The manuscript of survival – part 374

The time to go within has never been more important, as now, so much much is happening on all sides, you will be hard pressed to really notice what is happening within your own realms. You see, you can get easily distracted now, not only by the physical responses that these energies may engender, but also by all of the external noise that is currently sweeping across your globe. Make no mistake, not all of this noise will be there specifically to lead you astray from your own path, but all external affairs may serve as a diversion that will make it more easy for you to lose your momentum in all sorts of ways. So again we repeat the same advice we have been giving you for a number of times already, but never has it been more important. For now, you are about to step forth into virgin territory, and the only way for you to do that, is to connect even deeper within yourself than you have ever done before.

For that is where this unexplored territory resides, and that is the only place you will find it. It will not be shown to you on a screen or in the papers, nor will it be given to you from the mouth of another person. Rather, all of these outlets may serve to confuse you further at times like these, so we do advice you all to keep score of the time you use your senses externally, and make sure to give yourself more than ample time to focus all of your consciousness within. For again, what you find there, no one else can find for you, and there are a multitude of treasurers within you all waiting to be discovered by none other than you. And if you do not find it in you to go and search for these treasures, they will lie there undiscovered. And remember, if you choose to abstain from this treasure hunt, the results will not only limit your abilities to go above and beyond any limitations, it will also affect the collective. For in this, you all play an intrinsic part of the whole, and the more you desire to seek the hidden treasures you all carry within, the more you will add to the whole. And as such, the more you find, the more we all will rejoice.

For remember, the result you engender will not only affect you personally, it will have an effect on All of creation. For you are not isolated islands, floating in a vast, empty sea. You are all molecules closely connected to all the other molecules in existence, and the moment you arrive at a higher level of understanding, you will ensure that everyone else is affected by the same level of vibration as you. And yes, we do mean all, as one set of frequency affects everyone else, both above and below them on the scale, in some way. For you are not solo players, you are all players in a vast orchestra, comprised of All of creation. So when you venture ever further within on your own journey of self discovery, you will help to change the tune of everyone else also.

But remember, this also goes for all those currently unable to even hear that there is a majestic song being played out. For what they will “hear” whenever you manage to amplify your output even more by accessing those inner codes that are still hidden from view, will be an amplification of a pressure that they will be hard pressed to define. They will simply feel the onset of an even more unsettling feeling of “something” approaching them, as they have yet to find the reason for this added pressure. For remember, whenever you open a new door within that will help you to step up your own frequency, you will also open the doors to something that will affect all, also those that are unwilling to acknowledge the fact that there is indeed a tremendous change going on. For what they will feel, is an even stronger impetus to feel off balance, and they will have an even harder time settling down and finding their own equilibrium back. For they will not find it before they themselves open up to this surge of energetic upgrading, and so, they will find themselves more and more confused and insecure about everything in their own life. And the results from all of this added pressure can be seen in so many of your fellow men now. But remember, you never know when the penny will drop, as they say, for each and every one of them will be invited to step through those wide open doors any time they feel ready to do so, so in this, no one will be excluded.

But back to your part in this, for it is indeed a major one, and do not forget what we have told you already. You hold the wheel, and you have the foot on the pedal, so it is indeed you who are staking out the course and adjusting the speed of this whole operation by the choices you make. So again we say, remember to go within, for that is where you will find the next big thing if you will, the set of codes that are waiting for you to find them. And by simply seeing them, you will once again become the observer that makes them become. So sit down, close your eyes, and set off on an inner journey that will take you far, far away, to a place you have never been, but that eagerly awaits your arrival. And when you do get there, you will know it, for even if it has been hidden from you for such a long time, you will feel more than welcome when you arrive, and it will be like coming home after such a long and weary journey. And when you do get there, you will also know that now, nothing can ever take away that feeling of being home again, and you will know that from that moment onward, you will pick up speed and you will take All of creation with you in a joyful rush into the bright new future.

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  1. Philip Look up what happens when you make a fine powder from gold that is small enough to enter the blood stream and into the bodies organs.
    Thanks for all the work you are doing Philip to help understand some of these things a little better.

    1. Thanks Ray for that one you reminded me of something I think I’ve seen before but forgotten … that was very interesting… nano gold etc… Philip 🙂


    Just Read her comment of Newly Regenerated Upgraded Recordings which is the Present from One for You Lovely Fonders. Yes You One is Doing Creating It All eventhough You feel Like Not Doing Anything. Being In Love & Gratitude is The Most Vital Energy in the Universe that will make Everything A NEW!!!!! Be cautious of the words what you put on as comments because Everything is Energy and it manifests in that way. For You From Me=oNE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥<- is 5D LOVE intention Spread this ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ through All. Light & Love 🙂

    1. thank you for sharing 🙂

      i noticed that even just seeing equals creating.
      so i’ve become also more alert with what i focus on and how i pay attention to that.
      perhaps truely the most freeing motion of creation is the art of letting go.
      simply being present while remaining a completely unfocussed vision – a ‘wide-angle’ focus.

  3. Hello fellow Ponders… time to share and summarise the Rubidium insight which has generated a lot of interest… I am going to do it here on 374 and on 373 in case some who contributed have not logged into this one…

The top level summary…

    I have been given a clear and powerful link between Spheres Of Light (read that as pure consciousness/light for those unfamiliar) and Rubidium and the integration/communication process to the ‘human’ or ‘hue-man level’ (to use Gaia Portal speak).

By INTENDING to engage with Spheres Of Light knowing that Rubidium is acting as a kind of connector/God Link in our ‘circuitry’ is very important in various ways:

    The integration/communication of the energy into ‘the body’ at ALL levels Spiritual to Physical thus facilitating ‘consciousness shift’, the ‘associated healing’ ‘and ‘deeper connection/communication.’

    I am feeling that this is also central to ‘switching on’/‘communicating’ or ‘acitivating’ and/or ‘accelerating’ our ‘DNA upgrade’ too.

I already was aware that engaging with SOL did some of these things though what this insight has done has shown us something about the ‘mechanism’ for want of a better word.

Another very profound thing that happened last night was this… as I INTENDED to engage with Spheres Of Light and decided to ask the Rubidium to be involved I then had a very interesting further experience to do with channeling in the dream state … more on this in a later post…

I am sure more is coming on this whole thing…

For those who really want to know how I got to this current state of awareneness/understanding the following sections give you:

The original insight as it happened, initial interpretation, research (the science), input from Ponders and final summary… read as much or as little or pass it over as you like… it is VERY LONG…


    The original insight:

In as best as I can remember came in a very short sequence I saw in my minds eye as follows:

    There was a flame of some kind ‘red’ I believe though I have feeling there was some blue base to it also. The Rubidium seemed to be somehow created or at least connected with the flame. I sensed I was creating or recreating a new way for something with for/with Rubidium…

I then saw the Rubidium in it’s pure silvery elemental form. (I don’t recall ever having seen this before and it’s not an element I knew anything about. I did study Chemistry and Physics and maintained a strong interest in Physics).

At this point the Rubidium seemed to be in some kind of shaft of a ‘Pin shape’ and the ‘Head of the Pin’ was a clear Sphere (as in a Sphere Of Light). 

This ‘Pin’ I then ‘put into’ or ‘plugged into’ what I felt was some kind of ‘circuit board’ which was ‘Pure White’. This was the last image.


    Immediate feelings/insights I can recall now were:

The flame rather reminded me of a Bunsen Burner flame… I now realise Robert Bunsen was one of the discovers of Rubidium!!! I found it he discovered using flame spectroscopy!! Wow.

Red was important… Rubi in Rubidium reminded me of Ruby Red… and Root Chakra and also in my very first experience of Spheres Of Light I saw a Ruby Red.

I knew there was something about the Pure White circuit board but couldn’t quite understand it at this point.

I was intrigued by the Sphere ‘Head of the Pin’ and felt there was a connection to Spheres Of Light but was not sure of the link at this point.

When I shared it with Sue one of her first reactions was red seemed significant too.

    I think that’s the sum of the initial feelings. The next step was research…


    Research (only a fraction of it)

    There’s no escaping this is quite a technical bit but gives us some of the science… I’ve added some simplifications to help but admit I haven’t spent a lot of time on them.

    I discovered that Rubidium was an element from the ‘Alkali Metal Group’ and thus was very reactive with WATER. Atomic No 37 (this immediately led me to think of Bev) and had some interesting uses and properties… Atomic Clocks, Bose-Einstein Condensates (which is important for the new field of Quantum Computing etc) and there was a reference to some ability about drawing DNA into cells.

