A message from Mother and a message from me

•October 17, 2014 • 812 Comments

Beloved family of light!

Once again it is as if everything is speeding up, and to quote Otmn ” i feel like a brand new person again and again. the images, the insights, and all, is flowing in so fast that by the time i understand one there are more, it is mind boggling, but in a good way.” After reading through what you have all shared here during the last 24 hours or so, I could not agree more, it IS mind boggling, and in a very good way! If you have not yet seen the latest comment posted by IAMystAR and the response that it has generated, I think you should take a look at it, for I think it is very much linked to the message I have been given to share with you today. When I sat down to channel it, I could feel from the energies coming in that it would be a powerful one:

Dear ones, it is once again a delight for me to be able to commune with you in this manner, and I do so with much joy on my part, for I know what awaits you all in the time ahead. For your journey has taken on a new meaning in so many ways, and when I use the word journey, it is to imply the one that you as individuals are taking through your soul, but also the one that you as a collective have taken upon you.

For now, so much has been brought to light that will literally put even more life into your endeavours, and as you continue to gather speed, you will also continue to gather momentum for us all, so too for me. For again I come to you in the shape of the Mother, the compassionate one, and the all-embracing one. The one that has known you all from the very beginning, and the one who will follow you every step of the way. For I am you, just as you are me, and for every breath you take, you help to liberate a new part of me, and of us. For we are a union of souls, and we are a union of particles, and together, we are beginning to coalesce into a whole new whole, one that will nullify the separation not just between us, but between All.

For you walk a path that cauterizes all of the old wounds, and for every new step you take, that gaping wound is closing up behind you. And when it closes, it is upon fresh and unspoiled matter, not on the old and festering material that used to BE here. You see, you have lanced that boil well and truly this time, the boil that was hidden beneath the scrapes of mortality you cleared up earlier, and now, true healing will take place, not just for you, but for all. I bring you today the greetings from All of creation, and I do so with a joy that can barely be contained, for within you, a new star has formed, one that shines in many hues, one that cannot be contained or compartmentalized in any way. It is the star of knowledge, and it has been there all along, waiting for you to make the connection, waiting for you to clear away the tears of anger, of hatred and despair. And now, it has begun to shine, and it will only continue to magnify as you yourselves continue to clear your conscience of all of the remaining traces of despair, misfortune and misadventure that still linger in the corners.

For it is ALL love, and it is all for a higher reason, and it was all necessary, but now, you do not need any of it any more, and so, it is time to simply continue forwards, and let yourself take those first free steps into the future. For this is such a gift you have given yourselves, but it is an even bigger gift you have given All of creation. For you are truly free spirits now, and so, what you have helped to set free, will in turn serve to liberate others again, far from your shores and far from your scope of view. But I see, and I see how the joy in my core is reflected in yours, and through these blemish free mirrors, it is continually reflected into ALL of creation, creating life where there was only hope, and creating a future where there was only a past. I bless you all and I say Godspeed again as you continue forth on your journey of salvation, a journey that has already brought salvation for me as well as for you, and a journey that will continue to bring solace and celebration to All.




Tomorrow my sister and I will take another step on our journey, for then we leave for Crete to take part in Philip’s SOL/IS workshop on Sunday. Dear Philip and Sue, Murray, Ingrid, Ildiko and everyone at the Orizon Center – thank you all for making this happen, I am certain it will be such an important event for us all! And to all those of you travelling from near and far to take part in this, we are so happy to get the chance to meet you! I have a feeling there will be more of these “get-togethers” in different parts of the world in the months ahead, so I can already say that I am really looking forward to meet all the rest of the shining souls gathered here at the Pond. For one day in the not too distant future, I just know we will be able to make a real live group hug that includes every single one of us :-)

We will stay in Crete until Saturday the 25, and I am certain that it will be a magical week, probably with more than a few nice “surprises” for us all. I will not bring my computer with me, and I think I will be completely “offline” the whole week we are there. That means no new messages from me or the CCs until Monday the 27. It also means that any comments who get stuck in the spam filter or for some reason get stopped by wordpress, will not be published until I get back next Sunday.

