Welcome to the eight Gathering around the Pond, Sunday December 1

Dear friends!

We are approaching the final month in 2013, and all I can say is that never has time seemed to pass as quickly as it does now. How can it be almost a year since we were all eagerly awaiting 12.21.12, that fabled date in that fabled year, when we expected everything to change? Looking back, I do see so much that has changed, but as the CCs remind us again and again, nothing happens in the way and at the time you expect it to. A friend told me the other day that this year has been far more transformational in every way than 2012 was, and I have to agree with him. And you do not have to look further than to this Pond to see that. For this is the year that this Pond truly came into its own, when each and every one of you started to pour more and more light into this space, and when each and every one of you reached deeper and deeper into the light within yourself. And now we stand here, poised to enter the month that will take us all the way to the new year. We are all very different people from the ones we were only a few months ago, but I know we are going to find ourselves growing and evolving even more in the time ahead. Many of you are celebrating your Holidays this weekend, but I think it is a perfect time for thanksgiving for us all. And so I want to thank YOU for all that YOU are and for all that YOU bring to this Pond, and to this world. YOU are making a difference, WE are making a difference with every breath we take, to quote the CCs, and that is so true. And on Sunday during our Gathering around the Pond, we have a wonderful opportunity to give thanks to ourselves and to each other by sitting down and connecting through that grid of light that we have created here. And when we do so, we will also make a huge impact on the rest of this world.

This is what the CCs have to say about it:

“As you have already noticed, the incoming energies are making themselves heard in all kinds of ways, and we gather that for many of you, a new voice, the voice of stillness, has also made itself heard these late few days and nights. We know that this voice can be easily overlooked in all of this hubbub, but even so, it is there. And remember, when we say stillness, it is not as in nothing, it simply refers to the point of balance, the part of time and space that can be described as the still point, the womb if you will, of everything. And so, we invite you all to venture into this womb of the light, and to do so at the aforementioned Gathering, when you are all invited to sit down and reconnect yourself even deeper to this shimmering and vibrant grid you have already created. For this is indeed a construction that you have made possible by your willingness to go not only far within, but also by your willingness to venture further afield than ever before, and as such, it is indeed such a vast encompassing garment of light that you have all woven together. And now, we will invite you to enter the inner sanctum of this grid, the point where time itself stands still, and where you will find such a vast repository of light, it will ignite a spark in every single particle of your being.

And when you enter, you will be received as the true heroes you are. For you do not come there empty handed, you come there carrying all that you are, and that is above and beyond what any human being previously can claim. For you are only the last in a long line of energetic imprints walking this Earth, and as such, you bring within you the message that has been accumulating for eons, as each successive incarnation has added his or her legacy to this string of information. And so you come to stand before us, carrying a shimmering garland of energetic information that now will be received by All, and it will be utilized to bring mankind into the future in a way that will ensure there is no going back to the old. For what you carry with you is in many ways a heavy burden. It is a burden of sadness, anger and pain, but also one of joy, love and understanding. But the former carry so much more weight than the latter, and now all of that old baggage will be received with open arms.

For as we have told you earlier, nothing is of no value to All of creation, as all is indeed energy. And once it has completed its cycle, it will return to that sea of possibility, from where it will be utilized again and again in creating the new. And so, what you bring before us will be received as the heavenly gifts they truly are. For from this, will rise the new Earth, the Earth that will be created from the old, but will be created from the purest of energetic matter, and through you and through your love it will rise as a phoenix from the ashes of the old. So we salute you all, for it has taken mankind such a long time to get to this point, where you are truly ready to surrender the old and surrender yourselves fully to the process of creating the new. And you are the ones that have made it all possible. So now we invite you all to take that final step into this womb of creation, and to do so with all that you are. And do not think you are not worthy to stand before this light, for remember, the more you carry with you, the more you will feed this fire of resurrection. So we thank you again on behalf of All of creation, for what you bring are gifts beyond comparison, and what you will be given in return, is the chance to remake it all in the image of love.”



Earlier this week, I was guided to go for a walk in the frost-covered forest, and I knew it was because I was to take a picture for this message about the Gathering. For this is how I saw the energies connected to it: white, pristine, and as a blank, pure canvas waiting for us to add colours and life to it. I am so looking forward to see the vibrant world we will create together! And I am so looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday 🙂

With love and gratitude from me, Aisha


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 06:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 05:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

214 thoughts on “Welcome to the eight Gathering around the Pond, Sunday December 1

  1. This message validates my experience. Few nights ago, I heard a snap of stillness (if it’s ever possible haha) and it has stay with me since. It’s the same stilness ringing in your ears when you’re awake on a quiet night. And when I was driving, a bird pooped on the car. Two perfect fish, undigested spread on the bonnet of the car. It felt strange. I’m just thinking age of Pisces is over, came down like s*** from above. Namaste.


