A short update on the energies

We would like to delve a little bit further into the upcoming attractions, if you will, as we gather there are more than a few of you already tuning into these new frequencies. As always, getting used to these enhanced vibrations is not easy, and as such, you will all have a hard time finding your footing these days. And we do mean that in every sense of the word, as a sense of equilibrium may be a thing of the past for so many of you. Still, this is only the beginning of what someone might find more than a little daunting to contemplate, as you are indeed approaching the point of no return, the point where these droplets of light will coalesce into a veritable rainstorm. And as such, we will only give you a heads up as it were in order to make you a little bit better prepared for what is to come.

Again, you will search in vain for any clues as to exactly when and how this rainstorm will hit you. Suffice it to say, it will be in the very near future, and so, we do advice you all to prepare yourselves to be more than a little bit shaken up in the interim. You see, you are all being prepared to receive this rainstorm with wide open hearts, and as such, you will continue to be tossed and turned every which way in the time ahead. Again, this is not to break you down in any way, it is simply a way to help you to truly receive the gift of light that will be so generously bestowed upon you in the very near future.

We know this will be of little consolation to all those suffering the most from these preliminary rounds, but even so, know that we are not inflicting this upon you in any frivolous way. We are merely assisting you all in the best way we can, and so, this upchurning of energies is simply the best way to do just that. For what is coming in, is of such a magnitude you need all the help you can get beforehand in order to prepare you as best we can before it arrives on your shores. And arrive it will, as if out of the blue, and as such, whatever it takes, we will make sure that you are more than ready whenever it announces its arrival. For this will indeed be an event of majestic proportions, and as we have touched upon earlier, it will leave no one untouched by it. And so you, as the forerunners, the pioneers, will be equipped to deal with all of this in a way that will ensure that not only you, but also all those electing to follow in your footsteps will find themselves not only standing up, but also cheering from their very hearts when all of this is over.

For remember, even if the winds of change that will continue to blow all over your planet will be construed as more than ferocious at times, they are not here to level everything to the ground and leave only waste in its wake. No, it is here to literally give you all just that much more wind in your sails so you will all lift in unison and bring this whole planet with you when you do. And then, all of the parameters will become as if new, and as such, you will all begin your lives with a whole new set of coordinates if you will that will enable you all to steer a brand new course afterwards.

We speak in riddles as always, but let us just finish off this missive by saying that you are all in good hands, and you are more than protected throughout all of this. For you are so vital to this whole operation, and we would not want anything to go amiss for any of you. So know that even if the speed and ferociousness of this storm may seem to be more than daunting when it comes hurtling over the horizon, remember that it is nothing to fear. For it is not your enemy, it is simply the most powerful ally you will ever meet on this journey, and as such, we ask you all to receive it with your arms and indeed your hearts wide open.

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  1. I didn’t quite understand the last post of 374 where the CCs said to go within and find the codes and the deeper layers of ourselves. And how once we found that, that feeling of having arrived home would always be with us. I read the posts on Rubidium and water in the fourth phase, but all the science and chemistry was overwhelming. I have read that we exist in 12 different dimensions simultaneously, and this 3d form is just one part of our Whole, and these other aspects or selves each exist in a different dimension. That if we get in touch with these other eleven forms of ourselves, it will help us see our 3d life from a higher more broad perspective, and give us more information so we are not stumbling around in the dark like we humans always do. So I wonder if tuning into these other lives we are living simultaneously in other dimensions is how we find these codes. And how we bring back our lost abilities like manifesting and teleportation. Maybe Anna Helen could ask the Mother. I will ask my guides also.

    Amy – you will know when the time is right to see the lawyer. I knew when the time was right for me and took no action until that time. I also spend a lot of time caring for my cats and I am down to four now as one died in August. But two are older and have diseases so are on daily meds and lactated ringer fluids. But I have a contract with them just like I did with the ones who have passed on that had illnesses in their later years and required much care. It is my role I have taken on and each cat has come into my life for a purpose. They honor their part of our contract also in so many ways. it is amazing what sufferings they will take on just to teach us humans life lessons and give us opportunities for soul growth.

    And as for working in the system, I am a retired school teacher and also have a masters degree in social work. I haven’t worked in the system for five years but lately have felt it was time to return to some kind of work. So I applied at Macy’s department store to work at the cosmetic and fragrance counter during the holidays. I was scheduled for a job interview with them Monday. On Saturday I came down with a cold which progressed into sinus and bronchitis and I had to cancel the interview as I was too sick. So maybe that was a sign for me that job wasn’t right, as I very rarely get sick. I have been so worn out I haven’t had energy to modify my resume for social work jobs I am interested in. I do believe we create what we want, and at the deepest layers I know what I really want is to return to the social work field. That system is broken, of course, but I feel it is time for me to take my light into that system and create change.

    At this point in our lives, we cannot settle for less than our highest destiny. I do believe having that awareness at the deepest layers of ourselves is what the CCs refer to when they say go within and walk through the open doors. Loving ourselves and knowing we deserve our highest destiny and then walking into those doors that will take us there. Choosing what calls us to fulfill our life purpose. I am still working with these concepts the CCs have given us and so far this innermost self-knowing is vital.

    Anna Helen, you will work through the last parts of your healing and find the peace you seek. I’m so glad you have found support and courage here at the pond. I have also.

    Breeze, sending you and boyfriend healing and support. Many times this summer I wanted to leave this earth also. The suffering of the world, and my own personal suffering made the desire for Home so strong. I think it is part of the ascension life, the ups and downs and learning to be sovereign. Learning to be creators doesn’t come the easy way.

    1. Sunny, as I replied to you at Petals, a resolution that we both can live with, is emerging. Thank you!!!

      As for going within, I am finding more of me. If that means codes, I don’t know. Yet, in these past few weeks, the individual pieces are coming together. They just are. I keep things simple. I can do complex too, but one thing I have learned living with cats. Simple IS best.

      Love, Amy

    2. Thanks Sunny. Needed to see your sunshine before retiring for the night 🙂
      I was just thinking how all the yrs working and no retirement… i only contributed for a short time. I need every dollar to make ends meet so i stopped. So, i do count on things changing or else my alternate plan is to take myself out and that really does kinda suck. I dread even going back to work after this disability time runs out. I cant even imagine it actually so i put my last hope with the powers that Be for immediate change for I simply can not do it the old way any longer – its not just killing me slowly anymore. And my creative self… where is she ? Just worn out and bored. In this time off.. which was to be ‘my’ time….I was going to stir her up again… I had hope for that….but now still taking care of another,,, attention still elsewhere…. one whom I Love but I Love me too and I am so sad for the loss of me (the part that is earth bond…. the other me’s I would say are ok). Love you, Areeza ,,,,,aahhh… my guy is sleeping, such a nice sound – him at peace.

        1. If I had someone supporting me… darn right I would go for anything I wanted. I am sole supporter of my home. Got to keep roof over head, etc. No one in my area is finding jobs let alone making it out of the system on their own. so??? I dont know. Maybe I am in the bank for a reason to help that specific area. I am just bored with it until change comes for my real self to be utilized. I think about it every day. Love you – have a happy holiday Amy! I am going to make the best of it whatever it brings.

      1. Breeze, I’m sorry you feel trapped in your job. I’ve had that feeling before too. I haven’t worked in the system for five years and have used up so much savings and investments. It’s a struggle not to have a job in that respect, but then i do have the freedom of not being trapped in the wrong job. Challenges either way. I so hope you get some time to yourself while you are off from your surgery, and can enjoy connecting to your creative self. Many of my friends who are in their own new age healing businesses aren’t doing well. It seems we all need to find some innovative businesses in the system that would match our vibration and allow us to use our gifts to serve. We will find the right place for us and be happy. Change is coming. Hope Kelly improves and starts feeling better from his accident. I wonder what the purpose was for that to happen to him? Soon you will figure it out. Enjoy the weekend !

        1. My belief, Sunny, is the more we focus and DO what we LOVE, that soon becomes such a huge factor in our lives, one in which we CAN actually collect an income from. Am I seeing an income by what I am doing, by following what I Love? No. Not yet. But that is not my intent for why I do what I do. All I do know is, as time passes, and you continue to do what you Love, that in turn will lead to success otherwise undreamed of.

          It just happens. I have seen this happen SO many times in my own life, yet, now I am walking towards the “income” part. I had to first do a lot of inner work based on how I felt about money. I myself AM clearing the Path for me. Meanwhile, I do what I Love, without thought as to “when, or how”. I just KNOW. The rest will take take of itself.


          Love, Amy

            1. Thank you, Birgitta. Bless you. I’m so not here at this Pond much any more. I just have had enough of “soon” and “the event” and all this “let’s chew on knowledge to see how much you know”. I just want to Live to succeed, to Love, to BE.

              All the warm, fuzzy, comforting, supporting that was here has been replaced with videos and a knowledge tank. So not me. I am no longer running after pies in the skies, empty promises. I have stepped into BEing ME, Sister, whoever that is. I feel invisible at the moment, so for you to see me, I really and I mean really Love you for that.

