A short update on the energies

We would like to delve a little bit further into the upcoming attractions, if you will, as we gather there are more than a few of you already tuning into these new frequencies. As always, getting used to these enhanced vibrations is not easy, and as such, you will all have a hard time finding your footing these days. And we do mean that in every sense of the word, as a sense of equilibrium may be a thing of the past for so many of you. Still, this is only the beginning of what someone might find more than a little daunting to contemplate, as you are indeed approaching the point of no return, the point where these droplets of light will coalesce into a veritable rainstorm. And as such, we will only give you a heads up as it were in order to make you a little bit better prepared for what is to come.

Again, you will search in vain for any clues as to exactly when and how this rainstorm will hit you. Suffice it to say, it will be in the very near future, and so, we do advice you all to prepare yourselves to be more than a little bit shaken up in the interim. You see, you are all being prepared to receive this rainstorm with wide open hearts, and as such, you will continue to be tossed and turned every which way in the time ahead. Again, this is not to break you down in any way, it is simply a way to help you to truly receive the gift of light that will be so generously bestowed upon you in the very near future.

We know this will be of little consolation to all those suffering the most from these preliminary rounds, but even so, know that we are not inflicting this upon you in any frivolous way. We are merely assisting you all in the best way we can, and so, this upchurning of energies is simply the best way to do just that. For what is coming in, is of such a magnitude you need all the help you can get beforehand in order to prepare you as best we can before it arrives on your shores. And arrive it will, as if out of the blue, and as such, whatever it takes, we will make sure that you are more than ready whenever it announces its arrival. For this will indeed be an event of majestic proportions, and as we have touched upon earlier, it will leave no one untouched by it. And so you, as the forerunners, the pioneers, will be equipped to deal with all of this in a way that will ensure that not only you, but also all those electing to follow in your footsteps will find themselves not only standing up, but also cheering from their very hearts when all of this is over.

For remember, even if the winds of change that will continue to blow all over your planet will be construed as more than ferocious at times, they are not here to level everything to the ground and leave only waste in its wake. No, it is here to literally give you all just that much more wind in your sails so you will all lift in unison and bring this whole planet with you when you do. And then, all of the parameters will become as if new, and as such, you will all begin your lives with a whole new set of coordinates if you will that will enable you all to steer a brand new course afterwards.

We speak in riddles as always, but let us just finish off this missive by saying that you are all in good hands, and you are more than protected throughout all of this. For you are so vital to this whole operation, and we would not want anything to go amiss for any of you. So know that even if the speed and ferociousness of this storm may seem to be more than daunting when it comes hurtling over the horizon, remember that it is nothing to fear. For it is not your enemy, it is simply the most powerful ally you will ever meet on this journey, and as such, we ask you all to receive it with your arms and indeed your hearts wide open.

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  1. CANCEL THE EULOGY: Comet ISON flew through the sun’s atmosphere on Nov. 28th and the encounter did not go well for the icy comet. Just before perihelion (closest approach to the sun) the comet rapidly faded and appeared to disintegrate. This prompted reports of ISON’s demise. However, a fraction of the comet has survived. >>>take a look at the video – looks like it spins off to the other side of the sun! http://www.spacewether.com
    >>>geeez… I really, really want this thing to survive! 5 million yrs old – so awesome – such a gift – either way.

    1. Dear Areeza – I knew this was going to be a true Phoenix, I was given that exact phrase yesterday! And guess what, NASA now jokingly call it ” Schrödinger’s Comet” after the famous “cat in the box” experiment that CCs have referred to in the messages about creation, and they also use the word Phoenix. How is that for synchronicity 😉 :
      Schrödinger’s Comet
      We have a whole new set of unknowns, and this ridiculous, crazy, dynamic and unpredictable object continues to amaze, astound and confuse us to no end.

      And I just want to end on this note: not long after comet ISON was discovered, it began to raise questions. Throughout this year, as many of you who have followed closely will appreciate, it has continued to confuse and surprise us. For the past few weeks, it has been particularly enigmatic and dynamic, in addition to being visually spectacular. This morning we thought it was dying, and hope was lost as it faded from sight. But like an icy phoenix, it has risen from the solar corona and – for a time at least – shines once more. This has unquestionably been the most extraordinary comet that Matthew and I, and likely many other astronomers, have ever witnessed. The universe is an amazing place and it has just amazed us again. This story isn’t over yet, so don’t stray too far from your computer for the next couple of days! ”

      What a gift from heaven this is – in more ways than one 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  2. Dear Friends!