  2. Enough

    We don’t need to participate in this shameful American tradition. This holiday,lets think more about giving and less about buying.

    This montage put to beautiful Christmas music says it all. A stunning summary, in just a few minutes – from Black Friday madness to the toxic trash heap, it’s the story of our endless, made overseas, good for nothing stuff!

    Time to say: Enough.

  3. I do not know anyone’s story here. I do not presume to know. I want to share my .02 cents.

    I’ve been watching all of this for a little more than half my life — about a decade, even. Since I’ve begun watching (at a young age, clearly) I’ve subconsciously — as well as intentionally — have stripped away layer after layer of refuse from this paradigm. I have worked on myself almost with monk-like consistency. I am privileged to have such an opportunity. I grew up in a rough inner city, but I am still privileged in comparison to many of my brothers and sisters elsewhere.

    I am unsure how much of the world believes as we do. Do any other countries talk about “Ascension”? Do they think that aliens will save us? I do not know but I cannot imagine following this reality to its logical conclusion. I am “antevasin” — one who walks the border between worlds. I have done this in many ways and the most excrutiating of these is having full mainstream knowledge of the world as well as having “occult” knowledge. I am no stranger to the darkest the world has to offer — from child sex trafficking to CIA-funded mobsters and false flags.

    To know so much is a burden as well as a prize. I am sovereign. My beliefs are tools to be used. I have every confidence in confronting “the whole of reality” (what is left after the veil is lifted).

    Despite all this I do not have confidence that we are not all some how being duped again. Synchronicity will only give you so much comfort. The kindness of strangers can only solve so much. Happiness becomes weighed against survival in this world all too easily. Even we “hue-mans” need reassurance. All of us need reassurance. We who are not willing to kill ourselves or stop fighting need something to really look forward to.. especially since all that was is disintegrating.

    To be clear: there is not a single part of me that *doesn’t* want this to happen. All of me is invested in it. I have no want or need to believe in a world I can clearly feel and see dying. I also have no want or need for more B.S., however.

    If anyone “real” is listening: tell me you feel the same impatience and frustration.

    1. Dear Andy! Welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! This journey is not an easy one, and we all need reassurance to keep us going. Especially when we get fed up, disillusioned and exhausted. For this is not a journey for the faint of heart, to quote the CCs, and only by reaching out to each other can we find back to our own powers again. You are not alone in feeling impatience and frustrated, but I know that the light in this Pond is more than powerful enough to raise the spirits of anyone that is struggling. I hope you will feel at home here, and that you will find the reassurance you search for.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Andy, truly sit with your skill set, feel on the energy and you will know that if you feel we can be duped it is only because you doubt your own power to create your reality. We are the ones we have been waiting for…feel on it…know it in your heart…and i would counter that LOVE does not only go so far…TRUE unconditional centered love becomes an absolute mindset that leads us in all our processes…it is the STRONGEST and most powerful driving force of the universe….Big hugs and welcome!

    3. Hello, old friend
      I’m so glad the reinforcements are here.
      My story is I “walked in” just over 60 years ago. In the process of remembering who I am, (btw, That’s the same as trying to save the world, as over/as under) I have worn this body out. I have no intention of sticking around very long after this is over.
      It’s up to you to re establish the new world.
      I have been reassured many times in miraculous ways. There was this one time I was chiseling a beautiful agate out of a cliff face. I held it in one hand and chipped away at it with the other. I finally got it loose, only to realize that it was my grip on the agate that was keeping me from falling. The angels carried me down, there was a somersault in the air landing on my feet on a little ledge enough to slow me down and then a leap outward beyond the stones. I landed on my feet in the talus cone of scree, dug in my heels and slid down, while standing up. When I got to a stop I noticed I had an agate in one hand and my rock hammer in the other.
      that was decades ago. There are several other times when I was protected from harm for reasons I have just recently remembered.

    1. “Sometimes being a bridge is difficult. I see both sides, and the two don’t match up.” Thank you for sharing thhis, rivv.

  4. I don’t see myself with wings at the gatherings or anywhere within me.
    to me it’s more like fins as I am usually immersed in the “grid of light” that is known as the pond.
    something like Cecil.

  5. “Gratitude” is my theme wish for tomorrow’s gathering & this video expresses my wish in wonderful harmony !…hope you All can take a moment & watch !….Love, Bev~

    1. Oh my god. 🙂 I love his explanation of that. Thank you for posting this and for the theme of Gratitude…

      This was quite the moving piece. Everything about it. The whole experience of it. Kinda like life.

      Love you, Bev.

      🙂 AH

      “Open your heart and drink … let the blessing overflow around you.”

