The manuscript of survival – part 412

•April 19, 2014 • 111 Comments

As the days dawn you will see the magnificence of this giant new energetic bubble that holds you all safely contained within its shimmering sphere, and so, the days and the nights you enter will also be contained within this sphere of influence, this sphere of loving care that is protecting you all from the debris of yesteryear. Again we speak in convoluted terms, but we use these somewhat lofty words to try to describe the literally otherworldly world you have entered by now.

For you are no longer members of the old club, the club that had one simple rule in order to contain the entirety of all of its members, and that rule was the rule of fear. For as long as you adhered to that rule, you found yourself bound hand and foot to something that seemed to be a beneficial place, for that old club of fear was the club that counted the vast majority of mankind amongst its members. For safety used to come in numbers, and therefore, the fear club was the most popular one of them all. Not only that, anyone brave enough to venture outside the strict conformity that this club adhered to, was instantly ostracised and shunned and in the most grievous of cases, persecuted by all those still clinging to the perceived safety of the old prison walls. And so, mankind’s emergence from the dark ages was a story of imprisonment, a story of self-imposed limitations, and a story of heedless following of the old edict of disempoverment. But that old club, so bereft of vitality and lifeblood by now is slowly but surely crumbling to pieces, and what remains of its members are also slowly but surely crumbling away as you and so many like you have left this old and suffocating membership behind. And as you stepped away, you created a new hole in the wall, a hole that enabled more and more of these formerly blind members to finally see the light for themselves, and so they too rubbed the sleep from their eyes and decided to join you here, out in the sun and out in the light, where the air is fresh and the heart’s longing for freedom can finally be answered.

Make no mistake, being a pioneer and a freedom fighter like you comes at a cost, and it is indeed a price many of you have been willing to pay for many a lifetime. For this is not the first time you have carved yourself through these walls of limitation, but this is the first time that you have managed to not only pull yourself free from this old prison, you have also been able to make the walls themselves come down so that a multitude of your fellow men could follow in your footsteps. Remember, the history of mankind is filled with single-minded people, brave souls daring to go where no man has gone before them, willing and able to stand up for what they believe is the truth, a truth that no one else around them adhere to, but still, the truth they simply have to speak out for.

And so, time after time, these brave souls have been hunted into silence and hunted into extinction, but the seed they managed to sow, was not lost, it just bided its time until the time was right. And now, that hidden stash of undetected seed have all taken root and they have pushed away that forbidding topsoil of hatred and cruelty fuelled by fear that has tried to keep any sign of life in check, and so, all of those sprouts are coming into bloom, and you all carry one of these golden seeds within your heart. For that is where it found the fertile ground it needed in order to begin to stir into life. And in that shimmering glow of the light that you permitted to enter the deep, forgotten corners of your very being this little seed, planted such a long time ago by one of your forebears, sprang into life with a vigour never before seen. Not only on these shores, but anywhere in All of creation.

For remember, even if your recollection goes back many, many years, and you think you have been on this journey towards the light seemingly forever, what you have managed in what is in fact an incredibly short amount of time, is simply astounding. For what you have brought into fruition, is a process that was started eons ago, when darkness fell for the very first time upon what was formerly a true paradise. And as such, even if you all have become more than a little worn and torn by the last few years of hard work liberating yourself from the old clutches of fear, you are simply the last in a long, long line of freedom seeking souls who have trodden upon this very Earth that you call your home. And as such, you are the pinnacle, the crowning glory if you will of a long, illustrious link of lightworkers, finally coming into their own, finally manifesting the dream you carry with you from every shining soul coming before you. And remember, you can count yourself as many of these illustrious forefathers and mothers. For you have come here again and again on the same mission, to plant a seed that was for the future, to make an imprint that would perhaps not be visible during your stay in that one incarnation, but that would become clear for everyone to see some time in the distant future, when the angle of the light would make it stand out in clear and vivid detail.

And now, that future has arrived, making all of the hard work you have done so far in this life and also all of the hard work you did in many previous lives worth while. For now, what has only been a dream for so many generations will finally come into being, and you have already taken those very first steps on the new soil, the fertile soil, the soil that will never be barren again.

For you have created the new Arcadia, the place of your dreams, the home that will nurture your soul just as you will nurture its soil, and together you will flourish in a way that no one can make wither ever again. For you have set up the new coordinates spanning the globe, a grid of lighted beings, encompassing every single node and every single juncture, setting up an entirely new membrane of light that surrounds this whole planet like a life-giving and life enhancing placenta, protecting everything inside of it in an amniotic fluid of light that will serve to cushion and protect you from any outside influence seeking to harm you in any way. For now you have spun your cocoon of light, the one that will enable you all to gradually complete this process of transformation, and even if you have already become the lighted beings you have seeked to be for such a long time, you also need time to fully transition into the complete and complex being that you already carry the blueprints for within.