              Thank you. Bless you. I am officially off the ascension treadmill. Three years it took me to wake up. No more illusions. I focus my intention on MY LIFE. I have finally worked through how I feel about “money” and continuing what I LOVE DOING, the money shall follow.

              And all the rest is phooey. At least to me.

              I Love you, Birgitta. Love, Amy

  2. Dear friends!

    When I’m about to sleep, I remember what I dreamed last night. Thought I would tell you if it can be of any importance.

    It’s a bit hard to describe but it was like we humans had a small piece of white disc each one of us. If you pressed the almost invisible button with the nearly invisible text (which I do not even know if I saw) so it came up a number, just like when you play at the casino and pull the lever. I saw no direct numbers, just that it rustled up numbers when you pressed the button.

    Yes – I’m tired now – I know. But still …. 😉

    B to B

    1. Hi Birgitta,

      Do you mean like when you pull a lever on a slot machine and the 3 reels spin around and then stop? I’ve seen that during at least one download…not the disc part but definitely the slot machine type thing. Wow. Hope you’re having a good nights sleep!


      1. Hello Leslie!

        Yes – exactly – as you pull a lever on a slot machine and then a number (special number for you???) will show up. I wonder why we humans were shown so anonymous, could hardly see the text on them(us) as it was white text on white background.

        So nice that you also have seen that slot machine 🙂

        Nice to hear from you Leslie:) Hope all is going well for you. Have you moved yet?

        Much love,

        B to B

        1. Hi! Yes it’s always so validating to know we are sharing experiences! I have not seen the numbers, just the reels spinning and then coming to a stop. I guess when the time is right we’ll know what it all means…?
          We are moving exactly one month from today. It feels very much like the last few minutes of class where all you can do is watch the clock and try not to run out the door. I am nervous, excited, happy, impatient, sad, overwhelmed – you name it, I’ve been feeling it!! Very much an emotional roller coaster…on top of all the energetic stuff…it’s a lot to deal with.

          Hope you are doing well!

          Much love,

          1. My best wishes to you and your family that you will enjoy your new site – was it in Dallas? Remember I thought of Dr. Phil when you mentioned it first time:)

            Much love to you Leslie and your family!

            B to B

            1. Thank you! You got the right state – Texas – but we’re moving to a smaller city, Austin.
              I saw in one of your other posts you’ve had a flu, I have too. It’s a little over two weeks now and finally I’m starting to feel better, but it’s really knocked me out. I’ve tried everything from homeopathy to herbs and TCM, and this thing just has to run it’s course. I hope you feel better soon!


              1. Thank you Les!

                I talked to a friend this evening about my powerful flus coming the same time every year (almost). Many years ago when I was depressed it was this time of the year and maybe these flus that I constantly have this time almost every year is some purge of something that is about to leave now. I tried to say like Amy did: Enough is Enough 😉 but I donno as Anna Helen use to say 😉 Think I need some sleep now.

                Much love to you Les,

                B to B

  3. I woke up today feeling an energetic anxiety that I had not felt before and had to flow right into my current reality to assist others with a few things and realized I was not in my center.

    I feel that I was not in my center because the body knows something HUGE is occurring. The last few nights I have had massive downloads and constant in flow into my third eye…well, last evening before bed and even today my third eye is absolutely open and pumping during waking times which is rather unusual as it is usually only during the period of time when I am falling asleep.

    So, I am focusing on the body, which has had the role in generations past to feel the energy and kick into survival mode if something unusual is occuring. At this point, the body needs support to know that the soul is finally in charge, which is what should always have been…

    I visualize myself as a leaf, falling from a tree and blowing in the wind. The leaf does not resist but simply goes where the wind takes it…I feel the visual is important as is the CC’s message a bit of time ago to continue to put one foot in front of the other…

    Huge hugs my blessed leaf sisters and brothers, all beautiful, all unique, all grown on the same tree and all moving into the new creation! Alex

    1. Alex, I have been off centered as well. Today for the first time in days, I am centered. Yes, something is coming. I have felt the anxiety as well, every morning I awake and I have to consciously direct myself into calmness.

      Just wanted you to know I have been gazing at virgin snow today and feeling a sense of the “coldness” putting out the “fire” that has been rampant.

      Peace, Amy

  4. You know what the asshole said after releasing the pressure?
    There is a tunnel at the end of the light.
    and now let the tsunami of love blow the pioneeers away.

  5. Already feeling it today, WHOA!!! I doubt we’ll make it through this weekend without the whole thing goin’ off, and the First Wavers getting planted firmly in the lower 5D Realms, the Cities of Light, etc. It is INDEED ‘time’, people. No doubt about it 🙂

    1. Waverider, I was just saying earlier, I don’t know how much more I can take. And that is being totally honest. If I don’t get lifted and all my animals with me, to a Higher Realm soon, …….. There truly is NOTHING left of ME.

      I AM feeling a surge of PEACE. I just came through a Storm of all storms that left me feeling 180. As the day continues, rejuvination is coming in. It IS Time. I am speaking personally here, but BUT there are those of us who are truly at the finish line.

      First Waver I AM ready! And there is NO going back! I wouldn’t even if given a chance!!!

      Much LOVE to you! Amy

        1. Keepin’ the faith! See you on the other side of this “thing”. I KNOW you will be there. 🙂 Yep, I can always rely on that Truth…..YOU is always with you. OH, yeah, Baby! Surf’s UP!

  6. Thank you Aisha,

    CC’s, I stand in amazement, there is more….more and more….?
    By now it feels like a never ending story. Soon…. soon it will be over, soon soon, soon. And yet again there are even bigger waves than before?
    More, and bigger? Oh God…
    How is this all possible, how do we stand it? We are protected, yeah, but still… I know, I got my complaining hat on, I know. I just find it hard to stay in my equilibrium.

    Sending all of us love,

    1. JJ, I am with you on this one. There is NO MORE OF ME LEFT. I have been so squashed and pulled and pushed and crushed and crunched……and there is now bigger and more? MY GOD! I won’t make it. Seriously. When is this going to end?

      Buddy, you have my utmost empathy. God LOve you! I understand! I am for the first time in weeks, it seems, breathing easily. And feeling Peace. I do not wish for this to leave. I want to revel in this Peace and BREATHING for all eternity.

      BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

      1. I’m so glad to hear you’re in peace Amy dear. I am too sort off.
        I so long for my twin though. I guess I had that feeling my whole life, but now that I’ve experienced how it is to BE with her, it is even harder now. It is so hard to stay in the now without thinking that somewhere in the future we will be together. I want to be with her. I want to be one. I want to be whole. I just don’t feel whole without her….
        I haven’t heard from her all day, and God it’s killing me… I know I sound pathetic…

        Love to you Amy!

        1. JJ, I SAW my twin! I SAW him. For real. He took my breath away. I was just falling asleep the other night, when a face came into view and I KNEW right away who this person is.

          Hang in there, for I know the “longing”. I know. I send you BIG (((HUGS))) your way. I really do Love you!!!!

          Your Sis! Amy

          1. Oh big (((hugs))) to Amy! I’m so glad you did! You’re drawing him in, I know.
            I love you Amy, I love you so!

            1. Yes, JJ, I AM drawing him to me. The Mighty Stag that again came to me yesterday, reminded me of this man. So powerful. I wonder now, if my Twin actually sent that Stag to talk to me? That Powerful One gave me direct conscious eye contact for minutes. Minutes, JJ! I have the goosebumps just thinking about it.

              Love, Amy

                1. I AM laughing SO hard! My King! My Powerful KING! To be looked at eye to eye by a Stag, now come on, JJ, you tell me, what are the chances??? My heart is beating so hard right now. My Crowned King! The way this guy walked wow! With dignity and regal , and power, and OH YEAH! I’M KING! VIRILE! STRONG! I could go on.

                  And who I saw, fits the description. OMG. I am getting so excited. OK. Deep breath, AME. Hehehehehehehe Oh boy!!!!

                  You will be the FIRST to know, JJ, when our paths cross! I promise you!!!! LOL

                  Love, Amy

          2. Dearest Amy,
            I am so excited for you? You are of Irish ancestry. Do you not KNOW who you saw. The Celtic Horned Stag goes my different names. I have known by him Herne. Some call him Cernunnos. There are probably a few more. According to myth to those who see him there could be 2 meanings. The first is that of ” an passive icon for Earth Peace” especially standing in a clearing or near a well or spring or near the edge of wilderness area. Second: Earth Power in the male, virile, potent, and wild.

            He is considered the protector of wild animals. Remember Bambi and how the other wild animals would gather around and seem to find joy in his presence. He supposedly either heals the wounded wild creatures or leads them through the “sidhe” to the other side.

            There is much much more to this magnificent vision. I also have seen him as I stood on a rugged mountain top overlooking the vast rolling prairie lands crying out my depths of despair to the Great Spirit asking for any help there could be. The stag came second after a large keening hawk hovered over me. A huge antlered magnificent deer slowly stood stretching out before me in all his glory. Yes, his muscles rippled and shown brightly reflecting the sun’s rays. The distance was a little too far to see directly into his eyes. But he looked directly at me and I felt his piercing eyes. I remember we greeted each other and while we visited I learned much wisdom.