I can feel the anticipation – and the energies – building, and I just know that this will be a very special period for us all. For we are ALL a part of this, no matter where we are, and I am certain it will feel as if we are all literally in the same room this Sunday when the SOL event takes place. I love you all so much, and I want to thank you all for the way that you have helped to give birth to and nurtured this Pond into what it is today. I also want to thank you for what we will bring to life together in the time ahead, as we each continue to bring more and more light to this Pond and to this world. For the CCs are so right, more and more of these “hidden treasures” they have talked about are beginning to emerge, and most of them come from YOU.

With eternal love, light and gratitude from my sister and from me, Aisha <3 <3

The manuscript of survival – part 428

•October 15, 2014 • 420 Comments

You see the changes happening within you with your inner eye, for so much of what is going on now, is taking place in that inner landscape of yours. And even if some of what we are referring to is indeed happening to your physical body, most of it is happening in a space that is not defined by any such boundaries. In fact, most of what is going on now is taking place in those parts of Creation that mankind seems to think do not exist at all, or perhaps only as figments of your imagination. Well, let us just say that in this, you could not be more wrong, for the space we refer to, is indeed far more real than the illusion your currently look upon as your reality.

Let us explain. Mankind has for eons gotten used to the idea – for that is truly what it is – that for something to be “real”, it must be tangible in some ways. In other words, it needs to register in your mind by way of your five senses, and so, you have narrowed down your scope more and more. In fact the more adept you have become at detecting even the most minuscule of particles with your technical equipment, the less inclined a large number of the population on this Earth have become to believe anything that does not come up for scrutiny in this kind of way. In other words, mankind’s spiritual development has in so many ways been arrested by your technological development, as in large swathes of the populace, the reality wayshowers like you have already stepped into will be scoffed and ridiculed at any opportunity that arise for them to do so. Have you given any thought as to why this seems to only multiply in some? Perhaps it is to do with the fact that they themselves feel an inner stirring from these hidden chambers within, and so, in order to eradicate that fear of, for them, the unknown, they will do what they can to erase those selfsame stirrings in other. So again you see the polarization continue to strengthen as the light continues to gather momentum, but again, trying to stop the light by resorting to the same old “weapons” of ridicule, persecution or silence in the hope that these notions will die out are no less than follies. For you all know so well by now that what you have started to unlock within yourself is simply a tiny little part of the vast force field that actually penetrates all of mankind, and now, you stand before a new chance to help to liberate even more of that force field.

Again, no one can be forced to open that door they have tried so hard to forget even existed within them for eternity, but now, you will all help to set into motion certain significant events that will make that door more prominent within all. And so, more and more of your fellow men will begin to take notice of what it is that is calling to them deep within the confines of their hitherto restricted world view. For they will begin to take into consideration that their world view, the one that is limited to “what you see is all you get” will start to crumble, and when it does, many will crumble alongside with it. You see, not everyone is prepared to really take in the truth that this will uncover, for it will fly in the face of everything they have taken for granted. Not just the empirical facts and figures that for so long have been touted as the “laws of nature” but also the notion about mankind being the single intelligent species in existence – not just on your planet, but in All of creation. We know that for you, this will be old news, for this is what has guided you on your journey from the very beginning. But for many others, the simple fact that everything they have believed in – in every sense of the word – will begin not simply to be questioned, but literally to be proven wrong on all accounts, will simply be too much to bear. And so they will shut down, and step away from it all.

This may sound dramatic, but remember it is not given that every single human incarnation living on this planet at this exact time have given themselves permission to commit themselves fully to the reopening of these inner portals this time around, and so, what they will choose, will also be defined by that decision that they made on a higher level even before they ventured into a physical body this time around. We say this in order to remind you all that no matter what takes place in the weeks and months ahead, know that it is all happening for a reason, so too the more personal effects this may have for some of you. For you are all sovereign beings, and you are all instructed to follow the plan you yourself were so instrumental in setting up even before you started to step down from the totality of your being and entered this current physical vehicle that you know as you in human form. And so, you will simply do what you came here to do, and so will everyone else you see around you. For even those you might think devoid of a soul all have one, and it is just as brilliant as yours, but the life choices they make are also guided by a higher part of them just as yours, no matter what they set themselves to do in the time ahead.