For many, this will sound like a step backwards, but it is anything but. For you ARE already complete, but you need time to assimilate it all and to develop every single trait of greatness that is already there. For just like an old fashioned photograph having been imprinted on a carefully prepared piece of paper by the light, you also need some time in seclusion to develop fully so that all of the details come out and all of the colours can shine with full brilliance. And so too you, for you have all completed a long and arduous journey already, and even if you will all be called to task in many ways in the time ahead, you will also be called to step back and let time help you to settle into your new you. Not for prolonged periods of time, we are not talking about a life as a hermit living in seclusion, unaccustomed to being out and about with others. No, we are simply referring to a period where you will feel the call to step forward at times and truly shine your own light in all kinds of circumstances, but where you will also be called to step back and just let the light shine on you. For at times, you will also have to take time to focus the full attention on you, so that the light can help you to fully develop into the very best version of you, the one containing all of the depth and all of the details, all of the light and the whole spectrum of colour that is already imprinted into your being.

So again we say, take time to just BE, and know that you are being held safely within this cocoon of light and love, this cocoon that now encompasses your entire globe, and this cocoon that ensures that you are no longer just a solitary passenger within your own little golden egg. For now, those single embryonic sacs that used to carry nutrition and information for just one single soul have merged into a giant orb capable of sustaining you all, and capable of ensuring that the connection between you have reached a brand new level of togetherness, of ONEness, of 1 within a perfect 0.

For this is the code of life, the singularity that is the totality, the 1 and the ALL in a point and in a line, no beginning, no end, just a circle encompassing the ALL of you, and all of you in one single unit, unending and limitless, defined and contained but still undefinable. For you are this, yet you are it all, and still, you have yet to BE all there is for you to be. For you are still growing, and inside this egg, this protective wall of energy in the form of light, you will be held suspended in a loving embrace that will never let go until you know the time is right for you to take to your wings and explore even further. And so, you are incubating within this egg for as long as it takes, and as we can see more than one step ahead, we see that you will once again astonish us all by the speed of your discovery of your true you, and as such, your time as fledgelings will not last for long. For you are already itching to try out those wings of yours you can feel developing under your very skin. For you have not come here to be just a human, you have come here to be so much more, and this last part is now the one that will become apparent to you all as you continue to let the light help all of these wondrous attributes to develop at warp speed.

A short update on the energies

•April 17, 2014 • 142 Comments

As many of you have already ascertained, this season is truly a season for change, and it is happening on multiple layers simultaneously. For as we have already stated in many previous messages, this is not a window dressing in any way, this is a profound and complete change, coming from the very core of your being and emanating further and further out within your sphere of influence. And when we say sphere of influence, we are referring to a much greater area than you perhaps envisage, for we refer to this entire world of yours.

For as your ability to connect has increased manyfold during only this last short period of time, so too has your ability to have a beneficial impact on the world around you increased. And so, you are no longer a solitary island, confined within a small bubble of energetic membrane, there to keep you safely tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the outer world. Now, you are a true member of the galactic forces, the ones that have an influence on anything and anyone around you. For now, you vibrate at a frequency that cannot be contained in any way, especially not by any layer of denser energies, no matter how thick they cover the ground. For as you have perhaps already seen, this thick fog of old miasma still lingering in pockets here and there on your globe is wasting no time in trying to impart their foul smelling excretions far and wide. But just as any smell, no matter how penetrating, will always dissipate no matter how overpowering it seems, this loud noise will also soon fade away.

For this rattling of old skeletons, this last minute panicky scrambling of old phantoms is merely a show for the masses, an act put on in vain in order to try to convince you that this dense fog of old and outdated ideas are more substantial than the flimsy little mock-ups they truly are. You see, the old forces are already draining away as they are being compressed further and further into their last corners by the expansion from the incoming light, and by the expansion of all of you.

For you are no longer a local force to be reckoned with, you are all truly a global force to be reckoned with. Not simply by the fact that your mere numbers are increasing, but also by the fact that your energetic fields have become so vast by now, you are casting your light far wider than what you can see. And yes, we do mean that in a very literal way, as your energetic influence is so far reaching now, it is actually global on an individual scale. And what do we mean by that? The fact is, as you have all acted in a way that has enabled this brand new frequential layer to be superimposed over the old, far less powerful one, you have also enabled this field to work in a very different manner. For you individually also carry the same frequency as the whole grid put together, and as such, you are a complete whole even if you are a fraction. And so, what you bring with you, is the entirety of the field, not just “your” piece of it. For as you put this whole new grid together, you did this in a way that also acted as a fragmentation. In other words, the singularity that you used to be is no longer, for this “singularity” that was you as an individual, has been split up in such a way, it has created a sort of “energetic soup” composed of all of the different fragments of each and every one of you. And it you compare this vast field of energy to a pot of soup, you can compare some of the energetic emissions coming in from the outer worlds as a sort of cosmic blender that has stirred this soup up in such a way, all of the old fragmentations has become a brand new composition of ONEness.