    1. Otmn, I tell you this cuz I love you and you just tickle me to death, but you can be such a pompous ass sometimes. Consider this, if you will. It was a secret to HIM that he came to on his own, from within himself. Yeah, it’s great that the info is out there as confirmation, and it’s good that you shared it. But, jeez man, why the attitude?

      And now I think I will go re-read that whole message about why some of us are so gosh darn irritable right now. Apparently I need it.

    2. Thanks Otmn these are fun to look at. One of the first jobs I had was in a tool and die shop. Its all math in the shaping of metals. I have always loved math. I know what you are saying in the links you gave. I have also worked with 6 sided and five sided figures and how they fit together using the golden rule. I have learned a lot from just drawing these. I have looked at most of your work and love to go back to some of it from time to time. I also love to play with 1.618 in many ways other than just triangles. It may sound boring to many but I can set for hours playing with a calculator.

      Thanks for the work you do and the way you love to help others learn from what you know.

    3. Its not so much the numbers that are a secret but what you use them on. The numbers are not new to me . It is what I did with them that is new to me. It is something I have thought for years and never able to prove it. You can draw millions of things with these numbers. What I drew had no triangles in it. You can draw a triangle in anything if you want. I have studied the old teaching of Thoth and know the way he liked to build things. I have laid in his tomb and know the ways of his teachings. I know a lot of the teachings of the secret groups of people all over the world. I know what most of them believe. My dad was a mason his brother was a mason my son is also a mason. I am not a mason but know of their ways. I chose to do my own thing in life. And was asked not to join the masons by some others I have been close to. They have nothing against the masons. They knew If I joined them it would take much of my time that they wanted to use in other ways. My dad gave me his 32nd degree ring and his brother gave me his 33rd degree ring when they died. And told me I had a home with them if I ever wanted it. I helped build one of their temples. I know everything in their temples. I have been close to a lot of masons even the Indian tribe masons. What I drew is something that I have been asked not to share yet. I share what I can with all. Some things shared may seem crazy and misunderstood. I do push the limit at times of what can be shared. Some would understand but many more would not. I will never empower some who might misuse knowledge that could cause harm to others or the world.

  6. Re-MEMBER your birth contracts, your LIFE MISSION – and bring in your MULTIDIMENSIONALITY into the NOW of 3D life – which at that very moment that you begin with it is no longer 3D – but already accelerating in frequency, moving to meet New Earth in the 5th Dimension!

    Re-MEMBER: Humanity came to Earth in order to serve as a BRIDGE between Heaven and Earth and between all inhabitants of this blue diamond planet: the Mineral Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom and the Fairy Kingdom. When Humanity fell, all the kingdoms were affected. They each took over as much as they could from our responsibilities – thus, for example, dolphins and whales became the Keepers of the Energy Grids on Earth, the Trees kept the field of UNITY Consciousness, the Mineral Kingdom hid the most powerful energy from humanity’s reach in the depth of Mother Earth to thwart abuse, and the Fairies separated from the 3rd dimension in order not to be dragged down the same route as humanity was, still, however, maintaining the 3rd dimension from their side of the veil.

    NOW is the time to re-MEMBER!

    When Christmas is the time of the COMING of the CHRIST – meaning CHRIST = UNITY Consciousness – NOW is the time to PREPARE for it!

    The Advent of Christ Consciousness begins on November 28th.

    Candle lit – Grid set up – we inundate the Planet in VIOLET LIGHT NOW and BRIDGE the gaps between the continents and races until there are no more gaps – but only LIGHT = God Consciousness – and ALL the members of humanity re-MEMBER: WE ARE LIGHT, WE ARE LOVE, WE ARE MADE OF ONE SPIRIT – and this WE is not only humans, but animals, plants, minerals and fairies, too! And TOGETHER we will usher in NEW EARTH!


    The Seeding Has Begun 🙂
    for whole context: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/seeding-has-begun

    1. Thank You ‘BEE’…this is so perfectly beautiful !…if only we All can stay more focused on this & truly let the New Earth arrive exactly as it’s meant to ! Re-Member who we really are & fulfill what we are here to do !….Always Respect you & Love your point of view you know….we are One, no matter what !….Love, Bev~

      1. I could not ‘Bee’ who I am nor come to anything that I have that is of ‘true’ value had it not been for my constant companions here – all of you! Heart to Heart – Areeza

    2. & my most favourite part…….”ALL the members of humanity re-MEMBER: WE ARE LIGHT, WE ARE LOVE, WE ARE MADE OF ONE SPIRIT – and this WE is not only humans, but animals, plants, minerals and fairies, too! And TOGETHER we will usher in NEW EARTH!”