    What an immense release I got out there in the sun on the hard frozen bog, a few hours ago! After having been stuck in glue all week I went out and wept full of gratitude to my parents and ancestors, nature, the sun, my experiences and all who I have met on my way through life, The Pond, CCs, all the Universe and last but not least myself because I’m the amazing woman I am. I asked my mothers in all my previous life (nod to Alex 😉 and thanked them for having brought me up to the light and turned to the old DNA that I had and asked to fully integrate the new DNA that we need now in this time (nod to Alex again – did not really remember how you did it but I improvised 😉

    Talk about redemption through and through!!! I’m still shaky. All my friends on the other side (my son in the first row ;), CCs and not least my ancestors danced in joy and applauded. Then I went over a bridge that I have not dared to walk over because of slippery frost, and took a new path back. The glue turned into healthy running water (nod to Ray and Sun) !!! Totally relieved! WOW!

    My camera is full of pictures – again 😉 I see so much symbolism in nature and when I got home I anchored my Christmas tree again and hope that this was the last heavy storm – both figuratively and literally.

    I bow to you all for supporting me all the time – even you who do not speak out loud.You are here and that is what is important!

    Love and respect,

    B to B

    1. Oh – I forgot to say – there was a squirrel running before me at the forest road. How symbolic is that? 😉

      Squirrel: “Out with the old and in with the new. My gift to you is joy to discover. Get rid of the the old and thereby create new opportunities”.

      This really is a mighty road to walk – isn´t it:)

      B to B

      1. Dear B to B – you ARE an amazing woman!!! Thank you for all that you are and all that you bring to this world, my brilliant, beautiful, brave sister of the North! And what an amazing and profound release you gave yourself 🙂
        En stor, stor kram och mycket kärlek från mig, Aisha

        1. Tack Aisha – mitt underbara stöd i denna process. Min tacksamhet är obeskrivlig, liksom känslan i det jag upplevde idag.

          Jag tackar dej av hela mitt hjärta!

          B to B

      2. Dearest B… Congratulations to you! Well worth the wait. Now you can decorate your outside Christmas tree. And, Thank You, Dear B, for sharing so vividly your Heart and your experiences. All of them.

        You give me Hope as I’m still in glue. Still have the cold/flu bug hanging on, and no matter how much I talk to the I AM, my cells, meditate, everything, nothing is budging. Don’t even have the energy to curse, like Sun. I seem to be mostly in a quiet Trust; everything is perfect. And when the time is right for my Soul, then Magic will happen. I have a job to do along with everyone else, and I’ll be there.

        I usually don’t walk/BE without at least a little JOY and Light, but it’s kinda like these two joined hands behind an invisible cloud and are mischievously sending raspberries to me. thhhssapp spit back!

        Just came back inside. While outside in overcast/rainy weather, saw a large hawk on the tippy top of a pine tree on the left with 3 then 4 crows then back to 1 crow swooping and trying to attack the hawk. The hawk of course wasn’t afraid. Normally, I get all excited about seeing my “friends”, but nope, still glue. Sooo, ok Mother, not for lack of trying very hard, glue it is for right now. waaa waaa whine whine.

        Sooo looking forward to (Saturday’s) Sunday’s Pond Gathering.

        JOY&Light to you all, wherever they are,
        xo, Lin

        1. My dear Lin!

          I’m actually still too dazed to do anything useful – just driving around. If you read my post last night you will understand how I felt then. When I read Ray’s message this morning I sobbed all the time – it was so straightforward for me. And then the forest – my healing source – is not far away for me.

          The message from CCs on Monday probably put a bit of pressure on me to get into myself and make contact. I tried on tap all evening ( fell asleep in between 😉 but then I thought: Nah – I ignore it. CCs know how I work and if they want to have me in the game so to speak, then they will have to help me. Point! (like a stubborn child :)).

          The redemptive in Ray’s message was this:

          “To speak to any cc you have to find them right now note them find you. Many cc’s do not know anymore That anyone else right now . If you have a higher contact go to them . ”

          I think it’s important to not get stressed out by not getting in touch here at the eleventh hour. Do what you feel is good for you and know you will never ever be abandoned.

          Much love ,

          B to B

        2. Hugs, Lin, you magnifenct creature!

          I send you a big bowl of hot, soothing chicken soup.

          Ethyl sends you Windex.

          🙂 😀 😉

          1. I too send you hot chicken soup, Echinacea and PINK Kleenex with scents of Rose. Also with a bow on top, a jar of Vicks comes along as well. Vita C jumped in the box that I am sending air X-Press. Hugs oh yes, lots of those, and a very warm shawl I crochet just jumped in. Wow. OMG! Here comes Karma, the King of Snuggle, jumping in too. Now there is NO doubt you will get well, ASAP. With Karma around, there is only LOVE.