We know these words may seem to be rather confusing, but what we are trying to convey, is simply this: as you have all managed to connect to this new grid, you also disconnected from the old existence, where each and every one of you were considered as separate energy fields. And as you entered this whole new gravitational field, you also relinquished the old ideas of “yours” and “mine”, and you become I or 1 to use a numeral you are more familiar with. For the English way of referring to your self, the capital I, is also the old way of referring to the number 1, so what looks like the same, could in fact not be more different. In other words, “I” look the same, but now I have become “1″ as in ONE.

Let us leave it at that, and leave you to ponder the meaning of these somewhat confusing capitals and numerals, and we once again ask you to do so in the comfort of your own space. For there we are most certain you will find the truth of this message to be the new I, the 1, the one and only composed of ALL.

A short update on the energies

•April 15, 2014 • 158 Comments

I wasn’t expecting a new message today, but when I sat down to watch the live streaming of the lunar eclipse, this came through:

As you are all aware of now, what happens in the sky is an integral part of what is going on within your body. For your body does not constitute your limits in any way, far from it, your body constitutes the receptor that enables you to connect ever deeper to everything that is around you. At first, what you perceive will be what is transmitted to the inside of your body though the five senses, but bit by bit, you will realize that the information you can pick up in this manner is merely a small ripple on the surface of All there is. For now, as you have all become more adept at tuning into the real message that lies behind so much of these at times deliberately misleading snippets of information that you are being served through your eyes and your ears from numerous sources acting on behalf of diverse less beneficial masters, you will understand that in order for you to get the real picture, you need to turn away from whatever is served you on a daily basis in your mass media.

So that is why we say go within, for that is where the real story is unfolding, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. For within is where you will find all the answers, all of the news and current updates you could ever wish for. But remember, most of the sources for these news lies outside the boundaries that constitutes your physical vehicle, and now, what we would like to delve a little bit further into, is how these “galactic news” enter your vehicle in the first place. There is no secret that there is a correlation between what is going on literally above your heads and what is going on within your own bodies. For you are intrinsically linked to the energetic streams that comes flowing in towards this planet. Some of this information, in fact, quite a large proportion these days, comes from your friendly neighbour, your Sun, and even if your scientists are already monitoring her closely and trying to keep up with her seemingly capricious emissions of diverse energetic particles, they themselves have little or no knowledge of the real source of information that this brilliant celestial body really is. For the Sun acts as a portal for other, more far flung forces, and even if the Sun herself is capable of producing much of the highly charged particles coming your way, she also acts as a form of transformer, much like what we have told you that you do.

In other words, she is not only a transmitter, she is also a receiver of signals coming from another source, deep into space. In fact, it is a source that lies hidden behind the veil to use an expression you are all familiar with by now. For the sun not only represents the dimension that you are currently cohabiting within, she is also a go-between between your side of the veil and the other side, the multifaceted one, the time and space continuum that some of your scientists like to refer to as the multiverse. Yes, for the Sun is one of those peepholes or portals that encompasses the totality of All there is, and as such, every time you gaze towards this shining orb in the sky, you are also gazing towards an opening between here and everywhere, a partition that also acts as a portal, a divider that also acts as a connector. In other words, you are constantly in contact with All of creation by way of this energetic peephole, and through this peephole comes a steady stream of information that is helping you to step closer to that door of multidimensionality yourself. That is, it is helping your awareness to awaken to the fact that you are already truly a multidimensional being, capable of tuning into so much more information than what your human senses and indeed your human mind has led you to believe for such a long time.

And now, that aperture in the sky has been opened just that much wider, and it is letting through an ever increasing stream of these information capsules masquerading as light into the very core of your being. And ever time your physical body encounters one of these numerous infinitesimally small super charged particles, it reacts in a very specific way. for your body is already set to receive these “good news” coming in at an ever increasing rate, and even if you yourself have little or no conscious interaction with all of these particles, still they play a huge role in your daily lives. For as you are all literally walking, talking receptors for these intergalactic messengers, you are keeping up a non stop conversation with them in the form of energetic re-patterning within. You see, all of your cells are currently busy taking in and taking on all of this information in all sorts of ways, and even if you think that you are only suffering from a kind of mild flu, some erratic soreness of muscles or slightly annoying pain in your bones, you are in fact listening in on a small part of the static being created by this ongoing, super intense conversation between the individual cells in your body and all of these incoming signals to act. For all of these intergalactic messengers carry the same message: time to get going, and they cause such a flurry of activity within you, no wonder you feel a little out of sorts now and then. Remember, your body has been designed to withstand this huge relocation of energy, for that is what this is all about, for as all of this information enters your body, it does so in the form of energetically charged particles, and these particles are then charging up your entire body, bit by bit, cell by single cell, and this in turn is what is raising your frequency.