    I sensed the mention of DNA was very important and I recalled an insight I shared at the pond many months ago about the DNA reprogramming. So I felt this was part of the same thing.

Another thing I noticed in the initial research was that the Rubidium Oxide image on Wikipedia rather reminded me of the Kabalah Tree of Life images which is so important in Sacred Geometry. It doesn’t seem to be an exact match but the ‘imagery or metaphor of it’ I sensed was important… as in there something about Life here… that is important to get.

A few sentences from Wiki:

It is the 23rd most abundant element in the Earth’s Crust.

Rubidium is not known to be necessary for any living organisms. However, Rubidium ions are handles by living organisims in a manner similar to pottassium ions, being actively taken up by plants and by animal cells. (There’s big clue here I feel to what was shared later).

    Rubidium chloride is probably the most used rubidium compound; it is used in biochemistry to induce cells to take up DNA, and as a biomarker since it is readily taken up to replace potassium, and occurs in only small quanities in living organisms.

It has many other uses in atomic clocks and electronics etc.
Here’s the Wiki Link for those interested:

Lepidolite is a common crystal containing Rubidium and in spiritual circles is referred to as bringing Peace and Higher Spiritual Connections.

Also from wiki and other sources Rubidium is very important creating Bose-Einstein Condensate’s.

“A Bose–Einstein condensate is a state of matter of a dilute gas of bosons cooled to temperatures very close to absolute zero. Under such conditions, a large fraction of the bosons occupy the lowest quantum state, at which point quantum effects become apparent on a macroscopic scale. …”

Rubidium 89 is a Boson and is used in this process.

A Boson is a subatomic particle, such as a photon, which has zero or integral spin and follows the statistical description given by S. N. Bose and Einstein.

The significance of this is in a sentence above:

    “bosons occupy the lowest quantum state, at which point quantum effects become apparent on a macroscopic scale…” 

In simple language a link from the quantum to the physical!

Also I found videos showing Rubidium vapours with laser light fired at them to create Spheres Of Light contained in a magnetic field! There were also links to how this kind of technology will be powerful in Quantum Computing which will be massively more powerful than anything we have today.

A point to note here… I would offer we all know humans are imbued with power beyond this already.

    I also saw some fun stuff about being able to create light sabres with this technology… don’t know about the accuracy but it was fun!


    The insights expanded:

    A really simple summary of how I currently see it is:

    We invoke/intend the LIGHT (as in Spheres Of Light) – this was represented by the Pin Head Sphere Of Light in the Insight.

Vaporised Rubidium atoms in the red/blue flame I’ve discovered from the research when infused with light create the perfect conditions for supercooling to almost absolute zero/think zero point/and also has the ability “to slow down light to the human level” making it interact.

The body of the Pin is Rubidium and plugs in to the Pure White Circuit Board a kind of connector or ‘God Link or telephone line of Creation as Bev put it‘ (Sue interestingly had exactly the same insight and I hadn’t mentioned to her Bev’s comment…

The Pure White Circuit Board is representative of our Purity/Essence and more…

Red/Blue flame… eternal flame and creation (possible link to ISON? not sure) and certainly seems to be to the root chakra as well.

    The Sphere Of Light interacts with us with Rubidium playing a role ‘plugging into our circuitry’ at the physical/biochemical and the quantum level too.

Perhaps some spiritual ‘imprinting’ going on here and in our water… 

The energy/light/information in US is ‘upgraded’ (and I sense our DNA as well) i.e. we grow in consciousness and healing is part of this process.


    Input from the Pond:

    Having had contributions from many which I try to summarise below:

    Bev said in summary: “soooo powerful within creation, & actually is & holds the building blocks of creation…..think…’Atomic Water’ & you will begin to understand ‘H30′….!!!! (but it is nature’s ’37′ Atomic Water not Man’s ’37′ atomic water….the battle of the ’37′s’ !)

also think of it as the God link…or the telephone line of creation !…it is the means for the communication grid of Life !!!” Wow Bev…

ALee: mentions a bit of deja vu and “tracing the root meaning way back into the frequency of red on the spectrum ….. I am just wanting all to see the power this element has in relation to “the elements.”

This element, Rubidium, is “being seen now in the twilight of days” finally. It is something that is/will be important in connecting our RED root chakras with the power grid of mother earth. (and much more) And though I would love to explain how I know that, I simply can’t. There are no words. Yes, yes ALee…

Lin: Felt a strong connection to Red. Definitely…

JJ: Posted about DNA in cells and Mitrochondrial DNA and the links between the two. Also notably the reference to 37 genes…

    “The double-stranded in the human mtDNA contains 37 genes: 22 coding for tRNA, ribosomal RNA, up to 2 and the remaining 13 to proteins. The mitochondrion encodes not entirely its own proteins: some functions are taken over by the nuclear DNA in the course of generations. The protein products of these genes than have a special translocation sequence, which in turn will be transported to the mitochondria.”

…and then added a sense about a link between the Mitochondria and the DNA and a reference to cures of some kind. I have since discovered various references to this.

Aisha: Furthered this with …. “I heard to my astonishment [on the radio] that according to scientists, they [Mitochondria] are originally not part of the human body, but they were a type of bacteria that entered the cell in the early stage of evolution. That is the reason mitochondrial dna differs from our cellular dna. As the radio host said “that means I am actually two different beings in one body.” Wow feel this is really significant…

Alex: added to Aisha’s comment and said “that mitochondria are indeed related to and have similar structure and function to Chroloplasts which exist in plants and turn sunlight to energy/sugar….”
“What is interesting is I do this healing of my body visualization coursing energy through my cells and what comes up for focus is my mitochondria DANCING and vibrating out this energy to all other aspects of my body…totally awesome! Without their presence, their service to US we could not exist…” Yay, Alex this aligns with this perfectly!!!

…to which Aisha added: “Click, another piece of the puzzle falls into place. So the mitochondria will help us to access the energy directly from the Sun! Another interesting thing about them: we only inherit our mitochondrian dna from our mother. Wow, yes another great link… and the experience I had last night fits with the mother thing I have only just realised thanks Aisha…

    Forest Joy: “Yes, I believe rubidium is an agent in our energy grid programming for peace.

    In order for these changes to take place a lot of various vitamins, minerals, enzymes are needed….”

    and added a range of further work/hypotheses about “that there may be a fungi mutated by radioactive ceasium, cadmium, and uranium that somehow prevents the liver from utilizing these nutrients thereby impeding the progress.”

    Yes, yes thank you so true on the peace thing also came across Lepidolite which is rubidium based and a crystal that is reported to have these peace inducing properties amongst others.

and when someone mentioned AION Forest Joy said AION = ever flowing waters. Cool thanks for that one!

Philip (me) added some further comments about insights connected with Life in the Grids.. so thats Bev, Forest Joy and myself all mentioning Life/Grids in this context…

Denise: provided information about plants and their processes/importance… thank you… still to explore this further and I see a link to Alex’s comments above.


    After the research and input by you I now see the image of the Sphere Of Light/Pin Head (see section on the actual insight below) and Rubidium Pin plugging into the Pure White circuit board as a powerful metaphor:

    The LIGHT (as in Spheres Of Light) entering into our ‘PURE circuitry’ with the help of Rubidium and helping to raise our consciousness and bring us back to wholeness. Circuit boards are often imprinted… may be this is our divine imprinting… process.

I feel this surely links in with our DNA as discussed above and as for Water of which we are around 70% there’s probably a link to imprinting our water as per Masuru Emoto’s work if you are familiar with it.

    Trusting this helps… if anyone wants to see more links let me know and I will post some of them.


    So INTENDING Spheres Of Light to work with Rubidium … is powerful stuff… more to say on last nights experience later….

If you’ve read this far you must be determined….

Joyfully, Philip 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Wow – thank you Philip! I looked at the Rubidium Wiki page the other day and had the exact same thoughts on it’s shape – just like the Kabbala/Tree of Life. The red plugging into the white – makes me think of our root chakras being plugged into our white chakras that are above the head. Or our red chakras being plugged into a Universal Field of White Light. Either way it would be a circuitry of sorts. And water is obviously a conductor…hmmm….I’m rambling and speculating but it does seem to be coming together. I think I am going to try visualizing my root chakra going into the earth and bringing up Rubidium and then connecting it to the Crown and Spheres of Light. OK – did it for just a minute and the first thing that came to me is the white and red merging together to make pink in the high heart area. Very interesting! I’ll have more time to sit with this all a little later. Thanks again Phlip!