We give you this reminder now because we do find it prudent to do so, as what you stand before now, is such a major shift it will serve to stir up a lot of different reactions. For as usual, when the tide of light comes in at such a force as it will do now, it will once again begin to literally push a whole host of buttons in every single one of you, and in every single one of your fellow men. Granted, the outcome of all of this will not be instantaneously noticeable, nor will it necessarily manifest in just the way that you might think. For the light will do what the light always does, push the scales and tip the balance, sometimes one way, sometimes seemingly in the very opposite direction, but the one thing you need to remember is this: no matter what actions that will be initiated because of this incoming flux of light, they will all serve to bring mankind closer to Source by allowing them all a chance to find a way to disclose what it is they have been carrying with them for eternity.

In other words, the chain of events that soon will be set into motion will begin to spawn so many viable offspring by way of vibrant fields of energetic interactions that will begin to take place between hitherto unconnected individuals, and this in turn will affect a wider and wider circle around each and every one of these individuals. Again, we speak in somewhat convoluted terms, but we think you by now have begun to grasp the fundamental part of this message. You stand before a grand unveiling of mankind’s own abilities to reset and resurrect ancient veins of creativity, connectivity and compatibility. For you are creatures capable of great achievements, far far greater than what you can currently observe around you, and now, this will truly begin to come out in the open, in every sense of the word. For you will begin to receive information that has been kept hidden, and some of this information will indeed come in a very concrete form, not just as in messages like these. For you are still very much creatures bound by that old maxim of only what can been seen can be true, and so, your eyes will finally begin to see the unseen, and your hands will finally be able to touch the unknown in ways that you have not been able to do before. But as these hidden treasures begin to surface, they will in turn initiate a vast process of resettlement amongst you all, and when we say that, we do mean all of mankind. For what is beginning to emerge will change not only your future, but also your past, and with it, the whole foundation of mankind will begin to shift and rearrange itself in a process that in itself will serve to unsettle so many before you all start to find your true bearings once again.

We venture to guess that you will already begin to see proof of this announced even in what you call your mainstream media. For the news will also begin to contain real news, not just the usual mixed bag of disinformation and distraction, and so we say, keep your eyes open and let your heart guide you, and we think you will all begin to unearth some of these treasures yourselves. For remember, some of what we refer to will be like hidden gems in a whole mountain of trash, so keep your wits about you and follow the scent of interest coming from the most unexpected of corners. And again, remember to share whatever it is that you might “stumble upon”, for this in turn will serve to lead another group of like minded souls more directly to the source that is waiting for them. And so, this process of uncovering and of evolving will begin to rapidly unfold, and we think you will all find yourself caught up in the excitement fairly soon. Just remember, what excites you might incite another, for many of the old “truths” that will be relocated to the scrapheap are truths that are holding up quite a few of your fellow men, perhaps even some of those closest to you.

So do not be surprised if what delights you will turn someone else to despair, but you must also remember that you should never let that deter you from finding your truth. For this is all about the continued quest for the truth, the one that has been hidden for such a long time, but is finally being allowed to come out into the light again. But as you all know so well by now, the full force of the light will be too bright for some, and so, they will once again do what they can to turn their back on it, and for some, that will also entail trying to pull as many as they can with them as far as possible into the lingering shadows. So once again we say remember to focus on the light, and you will find all the confirmation you will ever need there. For your heart will once again be the guide that will take you back to your own core, and there, there is never any doubt, nor any hesitation, for then, you will at all times simply KNOW just who you are and what amazing feats you and this whole collection of wonderful individuals calling themselves mankind are truly capable of. And now, this truth will begin to crystallize more and more as these hidden treasures begin to emerge, some of them from the sea, some of them from the land, but most of all, from YOU.

