The manuscript of survival – part 434

By now, so much will have been irrevocably changed within you all, and as usual, the outside phenomena accompanying this internal turnaround may be hard to perceive. But again, what you see through those apertures in your head you call eyes accounts for only a small percentage of what is actually there to be perceived, so once again we will remind you that what you see is not all that you get. For there is a way to see beyond this small superficial presentation of “reality”, and that is by way of your heart to use a phrasing you are more than familiar with by now. But as you already know, we are not referring to that actual organ, those cells whose main function is to literally run this show that is your physical vehicle. No, what we refer to, are all those parts of you that do not actually belong inside said physical vehicle, but who have chosen to begin to interact with it in such a way, you too will begin to see beyond the physical limits.

And what is it that we are trying to convey in this very roundabout way? Merely to remind you all that now, you will be given the task to literally go beyond the limits of your own body as often as possible and in as many instances as you can devise. For you see, these limitations imposed upon you by your mind are still very much confined to these fleshy boundaries, but unless you manage to transcend that, you will still be governed by this small acreage of space allotted to you by way of this vehicle. And what do we mean by that? First of all, this is not in any way an encouragement to start thinking that the very idea of transcendence implies a total disconnection from the more tangible parts of you, for there are still those still set on thinking that this is the case. For to them, there is nothing they would like more than to leave this “mortal coil” behind once and for all and simply drift away up into the ethers.

Well, let us simply said that this is in actual fact a gross misrepresentation of why you are here in the first place. For you are not here to complete this prolonged process simply to allow yourself to shed this physical vehicle once and for all and return to that place you once came from before you started to manifest within such a corporeal existence as you have chosen to become a part of here on Earth. No, you are in actual fact here to BE here in that physical vehicle, but to transcend BEYOND the limits of that vehicle while still residing within it.

In other words, your role is to become the New human, the physical vehicle that may resemble the old one in many ways if you look at it from a superficial perspective, but who will turn out to be something so vastly different if you look at it from an energetic perspective. For you are here to become multidimensional beings yet again, but to do so while IN that physical vehicle. For only by being within that physical vehicle can you manage to manifest all of the changes that need to come into being in order to change the “outward appearance” of this entire planet. In other words, you will change this entire planet only by changing YOU, but you cannot change this planet if you do not understand the need to be PRESENT here in a very physical way. And yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word, as awakening literally means being fully present – within your body, within your mind and within your energy, at all times and in every way.

And so, your upliftment is a profound one, for it will take place while you still walk around inside of your physical body, but a vital part of this process is to become emotionally detached from it. Not as in becoming neglectful, callous or uncaring about it, for your body is indeed the one reason that makes all of this possible in the first place. No, what we are trying to convey is that you must learn to think beyond the confines of your body and to realize that your identity is not in any way connected to this physical vehicle at all. And why is this important? Because everything you have ever experienced on this planet has been experienced from within such a body, and so, your entire identity will hinge upon what you see when you look in the mirror. For to your mind, that IS you and no one else, but now, you must all train yourselves to see beyond that face, those limbs and that corpus and further out – by going all the way in. Again, what you seek will be within, but once you reach far enough IN, you will see just how far a reach you really have. For you are a truly limitless being, one that has no home except for that we call your heart. For your heart is that single pinprick of light that is set to your vibration, the one and only thing in existence that carries just that one signature tune, and that is where your heart is. For your heart is a photon of light, one singularity that was split off from that vast, shimmering ocean of singularities, given the task to cast about to see what would happen once your frequency started to interact with that of all of the other singularities you came across on your endless journey.

And now, your journey has taken you here, to Planet Earth, to be within a human body and to interact with countless other beings encased within a human body or within an animal, a plant or all of the other endless variations of life you find here. And for you, the task this time around is simply this: to finally allow that innermost part of you, that singularity of light that has no equal no other place in All of creation to come out from hiding so that you and everyone else around you can SEE you in all of your glory. For then and only then will others be able to finally release all of their own inner fire as well. And it is only by allowing that fire to burn brightly while still within this miracle of a human body you inhabit that all of these seeds of life encased within all of the other physical carriers on this planet can come fully to life once again.

So allow yourself to let go of the idea of you as simply a body, but also renege all of those old ideas of the necessity to escape from that physical vehicle once and for all by simply casting it away like a discarded piece of clothing. For if that is your choice, you will step away from the path you have already chosen by coming there, and as such your job will not be terminated. Rather, you will begin anew in a new version of you as a human. So stay true to you, and stay true to your calling to let the light begin to shine out from every single part of your human being by allowing that one single part of you that IS you to come alive again by saying YES to who you really are, and by embracing the very fullness of your being. For when you do that, you will feel endless, limitless and borderless, but you will never ever feel homeless ever again. For then you will know that home is where the heart is, and the heart is where the light simply IS. And now, it is time for that light to BE here.

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  1. ❤ THANK YOU for this, Dear BBBB… tears came and my Heart filled with
    Love and Gratitude for all my sweet babies, pet birds, too. xox Loving U, Lin ❤

      1. hugs
        that was cute
        it reminds me of my own experience from 60 something years ago
        but wait, it is still happening
        i still have dogs sleeping with me.
        in fact they are just across the room as i write this
        every time i come home in the car and open the door, dogs jump in to tell me they are glad to see me again
        it has been going on with lots of dogs over lots of decades
        we all have run free the whole time

        1. Pets and children are always honest and can really give unconditional love 🙂 I’m happy for your appreciation of the video 🙂 ❤

          Smooch ❤

  2. Claire M Gretz on Facebook
    1 hr ago


    Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
    When an animal dies who has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

    All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

    They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

    You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
    Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….