      Love to all,

      1. Interesting you spotted the same thing on Wiki… and that is cool re the visualisation … just tried that one quickly myself… with similar results!! Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. how I LOve it when ‘We All’ can share in this…& Absolutely our soul identities…who we really are & why ‘WE ARE HERE’ !…is coming together ! I cannot express how grateful I AM to you dear Philip for ALL this information & to ALL the others in this collaboration !! The pieces are coming together !….May I ask you ALL to expand even further & see & read what I’ve attached below….1st is what Philip asked for from a previous message I posted & then…the icing on the cake !!!….Nature’s magnificent illuminating structure of Creation !! ‘Pollen Pods’ & macro ‘Water Crystals’ ! This is what I SEE !!!….can you see that each & every crystal & there are billions & billions of them have the 6 point Flower of Life’ !!! We are many, but We are One…We are different, but We are the same !!!!

      Section from manuscript 348 :
      ( I always find it interesting when this site is now being referred to as ‘the pond’….& illuminating Light within it’s waters, because in truth it is All about the ‘Water’ ! Every form of Life consists of & depends on ‘Water’…we are ‘Water’ ! & I was told along time ago that change, transformation upon Mother-Earth, & within ourselves would begin at a molecular level, & it would be within ‘Water’ ! There are many mysteries about ‘Water’ & it’s powerful properties that I was told would soon come to the surface & would make more people aware of just how important it is, how the incoming Living Waves of Light are changing ‘Water’…thus changing ourselves…changing All Life ! When I released my sacred code as I was told to do several months ago, into the ‘Waters’ off Cuba, I was told that it was an important piece of establishing the new matrix of ‘Water’ & soon many would know it as ‘H30′…enlightened healing ‘Water’ that would be the securing foundation for healing Mother-Earth, healing All her BeLoved creatures ! ~)
      ( he calls it ‘EZ Water’, but my HS assures me it is ‘H30’ )

      ~We are illuminating~




      1. Bev just read that first article and I noticed whilst they do say EZ a lot they do also call it H3O2….!!! Which goes to explain it’s negative charge and different properties…

        Love the reference to vortexing in it too… makes sense to me…

        Going to read the other stuff but I recall seeing some other research on the BBC here in the UK I think it was about other amazing properties with water that were not widely understood… some quite incredible…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        1. I AM ‘Grateful’ it is making sense to you….but I’ll really BE interested in how you feel about the ‘Pollen Pods’ (my photo) & the ‘Water Crystals’ (others photos)….& I ASSURE YOU, they are “VERY REAL” !…just a little Light & back ground enhancement to make them ‘SING’ !…..LOve, Bev~

          1. Bev, I looked at loads of your photos and the ice crystals and I have to say my heart was absolutely singing with joy and energy from them… wow…

            Nature is so beautiful isn’t it and I loved the flowers in the stunning close up detail. I love the links to sacred geometry in them … I’m forever looking at that in nature… heart singing stuff

            The ice crystals are equally stunning… they were singing to me too… mesmerising quality, geometry, symmetry and more… flowing with energy… I kept on seeing Fleur De Lys in a lot of them and that had me wondering about the symbology of that … haven’t had chance to research that yet…

            I showed Sue a few of them just before I went out with the dogs … we hugged before I headed out and she felt the energy in my heart that had amplified from looking at and ‘breathing in’ in the energy of these… going to be looking again and again I feel…

            All very exciting…

            Much Love and Joy, Philip 🙂

      2. Oh I meant to say that one of the things that really struck me about the water article was the significant role of light… no surprises really but great they mentioned… affirms my feelings about the interaction and more…

        I didn’t mention it in the research above but in the process I was reminded of the review of research by Lynne McTaggart i nthe book The Field which talks about the surprise scientists had finding light generation etc and role in cells. Again spiritually not surprised but it joins the dots so to speak…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        1. Philip, Bev – I have been going through all you have shared so far and my brain is spinning – in a good way 🙂 Again I see the links between red/light/water/sun/earth in the article about the fourth phase of water: “One of the greatest surprises is that the key ingredient to create EZ water is light, i.e. electromagnetic energy, whether in the form of visible light, ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths and infrared wavelengths, which we’re surrounded by all the time. Infrared is the most powerful, particularly at wavelengths of approximately three micrometers, which is all around you…. Heating equates to applying infrared energy, and Dr. Pollack has found that if you apply infrared, the EZ water builds and doesn’t diminish. The implications of this are profound when you consider the health benefits of sitting in an infrared sauna, for example. Essentially, one of the reasons why infrared saunas make you feel so good is because your body’s cells are deeply penetrated by infrared energy, which builds and stores EZ water. The same goes for light therapy, spending time in the sun, and laser therapy… our capillaries receive radiant energy from outside all the time. Energy is also received from the inside of your body, as metabolic reactions continuously generate heat or infrared. So the question is, is it possible that the flow of blood occurring through your capillaries is automatically enhanced by exposure to light? It appears the answer may be yes…As mentioned earlier, EZ water is alkaline and carries a negative charge. Maintaining this state of alkalinity and negative charge appears to be important for optimal health. Drinking water can be optimized in a variety of different ways, by injecting light energy or physical energy into the water by vortexing, for example…Besides optimizing the water you drink, you can help generate an electron surplus, or support this negative charge within your body, simply by connecting to the Earth, which also has a negative charge. This is the basis of the earthing or grounding technique, which has been shown to have significant health benefits by allowing the transfer of negatively charged electrons from the ground into the soles of your feet.”

          And Philip, last night during my “inner body meditation” I saw a circuit board with one small lamp that lit up as I connected to it 🙂 The light was pure white, and the message I got was “when the light is turned ON, you are connected, and this connection will be used to both send and receive.”
          Love and light from me, Aisha

          1. The same bits jumped out at me Aisha… thanks for putting it here….

            Love that inner body meditation and the insight … wow… wonderful…

            Joyfully, Philip 🙂

            1. PFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

              Mercury is a chemical element with the symbol Hg and atomic number 80. It is commonly known as quicksilver and was formerly named hydrargyrum (from Greek “hydr-” water and “argyros” silver). A heavy, silvery d-block element, mercury is the only metal that is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure; the only other element that is liquid under these conditions is bromine, though metals such as caesium, gallium, and rubidium melt just above room temperature. With a freezing point of −38.83 °C and boiling point of 356.73 °C, mercury has one of the narrowest ranges of its liquid state of any metal. [2][3][4]

              Mercury occurs in deposits throughout the world mostly as cinnabar (mercuric sulfide). The red pigment vermilion, a pure form of mercuric sulfide, is mostly obtained by reaction of mercury (produced by reduction from cinnabar) with sulfur. Cinnabar is highly toxic by ingestion or inhalation of the dust. Mercury poisoning can also result from exposure to water-soluble forms of mercury (such as mercuric chloride or methylmercury), inhalation of mercury vapor, or eating seafood contaminated with mercury. Mercury is used in thermometers, barometers, manometers, sphygmomanometers, float valves, mercury switches, mercury relays, fluorescent lamps and other devices though concerns about the element’s toxicity have led to mercury thermometers and sphygmomanometers being largely phased out in clinical environments in favour of alternatives such as alcohol or galinstan-filled glass thermometers, thermistor or infrared-based electronic instruments. Likewise mechanical pressure gauges and electronic strain gauge sensors have replaced mercury sphygmomanometers. It remains in use in scientific research applications and in amalgam material for dental restoration in some locales. It is used in lighting: electricity passed through mercury vapor in a fluorescent lamp produces short-wave ultraviolet light which then causes the phosphor in the tube to fluoresce, making visible light.


              I am not meaning to muddy the waters (hehehe), but I wouls like to throw Mercury into the mix. It has been said to be toxic and to cause madness, but I wonder. What is madness? Hearing voices, having visions? Sound familiar? I mentioned before that I was exposed to mercury as young child more than once. I even ingested it. JJ said we needed to get this out of me using clay or zeolite. My immediate reaction was “No way! It is part of who I am.” I joked about it, but in truth, I really feel that way. I FEEL it is important that I leave it there.