            BIG (((HUGS))), Lin! Lucy with a bow for your hair!

        3. Lin – my never ending taking care-friend! Thanks for what you said to me!

          My heart overflows with love for you and I would like to take care of YOU for a change. I am a little patriotic in my choice of music:)

          Snuggle up in the corner of the sofa, svep the felt about you and let my love wash over you. You’re exactly where you should be right now my friend 🙂

          Much love to you Lin!

          B to B

          1. Dearest B to B… you know, about 5 minutes after I posted below your most lovely message earlier, it hit me, omg, I just rained on B’s JOYful receiving of Mother. So I then sent up a hurried, glue-ish prayer that my energies didn’t affect your Gift or your being embraced fully with the good wishes from other Ponders.

            That said, too, Dear B, you have Blessed eyes of Wisdom that see far into the void more than most. One has to be strong to face that kind of Truth and not wilt. You saw my vulnerability and inability to face the abandonment by my entire family, esp my mother, who literally tried to destroy me with her words so that nothing could be traced back to her. She literally hated/hates me because my Beloved Dad tried so valiantly to love me and make up to me his discretions against me, esp before his recent passing. A classic narcissist cannot share–anything. She led me to the Gift of HUGE Strength.

            I KNOW I chose this route. There is no blame. Again, that said, there is a part of my Soul that needs to admit–publicly–that deep vulnerability and pain within myself along with the tremendous strength I’ve acquired because of it. I’m shaking and feel very physically weak right now and even crying because you gave me a tremendously beautiful gift, My Dear B. I had refused to acknowledge this “place” within myself for so long out of stubbornness to survive and to prove my mother wrong. And because of that, it became the last stronghold/blockage that was holding me back from merging with Mother.

            As of right this minute, I don’t feel as though I’ve merged yet, but I AM feeling Love&JOY again–MY constant companions along with the CCs. I don’t know why I don’t feel hatred for her/my family, but I’m glad. I guess I became even that strong in my Heart–which is what counts most of all.

            This Pond represents Family to me more than the nuclear family I’ve known. The Respect, Kindness, Love, sharing of individual gifts, and willingness to see past each other’s warts and thereby encourage growth to climb that last 1-inch to the mountain top–that’s REAL Family, True Love.

            I Love you all and I AM ready to receive your Love–that’s pretty scary. That means my Heart is wide open and rid of the last piece of armor. Sounds “dramatic”, and prob is. Thank You for this Gift. Very S-C-A-R-Y.

            With Love, JOY and Respect, xo Lin

            1. My beloved gorgeous sister!

              Not for a second have I even thought such a thought as you before, that you could be clouding my happiness. That could never ever happen ! You exude only love and light no matter if you think that you are smeared with glue from head to toe 😉 You just IS such, no matter how you think you feel. You are so REAL straight through.

              We are sisters in more ways than one. I am also a very strong woman, happy, loving but also very sensitive and vulnerable. I’ve always been and I see this as a tremendous asset . I have always been there first of all when something should be done and it has made me popular and boosted my self-confidence (but you may remember what I wrote that I have weaned myself 😉

              I do not think I need to teach you anything, for you have acquired you fantastic experiences on your way. By daring to open you and tell us about your vulnerability here on the blog you open up for healing. Daring to show off your very most fragile page requires great courage and trust to be received with love and respect for who you are. You are brave Lin but you also know that you have to take the plunge – in one way or another.

              Our parents have acted according to their beliefs, based on their circumstances. They were also characterized by their parents, etc. What we do now is that we break “wound chains” through love, and by sending love to their pure, genuine center we can break the pattern that has been going on far too long.

              Lin – you do not have to be scary anymore, because you are surrounded by pure and true love. Allow you to get weak and be pampered now. You really deserve it!

              Much love,

              B to B

            2. Lin – I heard this song for the first time tonight and I wanted to give it to you.
              Rest my friend and let some of the wonderful clouds out there to be your pillow.

              Much love,

              B to B

              1. Dear B… Thank you sincerely. This song is beautiful and beautifully representative of the merge between my Feminine and Masculine I AM Energies–now set to happen… I AM jumping off into the arms of I AM. I Intend it. NOW. Free-floating. The I AM will find me for I choose it with all my might; I refuse anything other.