    Author unknown…



  3. Reblogged this on Mount Shasta View and commented:
    ‘…In other words, your role is to become the New human, the physical vehicle that may resemble the old one in many ways if you look at it from a superficial perspective, but who will turn out to be something so vastly different if you look at it from an energetic perspective. For you are here to become multidimensional beings yet again, but to do so while IN that physical vehicle….’

  4. Thank you CC’s, Aisha, All
    After reading now the new missive, I see how it correlates once again with my dream and experiences! This is very comforting and absolutely Cool to the Max! ❤ Blessings

  5. Each one of us has a singular heart vibrating, a note in the choir of life.
    We are the music makers, the dreamer of dreams!!

    1. We are the music makers,
      And we are the dreamers of dreams,
      Wandering by lone sea-breakers
      And sitting by desolate streams;
      World-losers and world-forsakers,
      On whom the pale moon gleams:
      Yet we are the movers and shakers
      Of the world for ever, it seems.

      “Noi siamo i musicanti
      Siamo i sognatori di sogni
      Erranti per solitari marosi
      E seduti lungo corsi d’acqua desolati;
      Alla luce pallida della luna
      Noi perdiamo il mondo,
      Noi abbandoniamo il mondo:
      Eppure sembra che siamo noi a muovere,
      Ad agitare il mondo per sempre”

      Ode dalla collezione Music and Moonlight (1874)
      Arthur W.E. O’Shaughnessy

  6. Pretty tired most of today. Had some great dreams though!
    I wanted to come in early here and write but I had to absorb it all and well, it sort of faded and i wish I had posted while it was ‘fresh’.
    will do my best now.
    Three dreams –
    first one was a beach/shore scene with many sitting around a table outside. A circular table. there was a man dressed like maybe oriental shaman? in the middle. He had this long horn like thing. It was about 4 or 5 inches in diameter – at first thought, it looked like a nicely decorated didgeridoo. He was going from person to person – putting it to their chest/heart chakra. He got to me and got ‘a yes’ and immediately put his mouth to his end and blew into the ‘instrument’ – into my heart center. I instinctively took it in – the breath from him thru the instrument into my heart and let out a very audible ‘huh, Huh, HUH’ with my outbreath. He nodded and smiled. I tilted to my right and did the same. Like I guess that was necessary for some reason for me. I woke up and knew that meant something of course.
    second dream had an old ‘vintage’ ford falcon automobile – it was cream with a cherry red stripe. In the dream world, it had belonged to my father and I bought it for 20k. I really liked having it and it brought attention with many people liking the ‘raw, vintage aspect’ of it. Then, I realized it had an ‘upper part’…and this level had many hanging lights! chandeliers and other types – all ‘vintage’. People wanted to go into this upper space and ‘check things out there’. There were many other ‘vintage’ items. I thought ‘Hey! it would be a good idea to turn on those lights!’ Only some of them lit up. I thought, ‘i will have to get new bulbs to be sure they all light up’.
    third dream – mostly all i recall is the end in which i had to make it up to the ’60th floor’ of a building and bring a gift – for a child I think as that was the type gift I was putting together.
    after this – I woke up with feelings I can only describe in terms close to what Aisha shared. So much and so Full. I got out of bed with this feeling of being like a flower – fully in bloom – and what put it over the top was the feeling of ‘being so very appreciated for the opening!’ I could instantly feel what everything feels when fully open! I went downstairs to feed the cat because I thought i would be spending time in here telling you all of the experience. I ended up pressing my whole body against the sliding glass door with eyes closed absorbing – being one with – the Sun. I spoke with it with beautiful, grateful words. It was so much an ecstatic experience~!
    Bliss and ecstasy and completely content in that.
    I also connected again with my niece, Kim, and then with Eddie – the namesake of the man who’s mother I am sitting with – the young man is also deceased in case any of u missed what I wrote about this before. Eddie said to me to ‘pour this feeling all over his father!!!’ — very strongly I felt I have to do this in some way! I will. And to pour it all over everything 🙂
    I know it is time to burst out like that. Like the flower in full bloom.
    I went on with my day and started becoming more and more tired. So I am resting now with my guy and our cats. Just chillin. Eating too much junk food. 😛
    Love to All XO
    Hope you are feeling better Dear B! ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. oh… geez I forgot to mention a very important part that kicked off the ecstatic essence filling up my being. Just upon waking up after the dreams, i heard loudly someone ask “What Do You Want?!” a couple of times. Wanting to answer foremost with an immediate authentic answer I first said ‘I want my Whole immortality here now’. I then said ‘I want All immortal beauty here now!’
      Bringing it All here is important; The immortal flower of life in all its glory – with all its pollinated parts gathered from everywhere type of a feeling. 😀

      1. Dear Areeza,
        Thank you so much for sharing your dreams with us. Your experience with the oriental shaman was so familiar to me. In my universal healing Qi Gung meditations I have been working with 3 ancient Chinese Medicine Masters. In one part of the mediation one feels the Sun’s golden warmth upon ones self. In another a refreshing breeze. Perhaps you felt that breeze as you allowed the Master’s breath blowing peace to enter your heart. Perhaps your dream was to let not only you but all of us be aware and know this in each and every heart.

    2. Wonderful dreams Areeza – thank you for sharing them ❤ Wish I could have – or at least remember – my dreams 😉 Anyway my awaken dreams are fully clear 🙂 ❤

      Yes – thanks – my migraine is gone and I am back into my bliss mode again that I have been in for quite a while now 🙂

      So nice to read that you got a job again 🙂 I guess your service users have been lucky 😉 <3:)

      Much love ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Part 2
    Hey All….just to warn you this is not a comforting message, but that of Knowledge to bring Awareness & Re-Action.