              Mercury is the messenger of the gods.
              Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. (there is also something to do with its orbit in relation to the earth’s and the number 88, maybe it orbits the sun 88 times to every one of earth’s orbits?)
              mercury is Hg (the same symbol as hemoglobin).
              mercury has quite an interesting relationship with light and temp.
              Notice that there is also a correlation with red.

              I am most certain many of these things with the natural world will be understood now in a new/old way. There is already a cure for everything under the sun. And it has all been here under the sun all along. We are remembering and recognizing this. So wonderful. I am also if things were “told” were “safe” (flouride for example), helped to “keep us down,” and if things we were told were “toxic” (possibly mercury) will somehow help to “bring us back up?” All convoluted and topsy turvy. I am feeling it has to do entirely upon how these things are “used.”

              It’s all good!

              Love from
              “quicksilver” Ethyl
              (and all the other folks in here)

              1. I will just come out and say it. Hemoglobin carries oxygen in the bloodstream. Does mercuy somehow carry light, particularly in the brain?

              2. Thanks Anna Helen! I like your post. Now – after reading it I really wonder how we could state that we had -52 degrees Celcius in my home village in the midst 50s 😉


                B to B

            2. Ok, this mercury is literally shouting in my brain to be heard. It grew and grew as I read about all the insights here on Rubidium. As I said, I knew Rubidium had to do with the root chakra and connecting to the power grid of mother earth, though I did not have the words to explain it. You guys are doing it! Yeay! What a team we are! And I love that phoenix and Leslie (and others?) both had experiences of this. And now I am saying the same about mercury and the crown chakra. I am experiencing an almost overwhelming tingling energy starting just above my eyes all the way up my forehead, spreading all through my head to the base of my skull as I type this frantically. The mercury speaks, “I too am silver in form and red in form. I coalesce into SPHERES. I am “reflective” (double meaning here as in reflecting like mirror and as in bringing on reflective contemplation). Yes, I can kill you if taken in the wrong way or in too great a quantity. But so can many other things. Do not fear me. You have found the “lower” connection. What about the “upper” one? I am the messenger.”

              1. OK just catching up here – out of bed for a message to Areeza and caught this… but if I said that when I both saw the Rubidium in the insight and first saw a picture of it in Wiki that I was struck by its similarity in appearance to mercury I guess you would not be surprised. I didn’t mention it simply because I got a very clear word Rubidium.. but boy do they look similar…

                Sounds like you are on to something… will see if anything comes to me on this also… keen to get back to bed now…

                Joyfully, Philip 🙂

                1. As I was typing the word “coalesce” I hesitated between it and “coagulate.” I kept feeling that coalesce was appropriate because it alluded more to light than matter. (And I again feel that this is about connecting/merging/understanding that the two “states” of light and matter are the same thing: energetic vibration.) And I also notice rubidium’s relationship with infrared light and mercury’s relationship with ultraviolet light. “Below and above.”

                2. One more thing, and I promise I’ll stop! My mind doesn’t want to go away, do a summary and come back nice and neat like yours does. 😉 I notice that Rubidium is in group 1 and Mercury is in group 12. And their desities are almost exactly 12g/cc different.

                  I am ROTFL laughing, because I am pinballing around between this and watching cute fuzzy bunnies on youtube with my daughter, and about 4 or 5 other things. If only I were keen for bed! Maybe later I will collapse.


                  1. You have me laughing with you here ALee… I can see all these insights bursting out of you like the light within can no longer be contained… cool :).

                    It really does sound like you are onto something here that adds to the picture considerably…

                    I have the same experiences with insight after insight coming at times so I know how exciting that is!

                    I seem have been blessed with an ability too to see the patterns and pull the threads together and this has always been part of my role to “create understanding”… funny thing is that is very different process altogether… though very important…

                    I will be digging into the insights for sure… there’s a lot of meat there… and I really did think about Mercury as well when I first saw Rubidium and I possibly also in the insight when I focus on it … though the only word I heard was Rubidium … so it looks to have been your role to come with the other link!!! Cool 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

                    I’m seeing more and more here that is not easy to put into words just now… watch this space…

                    Much love and Joy, Philip 🙂

                  2. Well it was in the middle of the night when I mentioned that!

                    Not surprisingly a lot of stuff out there is about mercury toxic properties…

                    However, just found something on the net with a guy talking about salt, sulphur and mercury…. salt being a feminine principle (as in Yin), Sulphur being masculine (as in Yang) and Mercury a kind of reconciler… he made some links to the Kaballah too.

                    He also talked about the common medical symbol of the snakes climbing up the vertical (cross) saying salt and sulphur were symbolic of the snakes and mercury the vertical reconciler… may be this is pointing at the insights you were getting…?

                    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

                    1. soooo curious you mention this symbol ‘the snakes inter-twining’ as the standard symbol for medicine !…for the past few days 3 songs have been floating around persistently in my head ‘the union of the snake is on the line’….’one thing…one thing…leads to another’ (Styx) & Helen Ready’s ‘I AM Woman’….hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore…yes I AM wise, but it’s Freedom for the pain, Yes I’ve paid the price, but look how much I’ve gained !…..~ LOve, Bev~

                    2. Reconciliation [N] Reconciliation comes from the Greek family of words that has its roots in allasso [ajllavssw]. The meaning common to this word group is “change” or “exchange.” Reconciliation involves a change in the relationship between God and man or man and man. It assumes there has been a breakdown in the relationship, but now there has been a change from a state of enmity and fragmentation to one of harmony and fellowship. In Romans 5:6-11, Paul says that before reconciliation we were powerless, ungodly, sinners, and enemies; we were under God’s wrath (v. 9). Because of change or reconciliation we become new creatures. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” ( 2 Cor 5:17 ).


                      That makes perfect sense. Forgive me, I am exhausted, so I may not have this exactly right, but it seems I read last night that mercury also quite readily forms an amalgam with gold. I feel this is important, too. Thank you so much, Philip.

                    3. Interesting….

                      … and yes I read about it easily forming an amalgam with gold which I thought was intriguing too…

                      Rest and be well… all is well…

                      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

            3. And i beg one of you people with a stronger base in chemistry to look at mercury’s electron shell configuration and see if you notice the same thing I do (in camparison to the other elements). Is there something a bit different here? Something quite perfectly balanced and even, or I am just feeling that?

              1. From what I’ve read and my chemistry is not as up to date as my physics it was reported as being similar in behaviour to the Noble Gases…

                The Noble Gases… for those that don’t know got their name because they are very stable i.e. non-reactive… kind of aloof to other elements… Noble … not mixing with the masses. They are Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon (although the last one is radioactive from memory)…

                So it (mercury) does seem to be very stable… which is what you were thinking/seeing….

                Joyfully, Philip 🙂

            4. Dear Philip! Going back and re-reading your summary makes me marvel even more at your ability to pluck all of these single strands out of “the chaos” and weave them all together like this 🙂 Thank you! I hope you will get some rest, and not be kept up at all hours in the time ahead, even if I have a feeling it gives you so much joy doing this you do not miss sleep much 🙂
              Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

                1. whew. Between you, Philip, and quicksilver Ethyl, my brain is buzzin’. Thank you both for the brilliant capacities of your combined brains–I do believe I get the gist!! 🙂
                  xo, Lin

        1. Yay, therein lies a key word Nancee…. INTENTION… this is all linked together through our INTENTION… it’s a very natural thing for us to connect with these energies with that… more on this later…

          Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    3. Amazing! or should I say “bazinga!” for those of you that watch Big Bang. 🙂
      So much here Philip that I am going to have to read it again several times to absorb. It has been years since chemistry classes. When everyone was talking about the color red I had to look it up and found how red spectrum light is used for healing. NASA has been using it in space for years now. Blue light is being used too. Here is a link from a chemistry news letter I get in my email. It popped up on my screen yesterday when I turned it on. I tried sending it, but not sure if it went through. It is about the creation of massless molecules with rubidium and light.

      Thank you Philip for this exciting information!

      Love and Light!


      1. Ha, ha synchronicity here Denise… for I read a very similar article in my research talking about the phenomena but did not reference it fully above other than commenting on the role in Quantum Computing oh I just remebered it was the same process where they created a Sphere Of Light contained in a magnetic field I noted above…

        Interesting that one of the commenters on the article referred to Paramahana Yogananda… etc…

        So much here… thank you Denise… Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    4. And so this tapestry of (red ) light continues to grow 🙂 Thank you so much, Philip, Leslie, Bev and Denise! I have not had time to read through it all yet, but I just wanted to add what I was given yesterday when I literally “went within” my physical body: pineal gland. I have no idea if this is in any way connected to all of this, but I had to google rubidium + pineal gland, and this is what I found: “Trace element concentration in the human pineal body. Activation analysis of cobalt, iron, rubidium, selenium, zinc, antimony and cesium. Compared to other brain regions pineal selenium is increased and rubidium is decreased. Correlating the different element concentrations to each other, a positive correlation is found for selenium and ribidium, a negative correlation for cobalt and zinc. The present data suggest that the measured trace elements are somehow related to specific roles in the physiology and biochemistry of the pineal body.”