                You are right, we are sisters–you SEE me; in fact, you SEE everyone here. I must wean myself as well. Right now, I AM healing. The cold/flu is breaking up since I saw what I needed to see.

                I accept your Love and Assistance, Dear Sister and Friend. I accept your ability for Clarity to see Truth and state it directly without sugar-coating it, yet always with Love.

                EnJOY your IAM, Dear B. IAM not far behind. Your Grace Blesses us all. With Much Love, xo Lin

                1. Lin thanks!

                  You give me skills that I have no idea that I have 🙂 It’s because you also see me in such a loving way so energy is allowed to flow freely and lovingly and it will be a healing meeting. You also see the second straight through – and it is a wonderful gift you have 🙂 You support everyone in every way.

                  But YOU GO FIRST Lin – and it is NOT selfish;)

                  Good night my friend! I really appreciate our meeting tonight.

                  Love and respect,

                  B to B

        4. Lin I remember too clearly the nasty grip of a cold that remains stubborn under all healthy treatments I knew. I enjoyed Amy’s creative response and join in adding my home made tinctures to the contents. Since I saw Karma (he’s one of the big orange/white cats on Petals) at the last Gathering I did smile that he has joined in making you healthy and whole once again. How’s hubby doing? B to B’s snuggle idea sounds lovely also. Strangely I think that is one thing I’d miss here if sickness struck… my ‘own’ couch to snuggle on 🙂 I really must write my blog tonight… though of course I wait until the flow arrives. Love, Nancee

          1. My Dears, Ethyl, Lucy and Nancee… I’m going to go lay down before I come back to answer each of you. Seems I feel really spent physically. Thought I could answer each of you after B, but not possible right now. Just KNOW I Love each of you sooo much. Your Love, individually and collectively, is soothing and uplifting and JOYfully received. You each make me laugh out loud–all the time–with your beautiful Energies and Loving antics.

            Be well, My Sweet Sisters. I KNOW I’ll see you in 5D+… we’ve got JOYful “work” to do. I Love You. xo Lin

  3. I love the songs of Loreena McKennitt. This allbum is just lovely. This one is for you all my beloved friends around The Pond. Thank you for for just being the one who you are. I am so grateful for having met you all and for all love you give me.

    God bless you all!

    B to B

      1. Many times Breeze – but not naked;) Many people here use the sauna and jumping into the water in an ice hole – but I’ve never tried;) During the birth of one of my children I made a snow angel (in my mind of course 😉 Very soothing and effective painkiller;)

        Much love,

        B to B

        1. maybe we should all get naked at the snowy white gathering Sunday and make snow angels all around the frozen pond!!! LOL. I remember when i got up from making my own yrs ago, that the butt imprint ‘cracked’ me up … so to speak! LOL hahaha. nice to laugh. Love 2 U

  4. was about to close youtube and was strongly lead to this one as well:
    and it even speaks of the ‘authentic self’ and ‘imprints’ that i speak of often – and pic looks like Niagara Falls where my Mom is living now and I just spoke with her not long ago 🙂

  5. This is a good time to spend with family members you haven’t seen in a long time and the closer family and friends. A time to honor and remember the old and give blessing to all your family and friends. Give thanks to all that have came before you. Give blessing with intent for what may come. Love yourself and all that is. Then rest and just be until the glue becomes refreshing water that flows like a cool spring in the hot summer or a warm spring in the winter. To speak to any cc you have to find them right now not them find you. Many cc’s don’t know anymore that anyone else right now. If you have a higher contact go to them. And ask for information on what is going on. Right now it is different for everyone wanting to know what is going on. It is all on a personal level for everyone. Anything you find our right now may not have anything to do with anyone but you. So just enjoy the peace and quiet time.

    Love and Blessings to all

    1. I am reminded how the year started out. To me, this was the year to separate the wheat from the chaff. ALee mentioned this too recently. I wrote it down that it was to be the year to sift or weed thru all our selves and get to the real, true, authentic one. So as Ray is saying to it is different for every one. It has been the year of self examination, self release, self realization, self ignition. We have all done the job of cleaning and clearing and the illumino-us crystalline Being we are is about to emerge. My vision remains of so much pure, pristine, silent, still, magical crystalline energy at the pond gathering.

      1. Suzanne: origin, lily, “pure”
        Wheat: “white”
        Soul: origin, essence, from latin esse “to be”

        I want to thank all of you once again for helping me strip another layer of chaff. The whole thread ending with your comment, Breeze, “…may this help anyone else whose eyes fall upon this,” well, of course, it did. I can never trace all the little things here and there that show up in everyone’s comments and videos (combined with moments in my personal life) that work their magic on me. I so wish I could so that I could thank each of you individually. At the moment, Philip’s word reconcile and Amy’s repetition of “I am nothing,” stand out. It seems I am reconciling self to Self first. Then the “i am” that I have understood and experienced in this life must be brought to “——–” before becoming the “I AM.”