    On my way to work this morning, a flock of Canada geese flew in over head…months before they should be arriving ! -18c cold & so much snow & ice all around….all the lakes still very much frozen…I…yes…fear…for their survival ! Normally my heart heralds & rejoices their arrival, but today my heart feels as if it broke into pieces ! This is only one of many things mankind is doing to contribute in de-stabilizing the natural balance of Mother-Earth….as with the Arctic, it is there for a reason & has always been a focal stabilizing nexus point of ‘Crystal Ice Energy’ for the entire planet, & now it’s cup runneth over, spilling it’s safely contained life force in a most destructive & harmful way to the entire planet…. de-stabilizing weather patterns, ocean currents & levels….& alarmingly melting massive frozen, ice protected methane fields, releasing toxic amounts of methane into the atmosphere !…so don’t kid yourself…you are experiencing the very real effects of Global warming with the de-stabilizing of the Arctic.

    Many of the precious wild life that are a huge valuable part of Mother-Earth are now confused in their normal behavior built in mechanisms, creating many challenges & hardships…unfavorable weather, lack of food, their very survival is at risk…let alone unable to birth the next year’s generation ! Beyond pollution, plastics, petroleum, chemicals & the unconscious dumping of nuclear waste….these & more all bundle into now, a healthy planet’s greatest threat….the misguided & abused intent & desire of ‘Artificial Intelligence’….the dead seeds created & being spread by mankind…destroying the True Intelligence & Living Balance of Creation that birthed this world ! In a video clip I posted a few days ago about the movie ‘Transcendence’….the main theme was of ‘Artificial Intelligence’… but there was an underlying question ‘What does it really mean to be God’ ?….sometimes in a dilemma I would ask myself ‘What would Jesus do’ ?….but if you were God…here on Earth, what would you do….continue the allowance of Free Will & Choice….or that of Control….what about judgement or unconditional Love…all the war, abuse & suffering & the spin off suffering inflicted to all other life forms, including Mother-Earth, our most sacred home & provider & very means of survival while in 3D form ! Lots of questions to ask ourselves while knowing that there is a law in place, that we cannot up & leave….this is our mess to clean up or allow it to consume & destroy ! Answers we begin to find within ourselves will give us a better understanding of God & what it means to BEcome a Creator ! We have arrived at the 88th marker in Energetic Placement & Time…..You need to know that You are the “Nexus point & the Eye of the Needle….the ChangeMaker!”….& don’t look at anyone else to what they are saying or doing or even your Higher Self & the Higher Realms, as they can only offer help & guidance….You are here now for a reason & hold more Momentum Decision Making Power than You know & All this Power hinges on You !…All Timelines are converging on You…Yes, little You !….it is Your Choice, Your Decision….what do you want & where do you want to go from here ?….Your thoughts, your intentions will BEcome the actions of Future Reality !…something to think about….& more….

    If You dare to want to know the Truth…Extinction Level Arctic Methane Releases Caused by Geoengineering (Artificial Intelligence)….probably the most important video you need to see ! & remember No Fear, Knowledge brings Wisdom & Awareness for Re-Action.

    the history of our world can very visibility be seen within the sedimentary rock formations of time. She has a strong pulling message from the country of Australia, where much of the earth’s history can clearly be still seen upon the surface…there is an extreme importance pointing to a sediment layer within the rock showing 250 million years ago, the time of ‘Permian Extinction’…where 90% of All Life upon Earth was destroyed from catastrophic deadly underground explosions that originated from Siberia, where at that time the earth’s warming & volcanic activity created a chain reaction of run away greenhouse gases & melted the protective permafrost layers of Siberia that were sealing & containing highly volatile methane gas fields so huge, when ignited nearly destroyed the entire planet. (Note – interesting that this video I speak of has been deleted) Humanity is blind to see & grasp that time is cyclical not linear, & if we don’t learn from our mistakes, it just keeps coming full circle back upon us.

    this documentary I found also speaks of this ‘Permian’ period in which it was estimated that 90% of Life was destroyed upon Earth.
    (many scientists lead us to believe in the rogue asteroid theory but there are other possibilities & we must be open & aware to the real reason why)

      1. such are one of the many things upon my thoughts each & everyday & as I continue merging-bonding with Higher Self, these information messages as well as those from the Voice of the Stars increases in clarity of knowledge & awareness to many events & experiences, past, present & possibilities-potentials of a negative or positive future….we have more power now in making the right decisions & propel the right solutions….more than we know !…as we allow ourselves to keep saying ‘Yes’ to the Divine Sacred Plan of Creation & continue merging as one with the sanctity & true intelligence of Creation ….we will assuredly conquer all that needs to be conquered & rise above all past mistakes, re-setting to a certain glorious future for ‘Mother-Earth’, ‘All Life’ ….here & even beyond our understanding !
        Be well…Be Happy Dearest Lin….even in your silence, but always know your voice is valuable & needed when you feel ready !….xoxo Bev

    1. Methane is the main component of LNG, will be a useful energy source, if possible recovery.
      “11/26/07 – Methane-eating bacteria could halt warming
      New Zealand scientists hope a newly discovered bacterium that eats methane could ultimately help counter a key global warming gas. The bacterium was discovered living about 30cm below the ground in the hot, acidic environment at Hells Gate in Rotorua, a geothermal area. Microbiologist Dr Matthew Stott, who was part of the team that made the discovery, said they had been puzzled as to why methane produced geothermally at Hells Gate did not reach the surface.”

  8. Lee Harris on Facebook

    “Are you ready to LIVE and LOVE your life?

    One of the gifts that people who are terminally ill will give us when they write articles about their experiences, is they will say things like, “God, I used to worry so much. And as soon as I got the diagnosis, I just stopped worrying. I wish I’d known this before, because now I’ve started appreciating every hour or every day I had left.”