      1. Just thinking and feeling how all our Earth plant, animal, fairy, gnome and mineral companions held it all together for us! I Am in awe and humbled with their Love for All. I have always spoken with them all my life and so glad I kept that faith of them even when I was not sure I saw or heard them respond. I have magical pictures to prove the gnome and fairy beings! On a magical misty morning… lead outside into a cathedral circle of light I snapped away…. oh…. what was there! in my woods 🙂 I tell u they even ‘posed’ beneath a mossy tree for me!

        1. so incredible & I believe you !…it really is All about believing in any of this or All of this….& I know about pixieland too !…but mine is of the plant kingdom ‘soul speak’…oh how I Love Love Love Nature & Mother-Earth !…must head off to bed…have a wonderful & restful night…& sweet dreams til sunbeams find you….LOve, Bev~

  7. Hi all. Slept for 12 hrs. got up around 1pm. I had a dream that I along with some others were in a sort of ‘race’ in a river… along its edges. I was swimming like I never have. And I was so ‘connected’ with looking at the bottom of the river… i saw many, many snakes…. they were in holes popping up and down. There was a time in here where we whoever we all were, we were like self baptising – I mean our upper bodies were moving fast! In front in the water, then back – all the way bent back in the water again and thrust forward and backward. what energy! I was in the front it seemed the whole time and near to the ‘end’ when I woke up.

  8. Lovelylovealls! I will be joining tomorrow at the Pond. Look forward to meet you all. Also feel like connecting during nighttime tonight:) will let you know what color my wings are if I find out before meditation tomorrow. See you there, love and light, Anna

  9. Each drop of water joins with another They become a stream . The streams become rivers. The rivers become oceans. What we are doing may seem to only be a drop of water. The process that has to happen to create one drop To find another drop is where everything starts. When you look at the drop just remember it is part of a ocean that we play in. All drops go through many rapids on its way. When this happens just look for deeper water that is peaceful and quite. When the time is right get back in the fast lane or ride the deeper waters for a smother ride. Just never give up.

    Love and Blessings to all

  10. My heart has given me answers, support, companionship, joy, love, compassion…. All this and more.
    It gently nudges me when I stray and tenderly scolds me when I offend.
    It never complains, whines, and has never given up.
    It’s been my ‘Constant Companion’ since before I was born.
    What has taken me so long to realize this?
    Why do I go outwardly for what I need, for inside my heart has it all.
    It has been there for me since before there was me.
    I take this time and space to apologize to myself for not listening and for not taking care of myself. I have always pushed my heart away telling it it was wrong and would never be right.
    I will now tell my heart it will never have to be lonely again…. It will never have to miss me or and vie for my attention again……..
    For I now know I need to accept my own love, receive my own companionship, and thank myself for being there for me.
    I will now take myself, hand in hand, to wherever we please…. I will be friends with myself wherever we stay… and I will love myself for whoever we are.

    Thank you all for helping me understand that I am valid.

    Love and everlasting peace to each of you.

    My heart and I will now go and get to know each other… we have a lot of catching up to do… this will be My Gathering.

    Thank you,

    1. I will share a secret with you. I often sing love songs to my own heart. I find that when I do, it sings back to me. This one in particular I have never shared. I love this version of it, because of what he says at the beginning.

      And in response to your earlier reply to me about the light formation and original blueprint, well, I have not answered that because I really have no words. So I will borrow my dear friend Amy’s…

      “When you see me, you see yourself.”

      1. With tears streaming down my cheeks and a big smile on my face, I thank you for sharing your special song with me. 🙂 It’s beautiful…..

  11. The Passover I was speaking of is the passing of the star over the place Jesus was born and the 3 days the wise men spent giving blessing to Jesus. The 3 wise men represent these 3 days. They are also the 3 shortest days of the year. That on a average fall from the 20th to 23rd of each year. I know the Passover you speak of is the freeing of the slaves and their return to the promise land.

    Blessings and love to all

  12. I have become more and more quiet. Alone in my cocoon. Floating in nothingness. I see the conversations here and I have no interest. Strange this. I just am so immersed in NOW and BEing present. I have stopped looking for the Event, the momentous Switch. I have stepped off the treadmill of hope that goes nowhere. All I wish to BE is NOW. And it feels so right.

    This intense blanket of quiet of hush. The energy zinging through me, the tones so high in my ears. I feel comforted. Wrapped in Loving Arms.

    I am no longer ME. I just AM. I will be at the Gathering, but you probably will not see me. I AM energy. Nothing more. I have yet to attain form.

    1. oh Amy….I send you a warm & loving embrace…it isn’t always necessary to explain our each & every emotion…the journey takes us into many experiences & not for All at the same time…simply ‘Enjoy’…it as it comes, & I do hope this peace & quiet brings you for insight to who you really are, as this is what is most important for each & everyone of us….spirit strength always comes from within, & alone & BEing o’k with that….spiritual strength never expands & grows while leaning & depending on others in any means of support whether verbal or physical….we must All truly learn the real meaning of sharing & working together, but until your spirit is confident & strong standing alone, the true meaning of sharing never BEcomes completely fulfilled !…..Shine your soul Light & BE everything you are supposed to BE !…..LOve to You….Bev~

      1. Amen. Thank you, Ray. This looking for the Event outside of oneself is foolishness. Plain spoken. And to go round and round with this is even more foolish. How many years have some of us waited for the event? Two? Three? How much is enough?