            I did not think of him as anything like a twin flame. Perhaps because of my husband. Wild wounded animals including children and adults are drawn to him. He has gentled many a wild creature. My mother would say including me. He is also a dowser for water, earth energy lines, and even pregnancy tested our livestock this way.

            Take note that Ray tells us of his visit with this mighty symbol today. That’s three today, a trinity.

            It is twice now the Horned One has shown himself to you. Next time greet him. Don’t let home get away!

            Forest Joy

  7. Thank you Aisha. The energy feels indeed very intense.
    In a pleasant way. Also, I feel that tomorrow -meaning the 28th- is an “important” day. More energy ? A wave ?
    I don’t know, and feel not attracted to speculate (but I’d love to hear what others feel 🙂 ).
    Bottom line is I’ll try to have some food and little stuff, and hopefully cocoon in the house to BE and connect. Flow.
    Much Love to all, this Pond is Brighter than ever !
    Oh, a happy Thanksgiving to our American brothers and sisters.
    Bubbles of Joy everyone 🙂

  8. Hi All !
    I’m really uncertain where this is leading me, but I feel it’s important to share !…I went back to look at other comments in manuscript 374 & this is what I received from Teasy (Thank You ever so much !)
    She said :

    there’s a key phrase in ‘The Mothman Prophecies’ (2002) that goes: “Wake up, number 37″ which has been on my mind for a while now.
    other related clues i have found involve the introduction of triality, numerological geometry, and the changing of the relationship between all things, affecting all matter and above (not just ‘water’, vis-a-vis ‘disembodied light’)…

    note that one can adjust one’s own DNA contraction and expansion using emotions… so for example attuning to more positive emotions enables one to more easily receive ‘upgrades’…
    these ‘upgrades’ can also be self-induced in various ways, such as by turning off the ‘auto pilot’ (re(-as)suming response-ability).

    the more one releases one’s hold on gaining, having or keeping information, the more one becomes open to being a receiver for information.
    the more one is open to being a receiver of information, the more one realizes that it is not so much the information that matters.
    what remains is that which allows the information to flow through freely.

    So I did a little checking….& I must say this chills me to the bone, but certainly not in a scary-creepy way….it has a very important under-lying message that I know I know…but it’s full meaning is still a bit blurry, but I do know ’37’ is very important & not just regarding the bridge collapse, cold ‘Water’ is also key, & of course ‘Wake Up’….& especially the ‘Wings’ to BE extremely unveiling & revealing ! & even more important – We must not interpret any movie’s aspects of the unknown to BE in any context as demonic, evil, etc….as the human mind often associates the unknown or alien with negative energy & this is so very wrong !!! I’m certain my HS is going to BE enlightening further on this….any thoughts from my fellow ponders ??? I found this as well & I also think it has important relevance ~
    LOve & Let the Truth Shine Thru !!!….Bev~

    In the movie “The Mothman Prophecies”, the character John Klein asked Indrid Cold:

    “What do you look like?”

    Indrid Cold (The Mothman?) replied:

    “It depends on who is looking.”

    The same can be said for reality as a whole! It depends on who is doing the looking!

    As Isaac Asimov said:

    “It’s not what you see that is suspect, but how you interpret what you see”

    “Wake Up number 37”

    1. “We must learn to Un-Do what we have been taught…just like the number ‘666’…it is not the mark of the devil, it is the number for mankind, the molecular carbon-base life of humanity !”

    2. Bev & All,
      Perhaps the rain is space rain from the meeting of the cold frozen WATER of Planet Ison and the explosive FIRE of the Sun. FIRE and Water rains upon EARTH. In my spirit journey with Holy Spirit Iona we immediately dove into the Earth’s underground streams, rivers, seas, & pools and entered a large grotto like cavern of white light with tan rock surrounding us. Accompanying Blessed Iona and my spirit were the spirits of 2 other women, one each from the central area of continents South America and Africa. There was a woman dressed in white holding a bright lantern hovering above the dry floor of this cavern. She shimmered like a star. A stream was flowing along the floor edges. A beautiful peaceful presence. Perhaps you or ponderers more versed in symbology can interpret this for us.

      Love, Forest Joy

      1. Thanks so much for this Forest Joy !…today’s the Nov.28th so we’ll see & feel what is to BE !….personally I think way too much attention has been placed on this comet, it is important & will have influence, but not in reference to All the hype that it has been given…as far as your spirit journey (sounds profoundly beautiful !)…but it’s always difficult for another to interpret what it All means…so many have not only lost their way from Source, but have been disconnected from each other for such a long time, only time will tell before we have full clarity to it ALL again !….but may I just say there is a strong feminine essence attached to your journey, streams are always associated with energy flow & caverns are often symbolic for the womb (birth, protection & compassion for Life & it’s expansion) the continents you mention are key birthing points of condor energy upon Mother-Earth & of course ‘Water’ the cradle of Life !… so go with it from there !….LOve to You !….Bev~

  9. The heart is the soul of the body. If the brain dies the heart can still beat for five or more days without food or water. After this the heart stops and the soul leaves the body. The soul remains until the last beat of the heart. You can keep the body alive years after the mind dies. With help of life support. It takes the heart and mind working in harmony to live a life that can interact with the rest of the body. All of the body has its work to do.

    There is a old story about the different parts of the body that were fussing about which part is the most poowerful of the body. As they were fussing the asshole said I amd the strongest of all of you. They all laughed and said how can you say such a thing. The asshole laughed and said I will show you. So the body kept working as it always did except the asshole closed. Afer a few days of this the eyes started to bugout of the head. The mouth and toung became swollen and would not work well at all. The heart was beating so hard it thought it would blow up. The mind got foggy and could no longer think. The stomach became swollen and the pain was unbearable. The legs became weak and could no longer walk. The arms and hands were uncontrolable because of all the pain. All the body parts said ok asshole you are the strongest please open up and release all this pain. The asshole laughed and said thank you I had the most pressure on me.

    Blessings and love to all

  10. Hi Aisha…This is Lale from Istanbul, Turkey. I came across with your website a while ago and so happy to follow you… 🙂 We used to have a healing center in Istanbul which we closed after 7 years of work and turned to home office at the moment and since our subscribers have never left us, thanks to them, i have translated this message of yours which has impressed me a lot and shared it giving all your information with our dear subscribers. I shared it in our facebook page also. If you can give me your email address which surprisingly i couldn’t find anywhere, i can send the Turkish translation to you so you can share it with Turkish speaking readers if there are any.
    Blessings to you from the very deep of my heart.
    Lale Kulahli
    Istanbul – Turkey

    1. Dear Lale! Welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here and to this world! I am also very grateful that you help to share these messages with others, and that you even translate them into your own language. There is someone already doing a short summary in Turkish starting from part 369, you can find them here: http://loveinturkish.wordpress.com/ I would be very happy to include a link to your translations on the Links-page also, so if you could just share it in a reply to this comment, it would be wonderful.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha…
        Thank you for your lovely words. We all do whatever we can do. Happy to take a part in this.
        Here is the translation…If i do more translations i will share it with you..

        Enerjilerle Ilgili Kucuk Bir Guncelleme
        Aisha North
        27 Kasim, 2013
        metnin orijinali icin:
        ceviri: Lale Kulahli – Sifa Cemberi – http://www.sifacemberi.com

        “Biraz”dan daha fazla olarak yeni frekanslara ayarlanmakta olan sizlerle, dilerseniz biraz gelecek atraksiyonlarla ilgili ayrintiya girmek istiyoruz. Bu gelismis titresimlere alismak her zamanki gibi kolay degil ve bunun sonucu olarak da bu aralar ayak basacak saglam bir yer bulmakta zorlanacaksiniz. Ve kelimenin tam anlamiyla ifade ediyoruz, “denge” duygusu pek cogunuz icin gecmise ait bir sey su anda. Yine de bu birisinin dusunmek icin “goz korkutucu”, “cesaret kirici”dan daha fazla bulabilecegi birseyin sadece baslangici cunku donulemez bir noktaya yaklasmaktasiniz ve o oyle bir nokta ki, bu isIk damlaciklari birlesip kaynasip hakiki bir yagmur firtinasina donusecekler. Bundan dolayidir ki, gelmekte olan seye daha iyi hazirlanmaniz icin size sadece bir uyarida bulunacagiz.

        Siz yine bu yagmur firtinasinin size nasil carpacagina dair ipuclarini bosuna arayacaksiniz. Sunu soylemek yeterli ki, bu cok yakinda olacak ve bu arada hepinize kendinizi “birazcik sarsilmak”tan daha fazlasina hazirlamanizi tavsiye ederiz. Goruyorsunuz, hepiniz bu firtinayi sonuna kadar acik kalplerle karsilamak icin hazirlandirilmaktasiniz ve dolayisiyla sallanmaya ve dondurulmeye devam edileceksiniz.Yine soylemek isteriz ki, tum bunlar hic bir sekilde sizi kirmak, yerle bir etmek icin degil, isigin hediyesini gercek anlamda alabilmenize yardim etmek icindir ki o oyle bir isIktir ki, yakin zamanda size comertce bagislanacaktir.