      I also found this: “There is ever increasing evidence that the magnetic irradiation of a strength equal or approximate to that of the geomagnetic field exerts a variety of behavioral and physiological effects on the organism. Some studies focused on the pineal gland as the most feasible candidate for a mediator of magnetic irradiation on the organism. Such an approach is quite in keeping with the generally accepted concept that the pineal gland plays its physiological role through the modulation of the homeostatic and behavioral responses upon the changes in the living microambient. (Milin, Bajic & Brakus, 1988, p. 1083).”
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Aisha this is really cool info many thanks… there are so many cross linkages here … mind blowing… which is a good thing I feel… ha, ha… Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      2. Thank You Dear Aisha for this further expansion !! & interesting, as I know, you have included ‘cesium’ (our, creation’s cesium) as well….did you know that a major component of manmade nuclear radiation is ‘cesium 137’….as I said before ‘the battle of the 37’s’….the final battle is not of war, it is of toxic destruction & death from radiation (fukhushima)…we are & we will battle for Creation ! The elements are ALL here for us to invoke !…but our soul energies, our Hue-Man part of Creation must invoke it !….~

      3. Philip!!! Rock our socks man! Here is the expanded consciousness brain in action my friend! It’s like everything, all the pieces are sitting in the iCloud and you know there is a connection and so you align with the synchronicity of that and bam, the pieces click into place! So totally cool! Gonna have to go back and reread all your info and musings to really let it sink in, but I gotta say, you nailed a piece of the puzzle, and I want to say one more thing..

        The radio host said, they are two beings within one body–we are many more than two beings…there are BILLIONS of bacteria and other symbiotic cells within our body with their own DNA…we are our own small universe…without the Mitocondria we would not be able to convert energy, truly, but without the bacteria we would not be able to break down food–we are also learning that the gut bacteria is a key source in emotion and immunity…it all starts with the gut! So quite a few very tiny and very important “beings” assist us on our journey on earth–I actually thank and love on my gut bacteria all the time! 🙂

        Teee heee! did you all hear that they are doing poop implants to heal people who have depleted or off gut bacteria? I love that feces is starting to be healed in the psyche of man…but thats a whole nother story!

        1. Cool Alex!!! Synchronicities going on everywhere… Sue said to me today quite about the energy conversion aspect of the Mitochondrial DNA and the link to the Cell DNA… (which you touched on before)…

          … also what you said makes that gut instinct feeling and gut brain thing much more potent… ha, ha Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        2. Alex, my sister mentioned reading an article about the gut bacteria last week and how replacing the gut bacteria of anxious mice with bacteria from fearless mice made them less anxious: “I’m actually seeing new neurochemicals that have not been described before being produced by certain bacteria,” says of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Abilene, who studies how microbes affect the endocrine system. “These bacteria are, in effect, mind-altering microorganisms.” Mind blowing – we are certainly not alone in this amazing body of ours 😉 And we can – and will – achieve profound changes in humanity by minute changes in our chemical balance, changes that I am certain will be triggered by the incoming light.
          Love and light from me, Aisha

    5. Phillip and All,
      My what interesting ponderings you have all put forth! But right now I am too tired to think straight and follow all the trains of thought. Tomorrow will a new day and better day for me to contemplate all ideas put forth.Thank you for your work in this. God bless and get ready for more of Ison!
      Love, Forest Joy

      1. I just wanted to say Forest Joy that this Peace Grid thing you mentioned is very important from my explorations… there was so much to convey I did not go into it in depth…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    6. thank you for creating that awesome summary, Philip 🙂

      there’s a key phrase in ‘The Mothman Prophecies’ (2002) that goes: “Wake up, number 37” which has been on my mind for a while now.
      other related clues i have found involve the introduction of triality, numerological geometry, and the changing of the relationship between all things, affecting all matter and above (not just ‘water’, vis-a-vis ‘disembodied light’)…

      note that one can adjust one’s own DNA contraction and expansion using emotions… so for example attuning to more positive emotions enables one to more easily receive ‘upgrades’…
      these ‘upgrades’ can also be self-induced in various ways, such as by turning off the ‘auto pilot’ (re(-as)suming response-ability).

      the more one releases one’s hold on gaining, having or keeping information, the more one becomes open to being a receiver for information.
      the more one is open to being a receiver of information, the more one realizes that it is not so much the information that matters.
      what remains is that which allows the information to flow through freely.

      1. Totally with you on your thoughts Teasy this is my experience too…

        I don’t anything about the Mothman Prophecies bit though… that’s a new one on me…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      2. Brilliant & Intriguing…Thanks for this additional collaboration !! I also am not aware of the Mothman Prophecies…so I shall take a look into them…….& Yes ! these DNA adjustments are always done thru the ‘Heart’ !
        & Yes, thru the process, BEing the Receiver eventually BEcomes much more important than the information !…I SEE this much like the flowing stream I mentioned awhile ago moving like energy…when the rocks, blockages are removed, we BEgin to flow more smoothly & FREEly ! Thanks again !…LOve, Bev~

      3. Thank you, B to B, Philip & bev37 H30 🙂
        i strongly resonate with what you are saying.

        i’d say “the mothmen” are basically one of many expressions of love, that are sometimes disguised and hard to notice, merely here to assist as trustful companions.

        and especially nowadays i notice that such helping hands (from the other side or whichever plane of existence) emphasize the inevitable realization of coincidences not being ‘coincidences’.


    November 26, 2013



    Individual Hue-Being resonances combine at this moment for the grand Gaia Portal awakening.

    Multiple upgraded portals harmonize into a single focus for Gaia Ascension, supported by aligned Hue-Being intent.

    Fractionation of hu-manity has ended, and is recognized by hu-beings, as well as at all Gaia energetic levels.

    Supplementation of this process comes from Cosmic Sources.

    Standards of all Gaia inhabitants have increased considerably and are at levels sufficient to support this.



  5. Otmn I have looked at some of your work . It is very interesting. keep up the good work. I have played with this some a few years back. I don’t have the software any more to drawn this the way I use to. But I can still draw them by hand. Its just slow going . I still like to tinker with this kind of things. I don’t work anymore and drawing is relaxing to me. I need to buy another drafting desk and tools. I gave mine away to a friend when I retired. when I draw the types of drawing I have seen you on. I like to make the drawings in a circle using degrees with the golden number to do the layout of the drawing and find all the points of intersecting points with a circle. To me it is fun to draw these type of drawings. To see how they relate to live as we know it . Its nice to see your writings here.

      1. alright
        i went back and saw it again
        i have no idea if i know what he stuff i am talking about,
        but to me
        “feasting and playing” is correct

  6. You learn you can’t take it with you. So what you have means nothing unless you can take it with you. Then you learn what you can take with you and give the rest away to someone who thinks having anything means something.

    1. someplace between everything and everywhere to take it…and nothing and nowhere to take it is probably an interesting answer. I do know there is no better feeling than giving something to someone who appreciates it more than you do at that given moment. I just remembered when I gave away a huge raw piece of rose quartz. it was a recent gift to me yet the woman holding it was hurting badly – emotionally traumatized – and she saw rainbows in it and that stopped her tears and brought a comforting smile upon her face…. so, I gave it to her for I had never seen the rainbows in it myself.

      1. Master Ray,

        I realised a little while ago that the only “thing” you can take with you is the experience.

        The love is with you always, so you don’t take it, you are it.

        The stuff we play with while we’re here is all for the experience. Hence my comment about it being so much fun.

        It’s all about the experience.

        Like weather, you can’t NOT have it.

        Once we understand that we will have an experience, that we cannot not do so, it becomes a game of making it the experience you want to have. It isn’t good or bad except that we make it so by our judgement of it. And that’s not good or bad either, it just is.

        So many tell us to release judgement, but its just another part of the experience. It is such an integral part that it is what allows us to have the experience. How we judge it is what experience we have. My experience is entirely subjective, but that doesn’t mean I have to go all nihilistic and not have fun. Screw that, I am going to have fun!