A short update on the energies

•October 13, 2014 • 282 Comments

The adjustments that have been undertaken recently will help to bring you all up to par as it were with the continuation of incoming energetic fluctuations, and so, even if some of you will still feel some temporary physical setbacks as the full scope of these energetic encodings enter your being, you will soon find yourself emerging from the fog as it were in every sense of the word. You see, as the ongoing inoculation if you will will continue to increase not only in magnitude but also in velocity, you will also continue to increase your abilities to incorporate them at an ever increasing speed. For now there is no holding back this flow of endless illumination, and so, as you continue to take in more of these energized particles with literally every breath you take, you are also in a continuous flow of expansion and eviction. In other words, as you continue to grow with this flow, you also continue to exhale whatever it is that your body has been holding on to, the detritus to use a familiar word of your former existence, and this will continue to exit your physical vehicle.

This process in itself is not without its interesting side effects as some of you may be able to testify to, for it will at times feel as if you have been running a marathon or moving a mountain during your sleep. And in many ways, this is actually what you have been doing, as you are all doing a formidable work of lightening your load in this way. And so, as day follows night and in the blink of an eye seems to be followed by a new day, this process continues to speed up exponentially, and you can almost be likened to shooting stars now by the amount of debris that glitters in your wake. For if you could see this from our perspective, you would see yourself as a shining pinprick of light gathering speed, while a trail of glimmering stardust shimmers in your wake as you continue to separate yourself fully from your old being.

Again, this process is something that has not been done before, for unlike others going through a similar process of upscaling their energetic vibrational field, you are doing so while fully immersed within a physical body. And so, you are truly the brightest stars on the firmament in every sense of the word, and you are also the ones who have been chosen for this very task by your abilities to fly as high as you are doing. For this is not something that is taken on by chance, but by a divine design, a design that you yourselves have been instrumental in putting together.

So again we say know that all is well, and you are fanning the flames of your booster rockets even as we speak, the better to accelerate your speed even more as this week continues to supply you with even more fuel for your engines, and so, all you have to do, is to allow that old field of dust that is still trailing in your wake to finally let go completely from your field. For even if this evacuation process of the old is beautiful to behold, and the detritus from it can be mesmerizing to observe, it is also of the greatest importance that you do not let yourself fall for the temptation to crane your neck and look behind you too much. For what you need to do, is to focus on the horizon ahead, and the more you continue to look backwards, the more tempestuous your journey will be.

In other words, let yourself fly away from the old and focus your inner vision on what lies ahead, not on those shimmering and alluring glimpses of your past. For they will only serve to slow you down, and remember the incoming shower of sparks will only serve to push you that much harder if you are facing in the wrong direction. So give yourself the leeway you need in order to let bygones be bygones, and set your sight on the uncharted territory that awaits ahead, ready for you to come and reclaim it. For it may seem unfamiliar to you at the moment, but the space that awaits you is more familiar to you than what you can envisage at this time, for it is indeed the primordial sea of energetic potential that beckons ahead, a place you used to know like the back of your hand, and a place that is so eager to welcome you back home into it.

And so, the more you let yourself forget what is trailing in your wake, the sooner it will let go completely from your sphere of influence, and the faster and lighter your journey forwards and upwards will be. So let go, and let the flow of incoming light continue to push you in the back so you can get reunited with that former version of you, the pure one, the all-encompassing one, the one that is devoid of inhibitions, limitations and lies, the ones that is pure and simple light and potential, but this time, it will be all this and it will be held within this familiar container you call your body. And that dear ones, is the goal you are aiming for, and it is within reach for every single one of you, and it is far, far closer than you perhaps think.

