The manuscript of survival – part 374

The time to go within has never been more important, as now, so much much is happening on all sides, you will be hard pressed to really notice what is happening within your own realms. You see, you can get easily distracted now, not only by the physical responses that these energies may engender, but also by all of the external noise that is currently sweeping across your globe. Make no mistake, not all of this noise will be there specifically to lead you astray from your own path, but all external affairs may serve as a diversion that will make it more easy for you to lose your momentum in all sorts of ways. So again we repeat the same advice we have been giving you for a number of times already, but never has it been more important. For now, you are about to step forth into virgin territory, and the only way for you to do that, is to connect even deeper within yourself than you have ever done before.

For that is where this unexplored territory resides, and that is the only place you will find it. It will not be shown to you on a screen or in the papers, nor will it be given to you from the mouth of another person. Rather, all of these outlets may serve to confuse you further at times like these, so we do advice you all to keep score of the time you use your senses externally, and make sure to give yourself more than ample time to focus all of your consciousness within. For again, what you find there, no one else can find for you, and there are a multitude of treasurers within you all waiting to be discovered by none other than you. And if you do not find it in you to go and search for these treasures, they will lie there undiscovered. And remember, if you choose to abstain from this treasure hunt, the results will not only limit your abilities to go above and beyond any limitations, it will also affect the collective. For in this, you all play an intrinsic part of the whole, and the more you desire to seek the hidden treasures you all carry within, the more you will add to the whole. And as such, the more you find, the more we all will rejoice.

For remember, the result you engender will not only affect you personally, it will have an effect on All of creation. For you are not isolated islands, floating in a vast, empty sea. You are all molecules closely connected to all the other molecules in existence, and the moment you arrive at a higher level of understanding, you will ensure that everyone else is affected by the same level of vibration as you. And yes, we do mean all, as one set of frequency affects everyone else, both above and below them on the scale, in some way. For you are not solo players, you are all players in a vast orchestra, comprised of All of creation. So when you venture ever further within on your own journey of self discovery, you will help to change the tune of everyone else also.

But remember, this also goes for all those currently unable to even hear that there is a majestic song being played out. For what they will “hear” whenever you manage to amplify your output even more by accessing those inner codes that are still hidden from view, will be an amplification of a pressure that they will be hard pressed to define. They will simply feel the onset of an even more unsettling feeling of “something” approaching them, as they have yet to find the reason for this added pressure. For remember, whenever you open a new door within that will help you to step up your own frequency, you will also open the doors to something that will affect all, also those that are unwilling to acknowledge the fact that there is indeed a tremendous change going on. For what they will feel, is an even stronger impetus to feel off balance, and they will have an even harder time settling down and finding their own equilibrium back. For they will not find it before they themselves open up to this surge of energetic upgrading, and so, they will find themselves more and more confused and insecure about everything in their own life. And the results from all of this added pressure can be seen in so many of your fellow men now. But remember, you never know when the penny will drop, as they say, for each and every one of them will be invited to step through those wide open doors any time they feel ready to do so, so in this, no one will be excluded.

But back to your part in this, for it is indeed a major one, and do not forget what we have told you already. You hold the wheel, and you have the foot on the pedal, so it is indeed you who are staking out the course and adjusting the speed of this whole operation by the choices you make. So again we say, remember to go within, for that is where you will find the next big thing if you will, the set of codes that are waiting for you to find them. And by simply seeing them, you will once again become the observer that makes them become. So sit down, close your eyes, and set off on an inner journey that will take you far, far away, to a place you have never been, but that eagerly awaits your arrival. And when you do get there, you will know it, for even if it has been hidden from you for such a long time, you will feel more than welcome when you arrive, and it will be like coming home after such a long and weary journey. And when you do get there, you will also know that now, nothing can ever take away that feeling of being home again, and you will know that from that moment onward, you will pick up speed and you will take All of creation with you in a joyful rush into the bright new future.

242 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 374

  1. Universal Federation of Light

    channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 24, 2013



    The Great Mother Ship

    Countless millions of angels hover over the earth and come down on the mother planet of this creation, countless millions of light ships from the Central Sun and the realms of light descend upon this world, so that the people can be taken into the security of their eternal families.

    Everything is on its way to you – everything flows towards you in an endless stream of love, incessantly and constantly new created, until you are all reunited with the high divine impulses and the light of God.

    And among all of them the “big mother ship” of this galaxy stands out.