        I AM the Event. I AM making the Change. In my own Life. I no longer am waiting for the Celestial Sky to be in a certain alignment or a certain date to happen. NOT going to happen.

        I’ve been taking some good long hard looks at Life and the ONLY way this Event is going to happen……IT STARTS WITH ME. Simple.

        Bless you, Ray, for understanding. I will be quietly sitting under your Wings, BEing your student. Thank you.

        Love, Amy

  13. Thank You my Sister for this inspiring message & image ! & I sure like the symbolism of taking a pristine blank canvas & springing it to life with glowing Light & rainbows of color…All naturally provided within the palette from Mother Nature & she lets us creatively play with it, accessorize with it & build upon it ! I have brought up lots of thoughts & visions to these past missives, some connected to them but I feel many have not. I do respect that as so much of our journey must be experienced individually & I hear this is many of the recent comments, each expressing their own aches & pains or jumping for joy emotions ! I’ve always tried to focus more on the collective & what I could contribute, rather than the chat part…& that’s just who I am ! Aisha’s site has grown so much since I 1st arrived here & many have come & gone, but there are many of us now that have chosen to stay, & some even branching off to compliment this basket of enlightenment ! No matter what confronts us…May we All continue the goal of working & sharing together in this sacred Light & aspire to not BE judgmental, as we always can simply Agree to Disagree !….These past days, since I last commented on the ’37’s …they are arriving fast & furious…popping up everywhere…just as in the video I posted ‘Wake Up number 37’. As We All much enter into the Waters of Life, it is we who decide to sink or swim, or maybe none of the two…simply just Accept & Let Go ! ‘Water’ can be friend or foe, but it is a necessary part of Creation, to sustain Life & bring balance…Water can BE soothing & refreshing but also can bring emotions of panic, struggling & a sense of running away, it can bring the sensation of drowning….but Water always tells us IT IS WHAT IT IS by how we chose to See it !
    I have to tell you that I AM so pleased to hear others begin to talk more about ‘Wings’ !…I mentioned here a long while ago that ‘Wings’ will BE a very important & revealing part of Ascension ! but I know it still is difficult for many to get their thoughts focused beyond the Wings of a bird, of a butterfly, of a dragonfly, of a BEE…might I tell you that these ‘Wings’ are so much more than this ! These are the ‘Wings’ of Creation & they are still quite invisible to most…they are shimmering & pristine, they are All colors, yet they are No color ! These ‘Wings’ are more of the realm in Believing, not necessarily Seeing, these are ‘Wings’ we must Feel first for they are pure energy, & then we are able to See them ! These are the ‘Wings’ of the Heart…& they are within You !…They are the ’37’ connection & Life line to Creation…some call them the ‘Galactic Butterfly’ !….these ‘Wings’ are so intricate, & so perfect as they move & flow with the Sacred Rhythm of Life !
    I will See you All at the gathering, but if you don’t See me…that’s o.k…I’m not one for the Lime-Light…the Sidelines are where I’m more comfortable….but if you feel a presence at the parameter that will BE me, hovering, cleaning up the mess, checking that the wildlife are healthy, safe, happy & fed…but while I choose to keep busy, I remain watchful, observant, listening & learning…taking it All in !
    & another busy weekend …sending LOve & Light to you All !….Bev~

    1. Hi Dear Bev, I dont see any sideliners @ this Gathering. I see all of us in silence… forming a circle… all our wings of white… then colors… then all going into a cave like place… a fire in the center… something important happens there. we are all there. It is quiet and serene, pure, holy if u will, sacred, and we each place something in that fire…that phoenix fire. this is all I will say. Love you! see u there all my dears 🙂

      1. Thank You so much ‘BEE Areeza’….for this & your vision sounds very intriguing !…it will BE interesting how we All are going to connect together this time with this new growing energy of the pond….See you there !…& really I don’t think of myself as a sideliner…maybe it was a bad choice of words…I just see myself as more of an observer & a doer than a player….the artist in me always shine this perspective ! ….LOve, Bev~

      2. If you could see this in my mind you would see how it works. It is much different than the pictures you may find online with a north and south vortex. These are layered and how they communicate with each other and how the whole process takes place and how it starts ends and starts again. It shows where all the energy is going from positive and negative to positive and negative of the next level. It shows how it grows once entered. There is nothing to create for this to happen it has always been here waiting to be entered and learned. The same design works with people, planet solar, galaxy, from smallest particle to largest. It was a gift for me to see this from the eyes of another who lead me through the process. Never under estimate those who wish us well and are watching over us and this whole process. There are no secrets that can hide from them. They are in and around everything . All the billions of dollars man has spent on looking for ways to create new element all they need to do is spend the money to see smaller
        Creation is not from a single particle it is from families of particles that communicate with each other.
        Love and blessings to all.