        “Anything” doesn’t have to be “stuff”. There’s a reason they’re called trappings. But that doesn’t mean I will be happiest with no stuff, either.

        I will be happiest when I choose to be.

        It’s only Tuesday (choose day, haha) and already this week is starting out grand.



        1. Darling Paul, for reasons I cannot explain, I do know this. As I saw your words, I can and will agree. One takes with that One, ONLY Love and the Experiences he has chosen to experience. No more. No less. All the rest is what we do to entertain ourselves. No-thing else.

          With Love, Amy

          1. I, too, was very grateful for this entire thread starting with Paul’s first comment. I am like Breeze. When i am “mindlessly riding around in my vehicle” (hahaha 😉 ), I often fall deeper within. I really listened to this song while in the car this morning, and it made me think of these comments.

            Thanks to all of you!

            “What will we be as One Republic counting stars? …”


        2. This is what I am struggling with Paul. That there is the experience that can be labeled nothing but ‘bad’… the starving here on this planet and the cruelty, poverty, struggle just to survive let alone thrive. I can not seem to move too high without sinking real low into these sad facts of life – that these experiences are still going on and I am a part of it since nothing is separate – so as long as it is happening what do we do with this – what ‘event’ can help this ? I want that event before any other – the one to remove all suffering – and I want it now – its been to long and why would God want to experience it in the first place? How can those suffering take in the Light/Love and have it be ‘enough’? I said Love should be enough a few days ago… well, i sunk back when i connected with my suffering starving ones here and i said… no, in their cases it is not enough. I question Aisha, the CC’s and Susan and everyone here about this. All the uplifting energies being presented from the channels – how does that actually help those suffering so bad? If they hurt, i still hurt and that makes it hard to just keep moving to Joy. Thank you.

      1. You learn you can’t take it with you. So what you have means nothing unless you can take it with you. Then you learn what you can take with you and give the rest away to someone who thinks having anything means something.

        Ray said this on November 26, 2013 at 1:56 am | Reply
        that’s the problem with the format.
        reading the first thing first, makes you go huh?
        but then you realize this is a response to something else way up the list and then it comes across differently from the way it was intended

  7. I’m starting to remember.

    It’s all an illusion, AND it’s all real.

    It is a game, but not JUST a game, it is a magnificent, glorious game, and we, ALL of us are masters of this game. And we left ourselves clues, hints, and cheat codes, when we want to change the game from within, LOL.

    It is so brilliant, so elegant, an absolute masterpiece we have created here.

    As an engineer, I am in utter awe, and that’s just the part I can see so far.

    Everything is about to change, and very little. Nothing will ever be the same, but all will be as it always has been.

    This is going to be SO much fun. 🙂

    I’m at work now, so I can’t write more, but I will try to find a moment to write more as it comes back to me. I want to share it with you all, but I am starting to know I have all the time in the world.

    Where do you start when you realise you can have ANYTHING?

    So much love,


    1. Thanks Paul for your positive post!

      I can relate to the huge storm that devastated a lot of property for just over a week ago. Where to start to bring order to chaos? “Where do you Start When You realized you can have ANYTHING?” as you say.

      It feels a bit surreal, I must say and I are not routed the engineer completely right (B to B;) I tried to meditate all night yesterday trying to find some sort of code. Last night I dreamed that I lost my purse with mobile and everything and could not find it. The dreams I have had a long time ago too 😉 Realize that it became like a little more pressure when I read CC’s announcement yesterday.

      So – I drift off and think that it dissolves 🙂

      Much love Paul!

      B to B

    2. Dear Paul, this IS already so much fun ;-)! Thank you so much for what you continue to bring to this space, dear brother! Your words open up many doors into some very interesting rooms and some wide open spaces 🙂
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  8. As we go within, we feel on each and every atom of our being. If we touch tenderly with great love the treasures of these atoms reveal themselves to us. If we prod and poke and push forth and try to rush these gentle releases, which are only revealed when we feel TRUE and total LOVE for ourselves and all that is–and we OWN our divinity and understand the immense importance of US being the conduit to combine divine and physical energy for use, then the secrets within stay hidden.

    They stay hidden because of fear and sometimes stubbornness because we each have free will choice and so does our body LOL and why we have to work WITH it and not “tell it what to do” or force it to do something it does not want to do….when we are in union, in sacred partnership with our body, mind and soul–fully loving and accepting it all…miracles occur!

    Huge hugs folks! 🙂 Alex

  9. I’ve been back at 373 all morning hitting refresh wondering why no one was chatting. OOPS… there’s a new post. Thanks Aisha and CCs. I can feel this one stirring deep in side!
    I was sharing with my daughter today who is going through some things… sounds very much like “awakening” but I don’t always use terms that might make her mind block me. So I wrote this to her about a letter she has written to her husband regarding her changing. He fears that she will become crazy like me 🙂 :
    Me: I know that we aren’t alike… yet as women we have experienced many of the same habits. It looks like hubby fears that will you copy my “lifestyle.” The crazy thing is… what you copied “from” me was the part you want to change. Your letter could have easily been written by me close to the same age you are. It describes in me why I left the church… what I did in relationships etc. (Always trying to please someone else at your own expense.) He has it backwards. What he likes, or is comfortable with in you is exactly how I was during the 9 years with your Dad… and for quite some years afterwards. Of course you won’t follow my current choices… once a woman awakens to her real self… that is when she stops being like all the other stuck women… that’s when we find our own unique creative way of living. You will find yours… I am following mine. Both are the path of “freedom.”

    The reason I’m sharing this is because I’d never thought of the simplicity of this last statement that came out of me. As I read today’s post about going within and leading others to that new place I realized that, in some small way, this is what I was doing with her.

    Soon and very soon AH I will connect with ME more and more… I started my blog in obedience… soon I will write more from that vulnerable place within me. ~love to all, Nancee

    1. I do love that last statement. We each must find our own path to freedom. This song has been in my heart since I heard it first as a young teenager. Strangely, it is part of the reason I “settled” and became a “discontented mother and a regimented wife.” I thought I would find ME in that space. Well, I guess I did, but not in the way I expected to!!!

      Life is…

      Your daughter is blessed to have you. It is a beautiful letter. Interesting choice of words regarding your blog, “obedience.” Hm. I SEE your precious soul, and I know you do, too. Looking forward to all your writing, vulnerable or not!

      Love you,

      1. Enthusiastic ditto, Nancee! boy. if this letter is from your obedient side, and you’re waiting for your vulnerability to reveal itself, well, then, COUNT ME IN! You, dear Nancee, are so emotionally AND COMFORTABLY open, naked and authentic right now, I am curiouser and curiouser (nod Aisha) to see what’s waiting behind the (invisible) curtain!! It can only serve the rest of us to pay attention.
        You don’t know the meaning of BRAVE. You are fearless and carefree. You look, see, embrace and then do/act in a very elegant, fluid Energy. No holds barred. At first look, it can be jarring to others–I say this out loud because you and I have already spoken about it. You have no ascertainable armor around your Heart. I’ve NEVER seen the like. Unusual. Unique.

        The one word in this Lifetime that I secretly took for myself as a child was/is Freedom. You own it, Girrrrl. Applause multiplied.

        Gotta go. Hugs and Kisses, Lin 🙂

      2. Thank you “AH” (I smile, which name will I use for you tonight?). This song is beautiful and I haven’t heard it before. Thanks for pointing out the word “obedience” about my blog… at least I was obeying my own request to self 🙂 The song sparked something in me that I need to explore. This week my words are “on hold” but I will soon be writing again.
        Much love to you and Lin… there is a secret to encouragement that many, especially in these times, don’t fully understand. ~Nancee

        1. I thought it might spark something in you. When I first heard it years ago at a very impressionable stage in my life, I took it as a big warning. “You want to see the world? Lonely! You want to have many experiences? Empty! You want to be free from attachments? Lost!” So I internalized all that and went entirely the other direction, and found exactly the same things. A settled life, very lonely. Routine experiences, empty. Attachments, felt even more lost. It may work for others, but for me, having a husband and child most certainly did not complete me. Quite the opposite, as I had expected them to, and when they didn’t, there was bitter disappointment. And so began (or continued, really) the deeper inner search for self…

      3. Anna Helen my dear music fan, Tonight I uploaded the original 22 songs I intend to work on in their respective order, so you would get an idea of how I want my show to procede. If you feel like listening to good music, I would be glad to have your take on my selection. Bare in mind there is a break between number 11 and 12, I’m starting up the second part with a bit of energy and close with 3 wonderful slows. Those are uploaded in WAV so should be CD quality, except for 11, 12 and 17 which are taken from Youtube MP3. (I’m sorry I just realised this site can’t play WAV formats, but you can download them) I tried to manage the stories, the feelings and the beats in a logical fashion adapted for any clebration of Love like weddings, lounge ambiance or friendship garden partys. I think you will like it. Here you go:

        1. I am once again laughing at myself because I can not figure out how to make this work. Aarrgh. I might have to wait and get my daughter the computer guru to help me! When I choose an individual song, it just stops (possibly I am being impatient 😉 …).