    That life-force is the energy that more of you are going to be able to tap into this year and become. The reason so many of you are looking to heal or grow yourself is because you want to find and reclaim that spaciousness inside you.

    When you reclaim the spaciousness inside you, life changes. So to understand how and why you lose it, either through triggers from other people’s behaviour, triggers of historical wounds, is to know your ‘fear pattern’. Once you identify your fear pattern, you stop believing it as much as you used to. And you start reclaiming your inner space in a bigger and bigger way than ever before. So then you start living in a bigger way and you are able to share and bring that open and spacious energy to others. And that’s why we’re all here.”

    ~~Lee from February Energy Forecast – The Energy of 2015



  9. When I Started Loving Myself” – A Poem By Charlie Chaplin Written On His 70th Birthday On April 16, 1959:

    When I Started Loving Myself
    I Understood That I’m Always And At Any Given Opportunity
    In The Right Place At The Right Time.
    And I Understood That All That Happens Is Right –
    From Then On I Could Be Calm.
    Today I Know: It’s Called TRUST.

    When I Started To Love Myself I Understood How Much It Can Offend Somebody
    When I Tried To Force My Desires On This Person,
    Even Though I Knew The Time Is Not Right And The Person Was Not Ready For It,
    And Even Though This Person Was Me.
    Today I Know: It’s Called LETTING GO

    When I Started Loving Myself
    I Could Recognize That Emotional Pain And Grief
    Are Just Warnings For Me To Not Live Against My Own Truth.
    Today I Know: It’s Called AUTHENTICALLY BEING.

    When I Started Loving Myself
    I Stopped Longing For Another Life
    And Could See That Everything Around Me Was A Request To Grow.
    Today I Know: It’s Called MATURITY.

    When I Started Loving Myself
    I Stopped Depriving Myself Of My Free Time
    And Stopped Sketching Further Magnificent Projects For The Future.
    Today I Only Do What’s Fun And Joy For Me,
    What I Love And What Makes My Heart Laugh,
    In My Own Way And In My Tempo.
    Today I Know: It’s Called HONESTY.

    When I Started Loving Myself
    I Escaped From All What Wasn’t Healthy For Me,
    From Dishes, People, Things, Situations
    And From Everyhting Pulling Me Down And Away From Myself.
    In The Beginning I Called It The “Healthy Egoism”,
    But Today I Know: It’s Called SELF-LOVE.

    When I Started Loving Myself
    I Stopped Wanting To Be Always Right
    Thus I’ve Been Less Wrong.
    Today I’ve Recognized: It’s Called HUMBLENESS.

    When I Started Loving Myself
    I Refused To Live Further In The Past
    And Worry About My Future.
    Now I Live Only At This Moment Where EVERYTHING Takes Place,
    Like This I Live Every Day And I Call It CONSCIOUSNESS.

    When I Started Loving Myself
    I Recognized, That My Thinking
    Can Make Me Miserable And Sick.
    When I Requested For My Heart Forces,
    My Mind Got An Important Partner.
    Today I Call This Connection HEART WISDOM.

    We Do Not Need To Fear Further Discussions,
    Conflicts And Problems With Ourselves And Others
    Since Even Stars Sometimes Bang On Each Other
    And Create New Worlds.
    Today I Know: THIS IS LIFE!



    1. Ooohhh, thank you, B, for this beautuful poen by Charly Chaplin (CC !!!!!). He knew it all, he sums it all up, God, I’m in tears….

    2. just read this now….Thanks so much ‘B’….he was an Amazing man in more ways than one, & had attained such wisdom throughout his life even at age 70 in this era of time !

      1. Yes it is a wonderful poem ❤

        Thanks for your sharings dear bev~. I am so very tired – again – this evening – I just read and hardly comment at all. It has been a very turbulent day energetically and now it is time to sleep.

        Love to you ALL ❤

  10. This is what disclosure is about and not airy fairy ethers only and not Aliens!

    We are the ones we’ve been waiting for experiencing this journey with our little tiny vehicle the body to merge with the rest woohaaa !

    Hugs Ollie

    1. it is about All Of It
      we are the ether essences and we are the star family folk too
      no more separation/duality
      multidimensional unity 🙂 ❤

  11. Ashia!

    Amen the ethers and the physical working in tandem – finally it expressed for everybody to SEE and to BE here and NOW! ❤

    Best wishes and tons of hugs


  12. Wow! This is the first mesaage i have read from The CC’s that doesnt fit. Awesome! But apparently there are many Brothers and Sisters of Light who ARE still struggling with the idea, choice, shift of ascendimg through the body. My only guidance, if this resonates for anyone, is to pull away from your life and see ypurself with Compassion. Compassion and Humilty is the guidance I receive. As much as you can muster for yourself. Create within so you create without. When your are in this space it is Blissful and though you are still in your body, you expand way beyond it. Compassion is the Bridge.And if you make a choice of any kind especially against yourself that is not compassionate, no matter its degree, Allow yourself to Forgive yourself, release all or as much judgement as you are capable of in that moment, and move back into your center of Compassionate. All of this is given in love.

    Blessings and Beauty,

    1. So thank you for this Carolyn, I love the advice. Today I was told I have periodontal disease that 6 percent of the world population has and that all kinds of treatment can be thrown at it and yet it will not go away and it puts the heart in jeopardy since it is essentially gram negative bacteria built up as plaque on the teeth bones pushing the bones out of the gums, a type of autoimmune response. The treatment plan in linearity is to do deep cleanings where a hygienist essentially scrapes the plaque off in a deep way between tooth and gum. It is pain producing and yet it may not suffice according to the dentist I saw who then told me he would refer me to a specialist who might do surgery. Youch! Well does anyone have some sage advice about staying in this body while undergoing said healing approach or is there a more enlightened way to expand the Light within to heal the whole mess. Ya I would love to be 200 but without such a problem to contend with for sure. Anyone? I will keep smiling and beaming light as I walk around wherever I am anyhow.