For light equals information equals frequency, as we shared in the previous message, and so, you are all being retuned into these brand new frequencies by the interaction between your own living cells and this huge orchestra of incoming celestial music in the form of energetic discharges coming your way by the help from the Sun. So this is indeed an ongoing process, and even if some of the static it produces can at times seem to be a little bit overwhelming, we again ask you all go to within the better to discern the good news that all of these small friendly visitors bring with them. For they bring a constant source of reassurance and affirmation from Source, and as such, you are already connected to a never ending source of beneficial energy that will sustain you every step of your way. You are still very much in the process of retuning, and even if this seems to be a never ending cycle of constant discomfort, trust us when we say that there will come a day in the not too distant future when this annoying and at time debilitating sense of static will be a thing of the past. For the clearer the line, the better the reception will be, and so, this whole process is all about opening up all of your lines to the optimal capacity, the better to be able to savour these “broadcasts” in the best possible way. For the reception will certainly become crystal clear in every sense of the word in the very near future and with that comes a brand new way of being able to really savour the information coming your way. And then, you will also understand far better all of the real workings that lie behind these at times more than fiery displays in the sky.

For remember no thing happens by chance, and every time something extraordinary goes on in the heavens above, it all carries a message to mankind, and we do mean that in a very literal way. For these messages come in all forms, but what they have in common, is the nature of them and that nature is simply energy in the form of diverse versions of light. So again we say, look to the sky, and revel in the displays you will see there, and know that every time something out of the ordinary can be perceived with your still somewhat limited human senses, the actual impact this has on your energetic body is indeed monumental. So too this wondrous display your moon is putting on even as we give you these words.

So take heed and lift your eyes to the sky, the better to savour these incoming fireworks. But make no mistake, the fear mongers will always have their say during an event such as this, and they will try to stoke the fires of fear in any way they can. So all we can say is this, fear not any internal fires these heavily charged energetic displays may set off, they are merely signs of activation, but learn to avoid looking into those outside fires caused by those still set on setting this world’s reservoirs of fear afire by violent actions and by ill-omened words. For those fires can easily spread and they will bring down many an unprepared mind with them.

So stay centered and go within, that is the best advice we can give you, and will continue to give you. And when you do remember to go within, you will all hear the good news coming percolating through every sinew, cartilage and bone you possess. For these good news are not limited in any way, they are seeping through every single particle of your being, and so, they should be easy to detect if you allow yourself to listen for their wondrous voice.

The manuscript of survival – part 411

•April 14, 2014 • 98 Comments

We would like to take the occasion today to delve into the topic of light, and we will do so in the hope that it will illuminate some hitherto darkened corners within you all, an also in the hope that these words will help to trigger some of you in a way that will help to illuminate the rest of mankind. You see, you are here with a very specific task in mind, and even if that task is still very much hidden from view for most of you, it is coming up to the surface at an ever increasing speed. For as you are all aware of, you are here to resurrect the glory of mankind and her surroundings, in the way of manifesting a brand new version of both that will enable you all to live in a way that will help to sustain you all in a continuous and benevolent cycle of enlightenment.

For when we talk of enlightenment, we do so in a very literal way, and we do so also in a more circuitous way, as light is so much more than the illumination you can perceive with your own eyes. You see, what you see is simply a fragment of All there is, and even if this is not news to any of you, it is still a fact that needs to be emphasized again and again. For mankind has in so many ways been trained to disregard anything that cannot be seen, and as such you have grown accustomed to exist on a very superficial level, one that is literally just the surface of All there is. But now, what has been kept hidden from you will once again become visible, and it will be so in a way that will serve to dispel all of the old notions of “reality” and replace them with something that far surpasses this old and worn out illusion.

Still, these words are not giving you anything new, but what we are about to delve into now, will be perceived as news to many of you, while for others, it will serve to increase the lingering supposition you have already started to feel into. For now, the true role of the light, and indeed, the very diverse nature of light will come more and more into focus, and that is because you are finally able to discern this information yourselves. For now, your whole receptory system has been fined tuned to such a degree, it is finally able to receive and interpret the subtle and not so subtle signals coming your way, and as such, what has been there all along will finally come into view for the general masses.

For as we have told you again and again, you already possess everything you need in order to rectify all that is wrong on this planet, and now, bit by bit, this information will finally come to the surface for all to see. And it will do so by the help of many of you. For you are here as carriers of light, and when we use the term light this time, it is in the term of information, and this information, when exposed to the general public, will help to light new flames that in turn will engender such a vast landslide of innovative forces in mankind, the unstoppable tide of change will take on a whole new direction and magnitude.

For now, you will suddenly start to see the obvious and you will start to see the simplicity and the beautiful structure that underlies everything that exists, and you will see the simple solution that will make all of the old and misinterpreted ways of mankind to become null and void in an instant. For you will see what lies within you in the form of energetic pathways, ready and able to start to unfold their vast and magnificent machinery, and when they do, they will unleash that inherent creative intelligence that you are literally walking around within. For you physical vehicle, that much-maligned and often ridiculed cylinder of flesh and blood is nothing less than a vast library of knowledge, stored safely within your very being, in a way that makes it instantly accessible the moment you manage to break through that old barrier of disbelief. And best of all, this simple solution, under your very noses, is already starting to show its true colours to some of your bright minds.