        Is this empty space the soul?
        Is this empty space the open door?

        Love to each and every
        one of you,


        1. The door always open, bridge always up (or down depending on how u take that ), ship always ready to set sail…. to the Soul….the soul standing ‘at attention with intention’ on deck, on that bridge, at that door. The I Am Space that says “I AM LOVE” is always ‘Full’ ….we only feel empty when we are not in that space. Perfect Love has No fear. Where there is no fear there is only Love…there is only the true, perfect US/ALL 🙂 XO!

    2. My dear, blessed friend!!!

      Every single word you said goes right to my heart. So appropriate. Compliant on just every single word. THANKS! I was in contact with my whole family yesterday, though we do not have thanksgiving here. I called my brother’s son too on antivirus because he works professionally with IT and have said that it is enough to install what is already available.

      That became very clear to myself too when I woke up today. I have a built-in, fully functioning antivirus although it may not work on my flu as it seems;)

      Thanks again Ray! Your words are like sparkling crystals 🙂

      Much love,

      B to B

  6. Glad to see you again Sun – I was about to call you 😉

    I try to memorize what has been happening since Sunday and I can only say that I’m stuck in glue all over me. A flu that goes around and around and is stuck in stand by mode. Go inside? In thick fog? Where are the open doors?

    I hope the clearing of during Sunday Gathering.


    B to B

    1. Thanks my dear friend! Good advice!

      I think I will order pizza and coca cola tomorrow 😉 Now time to sleep and let my body do the job (are you sure it will? without going inwards???)

      Oh my God! I´m getting tired of this process.

      Much love to you Sun

      B to B

  7. I just had to share… or hint… or something. After a number of days of resistance to a relationship (not ‘romantic’) here, floods of tears coming and going like the tide, reaching out to friends (such a wonderful new concept I’ve learned in my ‘crone’ years) I suddenly opened my eyes (soul as ALee mentioned above) and there was a new door. A door that leads me to a teenage dream that I’ve managed to say no to and make excuses for all my life. I really hope to settle enough to blog about it tonight!
    Sun “here’s to all that glue becoming unsticky and slip sliding away!!!
    Love to all. I’ll share my blog when I write this phase of it. ~Nancee

  8. taking a moment to extend “Blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving to You ALL” ! may we All release any lingering negativities today & give Heart Love & Gratitude to All of Creation, Glory & Bliss to Mother-Earth & Heart Thank You for All she provides past, present & future !….& Healing Blessings to All her BELOved creatures !
    (another song that entered my thoughts today & fits the essence that today holds….”Loves like a Fire, Burning Desire, it got my Heart on a string, now I know, LOve changes Everything !”)
    LOve, Light & Life to All…..Bev~

    1. And the LOve starts within! I saw where you mentioned ISON and maybe how there is too much focus on that. I agree in a way that it might be easy to “project” our personal power on an outer event. Like Amy said the other day, I AM THE EVENT. I hope all of us recognize that WE created ISON. WE created H3O. WE created Rubidium. And so forth… WE created all these seemingly outer things that are being experienced as our inner journey is projected into the physical plane. I hope that makes sense. I also want to say that these “portals” being talked about. The “door” that we go through to New Earth and such. I feel these as being basically the opening of our souls. Maybe some will experience this as actually “seeing” something they walk through (here I see the movie and tv show Stargate), but I feel others will simply slowly (or suddenly, depending on their soul choice) come to realize that they are already (t)here.

      I dunno, just sayin.

      I will say again that DM keeps telling me to relax and not worry…

      Love to all,


  9. Hello, pond family!

    Wanted to quickly share this. Today when I woke up, “ISON – jettison,” came almost immediately to mind. This was followed quickly by a brief vision of the Divine Mother. She was making her way rather briskly and firmly through a group of people. She would thrust out her right arm then her left. She was shaking her head and muttering in what felt like a mixture of frustration and amusement. These are not her exact words, but they were something like, “Sometimes it takes a little something extra to get people moving.” I wondered, What in the world is she doing??!! Then my poiny of view widened, and I saw. She was weaving through a crowded hallway, reaching around people, and opening all the doors.