      ❤ Monica

      1. my sister was told she has same issue.
        I recommend colloidal silver. I swish it in my own mouth to get it into the gums and thru the teeth and swallow. Tablespoon per day.
        I only use Nutribiotic Dental Gel – for about 25 yrs now.
        I recently discovered Diatomaceous Earth. can get it in capsule form and take it daily – strengthen gums and good for a whole host of issues.
        I have not been to a dentist in almost 30 yrs.
        I was wondering about my own issues and the meds I take daily. Not sure how we are to deal with all this stuff either.
        we would all like to embrace our highest essences – that is for certain.
        we would all like to be able to focus on that without all the daily life issues. Those issues, as far as i know, have never really been addressed. Those that are fortunate to not have many issues usually dont understand. Anyway, that is how I have found it to be.
        So… blessings to All of us – that we come through it all with as much ease and Grace as possible! Much Love and wand taping for your peace of mind and ease of all body ailments and concerns Dear Monica! ❤ XO

          1. Thanks Breezy, this is most helpful. I also did research to discover other things good to eat like stuff with CoEnzyme Q in it, nuts and veggies and meats contain it too, but I found a toothpaste that has it in it. Maybe steering clear of the dentist is good that is an option. My Dad is a big proponent of colloidal silver too. And hydrogen peroxide rinses. So I have made some adjustments and am washing my mouth more than before since the visit. I feel an improvement.

            It turns out the three friends closest to me all have the same gum issues so that throws off the 6 percent thing in my small sample. 100 percent of 4 people close to each other have it. hmmm. Anyhow it makes me ponder the notion of extended life and QUALITY. I love reading the latest comments as so many feel some break throughs to bliss in weirdness not entirely understood. I feel a peace I have not felt before over long periods of time just sitting with my house mate’s cat in my lap staring out the window and soaking in sunlight in late afternoon.

            To complicate matters are the meds I am prescribed since my stay inn hospital in November. I am sorted out from a very dark and deluded, misguided place by taking them, yet want to steer clear of unneeded big pharma drugs if/when possible in favor of more naturopathic remedies.

            I do believe we are pioneers navigating uncharted territory and making a huge difference in the world by sharing our light and love with each other in this pond and as we send our thoughts and visions and well wishes for one another and ALL. What else is there to do with our time anyhow I ask you? What else makes any sort of compassionate, benevolent sense? I listen to Kryon who in my humble opinion echos and enhances much of the CCs material. Here is his latest…
            Love and light, ❤ Monica

      2. ❤ Co-create a so-called "miracle" in this Newness, M–you can do it! Listen only to your Heart, not your head. You are Love and worthy. Blessings and xox ❤

        1. P.S. M: Another option might be “oil pulling” (originated in India, I believe) in the morning with either coconut oil or sesame oil (I prefer the latter). You can google the term/youtube process. Involves swishing the oil around in your mouth from anywhere between 5 min to 40 min., spit out in small paper cup or toilet and rinse with tall glass of salt water (preferably Himalayan salt) into toilet. Do NOT swallow the oil or salt water and do NOT gargle either oil/salt water. I make the time to do 40 min. and my teeth (entire mouth) become literally squeaky clean/free from bacteria. I also use floss, small dental brushes (buy in bulk), and rubber-tip utensil to draw around the edges of gums surrounding each tooth, all once per day. (The idea is to disturb the plaque so that it can’t settle on the teeth… sort of like hard water deposits around the base of a faucet) When my spirit retires this body I choose to still have all my own teeth. My dental hygienist just this morn proclaimed both my husband’s and my teeth extremely healthy (he doesn’t do oil pulling). Oil pulling also whitens the teeth. I can do oil pulling while showering, morning household chores, etc.

          Sounds like a lot of trouble… but as I’ve said previously, my body has been chronically ill in my past and is no longer so due to persevering in re-learning/adopting new habits that work for me (not always easy).

          This is just an option; what works for me may not work for you/others in terms of time, preference, etc. I’m not commenting a lot right now on the blog, but felt compelled to do so re this just in case it might prove helpful in regaining your health. In any case, be of good cheer in approaching the task/journey ahead–it can be done happily… and you deserve it, M!! 🙂 ❤

          1. Dearest Lin,

            Oil pulling…haha, at first I thought you were pulling my leg! 🙂
            I looked it up on you tube, and it really resonates with me. I actually already have a jar of coconut oil/butter that I use for sandwiches (instead of butter). I’m gonna try the oil pulling, yeeej! It said to do it in the morning, before eating breakfast or anything (on an empty stomach). It not only whitens and cleans your teeth, but it detoxes the whole body (!). How cool is that. It said to do it for 20 mins. I also have Himalayan salt, so I’m all set to go!