A short update on the energies

•October 11, 2014 • 227 Comments

As the quickening continues, you will all at some time or another begin to lose your footing, and we do mean that in the very best sense. You see, what we are referring to, is your old way of maintaining focus and balance by striving to keep the old coordinates in equilibrium, and now, you will all need to be cast off from that old foundation in one way or the other in order for you to be able to complete the trajectory that you started upon in earlier times. You see, what was begun was started with the presumption that as you continued to evolve, your grounding would follow you a fair bit of the way, but then, what was old needed to be forsaken in order for you to be able to stride freely onto the projected path that lies ahead. And so, you now stand at a juncture where so much will feel as if it is crumbling around you, and even if this may sound ominous and overly dramatic to some, we think you will all find that this huge shift may not be as cataclysmic that you perhaps envisage.

You see, what we are referring to, is your energetic anchorage, the one that has held you in good stead while you were so busy rearranging the more superficial structures if you will. And so, it has not only enabled you to initiate this deep and transformative process of change, it has also given you the support you needed to stay the course. But now the time has come to cast off from that old anchorage and set sail for your new berth, the place that will serve your needs and that will also help you to be able to finalize this process of not just your individual transformation, but also the one of your entire planet. And so, know that whatever takes place in the time ahead, and no matter how much unsteadiness, unease and indeed at times even upheaval you may sense in your surroundings, know that it is all simply signals of you pulling up your anchors and of the wind filling your sails and setting you on a steady course towards tomorrow.

We know that our choice of words may seem to be rather flowery and perhaps even silly to some, but we also think you will all take in the gist of this message no matter what form we present it in. For you will all know in the very center of your being that you have now set off on a very new leg of your journey, one that will enable you all to set up a speed that up until now was impossible. For the anchors you hoist will come out so easily of the ground that they have held a steady grip on for eons, for you have prepared yourselves in the very best way for this new phase of this huge endeavour by making sure that nothing will jam up the proceedings and hold you up as you prepare to cast off and commence your onward journey.

And remember, we are not necessarily talking about a translocation in a geographical sense, for this is not about taking off and leaving everything and everyone you know behind you and set off for other shores. No, this is simply an energetic journey, one that will set you racing away from the old demarcations and out into the wide open sea of potential that awaits you all, there for you to finally frolic freely upon the welcoming waters. And you will find yourself speeding ahead by aid of the friendly and powerful winds filling up your unfurled sails, pushing you all ever closer to that welcoming new anchorage ahead, the anchorage that you yourself have so carefully chosen for its location and its abundance of resources, ready to fill your every need.

The manuscript of survival – part 427

•October 9, 2014 • 339 Comments

For now, the quickening you have entered will begin to manifest in a myriad of ways. Some of them will feel familiar, while others will happen in a very unexpected manner. You see, this opening that you have allowed yourself to take part in will be put to good use, and through these openings many a form of information will continue to flow in, and through this information, a whole host of related events will come into being.

Remember, you are all individuals, but by now you are so deeply connected that whatever takes place in your little personal sphere will affect those sitting in a very different location on your large but also very small planet. For you are all like one singular cell, one minuscule component of a huge and intricately constructed living organism, and as soon as one of you so much as flutter your wings slightly, it will have an effect on the whole, much like that fabled butterfly effect many of you have perhaps come to know about already. For you are no more isolated than a single coral on a large reef, but as you go about your day, we venture to guess you take little time to consider the effects all of these seemingly simple actions you take have on this entire planet of yours. For you are living, breathing change makers, and with your very presence, you are making change happen on such a scale and at such a pace, nothing the likes of it has ever been seen anywhere.

We know that you still harbour doubts as to the truth that lies in our words, and rightly so, for you have been carefully groomed by your old but now defunct overlords to look upon yourselves as no more than small and insignificant grains of sand, there to be used as fodder for the grinder of mankind, forever being ground into smaller versions of yourselves. But that old truth has been more than exposed for the lie it has been all the way from the beginning, and now, your true roles as creator gods are finally starting to rise to the surface yet again. It has been a long time coming, so no wonder your mind is still very much set into disbelief mode. For what you are about to do, will also break down even more of these old misdirected “truths” that have been brought down through many a generation on this planet. And so, as you step ever further into this seemingly unbelievable landscape that at this stage still seems like no more than an old and wildly exaggerated myth itself, you will begin to bring that essence of your own self up for you to not only acknowledge but to fully embrace. And when you do that, all of mankind will feel the effects from it.