        Biliyoruz ki bu bilgi, bu ilk raundlardan en cok aci ceken sizler icin az miktarda bir teselli olacak ama oyle bile olsa bilin ki, bu bilgiyi sizlere yaniltici herhangi bir yolla carpitarak vermiyoruz. Sizlere sadece elimizden gelen her yolla yardimci oluyoruz ve dolayisiyla da bu cok calkalayici enerjiler bunu yapabilmenin sadece en iyi yolu. Cunku gelmekte olan oyle bir buyuklukte ki, kiyilariniza varmadan once olabilecek en iyi sekilde hazirlanabilmeniz icin alabileceginiz her turlu yardima ihtiyaciniz var. Ve o, kiyilariniza sanki nereden geldigi anlasilamamis bir sekilde gelecek ve gelecegini duyurdugunda olabileceginizden cok daha fazla hazir olmanizi saglamak icin ne gerekiyorsa yapacagiz. Cunku bu gercekten gorkemli boyutlarda bir olay olacak ve daha onceleri degindigimiz gibi onun tarafindan dokunulmayan kimseyi birakmayacak. Ve dolayisi ile sizler, onden kosanlar, onculer, tum bunlarla basedebilmek icin oyle bir techizatlandirilacaksiniz ki, tum bu olay bittiginde, sadece kendinizi degil, sizin ayak izlerinizi takip etmeyi secenler de kendilerini dimdik ayakta bulmakla kalmayacaklar, ayni zamanda kalplerinin ta derinliklerinden neselenecekler, keyiflenecekler.

        Hatirlayin ki, degisim ruzgarlari gezegeninizin her tarafinda bazan her zamankinden daha siddetli ve acimasiz esmeye devam etmesine ragmen, bu ruzgarlar hic bir seyi yerle bir etmek ve geriye sadece “atik” birakmak icin burada degil. Hayir, o yelkenlinize daha fazla ruzgar vermek icin burada ki hepiniz yukari kalktiginizda ahenk icinde, uyumlu ve ayni perdeden kalkabilin ve tum gezegeni beraberinizde yukari kaldirin. Ve sonra, tum parametreler sanki yeniymis gibi olacak ve dolayisiyla sizler isterseniz hayatlariniza tamamen yeni bir koordinat takimiyla baslayacaksiniz ve bu hepinizi tamamen yeni bir rotaya yonlendirecek.

        Her zamanki gbi bilmece gibi konusuyoruz ama bu tezkereyi soyle bitirmemize izin verin ki hepiniz iyi ellerdesiniz ve tum bunlar suresince korunmaktan daha fazlasini aliyorsunuz. Cunku sizler bu operasyonda hayati bir onem tasiyorsunuz ve sizin icin hic bir seyin yanlis gitmesini istemeyiz. Dolayisi ile bilin ki bu firtina ufuktan firlayarak geldiginde hizi ve vahsiligi cesaret kirici ve goz korkutucu gorunebilir ama korkacak hic bir sey olmadigini hatirlayin cunku o sizin dusmaniniz degil, sadece bu seyahatinizde gordugunuz goreceginiz en guclu muttefik olacak ve dolayisiyla hepinizden bunu kollarinizla ve kalpleriniz alabildigine genis bir sekilde almanizi rica ediyoruz.

  11. Here is additional information perhaps pertinent to our quest. This from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the art of which I practice. Remember as I have mentioned previously it is patterns and systems that are important concepts for us. Therefore when you read the name of an organ it is a system within a larger system working manifesting patterns. It is much more expanded than the usual western concept of that organ. TCM works with organs and meridians and the flow of Qi within them. We are a microcosm of a macrocosm. The following are a few observations from treating hundreds of patients over almost 17 years of practice of how earth and sky changes and disharmony have manifested in humans in the last 7-8 years. Km

    1) HEART: official office Emperor, houses Shen mind spirit. Emotions Joy
    & Sadness. Element: Fire
    The Emperor sets policy and governs. It involves long term memory. If there is to be lasting deep change it must come from the heart. The Heart changes, but it is government ministers who carry out those changes to the rest of the system, planning and directing the change.

    2) LIVER & GALLBLADDER: a yin yang pair, Element Wood, Emotion Anger
    Liver: Yin, the General, houses Hun ethereal soul, the origin of courage and resoluteness.
    The liver must plan and direct the overall change. It is a huge responsibility. We are going through change so powerful it is felt throughout the universe. The Liver has been under enormous pressure and performing valiantly. But is has been a heavy heavy load. Under stress this organ this ethereal soul may become depressed and may manifest as depression, frustration, irritability.

    Gallbladder: Yang, controls judgement, an aide to Liver, makes decisions while Liver plans, Liver’s ability to plan well is dependent on Gallbladder’s capacity to make good decisions, gives courage and strength to make decisions. It also has carried an enormous load. Under strain it may become sluggish and you might feel melancholy and it’s hard to decide what action to take.

    3) KIDNEY & URINARY BLADDER: Yin Yang pair, Element Water, Emotion Fear
    Kidney: Strong official from whom ingenuity is derived, where Zhi Will Power resides, sort term memory, root of life, root of original Qi, prenatal Qi, foundation of all yin & yang, influences memory, concentration, physical & mental strength, it is Sea of Marrow(spinal cord and brain), source of fire for all internal organs and their functions, governs water including gate that opens and controls body fluid, and much much more. Kidney is our basic foundation. If it becomes short of energy or material essence you can deduce from the above you may be listless, poor concentration, no Will power or will to get the job done. Kidney has been coping with the weight of an elephant on it. For it is the foundation of all. It has to be strong or all will topple.

    Urinary Bladder: most books mention the official as just a district official involving water. However, The lateral meridian (outer shu) almost acts like an extraordinary meridian in that is so affected by what we supposedly can not see. It is used the mental and spiritual aspects of the all organs. It is our connection with the unseen in the physical sense.
    Of course There is much much more involved in each but hope this helps some.

    1. Let me continue a little more on the Urinary Bladder outer shu meridian. It is used to tonify the mental and spiritual aspects of each organ. It is more the the real aspect of the UB meridian. It may be part do our connection to other dimensions and may be influenced by them.

      There much much more concerning Extraordinary Meridians and how they are influenced and can be disruptive by electromagnetic fields. They act as reservoirs of Qi storing the overload and releasing when other meridians are deficient.
      In general I have extraordinary cosmic waves enter the body’s energy grid at “Window of the Sky” points on or close to the neck. These points balance the Qi from above and below. The cosmic energy is so strong that as it goes down the central coil it is almost like it blows fuses and gets stuck. There is a tremendous amount Yang energy incoming with tremendous force. Yang is heat and there is a lot of heat. Comparatively Earth is more yin. Her energy is more likely to enter on foot points. It is sticky and will also get stuck. If the energy is stuck or stagnant there will be problems.

      I have not gotten into the more physical side of change influencing body processes. It would be an even more lengthy missive and the mental spiritual aspects seem more pertinent at this time. If any of you have questions, I would do my very best to answer them.

      Love to all, Forest Joy

      1. Thanks for these summaries Forest Joy very interesting… working with energy a lot it’s good to have this info on TCM… Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      2. Thank you Forest Joy for this info! I am still working on/dealing with bladder…..acupuncture points just light up. All is so interesting.

    2. Thank you for this, Forest Joy. I don’t know much about Traditional Chinese Medicine, but I highly respect it–have received beautiful and solid acupuncture treatments in the past. You are most fortunate to be schooled in this particular branch of caregiving.
      Thank you again for your time and Energy in sharing.
      Blessings, xo Lin

        1. My ex studied with J R Worsley. http://www.worsleyinstitute.com/
          I went along and volunteered for treatment with J R himself. this was 23 yrs ago. I really love acupuncture but quit it when my five element acupuncturist moved away. I am thinking when I have funds, I will look into it again. I studied all the charts with all the meridians and correlation with organs etc. Read lots of books on it. It is truly a great healing modality. wonderful u are into it. It was easy for me to take it in and relate to it.

          1. Dear Breeze,
            You have so been in my thoughts and prayers. “Oh, Breeze,” I said to you across the airwaves,”TCM herbal medicine may have indeed cleared out your masses.” Oh, I wished I could have gotten my hands on you about 5 years ago. It sounds like those pesky buggers had gotten so large as to be threatening some of your other organs. In addition they might have contained something your body was glad to get rid of. Aren’t you so very special to have those individualized treatments by Worsley. You and your sweetie hang in there. Fortune must have wanted you to be together at this crazy time. God bless you for you are one in a million!
            Love and healing coming your way,
            Forest Joy

            1. thanks so much! those are truly wonderful feelings u put out to me!
              I had tried to rid myself of the fibroids… but if u read a bit above what i wrote to Janis… well it becomes more clear. Its like I had been holding on to a fetus in there. not pleasant i know… but it had a heart beat going to it… blood feeding it. i could feel that …that is gone now. maybe my circulation with be better in my legs finally! 🙂 It has been an interesting experience and to just be rid of it is good… to be rid of it at this juncture when I am really ready to be (for all it respresented in its teachings for me) – that is a true blessing. Much Love back your way! Ditto on the one in a million my friend! Areeza

              1. …and this is the stuff u can never say to a regular Doctor! Cant wait till a better system of healing is put into place. meanwhile, we keep sharing, caring and healing in ways those still unaware can not.