      1. this reading from Aluna Joy is extremely Amazing & how perfectly it fits into my thoughts, my visions & my photo (& also interesting that I took this in 2009 & this reading is also 2009 !) I’m am so very happy & thankful to you for this & it sings, & resonates blissfully to my Heart & Soul !….so much information that I hear myself say ‘I know this’…but now it’s All coming together & making sense to me’ !!! I sure hope many more here will read this because it elaborates to much more in a heightened degree in explaining what I commented on ! & you know it’s also interesting that AH was saying earlier about receiving a message ‘you’re already there’…..& there is a section in Aluna’s message that says this too….

        ‘Our spirits are already there. Our hearts are already there. We are there. But we still have this body with all this memory. It has collected fear over eons, and so did our ancestors before us. We are carrying the culmination of uncountable generations of fear. We are the ones that will learn how to let go of what has been programmed and start something new.’

        I’ve tagged this as a favourite, as I’m sure I’ll need to read it & refer to it again…..it’s another ‘AHA’…important piece to the puzzle ! ‘Wow’ ! but really this is just so much greater than any ‘Wow’ !
        Love you bunches !…..Bev~

        1. Oh & I wanted to mention on the fact that the few months have become several years…but most don’t understand how delicate a process this is…it’s never been done before, so IT IS WHAT IT IS…& we shouldn’t be so impatient in it’s process…they Love us & want the utmost best for us…so we will arrive, the New Earth will arrive when it’s ready…& that’s it…so let go & enjoy the ride & each & every beautiful day upon Mother-Earth…every one unique & wonderful, never to be experienced in the same way again !……Love, Bev~

        2. Dear Bev! Once again I marvel at the gudiance we are being given 🙂 The image of the galactic butterfly you posted triggered the memory in me of Aluna’s writing about it, and so I posted the link to it. But today, as I sit down and reread her piece, I just go WOW too! There is SO much of importance here, layers upon layers of it, and like you, I have to really dig into it and extract more of the treasures hidden in it. In fact, I just realized I had to repost this link! Thank you Bev, my wonderful sister of the light, for helping me to SEE this so much more clearly!
          With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  14. Ray,

    If you wish to write me off-line, please do at lactsusa@bezeqint.net

    I am constantly getting the numbers 427.

    Passover is the English word for the spring festival of Pesach. If that is what you are referring to? It doesn’t mean to pass over. That is an English mistranslation…..

    It was another intense day, especially this morning!



    1. Thank you Ray (and ALee). I am going to focus on going outside more at sunrise! Interesting that I woke up early and wrote something today. Instead of it ending at the 500 words (I knew it wouldn’t) it ended with 722. I added them together and it = 11 which is my numerology number so smiled. Now I smile even further at the “72” part! (Will blog later when I find a picture to post with it.) ~Nancee

      1. The numbers I gave are only the beginning of what it involves. It grows in detail from there. Then branches out in all directions. What is above is below its all the same in design only different by what we learn from it and do with it.

    2. they all add up to 9 indivudually and all together. I believe this is the answer:
      “The 9 is the completion of the creative cycle. It brings attainment, compassion, and vision for the future through the wisdom gleaned from the journey through the other numbers. However the 9 is not an endpoint, but merely the closing of the circle, carrying us back to the 1 to begin the next evolution.”
      See this Link : http://www.divinetemplatecreations.com/sacred_geometry/1-9.html
      >>sacred geometry 1-9 (I was lead to this immediately after reading your post Ray – much Love, Areeza)

  15. The sun remains in the same place as it rises only 3 days a year. That is where the term Passover came from. I watch the sun every morning and where it comes up at. I stand in the same place each morning and take pictures where it rises. I thought it was a little to the south to but haven’t looked into it yet. I have been getting some huge downloads about what is going on. Thanks Susan for what you said about this. I have noticed that some things can’t be said because of security. Some things can’t fall into the wrong hands that may misuse it. I have wanted to write about this but I saw I could not talk about it. The full picture becomes more and more clear everyday. Like Aisha said you only have to think of it in your mind to push the portal open wider for those trying to understand. I have seen how to draw this on paper and all the numbers confirm what I see in my mind. Much easier to draw in my mind than on paper.