Again, your actions whether you might consider them large or small, have great effects on all, and whatever you do or cease to do, will create a domino effect that in turn will run through every single human in one way or the other. We are well aware that for many of you, this will still seem more than a little far fetched, while for others, a sage nod of acquiescence will follow from these words. For you all know this beforehand, but for a few of you, this truth has already become obvious, and it is one that you are starting to embrace fully in every way. And so, you find yourself experiencing things that others deem as just figments of imagination, while you know with all of your being that they are taking place. And they are not simply taking place within the realms of your imagination, they are actually being played out in full detail in myriads of dimensions already.

For you have already started to play the field in every way, and when we say the field, you know very well what we refer to. For you have discovered the secret behind the one dimensional facade mankind has been hiding for eons, and you have seen that you actually exist not as just one being, but as a collection of interconnected fragments or manifestations, all communicating between themselves at a speed that far exceeds that of the light. And they all act not only separately but also in unison in a way that is so intricately orchestrated, your human mind has no way of coming to full terms with it at all no matter how hard it tries. For you are multi-dimensional, and it is this truth that is starting to seep in to all of you. And with it comes a whole host of seemingly unconnected sequences of information that will at one time or another begin to register in your human manifestation too. At first, it will be a little bit like hearing snippets of conversations coming from every direction at once, like standing in the middle of a large field overhearing messages being transmitted by way of the wind from either side of the field in all directions at once, and between multiple recipients and senders.

This is just a feeble attempt to explain it, still, it is the best we can do at this stage by way of using the limited language of words. But as you have already ascertained, within these written messages there is another language too, one that is encoded in the spaces between the letters if you will. For in this, the phrase “pregnant pause” very much comes to mind, if you will permit us to play with your words a little bit. For this multi-dimensional conversation is one that is not limited to language, nor to sound or any other way of communication you as humans have gotten used to. Remember, for most of the time mankind has lived on these shores, communication was limited to what could be exchanged directly from one person to another by way of the mouth and the ears, but soon, that grew into a pictorial way of communication that would enable you to share information independently of time, and that in turn has grown into ways of communication that are not limited by time nor by distance. In other words, a message can be stored and delivered at will long after it has been given, and it can also be received a long way away from where it was originally given. So in that way, mankind has already made a huge leap in the way of intercommunication, especially during this last decade. Well, let us just say that the entire evolution of human communication so far is no more than the tiniest drop in the ocean of possible ways to exchange information and you will begin to get a small picture of the huge step you have initiated by allowing yourselves to open up to the light, and by allowing yourselves to begin to step across this threshold that you have held yourself back from for such a long time.

For now, the flood of light will continue to push you faster and faster ahead, and as this incoming light continue to enable your own inherent systems to come “online” at an ever increasing pace, you will begin to tap into this varied field of communication in so many ways. And so, messages like this will in effect become obsolete in the not too distant future. For then, you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is in fact YOU who are the message as well as the medium, and then, all external division will cease, and you will truly become ONE – yes, in every sense of the word, and in every sense of your being. For then, the ideas of separation will simply fade away so quickly, you will not even be able to remember they ever existed. And then, what has been lost will be found to such an extent, whatever needs to be lost will not exist at all. So you see, you have some interesting exploring to do in the time ahead, and it will all be done in the comfort of your own mind, to twist a little bit on the words again.

For this journey is not one that needs any preparation, nor luggage, this is simply a journey that has no beginning nor any end. For this is the journey of YOU, the one that was begun simultaneously as everything else came into being, and it will continue as long as everything will be in existence. So even if you are used to dividing your history into days, decades or even separate lives, let us just remind you that you are plain and simply YOU, the same one you have always been, and the essence of all that you can be as you continue to unravel the mystery of this Creation that you are just a tiny little component of. For you are God, yet you are also Creation, and it is in this pregnant pause between the two that you come into being.

