A short update on the energies

As many of you have noticed, this ongoing merger of the inner layers that is taking place now will have many of you sitting up to take notice of the effects this will induce upon your system, and rightly so. For as we have already told you, this period will be one of massive transformation, one where these incoming missiles of energy will interact in a most profound way with your own energetic setup, and as such, the collapse of internal division into a coherent and far more fluid system than the former fragmented one is now finally on its way. So you see, this at times churning sea of chaotic tendencies towards misrepresentation of the actual events is not one that is entirely unfounded, for even if you are all well versed in these recurring periods of energetic upheavals, this will still be considered as one out of the ordinary, if ordinary is indeed a word that can be taken into use for any of these occasions. For as you all know more than well by this stage, every step you take is one that will break through the boundaries set by the previous ones, and as such, let us simply say that even in this long line of extraordinary events, this one will certainly stand out in the crowd.

So again we say know that all is well, even if so much within you may be screaming out in protestation, and even if you may at times feel more than a little alienated from your own being, let alone the world around you. For as these emissaries of light continue to converse with those centres within you that governs these highly complex processes, it will be as if your entire circuit board will be wiped clean more than once, and as such, the sense of being untethered in a very tangible way may become prevalent on more than one occasion for you all. Be that as it may, we still venture to guess that you will find yourself literally bouncing back into full clarity from one moment to the next, when it will be as if the internal fog may dissipate sufficiently for you to get at least a tiny glimpse of the greatness that is now becoming fully unveiled. And when we speak of greatness, it is none other than the very essence of you, the Grand Master that has been hidden away inside of this seemingly inconspicuous fleshy vehicle that from the outside still very much defines you as a human. But now, a true revolution is taking place literally under the very surface of this vehicle, for by now, your sense of being human will be literally only skin deep.

For from now on, little by little, or rather, at a tempo that is fully in compliance with your own inner workings, these inner secrets will be revealed to you all. And as this process of unveiling will continue to expand at an increasing rate, you will find those former fragments of your inner self beginning to fuse together into one coherent fully operational set, a complex structure that will begin to run at full speed as soon as you are ready to take that full step across the old divide that still separates you from your own inner values.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but what we are trying to convey is simply this: what you are becoming now is what has been heralded for eons, for you are finally beginning to finalize the process of unification, the process that has been oft prophesied, but will now finally become reality. And so, as piece after piece is being fused together to that supporting structure that can for the first time become fully operational, you might feel the tugging from something deep within you beginning to stir. For now, what has been lying dormant will indeed begin to make you take notice of it – or rather, of YOU. For everything that is beginning to come alive now, are parts of you, there is nothing within you that is foreign in any way, as everything you will come into contact with is simply a vital piece of the huge conglomerate that is you in your entirety.

So let yourself come alive by allowing the old divisions to melt away, and do not try to hold on to any semblance of the known, for that is merely a futile attempt to stem the flow of evolution that is taking place within the confines of your physical body as well as within your mind. For that is where the old ideas of identity still prefer to linger, but you are no longer to linger within these small and cramped rooms of limitation. Instead, you need to give yourself permission to throw away any and all ideas of who you really are, and to allow the magic that is really you to come out into the open. It may seem to be more than a little daunting for some of you, for the concept of your own greatness is one thing, coming literally face to face with it may seem to be a task that will bring many of you to literally stop in your tracks in hesitation.

For what you will see will truly be beyond description, and as such that human mind will still want to protest and balk at the very idea of embracing something that is so far removed from what it still looks upon as the very ideal of existence. But as that is an existence based upon the small list of acceptables that are still being used to define mankind, this will literally blow the doors off to something that is so far from being the norm, it will take some hard work for many of you to step past that old demarcation line of what you think is real or not even plausible.

So again we say know that the only way to step across that line once and for all is to truly allow yourself to do so. And in order to find the courage to do just that, you need to be able to fully connect with that inner sanctum of your being who will tell you beyond any shadow of any doubts you might care to conjure up that there is no way that this will not be fully sanctioned by YOU, the one and only voice of reason that is applicable on this journey. For the answer to this quest for reason is one that will only be found within you, it is not something that you need to be given permission to experience by anyone else, nor can anyone but you allow YOU to take this step. For this step must be taken, but it can only be taken if you say YES with all of your heart. For once taken, there is no going back, and as such, the one you used to be will no longer be available to you. And so, the inner resistance from those parts of you that know they will become obsolete the moment this decision is finally taken will still try to persuade you to hold off making that choice, or to deny yourself even the possibility to do so. And no wonder, as these parts of you have been there as a sort of “life saver” in many a previous incarnation, when the call to step more fully into the light would mean almost certain extinction by the forces still set on keeping mankind fully out of the know from their own greatness.