    Blessings and love to all

  16. Dear sun_of_blue, thank you for this update, and thank you for giving yourself so completely to this process! I see the white light too, and you are so right, it is all LOVE.
    With much gratitude from me, Aisha

  17. I was just sitting here looking at the sun (not too very long after sunrise where I am), and I realize it is in a different position in the sky than usual for this time of day. More to the right. Not a huge difference, but something I feel deep in my bones. I close my eyes for a moment, and there I see the impression of three other orbs near the sun, almost touching it. 2 to the upper right, and 1 to the lower right. I open my eyes and there is a yellow corona around the sun. Then from the inner edges outward (sort of torus like, as I feel this is coming from within the sun itself), I start to see green, then blue, then indigo, then violet. Each color stays fully for a moment as its own corona before melding into the next one. Finally it stays violet for quite a bit, and I find I literally can not close my eyes. It eventually changes back to yellow. Then I close my eyes, and the orbs are eveywhere. Everywhere all around the sun.

    And why the heck I feel this song goes with this experience, I can’t really say. Maybe the hopeful child in me who has so much more strength than she ever knew.

    Love all of you,


    1. Dear ALee, thank you so much for sharing this powerful vision! Perhaps you are seeing the effect from the comet ISON? Remember what Ray posted earlier: “The gas trail behind Ison could be seen on both sides of the sun like a halo wrapping around the sun.” I have a very strong feeling that this celestial visitor has left behind a lot of interesting gifts that will empower the energies coming our way from the Sun 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  18. Good Morning All,

    I am able to give you all somewhat of an explanation of what is happening. Most of the time, I contact my guides and last night, they came to me. From my experience, this is when things are a bit hectic.

    The reason for the confusion is that there was and still is a lot going on. There are very high energies coming in. A major portal opened last week. I have been assured and reassured that the Event WILL indeed happen. They are not playing with us and this is not a ploy. They understand our frustration with this. They said they are as keen as we are to be with us and see us ascend. It will “not be long.” The conditions are ripe. As with any operation, plans need to be modified on short notice.

    There are some (human) elements that do not wish this party to happen. This has happened before in the past. The GFOL will not compromise security. They are “on it” and taking care of it. We are fully protected. I cannot say more on this matter.

    Interestingly, this morning I got Gaiaportal. It confirmed everything. Special gifts (high energies) and the cleaning of “rabbit holes” – the need of humans to be “balanced.” Yes.

    I asked about pole reversals again and got the same answer. Nothing major.

    Someone asked about the Agarthans. No, they were not of the Light (to my surprise.) No, they will not be taking any lead in the “interim” period.

    Yes, our space families also want reunification with us. All will be in the correct time.

    The skies are cleaner and the colors are sharper. The toxins are being cleared. We are getting more and more knowledge.

    The physical symptoms are a reaction – once again to external factors. This has nothing to do with any personal baggage. I cannot stress this highly enough.

    The guides reminded me again to say that we are never, ever alone. There are times when they have to be on quiet mode but that doesn’t mean that they don’t hear us. They also were very insistent that we WILL be able to live without these almost daily heavy energies. You can’t build a new house on a garbage dump. The amount of garbage left on this planet throughout the ages is astounding.

    Love, Susan

    1. Thanks Susan for this update…& I hear you about the garbage dump ! Radiation toxins especially, besides All the pollution, oil spills, chemical dumping..etc…& I so Agree & know “You can’t build a new house on a garbage dump. The amount of garbage left on this planet throughout the ages is astounding”…let alone All the negative thoughts, emotions & actions amongst humanity ! I must go & read GaiaPortal as I haven’t had a chance yet today !….Big Hug to You & wishing you a warm Heart filled day!…..Bev~

    2. The latest GaiaPortal message is mainly aimed at the human collective, with only one mention for the “Hue”-mans (those ready to ascend):


      “Subsequent unveiling presents actualities of Ascension as needed.”


      Well, I would definitely say that it is NEEDED.

      And we are still being kept “on the ground” (not being allowed to leave) because human guinea pig Downloaders at extremely high frequencies are STILL pouring these blasted High Energies through our bodies…..there is never any relief from it — and good luck trying to get any SLEEP.
      Which is our only release from this dismal dimension to nightly return Home to our Higher Dimensions. So even that crucial release / freedom is being denied us.

      Energy-wise, what we have been downloading lately this past month has resulted in a strange *new* kind of inflammation.
      An inflammation that coincides with tissue swellings….the eyes suffer most….and a gross feeling I can only describe as if the head is permanently full of pus.
      This is merely the newest symptom to add to the collage. Being permanently “High” (so-called Bliss) doesn’t take the edge off of any of it.

      Susan, you can inform the guides, who are saying:

      “They also were very insistent that we WILL be able to live without these almost daily heavy energies.”

      You can tell them that for those of us who have not had a break from these daily energies for years now — that DEATH is a much preferable state than having to go on and on and on and on like this….