  12. Thank you and bless and love you, Aisha and CC for the message today.

    And thank you Ray for:

    “Just hold on to your love no matter what you may go through. There is a light at the end of this tunnel that shines much brighter than any thing you have ever seen.”
    Oh, how we need to hear that every day more strongly, Ray.
    …..Thank you Amy, Bev, Phil, AnnaHelen and all of you…….I love you and am so thankful for your being here with me. Jean

    1. Jean, thank YOU. Just connecting with you and Ray and Birgitta and Snow over at Petals, has helped me immensely. I’ve been focused so much on staying grounded while a storm unleashes its furry around me, I’ve hardly been here at the Pond. I focused so much of me to writing and my camera, to help me get through this storm.

      Bless you for Loving me! I LOVE you. So much! Amy

  13. Thank You “Always with LOve” Dear Sister for this ! Another busy day ahead for me, but checking in & reading your messages are an important part of each & every one of my days ! BEing ‘Prepared’ & ‘No Fear’ is most important !…but I find it interesting the CC’s are now initializing a new term, & referring to ‘Rainstorms’ that will transform & affect All Life !….so here we have ‘Water’ again, but in a different state & generally Rain is associated with Cooling/Cold !….the past 2 postings have been extraordinarily Special for me & with them the collaboration from many soul ponders ever so more Special !, but I’d like to add another piece into the mix….most were high’Light’ing the heated scale of energy…& Red, Fire & Sun…but the part that intrigued me was the ‘Cold’ influence….(section from article)~
    “For example, ice doesn’t form directly from ordinary H2O. It goes from regular water to EZ water to ice. And when you melt it, it goes from ice to EZ water to regular water. So EZ water is an intermediate state. ”
    This has always been quite relevant & revealing for me !….when I drink ‘Water’ I prefer ground well water, not bottled water…& for many years I fill bottles from my tap at home & take to work, then pop them into the freezer to get a perfect slushy mix…this is how I like to drink water !…so they call it EZ water, but my HS calls it H30…& this slushy state is the exact temperature for H30 to magnify it’s power !….& can you guess what that temperature is ?…….3.7 !
    & I’d like to just repeat how important these water/ice intermediate state of crystal formation is for us & the future…& just like there are billions & billions of different shapes of Water Crystals, there are billions & billions of Soul Energies, but did you know that there is an unique individual crystal shape that bonds & resonates with each soul signature !….”We are Many but We are One, We are Different but We are the Same !
    Illuminating LOve & Unwavering Trust & Patience thru this Transformation to You ALL !!!…..Bev~

    1. I recently came across this (I LOve her channelings!) & this invoked me to share especially for Breeze, Amy & Anna Helen !….hope I was right my Dear Special Sisters !…LOve, Bev~

      By annamerkaba on November 26, 2013

      The second beat, and the first in what will determine our identity, is the amygdala. The amygdala starts forming immediately after the heart’s first beat. It stores all the memories of our life in the womb, with the placenta, the water, the fluids of life and the terror of losing them, and also the joy of being fed, of bouncing, of moving. But the amygdala stores also the life of the mother, her depressions, her fears, her life. And this accumulation of memories goes on in us till the age of three. Which means that all this time we have lived, our life has been recorded for us in the amydgala.

      Complete Message ~

      1. Thank you so much. Thid is exactly the explanation of the memory of my earliest identities that came back to me last night. It is my mothers lost children who are living inside me since my second or third year. I recognized them last night for the first time. They carried me all this time. I was just learning how to fly and land all of these silent years…. Can ‘ t wait to fly again. Thank you Aisha for your guidance. Your words helped me through. Thank you Amy and thank you all. I now really feel we are one. Hugs

        1. Dear Willis and Bev, thank you both for what you share here! What a powerful example of how information is being shared at the perfect moment. And Willis, your words touch me deep in my heart. You are truly a brave and shining spirit!
          Love and blessings from me, Aisha

      2. This post among other things has helped me immensely, Bev. This weekend, I finally understood that my birth was an “accident” that caused problems in my parents’ marriage. It explains so much about how I fee about myself. And now this explanation of how not only the “spirit” of the mother but her actual feelings and memories are stored in the physical body makes so much sense. It also tells me a lot about my own daughter. So I guess I am now “back in the womb” processing all that business. Hey! At least I am getting closer… YOGA it is!

        Amy, I want to thank you foe the post about the Oracle Report. Somehow my eyes fell upon the words “take no action.” I came very very close this morning to taking an action that would have been pretty much irrevocable. I was able to stay in my “breath” on it, if that makes sense. And then I saw your post “thank god thank god thank god,” I thought, for these ponders.

        Ray, I was just on a website regarding the pineal gland, and a survey question popped up “The pineal gland is the seat of the soul. Agree or disagree?” My soul screamed “No! It is the heart, and the pineal gland is the projector of what your soul chooses to perceive.” And thank you for the asshole joke. Goodness, how I needed that laugh.

        And everyone else, just reading all the posts, the info, the back and forth, the support and love for each other is, as always, so moving and greatly appreciated.

        Love love love to all,

        1. Good, Lori. Good. Regarding cellular memories. For yourself and Rip. Big Hugs to you. Keep going.
          Looking forward to Divine Mother’s reports when She chooses to reveal again.
          Take good care, Dear Lori/ALee. Divine Grace.
          With Love, Lin

          1. I remember you talking on here about figuring out the interaction between you and your mother, what “roles” you played for her. (You worded it much better.) And you know, I have always concentrated so much more on my relationship with my father, because he and I seemed to have the most conflict. I have rarely considered more deeply the stuff between me and Mom. I now see that she has blamed me for a lot of their conflict, and that she has internalized the full responsilibility for having gotten pregnant with me. This is another piece of the puzzle as to why she never once stepped in and defended me where he was concerned. Blah blah blah…

            And the Divine Mother is revealing herself (to me) in a near constant manner these days. Lori just doesn’t quite know how to step into all that. Oh well, it’ll come as it comes.

            Love and blessings to you, my Light and Joy!


            1. Interesting thoughts here Anna Helen and Lin:)

              During the first years of my “ascension crash” I made a simple family tree after reading a book about family patterns and personality. Then I had a strong confirmatory feeling that everything was already predetermined. Also discovered that the women’s side, it was year of life, 32 an important year in which it happened many important things both with me, my mother and grandmother.

              During my depressive years so I thought that I affected by what happened to my mother when she was pregnant with me, highly traumatic events after her father died. Realizing that she must have been very depressed since.

              The story takes its course and when you yourself go down to the bottom so it becomes more interesting.

              Much love to both of you,

              B to B

              1. THANK YOU!!! B to B. I, too, felt that everything was already predetermined (managed chaos). Many people pooh-pooh that idea. ummmm. Maybe there’s both?!! 😉 who cares.

                And it seems like a lot of us women have had deep depression in our lives. It may be that delving into the deepest lows has allowed/is allowing us to reach our highest highs, in 3D anyway… giving us a wider range. If there’s indeed a payoff to all that pain, then count me in. yaaaay.

                Hope Sweden’s citizens are all warm and cozy. Hope your tree outside is sitting pretty and ready to be decorated with Lights. I LOVE the Christmas season (which includes/is Hanukkah, etc.)–the uplifted Energies. Started to sing last night and my sweetie said (along with my little dog looking at me forlornly), “PLEASE, don’t sing.” haha I can’t carry a tune, AND I sound like Kermit right now.

                Thinking of you with Love (& as you decorate), xo Lin

                1. Thanks Lin!

                  Yes – most people are warm and cozy – at least in the northern part and much more in smaller villages and places. If you “know” your neighbours if gives you a warm and cozy feeling too.

                  My christmas tree leans precariously right now. It blows strongly even though not as much as last storm – thankfully.

                  Just sing on Lin – it does good for both body and soul 🙂 My flu has done it for me for several weeks now so I suspect I may be over Christmas concert unless rapid improvement occurs.

                  Have a nice Thanksgiving!


                  B to B

            2. Good, too, for working thru all the c**p with your mom. It really is the key to self-acceptance/self-Love. Whether we like it or not, those of us who didn’t enjoy a loving relationship with our moms, that status was for a purpose–a very powerful one.

              When our moms basically throw us away in favor of our fathers (for survival, love, approval, whatever), then our personal identity becomes we’re expendable. Betrayal AND abandonment. By the Feminine Energy for the Masculine Energy. We don’t fit in; we’ve got to be hyper-alert/defensive just to stay alive and to have a teeny tiny bit of self-worth. The payoff down a long, sad childhood road is: Strength and Empathy and a large capacity to Love. We chose our way. One doesn’t become strong by sitting pretty. Mother Divine needed a strong, feisty, adorable 😉 scribe for Her work. Tag: You’re it!