For remember, the light is seeping in everywhere, and it has done so for quite a while, and it has also had free access into many a trained mind living amongst you, working as scholars and scientists on all levels. And so, many of them have already started to see this light and they have followed the tantalizing trails this light has described, and they have started to pick out bits and pieces of the information that this light carries. But until now, all of this has been merely fragments of the whole, and as such, a comprehensive picture has yet to be established. And one of the reasons for this, is the old and well-known presence of the ego. For the ego driven mind will always try to keep the cards close to the chest, and they will try to gain by stepping over others, and they will try to hide information in order to gain an advantage for themselves. In other words, much research has been done in order to glorify the author, but now, that old notion of an ego driven society is starting to fade away, and a new way of existence is coming to the fore. And in this new existence, collaboration and cooperation for the common good will be the driving force behind it all, and this in itself will ensure that many formerly closed doors will be flung wide open. And so, people used to sitting isolated within their own field will understand the powerful effect of collaboration across any of the divisive borders, both intellectually and those old borders defining any idea or concept as someone’s “property”.

For now, a mighty force will be unleashed, and it will be unleashed in a way that will leave no stone unturned in the quest for freedom for all. And this concept of freedom encompasses everything, as this form of freedom is in fact nothing less than a way of life unfettered by any limitations when it comes to access to knowledge and energy. In other words, a society fuelled by a never ending supply of energy that will enable it to run in an endless cycle of energetic transformation, so that no harm will come out of it for any of the involved parties. In other words, you will once more realize that you are able to live a fully sustainable life, one that will be geared towards attaining more knowledge that in turn will benefit all those around you. For you will finally understand to live as one connected organism, where each individual member co-operates with everyone else, in the same beautiful cohesive manner as all of the cells in that wondrous body of yours are already doing.

For it is all here already, there is nothing new that needs to be invented, for all of the desired systems are already in place, both on a micro and a macro level, and now, you will once again become fully connected members of this vast and hyper organized structure that encompasses All of creation. Or to be more specific, you will once again become CONSCIOUS members of this huge structure, and as such, you will start to reap all of the benefits from this hitherto undiscovered treasure that is permeating everything you see and indeed all the things unseen as well. And what lies at its very core, is the light we refer to, the one that is not the visible light you can see on the outside, but the light that comes in all shapes and forms and is an intrinsic part of it all. For light is much more than a particle or a wave, it comes in all shapes and forms, from a liquid to a solid mass, a gaseous substance or as plasma. We know that this is not news to many of you, but we also know that these words will start to lift some blinkers of so many others, this in turn will start off some very interesting processes within many of you, and it will do so in perhaps some unexpected places.

For again, you each came in with a very specific task to fulfill, and for many of you, this task will show itself to be a distributor of information, and not only that, but information at a level that you had no idea you could even be associated with at the outset. For many of you will help to disseminate advanced technological and scientific information that will be delivered to some already highly trained and indeed highly fertile brains already in place in the scientific communities all around your globe, and so, your role will be as a cross between a go-between and a catalyst. For you will help to shed light on topics that may seem far removed from your normal way of life, and you will do so in a manner that ensures it will be delivered to the perfect recipient. And when we say perfect recipient, we mean someone who can make sure that this invaluable information is being utilized in the most efficient and indeed beneficial of ways, and of course, in ways that benefits all, not just a selected few. For the days of keeping information in a sequestered manner that will help to enrich a chosen few is long gone, for the information we are alluding to, will not be able to be sequestered thus. For in order to even be able to receive this light-carried information, you will have to vibrate at the right frequency, and anything or anyone still under the influence of the old density of the ego-based system, is simply not able to access any of this high frequency information.

Remember, all of mankind is set up with these same inherent systems that enables them to log on to this vast grid of energetic filaments that criss-cross All of creation, but only if an individual is willing to raise their own vibration by voluntarily opening up for these high frequencies to retune their own density from the old to the new one carrying the same tune as the light. So this cannot in any way be mismanaged, for this high voltage information, these snippets of golden nuggets of information have no value unless they are being connected to the perfect receiver, the person or persons that vibrate at just the right frequency.

For light equals information equals frequency, and now, you have all started to tune into this – for you – brand new bandwidth, one that carries an enormous amount of potential in the form of energy and information, and one that will continue to serve this up to each and every one of you freely – and for eternity. So as soon as you manage to fully connect to these channels of light that you are already set up with, a flow of majestic proportions will start to run through not only you, but this whole planet. For you cannot stay connected to this and still think of yourself as a separate being, for as soon as these energies really start to flow within you, they will also wash away any and all ideas of separation, and the old adage of becoming ONE will become crystal clear to you all. And yes, we choose our words carefully here, for the concept “living crystals” is one of the first that will arise out of all of this, and we know that this is indeed a concept that has already stared to resurface in quite a few of you.