    It is the ship of command and the ship of the commander – the ones who coordinate all areas of the Galactic Federation of Light and the Forces of Heaven, which are assigned to the earth.

    From there, the pulses are set, holograms are created and dissolved, and under the auspice of these masters who serve on this ship, all men (humans), who will ascend, will be connected in a very short period of time to the great universal knowledge and linked to it.


    The Great Amazement

    After your Ascension the Great Amazement begins, the time of obtaining back your reality begins, and the last wounds from the many battles that honor you will be closed and healed.

    After that you will prepare for your new orders, then you can act on as an Ascended Master or you can act on as a Logos for new creations.


    Prepare yourselves!

    After the ascension, as is decreed by the Creator, you will have the opportunity to enter into a long phase of wonder.
    It is these experiences that will enable you to participate in the whole creative plan and in the truth behind this and behind many realities.

    The ascended ones will recover their whole memory, just like the beggar who was once king acquires his kingdom back.


    Your kingdom is and never was of this world!

    So it is true, because your kingdom is of a world that is unlike anything that you would ever be able to interpret.

    This veil is lifting now, the ignorance steps aside and it loses power until the knowledge expands and every cell of your being is fully encompassed.
    From heaven, the big light ships and the great light beings, who will now manifest in this world, are coming to you.

    It is time to bring the things back into balance and it is time to help the wisdom and the truth to make a breakthrough with the scales of justice of the Creator.

    We are with you, here and now, so close, so very close …




  2. from 1967.
    it’s 46 years old that would be my like in my time something like
    1921. really
    well ok
    here you go
    from 1921
    it’s still funny


  3. i love you so much, that i don’t care what you do. no matter, how dumb?

    i’m better at protecting than about comforting.
    well shit, i killed the fire bear with a willow switch, what can be more comfort?
    i know, all i want to do is express some gratitude, but i can’t stop without hushnow

    1. You ARE something, O. You most always leave me shaking my head with a smile… and with Respect and Love. Take good care, you.
      xo, Lin

  4. I am thankful for sundown.
    Today the energies flat kicked me in the butt.
    not that many responses, which makes it feel like I’m not so all alone.
    This morning the energy wave came up from the earth
    i don’t have words to wrap around what mother geia was doing,
    with any luck it will sink in, sometime.
    Is it just my luck, but why did everyone i intersected with today was all down and depressed?

    1. Dear Brenda! Thank you for BEing you, for you bring so much light to this world through the messages you channel, my sister of the light:-)
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  5. Help: Philip – anyone – boyfriend just got back from Drs….broken pelvis, broken ribs, knee all tore up as well as the torn hip and groin muscles. Doc did not know how he was standing up. He has to go on disability – he needs a lawyer, he can not work, etc. etc. Hospital missed all this wrong with him after accident! We knew it was more – we have not hardly slept since – he has been moaning and groaning. I am brought to a level of feeling so much pain — I have no words — just tears for him — for everyone who hurts. I guess I am supposed to stay with the suffering ones — i cant follow the rainbow when there is even one left crying beneath it. I just want to stay and hold everyone and everything that hurts. including me.

    1. I understand Breeze. I can’t leave anything behind either. I will send love, light and healing energy your way. It puts me to tears when anything is suffering. We will all send red light for your guys healing. Hope he feels the warmth.



    2. Goodness me Areeza that must have been some clatter the guy gave him… I am happy to offer some distance healing for him… will do that later… it will continue to work for him… just ask him to open up to receiving no expectation … just openess… I will include you too. It will continue to work with both of you over the ensuing days…

      Philip 🙂

      1. thank u Philip – i told Kelly to stay open to this healing from you and everyone….. without this assistance here Aisha, CC’s, All…. i would not be able to go on and that is the truth. Weary is not even close to what I feel. My Love surrounds me and you

    3. Been hearing this sing ALL DAY! I got scared when I read the channelling Kiera posted about some going on to another dimension and staying there to do more work. “Wait wait wait!!! I’m not done yet! What about all the others who have no voice, and who are stil in pain??! Has my soul already decided??!! Crap!” Then after I calmed down a bit, I quite calmly, peacefully, and for the very first time gratefully (as I have wanted to leave so often, myself) heard the most loving word: gatekeeper.