              Google relationships, esp women to women, and I think a lot of enlightenment will open for you with regards to your family. It prob played a role as to why your father felt he had a right to treat you as he did. He had “permission”. My mom treated me as a female competitor for my dad’s affections. She was willing to play that to the death. Only I am strong. In this lifetime, she is a classic narcissist. She is very good at playing a dedicated villainess. In other lifetimes, I’m sure I was also. I just wish I knew all this stuff when I was growing up–but then that would have defeated the purpose, right?! haha

              Also, I KNOW my dad was given “permission”, but after he saw how his actions affected me, he stopped and worked hard to change. Your dad being indoctrinated into the Military… well, that’s a tough nut to crack. Brainwashed completely.

              You’re almost there; once you figure out your “gifts” from/via your parents, you’ll be able to lead Rip to healing in a nano-second. It’s **ALL** perfect. Every little bit of it.

              That said, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Lori!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 333

              (now go watch the ducks on the pond across your street)

        2. Thank You AH !!…I really felt ‘You’ when I came across this information…so if it helped, that sure makes me happy !….& I’m sure I’ve said it before, but ‘Big THANK YOU’ for who you are & ALL you do & contribute here…from words to songs…from visions to musings you are an extraordinary gift to us All ! ….LOve, Bev~

      3. This is most interesting and I have to examine it more – what it brings up for me. thanks ! Today was a bit hard because this is the first day I felt a ‘space’ where my own womb ‘was’ and I am being with that and allowing for healing there. The heart beat made me think of how I stopped it when I had two abortions – for those beings inside me… this is something I have had the most difficulty with in this life I think. I do not feel real upset right now though your post brought it up for me first thing. In the past, i would be crying my eyes out at the thought of it. I have said how my own mother placed me in the hands of God thru the pregnancy with me which enabled me to be so conscious right out of the womb. Since I have had heart rhythm episodes since age 18 there is residual stuff I took in upon entering this life – From past lives and I was the emotional container for my mother too…. so, I did take in her energies either before or after birth. She is like the child now and we are actually closer than we ever were.

        1. Thank You ‘BEE’ !…I felt your presence along with AH & Amy when I read this….& I sure hope it does help even if it is in a tiny way !…I know you have gone thru a lot & lots to process right now…so LOve, Light & Strength to You & Kelly within the unfolding of a Grand & Happy Future !!…..You will Rise to Everything you are meant to BEE !, but you must BELieve it !…..LOve, Bev~

        2. Areeza, I’m so glad that you have worked through your very difficult issue and I just wanted to support you by sharing this very affirming video on the subject from the perspective of Abraham…(if you don’t want to go there, I completely understand…no worries…♥♥♥)

          1. Janis… I do appreciate this. Not a problem for me to hear it. I agree with it. I did a lot of soul searching believe me. I realized later my heart break came more from the awakening I got from the abortion experience. That had to do with past life stuff I had to clear out in this life and it was very crucial. It was still hard emotionally no matter because I did become attached to the being that was to come into my life. She was my aunt who had died when I was 6. It was that and the feeling of ‘stopping life’ in its tracks… and oh how many times i revisited that very exact moment before they put me under…. i wanted to yell out ‘no no no no no!’. but i was out. I awoke in horror and pain. I had a very wonderful doctor/healer in my life at the time. What he wrote for me that day I still have – it set me free from all pain as soon as I recited it in silence. Emotional pain continued until more recently. having to do with releasing the past life stuff… and my feeling ‘worthy’ of even considering myself an Archangel due to what I had done. The soul, my aunt or even it it was someone else was a great teacher. I had to do more releasing when I went thru this surgery to remove the uterus. it has been a long, long journey. thank you sincerely and from my heart for caring to help me with it. I am thru it on the other side of the hell i created for myself with it…. the imprint that had to go for good… finally and there is just a tad of oddness to not having a uterus/womb that has a bit more work to be done. It is more like a residual feeling. and… may i say i hope anyone else whos eyes read this can get some help from it. Love, Areeza

            1. I re-read what I wrote and I have so much feeling for all of it I can not tell u in words as I would like. It is really huge for me to get to this place of release…and be SO aware of it! my own release and how real that is! i know how this is important for me to help others in theirs! thank you – Namaste

    2. Dear Bev! Thank you for always bringing your unique perspective on this unfolding process! There is still so much waiting to be discovered from the information stored in the water. I always get drawn to lakes, rivers and waterfalls whenever I am out in Mother Nature, and the energies from the crystal that I released into the glacier lake this summer plays an important part in my process now. I can feel how the whole lake is vibrating more and more, as if it is being charged higher and higer, getting ready to unleash all of the stored information it carries into the energetic grid 🙂
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you dear Sister !…it is a great bond & feeling for me that we share this & I do understand how important your energizing crystal is growing & expanding it’s energies with the lake !….& I know, & know you know, that often we are asked by the higher realms to do something, with pure faith, not knowing what for or why…but it always comes together at a later time, then we often reflect back on ‘Wow, glad I did that !…it was such an important thing !’ Our journeys are challenging in interplaying with the unknown…many would never do it, act on these feelings & messages from the unknown !…so I Praise you for your resolute strength & trusting & acting upon this work that will beneficent ‘ALL’ of Creation !….& I’m sure we both have many more stories yet to BE told !….LOve to You !…Bev~

    3. Hi Bev, reading this piece from you about water – specifically the 3.7 degrees you mention combined with the article the the other day about EZ/H3O2 reminded me of a graph I remember us drawing at school in physics with the water volume plotted against its temperature. I recall being intrigued back then (may be age 13 or something) at the fact that it’s minimum volume was at a point just before freezing and either side of that it’s volume increased i.e. as the temperature rose or it froze!

      I’ve just googled this graph and my memory was correct on this and hey no surprises this point is just below 4C … I’d hazard a guess at 3.7C looking at the graph… probably when its in that EZ/H302 phase I suspect… – so there is the 37 again that you keep talking about… now that is VERY COOL in more ways than one… ha, ha… 🙂

      I know this may be a bit sciencey for some but this memory synchronicity is very intriguing in the context of our recent explorations and I thought you Bev probably already knew this anyway…

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Philip!

        Though much of what you are talking about “is going over my head,” I feel an interest to take part of what I understand. Somehow I feel a connection to my fascination with my drawn to heal the water, ice formations and the amazing creations formed by the ice in this fall.

        Keep searching Philip 🙂


        B to B

      2. Thank You for this dear Philip & ‘Yes’…I do know !! Most of what I have learned & now know, 1st comes as visions & thoughts or worded messages….then the human part of me likes to seek for proof !….I know my HS would prefer that I have more trust & faith in what I’m BEing shown & told…but having confirmation continues to BE a necessary part of my journey…but I must say, I AM trusting more today than I was months & years ago….All a process ! & I AM finding I don’t ponder on or question near as much what I’m BEing shown & told & it is making more & more sense to me each day !…..Thanks Again !!….LOve, Bev~

  14. We are so blessed to have a family to help us through this process. And what a process. In our past when the soul would leave the body. Our body would return to mother earth and the soul back to its source. This is much different the body remains awake in this process as the soul is being reborn with a new source. As this process started in me. I felt like the whole world was crying in my mind. I felt alone hurt and angry. I looked within and knew I was never alone. I felt pulled and pushed in every direction at the same time. The sorrow and anger that I was feeling as all the negitive was leaving me. This is a very intense feeling. It is like you feel all the world going through this. I have tried not to write anything as I was going through this.

    At times I felt cut off from everything. When I felt this I would try to find the voices that have always been with me in the past to find out what this was. They were their but didn’t want me to worry about it. One told me it is like a mother deer going into birth. When this happens they seek a safe place for this to happen. Then he said your soul is being reborn and your body is awake and seeing this for the first time. The he said just give all your love to this process and once you are able to walk around a little all the answers you seek will come to you. Now I feel the weight of all the anger sorrow and pain of this has lifted and gone away. I feel the strength coming back with each breath I take. I feel new refreshed and so alive. I see this is just the beginning and a new way of all life. I see a lot is still in process with much more to be done. I have a peace of mind now for the first time in the last week. Just hold on to your love no matter what you may go through. There is a light at the end of this tunnel that shines much brighter than any thing you have ever seen.

    Blessing and Love to all

    1. Ray, your words are My Gift today. I’ve been thinking lately that what I have been experiencing is very like, if not exactly like, my NDE. But instead of popping out and leaving (soul) I remain. At times I wished my heart would stop, for this process has become beyond miserable.

      Boy oh boy, does my heart now go out to each and every little baby that is birthed. What I am living is the birthing experience, magnified and dragged out. There have been times I have felt so bruised and banged, and even my physical body looked as though it had been crushed.

      To make a proper ending to all this misery, I stepped on my glasses last night. Both lens popped out and the one side is all bent out of shape. I cried. That was the last straw. I managed to put both lens back in, and now do wear those very glasses, but all bent all out of shape.