          I still don’t know how to use this ding-dong Kindle to its utmost potential, though I have had it close to 2 years! Gee, sounds kind of like I need to “go within” and discover my creative power. Haha.

          I will figure it out!!! At least I saw the list … great selection! A couple of them I am not familiar with based on the titles, so that is an extra bonus!!

          1. I’m sorry, I thought it would be easyer. If you select and click ‘download’, it should go into your computer and then you should be able to play it with media player or any other kind of player on your computer, or even burn it and put it in a CD player.

            1. Nice time signature for my last reply, and the funny thing, I check real time here and it is 9:35, the eaxact time ‘you’ posted!

              1. Yeah, baby!!! Love those numbers and the time synchronicity!

                I assure you, it is only me that is making it difficult. 🙂

                I have snagged my daughter and put her on it so she can teach me. I should be able to listen this evening.


      4. For some reason this song always cut right into my heart…
        I guess now I finally know…
        You are me.

    2. Thank you for sharing, Nancee.
      I recognize this wanting to please behavior in my wife towards me (and to everyone else). I guess I’m freeing her from that, but she is resisting it.

      Love, JJ

      1. Though I always feel strange commenting on your personal life, I will reply here as I would to anyone else. For me, resistance is the first step. Resistance means to me that inwardly, I recognize an issue that needs to be addressed, and my ego is saying “No no no, let’s keep the staus quo. If you really look at this, it may mean change, and change is scary.” Because it means facing the unknown and a seeming lack of control or power.

        Love and hugs to you both,


        1. I guess that’s why I felt resistance in moving out of my home…
          I felt I was forcing things. That is never a good thing. It only makes it worse. Things should be allowed to flow.

          1. I felt flow after listening to this song:

            It’s the theme song, “the Gael” from “the last of the Mohicans”.

            1. A > Society > Social Science

              What Is the Meaning of the Name Gael?


              The name Gael means ‘a Celt’, ‘a Gaelic person’ or ‘speaker of Gaelic’. It is used as a boy’s name and also as a girl’s name. It is of Gaelic origin and is considered a variant form of the name Abigael.

              My love, this is quite interesting, no? Love that you feel flow…

              Love the song, love you.

                1. I have always loved the name Abigail. I say to you two that to live a lie and know it and to keep others in it… well,,, that just can not sit right or come out right for any involved. so, live your truths and live them outright- in Love – the others involved can only benefit too in the long run. My sister left her husband of over 25 yrs. she was not in love with him. He wanted to kill himself at first…so she even came back for a bit but he realized he did not want to be with someone who was not ‘in Love with him’… it was false so he eventually got over it.
                  God Bless all involved, XO Areeza

  10. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! I’m so glad the cc’s chose to focus on this. There is so much distraction that despite a constant pull toward going within it is hard not to be thrown off course.

    1. Dear Greg! To quote Ram Dass “If you think you’re enlightened, go visit your family.” Seems like the energies this week will push a lot of extra buttons, so I send some extra love and light to you all! May your holiday be a peaceful one 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

  11. After a time away, its so much good to see the amazing power of this pond again.
    Good vibrations to you all friends.

    1. Dear Eduardo! Good to see your light again, and thank you for adding even more good vibrations to this Pond! I’m sending you some extra ones in return 🙂
      Lots of love from me, Aisha

  12. Thanks Aisha and CCs!

    It feels so excited so I barely give myself time to write this before I go into meditation.

    Thanks Aisha for always conveying these messages to us and that you are there for support.

    Love and respect!

    B to B

  13. Good morning, Family! Beautiful Missive, Aisha! Thank you! One of my articles is a message from HS I received 2 days ago, but it took me until yesterday to post it. It took “courage” for me to post it.

    Here are my Gifts I give to you all here this day. May each of you BE Blessed, and may my words and photographs touch each of your Hearts.

    I Love you! Have a Golden Day!!!

    From My Heart to Your Heart,

    1. “I AM THE EVENT.”

      I don’t believe that could have been stated
      More simply
      More powerfully
      More truly

      Bless you, Rose

  14. once again a thousand thanks dear aisha, this gets me to the bottom of the heart. Q I feel is the truth. This morning I felt inspired to write a text, not that long ago that felt something like.
    I do not know how’s that for automatic writing, but this must be something, I wrote it, but not from me, it was unconsciously and I feel I must share.
    maybe it’s stupid or maybe not, if someone serves you, great, it is somewhat cryptic. I forgive you put it in Spanish, my English is very limited and would not know to translate. blessings to all

    1. Yo soy….o tal vez, era.
      No logro recordar.
      Algunos a mi lado parecen tan cuerdos, tan seguros.
      Pero yo NO puedo recordar. Es frustrante.
      Recuerdo Sangre. Sangre Antigua.
      Un antiguo Linaje.
      Reyes y Reinas.
      Venidos de lejos. Tan, tan lejos que no consigo recordar.
      Hubo una explosión. O eso creo. Y Luz, mucha, mucha Luz. Y colores. Y formas. Y sonidos.
      Y surgieron “ellos”.
      De la nada. Del barro. Y tuvieron Luz y forma y color. Y……
      Oh!….no consigo recordar. Es tan frustrante.
      Y ellos…..digo ¿ellos?….¿todos UNo?
      Nos mancillaron. A los hijos de los de Sangre Antigua.
      Nos borraron el camino de vuelta a casa.
      ¿Todos Uno?
      Doy vueltas y vueltas en círculo. Me canso…..tan viejo….
      Antiguo Linaje.
      Algo debo hacer. O eso creo. No logro recordar.
      No debo herir a nadie. No quiero.
      He de actuar por mi cuenta. Quiero recordar. Algo se cuenta.
      Doy vueltas en circulo. Estoy tan cansado….
      ¿Un antiguo linaje? SI. ¡Lo siento!
      No quiero herir a nadie.
      Pero lo siento. Palpita en mí. Boom, boom….
      ¡Oh, espera! Tan fuerte, tan fuerte. Boom, boom….palpita cada vez mas fuerte.
      ¿Es una llamada? ¿Es LA llamada?
      Antiguo Linaje.
      No lo encontré en las ideas, ni en el conocimiento.
      Ese latido. ¡Oh, ese latido! ¡Es un código!
      El código que activa las puertas.
      Antiguo linaje. Lo escondieron donde “ellos” no pudieran encontrarlo.
      ¿ “ellos”? ¿Todos UNo?
      Tengo que serenarme. Y pensar. Sentir.
      Estoy solo. He oído y quiero recordar.
      Es mi derecho.
      Antiguo Linaje.
      No puedo estar ni un minuto mas separado. ¿Separado?
      Todos uno.
      Resolveré el acertijo. Tengo que pensar. Sentir.
      Tal vez un movimiento por mi cuenta.
      Creo que nadie conoce exactamente el camino.
      Hay otros. Buscadores. Siento el latido. Boom, boom….
      No puedo verlos. No tengo ojos.
      Los siento. Ser. Solo conciencia.
      Camino duro. Sin refugios. Solo valientes. De sangre Antigua.
      Me duele recordar. No puedo…¿no quiero…?
      Os siento. Cerca, cerca. Boom, boom…
      No quiero herir a nadie.
      Este es un gran paso hacia la Belleza.

      1. Brilliant Cristina!

        I think you are an very old soul remembering last time it went or you feel what´s going to happen now.

        You are very brave Cristina! Thank you! I really appreciate what you wrote.

        Much love to you,

        B to B

      2. Wow!!! That was amazing, Cristina! Now I understand your Uffff!!!! even more….

        Thank you so much for sharing that!


