It is not always the words, its the delivery and timing. And to be judged today when I said I had fear and anger after what I went thru..,.well… honestly, i do not understand that. I do not expect anyone here to be perfect. I would hope no one holds me in that or I will stay away if that is all that is wanted here from now on – I have the Ideal for Perfect Love but I do not ‘expect’ it from me or anyone ‘all the time’ – we are working our way there. Am I surprised I experience this? yes. I have my Love even if I have my fears… I am not Perfect In That Love at that time or I would not have the fear. What we are going thru ‘as humans’ is very difficult at these times. Honesty helps everyone and what my words say today was that I was honest as always. I did not try and be something I was not. Respect: I respect my self that is honest in what it feels. There is power in honesty. I felt more powerful after having it out and breaking down. Ever think ‘that’ was the perfect thing for me today? People in my life come to me because when they are feeling lost, weak or in fear…I do not judge them nor do I sugar coat the issue. I allow and we talk about it.
      I have seen others open up here and not get this treatment so I am baffled I must say. I have a lot of pressure on me and I have to keep it together for myself and Kelly…so I will think twice now before coming here for help Lin where I never did before – Now that is probably sad or maybe not. Maybe I need to count more on myself because I do Know the powerful being I am and I will better accept and be kinder to myself more no matter what I am experiencing.
      I thank you truly for the last paragraph.
      Love, ~A~

      1. Thank you for your message, Breeze. I wrote a week or so ago about my own difficulties and I felt negated by the response. I understand that others do not have the same experience, but every experience is valid to the one doing the feeling.

        I still read these messages and have very similar issues. So please keep sharing, you help more than you realise.

    2. and honestly Lin.. i do not remember what you said re my surgery… if I recall anything I do not even associate a name with it. Only one person who emailed me direct from here do I recall.

      1. Dearest A… I step back and realize now that I overstepped in speaking as I did to you. With all my Heart and all my Love&JOY,
        I say I am sorry for hurting you and adding to your stress rather than aiding you to overcome it. The former was not my Intent, the latter was. I hope your Guidance and the CCs Guide you to whatever is necessary for you to reclaim your balance and bounce back quickly so that you can joyfully complete the glorious Ascension that we all came here to receive/BE.

        Perhaps Kiera’s message, a meaningful part of it, was meant for me after all—through you. I will gratefully accept it as such with Gratitude and Love to both Kiera… and to you.

        Also, Breeze, I truly appreciate your responding so graciously to an unintended unkindness. By doing so, you left room for me to take responsibility, and as in one of Alex’s previous posts suggested as a positive action to substitute for words/actions that are seen as less than positive and loving, say: “Delete, delete!” I now Intently place in the empty space of the above two words and in place of my above posting: “Love&JOY, Love&JOY” and hope they enter your Energy field with all the Light I feel in sending them to you.

        Further, as we are already One, we are all sisters and brothers of the Light Force. There is no harm intended here at Aisha’s blog. The CCs have spoken that our new energies could not be used for harm. So I really don’t feel you need to “think twice” about coming here again in the future. That would just add new armor, and we’re all successfully working hard to release all the built-up armor of the past… as you well know from earlier today/yesterday.

        However, Truth, as we each see it, is spoken, and welcomed, here. And if you, my dear Sister—whom I respect—and others here feel compelled to speak to me in order to aid my Ascension journey, then please do so. I will use my own discernment and decide with my Intuition/HS if it’s in my best interest to accept it. If not, then if I feel compelled to reply in a kindly manner, I will do that, too. With JOY. I am grateful for everyone who visits here—I always learn so much.

        Be well, Dear One, A. You are Loved and appreciated here. Don’t allow yourself to think otherwise.