      1. oh ALee! U get me and i get U so much! Your thoughts you mention here are my very own. I want to leave and go home, I am so over the pain here… yet… i can not leave for would I want to be left…no. ‘gateway’ I hear,…. we can come and go ! we can have it both…all… ways! we will be OK. Love you very much my soul sister~ XO

        1. I like that… gateway… thank you so much, Breeze!!!! And I want to point out that I meant no disrespect to those who do go and stay working completely from other dimensions, for that is loving, too. We each have our own paths and missions, and they are all of LOVE.

          xoxoxo to you and Special K.


          1. My special K~!!! ahhh… wow I love that! He is 🙂 I shared …. he says I dont want to be special in a childish voice. cute. anyways… yes… i ditto that re we dont mean any disrespect to anyone in any path they choose. I am not even 100 percent on what i did choose … but close. I just know i feel so darn strong about not leaving anyone behind. And how when I was very young with my experiences… one I have never until right now shared had to do with this we are speaking of. this contract… commitment… the suffering thing…. I cried myself to sleep night after night. never told anyone… i knew it was because of the worlds suffering. i mean deep, deep, quiet as i could, sobs…from my very soul. I also pounded my feet hard on the floor like i was yelling at the devil (down there)… but it was words of tough Love… trying to Love the devil (what I thought of as evil) into Love….trying to ‘convince him/it’. I knew even then I had to Love everything into Love. I was so small and i took on so much. I always come back to that little kid because that is my root…my foundation… she remembers and she knows why she is here.

            1. ” I always come back to that little kid because that is my root…my foundation… she remembers and she knows why she is here”

              Dear Breeze !

              If it was not for this Pond of Light and Love so many of us would never dare to let up our inner child, who has had so many knocks in life. Our inner child is very sensitive to criticism , ridicule , comparisons and misunderstandings and need that unconditional love for daring to come forward.

              I know I told you this before – but do it again because it feels good to do it in this context.

              In the early ’80s , I had my youngest child at the time I would “save” my brother who suffered from severe fatigue condition (which I incidentally would again suffer later back in the 90s ) . I suffered so terrible about not being able to help him out of this state, and I gave him all my heart and soul (?) , all my love and care, despite all his family supported him . But I felt that I was the one who could save him. I stood next to him in a sibling group of four, but the other siblings loved him so much as well. This went on for almost the entire 80th century.

              After a few years , I ended up in deep depression that lasted a long time and recurring. I could not feel joy again . I had given away all over me so completely that I was completely knocked out. Thought I could feel joy again when my brother recovered, but I did not.

              This was the hardest lesson I had who taught me to love myself first in order to help others.

              This is absolutely no criticism towards you Breeze – absolutely not. I recognized myself in your description and just wanted to tell you how I got my insight. It does not matter what others say and how many times they say that you should not get involved so much. If you’re a helper, you are.

              Sending a lot of love to you and your “dude” 😉

              B to B

              1. B to B- I really appreciate exactly what you said and how u said it 🙂
                You cant take the care out of care giver. or the giver out for that matter. I do take pretty good care of me – dont worry. I know how strong i really am or i would not be here this far. I just get down when I want to run from the hurt at times of course and I want a rest soooo bad. I am really investigating inwardly what this is so strong in me re suffering – thats why I go back to the little kid in me – still me – because there is a good answer that will help everyone in the long run. much Love, Areeza

                1. Thank you Areeza!

                  I suppose it was for some reason that Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” but the last three words have always been the most difficult to embrace, at least for me;)

                  Much love!

                  B to B

                  1. My Dear B… you are sooo Loving… and soooo strong. It came to me that (as corny as it may sound to others) you’re like a decorated Christmas tree inside, all lit up in a rainbow of sparkling colors and Magic.
                    (I love the Christmas season, Christmas trees and Christmas carols–there’s a special Loving Energy that is attached to them)
                    Thank you for sharing this personal experience again, B, as I did not see it the first time ’round. Your Wisdom is hard won thru a very kindly big Heart.
                    Bless you&yours. xo, Lin

                    1. Lin – thanks – especially for describing me as a Christmas tree the way you do and I think it was no coincidence. My younger brother (mentioned in my “story”) brought me a christmas tree that I have anchored in the ground outside my apartment. I hope the coming storm will not trap it again so that I can decorate it with lights before Advent and The Gathering on Sunday:)

                      Much love to you my sparkling sister!