Again, we speak perhaps a little bit in riddles, and as usual, we refrain from giving away any details beforehand, but again, that is for a very good reason. And the reason is simply this: you are about to discover this all by yourself, for now, you have been reprogrammed to start to uncover all of the secrets that has been lying and waiting for you, under your very noses. And as we have told you again and again, this will not be done FOR you, but BY you, and so too this. But this will truly be a labour of love, and it will be a magnificent example of learning to interact and interconnect with your fellow men in a very new way, where you will each furnish vital pieces to so many puzzles. For this is not a kind of work that can be taken on in solitude, this is for all intents and purposes a collective effort as we have stated again and again, and now, that will become more and more crystal clear to you all. Let us leave it at that, for we know that buttons have been pushed and information will start to appear to so many of you in the upcoming days and weeks, and we are truly looking forward to see the wondrous results that all of this collective realignment will engender.

A short update on the energies

•April 12, 2014 • 146 Comments

As many of you have noted, this quickening is indeed an ongoing project, and even if you do manage to get a small breather here and there, these times can indeed best be described as consisting of a steady stream of ever increasing manifestations of energetic missives being hurled at you at an ever increasing speed. In other words, it takes a deft hand to be able to juggle all of this and still be able to find a sense of purpose in it all, because as you are now well and truly immersed in this express train heading towards that ever approaching gateway you see so tantalizingly ahead, you might find it hard to simply BE. For as we told you, maintaining a connection to the NOW is indeed essential in all of this, but as we also told you, in times like these, it will be more challenging than usual. And we venture to guess that you can all agree to this at least at some point during your day.

For as these energies continue to toss you to and fro as they continue to hurl towards your planetary and indeed your physical body in a relentless procession, you will find yourself almost devoid of any sense of equilibrium. Some have compared it to a sense of free falling, and even the very word itself may bring many an anxious knot in many a fluttery stomach. But remember, when we talk about free falling, it is not as in falling down or tumbling back down into those lower vibrations, quite the opposite. This sense of free fall, of a strange kind of weightlessness or inability to perceive your own boundaries in the old way, is actually a sign of you being elevated in frequency once again. So what seems to be bringing you down is actually lifting you ever higher, but as your physical body has a hard time reading all of these confusing new signals coming into your body from the outside, it will resort to utilizing the same old detection system that will read these encrypted signals for something else entirely. And so, what is in effect good news will be mistaken for the opposite, and as your physical body has not yet managed to retune itself completely in order to fully interpret all of these new kind of messages, it will again fall back into triggering the old alarm bells in all sorts of ways.

Remember, your body has been used to maintaining status quo for such a long time that whenever it enters a period of so much variability and newness, it is apt to go off on a signal of distress-spree again, and we know that many of you have been feeling this in various ways. So yes, these are indeed intense times, and they may engender a whole lot of different physical and indeed emotional challenges for many of you, but again, the root cause for all of this is indeed something that will benefit you all. And it is already highly beneficial to you, it is simply that you physical body needs time to readjust itself so that it too can start to relax a little bit more in this brand new energetic atmosphere that is being put into place around you.

For remember, even if you have all shifted into this brand new environment already and you have started to take the first deep breaths of this new and far more sustainable atmosphere, this atmosphere is far from stable. And when we say that, it is not to imply that it is fragile or out of balance, it is simply to signal that this new energetic environment is still very much in its infancy, and it will continue to grow, evolve and expand at an increasing rate. Again, you are not capable of managing to ingest the full spectrum of these energetic potentials just yet, and therefore, these particles will be coming at you in ever increasing increments, the better to allow your already hard pressed bodies to absorb and interact with them.

So take it slow, and allow your body the time and the space it needs in order to habituate itself with all of this new, and remember to check in with your center on a daily basis, the better to find the assurance you will need in these rather tumultuous times. For now, everything is in flux, and we do mean that very literally, but the only thing not being affected by all of this energetic reconstruction is your inner core. For that is permanently engraved with the endless vibrations of Creation, and as such, it knows where you are heading. For it is already there, guiding you home, step by step, and it will help you to find your way no matter how confusing your surroundings will be. Both those within your very own body, but also everything that surrounds that amazing physical vehicle you inhabit.

So again we say that all is well, and that is the answer you will get from yourself whenever you find the time to sit back in silence and just BE with you. And that is what we ask you to do in the time ahead. For we think you will find that the noise and confusion will only continue to reverberate more and more through not only your body, but your whole world. So stay connected to you, and you will find those pockets of calm assurance that will help you to weather out any storm you might encounter in the days ahead. And remember, you are made of far, far stronger stuff than you can even begin to imagine, and no storm, energetic or otherwise, is able to blow you apart so long as you maintain a firm connection to YOU.