            Thank you for this, my Starsister! ❤

            Love yah!
            GCB JJ

      3. Dear Monica,
        I have had the same issue. They did surgery on my gums too (not nice) and I had to use interdental brushes of different sizes to fit all the different gap sizes between my teeth to clean them. It’s very hard to keep this up. What I have been doing lately is dip the brushes in a solution of baking soda each time I use them on my teeth, and rinse them well. Then whan I’m finished I will dip them in the solution again so they are sterilized clean for the next use. I do it twice a day, after brushing my teeth (with an electrical toothbrush). The brushes combined with the baking soda works very well. I then finally rinse my whole mouth with a solution of baking soda from another, separate glass (I add one teaspoon of baking soda). You can tell if it works when the brushes don’t smell anymore after you have used them.
        ❤ CB JJ

      4. Been strongly drawn to Coconut oil chewing lately. You take Organic food grade coconut oil that is actually in a semi-solud state, and chew about 1 Tbsp full for about 20 mins. It has strong antiseptic properties. ive done it onvr, it was odd, but feel in my gut that it really works. Look it up, if this resonates. So blessed to hear my guidance directed you towards any peace or clarity…wahoo ❤ Remember disease is a sign of Dis-ease within your body. You are a Creator Being ,heres your sign…look up and research until you find what truly resonates for you. Nothing means anything to you until you "BUY" it by believing and letting the energy follow this path. All Given In Love.

        Blessings and Beauty,

  13. Again, I would like to Thank You, Aisha and the CC’s for this message. It resonates with me so much. I have been telling friends and family over the past few months that I intend to live to 200 and maybe beyond! Who would not want too if we can get our bodies into a pristine condition? Hahaha!

    1. when I was a small child, I said this is my last life and that I would never die.
      And that I could not wait to get my Light Body back!
      Its amazing to be here now with all this going on if i really think about it…and at the same time, it feels like “well, of course!”

  14. Powerful missive Aisha, all of it.

    “but you cannot change this planet if you do not understand the need to be PRESENT here in a very physical way. And yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word, as awakening literally means being fully present – within your body, within your mind and within your energy, at all times and in every way.

    And so, your upliftment is a profound one, for it will take place while you still walk around inside of your physical body, but a vital part of this process is to become emotionally detached from it.”

    I went through the feeling of becoming the needle eye like you described Aisha, with the feeling of pure liberation and universe pouring through my body wide open. I walked around like that for a couple of days, despite being in state of sudden grief with my doggy making a sudden departure 😦 he died from a blood clot and it happened very quickly.

    Then i started to experience moments, fleeting moments inbetween, of experiencing totally unconscious / sleeping parts of myself arise. I felt at times like a ignorant, selfish, self centred a33hole and most worryingly i didn’t catch myself in the moment it was like someone had out on off switch on me and was flicking my swtich on and off.

    I didn’t understand why or what was going on, not until afterwards. I didn’t understand why I was thinking things or doing things that i was doing. I knew this was not the normal me or the real me thinking these things yet my awareness was gone with it in the moment. Maybe like what a dementia person experiences from moment to moment. I didn’t understand why i had gone from feeling so wide open and the needle eye it self to this.
    I wondered if it was symptoms of grief .. as i had been healing from longer term grief as well before this happened, but that didn’t feel right either.

    These words however have helped me understand that perhaps these fleeting moments of feeling the unconscious / sleep parts of myself come in, i have never felt this happen ever before like this and it is so subtle i don’t notice it until afterwards when i think, why the hell was i doing that, thinking that ?. May this explains what has been arising, the unconscious parts coming awake and coming present in the now moment.

    If anyone has any other insight that i am blatantly missing please feel free to help me see. Love to all ❤

    1. Elven-starlight777, I was feeling also very depressed, waves of grieving – and disconnected from decades of trying to fit in. Also relieved of intense caretaking (like hospice) for 2 dog companions – one passed in 2012 and the latest a few months ago. Hit me hard, and I’m still recovering from total and all-consuming attention to their needs. I’m feeling better now than I was a couple weeks ago. Did a New Moon vision board to see what images arise – I like Jungian/shamanic inner play. Interesting, I expect it’s stirring my energy. And I ask the Earth (great mother) for help, and She answers – showing me many connections and aha’s about all that’s happening. What I don’t have – seemingly – is my next step – not a repeat of before. I have no real focus in the world; I’m alone, and question when will I have like-hearted partners to co-create and play with? – and in person, please! My companions now are 3 cat guardians – such different energy than the dogs. I feel/know something is coming this year, and soon. I’d like to stay in touch with you – would be nice to dialog more. Don’t know if this is your reason – but I resonate with Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings. She feels like my fuller real self, and the elves more my people than those I’m with here. The old forms – relationships, work, etc. – that we protected with such loyalty are gone. And we’re each birthing something new, repurposing everything around us. But what we see is the old disappearing, and nothing ‘solid’ in its’ place. The only thing I’ve had energy for the last few months is self-care – I exercise daily, do rejuvenating face massage, and walk in nature – all quietly centered around me.

      1. sounds like you are doing the right things for You.
        Since this has never been done and we are the way showers, i guess there will be surprises around each corner and a few ‘ahh haas’ on the horizon for sure!
        wand taping for you and for elven! sorry for your losses and grief. And I relate to your Hearts always ❤
        wish we could sit and chat together in person too!

        1. Thanks marysdance and areeza (and for the wand tapping) ❤

          It is tricky sometimes to find the right words to convey what's being processed. Even just posting the conundrum helps, and having it out there in the open for other readers of the pond consciousness to gleam over, helps to retrieve something.

          I hope it works both ways, i had a lot or have a lot from this latest experience the past week, also uploading into the pond. It's all too much to put into words at this stage but I have seen some things, and learned a lot from sitting with 6d beings constantly talking to me since the dog passed.

          For example with the dog passing last week, a spirit guide of his appeared to me just before he was ready to pass. I knew my dog had left his body early, i sat with him in my heart and then the guide spoke to me as a 6th Dimensional being, explaining to me that my dog was a 6d being and that he and other dogs / cats have been working just as hard as we have in anchoring energies. The guide told me that my dog would be coming back in – in around 3 – 4 weeks but as a cat walk in this time. The guide said he is of a feline origin and not doggy at all , and i wish i could tell this story to my family because, one of our 'jokes' was constantly laughing at how this dog was more like a cat living in a dogs body. 😉 But they would think i was crazy if i told them of this conversation with the 6d beings.