                      B to B

                    2. What a great living and loving gift from your brother, B! I hold this tree in the Light and see it glistening with colorful Lights–if that helps.
                      Take good care throughout the storm–I hold Sweden in “warm” Light as well. Living in California, it’s difficult to imagine your weather, even as beautiful as it is. I’ve never had the privilege and FUN of experiencing “mooing” ice and walking on water… serious here, not jesting/kidding.
                      EnJOY, sparkling B.
                      xo, Lin

                    3. Thanks my sparkling friend!

                      I am so happy that you have let duster and come back here. I almost got worried and had little guilty because I sent you away singing and cleaning all days long with that duster;) I must say, you make much better use here 🙂

                      Good night my sweet, sparkling Lin! Now I leave it to all the smart brains to play freely here in search of something I do not even understand;))) No criticism at all – I am full of admiration and have nothing to add except to say good night my dear friends! Good job so far!

                      B to B

        2. Bingo… Areeza… I’ve just emailed and then read this… it seems to reinforce what I mention there… I trust it helps… (called out of bed to email you)… Philip

      2. Dearest Anna, here’s how you know if you are GOING….. It’s so simple — you just KNOW.
        And you no longer experience any Fear, of any kind. None. Zip. Zero. Nada.
        Just uncontainable excitement / pure joy, over leaving these lower levels.

        Just listen to your feelings, and follow your *highest* excitement. Always.
        If your highest excitement is to stay and serve as a Gatekeeper, this is your Higher Self directly talking to you, telling you this.

        The feeling of “excitement”, always serves as your main indicator, that you are fully aligned with your Higher Self. It is your Soul’s Compass Needle.

        YOU are your Soul.
        It is not operating *separately* from you, deciding things without you knowing it. You, your physical mind/Ego are always operating together, in a constant dance with your Higher Mind.

        Every idea, every new thought you have, is coming to you straight from your Higher Mind.
        All your physical mind does, is PERCEIVE (experience) what your Higher Mind sends to you as thoughts. That’s its only job.

        1. Dear Kiera, I wish I could understand the pain of leaving any being suffering behind though? There are some of us who just cant do it and believe me, I would really really Love to move beyond all of it and feel only Joy and freedom like I did before I came here in the first place. Like I said, something stops me dead in my flight and I come back to hold those still hurting so much. I am in utter confusion about it at a crucial time. Thanks for your posts! Love Areeza

        2. omg, Kiera. You ARE a bright Light. Thank you for these wise words. “…highest excitement…”. Love it.
          With Love&Gratitude, xo Lin

    4. Dear Breeze… amazed to learn the extent of Kelly’s injuries. I join the ring of healing Light surrounding you both. With much Love, Lin

      1. our hearts thank you Lin and everyone! Kelly has one thing to say to all heavy people: save a life, eat a salad. ugghh so sorry…. if we dont laugh, we may cry and not stop. this guy that crushed him was about 320 lbs. Kelly is about 160… tall and lean. He just added ‘pounds kill’….and “Im all broke up…e e eh…ow…ow…ow…!” He said he ‘can only be Elvis from the waist up like Ed Sullivan’. LOL! He said he feels like Tim Conway – walking like the slow old man. he does make me laugh. still. sorry,,, and not on drugs… yet. I am convincing him to take what doc ordered.
        Special K and I Love All – big and small!!!

        1. Hope you’re both feeling better today, Breeze. Keep laughing it up, but only while holding your sides first to squelch the laughing pains!!
          With Love, Lin

  6. Ha! That’s EXACTLY what I did this morning during meditation, Leslie, visualized the rubidium coming into soles of feet via Gaia energy. Also, i heard “the spirit leaves the body through the breath” and as I focused in breathing deeply, I felt myself being pulled out of my body and my soul “turning over”… Not sure how to describe it exactly.

    Thanks Philip!

    Phoenix (hello all- haven’t posted in a bit but have been reading Aisha’s posts all along- much internal work been going on)

    1. I love it Phoenix! Wonder if we were doing the same thing at the same time?! I think it was around 9:30. I got impressions very quickly but literally only had a minute before I had to go out. Great minds think alike, lol.
      Love you,

    2. thanks Phoenix – u made me recall an experience last night when I first went to bed. It was around 9:00pm. I was in a translucent ‘tube’ looking down at earth in the night. I could travel fast in this …or slow… i could control the speed and how far I wanted to go. I believe i turned around once to look ‘up’ to where i could go in that direction. I did not play in it long as i have been very tired lately. I am glad u reminded me… will play with it more. Love, A

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