    Love and peace to all,

    🙂 ALee

    1. Nice ALee… thanks for this…

      …you’ve just reminded me of a line from a song I heard (I think Higher Self has changed the words as it often does to convey the message it would like me to hear):

      “We can build this world together, nothin’s gonna stop us now…”

      Isn’t that sung by Starship or something? Ha, ha 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Yeah! I always found it interesting that they changed their name from Jefferson Airplane to Starship… 🙂



    2. Thanks for this Alee !…& she is Thankful for the help from us, but she sure wishes more would help clear the aisles for her & open the doors themselves…if ya know what I mean….LOve to You ! Happy Thanksgiving ! LOve, Bev~

  10. iamthequeenoflight.com/2013/11/10/heaven-on-earth-your-shift/?relatedposts_exclude=3485

    Heaven On Earth
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♩♬♩ ^♥^ 
    언제나 빛과사랑 Ḻℴ√ε & ℒḯℊℌṫ Åℓω@¥﹩

    1. Glad to see Prinny’s sweet face. Another Lucky cat! to have u. My Ink Jet so needy this morning. gave him treats twice already — he’s to fat for too many 🙂 he just wants to sleep with moma in the sun today 🙂 almost done with my baking. at least i do not have to drive far. Enjoy Amy! XO

          1. I most certainly did, Birgitta, and in fact still have my necklace and earrings on.

            And wouldn’t you know, I had dinner with a Jewish woman and her daughter? On this day, that the Jewish Sacred Holiday has begun coinciding with Thanksgiving. (I feel so embarrassed that I don’t know how to spell this word.) We laughed and we had a merry time. It was so wonderful and truly a blessing in my life!!!

            Love you! Amy

        1. came up with my own corn casserole – basically it has creamed and reg corn (2 cans each) and crushed ‘Cheese It’ snack crackers with sour cream mixed in…. bake 360 for 45 min. then topped with shredded cheddar and crushed Ritz crackers/melted butter @ 400 for 5 more minutes. looks good ! smells good ! hope it tastes good

          1. would have been better without the Cheese Its. LOL. some liked it with. i think without would be real good. hope everyone enjoyed their day/night. ours was nice even with Special K being in pain. he is trying to relax on the couch now and I am in his chair. thats the most I have eaten in 1 1/2 weeks. will sleep like a baby 🙂

  11. Aisha, I have been “so occupied” in “life”, I don’t think I have even stopped to say thank you for all you do here, lately. What YOU have created is a Sacred Space for so many to come in order to find others like themselves.

    I AM so grateful to you, for BEing in my Life, and for all the work you keep on doing, tirelessly, continuously, allowing no-thing to stop you.

    I bow to you, my Sister. Bless you! Happy Thanksgiving!


  12. May your day be filled with happiness and thanksgiving. For where ever you are, for wherever you live may everyday be filled with happiness and thanksgiving.

    1. Dear Forest Joy! I join you in wishing all a wonderful day, and a wonderful Holiday for all those celebrating it 🙂
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  13. Today is a very strange one indeed. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating this. I’ve been looking forward to this day with family. But today feels so odd I almost wish we could just skip to tomorrow. My heart feels ripped open, my pineal gland feels smothered. My normally clear head is foggy. I feel immense collective pain in my chest. But at the same time people are celebrating as if nothing is happening. Feels surreal.
    Thank you for listening to me, I feel so blessed to have this pond. The water rushed over me as I said that and I am already getting stronger, the heart pain is lifting. Peace -V

          1. Thank you Amy , loved today’s oracle report, thank you for sharing. It does feel like a final squeeze. And also feels like for some today is just the start! Which is exciting but intense. Today started intensely and w/ surprise at 6am. It is only 10am now, so it has lots of time for movement and change. Love you Miss Amy!

    1. Veronica, I pray u feel better as the day goes on. I just want to crawl back into bed or snuggle on my couch in the oh so bright sun !! I have to cook and bake. last thing i feel like doing. then go to my guys moms with all the family. kinda want to just be alone but will set my intention to share in the Joy of all the others. Love you

      1. Thank you Breeze,
        Going to try for a nap, as there is a break in the stream of people coming and going, drank some nettle infusion and hope to wake ready to go again. Sending you love and hopes that being with family is restful and cozy just as cuddling on the sofa in the sun would be (actually I’m going to intend that for me too- sounds perfect!) Many blessing,