      3. Dear Cristina, thank you so much for sharing this! I used google to translate it, and even if the translation is not very accurate, it does not matter, for your ENERGY is vibrating through every word. Gracias, querida hermana!
        Love and light from me, Aisha

  15. Thank you. I am on this journey within. Your words give me hope that the physical distractions I’m experiencing right now are just that ~ merely distractions. A mash-up of energies trying to find a more positive place to settle while I journey to wholeness. It’s not pleasant, but I go with it because I know what lays at the other end holds great promise. We must release the old to allow the new.

    1. Dear Dorothy! Welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! I hope you will find some ease from connecting to the energies gathered here 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Yes, I really like what the man says at the beginning…

        It’s like he and the woman are the Father/Mother watching as we all awaken in the christed consciousness. In peace.

    1. Yes yes yes about shifting frequencies!!!! Totally spot on … commensurate vibrations … yes yes yes!! It’s already happening, just becoming aware of it …

      Thank you for this. I hope people will not be turned off of this only from the title that shows here, because this is an excellent explanation. This excerpt is not really focusing on “negative people needing drama.”

      Thank you Kiera!


    2. I am not sure if anyone but Nancee saw it, but I posted an example of how this feels as you begin to become aware of it (at the end of the last missive). It is somewhat similar to what happens when you step into the shower, adjusting tempuratures. At first you really notice the difference. Then your body becomes adjusted to the water temp, and you feel more “merged” with it. When you step out, there is shocking cold. It may have been better worded in my previous post….

      1. Well, hahahaha… I can’t even find that older post myself. I don’t know where it is or when it was. Don’t know where/when I am half the time these days, but that is part of the remembering process. For me, anyway. Let it goooooo…

      2. Dear ALee! I saw your explanation, and I think it deserves to be reposted in case someone missed it the last time:

        “There is another layer to the “sepaaration of wheat and chaff.” The chaff is the dry outer husk that covers and protects the wheat as it grows. When the wheat is threshed, the chaff is shaken off and the ripe plump grain beneath is revealed. This is also the “harvest” of our real selves.

        I must reiterate that there are infinite scenarios in the NOW. Infinite possibilities. Infinite creations by the soul. Not only at the level of Source self (and splitting “down” further through each “level”) but at the soul spark level. We can experience any scenario we choose to focus on and match our vibration with. We can choose an “end times” scenario, we can choose a doomsday scenario, we can choose the “rapture.” We are remembering how to do this. This is how translocation, bilocation, sliding timelines, parallel realities, “linear” time travel, dimensional travel etc. works. Focusing the consciousness on/matching it to a certain vibration is what “allows” you to experience it.

        This is what the Mother meant when she said “You are the Kingdom of Heaven. You are the Mansion of Many Rooms.” Each “room” is a different vibration/frequency. This is what she meant when she said she would speak more about what ascension really is. It is all entirely within us. We are legion. (Yes. I know that is a quote from Satan. There is a reason why this has been considered “evil” by the church. It is about our true beings, our true power. We are all legion. We are all everything. All the time.)

        We had a good talk about this in the shower. 🙂 She used the stream of water as an example. I am putting this in my own words. The water is a certain temperature. We put our hand in to test it. Too hot? Too cold? Adjust it using the knobs (we use our inner knobs to adjust our own vibration to the one we choose, not adjust the frenquency itself to match us, though there is a bit of that, too, as we are also creating the very frequency …). Is that the temperature we want? Yes, ok step in. At first we sense a big change, because our bodies are at one temp, the water at another. As we stand there, our bodies become more resonant with the temp of the water. We feel less of a difference. When we step out of the shower, we are cold. A big jump in frequency there.”

        Thank you, ALee :-)!
        LOVE, Aisha

  16. Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma ~ 23.11.2013



    “In the next days to come you will have the choice and the opportunity to transgress the portal of ascension.

    Some of you have chosen this path some time ago.
    They (you) were the forerunners – pacemakers – in order to prepare the ground for you.
    They (you) were those having taken on themselves everything in order to safeguard the well-functioning of this ascending process.

    They agreed to act like experimental guinea pigs for you since such complex process has never been enacted before now.


    …All portals have been elaborated and prepared for you by our Creator and all his Archangels. These are the Portals of your Ascension now.

    If you have followed the sequence of our words in some explicit way, you will have found the plural of the term “portal” and this is not due to some mistake of ours.
    For it is the matter of Portals into differing dimensions.

    Since there will be some humans not ascending into the 5th dimension.

    No, these are humans going FURTHER UP as they have finished their mission now.
    They will go to 6th and 7th or even to the 9th dimension and they will continue living in some other realm or location of some different dimension of an alternative surrounding and accordingly other vehicle resp. body.


    …And now I am about to conclude my message, my dear humans here on earth.
    The way of our communication will also undergo some change.

    When having ascended, all humans will be re-endowed with their telepathic capabilities. Thereby you will be re-connected to our cosmic network of communication.
    You have never been separated from it but now on grounds of your newly attained state of consciousness everything of it will be available to you again without any impediment. “

      1. And a multidimensional EMBRACE of huggie-buggie proportions to each one of you — Aisha, Anna Helen, Cristina, Philip, Bev, Alex, Susan…..

        1. Kiera, huge hugs back to you! I just read this entire message and it really resonates with me…what I find so marvelous is how all the information coming out now speaks of a forward motion through the center of our open hearts! I intend for my heart to be ever and always wide open, overflowing with love, knowing it is fully protected as a divine member of all the hearts in all the multiverses! Whooot! 🙂 Alex

  17. Hi everyone !

    This message is crystal clear. Sadly for me is not a easy thing to go within… But perhaps is the good time and perhaps the next imminent gathering will help!

    Have a good day !


    1. I know what you mean, Pierre…when I try to go within, I don’t have a conscious ‘experience’. The best I can say is that, perhaps, when I stop to ask ‘mySelf’ a question, desiring insight, that maybe I am more likely to get what I might interpret as an ‘answer’ during the next part of the day/night. There is nothing cosmic or other worldly in my experience but I still think it must make a difference. I am inspired by today’s missive that I might feel a more direct connection than indirect…that would help me so much! Thank you, again, Aisha…always appreciating you…♥!

      1. Thanks Janis, Thanks Aisha

        Il don’t see within but I feel it. I feel something is going on. Very often, big changes for me came overnight, during my sleep. For example it’s the way I became vegetarian. One evening meat eater, next morning vegetarian… For sometimes I had the intent to do so, but couldn’t succeed. And all was done in one night…


      2. Thanks Janis, Thanks Aisha

        Il don’t see within but I feel it. I feel something is going on. Very often, big changes for me came overnight, during my sleep. For example it’s the way I became vegetarian. One evening meat eater, next morning vegetarian… For sometimes I had the intent to do so, but couldn’t succeed. And all was done in one night…


  18. Dear friends! I just wanted to remind you all that this Sunday is December 1, so that means we have another Gathering coming up. Seems like the timing is no coincidence this time either 😉
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. “Holà ” Aisha, what a looooong monday it has been for me…I need my bed!

      Great, about the next gathering!
      I suppose you have answered many times before the following question, but (Ooops!) what am I suppose to “do” to “be” in that gathering around the pond??? Any clue, advise? ; )

      I enjoyed your last post, and indeed, I began to note in people around me this unrestless feeling. And they ask their self why? Without a satisfaying answer of course!

      An other general trend I can also perceive, looking at the TV news for instance, is that all over our planet, and for different reasons or/and contexts but with the same result, peoples just can’t stand any more theirs political class. We are just like “alergic” to their dwarf minded points of view, it is almost comic to constat that! : )
      Just fed up!

      H & K!

      Cyr from MX

      1. Hi Cyr, the Pond gatherings are a once a month (1st sunday) meditation gathering 🙂
        Aisha will post all info relevant, as usual. Timetable and all 🙂
        It’s a great connection, and I’m looking forward to see your Light there too !

      2. Dear Cyr! Thank you for adding your light to this next Gathering 🙂 All you have to “do” to be a part of it, is to find a way that resonates for you to connect with these energies. We have these group meditations every first Sunday of the month at 21:00 Oslo time, that is 02:00 PM in Mexico City, but you do not need to connect at that exact time. These energies are already coming in, and so whenever you feel like connecting with them, you can just sit down with the intention to do so. You can read about the previous Gatherings here. Looking forward to see you on Sunday!
        And yes, “ordinary people” all over the world are starting to wake up in all kinds of ways 🙂
        Much love from me, Aisha

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