The manuscript of survival – part 410

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The tides they have indeed changed, and so much will change with it, as this incoming riptide of energies will continue to create upheaval in all of the old sediments still obscuring mankind’s vision of reality. For you are still very much in the dark as to what the real reality is, as the great majority is still immersed in this old fog of illusion, or perhaps we should rephrase that into this old fog of disillusion. For still you will see an abundance of negativity around you, that is, if you choose to tune into those channels still busy sending out these same negative signals. But if you have managed to tear yourself away from the old drama still being played out on those old screens that have been set up between mankind and their inner core, you will already have started to see not only through this old illusion, but you will also have seen the first new glimpses of that brand new reality being played out in its full technicolour splendor.

For what you see is merely a small fragment of what you are about to get, as these ever increasing incoming waves of light will continue to wash away more and more of the old illusion. And as that disappears, what has been portrayed as the stark, grim reality in shades of black and grey will start to disperse like grimy water down the drain, and the true colours in every sense of the word will start to emerge. For just as some of those old masterpieces created by long ago geniuses will be restored back to their former glory by a steady hand and a skilled technician into becoming vibrant and alive once again, so too will this world reemerge from a sea of murkiness, darkness and despair and shine in all of its splendor once more. And this is not something that you will have to wait long for, for this is a process that is already well on its way. And for some of you, those first tantalizing signs of this vibrant newness have already become apparent, both within you, but also as you gaze around you, looking into the hearts and the eyes of your fellow men.

For remember, this reappearance of glory comes from within you all, it is not something that will be applied on the outside, like a coat of varnish covering up some old dents and scratches, like people do to try to dress up something they are trying to sell off to a less suspecting person. For this change is not a superficial one, made up to make it look new. No, this is a profound change taking place from the inside out, changing every single molecule within your body into a brand new version of you, a new version vibrating at such a high frequency, it in turn will help to retune anything and anyone it comes into contact with. For you are indeed the walking healers we have talked about earlier, and as you have already started to hum to this new tune, you have already started this escalating process of evolution within so many of your fellow men as well, by your mere presence in their vicinity. And as you go about your daily chores, you bring this harmony of souls with you wherever you go, making this harmonic sing out loud and clear all over the place and as a result, every single particle within range will pick up this vibration and start to react to it.

Make no mistake, some of the reaction you will engender may be thought of as negative. That is, if you fail to understand that someone acting up or lashing out in anger in your presence do so because they feel the inner turmoil from their own god spark starting to sing out in order to join in in this heavenly choir that you represent. And so, any sudden bursts of anger or negativity from anyone around you are simply signs of them noticing their own inner spark for the very first time. This is simply a normal reaction from having been immersed in the same low frequencies forever, for as soon as you enter the picture, something profound starts to happen within them, and this will not go unnoticed. But for the most part, the reaction you will get, will be one of recognition, a sudden smile, a deep, penetrating look or a nod of approval from someone you least expected it from. You will also go around noticing nothing at all at times, but do not let that lead you into thinking you are not having an effect at all. For now, you can not help but have an effect, for you are so deeply entrained within that huge wave of energetic harmonics that is sweeping all across your globe, your very presence will serve to enhance these signals in such a way, even the dimmest of lights cannot fail to pick them up.

So again we say thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do, for you are bringing light into every single heart on this planet. And as you move about, you also serve to enhance the connection between heaven and earth in a very literal way, as you also serve as the physical anchors that help to connect most of the incoming currents to the very surface of this planet. And through you passes an enormous amount of light and information, information that is instrumental in rewriting the history of mankind, and information that is instrumental in rewriting your DNA in a way that ensures that all of the old locks will become unlocked again by a myriad of different key frequencies that together will ensure a total freedom for your physical body to start to function at optimum capacity.

For as you already know, even your scientists have had to acknowledge the fact that a human body seems to be far more advanced than what you have been able to tap into, and they have calculated that what you are utilizing today, both of you brainpower and also of some of those other forms of intelligence they have managed to detect within your physical body, is merely a small percentage of what seems to be available. And as you perhaps also know from the old schoolbooks, nature does not waste any energy in maintaining systems that are not of any use. So perhaps this will help you all to understand that you already carry within you all that you need in order to rectify the old wrongs on this planet, and all that needs to be done, is to set the rest of these magnificent inner reservoirs of energy and information into full use. After all, that is why you have them in you in the first place, and if they were not meant for use, evolution would simply have made them disappear a long, long time ago, just like gills and webbed feet were no longer a necessity when your “forefathers” started to walk on land. And so, these old and up until now undiscovered treasures will come into full effect one by one, and as they do, so will your capacity to change the rest of this world back into its former glory emerge in full.