  14. I woke up this morning not knowing where I am or what day it is today. I am at work but I feel like I am nowhere. I am looking out of the window (which I shouldn’t do since I am at work…) and everything feels so strange and unfamiliar. I am relaxed. I accept it. Is it confusing? Yes. Is it alarming? No. What is going on here? Is this the impact of ISON? Is it the beginning of “The Event”? I don’t know. I just watch and accept, trusting in the perfect plan underlaying my incarnation.
    Sending you all much love and light and to all who are celebrating this day: Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I went down stairs to feed the cats a short time ago and I stopped at the sliding glass door… looking at the sun and feeling it – taking it in and imagining ISON by it. I did ‘Namaste’ to it! I did Namaste to the crows in the trees – to the trees… even the one whos branch hit Kellys car/camper….to the trees i wanted cut down at one time so i could see the lake better! oh yes… I love them now and the lake will always Be behind them! I can see it all in my minds eye – feel it in my heart of hearts – seal it in my soul – so no thing has to be removed for my own pleasure ….and I say Namaste!!

      1. Nice Areeza 🙂

        During my walk today I thanked the trees, soil, water and air for all they have given me, for all experiences they gave me. Thanked wood for the trails I passed and so forth… 😉

        Love you,

        B to B

        1. ha ha ha… we will have this problem with our “p”‘s for the rest of our incarnation, I guess 🙂
          Namaste to your, dearest brother,

    2. Phillip, I feel the same. So much Peace, so much just BE. Feels like I have entered a New something, not sure of that something, but it has nothing to do with 3D. I’ve just been through the battle of all battles, and to be released from that and to enter this, I consider myself in Paradise.

      Bliss. Total Heart. Wonderful and Glorious. I look around and I am still in the same “3D” but something has shifted hugely.

      Now I have felt this way before and it always seems to leave. My Holy Intention and Prayer for all of us today, is this PLace stays, that this IS the SHIFT we all have been waiting for and that it only gets deeper, and wider, and more exceptional. And so it IS. Amen.

      Love, Amy

      Sent from my iPad


  15. Seems to me the energies are just getting stronger and stronger as per the missives… with my energy ‘work’ it’s just so noticeable…

    I felt a lot of stuff going on last night in dreams and in between sleep states of releasing of the illusion ‘separation’ and more…

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. me too Philip re feeling the release of illusion… that is so right on. I woke up thinking of my parents and missing them so. First Holiday without them. My tears were not for long. My Dad lead the family troops on the other side in a heart felt greeting 🙂 and the sun is shining !! and ISON lives !! The Light IS ON! Beautiful day to all

        1. Special K and I thank you ever so much for that lovely Holiday wish! Makes our day! XO Aisha and the Gathering is already happening for me again early and on a special gathering day – so pefect 🙂

    2. Dear Philip, I agree, the energies have been steadily increasing, but last night it was like everything “fell into place”, and a sense of peace settled in. At least for a while, for I can definitely say that these energies are very noticeable today 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Aisha you described perfectly what happened here where I am staying. I have been feeling the weight of whether to return to Canada on my Dec 19th ticket (3 months up). There’s been an unresolved energy between myself and the male side of the couple I am staying with. For the first time we were able to share from the heart back and forth (instead of me just listening or reacting). I returned to my room feeling so peaceful and all the pieces started to fall into place, with understanding as to what I will do. (Planning to blog on this later.) I’m starting to play with the blocks scattered around me… one at a time. Such a good feeling!
        The posts here lately have been filled with such interesting information and heart felt sharing. Imagine the Pond Gathering on Sunday… Love, Nancee

        1. Good for you Nancee!

          The pieces on the board are still not moving here, not one bit!
          I feels like slow torture…

          Love to you!

  16. Lots of lovely comments here fellow Ponders… managed to read most of them I think so thanks to all for the insights and information you share… too many names to mention… 🙂

    I am still looking into a few things with ALee’s, Bev’s and other suggestions and preparing to share Spheres Of Light with a group of 20 this Saturday in an all day free event… SOL has ‘encouraged me’ shall we say to do bigger groups as my preference was for smaller more intimate settings but the time seems to be such to share more widely to help accelerate things is the sense I have… I’m already being asked to do other such free events for next year dates in the diary… not sure where it’s all going but it feels great so I’m going with it…

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Tack Birgritta! Det är mitt kall att dela denna gåva med världen så att du kan vara säker på att jag kommer att fortsätta att sprida det vitt och brett. Det ger mig så mycket glädje att göra det. Jag är alltid väldigt glad för människor att dela den med sina vänner, familj eller någon som de tror kan gynna … det mer som gör detta desto mer allt skift! Hur underbart är det?