        With all that I AM of Love&Light&JOY, I Love You, A. Lin

        1. thank you Lin. I appreciate your coming back to say what u have.
          I want to say that Armor is not something I use which is why I have remained so open and vulnerable. But worth it. What I do is retreat if I feel pushed into that old ‘defending your life game’; If I feel judgment instead of allowance. It sucks and drains my energy so I pull back from that energy. God Allows and does not judge so I intend to have my own actions go that route. I am not perfect in that yet either. I will do my best not to place that expectation on others and just hit delete myself. 😉 thanks again for your help. Everyone is always For me – thats a good thing to remember – not sure where I heard it. I also trust that even when I am not perfectly balanced, I am still on my path just as I always have been. Being kinder and more allowing to self is most of what I got out of this past two days. What I want is what I give to myself and it flows better from there. Love always, Areeza

  7. Hi Breeze (and fellow Ponders), I was going to respond via email to Areeza then questioned why I shy away from responding where the whole pond will read so I am here embracing whatever fear might be wanting to redirect me. I have been reading the past couple of days but not posting. I was here to be part of supporting you A when you posted how sick you were. My sister (who seems consciously unaware of any ascension) was hit really hard with a bug that sounds like what you described. For 20 mins she was sick (from both ‘ends’) and said she couldn’t move or even call out. She went to text me and her fingers went so stiff she couldn’t bend them. She was at work with a dog on her grooming table so had to return to it. There were other symptoms… By the time she got home she was feeling better. STRANGE is what I thought… not even 24 hrs.

    I do wonder how much pendulum swinging some of us might be going through now. (Or more like a bouncy ball going high up in the air but then coming down to bounce off a hard surface!) You have definitely been having some wonderful HIGH experiences in this analogy. In this picture I see the new energies as highs and the physical reactions as lows in relationship to our human emotions. I always disliked being told way back in my church days that I must get rid of the roller coaster and learn to plateau. Now, as I let go my need to be right on that reaction I am starting to understand it better. Soaring higher is part of the new energies! That is what the preachers maybe didn’t see. Emotions can easily relate to the roller coaster and learning to ground them or steady them is wise. In bringing them stability (not denying them) do we find it easier to catch the breeze that lifts us up to soar? In some ways both the preachers and I had insight. I was too busy opposing them to relate properly back then.

    Breeze this kind of fits with the “vision” of you that was seen (how beautiful) and with the ‘dark’ lady in your car and what K responded to. As I see it one takes place in the ‘soaring’ and transition and one simply arrived with the downward bounce of the ball (fear laden). Maybe some of you can share some helpful emotional grounding techniques for all of us stretching our experiences beyond our ‘now’ emotional boundaries 🙂
    As I go to send this, I ask myself, “Why are you crying?” Since I”m not sure I wrap my arms around myself and just let it be. Much love, Nancee

    1. HI Nancee… but there was no warning for this horror I went thru. woke up in my sleep and it was not a few minutes or even a couple hrs that it lasted. I was sick, real sick for many hours. It is bad for my heart to keep throwing up, etc. I really did want to die at one point…then, I came to the Pond for one last chance at stopping it. This is a place I have come to count on to be embraced not judged. Maybe I am to just trust me but it feels good to be able to reach out to light family being I have no old family.
      So, I am just now since middle of Thurs night feeling much better.
      Thinking about what happened: Once I heard that car hit the wall and got up startled and saw it go over the bank (pretty high in the air) and off into my neighbors yard, I think of it now how i went back to sleep… i was calm. I woke, not sure how long after… in terrible shape. And after K’s msg I was in tears for a long time. It reminded me of my sister being cold to me when I needed just the opposite. Her words matched K’s: “victim”. I never think of myself as victim. When bad things happen people need to be embraced with loving kindness first so they can sort things out in my opinion this is. Otherwise you can push them over the edge as my sister pretty much did. I am stronger so that would not happen these days but it still hurts. Harsh judgement gets to me especially when I am sick or vulnerable. If it got me to release, that is maybe a good thing in the end. I still will not use that mode myself with anyone. So…anyway… that, plus the car accident brought up all the stuff I did experience over the past yr. and I let the tears and sorrow come. I trust whatever the reason for such illness is for a reason and more will be made clear later. I know I do not harbor darkness and only brought that dark figure up here to let others be alert if it ever was to happen with them … again, I dont even know if it had anything to do with my sickness. I just know I would be more careful in the future to ask if it is from the light. I dont want to embrace the dark as K suggests. I will send it Love as I do everything. (just doing that will send it away if it means harm).
      To react positively when one is feeling that sick – well, I tried for a short time thinking it was cleansing for the good. Then fear kicked in when the heart started to race and my positive seemed to have no affect. Then, you get into lack of trust because nothing makes sense. Only thing that makes some sense to me is that I went into a sort of shock mode over the past yr – not completely dealing with events – and if anything, this shook it out of me. But, folks, you cant judge anyone really when u dont know all they have gone thru. And, If there was a dark entity maybe it came to serve a purpose. so thanks everyone for everything… I make it all positive in the end result….. Love you , Areeza Allowance and Loving Kindness is the answer