For you are here not only to facilitate this change, but also to enact it. With a little help from our side of the veil of course, but still, you are the ground crew, here to make the dreams come alive in every single way. And not only will you have the pleasure of making it happen, you will also have the pleasure of savouring the wondrous results. And that, dear ones, is  a gift that no one deserves better than you. For you have done all of the hard work, you have literally started from scratch by pulling yourselves out of the morass, and now, the time has come to start to pull the rest of the world with you. And no, this does not mean that the burden will increase, it is quite the opposite. For as you all manage to release all of the pent up energy and knowledge that has been hidden within, you will also shift into a manner of existence that will serve to literally lift you out of the drag of the old density. And as such, the burdens of yesterday will be no more, and what you will experience, is the joy and the rush of the elevation, not the heavy weight of negativity that used to try to pull you further down.

For you will no longer suffer from this gravity of the old, instead you will be lifted by the lightness of the new to new heights, and as you lift, the rest of the world will be buoyed by your ever increasing lightness. And so, what seemed to be the heaviest burden of all will become a lesson in enlightenment – in every sense of the word. So let us leave it at that and leave you to ponder our words, and make sure that you take ample time to tune in to your brand new inner channels. For that is where you will find the good news, and they will continue to arrive in an ever increasing stream in the days ahead as these incoming energies continue to lift you all ever higher above the old and outgoing mode of existence.

A short update on the energies

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By now, you have all started to settle a little bit into the new energetic format that you entered as you passed through the portal of light that was offered to you all during this past weekends’ communal get-together. Again, this is something that is offered each and every one of you on an individual basis, and so, it differs as to whether or not you chose to enter at this time or if you preferred to delay this experience, and it also differs as to how you experience this shift yourself.

For this is one in a long line of such shifts, and so, it will come as no surprise to any of you that after such an event, it will take some time before you feel more or less fully settled within this new energetic signature that you carry. For this is as you all know a process that is taken in increments, but as you have already progressed to such an advanced state energetically from you original density, you are now well equipped to take on far larger helpings from this energetic smorgasbord to use a familiar phrase. We use this somewhat simplified description in order to remind you that this is in many ways a large menu of energetic implements that are being put to use in order to help you all to attain that full potential you already carry imprinted within your very DNA, and so as we told you beforehand, this last event was no different from the other ones when it comes to the individual tasks you went through. But what was slightly different this time, was the wide scope of group efforts that was carried out throughout this event.

For you all took part in at least one of these smaller get-togethers that was an intrinsic part of the whole, and so, you all contributed to it in so many ways, and you all partook of the benefits from this energetic cornucopia that was opened throughout the whole evening and indeed in the days and nights before and also in the following days. For this is not just an event that is narrowed down to take place within that single defined moment of time that is designated as the “official” time for this event. No, it will in many ways continue to stretch out both in time and in depth, for this is to all intents and purposes a multi-dimensional event, and as such, it is much much broader in scope than any of you can fully fathom at the moment. But we can already conclude that this whole magnificent get-together was a resounding success. Not surprisingly, as you all have a long illustrious story of staging these communal efforts in such a wholehearted way and with the participation of so many, the combined effect of it is no less that astounding. And for this, we give you our wholehearted appreciation, and we want to thank you all on behalf of All of creation.

Again, this is not something you can be forced to partake in, for this is simply something that must be allowed on an individual basis by you, and by that highest aspect of you that resides within the very core of your soul. We know that many of you have some magical moments from this event already imprinted on your heart walls, but we do want to remind all those of you failing to recall anything at all that this does not imply that you did not take part at all. For your willingness to open up to these energetic immersions is more than enough, and your ability to recall any of the details is not a signal of success or not. It is simply a result from the programming you carry, and for some of you, the task you have been given beforehand is to recall and to report what you do see to the rest of the members of this magical orchestra. So even if you have no recollection at all at having given your voice to this wondrous event, we could hear you loud and clear, and we saw as you all lit up with a splendor we have not witnessed on these shores before.

So yes, you truly brought the house down in every way, and as you raised your voices through the roof, you also enabled a brand new frequency to enter. Not just in your hearts, but in this whole planet. And from now on, the tune has well and truly changed into one that will sing out even louder and clearer, and it will bring joy into so many hearts. And it is thanks to your efforts that this glorious song now will be heard by all, and it will start to become more and more noticeable in the time ahead, as you all get more accustomed to carry this new tune.

And carry it you will for eternity, for it has become embedded within your soul in a way that makes it unerasable. And so, wherever you go you will carry this song of love and joy, and even in the darkest of places will this song take root and start to sing out ever stronger. Again, we can only thank you for what you have taken upon you for it is a task of immense proportions, but it is also a task that will bring you all no end of joy. For you will see the results from all of this love that you will be spreading around, much like the gardener will rejoice at seeing his tiny little seeds start to sprout and then grow into the most magnificent of gardens. So thank you all, for bringing this bounty down to Planet Earth, we know it has found fertile ground, both within each and every one of you, but also in the very soil you walk upon.


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