        Glädje, Philip 🙂

  17. The Perfect Gift…

    Today when I got the mail we received a direct mail piece from our cell phone carrier that had a picture of a small child with a gift behind his back and the tag line was “The perfect gift”…

    It got me to thinking on this day before Thanksgiving…what is the perfect gift?

    Is it a thing that has a beginning and an expiration date? Is it an experience that has a beginning and an end? To me these things can bring instant and fleeting joy certainly but they can also bring longing for more because they do not satisfy.

    No, to me, the perfect gift is much deeper and everlasting. I was thinking yes, it would be wonderful if we knew that every baby on earth went to bed with a full tummy and that our environment was pristine and we were free…

    But still, digging deeper and casting out my line to something more eternal it struck me with chills…the perfect gift would be, for ALL BEINGS to know eternally that they are loved at all moments, in all situations, at all times in all dimensions…

    And so, this is my wish for you all, my brothers and sisters who I give thanks for at this Thanksgiving time (in the US)….that you always know you are loved beyond measure simply because you ARE…

    much love…Alex

  18. Oh… and Philips long, long missive made me think of something I read that I prob will not find. It has to do with the Christ putting his energy into elements/minerals for a future time when our DNA was to be activated by the plants we ingest. I think this is a fit for now and ties in to all Philip and others have been investigating. Christ Consciousness to arise with the ‘trigger’ of what ISON brings for the new seeding…. starting tomorrow ? ISON strikes Sun to ignite/initiate DNA – The All Powerful Pure Love enhanced seeds to rise and be ingested by us! well, thats my simple take. and a Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it – Thanks to all for giving of your true selves – Amen. Areeza

  19. oops sorry it kepps on going with other stuff. i guess you will have to turn it off sometime
    I forgot to mention that what you hear at first is
    the real song
    can you hear it?
    this is “the song”

    1. Uh… Otmn. Right at 1:35 (just after crop circle in the snow) it shows a “light formation” that I saw last night just before I went to sleep. Does anyone know what this is???!!!

      1. Hi Anna Helen,
        Just a quick post regarding the light formation….
        My heart excitedly tells me it is you.

    2. Thanks Otmn!

      I have always thought that Native American prophecies are powerful – this also. Surely this is what we’ve known since we were kids – right?

      Much love to you,

      B to B

    3. Always have I respected the Hopi Prophecies. My Kelly is part Cree – they were hunter/gatherers – not warriors but Kelly says who knows is Father may have just told the kids that to get them to work hard! “Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.”
      ― Cree Indian Prophecy

      http://www.birdclan.org/rainbow.htm – story of the Warriors of the Rainbow

  20. Dear Aisha, I just wanted to thank you for your love and light. I feel it so brightly around you. I am in tears for what you do here for all of us. Everything around the pond continues to amaze me. I am forever greatfull! Thank you Aisha from all of my heart!


    1. Dear Denise and ALee! I thank you both for your beautiful words, and I send you a big hug and so much gratitude in return 🙂 My heart overflows with the love that continues to pour into this Pond from you and from all the other shining souls gathered here. Every time I log on to see what has happened since the last time I took a dip in the Pond, I am blown away by the sheer amount of light that shines out from all of these comments. So THANK YOU to every single one of you, my amazing fellow Ponders 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

  21. The clues are everywhere —

    As here the boy with the capstone, climbing a pyramid of ascension, with half of an activated Merkaba in his hand….the spinning Pyramid:



    1. Yeah! I have noticed things like this in a lot of music videos! But they went really obvious in this one, didn’t they? Cool!!! Thanks!




    November 28, 2013



    “Grand Gaia Portal opening in progress at this moment.

    Upgrades to Hue-Beings as well as hu-beings nears completion.

    Facilitation of all Upgrade-assister Light Beings is ongoing and accelerating.

    Distinction between Upgraders and flat-liners becomes irrefutable, even among the hu-manity and flat-liner groups.

    Moderation of intent is no longer supported.

    Pure Gaia Ascension Intent is fully supported.

    All other “intents” are separated and dissolved.”






    Oh no,…….I can’t help it….oh gawd……o crap, I’m sorry, but I just can’t…….



    HAAAAAAAAAHAHAhhahaha (wiping tears) —- “flat-liners”…..how perfect.

    Ah yes, no kidding, the human zombie population?
    The walking dead, the ‘Walkers’:



    1. Wake em up, girlfriend…

      There is a hearbeat there, ya know, it’s just almost undetectable.


    2. “Upgrader & Flat-liners”…an interesting choice of words !…but does make perfect sense ! I’ve always called them Sleep Walkers….Thanks Kiera !….I’ll take a look at the videos !…LOve, Bev~

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