And so, once again the words will perhaps simply continue to manifest the limitations of a human mind, while the energies within them will begin to awaken even more parts of that magical being that is you in all of your glory. So just prick up those energetic ears of yours that by now are more than ready to register the signals coming your way, and then, you will literally begin to see this whole amazing but at this stage perhaps totally confusing picture, in startling and indeed delightful detail. And then, you will begin to understand the true quest you are on, for it is so much more than a mere liberation of mankind. And with this little seed of enlightenment, we bid you farewell for now to give you once again some time to ponder our words and to tune into the vibration that accompanies them.

A short update on the energies

•October 7, 2014 • 515 Comments

Today you will once again enter another phase that will bring with it even more acceleration of this process, and through what you accomplished during that last sitting if we may call it that, or your monthly get-together to be more precise, you already stand perfectly poised to receive the blessings that will be coming your way by means of certain celestial events that some of you may already be aware of. (Lunar eclipse October 8, partial solar eclipse October 23)

Let us explain. As we told you beforehand, this communal get-together that you participated in just two days ago was indeed another important event, one that allowed you to open yourselves up in a very literal way to a brand new force of energetics. You see, this was in every sense a very individual process once again, and even if it took part in collaboration with so many other individuals, it was indeed your own private chance to shine your light in a very new way. And so you did, and for this, we cannot thank you enough, for as we have told you again and again, this is done by you, not for you. And so what the rest of us can do, is simply to assist you in every way on your journey. So as you allowed yourself to take a step forward and say YES with all of your being, so much was put into motion by that seemingly small step of mankind, and the implications from this small step forwards will be even more gigantic than when those famous words were uttered for the very first time from one of your fellow men setting foot onto the surface of a hitherto unexplored terra incognita, your Moon.

For what you are about to embark upon now, will be even more magnificent than what was done so many years ago by a few individuals who took upon them the daunting journey to your friendly neighbour in the sky, your Moon, and when we say that this celestial object will also play a major part in the upcoming events we think you will all understand what we are implying at. For tomorrow will be the first of a series of two interconnected events, both of them involving celestial objects in your vicinity, and both entailing major shifts in your very atmosphere – in a very literal sense of the word. And again, it was not by accident that the timing of your collective event was so that it would predate these two events in such a way, it would serve as the perfect opportunity to enable all of you to literally tune yourselves in for what will start to come about in just a few hours. You see, you will begin to receive some very interesting downloads indeed, and they will be magnified by the actual dimming down of the Moon as its passes through the shadow of your world in a way that will enable certain codes to be transmitted in this lull if you will of the regular exchange between your world and that of your neighbours. And so, another huge opening will begin, one that will herald in a whole new set of energetic conjunctions that in turn will serve your needs in all sorts of ways.

We know it will sound that we are simply repeating old messages, but this is once again what will take place during this upcoming two week period of heightened activities – both in your skies and most of all, within your physical vehicle. Look upon it as a new beginning in so many ways, for what you have accomplished, is to literally enable yourself to receive into your physical body a part of your consciousness that has not been here before. And this part of you will enable the workings of your physical body to step up to the plate in a very efficient and indeed accomplished manner, but it will also serve to facilitate your own connection with All of creation.

So again we say thank you for all that you do and for all that you are, for now, you are truly so much more than what you were merely a few days ago. For you have started to complete yourself in such a way, the rest of this process will unfold at warp speed to use a familiar phrase. So sit back and enjoy the ride, and know that no matter how turbulent it may seem at times, you now have a very seasoned crew on deck, and it will do everything it can to ensure a safe, smooth and enjoyable ride for all.