      So, I asked if there was a message here. In the stepping on and breaking of the means of my “seeing”, I am now able to see anew. In the stepping and the breaking, I have put my foot down to end my world (as I saw it), adjusted the same lenses so I can see again, and put them back on my face to see again (though differently).

      “All hell has been unleashed. And in the unleashing, all darkness flees.”

      I bow to you, Ray. It has been some nasty bumpy rides for me. Today I SEE a world of WHITE of new fallen snow. I managed to get some pics before the wind picks up to blow the snow off the trees. It is gorgeous. Peace. Peace I feel and say.

      Love, Amy

      1. Gorgeous Amy!

        Your vivid language is priceless and indescribable. I can almost see you as a wise owl with glasses sprawling in all directions shouting; enough is enough!!! 😉

        Hold on! Soon, we do not need any glasses at all, I hope;) for it is time for me to go to the optician and upgrade the sight too – and it costs a fortune – at least for me!

        I missed you,

        B to B

        1. I Love you, Birgitta! I have those one and very same glasses on my face right now. I fixed them. Even the crooked “arm”.

          And in reading the Oracle Report, what popped out at me was NO ACTION. I take that and say THANK YOU. I now go to the phone and cancel an appt. I made for this day. A lawyer.

          IF I get involved in legal issues, this will pull me away from my “Mission”. How timely it is that just now, that Petals is taking off, that the one in my life has pushed me to the point of calling a lawyer. Deep breath. This one is projecting all the darkness that the Light is bringing forth, and truth be told, I am barely hanging on.

          Love, Amy

          1. Much love and a huge hug to you my sister! You need all support now! I can imagine where you are right now and want you to know I am with you ALL THE TIME.

            Follow the flow and wait for the right moment to take the steps needed.

            Much love Star Sister!

            B to B

            1. I am following the FLOW, Sister. My Heart will guide me as to when to make the proper steps. I will go to the ends of this earth in order to protect the very ones I Love and care for. When one makes a commitment, one sticks with it, no matter how hard it gets sometimes.

              This is NOT about choosing “animals” over a “human being”. This is about a mutual agreement we BOTH made. If you are reading this, and don’t “get it”, that’s OK. Yes, my husband has every right to want the easy chair and TV without anyone bothering him. Bottom line though, you don’t change your mind about something as important as LIVES, all because you just don’t want this “life” anymore. You don’t think I have days I wish my life was different? I LOVE to do a lot of things that I don’t do all because of the CHOICE I made and am walking.

              And it is NOT greener on the other side of the fence either. That is my husband’s frame of mind in a nutshell.

              I will listen to the advice when that “time” has come. When one “bails out” all because one doesn’t want this life any more, that is not “right”. So now I do what I must do in order to do right by me and those I care for.

              Love, Amy

              1. I hesitate to respond with what comes to me Amy. I Love you. I keep getting that the animals are consuming too much of your life though. I think hubs and glue cat are trying to tell u this. Glue cat made me think right way he was coming to say you are glued too much to the cats. Could there not be other homes found for them where they would be Loved and cared for? I know how much u love them. I am just coming from another angle and offering there could be some messages and hubs is a catalyst or something. Whatever u do, I know you always do it with Love – no question there. XO

                1. What would you suggest I do, Breeze? Even hubs who finally came out of his state, understands. I am not able to work, being disabled. I am not able to travel. I am only able to drive a car perhaps for one hour. I live in constant pain. These cats are my CAREER and LIFESAVER. I AM passionate about healing, this is WHO I AM.

                  How can I possibly be consumed if I am running a blog and helping people there, and being here, getting involved in my photography and art? What would you have me do? Sit around and do nothing but hang on the computer? This is my LIFE. This is my HOME. And this is my FAMILY.

                  These are ILL cats. With real medical needs. I AM a nurse. and have become my own VET. Would you accuse a VET that he or she is consumed because their life revolves around animals? Ask my Vet what the cost is. She told me she comes homes so exhausted sometimes, she cannot do anything but watch TV. She has children and a husband. Yes, the cost is high, but this is our CHOICE.

                  I have chosen what I have chosen. You do not understand. You work in the system. I work out of the system. I have done so for 20 years. I think outside of the box. I always have.

                  I am getting recognition for what I am doing with these animals, and my Vet is starting to apply the healing techniques I am learning.

                  People who are passionate about animals, and who care what happens to them, walk my shoes. Anyone else, cannot understand, for they do not walk my shoes.

                  I Love you, too, Breeze, but for you to tell me that what I do with my Life is consuming me? I put in long days, but that is my choice. What I do is NOT the norm, so I don’t expect anyone to understand.

                  It matters not to me if you don’t think what I do is “right”. But what matters to me you don’t embrace me as who I am, and understand that with every beat of my heart, I LOVE beyond comprehension those I care and Love. That is just who I am.

                  People threw rocks and eggs at St. Francis when he was alive. After he was dead though, those very same people called him a Saint. I don’t WANT this world. I have made my own world. This world has rejected me and I am not about to throw away my Life. Simple as that.

                  1. Dear Amy, I dont know what to say to all that. I only heard u saying you and hubs were at a cross roads about your choice. I am in the system but I cant stand being in it. I have not found a way not to be yet. People I know out of the system have others that support them or they are on disability like you. sorry to hear you are – i dont know your whole life – I know we all have problems we face all the time – as i said, i live with a guy who is in pain all the time too (since i met him 8 yrs ago)- he stands most of the time even when we watch TV- can hardly sit and gets up multiple times per night hardly getting real restful sleep. He may finally be able to collect – due to this accident – and get help for his worn out body. It is not easy to get out of the system so I feel stuck 5 days a week for 30 yrs. like a slave and fight depression about it all the time like my life flew by with not much time to pursue my happiness. I would have loved to write more – I let a lot of things just slip away. I have been the main person taking care of basic living needs all this time with current guy and ex and his son. Amy, I honor anyone who loves and cares for animals. I never said it was wrong and never would. you sound unhappy with the situation so I offered something that came to me. the animals are wounded, hubs is wounded so of course this is really really hard for u like u r making a choice of one over the other. I know we cant save everything we would like to. I just feel things are coming up for each and every one of us for good reason to review and take a step back and its ok especially when it is bringing up so much inside. Best to you in whatever you do… as I said, I know u will do it with Love and that is what matters most. Love, Areeza

                    1. Breeze, between the pain of seeing this man suffer, and being exposed to the “affects” of his own self made prison, I have been put to my absolute limit. That was reached last night. I broke, just like my glasses. Now today I feel an incredible shift of Peace and Power which are bringing with it, resolutions. It looks like our paths are going separate ways soon.

                      As for the constants in our lives. It is what we do with them that count. This physical pain is enough to handle without the everything else. I focus my attention on what I Love and those that in turn lift me up when I encourage them. Or make them laugh. Or make them think. In so doing, I take my mind off the pain so that I can tolerate it. When it gets to a certain level, I do have means for pain relief and I do take it.

                      I worked my fanny off to be a nurse. In fact, my license just came in the mail today which I do keep up to date, even though I am not working. Who knows what the future will bring? I also am not about to let go of something I worked so hard for, and which represents to me, a career in which I excelled. Why? Because I Loved it.

                      I do my best with all in my life. I never professed to be perfect and I don’t have the answers to all questions. I do seek yes, and I do find. As with this present situation, I don’t know how I will add more to my schedule when hubs leaves. But, I will not even focus on that and say with Faith, that this too will work out.

                      I’m pretty raw right now, Breeze. Or I was when I answered your comment. Between these energies shifts and what hubs is going through, and keeping up with this house and all that it entails, caring for all I do, and getting the care for myself in there too……it has been a very rough ride.

                      Peace and Deep Healing to you, Breeze, Amy

                    2. I’m glad you kept your RN license current. My daughter is an RN and she now works in insurance rather than in the hospital setting. If you could do something like that, it might be easier on your back. She does medical insurance reviews and claims and qualifies them for payment. But I’m thinking with this new energy that has come in thru these portals, that many of us will be able to heal ourselves of former health problems as our vibrations will rise due to our light and positive energy. That changes our bodies and our DNA. All will be well.

                2. And one other thing, Breeze. My husband does not want to live life. He has shut down since Vietnam. So I live with a dead man. If that doesn’t get me moving to LIVE, I don’t know what does.

            2. One more thing. In case any of you are wondering why there is not a pic of hubs on Petals under ME in the sidebar, it is because he refused to have his pic on the internet. He is so afraid of being seen.

              So it is NOT because I do not consider him a part of my life. Now you know.

              1. Dearest Amy, I’ve been sidelined for quite awhile with the same cold/flu that B has, I think. Just a bugger that hangs on and on and on. ugh Oh, well, small price to pay for the increasing JOY and Ascension.

                Anyway, enuff about me. Consider me in the group that is holding your hand, as well. And, take it from me, you are very WISE indeed by foregoing a lawyer/legal proceedings right now. My hubby/I had to go the legal route for other reasons, and our savvy lawyer with a Heart tried to talk us out of taking action. We won, but very costly in terms of Peace of Mind, not to mention financially. The judicial system is very corrupt along with everything else in today’s world.