But now, the time has come for all of you to open as wide as you can for you, and to allow the full unfolding of your inner greatness to take place. And as such, there will be no room for hesitation, only for allowance to let YOU take all the place you really need in order to fulfill this quest for total transformation of this entire planet. For some, this may sound as a recipe for disaster, as for them, this will sound like an invitation to allow your ego to balloon into such proportions, there will be little or no room for others, and all this will imply, is a planet where a small number of people will usurp the space from everyone else. But that is not the case here, for when we talk about taking up space, it will not be at the expense of others. Rather, this is to imply that only by allowing yourself to fully embody the light that you already carry within you can you help others to see the way forwards. In other words, in order for all of you to become the shining examples that will help to show the rest of mankind the only feasible way out of the detrimental chaos they have all been a part of creating, you can no longer hold yourself back. For only when you allow that inner greatness to step out from the small container it has been compressed within can the release of your light help to set free so many others as well.

So again we say allow yourself to become the YOU you are here to BE, and only by letting that inner greatness come to the fore, will this completion become complete. And now, you will all be put before that very decision; are your ready to go up in full bloom, or are you still more set on staying dormant a little bit longer, hidden away in that dark loam where you have been patiently waiting to come fully alive for such a long time? The decision is all yours, but once it is taken, it is one that will affect ALL. So once again we say know that you are not a small and insignificant speck of dust in the vastness of Creation, you are in fact the one that everything hinges on. For you are all the changemakers, the ones that came to this planet in order to make everything NEW again after a long, long detour into the old and dense corners of darkness. So allow the light that is within you help you to decide, for again, it is only you who can say yes to YOU. The rest of Creation has already embraced the magnificence that is the true you, and there is nothing we would want more than for you to be able to do the same.

335 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. We are all making new pages together❤︎
    Still amazes me to listen and feel that we are all mixed from everywhere and made from part of universe❤︎ love to you all

  2. Lee Harris on Facebook

    “Thank yourself for still being alive on Earth, choosing to be alive and do what you do, go through what you go through, give all that you give. Trust in receiving what you receive even when sometimes what you receive from others greatly challenges or wounds you. Thank yourself especially for those times, for they take the greatest power to walk through.

    It is easy to have a nice connection with somebody. It is exhausting to go through friction and challenge, but so powerful when you come out the other side. Such a gift, for you repair a hole that you didn’t know existed.”

    ~~Zachary through Lee, from Opening Beyond Fear



    1. I have to disagree for it is more blessedly wonderful when I have that powerful non-friction/non-fiction exchange with another~!
      no more friction/fiction
      no more exhaustion
      no more fear to overcome
      Open hearts to meet open hearts is all that is left. I am surrounded now by open hearts~!
      Only Open Honest Love as we greet Ourselves in each spark we meet – Oneness United

      1. I have carried 4th Ray energy, which is “Harmony Through Conflict”. So, literally, my sheer presence brings up people’s crap. Not conflict between them and me, but their own inner conflict rising to the surface for them to see. My light shines into their dark places, revealing what they still could stand to work on. Like stepping into a room full of cockroaches, but you don’t know it until you turn the light on. Then there’s the hurry, scurry, flurry of movement as the roaches (darkness) try to hide and not be exposed (for what it is).

        Now, on one side, if someone is truly ready to face and release something, then they just love me, I’m the best thing since sliced bread “You’ve helped me heal more than anyone.” If they are not ready to let go of something, then, to them, from their current perspective, I’m the spawn of Satan. In either case, it’s not about me. Their issue, their darkness, their growth opportunity. And how they re-act / re-spond is just indicative of where they are at with that issue.

        It’s not been wonderful energy to carry. I knew someone who knew someone that they referred to as “the angel of death” because this person literally was obviously there to help people pass over. This “angel of death” couldn’t even take vacation without someone literally keeling over in the same room. They became known for this and people asked that they help their loved ones who were on death’s doorstep but were clinging. They would sit with them and just let them know that it was ok to crossover and that everyone they left behind would be taken care of. And pass they would.

        I give you that little sidetrack because I told the person telling this story that there’s often times I would have gladly traded energy with “the angel of death” because at least dead people don’t lash out at ya. 😉

        But carrying that 4th Ray energy certainly helped me be better at “dodging the arrows” since the other’s lashing out is not about me, not meant for me anyway and I am the one for whom it is most important to know that so that instead of re-acting, I re-spond, tranforming that energy and sending back a different frequency. But that has also served the other. I’ve had people tell me, “I love how you don’t get all caught up in my crap.” *nodding* Yep. Best for both of us.