Welcome to the October Gathering around the Pond, Sunday October 5

•October 4, 2014 • 554 Comments

Dear family of light!
Once again the energies seem to have to amplified considerably over the last couple of days, just in time for our monthly Gathering around the Pond. For tomorrow at 21:00 Oslo time we have the opportunity to come together as a collective for another one of our powerful group meditations, and this is what the CCs have to say about it:

“By now everything has accelerated to such a degree, we gather that many of you will feel hard pressed to keep track of it all, and even more so of the continuation of time. For now, you will all feel the shifts happening on such a vast scale, the time in itself will constitute a great part of these changes. Be that as it may, the time has once again rolled around another circle, and you are once again at a juncture in your lives that you have designated for another one of those get-togethers that serve to serve you all in so many different ways, while at the same time, these occasions serve to underpin this whole process of transformation even more so. And as you face another one of these communal get-togethers that you have been staging for quite a while now, you also face another chance to speed up this process even more, and so too the concept and indeed the actual rolling out of time. For as you sit down to connect, you will once again fire up another set of cylinders if you will in this gargantuan machine of change, a machine that is fuelled by the light, but that is entirely enabled by your willingness to serve as the all important mechanism that is the real hub that this entire operation literally circles around. For without you, everything would indeed come to a standstill in every sense of the word, and now, as you once again have taken it upon to you bring another level of this whole operation into action, we can only add our well deserved praise to this whole congregation of enlightened souls.

For your ability to speed up this process by what you allow to be transported through your physical vehicle has been increased to such a degree, you will once again kick start another important series of events just by your willingness to take some time to put your collective focus on this process. And so, we will once again extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for bringing in so much more fuel to this blazing fire by your very presence on these shores, and by your own decision to literally become one with this process of change. For again, it was up to each and every one of you to choose your involvement this time around, and the choice you made before you even came into being in this current physical embodiment was to give a resounding yes to All of creation when you were asked about your willingness to come in and be the firestarters we asked you to be. For the fire that has been burning in the very center of your being, hidden out of sight for such a long time, has now finally started to blaze brightly, and as you once again come together to pool those hidden resources of yours in a very new way, you will make that inner fire catch hold in so many more all around this planet.

For you set the example for everyone that has that inner urge to find their own way out of the shadows they have been lingering in for so many lifetimes, and now, as the shadows seem to lengthen and the days continue to shorten on vast stretches of your planet, that inner fire of yours will be such a welcome sight. So again we say know that you are so important in this whole process, and the light that you not only help to carry, but also take such care to spread around so generously is starting to take hold in places that up until now have been looked upon as almost impenetrable. But thanks to you, the circle around your fire is ever increasing, and after this upcoming collective session of enlightened co-creation, that light will continue to blaze ever brighter in the very heart of mankind, and in the heart of your planet.

For remember, you are are not taking part in an isolated event, for what you do is so closely linked to the procession of similar events taking place on this planet, and every single one of them serve to strengthen all of the others in an intricately linked line of fires that continuously grow in strength and stature, like blazing beacons signalling from every single mountaintop on this planet. And the signal they are sending out is the same: the time has come to stand up and breathe the fresh air of freedom, the time has come to step away from the old yokes of yesteryear and to walk boldly forward, fuelled by the knowledge that the light you see flickering on the horizon is simply the first signal of what is to come. For these fires, although small and innocuous looking to some, are in fact the opposite. They are just the first ones breaking through the surface from that all-encompassing blazing cauldron of light that has finally been uncovered beneath your very feet.

For you have helped to set free the inner fires, not just within you, but also within your planet, and now, more and more cracks will begin to appear in that old crust that has been trying to keep it all doused down for eons. But now, it will no longer be contained, not within you nor within your own planet, and together you will all begin to blaze in such a way, it will ignite not just the hope but also the passion in so many others and soon they too will be blazing brightly by your side.

So once again we say on behalf of All of creation, thank you for allowing your inner fire to take hold, and thank you for allowing that inner fire to come to the surface. For in doing just that, you are helping to set your entire planet free, and you are helping to relight the fires in every single soul inhabiting this planet with you. And together you will make this happen by the simple act of connecting like you do this Sunday and every single day afterwards. For the fires that will be lit this time around will never go out, they will simply continue to grow ever larger and ever brighter.”


Thank you to each and every one of you for adding your “fuel” to this fire! I am so looking forward to see you all blaze away on Sunday when we once again come together to add even more light and more love to this planet :-)

With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha <3



Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.



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