                You are a bright Light and will be fine–I’m glad you’re listening to your Guidance. Wish I could give you a real hug.

                I have A LOT of reading to catch up on over at Petals. Btw, Congratulations! on your award. I’ve picked up bits and pieces here in the last weeks. Forgive this disjointed message, it seems that’s how my brain is operating right now. Just a bunch of segues–it’s difficult for me to follow myself! 😉

                You ARE Loved, Amy. I Love You, too. xo, Lin

                1. Lin, don’t I know how corrupt the system is. I’ve been in it more times then I care to remember. And every time, each and every one, due to the fact of who the opponent was, the opponent walked scott free. I actually had to override the local police years ago, and go to Supreme Court, all by myself, no lawyer. I won. There is a “boys’ club” in town, and it aint pretty.

                  The last few years I do admit things have improved. But just the thought of walking into a courtroom gives me the willies. No thank you. I will lean upon my Angels and Guides in this situation. Yes, Lin, I do listen to my Heart, even if that guidance makes no sense to this world. I don’t care.

                  The cold. OH yeah, had that too. I seem to be coming out of it now though. How I managed to keep Petals going the way I have, is truly a Labor of Love.

                  With all my Love, Amy

    2. Beautiful Ray!

      My heart rejoices with you when I read your post 🙂 I have also come there though my journey is unlike most people here.

      Cheers! 🙂

      B to B

    3. Dear, wise brother Ray! Your words shine a bright light into the darkest of corners, and you bring much joy to us all. Thank you!
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    4. Wow – Ray so this is maybe what I have been going thru as well. Feeling all the suffering of the whole world it seems the past three days. Today it has lifted some. I will take comfort in knowing it will pass and there is a reason for it. going thru energy shifts, the surgery healing, my boyfriends hurts that I cant take away for him…. has been a lot to deal with on top of all the terrible world suffering feelings. I did not want to be here on and off. Then, early this morning, I was at the pond for a short time… gathering in advance again i would say…. it was all crystalline; white and snowy like Dr Zhivago scene. Really beautiful and peaceful with everything just being white and pure and shiny. Holding onto that image to help me. Blessings Ray and everyone

      1. Breeze, I am dedicating one of my posts that I am putting up this evening to you. It will be called, “Crystalline Pure White Beauty”. I INTEND these photos will also encourage you. I plan on putting them on about 7pm EST. There is a lot more then to just putting phots on. But look out for it, for I want you to carry these images with you as well. Yes, the past three days have been hell. Today it has lifted and I feel PEACE.

        PEACE to you, Amy

        1. Peace back to you – did not mean in any way to upset u more earlier. Thanks and I will look for the post on your Blog. These times are like the dark night of the soul for many so we cherish any and all moments of relief. I want the ‘aaaahhhhh’ moments to last forever. And I do know that there will be a day when All Is Loved Back Into Love 🙂

  15. Woke up this morning, asking if I am still alive. Not sure. I’m breathing, still have a heartbeat, yet, …… am I alive?

    May what I create and share, uplift you today. Perhaps it will me too.




    May Grace and Mercy be felt this day.

    1. Yes Dear Sister “You are Alive & Soaring High” !!….I SEE you have many new postings & sure hope in few days I’ll BE able to read each & every one !!….have an Extra Special Day !…Love, Bev~

  16. Man I hope so.Been knocked for six the past few days. Nausea,diahorrea, constipation,back pain,headaches,stomach cramps,dizziness – resulting in no food for three days ( so, weakness aswell ). Aint life grand !
    Thank you Aisha for a well timed missive. Love and strength to anyone with similar symptoms. From the usually quite fit Phil.

    1. Here too usually fit Phil; cramps, back pain, nausea.
      A heart massage did us very well. It opened up everything. Everything started to enroll before my eyes. I was sick and writing. Sick and writing. All the answers came.
      Love to you.
      Sorry for my bad English. I am trying haha but it takes some improvisation. 🙂

      1. Take care of yourselves!!!
        I never said it have been easy for me. On the contrary.
        But now I celebrate:)

    2. Phil and Willis – you get some extra LOVE from me! The body is working so hard to keep up with this energetic roller coaster, so I agree with Anna, make sure to take good care of yourselves!
      Big hug from me, Aisha

  17. Thank you, dear Aisha. Your latest channelings resonates so much with what I feel. And it is perfectly inline with the latest channelings from Blossom Goodchild about THE EVENT! Keep up the good work. And…

    I am so ready for this. Bring it on, please!



    1. Namaste to you, dear Philipp! Thank you for sharing this confirmation 🙂 You are not the only one scanning the horizon, hoping for some “action” 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  18. Amazing things are happening. My memory is already starting to return. Love to you all. Duizendmaal dank aan jullie allen die al het leed helpen overdragen naar het licht. Dank voor deze wonderen die wij samen waarmaken iedere dag.

  19. Oh my god!
    I’m excited to read these words, excited because I know it’s true..
    I already have deployed the sails,!!
    Thanks Aisha, bless you

      1. Dear Aisha
        I feel dizzy from all I’m reading but I can’t stop now.
        Thank you for information you share. I found the article
        about gut bacteria very truthful. We are not alone in our
        bodies but at least there is a peaceful inner cooperation.
        I hope it will be in my life time to live in a world of peace and cooperation.

  20. Thanks Aisha and CCs for a most thrilling message 🙂

    Heard another storm is on its way to us here in the north. You never know what will happen. I wish it will blow away my persistent flu.

    Much love to you my lovely messenger:)

    B to B

    1. Käre B – sending you a warm embrace to chase away your flu! The wind has picked up here too, and the temperature is almost spring-like today after a long period of frost. Nothing is permanent now, not even the winter 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thanks Nancee for your appreciation (thanks also to Anna Helen). We can reflect ourselves in nature all the time and eagles struggle against invaders and then the triumphant flight home was so in conformity with us right now I think 🙂

        Much love.

        B to B

  21. A “repost”……for all those who are well beyond being tossed around and shaken…..for all those who do not lose their footing and have no problem maintaining equilibrium — simply because they believe it is an easy thing to do.

    Fundamental Universal Law: BELIEVING….is Seeing.




    Universal Federation of Light
    channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 24, 2013



    The Great Mother Ship

    Countless millions of angels hover over the earth and come down on the mother planet of this creation, countless millions of light ships from the Central Sun and the realms of light descend upon this world, so that the people can be taken into the security of their eternal families.

    Everything is on its way to you – everything flows towards you in an endless stream of love, incessantly and constantly new created, until you are all reunited with the high divine impulses and the light of God.

    And among all of them the “big mother ship” of this galaxy stands out.
    It is the ship of command and the ship of the commander – the ones who coordinate all areas of the Galactic Federation of Light and the Forces of Heaven, which are assigned to the earth.

    From there, the pulses are set, holograms are created and dissolved, and under the auspice of these masters who serve on this ship, all men (humans), who will ascend, will be connected in a very short period of time to the great universal knowledge and linked to it.

    The Great Amazement

    After your Ascension the Great Amazement begins, the time of obtaining back your reality begins, and the last wounds from the many battles that honor you will be closed and healed.

    After that you will prepare for your new orders, then you can act on as an Ascended Master or you can act on as a Logos for new creations.

    Prepare yourselves!

    After the ascension, as is decreed by the Creator, you will have the opportunity to enter into a long phase of wonder.
    It is these experiences that will enable you to participate in the whole creative plan and in the truth behind this and behind many realities.

    The ascended ones will recover their whole memory, just like the beggar who was once king acquires his kingdom back.

    Your kingdom is and never was of this world!

    So it is true, because your kingdom is of a world that is unlike anything that you would ever be able to interpret.

    This veil is lifting now, the ignorance steps aside and it loses power until the knowledge expands and every cell of your being is fully encompassed.
    From heaven, the big light ships and the great light beings, who will now manifest in this world, are coming to you.

    It is time to bring the things back into balance and it is time to help the wisdom and the truth to make a breakthrough with the scales of justice of the Creator.
    We are with you, here and now, so close, so very close …


    1. I read this also this morning…very interesting, but I think their version of ‘Ship’ is not as we now think of as ‘Ship’ !….Thank YOu for ALL you share here Kiera, & truly you are a ‘Vital’ part of the Mix !!….& Huggie-Buggie LOve back to You Sister !…..Bev~

  22. Cara Aisha e C.C.,
    è una grande iniezione di speranza questa vostra predizione:
    “For this will indeed be an event of majestic proportions, and as we have touched upon earlier, it will leave no one untouched by it.” perché la stanchezza e la tristezza sono tante, anche se non perdo la fiducia e la certezza che “così è!” e che “tutto è bene ciò che accade”.
    Un grande abbraccio sorridente e riconoscente.

    1. And by the way, I have lost my equilibrium so many times already that it now feels like a natural state.

      🙂 😀 😉

      1. Love it. LOVE……it.

        I’ll see you, and raise you this scene from Rock Star, which is my favourite (except for when he fell down the stairs on stage & cracked his head open 😉



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