      1. so
        when was the last time you got into the soil of the mother goddess?
        i doubt it
        get dirty
        it works

        1. I Love the dirt! I’m a gal that never had nice nails.
          All frozen snow right now… thats why I am eating the snow 😉
          I am the caretaker of all the plants at work… no one else cares about them. Hey, I had some spring flowers bloom inside my house already! how nice was that! cant wait for spring though the snow does have magic too. Love and Smooches, ~A~

    2. Grounding is very important and helps alot. You can also try bathing. Bathing in sea water, or water with sea salt added. I personally found running tap water continuously over each wrist in turn, untill I felt “safe” to be very helpfull -♡-

    3. Dear Nancee,
      Sometimes we truly do not know why we are crying – it’s all part of this whirlwind of a process. Sometimes it may simply be grieving for the passing of the “old”. Our egos are going to be the last to let go of the “old”. That’s when we treat the ego with respect and give it assurance from our HS that everything is always in divine order for our own personal path. Give it over to God, as we used to say. Our emotions are like continuing spirals in the beginning. We soar to new highs and then to the unfortunate lows. It’s great to enjoy those highs, as long as we remember that we will be going back in another direction again. Wanting to stay in those extreme highs always leads to disappointment. That’s why we are taught to simply ride the waves of the ebb and flow. After a while, the extremes begin to even out and balance and are much more manageable. Just like a pendulum, it will always slow down and even out. Once we are all in the 5D perspective, there will not be any extreme swinging and the flow will be easy and effortless. Keep your mind and heart on the endpoint. It is coming, I can assure you of that. When I ground, I always envision ancient tree roots coming out of the ground and ask them to grab hold of me round my ankles, knees and waist , bringing down into the soil of the mother to around my hips. It’s cool and safe and nourishing there. I do that at night also, and ask the roots to hold be tight to the ground while asleep. The earth and it’s spirits never fail us. Hope this helps!
      Love to you always,

      1. Hi Caroline, I’m so glad I decided to come back and check these messages. (I sometimes go back and do a control/command F and type my name in and check for messages on a page.) I found this soothing to picture the roots holding me. tonight I am going to picture myself with a lovely old tree root with its ‘arm’ across me, holding me safe while I sleep. I hope you find this as I want you to know I really appreciate it, especially coming off a 72 hr shift with teens 🙂 Much Love, Nancee

  8. Thank you, Aisha and all who share here at the pond. It has certainly been an interesting last few days shaking, rattling, and rolling. Some are fun and some are not so fun. Underlining the intriguing happenings there has been a field of happiness within me. It has gently spread throughout my entire being. I send gentle waves of happiness to all you wondrous Beings. May their buoyancy help connect us and uplift us as we together ride these bumpy seas.
    Love, Joy, and Happiness,

    1. Right there with you on all you said!
      Been down and up, but feeling the upward push, the lightness in it all.
      Wanting to spread it all around. There are those resisting it, yes of course they are. All will be well and perfect in the end though, the only way is up!

  9. Hi Breeze,
    I would say it is time to recenter yourself. When we get hit over and over with one thing after another it can wear on us. So take some time for yourself and meditate, spend time with nature or whatever works for you. Your light is great so no need for fear. When we get off balance it can creep in at times.
    Love to you Breeze!


    1. Well it takes me so long to post I sometimes wonder if I should tap the button. Wonderful insight Veronica! Keep up the good work Breeze. I hope you feel better soon….free as a butterfly!