      That some of us have been longing for death for quite some time now. For Years. Many years. Longing for it even before the energies started torturing us, so that in serving as Human Antennas we could no longer even live a functional physical life.

      Death is simply natural ascension, without taking your physical body along with you.
      We are perfectly happy not following through with this Physical Ascension Experiment anymore, as long as we can be released from this hamster-wheel nightmare of being forced to focus our Consciousness through a physical body suit.
      The desire for release is stronger than anything else.

      After all, this entire ascension experiment….this entire experience, is actually a GAME.
      We are immortal Beings of Energy, playing a Game of Illusion, just for the sake of recording the experience & moving to a higher state.

      This game has completely lost its appeal. There is no incentive to continue playing the game.

      1. Kiera,
        “We are finding that we are becoming really intolerant of many things in this dimension, and this is causing a lot of judgments and causing us to be angry and frustrated with our reality.
        You would think that when we evolve to a higher level of consciousness that we would be more compassionate and tolerant of this world. But that appears to be an idealistic dream that is not based in the reality of living in the twin worlds. This is the way we let go of this world. If we were happy and contend here, we would not let go.”

        Aisha gave link to this reading. I think this can explain your
        feelings. However I think you can be more Kiera darling than
        Kiera painful. It will be more pleasant to be seen here.

        This is just friendly remark of old enough person to say so.
        Take care girl.

        1. Hi Maria 🙂 I agree with what you said. I hear and have felt Kiera’s pain. I have much more inner peace… thank God! I wish Kiera, I could surround u with it so much you would feel a release from all the pain about u. Once you take hold of what is ‘real’ and you stop giving any power to the energies u dont want, it will work better in keeping u in a state that is much more pleasant. Put out those beautiful wings of yours and just swat the nasties away! Love 2 U, Areeza

      2. Kiera my sweet darling. I want to share with you that we have had a massive injection of Divine Masculine energy into the system that aids in two ways. First, along with susan’s wonderful Galactic friends it is helping to clear the negative energy from all our fields, but it is also stimulating in some the warrior mode. I feel strongly in your reaction that you simply need a break but you see no other way than sleep or death and this is simply not the case. You absolutely can actively clear your field, close down our chakras and take a rest…

        First, get comfy…then cross your ankles and take your two hands and make two OK signs and then loop the rings together–you will absolutely feel a disconnect from the energy. Then, focus on your heart and breathe in and out and for every breath, say I love you to YOU….when was the last time you loved on yourself? when was the last time that you honored yourself by giving energy to yourself instead of simply flooding it through? When was the last time you cleared your energy field of all energy that is not yours? Self love–self care–is DEMANDED at this time…

        When we rail outside ourselves what we are really doing is saying we have no control and you absolutely have control…whatever you feel is valid, should be felt fully, loved on deeply and released. what you are longing for is really not release from this divine job that you signed up for or you wouldn’t be here..it is personal acknowledgement of the hardships that you have suffered personally in service to the one–and the only person who can give you that acknowledgement is you…HUGE hugs sweetie…I know that massive change is here…it is here…it is here…I wont tell you to have faith, i wont tell you to wait, I will tell you to love yourself, treat yourself gently, set your boundaries, clear your energy fields like you would wash your hands DAILY, set your protection and tell YOU you love YOU as many times as you need to until YOU believe it…then the heart relaxes, it opens and all feels much easier…

        and yep, I got those itchy eyes and a head full of mucous too…and I am loving on those body parts as much as I can…oh and cracked inner mouth corners, zits for the first time in years…hmmm…neck and back…hamstring…ear ringing…I feel like my third eye is a permanent tatoo on my forehead….yep…sometimes I wish I were Lyrian so all I would have to do is anchor the energy into this new dimension and not spin it through! 🙂 Big hugs girl!!!!!!! You so wicked rock….Alex

        1. THANK YOU! Alex for stating the symptoms you’ve had in the last paragraph… me, too, most of them, even the cracked inner mouth corners! I was thinking, “Now what’s happening with this body?!” I’ve had a cold/flu bug that seems to go on forever with all the inflammation symptoms Kiera described (and I haven’t gotten either in years).
          And thank you also for the disconnect energy technique for relief. Just now used it and felt great… will continue when necessary. Now
          will go and watch your link.
          Blessings to you… and to you Kiera. xo, Lin

          1. Lin, remember that flu like symptoms can be Kundalini energy rising too…as it rises in the spine it pushes EVERYTHING out of the cells in a spiritual detox–loads of water, grounding and it it feels too much you can imagine the shoshona…the silver cord of your spine and energy with the ida and pingala around it (like a cadeusus…) and imagine the snakes of it and simply soothe them…pet them. allow their tails to go into the ground and their heads to peek around and look about–welcome them, they are here to assist you in your journey! Hugs!

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