        And that folks is called Compassionate Non-Attachment. Don’t make other people’s drama your own. It not only doesn’t serve you, it doesn’t serve them either.

            1. Hey Rick – I translate the word “snarky” and interpret it as if you think I’m superior and snotty. On the other hand, you add a happy smiley face – so I get a little confused indeed. I have misunderstood the comments here more than once, I can say 😉

              I’m sorry if I hurt you – it was absolutely not my intention. Actually quite the opposite – it was meant as an estimate. If the video I chose meant something else, it’s because I mistook me what it was about and if that is the case I apologize. I actually wanted to appreciate you for revealing falsehoods.

              Love & light ❤

              B to B

              1. I’m just playing with ya. Just feeling my oats or sailing on some high freq energy waves. Lol. Don’t sweat. It’s all good.

                  1. I see this movie each year, always on New Year’s Eve, it is sent in all regional TV programs, recently even colorized.

                    I AM BIX 😀

        1. Dear Rick, interesting about your 4th ray energy. I carry the same energy and have found it trying and tiring at times. I can relate to all you wrote. Thank goodness times are changing, as are our roles. I am ready for a new one, while being grateful for what has been.
          Blessings of peace,

  3. I just read two wonderful channelings ❤ ❤

    Celestial White Beings: http://www.omna.org/Latest_Free_Weekly_Message.html

    Quote: „ ‚I am present in my body, succeeding as I, my soul, wish.’
    This means, ‘I am,’ the Creator is present in the here and now, in this very moment within your physical body.
    The Creator is your soul, your soul is an aspect of the Creator working through your being and body with success, completion and achievement guided by the divine will of the Creator.“


    Quote: „It concerns the real embodying of that which you call the Solar Christed Light. You have been clearing to get to this point and so you are getting ready to now hold that vibrational consciousness, which is pure Golden Light.“

    German Translations:
    Himmlische Weiße Wesen:

    (Bix: Therefore, the current redemption work in the area of the solar plexus. This morning I was shown an ascending, golden sphere <3)

    I AM BIX 😀

  4. Dear beloved Family of Love and Light ❤ ❤ ❤

    I understand that you feel my anger today, so it's just as well that I express it in words too 😉

    I've had a hell of a morning with migraines, nausea, holy anger, sadness but also an immense power and fighting spirit. I'm so damn sick of these migraine attacks that I do not even understand – I just know that they usually occur when a large new energy wave comes gushing out. I have really understood that this trip is not only a moving on pink clouds, I have welcomed everything that I had to accept for this ascension to become possible, struggled on my very knees but now I actually want to access my utmost resources – and some … because I want to start working now – seriously!

    We have had the great privilege to live here in this time and has come to change our entire world – and more. Can you ever imagine and believe it??? We have been struggling together for years and we have all understanding to comprehend what this is all about – which is actually the largest brake too. Our intellect! We have got all the support, all the love and all the resources we need. We are guarded by loving forces that constantly are doing everything possible to help us, assure us that "nothing can go wrong now" and "you are monitored by us all the time". So – what the hell is you fear? Death? Hah !!!

    Yes – I am tired, worn out and angry but I also experience an indescribable happiness and endless love – and it is this that keeps me going because I want my loved ones and all mankind to experience the same !!!

    So – get up and put on your hiking boots and start walking up that mountain, the very last thing you have to DO. I'm on my way there and I'm never ever going back again – you can be sure of that !!! If you need a push in your back – just ask!

    "So allow the light that is within you help you to decide, for again, it is only you who can say yes to YOU. The rest of Creation has already embraced the magnificence that is the true you, and there is nothing we would want more than for you to be able to do the same."

    Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤

    B to B

    PS. Those swearwords were not entirely wrong – they really helped me to get started today 😉 DS.

  5. i read all of the comments, but rather than try to refind the ‘right’ place for this
    i will just put it here
    i was feeling weary, you have given me strength
    others say it better than i


  6. Beloved Family of Light

    No words yet.
    From my heart to yours.
    Tears, joy, love, light and infinite gratitude.
    Stepping up and over the rainbow!

  7. Dear Friends ❤

    I wanted to comment some more here – but I became to incredible tired – though sleeping twice already today – so I will "let it go" for now. Felt like there was a message coming in this afternoon….

    Good night All – wherever you are ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. and I want to share this from Lady Gaga from the Oscars last night. It was really wonderful and energy there was great. Julie Andrews came out right after as a presenter. It was cool.

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