      Much love as always,

    2. Dear Denise, I was hit so hard with events since Dec 27th last yr. I look back at how wonderfully I handled them… others always saw this too. Many said they would not have been able to take just one…like loosing their Dad. I dont understand the battering I am getting here. I was in a wonderfully centered place. The best ever. I got a real bad sick day and I have some here saying things that make me think no one sees me at all. I am not to care about that I guess. After feeling as bad as I did,,, yes, i fear. I fear I could not go thru more. My heart was not handling it well. The racing got beyond what I could handle at times. I have that fear emotion today and I dont feel it is right nor wrong to feel. And I am pissed off that those that are supposedly watching out for us dont even get what we go thru. I think some from the Federation should immerse themselves in it here and find out so they could be of more assistance. They dare not for they could not take the lower frequency… yet we are supposed to raise ours while still having the low around to deal with ?? XOA

      1. I hear you Areeza, I know one or two that have gone and may still go through similar stuff you are facing now.
        It is all bit real and none of it matters. What matters is that everything is moving forward even when it seems to moving backwards.
        You will make it through, I know this, I/we will send you our TwinLove to make you feel this. We are all doing our bit in this wonderful process. It is a work in progress, and the outcome will be brilliant. Just like you are already. You are a shining star, nobody can put out your Flame. They can make believe that it’s gone, but it can never be put out. Never. You are you, and you always will be. I SEE you Areeza.

      2. Many of us experience the extreme racing of the heart, and in the beginning it is scary. But it’s not necessarily resulting from a fear response. Our bodies are being consistently exposed to higher and higher vibrations, and this will not be ending soon. I’ve noticed you are very sensitive to all forms of solar energy. So am I. Some of us are more solar, lunar or earth oriented in our energetic makeup. When my heart responds with a quickening pace such as it did yesterday, I’ll take some L-theanine. It helps the heart with the energetic onslaught. I also never leave the house without dramamine. The energies increase our own personal tensegrity, which can spiral out of control if we lose our center and result in extreme vertigo symptoms. Happens to me when I’m at work and can’t stop what I’m doing to “go within” and focus on myself. And this will be redundant, but always keep hydrated. I carry salt pills for those days where the energies cause me to pee constantly. It’s a continual learning process for us all.
        Love to you, Caroline

        1. Salt makes my heart skip beats. I have had tachycardia for yrs. not so much lately. I take meds for it and for benign heart skips and mitral valve prolapse. The vomiting made my heart race and maybe the solar energies too. I take magnesium, potassium and CoQ10 as well as homeopathic anxiety pills. Having stress just thinking of how I cant miss anymore work – the load is all on me these days.
          will look into the L-theanine. thanks C
          Love back, ~A~

      3. I understand dear Breeze. Makes me cry just thinking about so many of us going through such difficult life issues. Like you said one is more then enough. What I wrote earlier is from my own experience and what I would tell myself. I hope I did not cause you pain. It was not meant to be a criticism. I will continue to hold you in light and love to keep you safe and well.

  10. Dearest Breeze,
    I saw your message yesterday and was sending you love and light as I fell asleep last night, and after reading your post of the woman in your back seat I wanted to share the visual I received while sending light to you.

    There was lots of white light beaming straight into the top of your head, filling your head down to your shoulders. Then your outside body that was seen as dark (compared to the strong light) and hard like a shell, began to break away. Inside was glowing and soft, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. It was a very peaceful and beautiful visual. Thank you for sharing YOU with me!
    I hope you continue to feel better today,
    Much love

    1. I know to share for good reason… I knew one of you at least would come back with something grand 🙂 thanks so much my lightsister V! Love u big time, ~A~ down, but not out!

  11. Denise and Philip mentioned above columns and spheres of spinning light. I just remembered what happened before I fell asleep Thurs. night. I had ‘tubes of rainbow light’ spinning clockwise I think (kept wondering if they were changing direction) up from my toes to my torso. It would not go any further up my body for some reason. and interesting it was above my torso that the pain started a few hrs later before awful sickness. not sure if it relates to that. These tubes or rings looked like ‘glow sticks’ if you all know what those are. kids and adults use them for party/holiday events, etc. Wearing them around neck and wrists.
    Ok… still reading here – so many wonderful things to lift my spirits… cant lift my head now or my neck and head hurts and I am just wiped out. Feel like I was slammed to the ground hard after feeling so wonderful in days before.

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