          What struck me was 2 nights before the death happened, I was in deep meditation and saw 2 kittens tumbling down a vortex above me from space. I thought ok looks like some kittys are on their way and thought nothing more of it. I don't have any reason to doubt what the 6d beings have said about dogs and cats and such, I guess the kittens are really on their way now…

          I seemed to be slightly ahead of the last round by a couple of days , so i am waiting to see if the latest symptoms of feeling the unconscious parts become conscious again, is something that will be experienced by others or not.
          Ever since last week the 6d beings have been visiting me non stop, i now perceive a blue planet connected in my body next to the earth planet, so at least for me the latest unconscious parts becoming conscious again have been to do with the blue planet and 6d..

          In my sleep time i have been mildly aware of searching for the "sun of venus" she goes by another name that i can not recall, but that seems to be another unconscious part starting to become conscious again.

          One of the main things that my conscious self seemed to be annoyed by, ( which was unconscious to me until now) was the so called spiritual ego that one of my newly united aspects had come in with. It was something that had caused this aspect to become self centred and not so caring as a result. I haven't explored what this aspects background is yet, i suspect many lifetimes being in monk like solitude and this leading to losing balance / tolerance for the outside world.

          1. So interesting, thank you for sharing! (I do feel my cat is here to help me and I know my “past” dogs have come around to give me support.)


          2. Thanks this this ‘elven-starlight777’….& I’m deeply sorry for your loss & sorry I couldn’t respond earlier…..when experiencing contact with other realms, we often think it is crazy…but you are not & you must not doubt it or your self….all is for a reason & as we keep open to this, a story of understanding & explanation eventually appears ….always difficult loosing our BEloved pet children but his essence he shared does stay with you & always a part of you……
            I wanted to get back to you about sharing the chakra information, but obviously most are not ready yet to get into that….but I really appreciated all you shared & have book marked it for future re-reading as I know I will be !……Love to You & Heart Blessings to heal through this time of loss & adjustment….xoxoxo Bev

          3. ❤ Dear Elven… I hadn't read your post earlier… just want to say I feel saddened by the sudden loss of your sweet little one. It never gets easier and breaks the Heart wide open for months and months+. I send my Love to you and your little one now on the other side–I will be holding you both daily in my Heart. Be well, Dear One, and Thank You sincerely for all the Light you bring here… you Bless us. xox Lin ❤

          4. Thanks for sharing even more. It does go both ways – or All ways here 😉
            I would offer that you dont worry about being perceived as crazy. Its time to just be open and let the chips fall – the Light chips that is!
            I am so glad you learned your animal child will return soon !!! I so believe in that stuff.
            Love The Day

            1. ❤ to Ann, Bev, Lin, Areeza, B thanks for the love that you are 🙂

              Bev: I look fw to when the time is right to discuss the chakra info again. I have found myself naturally going to and from these key chakras 8,9,10,11,12 whenever something shifts. That along with Patrica Mcneily (youtube), for info in how the body is rewiring has been a major supplement for me.

              Some might call this the 'cosmic egg layers' we are breaking through. Same thing / same map, just presented another way.

              1. Thanks ‘El’…hope you are doing better today ! I’m sure the info you provided before will have more clarity to others in the time ahead, so it’s good to have posted it….& it is helping you now so that’s mostly important ! A lot of channelers are mentioning the ‘cosmic egg layers’…read that recently from Lisa Renee as well…she’s quite complicated but a treasured wealth of information…always enjoy & receive further insight from her posts…her last one was long but most informative…I did watch the last video you posted from Patricia…she also is very intuitive & helpful…I’ll give this one a view too….Thanks !
                I’m looking forward to the time when even the Light Channelers come together in shining the same Unified message & stream of Light so as not to confuse & segregate or even in us picking favorites….we all tend to have this behavior in having favorites. I suppose when we all reach full Enlightenment, channelers will become a thing of the past & that sounds pretty accurate, sensible & practicable !
                Love to You !…..Bev

                1. “I’m looking forward to the time when even the Light Channelers come together in shining the same Unified message & stream of Light so as not to confuse & segregate or even in us picking favorites…..”

                  I have noticed this for a while, in the back of my mind that they serve like a barometer, all the different groups do. Each one representing a different level of consciousness.

                  When one feels they can dip in and out of several ‘groups/ teachings’ at a time, and pick up the gold nuggets and begin the journey of spreading these nuggets (seeds) where ever they go, that to me is a sign of thoroughly embracing the cosmic level of consciousness and being, where groups help flower one another through the ‘bees’…

                  Some groups aren’t at that level yet and as a result are still dealing with misaligned information and infighting, but arguably (chicken/egg effect) because they are still dealing with mistrust and neg ego within themselves and thus what is unresolved within becomes projected outwardly in the group. The only way these groups can evolve is for each person to do their own inner work.

                  The pond is so special because we have so many bees here and it is awesome to see a group bring in continuous info in the way it does. Sometimes I wonder if we are helping to unify all the groups at the pond. There is no other group to my knowledge that does it this way, not with out doing it through the formal guru leader / follower way…. but then maybe it’s just how I am experiencing the pond and to someone else it may be something different.

                  1. Oh I sooooo ‘Agree’ with You !!! you’ve expressed this perfectly & also ‘Love’ the BEE comparison….I really agree with that too ! & absolutely this pond is unique & one of a kind in it’s expression for freedom, voice & information & photo/media sharing…uniquely from all others ! A field/space created for accelerated growth & learning together…. That’s, I think is it’s greatest strength & Aisha is souly responsible for planting this seed & allowing it to grow & helping us to grow ! What a Gift ! She’s such an Amazing Precious Shining Soul…no wonder the higher realms are magnetically attracted to her !……do have a glorious & special day dear ‘El’ !….Love, Bev

                    1. Dear sisters of the light – and all my wonderful brothers too! Thank you for these powerfull words – and thank you for all the amazing pollen you so generously sprinkle over this Pond! We are like a choir as the CCs like to remind us – we all have our unique voice, but in order for us to literally make the kind of energetic “music” we are here to create we need to have a wide spectrum of singers present. And we need to “cross pollinate” each other, for we all benefit in one way or the other from what is being shared here by others. So thank you all for everything you add to this Pond, and thank you all for giving all the others the “space” they need so they can do the same 🙂 And I agree Bev, one day “channelers will become a thing of the past”, or as the Ccs like to say it, the purpose with the messages they give us is to make them obsolete 😉 And the more we are able to connect, to share and to “cross-pollinate” and “cross-communicate” with love, respect, generosity and curiosity, the sooner we will all reach full Enlightenment.
                      With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

                  2. THANK YOU elven ❤ ❤ ❤

                    I don´t know much about other groups as I do not continually follow anyone. I don´t have to because here we have all-in-one and I am eternally grateful to be a member of this amazing Light Family 😉

                    Love & light ❤

          5. Dear elven-starlight777,
            I always knew that the little friends (dogs and cats) are here, on our side, as messengers, as guides, as protectors!
            Between 1997 and 2000 in my home city came “from the street” 9 cats and 2 bitches.
            Apparently my life was hard for the management of all these little friends, but right away I realized that they were a “sign from heaven” …;-) …
            In fact, after they were in 11, no other dog or cat “knocked on my door.”
            The last three female cats of 16, 15 and 14 years are still living with me.
            Every morning, during my little meditation, thank them, and even those who are already “up there in the Universe”, for choosing me, for protecting me and for giving me educated to “real life”!
            A hug smiling … 🙂 …


    “Another energetic in place is the tendency to see things or see someone as less than we previously thought. Most likely this is related to our own wishes about what we ourselves want to be. When we project our own desires onto others, we tend to be harsh when we feel they are not living up to it. This is unfair. Be gentle with people today. There is no pushing in the crowded public marketplace.”

    😉 ❤

  16. Thank you dear Aisha and cc 💜
    Fun time to be more truly me each, day each moment of my life interacting with many & happy to discover more to experience joy 💜

    “For you are not here to complete this prolonged process simply to allow yourself to shed this physical vehicle once and for all and return to that place you once came from before you started to manifest within such a corporeal existence as you have chosen to become a part of here on Earth. No, you are in actual fact here to BE here in that physical vehicle, but to transcend BEYOND the limits of that vehicle while still residing within it.”

    “when you do that, you will feel endless, limitless and borderless”
    (YES….more than Words !)

    Heavens to Betsy !….I soooo ‘LOVE’ this missive !….why else on earth do we think we are here going through all these physical & emotional transformations for anyways…..surely not for fun !….& certainly for a great reason & in accordance with the Master plan to be ‘ChangeMakers’ in so many ways for All of ‘Life & for Mother-Earth’ !……I Love that you & the CC’s are now speaking about the ‘Transcendence’ part of the process as it has been acutely on my mind & within me for quite a while these past few weeks like I want to explode yet deflated at the same time !…. so much expansion with a mirror of compression….squeezed, sucked while being pulled & stretched….I have a few links I’ll try to share a bit later that relate to all this…but have to go now……

    Thanks so much !….this missive resonates in a big way for me !
    Love to All !….Bev

  18. ” …by allowing that one single part of you that IS you to come alive again by saying YES to who you really are, and by embracing the very fullness of your being. For when you do that, you will feel endless, limitless and borderless, but you will never ever feel homeless ever again. For then you will know that home is where the heart is, and the heart is where the light simply IS. And now, it is time for that light to BE here.”

    AMEN to that ❤

    Thank you ❤ ❤ ❤


  19. ditto, for me all of these missives confirm back to me that we are indeed on track, “BE HERE NOW” takes on it’s a whole NEW level of meaning. jim

  20. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! It’s amazing how often I get intuition or momentary visions or ideas that seem like a very personal thing only relevant to my own small world and then a few hours later you will post the CC’s explaining just what I was thinking of ! Looking forward to this weekend’s gathering too. Thank you for reminding us early and mentioning the book ends effect. Change can be so chaotic but when we have a framework to think about it, it’s easier to keep moving forward.

  21. Dear family of light! I just wanted to remind you all that this upcoming Sunday is March 1, and that means it will once again be time for our monthly Gathering around the Pond. The last one we had was on February 1, and there is something about these two dates – 1 and 1 – that seems very fitting. It is as if these two Gatherings act like “bookends”, accentuating this deeply transformative phase of our journey. I know the CCs will have more to share about it later in this week, but I am certain it will be another memorable occasion for us all so I am looking forward to “see” you all there 🙂
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. Hey B!

        Did you ever try the BLT (Blue Light Technique) for your symptoms? I posted it earlier, I’m sure it has helped eased my transition.


    1. Dear Aisha,
      when I saw ‘March 1’ I saw it like ~Marching Forward As One~ with our new tone now set in the Key stone 🙂 ❤ Looking forward !
      (nice sturdy book ends indeed! Foundation! Wow, that feels so nice!)

    2. looking forward to it….seeing lots of repeating ‘1’s these days !
      Thanking you always for your commitment, your strength & love & continued intent of ‘Sharing’ in so many ways including this open forum allowing us all to keep going – moving steadily forward with the Light, Wisdom & Compassion of Creation !…..Love to You !…xoxo Bev

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